if only i was this talented

When I complain about being a ‘gifted’ kid who grew into a talentless adult I don’t mean that I’m not trying to work on my talents or anything

I mean that the ‘gifts’ I had are useless

Reading books above my age isn’t a talent when I’m not eleven

Knowing big words isn’t a talent when I’m not a kid, it’s just growing up

It’s just a weird thing that happens and it feels shitty when you’re brought up being told you’re an exceptional child only to realise as an adult you’re just average

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Whenever I get sad I imagine how great it would be if someone would lock Harry and Louis in a room together and not let them out until they had a song. Can you tell I wish with all my heart that there comes a time 1D has a song with Harry and Louis as the ONLY songwriters?? I think it would be incredible!

I agree. Harry’s & Louis’ songwriting strengths seem, to me, to be complementary.

Harry is a melody and harmony guy first. I think he can come up with catchy hooks naturally (a rare talent). His lyrics tend toward the symbolic. The emotions in the songs are often intense and open-ended.

Louis has a gift for rhythm, especially complex, syncopated rhythms (listen to the openings of No Control, JLY, Strong). His lyrics can express complex emotions with simple, direct language (“I’m sorry if I say I need you/ I don’t care, I’m not scared of love.”) in a way that everyone understands.

Listen to Perfect, the song they wrote together. It’s a clever puzzle of a song, full of sardonic indirecting and ironic address (the lyrics sound like they’re for an imaginary lucky date, but they may actually be directed toward each other, with a loaded and sad meaning of not being able to be openly affectionate), yet, on the surface, a hummable, boppy pop song.

They’re so smart individually, such talented musicians, but also a great duo. I didn’t even mention how their voices are heaven together. They complement each other like no other.


More awesome photos were posted by Alice X Zhang (Instagram) when Peter hung out at her table in Artist Alley of NYCC (October 6, 2017). This moment still makes me teary and so happy for Alice, someone who totally deserves this attention. She has such an incredible talent and is also a lovely person; I only wish the very best for her in life! 😊💕

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no i was being serious im new to the fandom why do people love dan so much..he seems douchey but maybe i just dont know him like you

The “he seems douchey” was an entirely unnecessary dig at Dan, so refrain from sending me those kind of opinions. I’m only publishing this because you seem to want to understand.

Dan is talented and sweet. He tries really hard to be inclusive/understanding even when he doesn’t actually understand diversity issues. When he slips up, he often corrects himself immediately without trying to justify saying something exclusionary or shitty.

He is incredibly passionate about his music and about his fans. He’s incredibly humble (when not joking) about the lengths people go to to support his endeavors. He actually cares about what he’s creating and what he’s putting out there for people.

Because he’s older than the average Youtuber, he’s reached a point of self-love and understanding that allows criticism to roll off of him and lets him engage with the community without being burdened by it. He has a lot of insight into life and shares it without trying to be an authority. 

He’s just a really chill dude who is super grateful to be doing what he loves. He’s also really well spoken and has led a fascinating life. 

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Damn what is happening today? Everywhere I glance I see pics of M!? Instagram/ Pinterest, Tumblr as well!! My unfollow button is busy today! I. Am. A. Fan. Of. Darren Criss!! Not his Beard/ gf/ housemate/ roommate/ boss/ his team/ his address/ friends/ associates/ R Murphy/ Fox/ or others. I am a fan of Darren Criss because he's so talented, sweet and amazing! Wish they would stop with all the beard promotions. It's every freaking where! If you didn't know you'd think she was the talent here

It is totally in overdrive. Even in a fan photo from last night. The woman is NOT FAMOUS. Why do you want a pic with her?  I am so over her face and her name and her tag.   The only solace I take is this excess is her pay out and was completely expected and is leading to the opening of her bar (please this month).

It really is sad that Team Idiocy lost sight of the fact that they have a client named Darren Criss and they are paid to promote and market Darren Criss. DC happens to be a multi-talented actor and musician with an amazing personality who treats his fans like gold.  He is personable, intelligent, and gives an amazing interview (when he is comfortable with the subject matter).

Pretty easy mission to accomplish. Yes, I know the Fox contract is an issue and the repression of his sexuality. But it was handled deplorably and went from occasionally have D attend an event with her or have her show up at his show, to his team’s entire focus being the marketing of M and allowing her to take over his entire life.  It is beyond comprehension. She does NOT enhance his image.  She is unprofessional. And has not used bearding as a stepping stone to truly market herself to move ahead in the entertainment industry in any fashion.

I have to wonder why. She must have one hell of a contract. As well as very rich parents with strong influence in the music scene. Never underestimate those connections.

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Do you read any other sims stories? Your is the only one I follow lol. I’m not sure who else writes them. Could you suggest any?

Sure can! I am a book worm almost 24/7…Not counting when I have to eat and ya know do that whole sleep thing Lol. Right now I am reading @neutralsupply​ Knights of Kydonia is really good >_<!  @catssimblr @sandy-sims @rosiesimming @simwithsparkles @sammyshuno @healssims @simnovels @sunflowersim @penelope-and-wonders @barleycoffee @josiesimblr @homesicksims @something-wicked-sims Are just a few of the many story writers whose work I love!!!!! Very talented creators🌼

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I'm showing Newsies to my little sister and I discovered the power of professionally recorded shows

It’s been quite a process (watching it with her), I couldn’t find subtitles and she’s 11 so needs me to translate half of it. We’ve only watched act 1 because it’s school day but she was so impressed already, I’m so happy.
She’s been dealing with my obsession over musicals for more than a year or so and honestly couldn’t understand what I love about this shows. But now she was literally speechless and screaming “THAT’S TALENT, CAN WE SEE THAT AGAIN? HIW DO THEY DO THAT?” every time the boys danced or in the “all for oooone” and she was so happy. I swear her face lighted up every time I paused to explain what was happening.
She’s already in love with crutchie and cried her eyes out when he was taken for the refuge and in Santa Fe she was holding her breath and weeping her tears on my shirt.
We stopped before Act 2 and she looked right into my eyes and said that she was for sure coming to my room tomorrow to watch the rest. + asking me for the name of seize the day and watch what happens to listen on Spotify.

(she also loved Medda)

My point is:
She never wanted to see the other shows because it’s already hard for her to understand English, even harder without knowing what the hell they’re doing (with their expressions we can tell if what they said is good or bad ok)
She literally mentioned how she thought that it was gonna be blurry, poorly recorded and with bad sound. Imagine her surprise.
If anyone asks, no, we can’t go to see musical theatre here (because parents, money and non of ya business) and I like musicals in English fight me.

Whatever, I’m really happy that she’s finally enjoying an actual musical (even more that is one that I like a lot and I’m currently obsessed with). Also I’m happy that she’s next door wondering if crutchie is gonna die because I’ve been crying about Whizzer for a week and she’s confused lmao.

good night pals

( sorry about my English, I’m from México and I’m really good at trying my best™. Also, probably an update tomorrow?)

You know why I am super interested in airports and airplanes?

There are many highly competent and talented people from many different countries all working together, despite cultural boundaries, to safely get people to where they need to go.

It’s a profession full of bright engineers who work hard to correct any fatal flaws from previous aircraft, ensuring that the lives that may have been lost as a result of said flaws will not be lost in vain but will essentially help make air travel safer moving forward.

Lots of pilots are bilingual since English is the universal language of communication in the air.

And it’s all such a massive and lengthy operation with so many moving parts and almost all of it goes off without a hitch and it’s just so inspiring. All of it.

Flightrising staff doesn’t have the eye to see true talent and master piece. There’s only really 4 worthy accents that had won, the others were shitty or just didn’t fit the Plague theme. There were such amazing entries that had been submitted, ideas that were original and appropriate, but they had chosen these guys:

External image

Nice details but an overall boring accent. 

External image

Really love this accent, but it just doesn’t quite fit. I think the artist could’ve made more profit by just selling it through sales, now it’ll probably only be worth 50kt-100kt after festival. 

External image

What the fuck is this? An oil spill? It looks like shit. 

External image

This shit belongs in the coral reef. 

External image

The fuck am I looking at? 

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Not sure about the others, but I do notice that ever since V4, Weiss' pose becomes a bit weird lol (Asian here). Heck it becomes "worse" when I was watching Weiss' character short. Then now when I watch Episode 2, I just... face palmed. I'm not saying that the battle is bad, overall it's good especially the knight summon part; but I feel RT really messes up Weiss' once elegant battle stance. Example that DAB (not sure if you know this) is literally WTF to me, it's not even necessary!!!

I don’t mean to complain about the battles because I understand he was too talented and maybe no one could surpass him. But yeah I’m with you. The characters’ poses become weird lol.(I only know the name, dab btw) At least, I want RT to care about the characters’ behaviors…and yeah like you said, their battle poses and stances as well.

I’ve mentioned this several times before but when I watched V1 for the first time,
I was really impressed how beautiful girls walk like fashion models. I still miss it.

Hi yes this Septicart and Inktober thing is cool and all but sadly I’m gonna be “that guy” and say how bullshit it is for writers. We don’t get a month and we don’t get our idols reblogging or retweeting or sending love to our fanfiction, what do we get? Some one-time funny video of someone reading a fanfiction of them and their best friend fucking. Who cares about that huge story I saw where a group of people are pirates on a submarine? Or that cute little series turned into a musical which included actual songs on SoundCloud? How about that dark series starring some evil egos? Or my own series inspired by Life is Strange about college life and a epic drama?

But all they care about is art.

I hate my only talent.


“Losing His Hair Made Him a Better Actor”

I feel this is very important. Anthony Carrigan is such an amazing actor and I really do hope I see him in things outside of Gotham, and hopefully one day when he’s not only type-casted as villain characters. He obviously has so much talent and I’m so glad he’s been able to overcome any insecurities he may have had when it came to his alopecia.

The only thing worse than a narcissistic egomaniac is celebrating one. In politics its people like Donald Trump, in sports its people like Christiano Ronaldo. Both are giant assholes who are insanely in love with themselves. Confusing wealth with actual human greatness, none of which these two types possess.Never mind that there are actually more talented and suitable people in their own fields. I truly detest types like them, like almost nothing else on this planet. And whenever i see someone wearing a Ronaldo t-shirt (kids excluded, they can be forgiven), i think to myself, this person must be the type that posts selfies of them self all day long and values physical appearance before anything else or more likely the only thing they value in life and based on which they judge other people. Cause heaven knows i’ve met far too many such types in my life. They can be billionaires for all i care with millions of supporters and fans, they mean less than zero to me. On a human level they just fail miserably. A giant NO to them. 

To clarify:

Okay I am going to try to address all the questions and accusations that have been made since I reblogged this theory and started talking about it:

First things first, I believe wholeheartedly that Louis is talented. He has a lot to offer this world, not just lyrically but musically as well. Me saying that he was only interested in a one album deal, or chose to sign on for a one album deal, doesn’t negate that. It’s not one or the other.

Secondly, I do believe that he is putting music out for the fans and to have a chance to explore and share his lyrics and music with whoever else connected to it. It doesn’t take away from his ambition and tenacity to prove himself. He is a hard worker and I am not saying he isn’t. He’s working hard on an album because he knows we have his back. He has the confidence to do so because he has a fan base behind him. Don’t put words into my mouth which say that I don’t think he is taking this seriously!

Also, I don’t think he wanted to do a solo album all along, he even said it, but felt more comfortable doing so since the rest of the boys were and because he knew there was an audience for it. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT FFS. Again, it doesn’t weaken him.

Furthermore, I believe this deal was reached for him to do other things. He still makes money and he can write and have more of a free schedule. Maybe it was a trade-off. I don’t believe that him signing with Syco means he condones the stunts and wants to be closeted. I’ve never fucking said that, get your facts straight before you accuse me of this. I don’t know why he signed with Syco, and I’ll emphasize later how I believe he is picking his battles.

As far as the assumption that Louis is just at Harry’s beck and call, that’s ridiculous. I’ll be the first to say they are a team, and whatever arrangement they have is one that works for them. I don’t get to judge that and neither do you.  Harry is often times MIA for many days and we don’t know where he is, the same with Louis. We don’t know who makes room for whom. I apologize, if it seemed that I was regarding Louis’ career with less esteem, they are both equally important, and that was not my intention. They don’t keep track on who bends their schedule more, I don’t see why we need to, but you also have to understand that Harry changing his schedule is a lot harder to do since he is touring. It’s logistics. This isn’t a competition.

Lastly, I’d like to dispell this bullshit thought that I am erasing all the hard work Louis put into the Just Like You lyric video. Or that he is not fighting back. I never fucking said that. I don’t understand how you can arrive at that conclusion when I say Louis is not looking to be a multi-album solo artist. I believe he picks his battles, and with the Just Like You music video he was able to express so many things that he hasn’t had the liberty to express. Hell, when the lyric video came out I made a post about it that has almost a thousand notes, but conveniently today we forget what I think about Louis and how brave I think that video was.

Hope that clarifies things. This is a fucking theory, it is not fact. Things change and we adjust. If you disagree cool, but for the love of christ fucking come to me and we’ll talk it out. This isn’t middle school people, be kind and use your fucking words.

I kept this as quiet as possible, since I totally wasn’t trying to screw with my karma or whatever, but yours truly is currently in sunny Los Angeles, about to head into the last round of a dance competition to land herself a place dancing backup in everyone’s favorite bad gal whose name begins with R’s next music video. The last competition round is tomorrow, so I would totally appreciate all of your good vibes. My talent and the ‘empowerment’ and ‘luck’ incense sticks I just bought can only get me so far, so I need you all and the universe to help me with the rest.

As amazing as that takeover was, I want Raw to do something more original and just interfere in Smackdown’s matches tomorrow. Not all of them, but enough to get their point across, and in the main event, Bryan and Shane put the Roster out in a lumberjack style match just to make sure no Raw talent interferes in it only to have it be just one big fight which ends with one Raw talent, one Smackdown talent, along with Shane and Bryan watching from the ring as Kurt introduces back into her role, Stephanie McMahon. Then just end Smackdown on an intense stare down.

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hey cent can you talk some abt Ailill and Cu Chulainn??


  • first meeting of ailill and cu was during bricius’ feast where in conall, cu chulainn and loegaire competed for the champion’s portion. so you got three ulaid warriors fighting and performing feats wherein cu chulainn wins them all. but with three judges being ailill, medb and cu roi, only ailill was convinced that cu chulainn was the real champion. medb and cu roi were like fUCK THIS SOMETHING’S UP but ailill was like nAH CANT U SEE??? kid’s got a talent.
  • he was so biased with cu during that event that if it weren’t for medb’s opinion, he would’ve given the champion’s portion to cu outright. after cu roi put them in a shitty disguise trial, they had no choice but to give all three different cups of equal worth and ailill was just “well… i dont decide shit after all”
  • but what amplified that admiration for cu chulainn was when flidaih’s fort was invaded by ulstermen where ailill’s entire family was staying. ailill made medb and his daughters escape, leaving the maines to fight alongside him in spite of them having zero experience with war and were basically still just young boys. when everyone else was killed and the only one remaining alive were ailill and his kids, the ulaid warriors left and allowed cu to do the final killing. instead of killing ailill and the kids, he pretty much just left and when ailill asked him cu said that ailill had no business with the ulaid and he wasn’t their enemy during that time therefore there was no reason to slay them. so how could you not admire cu in this situation tbh.
  • ailill had never been mad at cu chulainn for anything even when medb was fucking furious at him for existing and killing her pets and handmaidens. they just happened to be at different sides of the fence.
  • not to mention cu is basically a far off dream of ailill and is everything he would’ve wanted to become in life. as a young boy, ailill did have ambitions of being an honorable warrior. it was all he wanted in life. he had no big dreams such as being a king. he only became one to fulfill his mother’s final wish. if ailill didn’t become a king, for certain he’d become a hero like cu chulainn with his skills and his talents would’ve been for good and for the benefit of leinster. he wouldn’t have been such a mess if he didn’t become a king. i didn’t know they were related before so i sort of shipped them in the past. it was messed up dont judge me.
  • ailill would’ve been really fine with cu chulainn marrying his daughter finnabair. it’s not like ailill doesn’t want finnabair to be with anyone. it’s just that his daughter doesn’t really like the best kind of men. she is a living vacuum cleaner. 
  • but let’s not make it happen since cu chulainn is actually his grandson and that makes cu chulainn finnabair’s nephew.
  • if only ailill had known that cu chulainn was his grandson, imagine how different life would’ve been for the both of them.

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I only started following you recently so I don't know you very well but I admire you and your talent and I just wanted to say congratulations on your engagement 😄🎉🎉

Thank you so much, honey. I hope you’re enjoying it in here  💙

Ready For My Rant…?

Nobody complains when Scarlett dons the same animated bodysuit for Ghost in the Shell but Taylor wears it and everybody loses their minds!

Everybody loves to bash on her and on people who listen to her music and I’m so over it.

This girl was hired by Sony as a paid songwriter at 14 years old. By 18 she had made $50m from two self written and co-produced albums and to this day treats her fans like her best friends, seeing them in hospital or at their houses whenever she can or through her Secret Sessions which are just incredible!

If Beyoncé, Pink or literally any other female star made a video like this it would only receive praise.

She is a talented badass of a woman who has evolved incredibly with every album. 👊🏼 If you have nothing better to do that to sit there and rip on someone who can make all of her own music (while also still writing numerous number ones for other bands and artists), get over yourself.

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