if only i had three arms

Okay but if Keith knew Shiro had a crush on Allura, do you think he talked about it while he and allura were alone in the pod??

Imagine if Keith were trying to play wingman for Shiro, except he was really bad at it

“So… Shiro’s arm… it’s pretty cool… it could light up someone’s world.”

“Did you see how sweaty shiro was in training; it was moist.”

“He’d make a great father, even if his kids are half alien from a species he had only learned about less than a month ago.”

Or alternately: Keith being a little shit

“Once, when I was 15, Shiro got mad at me and locked me in the bathroom and the lock broke so I was stuck there for an entire day. He was so sorry he cried for three hours straight.”


Bitty didn’t speak. He was a siren, a creature whose voice is the downfall of others, who can drive men and women into madness with a single word. As a child, his request for candy resulted in every person in earshot rushing to the nearest store, loading their arms with sweets to satisfy him. The novelty waned quickly into a curse, for he never knew who truly cared for him and who was responding only to his voice.

By the time he started at Samwell, he had gone three years without saying a word, and he was happy to let his classmates believe he was incapable of speech. His teammates took signing classes to understand him, and rallied around him when a professor told him he had no medical reason to skip his oral exam.

He had friends. For the first time in his life he knew the people that surrounded him liked him for him, that made him stifle his laughter into his fist, that cheered as he attempted spins in his bulky hockey skates.

He believed that someone could love him of their own accord. Every time he locked eyes with Jack and shared a secretive smile, or crashed into him after a goal, Bitty let himself think that, just maybe, Jack could feel an attraction that had nothing to do with Bitty’s voice. Bitty’s stomach leaped every time it crossed his mind.

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But the speech of the heart is louder than the words of any oath spoken by lips alone.

When I had gone back, pregnant, through the stones, Frank had sworn to me that he would keep me as his wife, would treat the coming child as his own—would love me as he had before. All three of those vows his lips and mind had done his best to keep, but his heart, in the end, had sworn only one. From the moment that he took Brianna in his arms, she was his daughter.

But what if there had been another child? I wondered suddenly. It had never been a possibility—but if it had? Slowly, I wiped the teapot dry and wrapped it in a towel, contemplating the vision of that mythical child; the one Frank and I might have had, but never did, and never would. I laid the wrapped teapot in the chest, gently, as though it were a sleeping baby.

When I turned back, Jamie was still standing there, looking at me with a rather odd expression—tender, yet somehow rueful.

Did I ever think to thank ye, Sassenach?” he said, his voice a little husky.

“For what?” I said, puzzled. He took my hand, and drew me gently toward him. He smelled of ale and damp wool, and very faintly of the brandied sweetness of fruitcake.

For my bairns,” he said softly. “For the children that ye bore me.”

“Oh,” I said. I leaned slowly forward, and rested my forehead against the solid warmth of his chest. I cupped my hands at the small of his back beneath his coat, and sighed. “It was … my pleasure.”

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The Fiery Cross

Never have I ever...worn somebody else's clothes without asking! (Sent by allkindsoffandomshere)
  • Ruby, looks up and sticks out her tongue, taking her forth shot: This does taste better now...
  • Weiss, rolling her eyes: Yang, your sister is nearly gone and she's only had four!
  • Yang, refilling Ruby's shot glass: Well maybe you should have more than three! Why not double it? Or square it?
  • Weiss, crossing her arms and raises an eyebrow: Can you even do the math to figure out thise numbers.
  • Yang, squinting her eyes at Weiss: You listen 'ere you fu-
  • Blake, jumping up on her chair and drinks her seventh shot, shouting: THIS IS SUCH A FUN GAME
Absentee Father

* Lafayette x Reader
* Modern
* Part 2 of Absentee Father

    [Part 1]

    A/N: This is freaking long. I probably could’ve made it into another two parts but oh well. Here’s the awaited Part 2 of Unplanned Parenthood. I hope you enjoy!

    Word Count: 5,097


    You sat on the couch surrounded by your friends. A year ago, your boyfriend, Lafayette had to return to France. Only a week after he had arrived, there was an awful earthquake. You had never been able to get ahold of Lafayette nor could you get any information on him. It was a few weeks later that you found out you were pregnant. Alexander, John, and Hercules helped you through your pregnancy. And now, three months later, you held your daughter in your arms. You named her Marie de Lafayette. The three of you were waiting for a documentary about Chavaniac, Lafayette’s home. It was a report to cover the earthquake and how recovery had gone so far.

    You and the guys decided to watch it, to see if there was any news. Marie whimpered suddenly, it was as if she knew what you were about to watch. “Shh.” You whispered. “It’s ok sweetie.” You soothed. Alexander grabbed her pacifier from the end table and gave it to you. So you offered it to her and she, of course, quickly took it.

    You all settled into silence as the documentary started. The voice-over speaker began talking about the beauty of the small farming village. “Chavaniac has been around for centuries and prided itself on keeping its heritage.” The screen showed different ancient houses from the village. You recognized a few.

    Once, after knowing Lafayette for a few months, you had asked Lafayette about his home town. The two of you had stayed up all night that evening talking about it. Lafayette had excitedly showed multiple pictures he had on his laptop. Beautiful houses, large and ancient. You stared in awe at all of them, especially his. It was a long brick building with two short, cylindrical towers on the ends. It was clearly two levels as there were two different rows of windows, all equally spaced. There was a circle drive, with a statue in the middle, and a pathway up to brick steps that led up to the door. He told you how he inherited it from a long line of family members, the main reason he still had property in France. He didn’t eat to get rid of it because it meant so much him as well as his family. Sometime after beginning your relationship, he vowed to take you there on vacation sometime.

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    BTS Reaction to seeing you badly hurt

    Anon Requested: Can I have BTS react to coming home one day, and seeing their s/o icing a bruise on their face, and several wounds all over their body, as well as dirtied clothing? I love your reactions btw! You write well :)

    Jungkook: “Jagi I’m ho-” Jungkook’s eyes widened three times it’s size seeing you on the couch. You had a sling around your shoulder supporting your right arm, there were bruises evident on your arms. You were looking at your boyfriend with one eye as you were using your able arm to ice your left eye because you already knew that it would be black by tomorrow if not already. 

    Jungkook couldn’t speak. He wanted to move to you, seeing the woman he loved so hurt and he didn’t even know what happened. 

    “I was only got for two hours..” He mumbled, dropping his bag by the door and walking towards you. “Jagi, what happened?” He grabbed the ice pack from your face, quietly inspecting you as you began to talk.

    V: You had just gotten home, you trudged inside slamming the door shut and making sure to lock it before you made your way to your bedroom. Your whole body ached, you knew there would be bruising on your body if not already. Walking up the stairs to your bedroom was a mission, having to stop every couple of steps because your legs felt like they were about to give out.

    Walking up the last of the steps and opening your door you saw your boyfriend, mind fixed on looking for a movie underneath the TV when he looked up worry flooded his eyes and face, head moving side to side checking your injuries. A simple “What happened?” left his lips as he stood up, helping you remove the dirty clothes and get you cleaned up. 

    Tae brought you an ice pack and Motrin for your head and the pain you were in. He refused to let you go anywhere alone anymore, he didn’t listen to your groans of saying that you were fine and could be by yourself. He wasn’t going to risk you getting hurt again.

    Jimin: Jimin was absolutely terrified once seeing you on your shared bed icing your eye. You dressed yourself down in only a pair of shorts and a tank top, any clothing on your skin hurts too much. Jimin would have to swallow down hard having to be strong for you because who knows what hell you were just put through to give you all these different injuries. He’d do anything in his right mind to make you feel better making sure he wasn’t causing you any pain in the process, he’d often have his mind going places as to how this happened but he hadn’t asked you just because of the state you were in.

    J-Hope: “Oh my god…” Hoseok would mumble as he saw all the bruises on his girlfriends body. A wide range of emotions would be going through his as he rushed her to the bathroom to get a closer look. “Who did this to you? What did this to you? How did this happen?” He’d immediately say getting the first aid kit out to help with your minor injuries. Once you told him what happened he’d be terrified to let you out of the house without him. “No Jagi, wait for me you’re not going out by yourself.” You’d argue with him saying that you were only going to check the mail but he still refused to let you go out by yourself.

    Rap Monster: He’d look at you in disbelief. He would at first think it was just makeup on your face but once his thumb grazes over your cheek bone and wince he would go into red alert and immediately start questioning you on who did this to you or how did you manage to get yourself hurt so badly. He’d be furious to find out that it was sasaeng fans because he never would have wanted to put you in harms way just by being with the girl he loves. He’d be over protective Namjoon and literally be your shadow everywhere you go.

    Suga: Suga would have to look away from you for a moment just because of how angry he was. He wasn’t angry at you he was more furious at himself for letting you go out by yourself. He knew how crazy some of these fans were but he never thought that they’d go as far as hurting you so badly just because you were in a relationship with him. He’d quickly help you up off of the bed and bring you into the bathroom and start running a warm bath to help the soreness of your muscles. He’d basically be like Namjoon but ten times as over protective just because he still blames himself that you got hurt.

    Jin: “Jagi what happened!” Jin ran from the oven to the fridge immediately grabbing an ice pack seeing the black eye you had. He’d notice that your usually ironed clothes were extremely messy and saw that you were limping. He’d honestly be scared beyond his mind because you weren’t saying anything, once he had given you the ice pack you instantly started crying. Your body hurt, you were scared just like him and all you wanted to do was stay in bed all night and cry. Jin wouldn’t be able to not feel some type of anxiety whenever you left the house for now on and would always feel his heart drop to his chest whenever you called him when you were out because he was terrified that you’d be hurt once again.



    Party Hats and Complications

    (New Years Eve: approximately three months later)

            I stood with Maven at the little party he had thrown together a few days ago. I sipped my champagne halfheartedly, and tried to not think about how bored I was. I’d let Maven drag me to this thing after hearing that most of our class would be at it. In the end, it was mostly just people he knew. I felt like his arm candy as I stood off to the side, watching him converse with everyone in the upper elite. The music was terrible, and the food was disgusting. The only good thing that seemed to be coming out of the party was the alcohol, which there was not nearly enough of.

            Maven glanced at me across the way, and then waved me over. I tried to keep from groaning as I crossed the living room of his brother’s apartment. Maven had used the place for his little party, since his brother was supposedly spending New Years at their family’s house, helping their father host some event or another. I figured Maven would have been there with them, but his mother had told him that it was a perfect idea for him to build his own little circle of friends. More like minions, I thought bitterly as I approached Maven and his ring of friends. I had met his family twice now, his father once, and his mother the other time. Both times they had looked at me with barely hidden disgust, and had then moved on. I hadn’t seen Cal since that weekend at the beginning of November. I hadn’t bothered to text him, or so much as call him since then. His text had sat in my phone though, and I didn’t dare tell anyone that sometimes, I sat awake at night, staring at that text, thinking about texting him.

            I stepped up next to Maven who wrapped an arm around my shoulders and said, “Mare, this is Sonya Iral. You two have math together don’t you?”

            I glanced at the girl before me, and then nodded. She looked me over and then said, “You were the girl who showed up on the day of the midterm without knowing about it.”

            Her friends snickered around her, and I tensed before pretending to laugh with them. “Definitely not my finest moment.” I said as I went to take another drink from my champagne. Maven pulled it out of my hand though and set it aside before saying, “I think you’ve had enough Mare.”

            I glared at him, but he smiled softly at me, and then said, “Why don’t you go get some water?”

            Pulling away from him, I stomped into the kitchen and opened the fridge to get myself some. While I was, my phone buzzed in my pocket. I glanced down at my pocket in surprise and then setting the water pitcher down, I pulled my phone out. The screen was lit up with a message and I felt my stomach plunge into my hips when I saw who it was from. I opened the message and read the single text, the one I thought I would never receive from him again. It was a simple, one line, asking: What are you doing tonight?

            I leaned back and glanced through the doorway at Maven and the rest of the party before looking back at my phone. I chewed on my lip for second and then stealing myself, I typed a response. You’re brother’s party at your apartment.

            There was no response for a solid minute, and when it came, I inhaled sharply.

            What?! He didn’t tell me he was having it there! How many people are there?

            My stomach churned as I realized I had probably just thrown Maven under the bus. Swallowing, I realized that I left my phone messages on read, which meant that he knew I had seen the message and that I couldn’t lie and say I didn’t see it. I gripped my phone tightly and then replied.

            It’s really boring, maybe ten people at most. Your stuff is fine, Maven’s doing a good job of keeping it under control.

            He didn’t respond after that, but I saw the message thing for a few seconds, like he was typing something and then changed him mind. With a shrug, I pocketed my phone again and then went back to getting myself water.

            I walked back into the living room, and sank down on the couch then, nursing my water slowly. I watched Maven as he continued to speak with people, laughing, completely unaware that his brother was probably going to kick his ass for doing this without his permission. My phone buzzed again, and I frowned as I fished it out of my pocket once more. Another message from Cal. This time, not as angry, maybe even teasing.

            Need someone to rescue you?

            My heart hammered in my chest, and then glancing at Maven one more time before I replied, I watched him smirk at Sonya who giggled and took a drink from her champagne. I pursed my lips and then replied.


            There was no response, no bubble popping up that would tell me if he was responding, no read at sign either. I felt the disappointment before I could process it. Cursing myself I shoved my phone away and grumbled, “He wouldn’t come anyway.”

            I sat on the couch for another half hour, trying to ignore how bored I  was. Maven hadn’t been paying much attention to me, and I didn’t mind. It wasn’t like this was really a date or anything.

            The door into the apartment slammed shut, and everyone froze. Maven flipped around, and I straightened up on the couch as I craned my neck to see what was going on. Cal appeared in the doorway then, dressed in a nice sweater and a pair of jeans. Maven glanced at him in surprise and then glanced around at all the people present. He swallowed visibly and then said, “It’s not what it looks like.”

            “No, you know what it looks like? Like you’re in my apartment with alcohol. Do you have any idea how much shit I would get into if one of them gets into an accident and they tell the police where they got the alcohol from?”

            Maven purses his lips and then replies “No one’s drinking that much…”

            “Out, everyone out now.” He spits, and they don’t need to be told twice. They all flee, and I watch as Maven watches them, his mouth hanging open. He glares at his brother then and spits, “What the hell! This was going perfectly before you showed up.”

            “Then go chase after them, go enjoy tonight, but don’t do it in my apartment.” Cal spit. Maven sneered and then stormed by me. He grabbed his jacket and then glared at his brother before leaving. The apartment door slammed behind him, and then it was just the two of us. Cal was watching the door though, like Maven might come back through. When nothing happens, he turns to look at me, and raising my brow at him I say, “My God you’re dramatic.”

            He throws his head back and laughs before coming to stand in front of me. I look up at him and then say, “There’s champagne still sitting around, if you’re interested.”

            He snorts and then turns and collapses on the couch. I smirk at him and then ask, “Was I supposed to leave too?”

            He glances at me, and then replies, “Not unless you want to. I figured Maven was going to grab you or something. You two are practically dating now.”

            “Your brother and I are not dating.” I enunciate each word as I down the rest of my water and slam the glass on the table. Cal watches me for a moment then and says, “I would say I’m sorry, but I’m not.”

            I purse my lips and then sit back into the couch with my arms crossed. I try to ignore his last comment, deciding that it was far too vague and insinuating for my taste. We hadn’t even talked since that day that he drove me home and it had been months.

            “Why did you text me? I thought the number was for emergencies?” I grumble, and he blinks stupidly for a moment. With a shrug though, he replies causally, “It was an emergency, you were bored, and so was I. I classify that as a death con 3 emergency.”

            I tried to hide my smile, but it still squeaked through, and he saw it. He smirked at me, but when I looked back at him, I narrowed my eyes and said, “Yeah, well now there’s no party, I have no ride home, my family’s out having dinner, and I’m still bored.”

            His smile fell quickly, and he sank back into the couch before saying, “True, I didn’t really think about that part.”

            “Well done genius.” I reply. He glances out the window at the freshly falling snow, and then says, “There’s a party store down the street.”

            “What the hell does that have to do with anything?”

            “We could wear party hats. Or if you really want, I’ll take you to Times Square for the ball drop.”

            I roll my eyes at his suggestions and then say, “Party hats? What are you ten? And honestly, it’s buttass freezing outside, I’m not going to Times Square and freezing my ass off for four more hours just to watch some dumb ball drop.”

            He shrugs again, and then looks at the black screen of the TV. I follow his eyes, and we sit in silence for ten minutes. Eventually though, my stomach growls, demanding food, and I shift uncomfortably before saying, “There’s a great Thai place down the street though. We could get Thai food… and your stupid party hats… and then come back here?”
            He doesn’t bother to hide his smile as he gets up from the couch and grabs my arm to drag me with him. Before I know it, he’s throwing one of his sweatshirts at me, and then dragging me down the hall, down the stairs, and finally outside.


            Thirty minutes later, we’re sitting on his couch again, boxes of Thai food in front of us. He changed out of his sweater and into a plain white shirt, and offered me a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt. I took them, grateful to be out of my sweater and jeans. They were seven sizes too big though, and I spent more time hiking up the pants than I did wearing them. They were comfortable though, and honestly, I was slightly intoxicated by the smell of his soap and cologne on them.

            I point my chopsticks at the TV and then asked, “Do you think she’s found the fountain of youth, because I swear to God that woman has looked the same age since I was six.”

            The anchor woman I was talking about gestures dramatically to the massive crowd behind her, and then holds out the microphone to a man so that he can say something into it. Cal shrugs and then setting his box down he says, “I honestly couldn’t tell you. But it’s either magic or cosmetics.”

            I snickered and then took another bit of my chicken. I stretched my legs out so that they rested in his lap, and then asked, “How come you live here alone? Why not live on campus or in your house?”

            He picks at a thread on the hem of the pants I’m wearing and then says, “I like being here, I like being able to get away from everything.”

            We fall to silence again, me eating my food, and him just playing with the hem of the pants. I glance up when his fingers brush my skin softly and then ask, “What are you doing?”

            “Hm?” He murmurs absentmindedly as he shifts his fingers so that they don’t brush my skin anymore. I wiggle down more and then ask, “Why did you text me though, for real?”
            He frowns at my legs and then replies, “Because I was lonely, and I just wanted someone I could talk to I guess.”

            “Oh,” I say lamely, and then go back to my food. There is still three hours until midnight, but I don’t feel like asking Cal to drive me home just yet. I’m comfortable on this couch, with him, with everything, so far. He glances up at me and then asks, “Why did you let me have your number, you didn’t really know me.”

            It was my turn to shrug, and when I reply it’s in the same soft whisper that he used. “To tell you the truth, I wanted to see you again.”

            His eyes flicker to mine for a moment before he turns them back to the TV. We sit in silence again, until he clears his throat and says, “I’m gonna break out the party hats now, and we’re going to play some old fashioned card games until the ball drops.”

            “Cal-“ He gets up before I can say anything else, and I set my food down on the coffee table before setting my head in my hand and massaging the bridge of my nose. This was getting complicated very fast. I didn’t want that though, I just wanted everything to work out. Cal came back before I could put my thoughts together though and with a smile he handed me an old paper party hat with a string so that it could be worn. I slowly slipped it on my head and then snickered when he had trouble getting it on his own.

            “This is what I get for being so arrogant.” He grumbles as he tries to maneuver it on. In the end, he just wore it on his forehead, so he looked like a pouting unicorn. I tried so hard not to laugh at it, but I couldn’t hold it in, and we both laughed about it in the end.

            Three hours later, we’re still sitting on his couch, empty ice cream bowls as well as Thai boxes are scattered on the table in front of us, and I lean back into his chest, content to just fall asleep there. He sets his chin on top of my head and we watch as the numbers on the TV clock start to count down.

            At ten, Cal shifts and I glance up at him curiously. His eyes bore into mine from nine to seven. From six to five, I inhale softly, and from five to four, I exhale. From four to three, he leans close. From three to two, I close my eyes, and make a wish. Finally, his lips press against mine, soft and careful, and yet passionate all the same. Outside, I can hear the fireworks going off in Central Park, and I can hear the people on their balconies screaming and cheering. But those sounds fade into the background as I slowly turn, pulling my lips away from Cal’s for a fraction of a second. His eyes flutter open, only to close again, as I roll my forehead against his and then slowly straddle him. I thread my fingers though his hair and pull him back up to my lips. He grabs fistfuls of the sweatshirt I’m wearing and murmurs against my lips, “Happy New Year.”

            I smirk and then press a light kiss against his nose, whispering, “Happy New Year to you too.”

            His lips are on mine then, hard and warm, needing, but not desperate. He seemed to be taking his time too, like he’s enjoying this. His teeth nip my lower lip softly and I growl happily before he pulls away and whispers, “Things just got very complicated.”

            I rolled my eyes and pushed his hair out of his face. Slowly I lowered my lips back to his and then replied, “I don’t mind, I happen to like complicated.” My lips enclose his again, and this time I let myself enjoy every second of it.


    Preference #5 - He’s Sick (Harry)

    I toed off my boots as I came back into the flat, balancing the grocery bags and handheld whiteboard I’d picked up from down the road, my focus solely on not dropping anything. When my shoes were tucked back against the wall I padded up the hallway, smiling when I heard the mid morning game show playing on the tv, the audience’s laughter spilling out of the living room. 

    Harry had only just gotten back from tour three days ago and not having to come home to a silent house every day was something I wasn’t about to take for granted again.

    Dumping the bags onto the counter I called out to let Harry know I was home, going about putting away the groceries. I was reaching up to put something in the pantry when I felt his arms wrap around my waist, tugging me back against his chest.
    “Hey Kitten,” Harry croaked, his voice sounding scratchy and over used.
    I pulled away from him, frowning at his innocent expression before pointing to the whiteboard.
    “No talking remember?” I chastised, shaking my head with a small smile. “You’re on vocal rest, doctors orders.”
    Harry pouted, clearly annoyed with the fact he wasn’t allowed to talk, it had been driving him mad not being able to communicate what he wanted so he’d just gone back to talking; screwing up his throat even more than it already was. To save us both I’d gotten the board, hoping that it would appease him for the rest of the week.

    I went back to putting away groceries while Harry peeled away the plastic, uncapping the small marker that had come with it. When I turned back around he was holding it towards me, a pout on his lips.
    ‘I don’t like this.’
    “Aw babe,” I chuckled. “It’s only for a week and then you can talk again.”
    He rubbed out the words before writing out another message.
    ‘This is so frustrating.’
    “How about I make you some tea and we can watch a movie then? You don’t have to talk through movies and that way we can also have a cuddle.”

    Harry’s face lit up as I finished speaking, his hand quickly rubbing out the board to write on it again; this time he had a smile on his face, his dimples on show.
    ‘You’re the best Kitten, I love you.’
    “I love you too,” I replied, pecking his lips gently before pushing him out of the kitchen and towards the living room, wondering what movie he was going to pick for us to watch.

    Written By Bree xx


    “The water was as clear as anything and I thought if I could get in there and bathe it would ease the pain in my leg. but the lion told me I must undress first…he peeled the beastly stuff right off – just as I thought I’d done it myself the other three times, only they hadn’t hurt…as soon as I started swimming and splashing I found that all the pain had gone from my arm. And then I saw why. I’d turned into a boy again.”

    Who Needs Cookies Anyway!

    A little bit late posting this, from @sterekseason‘s 25 days of Sterek baking cookie prompt.

    “It’s funny how this happens every time.” Stiles said attempting to wipe flour from Derek’s forehead with the back of his hand as they lay on the kitchen floor. “I never thought baking Christmas cookies would leave me out of breath. And naked. Not to mention the fact my legs might not work properly for the next three weeks.”

    “Yeah, the recipe never mentioned any of that.” Derek replied laughing. He rolled over on to his back and breathed out exhausted yet satisfied.

    “I’m hungry.” Stiles said, sounding a little shaky from the experience.

    “If only we had some cookies we could eat.”

    “Well we could always make some.” Stiles said casually, he rolled over and rested an arm across Derek’s butter smeared chest. He scooped a drop of unbaked cookie mix from Derek’s shoulder with his finger and slipped to in to his mouth as seductively as he could but it only made Derek laugh at him.

    “Oohh, you are so fucking sexy right now.” Derek said sarcastically, he moved his head close and kissed Stiles. He could taste the sweet cookie mix on his tongue as they met. “Do you think there’s any chance of the cookies actually getting baked if we tried again.”

    “Probably not, but I’d be willing to give it another try if it’s going to be as much fun as the last time.”

    “I’d be up for trying again.” Derek’s face had a look of pure lust.

    “Right now?”

    “We’re already messy. Or are you too tired?”

    “I think I could just about manage another attempt at cookies.” They kissed again, lingering a moment, feeling each others warm breath on their faces.

    “Well, those cookies aren’t going to get baked from down here.” Derek said rolling over and standing up, his feet a little slippy on the kitchen floor.

    “HAHAHAHAHAHA!” Derek turned round to see Stiles rolling around on the floor in hysterics.

    “What’s so funny?” Derek asked with a quizzical look. Stiles was still laughing, struggling to breathe at this point. All he could do was point in the direction of Derek’s back as he laughed.

    “What?” Derek said twisting his upper body to try and see what it was Stiles was pointing at. Stiles kept laughing.

    “Stiles, what the hell?” Stiles manged to calm himself down enough to try and talk.

    “You’ve, haha, you, hehe, you’ve got a, oh my God, you’ve got a chocolate chip stuck between your butt cheeks!” Stiles fell about laughing again as Derek with a rather uncomfortable look on his face reached a finger and thumb behind him and plucked a warm slightly melted chocolate chip from deep within crack of his ass. He knelt on the floor looking from Stiles to the increasingly melted blob of chocolate.

    “You think that’s funny?” Derek asked him looking serious.

    “I think that’s hilarious!” Derek knelt over Stiles, a mischievous look spreading across his face.

    “Der! No don’t you da-” Stiles was cut off as Derek wiped his two chocolate covered digits across Stiles forehead and down his cheeks. Stiles laid on the floor looking up at Derek.

    “Great now I have ass chocolate on my face!”

    “You’re still beautiful.” Derek said leaning in to Stiles and kissing him, his hands running all over Stiles body.

    “What about the cookies?” Stiles mumbled between kisses.

    “We’ll make them tomorrow.” Derek moaned back to him.

    “Yeah whatever.” Stiles groaned back but something told him that those cookies were never going to get baked.

    “What if we got a small tree?”

    “What?” Lexa gasps.  “What did you just say?”  Clarke takes a step back and raises her hands up in front of her, palms out.

    “It’s just that our apartment is very small this year,” she says.

    “How small?”

    “What?” Clarke says, looking around the tiny apartment they are standing in the middle of.

    “The tree.  How small?”

    “I don’t know,” Clarke shakes her head.  “The only space we’ve got is in the kitchen.”  Lexa folds her arms across her chest, but not like she’s angry, more like she is trying to pull her body back together.   Clarke knew this wouldn’t go over well.  She knew.  She hands her a mug of hot chocolate that she had prepared specifically for this conversation and leads her girlfriend gently to the couch.  “Maybe one of those three footers,” she says softly, like you would offer a consolation toy to a toddler.   “You can pick them up anywhere.”  Lexa balks.

    “I know that the woman I love did not just suggest that I put a fake tree in my house.”

    “Okay,” Clarke says.  “Okay, I get it, but you have to admit that a big tree just doesn’t make sense this year.”

    “Christmas isn’t about sense,” Lexa pouts.  

    “Okay,” Clarke says again.  “Yes, I know.”

    “I don’t know if you do,” Lexa glares at her from under her eyelashes, tucking herself into a corner of the couch and holding the mug up to her chin with both hands.  Her thick Christmas themed socks are slipping off her toes, and she pushes her heel against the cushions a few times to fix them.  

    “I know what Christmas is about, Lexa.”

    “We need a real tree.”

    “Okay,” Clarke concedes.  “Fine.  What about a small real tree?”

    “How small?”

    “How small would be acceptable?” Clarke perches herself on the couch next to Lexa, close, but careful to leave an inch or two of space between them while Lexa mulls it over.  She takes a few sips from her mug, brow furrowed.

    “Six feet,” Lexa says, finally.

    “Four feet,” Clarke counters.

    “Six feet,” Lexa says again.

    “Four and a half feet, and I let you put up tinsel this year.”  Lexa’s feet drop to the floor as leans forward, mug resting in her lap.


    “That’s the offer,” Clarke says.

    “Give me string lights in the bedroom, and you’ve got a deal.”

    “Fine,” Clarke sighs.  Lexa holds her hand out, and Clarke shakes it firmly, trying to keep from grinning.   She tugs Lexa’s hand until she tips forward far enough to press her lips to hers.  “But you have to take them down before February.”

    “I will not promise that.”

    Haunted Forest

    (Captain Boomerang x Reader)

    Request:  Hey can I do a Halloween request os? The suicide Squad got in a scary Situation. Boomerang is trying to hit on the Reader no.20 Diablo is trying to Stop him for “reasons”;) then something happens and Digger is almost jumping in his/her armes. Please?

    20.  “I’m not going to hold your hand, so stop trying to scare me.”


    “I’m not going to hold your hand, so stop trying to scare me.” You say annoyed and keep walking while Digger and Chato follow behind you.
    You were out on a mission with everyone but somehow had been seperated. The only ones left right now were the three of you.
    “I’m not tryin’ to scare ya, just sayin’ it can be dangerous out here in the woods.”
    “I think I’ll be fine.” You roll your eyes and put your hands on your hips while you glare at him.

    Somehow you had gotten the worst possible combination. Digger wouldn’t stop flirting with you and if he was quiet for more than a few minutes it was almost a miracle. Chato on the other hand didn’t say anything at all.

    “Ya sure? I could hold ya tight…or we just go behind that tree and…-”

    “Come on man, she’s clearly annoyed by you.” Chato interrupts him to both of your surprises.

    “She’s not.” Digger says defensively.

    “She is.” You reply and shake your head.

    “That’s what I get for bein’ nice once in a while.”

    “You’re not nice, you’re just trying to get in her pants.”  

    You ignore the arguing that follows and sit down for a moment while the two keep fighting.

    Sometimes you wondered if a normal prison wouldn’t have been the better choice. Sure you would have spend your whole life behind bars but was this really worth it? These idiots were getting on your last nerve more often than not.

    You sigh deeply and stand up again, “Come on guys we have to go and find the others. I’m not planning to spend my night out here with you two.”

    “Why? We could have a nice time and…-”

    “Don’t even start, Digger.”

    You head through the forest in silence for a while, which was strange considering Digger was still with you. You turn around and look at him confused. He was looking around frantically as if he was waiting for something.

    “Are you alright?”

    “I think I…” He doesn’t get to finish his sentence, instead almost jumps into your arms, pulling you half to the ground with him.

    “What the hell?!”

    “There’s somethin’ in the woods.” He whispers close to your ear, making you look around.

    You look over to Chato who only shrugs, not having seen anything either, “Are you sure? I don’t see anything.”

    “Yeah, yeah I’m damn sure.”

    “Well you sure are holding me tight, though not in the way I would have imagined.” You say amused and raise your eyebrows at him.

    “Shut up…” He mumbles embarrassed, slowly letting go of you.

    You furrow your brows when you hear a strange noise coming from somewhere nearby. You thought Digger was being a little dramatic but maybe he hadn’t been wrong about something being out here at all…

    Tim Drake/Red Robin X Reader- Sleep Deprived

    This was requested by @poisoinedhope.  Sorry for the shortness, but this was the only idea I had for this request.  Hope ya like it!!

    “Come on, Tim.  You have to go to bed,” you said to your workaholic boyfriend. “You’ve been up for three whole days and will work better if you get some sleep.”

    You yanked him out of his seat, despite his protests, and dragged him to your shared bed.  You pushed him onto the bed, turned the light off and joined him on the bed.  You pulled Tim’s arm around yourself to stop him from getting up and snuggled closer to him.  You closed your eyes for a couple minutes but felt something on your neck.

    “Tim! What are you doing??!!”

    “I think you’re suffering from a lack of vitamin me,” Tim murmured.

    “Tim!! You are sleep deprived and aren’t thinking straight. Stop.”

    You felt the kisses stop but not soon after that he flipped you over so you are face-to-face with him.  His face was red and you couldn’t tell if it was from anger or being flustered.

    “Did I do something wrong?” he asked as his face grew redder.

    Oh my gosh, you thought, he is flustered.  Mental note: make sure Timmy never stays up this late again.  You shook your head and pulled him into a hug.  Soon you heard snoring and smiled.  You broke the hug and once again snuggled closer to him, with his hand still wrapped around your waist.


    “So you’re saying my sleep deprived self tried to seduce you,” he said while his face was turning redder than Jason’s helmet.

    “Yup,” you said while preparing his coffee and your favorite drink, “and you even used a very cheesy pick up line.  I didn’t know you were capable of that.”

    “What did I say?”

    You smirked and walked over to him with his coffee, “‘I think you’re suffering from a lack of vitamin me’,” you quoted.

    He took the coffee and put it on the counter, “Oh my gosh.”

    You laughed and said, “Now do you understand why I tell you to get some sleep when you’re overworking yourself?  I really don’t need a flirty and seducing Tim Drake walking around the manor.  What if your brothers heard about this or this happened again in the future?  Do you really want them to see what you do when you’re sleep deprived, especially Damian??”

    He shuddered and chugged his coffee.  You chuckled and pulled the eggs, milk, bacon and orange juice out of the fridge.  Breakfast was finished in a couple minutes and the rest of the Bat Family finally rose from the dead and joined you and Tim for breakfast.  

    “Nice bed head, Dick,” you said while nodding to his hair.

    His hair was sticking up in all directions and even was bent in some spots.  Damian managed to contain his laughter, but Jason was on the ground laughing. Bruce and Alfred smiled and grabbed some of the scrambled eggs from the pan.  There was nothing but comfortable silence until Jason spoke up with a smirk covering his face.

    “So what happened with a sleep deprived Timmy??”


    A grandaughter's problem

    “Ah so there’s my little lightsaber, come to visit your old granddaddy eh?” Obiwan Kenobi huffed wheeling his wheelchair down the hall of his retirement haven, towards the angry form of his most rebellious granddaughter Kira, rolling his eyes at her revealing clothes he raised an eyebrow in the way only a retired member of the Special Joined, Equanimity Division of Intelligence (J.E.D.I) order could “you just missed Rey and Daisy, who by the way had a very interesting piece of gossip to share”

    “Daisy and Rey don’t know anything” Kira snapped crossing her arms over her scantily clad chest, taking in his subtle chastisement and making a beeline for Obiwan’s linen closet, emerging minutes later clad in one of her grandfather’s old black Jedi Council tunics and sweatpants three sizes too big “they need to stay out of my bloody life, what gives them the right to butt in?”

    “So, you haven’t been receiving flowers for a whole week in a row coupled with Slayer CD’s?” Grandfather Kenobi wondered raising an eyebrow “and you haven’t been refusing to let them read the cards that come with said gifts?” Wheeling himself to the adjacent kitchen Obiwan reached for the ever-boiling kettle that was a hallmark of the Kenobi household “have some tea Kira”

    “FINE, I’ll tell you…but only because you’re you and because you’re not being a pain in the ass like Tweedle Dee Dee and Tweedle Dee Dum” Kira accepted the tea with a grudging smile and groaned “Gramps I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me!! I swear one minute I’m fine, going about my life, punching the crap out of my competition in the ring and one minute I’m not and then everything goes bloody sideways, and it’s all my stupid fault for saving Ben’s life”

    “Kira, calm down, I assume it’s a long story yes?”

    “Of course it is arghhh I just want to punch the bloody asshole”

    “Start with the beginning, why did you have to save Ben’s life?”

    Obiwan sighed, he often told himself had done a good job with the girls, Luke and Leia could vouch for that, after surviving the fall of the Emperor’s drug empire and with Anakin (no longer Vader) living out his remaining days in a high security glorified nursing home, Obiwan Kenobi hadn’t planned on one day being contacted by social services just about ten or so years later with the news that the secret son he’d had with Satine, who was supposed to be living a happy tragedy less life in Mandalore, was dead and unless he claimed custody of his son’s three orphan children the girls would be shipped off to some place far like Jakku.

    So Obiwan had stepped up, retired to a modest house near the beach in Yavin IV and raised the girls himself with the occasional help from what was left of his friends.

    Funny how the reason he’d abstained from mixing too much with Leia’s family was because he thought her own set of pre teen triplets were already enough work for Han and her her and in the end it turned out that it was Obiwan who found himself handing out sage advice to her.

    Kenobi didn’t regret raising the girls away from Coruscant, if anything he was glad Rey, Kira and Daisy had gone to small town schools and roamed the beach and woods to their hearts content.

    He just hadn’t counted with their strange fascination towards the Solo boys.

    Anakin (Mustafar blast him) liked to laugh trough his life support and tell him he deserved it for all the grief Obiwan ever put his former Padawan trough.

    “The beginning…Well, I guess it started last year when that bantha shit of Ben Solo said I wouldn’t know how to dress like a real girl even if Jessica Pava herself let me borrow her whole wardrobe, which is a load of… ”

    “Was this before or after you ruined Kylo’s chance with Rey by showing her that video of him trashing his tattoo parlor after talking to Han” her Grandfather interrupted with narrowed eyes

    “a bit after, the next day I think” Kira admitted ruefully “in my defense I have nothing against Kylo, he’s just a violent weirdo who doesn’t deserve Rey”

    “Kira! You told Rey that Kylo had torched the falcon with Han inside!” Obiwan scolded “And belittle him infront of her every time you get a chance”

    “He’s not good enough for her! Someone’s got to make sure she knows it” Kira protested crossing her arms over her chest.

    “And Daisy with Matt?”

    “Those two can ruin their relationship on their own”

    “KIRA LAN KENOBI” Obiwan snapped raising his voice to scold her once again “sabotaging the happiness of your sisters is not something I approve of”

    “But Grandpa!”

    “Just continue your story”

    “Well, then I told Ben that how would he know, since the only time he’s ever been interested in girls clothes was when he’s trying to take them off some poor unsuspecting soul”

    “It all escalated from there until he said that from looking at my chest he understood why guys ran away from me”

    “And you punched him in the face” Obiwan guessed wisely

    “I did”

    “You know his hostility might have had something to do with your single-minded tendency of ruining his brother’s happiness” but her grandfather’s observation got ignored by Kira

    “But every time we’ve seen each other since then is the same thing” Kira kept on talking “he was always bloody remarking on the fact that I’m too boyish and tough and violent, and screw him I might not be all boobs and ass like Bazine but I’m not a bloody guy!”

    “Isn’t that Bazine the girl you called “skanky cabaret stripper” after the Solo’s last New Year’s Eve party?“ Obiwan recalled the moniker being repeated with way too much frequency whenever Kira complained about Ben Solo’s womanizing and why that made Kylo and Matt entirely wrong for Rey or Daisy

    “That’s the one, she’s got fake: nails, boobs, hair, teeth and personality"Kira listed angrily before returning to the subject at hand "so last week after debating it out with Rey in Han’s garage I got fed up, I just went downtown, bought a couple of dresses that would make even someone like Solo stop and pay attention and showed up at Poe’s birthday bash with Rey”

    “Yes, I remember, incidentally Daisy told me that you and I quote "looked like a goddess of darkness, but got angry and left early’ and those were her exact words”

    Kira smirked she HAD looked like a goddess thank you very much, that red and black one shoulder cocktail dress with her best skull printed fishnet stockings and loose hair had been enough to make her stand out even next to Phasma (which was a feat considering Phas had the term ‘Chrome Queen’ down to a trademark and Kira always looked like a punk rock Hobbit when they hung out together) “here’s the thing Granps, Hux was there too, he tried flirting with moi, which made me laugh at every three words he said”

    “Why? Didn’t you want boys to notice the pretty dress? Daisy said Hux was your type” Obiwan had long ago accepted the fact that his girls were grown up, honestly after having to give them the talk before puberty and managing to survive ten or so years of synchronized periods, he considered the whole talking-about-boys thing the least traumatic of conversation topics.

    “Hey one, ew it’s Hux, he doesn’t count as a boy because he’s a ginger and please feel free to take offense, gingers are the devil” Kira pointed out making her grandfather laugh “two, everytime Armitage Hux tries flirting with me it’s only because he’s trying to look casual when he turns around to make an actual move on Phasma, constipated and anal retentive as he is” Kira snorted “and three, it wasn’t a PRETTY dress, it was a badass masterpiece of clothing that was dug out from a ceremonial tomb in the ruins of Jedha and restored to its original glory by a black market Tailor”

    “Kira what have I told you about doing your shopping in the ill-obtained-goods district of Coruscant?” Old Kenobi interjected with exasperation

    “It’s a dress Grandpa…Or two or three, the tomb of Wesi Ker isn’t going to miss them and they came at a lower rate than the designer garbage General Organa loves to dress Rey in”

    “Force give me patience” Grandfather said elevating his eyes to the sky “Don’t change the subject young lady, what did Hux do that you left early?”

    “Hux? Nothing, didn’t I just tell you that Hux has a weird fetish for gigantic and blonde bi ladies?” Kira snapped, recalling Hux smarmy compliments “it was Ben! He’s the one who called me hot one moment and as soon as he saw Hux said I looked like cheap a skin girl, the idiot, chauvinistic, pompous bantha anus that he is”

    “I take it you also punched him for the remark” in fact if she hadn’t it would have been a sign of the Apocalypse for Old Kenobi

    “Of course not, it was Poe’s birthday, I promised Rey that there would be no punching”

    “Then what..” old Obiwan raised his finger to ask

    “…I took advantage of the slit in the leg of my dress to knee him in the nuts” Kira elaborated then she added for good measure “like a lady good and proper”

    Privately Obiwan hoped it had hurt as much as Kira’s pride “so you left early” he deduced with a knowing look

    “And ended up saving Ben Solo’s life, when I should have left him to die”

    “I take it there’s more to the story than just leaving early then”

    “Look I was going to! I even made nice with Poe and everything, bought him this very nice empire era X-Wing air freshener as a gift and abstained from insulting Finn’s obvious bad taste in boyfriends” Kira protested hotly “But Poe, the bloody Tautun, had to make a whole spectacle out of it and Daisy was begging me to stay because she’s Daisy and since Solo is Poe’s best friend, he attempted to cajole me into letting him drive me home, Grandpa, the gall of him! as tough I’m some simpering little idiot who doesn’t know what nasty shit he uses the Millennium Falcon for”

    “Kira, didn’t you carpool in Rey’s car that day? Ben Solo might be a scoundrel but I’d have to agree on that one” Obiwan interrupted “I know, I know, you’re Kira Kenobi and can take care of yourself, but don’t blame an old man for being a worrier”

    “I was planning to use my speeder, since Phasma brought it and I knew she’d be crashing with he’s-just-a-good-colleague Hux in his fancy Coruscant penthouse”

    “A speeder in a dress? Force help me Kira! Not even your grandmother ever did that and believe me, I saw Satine wear a lot of strange clothing when escaping assassination attempts back in the day”

    “Solo said the same thing…Well give or take a few ‘do you plan on flashing all the Commonwealth district’ and ‘Kira let me drive you home blah blah blah’ oh and when I wouldn’t listen to him he kissed me but that’s unimportant what’s important is that Dabba the Hutt’s minions…”

    “Kira?” Obiwan leveled her another Jedi Council eyebrow raise “Ben Solo kissed you?”

    “He did, I was trying to get away from him, he followed me to the parking lot and kissed me” She squirmed under her grandfather’s all knowing look

    “Ben, the scoundrel you’ve been complaining about since you were thirteen, that Ben” Another Jedi Council eyebrow

    “Yes that Ben, the same one I slapped minutes later”

    “The Ben that you claim not to like”

    “Grandpa! I really don’t like him, he’s an egocentric prick with a hero complex and a wandering dick” Kira didn’t like the laughter in her grandfather’s eyes not one bit and okay maybe that first kiss hadn’t been that bad and maybe he’d tasted like cigarettes and corellian wine but she absolutely still hated him

    “Oh the follies of youth my child”

    “Anyway, he kissed me, and don’t look at me like that I slapped the grin of his face and told him I’d never in a million years be a notch in his bedpost then he got angry and told me he’d see me in hell for that lie and I thought that was it, except it wasn’t because as he was leaving the parking lot to join the party Dabba the Hutt’s minions ambushed him”

    “What is it with Solo men and angering Hutts? I could tell our one or two stories about Han in his Hutt days that would make even you feel like vomiting” Obiwan huffed as he put two and two together “he might be my namesake but Ben takes after his father too much, why didn’t they just name the boy Han junior?”

    “I know! But guess what it turns out this time it wasn’t Ben’s fault” Kira smirked “I know shocking isn’t it”

    “Very” her grandfather agreed bring the mug of tea to his lips

    “So the twilek and the togruta mobsters ambushed him because that skank of Bazine is now Dabba the Hutt’s sidepiece, and pummeled Ben into submission before stuffing the idiot in the back of a van” then she paused “this is the part where I decided to be an idiot too and followed them in my speeder” she HAD been forced to rip her dress but the shorter length had suited her just fine

    “Did you subdue them with a blaster or did you let your fist do the talking?” Obiwan hummed putting his mug down

    “A Blaster but how did you know?” In fact she’d followed them into a warehouse and had started shooting warning blasts as soon as she saw Solo tied up with a bag over his head

    “I raised you Kira, I know everything” was the sage answer she got

    “Anyway there was I shooting at some Hutt minions, saving Solo’s ass, handing him my spare gun and he suddenly gives me that look!” Kira grumbled opening her eyes exaggeratedly and fluttering her eyelashes while trying to imitate Ben “you know the look, the pathetic one Kylo gives Rey when she’s not looking”

    “Ahh the Bambi eyes”

    “Yes and it’s ridiculous because I’m beating the shit out of those dumpsters for him and we’re right in the middle of a fight, what the hell Grandpa? I didn’t ask for the Bambi eyes!” Kira got angrier “that’s Matt’s deal, hell it’s Kylo’s too, but I am Kira Kenobi and I could have lived the rest of my life perfectly happy without knowing Ben was capable of directing that look at me”

    Obiwan knew exactly what look she was talking about, the one that only a Skywalker could replicate, a gaze that was a mixture of awe, worship and admiration with just the right ammount of love that made mooncalfs look tame. Leia had a habit of sporting Bambi eyes whenever she looked at Han after the war.

    In hindsight maybe the triplets had inherited the look from Shmi Skywalker, the blame for this couldn’t be laid exclusively at Anakin’s door.

    “So he gave you the Bambi eyes and…”

    “And now I’m doomed”

    “Perfectly understandable”

    “No I mean yes, I mean” Kira fisted her hands “We were fighting and he’s looking at me like I’m his new religion or something and then we’re tying up the twilek and the togruta and getting the hell out of Dodge in my speeder and it felt so right grandpa” she took a deep breath and a gulp of tea “and then I’m dropping him off at the Senate building and he’s kissing me again, only this time I kiss him back because dammit who can resist those stupid brown eyes when they have that look”

    “So that’s why you think you’re doomed” Obiwan agreed “you’re right dear, you are very much doomed, has he asked you to marry him yet?”

    “After we broke apart from that kiss”

    “And now he’s sending you flowers” Grandfather chuckled “if you dislike the gesture why don’t you tell him to stop?”

    “Because then I’d have to talk to him!” Kira replied then she smiled a little bit momentarily lighting up the perpetual scowl on her face “besides nobody has ever sent me flowers before, all the guys that like me are way too scared”

    “What do your sisters think about it?”

    “Oh Force if they knew it’s him I’ll never hear the end of it from Rey, they all know scoundrels are so not my kriffin type”

    “Exept one scoundrel apparently is”

    “I blame the Bambi eyes” Kira crossed her arms over her chest “and you grandpa are not allowed to tell anybody capisce?”

    “Who would I tell?” Obiwan lied knowing fully well what his next topic of discussion with Anakin would be when they met up for senior discount brunch in his penitentiary’s cafe

    “So what do I do? I don’t want to like him, he’s still an asshole with a hero complex and a womanizer track record”

    “Trust the force?” Her grandfather joked earning him a glower from Kira “just follow your instincts Kira, that’s what my old master used to say”

    “Your old master died a virgin”

    “Actually Qui Gon lied to the Jedi Council about that but that’s a story for another day”

    “So it wasn’t just you and vader who lied about that?…You know you Jedis had a ton of double standards” Kira needled in, much like the eldest Solo triplet, Kira had also done a stint in the Secret, Institution for Terror and Hostility (S.I.T.H) that opposed the Jedi order during her teens.

    Obiwan had breathed easily when Kira’s fascination with the emperor (who was rumored to be related to the triplets mysterious mother) had dwindled from Sith tendencies down into a simple knack for collecting empire related memorabilia. As opposed to Kylo’s much more painful experience at the hands of Snoke the last head of the Sith organization.

    “And that’s a lesson to learn from the old Jedi order that Luke took into account” Obiwan cut off good-naturedly “avoid double standards” he sent her a pointed look “anything else you’d like to share? I can see it’s eating you, trust me my dear if he likes you everything will be fine”

    “His last flowers came with tickets to a Black Sabbath concert” Kira confessed ruefully “I didn’t exactly talk to him, but I might have sent him a text telling him to pick me up in three hours”

    “I don’t know what millennials are calling that nowadays but in my time we called that a date”

    “It’s not a date! I don’t do dates, dates are for pathetic people like Matt and Daisy”

    “Does Ben Solo know that?” Obiwan chuckled

    “Shut up Grandpa” Kira put her head in her arms and let out a scream “Force I’m so kriffin doomed”

    And Obiwan did as a good grandfather would and didn’t voice his agreement out loud “it’s all right Kira, if he gets too out of hand you can just punch him again”

    “What if I don’t want to punch him?” Kira raised her head from her arms

    “Then you don’t punch him, simple as that”

    “I don’t want to be a notch in his bedpost, I’d die if I’m just a game for his stupid nerf herder ass”

    “Kira any man that even thinks that you’re the type of girl that gets used like that, deserves all the pain he’ll get when you disabuse him of the notion”

    “Thanks Grandpa, that…Made me feel oddly better”

    Obiwan sighed leave it to Kira to be comforted by thoughts of violent retribution “You have a Jedi blessing to break that boy’s bones if he doesn’t behave”

    “And here I thought you couldn’t be a sweeter old man” Kira smiled “thank you, I really needed to hear that”

    Oh Anakin would have a life support field day when Obiwan shared the latest Grandchild gossip, that’s for sure, but in the meantime Obiwan Kenobi poured more tea and listened to Kira’s dramatic death threats towards the man she liked.

    He wished Satine could see him now, she would laugh too.

    An: lils happy early birthday, Dark Rey was fun to write. Lilithsaur dear this fic was inspired by Franco and Sarita’s relationship in PDG. Also the girls love for quirky Grandpa Martin..

    minteyemc  asked:

    Hey can I make a request? Saeyoung and MC cuddling but Saeran feels jealous and inserts himself into it and eventually the three of them end up getting in a huge blanket burrito? I'd love to see what you'd do with that idea

    Here you go! I hope it’s okay!

    Saeyoung fell down onto the sofa with a loud sigh. He had been busy working at keeping vengeful former agency workers at bay for almost a week straight by this point, and had only took little naps here there and everywhere. He made a quiet whimpering noise, before stretching his arms out. “MC, I need a hug! God Saeyoung needs a hug!”

    You laughed, and jumped down next to him as you threw your arms around him. “Don’t worry, Saeyoung! I’m always here for cuddles!” He grinned as he returned the hug, before he then used one of his arms to stretch out for the television remote. “Oh, are we going to watch a film together?”

    “Yep. We’re going to watch a film, but I’m just not sure which one yet…” He muttered, starting to flick through the channels. “We could watch a cool family film, or a soppy romance one… But maybe, seeming as Saeran isn’t about right now…” He then pulled you closer to his body, and then whispered down your ear. “We can watch something a little dirtier…”

    Your face started heating up as Saeyoung said that, before you hit his chest. “We’re cuddling! Cuddling means that we watch something light-hearted! If this was a make-out session, then maybe we could watch something a bit dirtier…”

    “Fiiiiine…” Saeyoung went and put one of those new lego films on, before pulling your head close to his chest as he moved his arm back around you. “I’ll put a dirty film on in our bedroom tonight then~”

    It didn’t take long for you to fall asleep leaning against Saeyoung whilst watching the film, and your quiet snoring was enough to induce a light sleep for Saeyoung too.

    About twenty minutes later, Saeran had returned from the outside world. After over a year, Saeyoung trusted him enough to visit his therapist on his own. That allowed Saeran a bit more freedom, and he would go for a walk and an ice cream break before returning home.

    Saeran was not prepared to have his ears filled by really loud music though, with lyrics which made his head hurt. He ended up pulling his scarf up to try and cover his ears as he stormed into the lounge. It was then that he noticed some sort of animated film playing where everything was made up of that stupid kid’s toy which hurt your feet if you stood on it. He couldn’t remember the name of the toy, but he hated it anyway. “The hell…?” He seriously could not believe that you and Saeyoung were able to put up with this sort of crap. “Everything’s not awesome… And fuck being a part of a team.”

    Ironically, he said that to the tune of the song in the background.

    He then turned around to face you and Saeyoung to yell at you both to turn the film down, and realised that both of you were asleep. “… I am not surprised at all.” He then noticed the way in which you shifted in your sleep to nestle your head into Saeyoung’s shirt, and he felt his stomach churn.

    Not through his typical annoyance though… It was jealousy. He only realised that he was jealous of yours and Saeyoung’s mutual love for one another a few days ago, when his twin had been going on about what it felt like being in love to Yoosung down the phone. Saeran felt the exact same way towards you, but had assumed from the start it was him being sickened with regard to the way in which the two of you would act. He never realised it was love.

    He wanted to be able to hold you close to him like Saeyoung could…

    He wanted to be a part of that hug…

    He wanted you.

    Just to keep himself under control, he stormed out of the room to put his coat and scarf away, before standing near a window to take a quick breather to calm down. That had been what his therapist had said earlier, after all… “Saeran, if you ever feel frustrated or annoyed with something, excuse yourself for a moment. People will understand, everyone has times where they need to be alone to calm down and sort themselves out. Just take some deep breaths, let your heart rate slow down to something more relaxed, and then return to the situation. Things are likely to have moved on by the time that you return.”

    Moments later, Saeran flinched when all of the lights in the building turned off, and anything electrical seemed to shut down. “Fuck… Not a power cut.” He remembered that Saeyoung mentioned there being an emergency electricity generator in the basement a few months back, so he then made his way over to the door to the basement. “And of course, there is a retinal scan and a voice activated lock on the door… It’s too cold to hack into it…”

    Eventually, Saeran went to return to the lounge just to ask Saeyoung to turn the generator on. He heard voices through the door though, so he pressed his ear against it to listen in.

    “S- Saeyoung… It’s really cold…”

    “Yeah… Brr. Soon, we’ll be able to re-enact that film with those two princesses and the snowman! You can be the snowman, and me and Saeran could be the princesses!”

    Saeyoung. Please… I just feel really cold… I’d rather be warm than suffer hypothermia because you want to have me be a snowman…”

    “Okay… Sorry… Do you want me to turn the heating on-“

    “No! Don’t move! It’s too cold for you to move!”

    And with that, Saeran found an opportunity. He had a chance to get close to you… That was good. He ran into his bedroom, and grabbed the thickest, warmest blankets from his bed. He then proceeded to laugh for a moment, before making his way back to the lounge. He noticed that you had pulled your legs up into your sweater, and that you were shivering as you leaned against his brother.

    “Well, looks like I’m saving both of your asses today…” He mumbled with the blankets over his shoulders, before settling down on the sofa beside you and adjusting the blankets so that you were covered by them, and Saeyoung was barely just under them. “Don’t think that I’ll do this every time that it’s cold though.”

    You smiled, before doing something which made Saeran feel like his heart was about to burst through his chest and run away. You leaned against him. You were making the physical contact with him which he was craving just minutes earlier. “Thank you, Saeran… I feel much warmer now…”

    Saeyoung then pouted, before he then pulled himself closer to both you and him so that he was under the blankets properly too. “I need to hug with my brother too… Thanks, little twin bro!”

    Saeran rolled his eyes, before he realised that he had started moving his arms to wrap around your waist too. “By the way, idiot… You need to turn the backup generator on. Just as long as you’re not going to watch that stupid film again…”

    “Aww, but everything is-!”

    “Say awesome, and you lose blanket rights.”

    Gajevy Week 2017 - Grief

    This one hurts. It’s kind of supposed to, but it hurt even to write. Character death warning, don’t read this if you’re not prepared to be sad. 

    As always, Fairy Tail characters and the world they live in belong to Hiro Mashima, not me. 

    Look at that. Holy crap I’ve only got one to go and I’ll have posted them all on time. I only had to stay up past midnight three nights in a row to do it. 

    “Daddy! Catch me!” Shutora squealed as she leapt from a tree to her father’s waiting arms. Gajeel laughed as he caught her, spinning in a circle before setting her on the ground. The little girl giggled, running right back to climb the tree she’d just jumped out of. Her twin was sitting higher than she, but he wasn’t jumping. Instead, he’d wedged himself in a split in the branches, fully entrenched in a book. “Oii, Pipsqueak, that book any good?” His son didn’t even flinch, simply turned the page and kept reading. Gajeel watched him for a moment before shifting his crimson eyes to find his wife. She was stretched out on a blanket under another tree, the gentle breeze ruffling her hair as she sang quietly to their baby. The child was only a month old, but the day had been too perfect for the whole family to miss the chance to spend it at the park.

    Keep reading

    Hermione crossed her arms over her chest with a sigh, watching an awfully slow queue in front of her. She stole another glance at a big watch on the wall. Half an hour until her first lecture. Fuck. This was so not the morning she wished. Why so many people? Did all coffeeshops in a mile close? 

    When she only had three people before her (two middle aged men and a girl in a green dress with a very sharp profile), Hermione wanted to kill. No matter who, just kill. She started to doubt that coffee was worth such torture, but she couldn’t function properly without her morning dose of caffeine. Maybe Ginny was right when she banned caffeine from her life. Maybe it wasn’t because of her obsess with health, but because of the queues.

    Hermione sighed exasperatedly. The girl in the green dress standing right before Hermione was rummaging in her bag and already nudged Hermione twice, not bothering to apologize. She finally pulled out a phone with a victorious smirk on her face and another poke in Hermione’s arm. Hermione clenched her teeth tightly. She was too annoyed and this girl only added fuel to the fire.

    “Problems?” the girl scoffed, examining Hermione’s tight expression. She didn’t wait for the answer and turned around, her short black hair almost touching Hermione’s face. Damn, she was gorgeous. But gorgeous is not enough to forget her rudeness.

    And apparently she had the cutest lock screen Hermione had seen in months? A cute pug with a bow tie looked weird in the phone of someone so brash and totally didn’t match its “Fuck off” case. Hermione giggled quietly.

    “Anything funny?” the girl snapped at her immediately. If possible,  Hermione couldn’t help but laugh at her indignant expression.

    “Okay,” she rolled her eyes, “I get it. It was my friend’s idea and I’m too lazy to change it.”

    “Looks cute,” Hermione smiled. She was actually quite excited now. The picture took away her irritation and she enjoyed her sudden acquaintance’s low voice. “But seriously, would you mind sending it to me?”

    The girl looked at her suspiciously. “Fine,” she finally gave in and grinned. “You’re lucky I like your face, otherwise I’d think it was creepy.”

    “Aren’t I glad to know,” Hermione scoffed.

    “WhatsApp?” the girl asked, raising her eyebrows and ignoring Hermione’s comment.

    This is creepy. But okay, I should hope you’re not a serial killer.”

    “I am not, thank you very much,” she murmured as she typed in Hermione’s number and chose the picture to send. The man standing in front of her walked away and the girl quickly turned to the barista, giving Hermione a playful wink, “Not gonna stalk you, don’t worry. Unless you’d prefer I do.”

    Hermione felt her cheeks burning. Was she flirting or what? When her brain turned back on, the girl already was walking away. Hermione stuttered on her order.

    She tried not to think of it in the evening. She really did. She just wanted to relax from her crazy day in college and Harry and Ron’s attempt to drag her to the club. Hermione didn’t actually know how she found herself texting the number she got the pug’s picture from.

    “Will you at least tell me your name? Or I’ll call you The Pug Lover.”

    She got the answer almost instantly.

    “Pansy Parkinson. You can call me The Queen of the World. What about you, princess?”

    “That was awful. Hermione Granger, and I’m free on Friday in case if you might want to learn to flirt better.”

    “My flirting is very advanced and elegant, just so you know. But I really want to hear your suggestions on improving it, maybe we can practice ;) Friday sounds perfect.”

    Hermione smiled. Mysterious Pansy Parkinson was an enough reason to look forward to Friday.

    “And this, kids, is the story of how I met your mother,” Pansy finished with a wink, carelessly throwing her arm around Hermione’s shoulders.

    “First of all,” Draco rolled his eyes, “I would really appreciate if you stopped calling me and my boyfriend kids,” Harry nodded in agreement beside him.

    “Aww, you wound me,” Pansy interrupted with a sad face.

    “And secondly,” Draco continued, ignoring her, “Our story is better.”

    “Lies,” Pansy snorted. “Your story is shit.”

    “At least we didn’t start dating because of a pug,” Harry chimed in.

    Hermione let out a quiet laugh, blushing slightly when Pansy kissed her knuckles with a big grin.

    “Yeah, you started dating because of the poor lighting in cinema. That’s much better, right.”

    Pansy laughed at the sight of her friends’ pouting faces and let her fingers tangle in Hermione’s hair. That pug did her a good favor.