if only i were a goth

The problem with some young goths and the unintentional erasure of the goth subculture

I’ve complained enough about elitists over the years and to be perfectly honest, elitists arent the only problematic members of the goth subculture. If you were to put goth on a scale it would be be broken up into three major groups.

On one end you would find the elitist group. A group of goths who believe that there is absolutely only one way of being goth and in order to be it you must abide by their strict rules. These are the people who prefer to bully other goths than keep their opinions to themselves. This group is usually on the smaller side because most goths dont like engaging with them because of the drama that they bring. But i’ve already discussed this group many times before.

In the middle of the scale we have a very balanced group of goths. This is also the largest group. This group encompasses thousands of goths around the world of different styles and ages. These goths believe that goth is a subculture and is something that should be respected. These goths are also very aware of where and when goth started and how. This group respects the music and though not everyone in this group listens to goth music, they are still very aware of its importance to the goth subculture. This is the best place to sit on the scale. These goths often feel that goth should not dictate who they are as a person but at the same time these goths feel that the history and the music should be respected.

Now we get to the last group that unfortunately has been growing in numbers over the past few years. This is the group that poses a threat to the preservation of goth as a subculture.

First, i’m going to start with a definition for the word “subculture”

A cultural group within a larger culture, often having beliefs or interests at variance with those of the larger culture

This means that a subculture is a smaller culture within a larger one and that there are specific values, beliefs and interests that divide this culture from the larger. So in order to be a part of a subculture you must have these same beliefs, interests, and values. Of course there is a ton of wiggle room when it comes to the goth subculture. Goth does not restrict you to these interests and values, but instead allows you to include your own. You can be goth and have non goth interests. You can be goth and listen to non goth music. Also the values that are often considered more mandatory are simply based on respect. Many will say that you dont have to limit yourself to listening to only goth music but, it is important to respect the music because the subculture, fashion, etc. wouldnt exist without it.

This is where problems arise. In the modern goth subculture, we are seeing more and more goths throwing these values out the window and ditching all respect for the subculture. These people are treating goth as more of a fashion statement than a culture. Goth was never meant to be a superficial concept lacking any depth or substance. Like punk, goth was a strange and amazing phenomenon that occurred at just the right moment in time. Goth was this thing that connected people through a love of dark music and a taste for the darker, stranger side of life. The fashion sort of came after and was mostly influenced by the artists producing these dark genres of music. So no matter how you look at it, goth music is really what kick started the whole thing

But many of these young, new goths dont care about that. They believe that goth is anything they say it is. When this is just not true. You cant walk up to a member of  X subculture and tell him that his values and beliefs dont need to be respected and that X culture is completely subjective. Thats just not how subcultures work. Subcultures are not subjective. Goth as a subculture is not subjective. You can be a goth have your own views on the world. You can have your own interests and beliefs but goth is still a subculture and certain values NEED to be respected. If we dont respect these certain values than we risk losing our subculture.

By ignoring the history and beliefs of a subculture you are leading to its erasure. And if you know anything about today’s social issues, this should sound very familiar. We live in a time where all cultures, not just subcultures, run the risk of being erased due to racism, appropriation, the domination of mainstream cultures as well as other factors. So its important that we keep some of these values and continue to respect the history of goth as a subculture.

Unfortunately this is becoming harder and harder to do, with the rise in popularity of blogging and social media as an outlet for expressing one’s personal views and opinions. Many goth blogs on tumblr are getting popular for very superficial reasons such as fashion and aesthetic purposes. Its very easy for a blog that only posts goth fashion to become popular and though this isnt negative on its own when the person behind the blog starts divulging their opinions about the subculture, they already have a large follower base to listen to them.

So if this blogger who only cares about goth fashion, who doesnt respect the subculture starts pontificating on topics they know nothing about or respect, this will subsequently lead to a large number of less educated people to believe in misinformation about the subculture. If a popular blogger starts saying things like, “you dont need to respect or like goth music to be goth,” or, “you dont need to know anything about the history of goth to be goth” their followers will start to believe this, when its just not true.

If this keeps up like it is, eventually we are going to see a lot of young goths who dont care about the subculture. Who only want to be goth because “it looks cool” or “it scares my parents.” Goth will eventually become nothing more than a trend. Something a kid does for attention. This will also divide goths even more. You will start seeing a lot of older goths stop wanting anything to do with the younger generations and their lack of respect for the culture.

Yes goth should be something a person can have fun with but there is more that divides goths from the mainstream than just our look and many of us would like to keep it that way. Goth used to be about music, literature, art, philosophy and more. Goths were mature, refined and intelligent people who liked discussing topics such as philosophy and psychology.  We were a cultured breed who enjoyed history and arts. Goth is not a gimmick. Its not a trend. Its a way of life and its a culture. And many of us are tired of seeing younger people try and ruin that.

And another thing. This is something that is not said enough and its so damn important. You do not need to be goth to like goth things. You dont have to restrict yourself to a label. Its okay to like goth things and not consider yourself goth, in fact i encourage it. If goth really is right for you, you will want to know everything about it naturally. You will feel a passion for learning about its music and history and above all, you will respect it. If not, maybe goth just isnt for you and thats okay. Even if you dont fit the label, you can still follow goth blogs and have goth friends and go to goth events but if you really want to preserve goth, you need to respect it as more than just an image. You need to respect it as a subculture that is rich with history, art and very importantly, music. 


🎊 new years eve, part 1 🎊

the nye party was at karin and november’s place this time, since their apartment is probably bigger than anyone else’s in terms of dining space and has the prettiest lighting (cass being the aesthetic queen lives for good lighting). no one really brought any actual food because let’s be real, they were all trying to turn up that night so who cared about eating??? but after a while, nasir came to a monumental conclusion: “who really cares about classy dinners and shit?” and everyone realized they agreed, and so they ordered a bunch of sushi and rooney (@femmesim) sent over a bunch of treats and desserts since she couldn’t make it and i think someone’s stomach might have exploded due to how much they ate.

🎈 continued in part 2 🎈

I just want your heart

“Our love could be kinda gory. Far from boring, We’d meet at a post.. apocalypse..~”

Fell Palette walked up to Goth clothes covered in blood with a knife in his hand. Goth backed away from him eyes wide.

“Yeah I’d be slowly, walking in a group stalking. You, you’d be the only man alive I could not resist.”


Fell Palette chuckled and pinned Goth to a wall, he then put the knife up to the others neck.

“Then all of your friends.. they’d try to kill us..” he pointed his knife to another Palette who was dead along with an Fell Goth. “But only because they’d be jealous.. that our love is deeper then there’s..~”

Goth had tears streaming down his face as he broke into sobs.

“If I were a zombie.. I’d never eat your brain..” Fell Palette wiped away Goth’s tears. “I’d just want you heart.. yeah, I’d want your heart..”

Goth slid to floor trying to get distance between the two but it was invalid. Fell Palette went over him. “Cuz I want ya..~”

Time shifted and Goth sat up in bed breathing hard. He sighed softly. “It was just a dream..” he said as he got up and went to the bathroom. He went up to the sink to wash his face.

Goth looked up after he splashed his face with water and saw Fell Palette in the mirror. His eyes went wide and turned around pulling out a scythe.

“Scythe in your hand taking out the slow ones..” Fell Palette leaned on the door frame crossing his arms. “Then you see it’s no use..” Goth swung his scythe and Fell Palette ducked the scythe getting stuck in the wall. “And I’d keep my head..”

“Then your friend.. will be trying to kill me..” Fell Palette pinned Goth to a nearby wall. “But it’s no use.. for my love is stronger then his might..” He cupped Goth’s cheek smiling softy.

“If I were a zombie.. I’d never eat your brain..” Fell Palette leaned in and Goth teared up. “I’d just want your heart.. yeah I’d want your heart..” before Fell Palette kissed him time shifted again and Goth sat up gasping.

Goth shakily brought his knees close to his chest and hugged them tightly. Fell Palette popped up next to him smirking.

“And I’d try.. to win you over.. because.. I love you so much..” Goth was about to scream but Fell Palette covered his mouth and pinned him down to the bed. “Yeah that’s why.. I waited till he was gone..”

“And my happiest moments.. would be picking off all your friends..~” Goth teared up yet again and let out a chocked sob. “And they’d see.. my love is so deep.. it won’t stay burried…”

“If I were a zombie.. I’d never eat your brain..” he held Goth down with one hand while the other want to cups Goth’s cheek. “I’d just want your heart.. Yeah I’d want your heart..” Fell Palette went down to Goth’s check and purred. “Cuz I want ya..~”

Goth sat up screaming and Palette bolted awake next to him. “G-goth..!? W-what the..” Palette trailed off as he saw Goth curl up tightly sobbing. “Hey..” Palette pulled goth to him and hugged him tight.

“P-palette..?” Goth looked up at him and Palette who had a soft smile on his face. He wiped away Goth’s tears and pecked his forehead. “Don’t worry.. what ever happened is over..” Goth nodded slowly then snuggled closer to Palette closing his eyes. Palette rubbed his back and pulled Goth closer.

‘if I were alive.. I’d never want to see you sad.. I’d just want you happy.. yeah I’d want you happy… Cuz I love you..’ Palette closed his eyes slowly.

Goth, Fell Goth: @nekophy
Palette, Fell Palette: @angexci
Song: The Zombie Song by Stephanie Mabey (tweaked a bit to fit all your poth needs..~)

So today I hung out with some of my friends and I was bored yknow and everyone was all chill atm so I decided this is the perfect time to show them riarkle, something they had never seen before and at first they were reluctant bcuz disney but I showed them a particular riarkle fan edit that contained one of their fave songs so they watched and I ended up showing the group like 3 videos and this was what was said afterwards (out of context)

“Is that Rowan Blanchard playing Riley??? Omg I love her!!”

“Wait which one is Farkle? The little squeaky one or the goth guy?”

“Isn’t it kinda creepy to always be outside someone’s window? I don’t understand disney anymore”

“Wait are they siblings?” (Only one person said this and then everyone started freaking out like ‘siblings???? They’re dating!’ And I told them they weren’t dating and were actually in two different relationships atm and they couldn’t believe me)

“So….she’s cheating on the Ken doll with the turtleneck goth?”

“He glowed tf up”

“Does Riley have parents? Seriously why is her window open that late at night??? If someone came in my room like that I wouldn’t smile??? I’d be scared shitless!”

“Wait so he likes Riley and the blonde??? And he already has a gf??? What a hoe!!”

Then they wanted to know more about the relationships they’re already in so I showed them r*cas videos and they said they’re cute but Lucas looked way too old for her.

Then they got bored with it and we moved on

they probably said some other funny stuff too but I forgot but this pretty much is what had me cackling.

Forgiveness ((Alternate Ending))

((OK so first…Thanks too all who like this! And second…I AM SO SORRY! I couldn’t help myself. Now TO THE STORY!!))

((Fell!Palette’s POV))

I sat in front of the burning building…my mind was blank, I couldn’t speak…the only sound I could hear was the raging fire that consumed my…friend? No…he meant more than that to me…and I so blindly pushed him away…

“I’m sorry…I’m so…so sorry Goth…” That was all I could say…all I could think, tears were rolling down my face…I put my hands over my face and slouched over, muffling my sobs…

But those words…were the only things that I…

…I actually meant over the years…

A few hours had passed by then the fire was slowly dying…I couldn’t bring myself to look at it…I wasn’t gonna leave…Never…I turned to see other monsters…Some snickering, others scoffed and turned their heads away…

“Heartless…” I muttered in disgust…

~A Few Years Later~

I would always visit his broken home…Even after he…he died…No one bothered to clean it up…it was now used as another monument of what happens when your too ‘weak’…

I sighed and left another bunch of flowers in front of the charred door, kneeling down and lowering my head. I heard something…It sounded like someone crying, I showed a slight smile and got up. I took one last look at the house before following the noise…But what I found was…heart breaking….

“N-No way…”

“It c-can’t be…”

SO! Cliffhanger? I’m sure I’ll finish it soon tho…
Hope you enjoyed reading @nekophy

Fell!Palette - @angexci

new maybe one-shot idea?

soo… i was trying to concentrate on shattered soul when i had a weird idea. somehow Goth existience and all his Au’s were wiped from existience. except one Goth who is fragments of all teh Goths, problem is that he can only exist in the anti-void with maybe half an hour outside before he starts to phase out of existience. strangely enough the only ones that remember Goth are teh darker sans… aka the bad guys. Sadly this means poor Goths parents don’t remember him and neither does Palette. should i write this dark fic? also i’d love to see others people write versions of this idea, for all i care it coudl be fellGoth personality in charge of the body. lol

So if you’ve watched Bungou Stray Dogs (or read the manga) you should be well acquainted with the jealous former kohai, Akutagawa. His goth phase hasn’t ended and he sports a demonic jacket that matches his black soul perfectly.




So these were all of the thoughts going through my head as I put off studying for the SATs, and for some strange reason I have become infuriated with his lack of real eyebrows. YOU CAN SEE HIS RAT PENIS LOOKING THIN HAIRS GRIPPING ONTO HIS FACE FOR DEAR LIFE SOMEONE SAVE THEM PLEASE.



sacrifice-to-the-ancients  asked:

Question, would you mind people(me) sending in headcanons for this, or maybe a character of my own with a bit of story? Because I have this really awesome idea about the whole 'gods of death' club that's like only one or two followers for the spookier deities. I feel like Hades would have at least a few, and Lucifer would have a ton. But ones like Orcus wouldn't have many, if any. And the more gruesome deities would have few worshipers, I think. Your writing is fantastic, btw! Have a great day!

Headcannons and things like that are always welcome, if you want to send them in. That idea sounds great, and I feel like a ‘Gods of Death’ club would be fairly large among goths/ metal types. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were people who prayed to their gods and respectfully asked to be allowed to worship someone like a death god, just because they like the stigma attached to it. Whether they’re allowed to or not would be a different case entirely. 

IM NOT NERGAL: The most emo Baphomet playlist to ever emo

  1. (s)AINT: Marilyn Manson 
  2. Diamonds Aren’t Forever: Bring Me The Horizon 
  3. Hell Above: Pierce The Veil
  4. I Don’t Care: Fall Out Boy
  5. The Sharpest Lives: My Chemical Romance
  6. Emperor’s New Clothes: Panic! At The Disco
  7. The Greatest Show Unearthed: Creature Feature
  8. The Bird And The Worm: The Used
  9. Change: Deftones
  10. Four Rusted Horses: Marilyn Manson
  11. Numb: Linkin Park
  12. I Never Told You What I Did For A Living: My Chemical Romance
  13. If I Only Were A Goth: ThouShaltNot 

I Scream For Ice Cream

Ricky Horror/(Y/N)

I’ve been sitting in front of the door waiting. For what? For my first date with Ricky. We had been friends for a while, and I had eventually developed a crush on the goth boy. I thought they had been completely one-sided feelings until he asked me out last week. I eagerly said yes and we set up a date for tonight. I had tried a thousand times to ask Ricky where we were going, mainly so I could dress appropriately, but he just assured me that whatever I wore would be fine.

After what felt like an eternity of waiting but was probably only five minutes, there was a knock at the door. “I’ll get it!” I called before anyone in the house could so much as move. Most of my family had met Ricky, but I didn’t want them to get all nosy about our date. I opened the door.

“Hey,” Ricky grinned, “You look gorgeous!”

“Thanks! Now I suggest we leave before my parents come to give us a lecture.”

“Deal,” he laughed.

“Bye, Mom! Bye, Dad! Be back later!” I quickly slammed the front door shut and followed Ricky to his car. “So, Horror, mind telling me where we are going?”

“You’ll love it,” he said with a smile.

“Don’t think I’ve heard of that place. Did it just open up?” I joked.

“Yeah, I heard they’ve got a mean pizza,“ Ricky pulled into an empty parking place along the street next to the city park.

"A date in the park,” I observed out loud.

“Oh god. You hate it,” Ricky looked upset.

“No! I love it! I just- I was expecting something different from you.”

“We can go somewhere else,” he offered, putting his key back in the ignition.

“No! I like surprises!” I nearly yelled. “Sorry. A date in the park sounds nice.”

We both hopped out of the car and began to walk through the park. There were a few vendors with food, and along the way we decided to skip straight to dessert. We both purchased ice cream cones from the nearest vendor. I was in the process of handing the money for my come to the vendor when Ticky stopped me.

“I want to pay for this! I invited you on this date!” he insisted.

“Fair enough,” I backed off.

After a moment of digging around in his pockets, Ricky pulled out his wallet. He peered into it, then up at me. “Well. Um. It appears I forgot to grab my cash from my dresser,” he looked really embarrassed.

“You can pay for the next one,” I offered as I handed the vendor a five, letting him keep the change.

We continued down the path before stopping under a tree. We decided this would be a great place to stop and eat our ice cream. As I began to sit down, my ice cream slid right off my cone and onto my chest, slowly making its way down my shirt.

“Crap! I don’t have napkins,” I yelled, scooping up the large chunk of ice cream as little bits dripped down my chest.

“Here! I- Uh,” Ricky stopped as the ice cream dripped closer and closer to the neckline of my top.

“Hurry before it drops too low!”

Ricky quickly wiped off the excess ice cream. “Here, you can have mine,” he politely offered.

“Thanks. We can share,” I smiled.

The rest of the date continued, with minimal bumps along the road, and before I knew it, we were headed back to my house.

“I had a great time,” I gushed as we both slowly walked to my front door.

“Even with your ice cream falling on you?”

“Yup. And having to pay for it,” I joked.

“Sorry about that one,” Ricky began to sheepishly look at the ground.

“Nonsense. It just means next time you’re paying.”

“Next time?” he asked, somewhat surprised.

“That is if you want to! I don’t mean to impose,” I rushed to explain.

“I’d love to, (Y/N),” he grinned. We had finally reached my front door.

“I guess I’ll see you at school Monday,” I smiled.

“See you then,” he smiled and made his way back to his car.

“Ricky! Wait!” I rushed to grab his wrist before he could leave.

“Yeah?” he asked, and before he knew it, my lips were crashing into his. After a moment, I pulled away.

“Thanks for sharing your ice cream,” I smiled before running into the house. 

“In the Year 2525″ by Fields of Nephilim (Zager and Evans cover)

Now it’s been ten thousand years
Man has cried a billion tears
For what, he never knew, now man’s reign is through
But through eternal night, the twinkling of starlight
So very far away, maybe it’s only yesterday

I’ve been really into these guys lately since they came up on Sisters of Mercy radio Spotify. Their first couple albums were really good, but they didn’t really catch on, but their last few albums are really solid. Their like an industrial goth metal band with mystical lyrics. 

nondeducible replied to your video: another one that’s just frankly too passionate,…

this is sorta related but the first ever gig i went to (got dragged to it by my bff) was placebo and honestly i remember nothing apart the sheer number of goths and emos around me…..it was eye opening

omg yea placebo truly was like the only Real Goth/Tru Emocore approved mainstream band apart from depeche mode, no matter how big they got you were allowed to love them without losing your cred gfhjkfjn

Christian Parents?

Hey just been reading out on these people with christian parents and I’m so sorry that you all have been going through this your whole life….I was lucky enough to live in a house where my mother didn’t give a single shit about me, my sexuality, my religion, what i watch. From what I remember her only rules were 1. Don’t be goth (no face piercings and black lipstick is what she assumes to be goth) 2. No ouija boards. cool. never had a big interest in them anyways. shit goes wrong too often.

Fast forward to a year ago. Got married. He told me when I met him that he’s christian. whatevs. wasn’t strict about it or anything and shit was all peachy. The no ouija board rule stayed intact but as I stated earlier, don’t really care. He’s just not comfy with the idea of summoning stuff into a home. I can live with that. 

now fast forward to now. fuck my life. We now live with his parents in Mississippi as we finish college. I’ll be living here for about 3-4 loooong years. God these are those parents I read about. His mom is the kind of person who has crosses all. over. the. house. She only listens to that crappy new age christian music on the radio. I’ve had my opinions dismissed due to the fact that I’m not a Christian. I’m now not allowed to watch Supernatural, FMA, Harry Potter, or anything that references demons or witchcraft or anything. They preach bible verses to me on a daily fucking basis and keep pestering me that I HAVE to convert. Ummmmmmmmmmm NoIDon’t. Also apparently if I don’t convert I’ll end up “brainwashing and tricking their future grandchildren”. My christmas present from them was a cross and a bible so I can “learn the truth”. God fucking forbid I’m now deeply interested in witchcraft and reeeeeally want to practice this but I’m almost certain I’ll get us kicked out of the house if I do this.. UUUUUUUUUUUUGH

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wizzard890 replied to your photoset: jacqui and i were just talking about bringing tear…

You’ve picked a great time to be into velvet dresses, they’re everywhere and dirt cheap

as usual wrt to fashion trends, i’ve picked a great time to be into something but a bad time to be fat

the only plus size velvet (maxi) dress ive found is an emerald one at torrid which is fine i guess but. give! me! the! velvet!

(don’t get me started on what you get when you google “plus size goth”. i shudder)

you know how Hisoka mentioned that when the troupe finishes a job, Chrollo disappears but always has a minimum of two members accompanying him?

in the Yorkshin arc, the first people in their temporary base were Chrollo, Phinks and Shalnark, meaning Phinks and Shal were with the danchou beforehand

i don’t know about you, but i’m just really curious about those three travelling together

a goth Steve Carell, a Gucci diva, and a pastel baby bara techie…

where’s my fic for this?

The only thing weirder than the Once-ler thing was how, maybe ten years ago, there were people who were obsessed with this BACKGROUND CHARACTER from Teen Titans for no reason other than that he existed and was sort of goth.

I can’t be the only one who remembers this happening. Dude had maybe one speaking line in the whole series, but there was this small tribe of weird Hot Topic-y fandom girls losing their shit over him because he had that sweet, sweet MySpace hair.

I don’t even think he had a name.

First Kiss at the Forbidden Mall

As read on January 19th, 2016, at the Vol. 1 Brooklyn Reading Series in NYC.

In 2003 I was 13 years old, I lived in Jacksonville Florida, and I had just started dating my second boyfriend, “Adam.” (My so-called first boyfriend was some self-professed “goth infantile”, who I mostly talked to on AIM. The few times I saw him IRL were at Sunset Place in Miami, where he would narc on shoplifters at the local Hot Topic. He would be compensated in some real shitty band stickers.)

Anyway, Adam and I met in the school cafeteria, where we bonded over our shared love for Tool. We were also friends with “Hannah,” a bisexual goth girl who was often making out with other goth girls in the school courtyard. I was invited to join their communal makeout once, but I declined.

Still, Adam and I were both strangely fascinated by her. Sometimes we stayed up late on the phone with her and candidly discussed music and sexy things. (He only knows what an orgasm is because Hannah and I gave him our half-baked 13-year-old knowledge, probably scavenged from gURL.com.) Most importantly, Hannah and her mother were my cover up for my first date with Adam, which happened at the Forbidden Mall.

The Forbidden Mall was forbidden because 1) people got shot there and 2) Jacksonville is a Navy town and sailors were often found in the food court trying to pick up teen girls. Still, that Hot Topic was the best one in town. I told my mom us girls were going shopping at the nice mall… And met Adam at the Forbidden Mall, where romance ensued. This is the original account from my diary, written in March 2003.

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