if only i was this talented

I can’t even begin to explain how proud I am of Stefán. The obstacles he’s had to face after being diagnosed with cancer and being able to continue on conquering his battle with cancer is absolutely inspiring. I admire Stefán for being able to get past all of the things that he’s been through and most importantly being the humble human being that he is. Not only is he incredibly talented, loving and charming he has a literal heart of gold. The fact that he’s devoted his life standing up against bullying, filling hearts up with joy and putting the biggest smile on people’s faces of all ages including myself is absolutely something I couldn’t thank him enough for. He definitely deserves all of the love and support he’s received and continues to receive. If Stefán were able to see this I would want to thank him so much for his existence. The wonderful impact he’s made in my life is tremendous. I love you Plant Dad 🌱💚

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So I can't figure out if I want you to be single so I can feed my dream of one day dating you OR if I want you to date someone that is objectively FUCKING AMAZING and loyal and wonderful so that I can fan girl from a distance. you're the best and we want only the very best for you. Forget everything and everyone basic, you're on a whole other level of kindness, wit, beauty, talent, intelligence and flat out sassiness. 😘

This is amazingly kind, thank you for being so lovely!! ❤❤❤

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because of your new obsession for the "I love you" meme: Wedge/Tycho, #25 In a blissful sigh as you fall asleep

(This is all @starfightercommand‘s fault, and my characterizations may actually come out of her headcanons as much as canon itself, but damn it, I love these two jerks.)

It’s not that kind of relationship. 

That’s what Wedge tells himself. They’re friends, they fly together, and sometimes when the wind’s blowing the right way, they fuck.

The problem is, Tycho’s as talented out of the cockpit as he is in it. And the bastard knows it. Wedge knows he’s not the only one who sometimes shares Tycho’s bed, and that’s fine, Wedge isn’t exactly celibate when Tycho’s not around either, but…

Wedge is thinking about him too much. Way too much.

It’s not that kind of relationship.

Neither one of them can have that type of relationship. They’re both damaged goods, and beyond that, the life they lead? If an average TIE pilot’s life-expectancy is measured in months, an X-wing pilot’s isn’t much better. And neither of them is an average X-wing pilot. Rogue Squadron doesn’t just risk death, they go out and kriffing look for it.

So that kind of relationship? Is just asking for trouble. And Wedge finds trouble often enough without asking for it. 

Going to bed with Tycho after their latest mission… okay so maybe that was asking for trouble. But the mission had been a roaring success, and everyone’s blood was up, and so when Tycho glanced at him sideways and gave him that little smirk, well… at least this time they managed to make it to someone’s quarters before the clothes started coming off.

Now, lying side by side, still panting, Wedge is faced with the sudden, unpleasant realization that he’s not interested in having any other lovers anymore. And that realization means he needs to get up out of this bed, right now

That’s when Tycho flops over onto his side and turns into a human rathtar: arms and legs hauling Wedge close like he’s some sort of child’s stuffed toy. A talisman against bad dreams. Wedge sighs. He’s not going anywhere now.

“All right?” Tycho asks, and Wedge can hear the encroaching sleep in his voice. 

“Yeah. Yeah, it’s fine. I’ll stay.” Tycho doesn’t ever exactly ask him to stay, not directly, but Wedge knows what he means anyway.

“Good.” Tycho turns and burrows his face into the pillows, his arm heavy and relaxed across Wedge’s chest. “Love you.” The words trail off into a faint snore.

Wedge freezes where he is, not sure he heard what he thought he heard. And not sure if Tycho realized what he was saying. 

It’s not that kind of relationship.

But Wedge winds up staring at Tycho’s ceiling for the next few hours anyway.

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☕️ people only see mark as a visual, but tbh he is a solid dancer & rapper. shame on jype for not utilizing his talents better smh

gdjsgao this is the real tea…honestly i think jype forgets that mark is the visual of the group like they aren’t even giving him photoshoots etc but whatever that’s a rant for another day. in terms of dance, yeah he is definitely a smooth and sharp dancer? as for rap, imo he isn’t the best in got7 but he definitely improved since IYD era and definitely deserves some recognition for that. for someone who doesn’t has a background in music, mark is actually a fast learner and he is improving so much in terms of rap, music production and dance.

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I only want a Hamilton film if the OBC is the cast if it

Honestly, I thought that at first but now I don’t think I would mind. We have a whole new cast now, also the Chicago, West End and San Fran productions with different actors plaing these roles and being pretty amazing at it, I truly love them all (yes i follow most of them on social media and you can imagine the freaking mess haha) and even though the OBC cast will always be my favorite, they’re not the only ones capable of making Hamilton amazing. 

I can see that with all these new talents taking their place and owning it, they turned the roles into their own in such a beautiful way, I’m sure if new people get cast for the movie, they won’t dissapoint either. 

sarahpotempa #aboutlastnight such a cool and surreal experience to be on the #redcarpet and not just behind the scenes! @leamichele you are not only an incredibly talented and gorgeous girl, you are a true friend! Thank you for honoring @thebeachwaver with the @hollywoodbeautyawards for “product of the year.” Your kind words about my supportive husband @patrickkennedydds, our two beautiful babies, and our puppy Ash were heartwarming and beautiful!! Your love, support, and positive energy are contagious and I honestly appreciate you so much!! Now let’s go to the beach…🌴☀️ #igotbeachwaved #thebeachwaver #beachwaver #leamichele #hollywoodbeautyawards #loveher 💙

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Why is some one as talented as you follwing my trash omg hi! How r u 😀

Don’t say that! Your art is not trash at all! You’re really talented too! And I don’t follow people only for their art, if I see that they are a good person I follow them! And you’re awesome! Also ignore those hate comments, they are not worthy of your time. So keep strong! And if you need someone to talk to, I’m here for you!

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I've heard that there are some people with ultimate talents who think that people without talents only exist to serve their "betters". ...you're not one of those people though. ...r-right...?

“Gonta is not like that at all!”

“Gonta met many people without a form of ‘talent’ and Gonta treated them like any other friends!”

“E-Except the ones who don’t like bugs, he gave them lectures on the values of bugs…”

“But what Gonta is trying to say is…is that he would never believe that, even for a second.”

“Gonta learned from his skills as an entomologist that even two bugs of the same breed and species are different in each other in some way. Some are stronger, some are weaker. Some may only be good with a single task, while others are free to do as they wish.”

“So Gonta believes that people without talent can still have wonderful lives. He hopes that answered Anon’s question.”

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•GREEN = I think you’re cute. 
•SCARLET = You have influenced my decision/thoughts on something.
•MAROON = You taught me something new.
•CINNAMON = You’re a really cool person and admire you from afar.
•PERIWINKLE = You make me laugh
•MAUVE = You are really talented
•BLUSH = Seeing you on my dash makes my day a little better.
•FUCHSIA = Your blog content is gold
•COPPER = Your blog content is trash (and I love it)
•LAVENDER = You inspire me
•CORAL = You’re a meme
•FORGET-ME-NOT = You remind me of somebody
•SAFFRON = I love your ideas
•TIMBERWOLF = I trust you
•TANGERINE = I love your aesthetic
•CHARTREUSE = You’re my homie
•BURGUNDY = I get excited when I see posts from you

OH MY GOD, That’s so cute and nice! You are too sweet çWç
I’m glad I taught you something, I’m an useless trash can :D

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do you like and/or stan any other kpop group besides bts? or any other k-idol(s) in general? btw, i love ur blog sm!💜 keep up the great work^^ ly~

First of all- thank you!! I’m glad you like it 💛💛
And oh gosh where do I start??? I pretty much like every single kpop band that has ever walked this earth haha jk but it seems like it… honestly… I think I like every band out there. They’re all so talented and so different I can’t imagine only liking one of them!
And my ult. Bias isn’t even in BTS 😪 IM A TRAITOR I KNOW IM SORRY GUYS HAHAHHA but the heart wants what it wants 😭😂

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Any advice for someone that would love drawing your incredible Demetra,but... uuuuuh... they're not very talent and they're scared to offend you /her?

DRAW HER!!!! DRAW MY BABE, PLEASEEEEEEEE!!!!! I’d be delighted to see her in your style, nonny friend! Absolutly! It’d be an honor, as always when someone gifts me with something about her. Because you people spent your time and your energies to do that and I’m so grateful!

The only tips I could give you are:

1- She’s fat! So, do not be scared to show it, because that’s her body! She has rolls on her tummy, stretch marks on her thighs, totally not thigh gap. She is big. If you need references, you can find Demetra’s Pinterest Board in my tumblr’s menu.

2 - Same if you need directions for the colors. Her hair is red, but dark red, and she has pale skin and freckles, when she stays under the sun for a long time (she also burns her skin in a lovely shade of lobster - red totally not inspired to personal events). Her eyes are azure golden.

3- She loves fashion. So she’s always dressed impeccably, even in the battlefield. She hates black, and loves bright colors.

4 - Basically she’s a happy person, who loves good food, good chats, good books, good friends, and Cullen (you don’t say?).

I hope this can help you, write me again if you need more informations, if you want of course!!!

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I've heard that there are some people with ultimate talents who think that people without talents only exist to serve their "betters". ...you're not one of those people though. ...r-right...?

*Ryoma lets out a sigh*

“Alright, kid. Grab a seat, because this may take a while.”

“People who think that just because they have the title of ‘Ultimate’ or ‘Super High School Level’ or whatever means that they’re better than everyone else ironically doesn’t make them any better. It just makes them look like self-entitled jerks.”

“So what if someone doesn’t have a single talent? Who cares? There’s still something they can do with their lives that can benefit others, right?”

“Even if you had no form of ‘identity’, you can still better the lives of others so they don’t go through the same thing you did, right?”

“So I guess to answer your question, Anon…No, I’m not one of those kinds of people that thinks those without talent only exist to serve their ‘betters’.”

“I hope that answered your question, kid. Now if you excuse me, I need to get myself a snack.”

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smh when u try to follow an anti/harrie for that opposite perspective but all they do is talk about how they think harry is the only reason any of the other boys have careers(bc they aren't all skilled/talented vocalists in the most successful boy band of this generation n it's not like they've all been out there hustling since the break started) +call out larries for focusing all their energy on louis' music because harry h a s n t d o n e a n y t h i n g w i t h s o l o m u s i c y e t

the “you guys hate harry! you never pay attention to him anymore!” spiel is so mindless i think about harry’s movie every damn day but it’s not out yet and neither is his album that supposedly exists so what’s a bitch to do there’s nothing to really talk about

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Is anyone really surprised that nylon has some resentment regarding Zayn? This is the same guy that over the years would take a pic with any brown dude and say he's found Zs replacement, and he also used to laugh at those racist Mexican "jokes" that popped up in the early years. The only reason he started talking about Z in his interviews and approached him at the amas was because of the publicity.

Niall is a POS and always has been but I mean can you blame him? He’s been every where trying to promote that shitty song and the most he’s gotten was 20 but Zayn is relevant and has longevity and ability to chart well just by existing and being talented, something Niall can’t relate to. And plus he’ll always have to live with the fact that the only reason he isn’t the ugliest and least talented member of the band he desperately needs is because someone else is currently taking that spot but even he has other ventures. I mean Niall could become a professional golf caddy but I guess he just needed to try this whole music thing one last time.

ABC’S of Me

I was tagged by the lovely @myheart4ever47-blog. Thanks gorgeous

A- Age: 35

B: Biggest fear:  Something bad happening to my family

C: Current time: 1:48

D: Drink you last had: tea

E: Everyday starts with- My kids being loud as all get out while I try to wake up…I am not a morning person.

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F: Favorite song: Strange Love-Halsey

G: Ghosts are real? Eh, probably. 

H: Hometown: San Antonio, TX

I: In love with: my husband and my several fictional husbands.

J: I’m jealous of - people with honest to god talent like singing, acting, art

K: Killed someone: Only in my head

L: Last time I don’t know

M: Middle name: Michelle

N: Number of siblings: 2- older brother and younger sister who passed away

P:  Last person I texted: my friend telling her about a sale Old Navy was having…she needs maternity clothes

Q: Questions you’re always asked:  3 boys, huh? Always followed by: Are you going to try for a girl?

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R: Reasons to smile: My family. A disney trip in two months

S: Song last sang: It’s a Heartache by Bonnie Tyler

T: Time you woke up? 5:30

U: Underwear color: hot pink with black polka dots

V: Vacation destination: Disney World with kids, Hawaii without

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W: Worst habit: cussing is getting up there…i need to cool it but I think writing Negan and reading so much Negan fanfic has rewired my brain.

X: X-rays you’ve had: ankle, teeth, sonograms if those count

Y: Favorite food: mahogany chicken kabobs with chimichurri sauce. my husband and I make a good team in the kitchen

Z: Zodiac sign: Sagitarrius

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Morning aspiring actors, today is your time to shine and show me the talent that will hopefully get you a star spot on our amazing play Rent. The rumors are true, there will be a scout from Julliard so auditions will be rigorous and I will only be accepting the best. If you are late to auditions in the theater you will be cut, and any slight slip-up will also cost you a spot. I will not have our school be embarrassed in front of such a highly prestigious person, so only the best will do. Good luck, and don’t mess it up.

(this event will be hosted on an Rpnow in a soon to be determined time, most likely in the late afternoon. The specific time will be announced an hour before the event, and if you cannot make  please message us so we are still informed about your character still being there despite you not. Please note that it will possibly effect the role your character gets though, because we will be using many of the auditions to actually put certain characters in certain places.)


You are talented. Your art is better than mine. How do you get your art like that?

—–submitted by @kaleb122—–

thank you for thinking I’m talented! I really appreciate it, but there’s no such thing as being “better”, all art is equal, just like us humans. And the answer to the question you asked: I just started and continued, I was self taught, since none of my family was interested in art, so I’m kinda alone with it. My only advice is to no steal, but just create as much as you want, it doesn’t matter if its bad or good, just continue what you started, and you could see the improvement you’ve made


A portion of a ComedyNGaming interview with voice actor, Rena Strober…

CNG: What was it like recording for Fire Emblem Heroes and Republique? Is voice acting for a mobile game any different from lending your talents to a console game or an anime dub?

RS: Every voiceover job is different for me. The roles vary in age, genre and personality. There’s no difference however if I’m recording for a game on a console versus a mobile app. I approach each role with the same amount of enthusiasm and respect. However, doing anime is different because we’re matching the mouth movements from the previously recorded animation. This was really only the case for Sailor Moon when I voiced Esmeraude. Some of the other games have a specific time frame the line needs to be said in, but I’m still able to bring my own voice and creativity to the lines.

CNG: What have been your favorite lines (or songs) to record for Azura in both Fire Emblem: Fates and Fire Emblem Heroes. My personal favorite is the up-tempo version of Lost in Thoughts All Alone from the Conquest path. Were there any lines that you found more emotionally demanding?

RS: I LOVE Lost in Thoughts!! It was so much fun to record and explore the various tempos and versions that the game included. Some were soft and slow and others, like the uptempo versions really allowed me to use my full voice.

I also prefer lines where the character shows vulnerability. This is something you can’t fake in a microphone so it’s more challenging but so much more rewarding when you nail it. When Azura is about to be killed she softly says ‘Kill me if you want, but do it as yourself.” I loved working on that line because Azura had to come to terms with the fact that she might be losing her life.