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Who’s That Vans Girl?: @NouxNoux

With a lust for creativity and a passion for style, this Dutch transplant’s head-to-toe Vans Girls looks totally caught our eye. Not only does Anouk’s natural style stand out, but her lust for life and creativity shines through on her Instagram and blog. We caught up with the style grad to talk about her effortless fashion sense and living “Off The Wall” in Southern California.

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My Confessions!

A follower reacted on my posting last Friday “it’s going to be a hot and wet weekend”; … and asked me; “what are your plans for the weekend?”.

I reacted; …It will be a hot and wet weekend

Based on the weather forecast, it will be a hot weekend. I mean not only the weather report, but also Hubby’s and mine agenda for Saturday, Sunday and part of Monday. This weekend it was the Pentecost weekend in the Netherlands, so an extra free day on Monday. Friends of us, living in Germany had us invited for this long weekend.

They had also tickets arranged for Pinkpop on Saturday. so we met eachother at Pinkpop, a mega open air music festival with very well know musicians like Kensington, Martin Garrix, Chef’s Special, Richard Ascroft and James TW. Pinkpop was as expected, drinks, good music, dancing perfect ingredients for to go all the way out of your roof. We felt back in our 30s!

 But age counts …. and during the last performance of Marnix Garrix we decided to go to our friends’ house, located in the beautiful Eifel National Park, not far across the German border.

We met our friends, Wolfgang en Sabine, many years ago at the “liberal” Naturist resort Cap d'Agde and it clicked immediately and also sexually. And although we don’t meet often, our relation is still as it was when we met the first time, full of lust and passion.

Our friends like, like hubby and I, to have sex with more people in the same room at the same time. For this reason they have even built a 6 person bed in their house.

After a couple of glasses of wine, Sabine and I started to kiss with each other, undressed ourselves and we made each other cum by using our tongue. Wolfgang and Hubby were sitting on the sofa, with their pants open and hard cocks in the free air. And while they watch they were softly playing with their hard cocks.
Wolfgang stopped and said. let’s go to the love room. We all did and within minutes our four bodies were intertwined.

Lust and passion took over the control and until the earliest morning we went on until we fell asleep one after another. And sorry to say, I was the first :-( The last thing I remembered was Wolfgang cumming in my mouth. And the image of Hubby and Sabine fucking in “Doggystyle”.

I woke up around nine o’clock Sunday Morning. My eyes scanned the room, the first I saw were Hubby and Wolfgang laying both nude on my left side. I could hear the typical noises of sleeping men, snore, cough, moan and smack sounds. I turned on my other side and before I even rolled on my side I felt Sabine her hand on my face. “Guten morgen” she said with a soft voice. Her blue eyes looked right into mine and I don’t know why, I felt a very strong urge to kiss her. And she responded immediately on the kiss. My hands were gliding over her beautiful body. Sometimes when I look at her, I have some jealous feelings regarding her body and was thinking what 5 year and having children can do with a woman’s body. My hand glided down to her pussy and two fingers slipped inside her. At the same moment Sabine was pressing her knee between my legs and pushed it hard towards my pussy. I started riding on her knee rubbing my pussy against her soft and thin leg and on every move of my hips, I moved my fingers inside Sabine. She started to moan softly and slowly turned herself a little on her back, open herself more for my fingers and giving more pressure against my pussy. I look at her, her eyes were closed and she moved her head backwards, opening her mouth. Her back pulled hollow, a suppressed moan and a thin jet of warm body juices squired against my hand. 

OMG what was this a horny experience and almost immediately after, I came too. Our orgasms faded into kisses again. Carefully, I took my wet hand away from Sabine’s legs and kept it for our two mouths. I had to lick Sabine her body fluids and Sabine wanted hers too. It was tasteful and I definitely wanted to taste more this weekend.

We laid close together for a while, touching and kissing each other, until the moment our feminine instinct and sense of duty, forced us to become active, taking care for the men and making breakfast. We had a hearty breakfast, an extensive coffee, when Wolfgang invited us into the garden to enjoy the beautiful weather in the nude.. After a long winter season, Wolfgang did not have to say that twice. The morning jackets went out and enjoyed the sun in our nakedness.

We also enjoyed each other’s presence so that Sunday became a pleasant mix of sex, discussing world politics, and especially about Mr. D. Trump and the Paris climate agreement, all decorated with tapas and wine.

The sun began to sink, the dusk set in and the air cooled down, actually I wanted to pull some warmth when Wolfgang called; That the jacuzzi was on display and whether we wanted to accompany him.

The jacuzzi was on the terrace on the side of the house, a little less sheltered than the large terrace, but with a beautiful view over the Eifel and the reservoir. Everybody wanted to go to the jacuzzi, but Hubby said, “Stop a moment” and he continued. “Wolfgang will you sit on that chair." Then he looked at me and said; "Car show your respect to host and reward Wolfgang with a wonderful blowjob.” Wolfgang sat down, and I kneeled down for him.

The many efforts that Wolfgang’s cock held in the last few hours and the cold air had left their signs behind. Wolfgang’s dick hung little and sluggish. Without any effort I took his whole cock in my mouth. Hubby sat next to Wolfgang and looked at how I woke up Wolfgang’s dick again. Sabine also added her head on Wolfgang’s belly and asked whispering to me; “I can also watch” With Wolfgang’s his cock deep in my mouth I nodded yes.

Men sometimes ask me; “What do you think is very exciting?" One of those things is actually something very small, namely, a little floppy dick slowly grow into my mouth to grow into a hard straight upright powerful dick. My warm mouth and teasing tongue had soon affected.

I felt how, very slowly Wolfgang his cock started at his resurrection.
By moving my tongue, mouth and head, a warm "enclosure” slowly changed into a deep throat. I focused on every change and tried to overcome the transformation in my mouth without gagging.
My mouth went up and then very deep down again on Wolfgang’s cock and every time my mouth was at his head I was sucking extra hard.
Sabine had slowly pushed her head closer to my head, and just the moment I was again with Wolfgang’s head into my mouth, Sabine pushed her lips against mine. I immediately understood what she would like.
We kissed each other, our tongues hit each other and Wolfgang his cock especially his the head of his cock was in between.

Sabine laid her arms around my neck and pulled me firmly towards her, while we moved our mouths synchronously up and down and over Wolfgang’s dick.

Wolfgang began to move his hips. A followed by a loud moaning and panting. Suddenly he pushed his pelvis upwards, and at that moment, accompanied with loud moaning, Sabine and I felt how Wolfgang was cumming into our mouths. Warm shots of cum were filling our mouth And nothing betrayed that this might be was Wolfgang’s 8th or 9th orgasm in a relatively short time. We held our lips together until we felt Wolfgang’s dick shrinking again.

 We turned our faces towards Wolfgang and Hubby, and  presented Wolfgang’s cum on our tongues. Then we looked at each other and …. swallowed everything. Many women do not know what this has an effect on men. And that gesture of unconditional love creates a bond between each other for life.

After some cleaning work removing Wolfgang’s cum, we went into the jacuzzi. The hot water, the bubbles and the the wine were a guarantee for a few hours of coziness. Unfortunately for Sabine and me, we hadn’t any sex anymore due to the fact that the men were exhausted.

But happy with each other, because just like women’s work is never done, is it the same for women’s sex ;-)
As a final fireworks, I suggested Sabine to surprise the men with a private “lesbian” show. Sabine who is just as “crazy” as I am, hesitated for not a moment. And said loudly; “Yesss!”

I whispered in her ear what I wanted to do. She nodded enthusiastically. I rushed to the “love room” and took the big double dildo.
At the same moment Sabine had been spreading a thick soft blanket on the floor of the living and invited the men to watch the “live act” of Car and Sabine. We lied to each other and carefully I pushed the dildo a little inside Sabine and me. we moved carefully towards each other, letting the dildo slowly disappearing completely in us. * Why carefully an attentive reader will wonder? 

Because, at least in my case, my interior had become quit sensitive because of its many uses. Our pussies stroked each other. Sabine pushed the on Bose remote control and a compelling music filled the space. Rhythmically, we began to move our pelvises. Our pussies rubbing each other and the dildo sliding in and out. Slowly we built our cumming … and when one of us felt she was cumming, we slowed down .

The art is, almost as close as possible staying on that turning point of cumming or not and to stay on this point as long as possible. But after a quarter of a hour, I heard Sabine asking; “Bitte, bitte” (please, please)

We did not stop anymore, our orgasm was cumming almost at the same time and very heavily. And in my case too long.Exhausted and satisfied, we turned on our backs and got a standing ovation from Wolfgang and Hubby. All in all it was getting late and soon we the four of us went to bed in the  "love room" and at least I felt asleep immediately.

The next morning I woke up with the smell of delicious coffee creams and everyone was already out of bed. Wolfgang and Hubby had even been to the bakery to get fresh bread and croissants. After the coffee we took our luggage and drove back to the Netherlands. I find it hard to start completely sexlessl. Not even a masturbation.

While driving, I began to challenge Hubby, by rubbing over his cock. At a restaurant, AC Nederweert, Hubby pulled our car on the side. He opened his pants and got his hard dick out in the open air. Without saying anything, Hubby took me by my hair, pushed my head down and said; Is this what you want?“ With his dick already in my mouth I muttered yes.

To anyone who saw a black Toyota Verso with hinged windows around two o'clock last Monday? Now you know who it was.

BTW on the way back Hubby told me that he Wolfgang and Sabine had when I was already sleeping  an awesome threesome. I was happy for him …. but felt stupid that I couldn’t stay awake. So the rest of the way back, I was thinking: - was I so tired due of hard work of is finally age starting controlling my life?


'It’s dance or die': The ballet dancer forbidden to perform by Islamic State
Facing death threats, Ahmad Joudeh risked everything to keep his dream of dancing alive. Now the Palestinian dances for the Dutch National Ballet
By Renate van der Zee

Half a year ago, ballet dancer Ahmad Joudeh was giving dance lessons to orphaned children in war-torn Damascus. Now he has made his debut at the Dutch National Ballet and is studying at the ballet academy in Amsterdam. “It took me a month to fully realise I really am in Amsterdam, and I still can’t believe my luck,” Joudeh says.

For years, as the war raged around him and his family, Joudeh - a stateless Palestinian in Syria - had tried to make ends meet by teaching, and had received death threats from Islamic State. When the summons to do three years of military service arrived, the 26-year-old began to believe that this was going to be the end of the dream that he had cradled from childhood.

But his life changed radically in August 2016 when a Dutch TV journalist made a documentary about him. In front of the camera Joudeh danced on the rubble that once was the Palestinian refugee camp Yarmouk, where he had grown up. “I did it for the souls of my five family members who were killed there,’’ he says.

Soon afterwards he was filmed dancing in the ancient Roman theatre of Palmyra - the site, just a few months earlier, of mass executions by Isis. “Dancing in the Palmyra theatre was my way to fight Isis. It was my way to tell them: you can kill people, but you can’t keep me from dancing. It was a dangerous thing to do, we couldn’t stay there longer than one hour, and it was 50C (122F) in the sun. But I did it because I knew I would never have the chance again. And I was right. Isis have destroyed the theatre now. I cried for two days when I heard the news.”

When the documentary was aired on Dutch television, it attracted the attention of Ted Brandsen, the artistic director of the Dutch National Ballet. He decided on the spot to set up a fund called Dance for Peace to enable Joudeh to come to the Netherlands to dance and study.

Joudeh not only struggled to survive as a dancer during the Syrian war: he also fought a tough, private war to realise his dream. “My father forbid me to dance,” he says. “Because in our culture, to be a ballet dancer is the worst thing your son can choose to do for a living. He said it was a shame for the family and wanted me to study English or medicine. But I said no, this is my life. I went to dance class secretly. When he found out, he beat me with a wooden stick. He used to beat me really hard. Once he hurt my leg so badly, I couldn’t dance for days. But I never gave in. I said to him: it’s dance or die.”

He had these very words tattooed on his neck after he received death threats by Isis. “I will never give up dancing,” he says. “I am prepared to fight all my life for the feeling that dancing gives me. It’s a feeling of freedom. Being a Palestinian refugee, born in a camp, I always felt inferior to other people. But when I dance, I feel like a king.’’

The Dutch Have Solutions to Rising Seas. The World Is Watching.

By Michael Kimmelman, NY Times, June 15, 2017

ROTTERDAM, the Netherlands–The wind over the canal stirred up whitecaps and rattled cafe umbrellas. Rowers strained toward a finish line and spectators hugged the shore. Henk Ovink, hawkish, wiry, head shaved, watched from a V.I.P. deck, one eye on the boats, the other, as usual, on his phone.

Mr. Ovink is the country’s globe-trotting salesman in chief for Dutch expertise on rising water and climate change. Like cheese in France or cars in Germany, climate change is a business in the Netherlands. Month in, month out, delegations from as far away as Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh City, New York and New Orleans make the rounds in the port city of Rotterdam. They often end up hiring Dutch firms, which dominate the global market in high-tech engineering and water management.

That’s because from the first moment settlers in this small nation started pumping water to clear land for farms and houses, water has been the central, existential fact of life in the Netherlands, a daily matter of survival and national identity. No place in Europe is under greater threat than this waterlogged country on the edge of the Continent. The nation sits largely below sea level and is gradually sinking. Now climate change brings the prospect of rising tides and fiercer storms.

From a Dutch mind-set, climate change is not a hypothetical or a drag on the economy, but an opportunity. While the Trump administration withdraws from the Paris accord, the Dutch are pioneering a singular way forward.

It is, in essence, to let water in, where possible, not hope to subdue Mother Nature: to live with the water, rather than struggle to defeat it. The Dutch devise lakes, garages, parks and plazas that are a boon to daily life but also double as enormous reservoirs for when the seas and rivers spill over. You may wish to pretend that rising seas are a hoax perpetrated by scientists and a gullible news media. Or you can build barriers galore. But in the end, neither will provide adequate defense, the Dutch say.

And what holds true for managing climate change applies to the social fabric, too. Environmental and social resilience should go hand in hand, officials here believe, improving neighborhoods, spreading equity and taming water during catastrophes. Climate adaptation, if addressed head-on and properly, ought to yield a stronger, richer state.

This is the message the Dutch have been taking out into the world. Dutch consultants advising the Bangladeshi authorities about emergency shelters and evacuation routes recently helped reduce the numbers of deaths suffered in recent floods to “hundreds instead of thousands,” according to Mr. Ovink.

“That’s what we’re trying to do,” he said. “You can say we are marketing our expertise, but thousands of people die every year because of rising water, and the world is failing collectively to deal with the crisis, losing money and lives.” He ticks off the latest findings: 2016 was the warmest year on record; global sea levels rose to new highs.

He proudly shows off the new rowing course just outside Rotterdam, where the World Rowing Championships were staged last summer. The course forms part of an area called the Eendragtspolder, a 22-acre patchwork of reclaimed fields and canals–a prime example of a site built as a public amenity that collects floodwater in emergencies. It is near the lowest point in the Netherlands, about 20 feet below sea level. With its bike paths and water sports, the Eendragtspolder has become a popular retreat. Now it also serves as a reservoir for the Rotte River Basin when the nearby Rhine overflows, which, because of climate change, it’s expected to do every decade.

The project is among dozens in a nationwide program, years in the making, called Room for the River, which overturned centuries-old strategies of seizing territory from rivers and canals to build dams and dikes. The Netherlands effectively occupies the gutter of Europe, a lowlands bounded on one end by the North Sea, into which immense rivers like the Rhine and the Meuse flow from Germany and France. Dutch thinking changed after floods forced hundreds of thousands to evacuate during the 1990s. The floods “were a wake-up call to give back to the rivers some of the room we had taken,” as Harold van Waveren, a senior government adviser, recently explained.

“We can’t just keep building higher levees, because we will end up living behind 10-meter walls,” he said. “We need to give the rivers more places to flow. Protection against climate change is only as strong as the weakest link in the chain, and the chain in our case includes not just the big gates and dams at the sea but a whole philosophy of spatial planning, crisis management, children’s education, online apps and public spaces.”

Mr. van Waveren was talking about a national GPS-guided app created so that residents always know exactly how far below sea level they are. To use public pools unrestricted, Dutch children must first earn diplomas that require swimming in their clothes and shoes. “It’s a basic part of our culture, like riding a bike,” Rem Koolhaas, the Dutch architect, told me.

In the Netherlands, scholarly articles about changes to the Arctic ice cap make front-page headlines. Long before climate change deniers began to campaign against science in the United States, Dutch engineers were preparing for apocalyptic, once-every-10,000-years storms. “For us, climate change is beyond ideology,” said Rotterdam’s mayor, Ahmed Aboutaleb. He took me one morning around new waterfront development in a formerly poor, industrial neighborhood, to show how urban renewal dovetails with strategies to mitigate the effects of climate change.

“If there is a shooting in a bar, I am asked a million questions,” Mr. Aboutaleb said of his city. “But if I say everyone should own a boat because we predict a tremendous increase in the intensity of rain, nobody questions the politics. Rotterdam lies in the most vulnerable part of the Netherlands, both economically and geographically. If the water comes in, from the rivers or the sea, we can evacuate maybe 15 out of 100 people. So evacuation isn’t an option. We can escape only into high buildings. We have no choice. We must learn to live with water.”

Rotterdam is clearly trying to cast itself as a model of inventive urbanism. A local businessman, Peter van Wingerden, envisions floating dairy farms along the waterfront. One in every three trucks coming into the city carries food, he said. Floating farms would reduce truck traffic and carbon emissions, supplying the city with its own milk. With the city’s encouragement, he is constructing a $2.2 million prototype, for 40 cows, producing a half-million liters (about 130,000 gallons) of milk a year. “The river is no longer just for industry,” he told me. “We need to find new uses, which keep us safe from climate change, and help the city grow and prosper.”

That’s the city’s mantra. When I asked Mr. van Wingerden if it was unsettling to live in a waterfront city mostly below sea level, he said: “It seems to us less dangerous than living on the San Andreas Fault. At least when we flood, we’ll have some warning before our feet get wet.”

To the Dutch, what’s truly incomprehensible, he added, is New York after Hurricane Sandy, where too little has been done to prepare for the next disaster. People in the Netherlands believe that the places with the most people and the most to lose economically should get the most protection.

The idea that a global economic hub like Lower Manhattan flooded during Hurricane Sandy, costing the public billions of dollars, yet still has so few protections, leaves climate experts here dumbfounded.

Mr. Molenaar, Rotterdam’s climate chief, summed up the Dutch view: “We have been able to put climate change adaptation high on the public agenda without suffering a disaster in many years because we have shown the benefits of improving public space–the added economic value of investing in resilience.

“It’s in our genes,” he said. “Water managers were the first rulers of the land. Designing the city to deal with water was the first task of survival here and it remains our defining job. It’s a process, a movement.

“It is not just a bunch of dikes and dams, but a way of life.”

He left

Originally posted by nvmbabe

This is my first Riverdale imagine. I am from the Netherlands, English isn’t my first language so please be kind. 

You missed him. You really missed him. Jughead Jones, the boy who made you feel alive again after you went trough a lot of shit. But now he was gone and you were all alone again. 

Jughead found you sleeping on a bench outside once. He didn’t know you, you’re not someone who lived in Riverdale. You left your parents. They were abusive and it only got worse every year. When your dad hit you so hard that you blacked out, you left. You ran as far and as fast you could so they wouldn’t be able to track you down. You only had a bag with you and a leather jacket when Jughead found you. 

He took you in, into the Drive-in. After they closed it you lived together in the school. But then he left. One of his friends found out he was homeless and took him in. Unfortunately there was no place for you to stay. Jughead din’t want to leave you, but you almost forced him to leave. You wanted him to be happy, you wanted him to get a good meal every night, to sleep in a warm bed, to have a roof over his head. You just wanted him to be happy. You’d stay at the school, you told him.

But now you hadn’t seen him in weeks, maybe even month’s. People at school found out you were living there so you left immediately. You missed him so bad. You missed talking to him at night, when you were scared or stressed out about being homeless. You missed looking at the stars together and imagine your future togheter where you both had a job and lived together with a dog and maybe even some children. But it al faded away.


Tonight was prom night. Jughead went, not because he wanted it but because his friends forced him. Since (Y/N) left the school, he hadn’t seen her. He did search for her, but she was really good at hiding.

‘’Are you coming, Jughead?’’ Archie and Betty wanted to leave prom a little early. Veronica was staying over at Betty’s, so she was coming as well. You walked home togheter, it wasn’t that far. He drifted away in his daydream, even though it was passed midnight.

‘’Jug? Isn’t that her?’’ Archie got his attention by saying that. He followed Archies pointing finger with his eyes. There she was, sleeping on a bench in the park. She used her bag as a pillow, her jacket as a blanket. She was shivering heavely because of the cold. ‘’That is her.’’ Jughead said. ‘’Well, we can’t leave her here.. it’s freezing.’’ Betty said. ‘’She has nowhere to go.’’ Archie said, while Jughead was still staring at her. ‘’She can stay at my place for the weekend, my parents are out. You think she’d like that idea?’’ Betty asked Jughead. ‘’I don’t know, she doesn’t trust a lot of people. But we need to try.’’


You opened you eyes slowly when you felt something touching your shoulder, hoping that it would just be a bird or something like that. When you saw a beanie all to familiar you sat up very fast. ‘’(Y/N)?’’ When you heard his voice you almost started crying. ‘’Come with us, you can stay at my place tonight, maybe even tomorrow.’’ You looked at the blond haired girl. You believed her name was Betty. She is very pretty. ‘’What?’’ You asked. You got a little scared by all the people around you. 

‘’It’s freezing outside, honey. Please come with us.’’ Veronica said. You remembered her name, you even remembered her face. She was so beautiful. ‘’But I don’t know you.’’ You whispered. ‘’You know Jughead, right? He can stay with you.’’ Both you and Jughead looked shocked at Betty. Jughead was nervous, he thought (Y/N) hated him for leaving. (Y/N) was just scared, why would she trust any of these people? Jughead left, he was happy, why ruin that? ‘’Right Jughead?’’ Betty said. He nodded in response. Still staring at you. 

Well, it was extremely cold outside and this bench wasn’t very comfy. ‘’Okay.’’ You said softly. Both Veronica and Betty smiled. When they helped you getting off of the bench, Jughead saw the hoodie you were wearing. It was his. He gave it to you because you loved it so much. Little did he know you loved it so much because it was his, because it smelled like him. You loved everything about him.


A knock sounded on the door of the room you were in. ‘’(Y/N)?’’ You recognized his voice. ‘’Yes?’’ Your voice sounded like a whisper, but he heard it. ‘’Can I come in?’’ You sighed. ‘’Yes.’’ He opened the door, and just stood there for a couple minutes. ‘’Thank you for letting me stay here for the night.’’ You said when it seemed like he couldn’t find any words. ‘’I looked for you, I looked for you everywhere.’’ He said eventually. You didn’t know what to say. ‘’You did?’’ You said up in the bed you were in. You believed Betty said it was Polly’s bed but you could ‘borrow’ it for the night. ‘’Ofcourse I did, I’d never leave you.’’ He sat down at the and of your bed. ‘’But you did,’’ You said. ‘’But it’s okay, I wanted you to be happy and now you are happy. That’s all that matters, I promise you I’ll be gone early tomorrow.’’ This took him by surprise, he didn’t really unterstand what you were saying. ‘’What?’’ He asked. ‘’Yes, I am happy with a house to live in, but I’ll be never happy without you. I’ve missed you so much, I looked for you everywhere because I can not be happy without you.’’

‘’But I’m a mess, Jughead.’’ He took your hands in his. ‘’So what? Before Archie’s dad took me in, I was a mess as well. And I’ll be forever a mess if I’m not with you.’’ Tears were filling your eyes. ‘’I just thought you’d be better off without me.’’ You looked down at you hands, holding each other. ‘’I’ll never be better of without you. Betty talked to her mom and you can stay here for a little longer, if you want to. They want to help you, but they want you to work for it so you can go to school with us and stuff.’’ Your eyes widened. ‘’What?’’ Jughead sighed. ‘’We’ll talk about this tomorrow, but if you want to, you can stay longer.’’ 

‘’WIll you spend the night with me? Jug?’’ You asked him softly. ‘’Ofcourse, I’d love to, princess.’’ You smiled when you heard the nickname he gave you a very long time ago. ‘’You haven’t made a sarcastic comment towards me yet.’’ You said. ‘’Maybe tomorrow, I’m just so glad to have you back right now. I love you (Y/N).’’ You looked at his beautiful eyes. ‘’You do?’’ He smiled and looked at your lips. ‘’Ofcourse I do, princess.’’ You licked your lips. ‘’I love you too, Jug.’’ You smiled as well. ‘’Can I kiss you?’’ He asked, cupping your face. ‘’You might regret it.’’ His hands were so nice and warm on your skin, you loved his touch. ‘’I won’t.’’ And with that he brought his face to yours and let your lips touch. Your hands were on his chest and his hands were still holding your face.

‘’I didn’t regret it.’’ He smiled, brushing trough your hair with his hands. ‘’You were wearing my hoodie.’’ You nodded, blushing. ‘’I wore it every night since you left. It smells like you, and if I was wearing it, it’d feel like you were still with me.’’ This took him by surprise. He didn’t expect a response like this. ‘’I’m really sorry, I didn’t want to leave you..’’ You smiled at him again. ‘’It’s fine, I almost forced you to leave so you could have a bright future. And besides, we are togheter for now.’’

‘’For now and forever.’’ He said. ‘’Really?’’ You almost didn’t believe him. ‘’Really, princess.’’ He kissed you again. And with that, you knew he’d never leave again.

Hallo! I’m Liselot, or phyripo, and I will be your @hetaliafandomhub ambassador for the Netherlands!

I have lived in the Netherlands my entire life, so I’d like to think I know a fair bit about the country, even if I have only ever lived in two places and speak one dialect. As for Hetalia; I’ve been in the fandom for nearly six years now, and am not planning on leaving anytime soon!

At least for now, I will be taking the role of passive ambassador, which means that while I won’t be churning out informative posts about the country/character, you can always ask me questions! Everyday life, history, language, general insights/headcanons about APH Netherlands… I’d be glad to be of assistance. 

I’ll tag whatever questions I receive with #going Dutch :D

(Bonus: I study historical linguistics, so if you ever need a translation, chances are you’ll get a stupid fact about the language to boot!)

So - we all know the Netherlands is flat, but if you do not want you characterization of the Hetalia character not to be? Maybe I can help!

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Ok... I'm mildly concerned... My best friend's name is Chi, and we live in the Netherlands... I mean, we're only 14 so I know they're not the same person, but it's an odd coincidence, huh?

lol, yeah it’s a huge coincidence.

It’s been a long day

Today was my last day of college and the day I moved back home.  I’m completely and utterly exhausted but I just feel like I really need some Tumblr positivity right now.  

I love being home, absolutely.  The only issue is my older brother.  I’m really not sure what his issue is, I’m starting to think he has something against women or something, but he’s very arrogant and very rude to my mom and I.  My entire family will be living at home for the summer.  All seven of us.  This hasn’t happened in five years.  It used to be that my older brother was off at university, but now he’s home until he moves to the Netherlands or something to start his masters.  My mom and I did talk about how we have to work through staying kind and positive about being stuck with him until August but I’m really hoping it won’t be as bad as we think.

Tomorrow I’m starting a 30 day workout challenge that I found on Pinterest (I’ll try and remember to share it with y’all tomorrow) that will hopefully get me back into fitness and back on the right track towards my goals.  i tried on my shorts today and was pretty upset because they don’t fit me anymore.  i’m going to do a weigh in tomorrow to make everything official, and then do weigh ins biweekly from there.  Since I know I’m at least 195lbs, my first goal weight is going to be 180lbs and one of my NSV that I’d like to achieve is to fit back into those shorts.  I just feel like there is so much I have to work on and it’s honestly such an overwhelming feeling.  I’m exhausted.  I need to take a breath and get some sleep. 

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hey there! since I live in the Netherlands the shipping for your novel are super high (which i totally understand) so I was wondering If your book is gonna be out in real life stores, or if you can only purchase it online. sorry if this question is already answered. Thank you for your time

no it wont be, its gonna be on amazon and my online shop but thats it

Dutch Provinces + what I know about them
  • Noord-Holland: Cheeseheads and fishermen. Amsterdam is full of arrogant potheads and annoying tourists that walk -200 miles per hour.
  • Zuid-Holland: The meadows are basically one big backyard for the big cities. German tourists are taking over Scheveningen. Also, greenhouses. Lots of them.
  • Utrecht: Welcome to train delay central.
  • Zeeland: This place is basically doomed to die first when the sea takes over. Also, clams.
  • Noord-Brabant: Everyone is friendly and most of the time, drunk. Carnaval is a big deal here. And it's above sea level, so it may save us all in the future.
  • Limburg: Full of spare Belgians who are hard to understand. And it has a mountain. Of sorts.
  • Gelderland: Fruit orchards. And forests. Miles and miles of forests. And there is an area that is literally called "back corner" where only country bumpkins live.
  • Overijssel: Lots of nice rivers and streams. And more farmers.
  • Drenthe: Does ANYONE actually live here? Also, hunebedden.
  • Groningen: Basically located in the Arctic Circle. Full of farmers and students.
  • Friesland: Only relevant when the Eleven Cities Tour starts again, and the last one was in 1997. Also, in their eyes they're not a Dutch province, but their own little country. Good luck, guys. You didn't even have a university for nearly 200 years.
  • Flevoland: The baby province, we drained it ourselves. Flat and boring and full of farms and windmills.
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Name: Mirre
Age: 17
Country: the Netherlands

Hi I’m Mirre and I currently live in The Netherlands. I’m a 17-year-old Aries and I’m about to graduate high school. After the summer I’ll be off to college to become an English teacher. I enjoy R&B and Hip Hop when it comes to music, I would love to talk to someone who likes those genres as well. There are only 2 series that I absolutely love: The Get Down and SKAM (I’ve watched many more, but I don’t feel like mentioning the whole list lmao) I also love all the Star Wars movies. I like fashion and arts as well. Magazines such as i-D and Dazed and Confused inspire me. I would like to talk about literally anything, I’m very open-minded. Idk yet if I want to write actual letters, but I’m down to talk via social media.
Preferences:  16+, idc about gender, sexuality, religion etc.

ok so I never truly understood brain drain in South-Eastern Europe and I probably never will because I have lived in the Netherlands all my life and I have only spend like 7 weeks of my life there…

However, today a friend told me this story which made me understand more.

He has a cousin who studied medicine in Novi Sad and was top of her class. But because she didn’t have political connections, she couldn’t get a job. Even though she was ambitious, hard-working and clever, she just couldn’t get a job in Serbia. Eventually she went to a lot of conferences and got offered a job in New York and now makes a great salary and got married there. Happy ending for her but it makes me so sad. This is how talent is lost… 

This example really opened my eyes. I cannot imagine what it is like to have politics interwoven in all aspects of daily life. Please, if you have any similar stories, message me?

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"Greek/roman culture" *decides to play every possible plot* Fun fact: in the Netherlands if you're good at school you can choose to extensively study Greek/roman culture, history and languages if you want to and it's the best thing ever.

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Where… how can I please live your life??? The only access I’ve had to learning about this shit is Horrible Histories and webcomics. Later, digging through every online university’s lectures and reading their transcripts. 


Gf's dad gets a taste of his own medicina.

I used to date a girl who was born in the Netherlands, but her family had lived here in the US for years. Her mom was Dutch and her dad was American, but was fluent in Dutch. The whole family was bilingual, but mostly spoke Dutch in the house. Since I don’t speak a word of Dutch, they’d make an effort to speak English around me. Except her dad.

Her dad really, really didn’t like me. He mostly ignored me, but when he was forced to be in the same room as me, he’d make a big deal about speaking only Dutch, even though we were the only two native English speakers present. He also made it very obvious he was talking about me. It annoyed the hell out of me, but I just accepted it.

After about 2 years our relationship was really on the rocks, so I had stopped giving a fuck. It was the end of spring break, and I had driven several hours out of my way to pick my gf up and drive her back to school with me. She didn’t have a car, so I was saving her dad from having to drive her. I had slept at their house the night before, and got the standard treatment from her dad.

The next morning, we’re about to leave. My gf says goodbye to her dad, and gets in the car. Her dad looks at me and, addressing me directly for the first time in 2 years, says “thank you for driving.”

I looked him dead in the eye and, in perfect Spanish, said “it’s the least I can do, considering what I did to your eldest daughter last night.”

He gave me a confused look (not the look he would have given me if he had understood) and I got in my car and drove off. Those were the last words I ever said to him.

Petty Revenge: Internet`s best petty revenge stories are here. | credit

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To all the people that are 'fighting' about Val not being there etc. I think you keep forgetting that there is a whole real world beside social media. You know, where people talk face to face, or call, or sent text messages. Who knows why he was only there for a short amount of time. Does it really matter? He probably had a good reason and as long as the other persons involved know about it, then it's okay right? Live and let live :) (please excuse my poor English, I am from The Netherlands)

Well said tbh!!! 


I grew up in the Netherlands. And I grew up without super hero comics. At least as they’re defined in the US, with muscly dudes and vacuum sealed ladies with J cups. But I’d like to introduce you to one of my personal comic book superheroes: Yoko Tsuno.

This comic by Belgian artist Roger Leloup ran from the 70s to the 2000s (I read these most actively in the 80s). Yoko is a Japanese electrical engineer who lives in Belgium and has adventures all over the place. Not only all over the world, but  also in outer space (she has alien friends), under water and in the past (Monya, in the last panel there, got stuck in this time with her time machine). They feature awesome futuristic technology as well as nuanced interpersonal relationships.

At the time I didn’t realize how non-standard these books were. Me and my brother and sister, we just liked them. But 30 years later I’d still be hard pressed to find a comic book hero like Yoko Tsuno.


  • an engineer who can fly helicopters and gliders, and an accomplished scuba diver. she has a black belt in aikido
  • yet, she’s not a bad-ass in the classical sense, she abhors violence and she is kind and compassionate
  • she is also smart and competent
  • she is a woman. she has many women friends. who are also competent (for the most part)
  • not only is she a woman, she is an asian woman. one who embraces her cultural back ground but isn’t limited by it
  • she is a woman mc and yet, she is not sexualized (that panel in the bikini is the worst I could find)

If I had daughters I’d be happy for them to read these.

There are 26 albums total in French and Dutch, but it seems only 9 have been translated in English. That top picture, though, that is not the first album. I recommend reading them in this order:

The Curious trio (#1 Le trio de l’étrange), published July 2012
The Devil’s Organ (#2 L’Orgue du Diable), published July 2013
On the Edge of Life ( #7 La Frontière de la vie), published July 2007
Daughter of the Wind (#9 La Fille du Vent), published July 2009
The Time Spiral (#11 La Spirale du temps), published January 2008
The Prey and the Ghost (#12 La Proie et l’ombre), published July 2008
The Dragon of Hong Kong (#16 Le Dragon de Hong Kong), published July 2010
The Morning of the World (#17 Le Matin du Monde), published June 2011

Yoko Tsuno is my hero!

So now is already December…Winter? What is Winter???

ASL in Tropical Island..why? because in my HC, Luffy and Ace are Austronesian (Indonesian or from another Pacific islands). While Sabo is probably Dutch. And December here is really hot, so what is Winter?.


I always find it funny whenever I talked  about ‘seasons’ with my friends when I still lived in Netherlands. They really shocked when found out that the tropical countries doesn’t have Winter. While for us, the term ‘winter’ itself never even exist. We only have 2 seasons, wet and dry :P. But even my lecturers there  said something about hot winter in the tropical countries, which is really weird XD.

I wonder what subtropical students studied during the geographic class? Did they learn something about the tropical countries??? I am curious. Because I thought that is some kind of basic knowledge. During elementary school I knew that subtropical countries have 4 seasons.


Was procrastinating, then I thought; Why not draw some Germans? So I did.

I’ve been wanting to draw Bayern since I found out he was a character that actually appeared in the comics–however small his appearance. (The heck do I know though what his hair looks like; so I just took some inspiration from other fanworks.)

Mostly though you can blame germanixsheadcanons for these. (Lots of mistakes here and where though since I drew ‘em free hand more or less.)

Random fact about myself: I didn’t know I lived in Bavaria. What do I mean? I knew I lived in Bayern, but after coming to the Philippines, I didn’t know that Bayern=Bavaria. It was very confusing when people’d ask where I was from and I kept using the German names and people only knew the English names. Having to switch from German to English+Tagalog at a young age made for some rather confusing moments.

I’m feeling super sentimental right now.

There’s this old, old painting in our house from 1939 that I’ve been looking at for years, since I was a little kid, but didn’t know it was a kind of family heirloom until just a few minutes ago when my mum was explaining it to me. 

Apparently my great-great uncle lived in the Netherlands during WWII. He was a professional photographer, but all of his art was destroyed by the Nazis and he died in a Dutch concentration camp. Before he died, an artist did a pencil sketch of one of his photographs, and it’s the only remainder of his art that wasn’t destroyed during the Holocaust because the artist was goyische. I’ve admired this sketch for years but never knew how important it was to my family. 

I’m feeling so emotional right now. I had no idea the history behind this sketch. I wish we had never lost him or his artwork to the Third Reich. This is making me feel some strange combination of pride, love, and grief. ❤️ Alav hashalom, zekher tzadik livrakhah.