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Hello! I hope you're having a lovely day, I just wanted to say that you're incredible. I've always loved your art regarding the batfam, but I've genuinely spent the last 2 hours looking at your original characters and I'm rather obsessed. You're just so phenomenally talented and thank you for sharing your gift with us all. So! I've got a semi weird question for you! How do your OC eat? Are any of them good cooks? Vegetarian? Any information is welcome! Thank you for existing!

Thanks so much!! And I’m super glad you asked that about my OCs because I hadn’t even really thought about it heh. I would say almost all of them hate to cook. Or, in Kai’s case, they’re really bad at it. Len is the only one who can make a proper meal! Sal will eat junk food all day if you don’t stop him. Kai’s a carnivore. He and Evelia are the ones with the highest alcohol tolerance. And Rylen likes anything! Though he does love veggies and seafood.


⭐ Happy 9th Anniversary to the brightest stars in the sky 

Five incredibly talented men that I will never regret supporting. Five gems made to last together, against all odds and limits. The sheer passion, talent and drive they have as performers to give everything their all will never cease to inspire me. Here’s to many more years of unique stages and music with the colour only SHINee can bring to the table!! They deserve the world. 

to fanfiction authors...

i don’t know why i subconsciously hide the fact that i read fanfiction about two of my biases. Most people see it as a gay story, or boyxboy, or why are they two females.. but i think some are forgetting that fanfiction is not only that but so much more.. it’s romance, action,fantasy… like the books we read… bringing us to different places, different timelines, letting us see different point of views… i’m actually thankful for fanfiction authors… thank you for giving us the opportunity to read without the need to pay at all. thank you for writing stories and sharing your imagination.. sharing your talents.. 🙌🏼🙌🏼

Come Away With Me

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“No, Tony, this is not happening!”

“Oh it most certainly is happening! And it’s happening tonight at dinner.”

Tony Stark, the world’s most infuriating man, had found out that you can sing. And not just a little tune here or there, you can actually sing. He had heard you in the shower one morning and hadn’t let it go since then. Finally, he decided that outing you to the team was the only way to get you to admit your talent. There was so much death and destruction in their lives, they needed a creative outlet and something beautiful, he said.

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as someone who forgot how to dream of the future and be the master of my own destiny at one point, what im bout to say is important to me. im finally putting on the big bed trousers and setting my sights on getting recognition as an artist bc its the only thing im naturally good at and if you get recognition in something you’re good at, you can goof off and have a time with it, and u know me, im all about that sort of thing so im puttin all my chips in. wish me luck on this twisty road! and thanks for liking my art and stuff :-) its all bc of you goons that im realizing i could really pull off some great stunts with my talents. peace 🐶✌

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I'm a first year teacher and its been really hard. I did two years as a T.A. but this year was difficult. I'm worried that maybe i'm not cut out to be a lead teacher let alone a teacher at all? Is the first year always this hard?

Hello @trippypeas,

Short answer: yes, it is. The first year BLOWS. BLOWS CHUNKS.

Longer answer: I can’t answer whether or not you’re ‘cut out’ to be a teacher, only you can answer that within yourself. I truly believe only a small part of teaching is an innate talent. Most of it can be learned. If you want to, you can, AND WILL get better at this. 

It’s about perseverance. Much like we tell our students, you can’t be afraid to fail. The first year is about getting kicked off of horse and dusting yourself on a pretty much daily basis. 

Attend to some PD’s, do a little pl*nning over the summer, connect with your fellow colleagues and edchums alike. It’s about incremental growth; trying to get a little bit better each day. If you aren’t up to that task, there’s no shame in that. But if you ARE, then maybe you’re cut out to be a teacher. 

All the best,


“Not trying to be racist” in this whole fucking paragraph the only “evidence” you have that BTS shouldn’t be here is just because they are from a different country. Justin Bieber is from Canada. Drake is from Canada. Apparently Canada is part of America now because I dont see you talking shit about them yet just like BTS they are from a different country and are VERY POPULAR. If you believe that Ariana and Selena should have won then why didn’t you vote more than once to make sure that they won? We love BTS and we know their talents and their struggles. The reason why BTS won is because they deserved it. I can’t believe someone could get so mad because somebody else lost. Drake, Justin, Ariana, and Selena have won many times in the past. No duh an American group hasn’t been to Korea the thought of bringing a group from a country around the world to an award show has just been thought of. BTS was chosen to come here because many people in America listen to k-pop. You are whining because you have an opinion. I’m not whining. I’m fighting for what is right because people like you who don’t know better is being racist to a group of amazingly talented young men who happen to be from Korea. I’m sorry K-pop is taking over. You should have learned to deal with change a long time ago so get used to it.

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hi there! i was just wondering how you managed to gain a following for your writing? i'm in the midst of writing a novel and i'd like to post it somewhere, but i kind of need feedback from an audience if i do. i don't mean to be like "my writing is incredible and so i need a supportive audience to fawn over me and my talents!" because honestly it's definitely not great, but i have pretty bad anxiety so i kind of need a response to not freak out about it all and doubt myself even more.

i think what gained me a large following for my writing was my miraculous ladybug fanfic, heartstrings. after reading that, it seemed that lots of people were interested in reading other things i wrote, and it just so happened that the only thing i wanted to write about was my novel. that’s the only thing i can think of! 

but i guess it helps to have a group of writer friends, too. there is a large community of people online who love to write and share their work with others! if you can join any of them (like wattpad? its the biggest one i can think of!) that might help generate interest :)

                                        THE ARTIST WEDNESDAY •


I started to watch Lucifer thanks to Fede, she always made those lovely gifsets and I was so curious and now I’m obsessed! She’s not only a lovely person and runs super well the Deckerstar Network, but she’s also a wonderful gif maker, she did a lot of gifsets based on metas, parallels, scenes and manipulations! She’s a really talented artist!

can we just realise what a great job ajax gave?

they are a team, brought together for ONLY 20 million (pogba cost manchester 100 million) and you make it into the finals against manchester. the manchester united? bravo. hands down.
manchester should be embarrassed for not making it in the cl while we, as a tiny country, fucking did this. we got talent. we got potention. and no one can take that away. i am proud to be dutch

outside of tumblr i feel very much Not Like An Adult but then i get online and i see all you talented high schoolers or even kids who are younger,  and ngl im both proud of yall and also freaked out a lil bc it makes me feel so old. im only 20. cries 


Goody-Other than that, I do some writing from time to time as I’ve been told I have a way with words.

Vasquez-I’m the only one in the group that knows how to lasso, if that counts. Otherwise, I’ve picked up a couple of skills in old jobs when I was working few years, before I became an outlaw.

Billy-My talent and skills are knives, not just for attacking and killing.

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🌻 7 🌻

thank you anon!!! here’s a loose outline real quick for the prompt (maybe i’ll even write a fic)

“You’re the demanding star and I’m your personal assistant.”

consider this:

  • yoongi is the demanding idol, nineteen years old and cocky beyond belief, and he’s the most talented solo artist in the company so no one honestly stands up to him
  • hoseok is the twenty-six year old personal assistant
  • yoongi has a badboy image but hoseok sees right through his bullshit and is the only one not afraid to call yoongi out when he does things that are rude or bratty and yoongi becomes slightly more humble with hoseoks guidance
  • despite hoseok being older, yoongi hits on him endlessly to the point that hoseok isn’t even bothered by it anymore he just goes with the overall suggestive behavior and doesn’t let it bother him
  • bottom hoseok bc yes
  • yoongi is lusty af because he wants hoseok in his bed and hoseok has morals (for now)
  • drama happens because yoongi gets into a fight with another idol in the community
  • hoseok has to do some hardcore damage control
  • bonding happens cause hoseok has to watch out for yoongi 25/8
  • overall angst from misunderstandings (i.e. Hoseok out of context hears a conversation where it sounds a lot like yoongi is just flirting with him as a game/bet to see if he can sleep w/hobi)
  • rly tho hoseok starts to have genuine feelings for yoongi even if he’s annoying sometimes
  • yoongi stops just seeing it as a game to sleep w/his assistant and has genuine feelings

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I’m really the happiest/proudest boyfriend right now my baby graduated yesterday and this was only the beginning you’re so beautiful, talented, smart and determined. Even when things seemed to be going bad I always tell you, you can handle it because I never had a doubt in my mind that you couldn’t you mean so much to me and I want to continue to be by your side through your journey. I love you from the bottom of my heart Alasia never forget that. @complexbeing

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Hey April, I wanted to ask a favour but I need you to keep this quiet. There's this guy I've known for a few weeks, he's so sweet and innocent, he's really talented too. He's called Brandon, he's different compared to everyone else and gets isolated from everyone a lot but he's really talented at acting & filming. Could you check out his stuff cause deserves recognition for how genuine he is. His YouTube is called TheBrandon Vlogs, his Tumblr is TheBrandonBlogs. Thank you! Don't tell him though.

Sure I can. Give me two seconds!

Weeell he only has one post on tumblr so I can’t really make a judgement from that.

I checked out his YouTube channel and I love his accent!

I don’t know if I’m the only one but I noticed that H!P tried to push Eripon second to Riho way back the time they started in the group. Eripon and Riho were always either in the center of group shots or in front row while Fukumura and Zukki were always either at the sides or at the back row. They maybe dropped the idea of making her a center/lead because they got disappointed with her talent at that time, the reason why Eripon challenged herself and got where she is now.

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Yo what the FUCK. THEY GAVE MANI 3RD FUCKING PLACE. Some old baseball dude got 2nd and rashad got 1st are you FUCKING KIDDING ME. EVEN THE JUDGES AND AUDIENCE WERE LIKE WTF IS GOING ON. YOU COULD EVEN SEE LEN. LEN OF ALL PEOPLE "LIKE WDYM SHE IS 3RD?" I'm so heated I'm so sorry I just need to let this out. She deserved that stupid mirror whatever trophy. #bringjusticeformygirlmani

I’m not as pissed off as I thought I would be. Maybe I have become so numb to the snubbing of black girls, dark skinned especially. It’s alright, it is what it is yall. We can’t change who won, if N came at third, it only tells me that she wasn’t getting enough votes to surpass David and Rashad, or its rigged. Either way, we don’t need a tacky trophy from a dancing show to prove N’s talent.

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"Dear @DancingABC,Stop inviting talented celebrities onto your show if you only intend to reward mediocrity and eliminate the best." THIS i also want to add that the gp should also chill out with getting mad that some contestants have dance experience.

I will never understand the people who are mad about celebs w/ dance experience… A mixed cast is what makes it a good show

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Can you find me some drawings or doodles of the wounded lafayette?

That’s the thing…no one seems to draw it! I’ve only ever seen a handful of doodles and I couldn’t tell you where. All you artists with talent: get to work!