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What are you talking about, Acchan? You're disappointing me :( Of course Hide is the puppetmaster in Tokyo Ghoul. He is Uta, after all. And Uta is the puppetmaster. He transcends everything. He's the oppressors, he's the oppressed. Uta is the birdcage itself.

LOL oh, but you’re misunderstanding me Anon :)) Obviously Uta is everyone, including Hide, but still, Uta is no puppetmaster, nor are all the characters that he impersonates. Uta is a troll and an observer, but even if he transcends everything, he’s not 100% responsible of everything that happened which is why he’s no puppetmaster. xDD

MORE SERIOUSLY THO Anon, about the “Uta is the birdcage itself” part of your joke, I’ve been wondering lately about how accurate this kind of statement might be (not in the literal sense obviously), because I’m wondering if the old OEK is not one of the Clowns, since Roma said:

I know that I wrote that crack theory about the old OEK being Noro but I’m not 100% convinced yet, mostly because Kaneki’s side is convinced that the previous OEK is still alive.

So anyway, my initial suspect about the OEK being one of the Clowns was Itori because…

amongst all the subjects that she was knowledgeable about (”the truth”, the hybrids, also her calling Roma “her protégée”), but recently I’ve been wondering about Uta as the OEK because…

because (a tattoo to cover that he had only one kakugan)

Because (the tattoos’ meaning??)

BECAUSE (skull symbolism fits)




…such an ideology would fit the figure of the OEK as we’ve seen with Kaneki who’s striving for coexistence.

((Here’s an imgur link to see all the pictures in HD))


Of course this doesn’t make a lot of sense with the flashback in TG vol 12 that he told Kaneki about him and Yomo, but it’s Uta and he could have lied, or there is a way around the flashback and we just haven’t figured out what it is yet.

TL;DR the previous OEK seems to be the reason the birdcage was created so if Uta is the previous OEK then “Uta is the birdcage itself” isn’t a completely wrong statement in itself Anon. 

So you see that’s why I really like to prank people with Uta because I’m quite sure that he has a big role to play aaaand the fact that he’s currently my n°1 suspect for “who’s the previous OEK” isn’t helping. 

Thanks for passing by Anon and nice try with the joke-that-might-in-fact-not-be-one. :3 Have a nice day!

My Little Berserker

Title: My Little Berserker

Author: @aelys-althea

Rating: NC-17

Word count: 105,540

Era: Hogwarts 8th year

Summary: Eighth year was supposed to be calm. Moderated. Peaceful, even. Draco returned to escape the chaos wrought upon his shambles of a life and Harry to flee the responsibility of a world that sees him as something greater than was truly possible. Hogwarts was a safe haven, right? At least it was until Hagrid comes up with the wonderful idea to introduce some additional members to the student body of the fluffier variety. Hagrid doesn’t do moderated - where’s the fun in that?

Comment: What a wonderful, wonderful fic! I stumbled upon it in my quest to read something long, not too depressing and/or hard to deal with, and with a bit of Hogwarts in it, as it’s been a while since I read anything other than Post-War fics. The summary alone immediately grabbed my attention and I’m so glad I decided to embark on the journey this story has to offer, because I loved it. Harry and Draco are back at school for their last year and so fresh after the war, everything feels a bit uncertain. We see them trying to navigate through a world without Voldemort, and it’s gorgeous, how you can feel everything the characters experience, thanks to the writing style radiating such a perfect amount of melancholy mixed with a tiny bit of hope for what the future holds. I particularly liked the struggles Draco faces when it comes to himself and what he knows of his personality, how he’s becoming a better person without completely losing the traits that define him the most. Basically (I always tend to ramble on and on, sorry), this fic tells the story of Harry bonding with an animal—the fluffiest, cutest, most adorable one ever, I swear—who then bonds with Draco. It’s truly amazing, seeing them gradually getting closer through their “parenting”—because of course they do. Honestly, if you didn’t know what to read next and found this post, search no further, here’s your fic.

Half-Sister, All Burden

Dean x Sam x Reader

Reader (Adam’s sister) living with Sam and Dean in the bunker. Dean hates the reader but she made the ultimate sacrifice for him.

Warning: Character Death, Abuse

Tags: @imascreamerbabymakemeamute

Half-Sister, All Burden Part 1

Part 2 

“I am sorry guys, I didn’t think that the vampire would …” I said

“You didn’t think? You almost killed Sam!” Dean yelled.

I looked down, afraid of looking into Dean’s disappointed eyes. This was my worse nightmare ever since I started hunting with my half-brothers Sam and Dean. I was afraid that one day I would get one of them killed.

“Dean, it’s not her fault! She almost got killed too!” Sam tried to reason with Dean.

“Better her than you.” Dean said under his breath. Sam did not hear it but I did. Dean thought that I did not hear it because he rushed to help Sam into a chair to check his injuries. Sam had a rather ugly cut on his abdomen.

“CASS!! We need you here!” Dean yells. A slight flutter of wings and the angel appeared. Cass did not ask questions and went straight to healing Sam. I looked at them and realized one thing. They were the original trio. Two brothers and an angel. I was just a burden that they had to bear. After Adam and mom died, they took me in because “I was family.” Honestly, they did it because the felt guilty for leaving Adam in the cage with Lucifer.

I rushed into my room before either of them saw the tears in my eyes. It hurt, knowing that I was a burden and that I was not wanted there. I walked into my room, shut the door and collapsed onto the floor. There was a sharp pain on my thigh where I fell into some broken glass. I slowly got off the floor and started taking off my jeans. I bit my lips to stop myself from yelling out in pain.

There was long gnash on my thigh. I guessed the adrenaline kept me from feeling the pain. Suddenly, the room started to spin. The next thing I know, I was on the floor and then, there was darkness.

My eyes opened slowly. It was like in the movies where the unconscious person slowly regains consciousness. Everything went from blurry to HD in about five seconds and three blinks of the eye. I was on my bed. It smelt like it. I heard some awful yelling only to realize that Sam and Dean were having a full blown argument just five feet away from me. I closed my eyes and pretended I was still asleep.

“She is nothing more than a burden. If she had told us she was hurt, none of this would be necessary!” Dean yelled.

“Dean, you were too worried about rubbing her mistake into her face to even check her for injuries. This is your fault Dean!” Sam replied, slightly agitated.

“She almost got you killed Sam! What was I supposed to do? You are my brother! She is nothing more than dad’s bastard of a daughter!” Dean said.

“You are just jealous because she had a normal life and you did not! Face it Dean, she is our sister! We are supposed to be loving brothers.” Sam argued. Dean said nothing more and stormed out. I heard Sam pull a chair and the next thing I knew, he was holding my hand.

“Y/N, I know we have not been the best brothers in the world. I am so sorry. I should have have taken better care of you when Dean did not. In some ways, I understand you, being the younger one. But don’t worry. It will all change now. I promise, you won’t ever be a burden to us.” Sam said.

I decided that it was time that I “woke up,” so I, channeled my inner actress and faked my awakening. I made sure I blinked a couple of times, moved around slowly and moaned in pain. I opened my eyes and saw a teary eyed Sam in front of me. Sam had a big smile on his face.

“You are awake, are you alright?” asked Sam.

“I am fine, what happened?” I asked.

“Well, you were hurt. There was a huge cut on your thigh. It was worse than my injury. Why didn’t you tell me or Dean?” He asked.

“I didn’t want to be a burden, sorry. I thought I could handle it myself. I am so sorry.” I said almost crying.

“Hey, hey, hey, don’t apologize. You did not do anything wrong alright. You are not a burden. If anything, you are a gift to us. Don’t tell Dean, but I have always wanted a younger sister.” Sam said.

“I won’t tell Dean. Thank you Sam.” I said.

“Call me Sammy, like Dean does.” Sam said, holding my hand.

“Okay Sammy, I love you.” I said hesitantly.

“I love you to sissy. Get some rest, I will bring you food later.” Sam said. Sam stood up, gave me a kiss on my forehead and left my room. I felt a little better and for the first time, I felt like I was loved. I rolled over and slept with a smile on my face.

After that incident, Sam and I had become closer. He and I would spend hours reading books together in the library. He convinced Dean that I could stay in the bunker and provide information to them while they were on hunts. It proved to be a good idea as I helped them crack a few of their hard cases. Sam was very proud of me and would tell me so.

Dean on the other hand was different. He started to treat me worse. He would only talk to me because Sam was in the room. When Sam was not around, he would ignore me completely. I figured that I could not be too greedy. I assumed that Dean was jealous that I was spending more time with Sam. He made sure that there were always out on cases so I would have less time with Sam. Sam realized what he was doing but did not confront him.

“Y/N, we found a case. It is in Michigan.” Sam said while standing outside my room door.

“What? But you guys just got back yesterday. Don’t you guys need to rest and recover?” I asked. Honestly, I just wanted some quality time with Sam. I missed him while he went on hunts.

“I know sissy, but Dean says that it is important and there were no other hunters around to help.” he said, looking at me sadly.

“Well, I guess that can’t be helped. I missed you though.” I said. Sam came in a sat beside me on the bed.

“I know that Dean has been doing this because he is jealous that we are together so much. I should have said something, I am sorry baby.” Sam said. He only called me baby when he wanted to make sure I did not get angry.

“I know too. Don’t worry. He is your brother first. I come second. I am okay with it, as long as both of you come back in one piece. Contrary to what you may think, I do love Dean too. I love him like how I loved daddy. Dean is a lot like daddy.

“Baby, I promise I will talk to Dean about this alright. I also promise to make sure Dean and I come back in one piece. I love you so much.” Sam said, giving me a big hug.

“I love you both, my big brothers!” I said, returning the hug.

“We’ll be back in a couple of days. We will check in every night and whenever we need too. Behave!” Dean said, standing outside my door. Sam huffed in frustration and turned toward Dean to say something but I replied before he could.

“Yes Dean, I will. Don’t worry about me.” I said. Sam turned around me and he mouthed an apology to me. He stood up and followed Dean. I took a deep breath and looked around my room. Another few days of being alone.

I spent the next few days cleaning the bunker. I washed all the bed sheets, deep cleansed the kitchen and dusted the place. When I wasn’t cleaning, I was knee deep in the lore, trying to help Sam and Dean with the up and coming monster.

After I had identified the monster, I went back to bed. It was already midnight and I was exhausted from all the work. I slept well, knowing my brothers will be back the next day. Around four in the morning, I received a call from Sam. I immediately panicked. I was worried something had happen to either of them.

“Sam! What’s wrong?” I asked. My heart was racing.

“It’s Dean, he got hurt bad. He might not make it.” said Sam. His voice was breaking.

“Where you you guys? I will be there as soon as I can.” I said. I got up and started stripping off my pajamas.

“Michigan General Hospital, drive safe sissy.” Sam said. I was heartbroken. I could sense that if Dean died, Sam would be devastated. I wished that it was me that was dying. Then, an idea hit me. I knew what I had to do.

“Sam, don’t worry. Dean will pull through. I promise you.” I said before hanging up.

There was only one way to save Dean. I put on my clothes, collected several items and then left. I was scared of what I was about to do. But I was more afraid of losing Dean.

“Hello darlin, what do I owe the pleasure?” Crowley asked.

“My brother, Dean. Save him.” I said.

“What are you willing to offer, my sweet young thing?” Crowley asked, stroking my cheek. I looked in Crowley’s eyes and sensed some sympathy, well, enough for the King of Hell.

“Anything.” I said. The next thing I knew, Crowley’s lips were on mine.

I walked in the hospital and saw Sam and Dean in the hallway. I ran straight towards Dean and gave him a big hug. The next thing I knew, I was violently pulled away from Dean.

“This is all your fault!” Dean yelled at me.

“What? I don’t understand!” I said. Did he know about the deal that I made?  

“If you had done your research, I would not have gotten hurt.” he said. Then, Sam yanked me away from Dean and into his arms. He held me close to himself.

“Dean, it is not her fault. We all did research and came up with the same conclusion. Don’t pin this on her, you selfish bastard!” Sam yelled at Dean. Sam then took my hand and pulled me out with him.

“Where the hell do you think you are going?” Dean asked.

“I am riding with Y/N!” Sam yelled back. I tried to stop Sam but he was too strong for me. I let him pull me out of the hospital. Sam opened the passenger seat door and gently shoved me inside the car. He then went around and got in the driver’s seat. We were on the road in five seconds.

It has been three weeks since Sam left Dean in Michigan. It has been an incredibly stressful week for all three of us. Sam and Dean were talking more these day, it seems like they have solved their issues. Sam has been extra loving to me. He spent more time with me. I took full advantage of it, knowing I only had a week before my time was up.

I yelled Sam’s name. No answer. I walked out to his room. He was not there. I checked the kitchen and then the library, no one but Dean. I walked in slowly. Dean was having a beer, at 10 a.m. It did not look good.

“Dean, where is Sam?” I asked.

“None of your business.” Dean said, gulping down the beer. Normally, I would have apologized and walked away. But since I only had days left, I figured that I should know the truth to why he hates me so much. I pulled a chair and sat in front of him.

“Why do you hate me so much Dean?” I asked, looking straight into his eyes.

“I don’t hate you. Why do you think I do?” Dean asked, looking away. I was furious. He was trying so hard to hide his hate for me. I made a deal to save his life and he won’t even look at me.

“Really? Ever since I you found out about me, you have treated me like shit. I tried everything I could to please you. I saved your… I am sorry that your duo became a trio. I am sorry dad did not treat you like he treated Adam and I. I am sorry I had a mother and you did not. But this is not a reason for you to just pretend I did not exist!” I yelled.

“Fine! I hate you! I hate that you had a better life with dad than me. I hate that you just barged into our lives and made us responsible for you. Most of all, I hate that you took Sammy away from me. You are nothing but a burden. You should have never been with us. If I could, I would put you in the cage with Lucifer!” Dean said. I was shocked. I did not know his hate had run so deep.

“Maybe your wish would come true.” I said. I stood up and walked out of the library.

That night, I wanted to spend the whole night with Sam. It would be my last night with my beloved brother. I would miss him the most. I faked being afraid of a nightmare to get him to stay with me. We spent the whole night talking and laughing. Sam finally slept beside me. I was awake. I spent about an hour watching him sleep. That was how I wanted to remember my brother, peaceful and happy.

Finally, I slowly got out of the bed so Sam would not wake up. I changed my clothes. I took one of Sam’s flannel and tied it around my waist. That way, I would have something of Sam’s with me. Then, I took Dean’s shirt and I wore it. I now have both of my brothers with me. I was ready for the consequence of the deal.

I walked out of the bunker. Outside, Crowley was already waiting for me. He saw the tears in my eyes.  I thought I saw him hesitate. Then he clicked his finger and we left.

Being in the cage with Lucifer was absolute hell. He was exactly how Sam described but ten times worse. He would fill my head with lies. He only mentally abused me. Apparently, Lucifer was a gentleman and would not hit a woman. That was the only good thing going for me. I was to be Lucifer’s punching bag. It keeps him from attacking the rest of hell. This went on for a long time.

— Sam’s POV

It has been almost five years since Y/N left. Dean and I have searched high and low for her. Nothing. I was devastated. Dean was sad too but somehow, I felt that he was hiding something. I never got to confronting him because I was afraid that he will leave me too. Fast forward to now, where I have to be in the cage with Lucifer to get him to work together with God.

I am afraid that Y/N is in hell. We found and killed a few crossroads demon before Crowley came and told us to “go to hell” when we asked if Y/N made a deal. I could have sworn that he knew something about Y/N. I did not press the issue. Part of me was afraid of what I would find out. The other part of me just missed her.

Now, I am about to be transported into Lucifer’s cage. I was nervous. I shook that feeling away and nodded to Crowley. He seemed a little hesitant but he motioned for Rowena to start the spell. In an instant, I was in the cage with Lucifer. He smiled at me and pointed behind me. I looked behind me, there was no one. Then I looked down and I saw her. My sister was in the cage.

I rushed to her. She seemed unharmed. There was no bruises on her body. I noticed that she was wearing Dean’s favorite t-shirt that he lost and on her waist, my flannel. I shook her and tried to wake her up. She did not move an inch. I turned around to Lucifer and was pushed down.

“Now, now, let’s not get antsy. I know you have many questions, but one at a time please.” Lucifer said with a smile on his face.

“What is she doing here?” I asked.

“She made a deal with dear ol’ Crowley. Simple as that.” Lucifer said.

“But why would she make a deal? We weren’t dying or anything. Sure we were hurt but both of us was not injured to the point of death except… Dean.” I said, looking down at my poor sister. I was mortified.

“Yup, dear sister made a deal to save her brother’s life. How touching. That is actually the reason why I was so nice to her. She knew what it felt to be abandoned by a loved one. The same way God forsook me, Dean forsook her.” Lucifer said.

I knelt down and held my sister’s body to my own. I felt the tears filling my eyes. I was filled with guilt and anger. I was angry at myself and Dean not knowing that she made a deal. I was guilty of not confronting Dean about mistreating her. I felt like a failure. I had failed my only sister.

“Enough of this sappy feelings. Let’s bring the guilty party into this court! I shall be the judge this time.” Lucifer said as he snapped his fingers.

“Dean Winchester! How do you plead?” asked Lucifer.

The finished version/screen record ~

I’m so in love with Mal’s new look, (and with Dove in general) eventho I noticed a lot of people dislike the new hair.

And I’m slightly bothered that the art contest is only for people in the US and between the age of 11-16 :( I really wanted to participate.
But that doesnt stop me from making fan-art

why does the quality look so bad :/ click on it for HD version

Update : oh god this fanbase is like the sweetest ever, I never had so many lovely comments before <3

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What do you think of the recent news about the story of Half Life?

I feel like the tide is turning hard and fast on Valve these days. The timing of this certainly doesn’t help. Valve is no longer a software company. They are bleeding talent that worked on some of their biggest, most critically acclaimed work.

And the fact that they are bleeding this talent is important. Valve is not a company that you should just walk away from. Erik Wolpaw once told a story about a flare-up of ulcerative colitis that made him miss months of work. Valve paid for all the hospital expenses and even gave him full paid leave. Gabe Newell told himYour job is to get better. That is your job description at Valve. So go home to your wife and come back when you are better.” They didn’t have to do that, but they extended the ultimate in generosity to keep him happy, healthy, and employed at Valve.

So when Erik Wolpaw leaves Valve, that’s not a decision I’m sure he came to lightly. Even though Marc Laidlaw, Erik Wolpaw, and Chet Faliszek all left and said there was no bad blood, they are putting the golden goose back in the pen and saying “Naw, I’ve got somewhere else to be.”

That’s a reflection on what Valve is, and what Valve will become going forward.

Valve has, essentially, infinite money. And not only do they have infinite money, but they’re constantly looking for solutions to avoid hiring more employees. They’d rather figure out a way to make the community do all the work for them, so they can kick back and go for a swim in their Scrooge McDuck money bins.

In a lot of ways, it’s starting to feel very reminiscent of the trend you see on Kickstarter. The big important game developer promises you everything you’ve ever hoped or dreamed for, they get millions of dollars, go over-budget, miss deadlines, and ultimately under-deliver. We saw it with Broken Age, we saw it with Mighty No. 9, we saw it with Yooka-Laylee, we’re seeing it with Shenmue 3 and most likely Bloodstained (which, after three years in development, is apparently only 20% complete). It’s less that these guys have lost their touches and more that they have the freedom to do whatever they want, and whatever they want turns out to be beyond reasonable budgets.

Take Broken Age: when Tim Schafer pitched the Kickstarter, he thought they’d do a short, simple adventure game, like the very first Maniac Mansion. No voice acting, not even HD visuals. The final Broken Age was so expensive it had to be broken in to two separate halves, with the sales of Broken Age 1 funding part 2.

I think it was in their Yooka-Laylee video, but Stop Skeletons From Fighting brought up a wonderful clip from behind the scenes of The Incredibles, where Brad Bird is arguing for a big, impressive, and most importantly time consuming and expensive action scene to cap the movie off. If Brad Bird had total creative freedom he would do that scene without a second thought, but since he was working for Disney, he had a producer on hand pushing back against it. Brad, in his own words, wanted to do “something cool” and the producer wanted it “on time and on budget” – and ultimately, that clash lead to a fantastic final product, because limitations foster creativity. Unchecked freedom can just make a very costly mess, which is a trap many of these high-profile Kickstarters are falling in to.

Valve gets around some of that because their money hose doesn’t stop gushing. They don’t even have to put out software anymore – Valve takes a deep cut of every DOTA 2 International tournament prize pool, which this year raised $24,000,000. Roughly half of that gets funneled back in to Valve, every year, until the day DOTA 2 stops being interesting. On top of the 30% of every sale on Steam. On top of them ramping up the tournament scene in CS:GO in the last two years with the same tactics that filled DOTA 2 with money. Valve clearly has more cash than they know what to do with.

But what has that gotten us?

A failed deal with Adult Swim for Valve to produce Team Fortress 2 shorts as a TV series. Only one episode was ever finished and released (Expiration Date), which reportedly took something like a whole year (or more) to put together. Using a piece of software Valve built themselves, and is intimately familiar with. When fans, using that same piece of software, routinely produce a significantly greater volume of work at nearly professional standards, and often by single-person teams working alone (there’s even a yearly film festival about this exact thing). The best Valve could muster was a single episode, despite reportedly employing more than 200 people.

Two, the Steam Controller. Valve custom-built an entire assembly line factory with their own money to produce Steam Controllers after nearly two years of private and public R&D. It failed to set the world on fire, because in order to use it, it requires you to unlearn basically everything you’ve ever known about game controllers. It is the DVORAK of gamepads, catering to a very narrow audience of people who either forced themselves to like it or grew up knowing nothing else.

Three, are Steam Machines, which is really just a nebulous PC spec that doesn’t seem to have really stuck around or gone anywhere at all.

Four, SteamVR (The Vive), which is prohibitively expensive and requires a minimum amount of space in order to work that most people apparently do not have. Cool if you’re rich enough to afford any of that, but I don’t think very many can right now.

And five, a DOTA 2 collectible card game that seems to exist only because Valve saw how much money Blizzard was making with Hearthstone, and they decided to make their own version of that.

Not exactly the greatest pedigree to have after a high point like Portal 2. So much for Valve’s “make something interesting, and if it’s cool enough it’ll eventually come out.” mantra.

How many projects like Half-Life 2 Episode 3 were left on the cutting room floor? Forgotten about if for no other reason than the person working on it got pulled away to help crunch for a TF2 update, or producing The International, or something else? Only to, weeks or even months later, come back and realize they don’t remember where they left off. But who cares, right? If it wasn’t cool enough, then you can just work on something else. Nobody’s going to stop you. Wheel your desk somewhere else and start over on whatever catches your interest that week.

What happened to F-STOP? The idea that was reportedly going to make up Portal 2 but ended up being abandoned because it was “too good.” That was more than six years ago. They spent one whole year prototyping F-STOP and we haven’t heard a peep about it since (unless they planned to have a whole section in Portal 2 where you play a DOTA 2 card game, I guess).

Valve has really backed themselves in to a corner, here. I am a massive Valve fanboy, and they just seem like a really hard company to root for these days. Between their hands-off approach to Steam curation, their slavish dedication to gargantuan esports profits over all else, and now the man who literally invented the Half-Life universe more or less saying, “This is how I wanted that story to end, because they might not ever tell you” …it’s just… probably about as close to a worse case scenario you could get for that company. And for once, you can’t point fingers at a greedy publisher, or a failed merger, or any kind of corporate man in a business suit. Valve controls their own destiny, and are the only ones to blame for the monster they’ve let themselves become.



  • he asked if his hair looked nice and shoved the camera into his head
  • he talked about how it was raining a lot and showed the camera
  • he was in a van on his way to the concert
  • he said he learned korean in a hagwon
  • he got a bit sentimental about this being the last pd101 event 
  • “I’m not crying!! I’m really not!!”
  • had to repeat that a few times bc people kept asking
  • eunki had to comment like 10 times before kenta noticed him lol
  • he had Always and Super Hot playing in the background it was probably a tracklist of all the pd101 music
  • he sang a little bit (my ears r blessed)
  • eunki told him to sing nayana and kenta said he’s going to sing at the concert
  • kenta asked viewers a few times who’s going to the concert
  • he wished good luck to highschoolers with their exams
  • there was a comment saying he speaks japanese well lmao
  • he mentioned his ost is coming out the day after the concert
  • “so everyone please listen a lot!!”
  • lmaooo he said he ate meat after the concert so he isn’t tired
  • he said thank you to a comment saying shape of you was really good
  • he said although it’s a shame his pd101 ends here to please look forward to his future activities
  • was surprised at how many people there were (how cute lol)
  • it ended right as he said he arrived
Making Gifs from Netflix Videos

For Macs Only!

Sadly, this tutorial only works for macs, from what I can find. However, I would still read as a PC user, as you might be able to find a comparable program to the Quicktime version found on Macs. PC version of Quicktime does not have the proper feature in order to do this tutorial. It doesn’t need to be Netflix, it can also work for any online based HD streams, like Hulu, Amazon Prime, Google Play, and HBO Go – I used Netflix because it’s what I had. This method is actually super easy once you get the hang of it, and saves time/space compared to looking for and downloading films/tv shows.

For this tutorial, you will need:

  • Photoshop
  • Quicktime
  • Your choice of online video (Netflix in this case)

We will be making gifs like these, which were taken directly from Netflix, from the film Copenhagen

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

do you have any favourite blogs??? like any kind of blogs!! (just curious skmfmd)

This got outta hand so quickly. But here was my overall answer:

I follow a lot of seventeen blogs. Like a lot. But I also follow a lot of people who are generally nice and who have cute tags because they help brighten up my day. I like art blogs and those calming aesthetic blogs because they make my dash prettier. And I follow my in-real-life friends like @leechansthighs and @verifiedspheniscidae and @vernaans no matter their content (although their blogs are all still A+ content and I’d probably follow them regardless). And I like @myetie so much that I played Mystic Messenger just to better understand what was going on in her artwork because her art is cute and funny and I stumbled upon it accidentally so I had to catch up. 

But to get specific? Hmmm, well, in no particlar order…. 

Of course I have my mutuals like @miiinghao @kimbapkidding @thatgirlcatt13 @jeonwonxwoo and @kw0njisol who I probably forgot to reply to like 3 billion years ago in chat but are still amazing and I love with my soul but am too nervous to say anything to because I know the only reason we’ve stopped talking is because I’m disorganized af. 

And then, well, @fyhoshi probably dominates my dashboard with HD Hoshi pics (not that I mind, really). Seriously, if you’re a Hoshi stan, follow them (you likely already are). You won’t regret it. In a very similar way, if you’re a Woozi stan, then you’ve gotta follow @woozioppa for all her constant updates and flooding of your dashboard. Just from following her, Woozi jumped like 5 spots on my bias list because of all the Woozi content.

@pristeen-23 is honestly such a good friend (used to write on her blog but not anymore,,, GIRL I’M STILL MOURNING). She’s friends with so many people because she’s a beautiful human being and deserves to be loved and rolled into a warm blanket and fed good food bye. 

OKAY so who hasn’t heard of @woozifi? Honestly, whether it’s for Tessa’s art or Tessa’s writing (CHECK OUT HER AO3), she excels in whatever she does. Talk about multitalented. Her commissions are open here

I like art blogs a lot!!! @bodtster was probably the first fan art blog I ever followed and I am lowkey,,, in love,,, with Annie and her work (her personal @sailorpeach is hella aesthetic if you also wanna check that out.) Her commissions are open right here.

@94wnd Graphics man, graphics. She’s the pop of colour on my dash that always makes me stop and go “ooOoOhh” because her graphics are so vibrant and pleasing. And her writing is great too! Definition of that one mom friend who always makes you feel like honey, starlight, and warm hugs on a Thursday afternoon. She makes me feel good about my angst and I love reading her tags okay. 

I frickin love memes and shitposts, and I recently discovered @amemericans [I know, I know, y’all are all like “where have you been?” and ur rite where have I been?]. They’ve got the best memes in the business. We have recently formed the idol group Clickb8,,, and are accepting all applications – so rhymes, limericks, and haikus thx. 

@incorrect7teen always makes me laugh with her incorrect quotes and love for DK,,, She’s really sweet and interactive too. Her little window into her daily life and thoughts is really so entertaining, and one can’t help but want to be friends ^^

@doyomi has some great incorrect NCT quotes, so if any NCTzens are floating around. @gwikimchi is her main blog but she has like a million blogs that I apparently don’t follow even though I know them by heart??? FRICK I’M THE DAMN WORST. ( @lordyoungho for kpop horoscopes and @sebooty-lyfe for writing). 

Choco from @choco-seventeen is such a sweetheart and her writing is stunning. Legit, her writing will probably make you want to cry. Heck, I have cried while reading her writing. And I will continue to cry because she always gets better and better and is always looking to improve and wow everything she does motivates me. 

Did you know that if you looked up talent in the dictionary you’ll get @hansolmates? Legit when I saw her writing for the first time I blanched. I wish man, I wish. Her timing is terrific, her fluff makes me melt, and her angst makes me jealous. I wish I had an ounce of her skill. 

Another art blog I follow is @cutiepatoodieart, who never fails to impress. Joey’s style is absolutely breathtaking and I love her art so so much. As well, she always says what’s on her mind without holding back, which I think is admirable. Her commissions are also very open right here.

@hoshbrownie is precious. Absolutely precious. Eva will talk to you and make you feel like you matter. She will think about you and tag you in things and I’m actually teary-eyed because she’s so precious and every not-so-anonymous anon (hoshbrownie i see u) I get from her makes me so happy. 

@svt-husbands THE WELL OILED AND FAST WORKING MACHINE. You guys know who they are, of course you do. Great quality writing at insane speeds, these guys are everything I want to be bye. I remember first talking to one of the admins @squishteen , and I was like ??? How do such interesting people exist ??? She’s amazing and writes on her main as well, go follow her. I more recently started talking to @jeongguktm, and can confirm that yes she is as adorable and kind as one might expect her to be. ALSO JUST REALIZED THAT I RECENTLY MISSED HER BIRTHDAY and tf is wrong with me, this isn’t how you make friends. Happy belated birthday sweets <33

Jackie from @tookorean lowkey intimidates me because everything she does turns to gold. She’s hard working and loves Woozi and if that’s not enough reason to follow then I don’t know what is. Sometimes translates, sometimes does this. Another multitalented goddess on our hands, this is getting overwhelming. 

@vitaminniedk just read her tags and you’ll understand why I follow her. She also has probably the best theme around? Vivienne is as much of a sunshine as her bias, and you’ve probably seen her gifs floating around

Gen from @wonnhao is a gif goddess that you are probably all aware of and her interactions are really cute too so of course I’m following her. Aren’t you? 

@wasabi-duck who is on an indefinite hiatus but you should still see her writing anyway. She was the sole person who attracted me to the bullet-point style that’s getting more and more popular around here these days. My friends and I would like read her stories out loud at lunch over sandwiches and I feel nostalgic just writing this. She’s also very kind and I like the stuff she reblogs on her main @clockwork-lullaby.

@mounteenbase is back from the dead so check her out! Lots of fun lil blurbs and bullet-point fics. Fluff master and a lowkey meme master. Very cute and easy to talk to, fun and interesting as one can see from her main blog @mounteenbase-main

@saythename17scenarios is graceful. Perhaps that’s not the right word but heaven knows my vocabulary isn’t extensive enough to describe how I feel about Kimbap Mom. Her writing is distinctive and tactful, and she often finds the greatest of beauty in the simplest of concepts. One day she might write a full length multi-part fic and I will be here eagerly awaiting each update because I’m trash for her. 

@moodboards-and-profiles flowers and unicorns and everything pure. When we first talked she was legit one of the most encouraging people I’ve ever met, and I’m sure that remains the same despite our lack of communication! Actually has some really cute moodboards (that she should tag because she can gain some major attention winkwinknudgenudgeshoveshove). 

Oh and recently I started following @askjournalismsvt and this is probably my favourite SVT Tumblr AU ever. Sam and Kei perfectly portray Seventeen as members of the “Diamond City University journalism department” and answer questions with the cutest of doodles ack. They’re also hilarious and I want to be this funny. 

And whilst writing this, @puppetwritings popped into my head even though I just followed her like now. She was the first fanfic account that I got into way before I actually made an account and since I didn’t have an account I would just check her Tumblr constantly and put her in my bookmarks. I got busy after a while and then made my account after another while, but I can’t believe I forgot to follow such a phenomenal writer.

Anyway thanks for the question love! This was fun to write up and reflect on :)

parrotassbutt  asked:

Your art is AMAZING!! What program do you use? (And, do you perhaps have any advice for traditional artists looking to learn digital?)

First off gosh thanks for the lovely message and the follow!

I use a program called Clip Studio Paint/Manga Studio, I got it bc it was good for comic making and illustration and has a built up page organiser for printing physical books and recently a frame by frame animation tool which is neat. 

I also use brushes that emulates gouache paint and not much else haha. I love the feel of it and it really looks like tactile paint once you get the hang of it. I believe I got those brushes and a few other ones from Brian Allen? If not from him I believe if you search manga studio 5 gouache brushes you’ll find them quick. 

As for advice for those trying out digital:

First get a really cheap ass tablet, do NOT draw with a mouse bc it’s bad for your wrist, you can get a really simple one for like 50$ just to try out and see how you feel. Once you feel comfortable I would recommend getting a tablet with a screen so you don’t get the disconnect between your hand and eyes, though they are quite expensive. My Cintiq 13 HD was around £600, I’ve had it for near 3 years now and I’ve loved it and would only change it if a bigger one was better for me. 

Two, don’t work on a white background, the glare from the screen is bad for the eyes and also it distorts the colour as you see them bc of how colour looks depending on what’s next to it. If you’ve ever seen those illusions with the checkered pattern and one’s in shadow and light and they look different but they’re actually the same? That’s what happens with a coloured background. Have a grey or toned down brown background when working. 

Flip your canvas! It’s a really simple way to spot mistakes and refresh your eyes. 

Don’t go crazy with fancy layers, avoid using them at first until the finishing touches. It can look very obvious with you’ve used an overlay layer in place of figuring out the ‘right’ colours. Once you get more confident and experimented try being more ambitious. I love using the add glow layer to do my lighting effects, but only at the end for extra pazass.

If you want a really traditional looking digital art piece, think like a traditionalist. I tend to do my final paintings on fewer and fewer layers, one is a sketch layer and maybe background and the rest is on one layer. Basically, I only use it to ‘save’ the parts of the painting I might want to change later but do the majority on one layer. I also start with the darkest values first and don’t undo a lot. I paint over it instead. 

Aaaaand I think that’s all I can think of atm, but if you have any specific questions please go ahead and ask! Happy painting!

anonymous asked:

Me and My Friends are creating what is essentially a "NIGHTMARE" Mode for DnD. We have rules for making things harder and PCs easier to Kill. (I have been given permission by all Players to Murder their PC if I must...). One Example Rule is Reduced Hit Dice. So while a Regular Barbarian has a D12 Hit Dice, a Barbarian on NIGHTMARE MODE only has a D10 Hit Dice, giving them less Hit Points Overall. What are some other rules from 5e or Even Older Editions that could help us create a True NIGHTMARE?

Ah, a "Dark Souls" of D&D. Some of my favorite things from 3.5e that were taken out of 5e because they were less ‘fun’ or less 'fair’ were Negative Levels, Ability Damage/Drain, and save-or-die spells.

Negative levels were parts of spells or monsters’ abilities. Wights, vampires, wraiths, and I think the Enervation spell were pretty famous for doling out negative levels. I think they gave -1 Atk, damage, AC, and skill checks and -1 HD to maximum hit points per negative level gained. After 24 hours, you had to make another saving throw for each negative level. If this save is failed, the negative level becomes permanent and the character LITERALLY goes down a level (the previous debuffs go away once this happens)

Ability Damage/Drain still exists in D&D 5e but it’s less common and usually goes away at the end of a rest. In 3.5e ability damage would only go away at a rate of 1 ability point per rest. Ability DRAIN was much worse: it was permanent. Drain could only be healed by Restoration spells.

“Save-or-Die” spells also still exist in 5e, but they are much more forgiving. For instance, a Medusa’s petrifying gaze only kills you right away if the creature fails the save by 5 or more. Otherwise they start turning and still have a chance to overcome it.

More of these mechanics would make D&D more dangerous and force players to become more careful. Another easy way to increase difficulty in 5e is to boost the AC of monsters by 1 or 2. Monsters in 5e are designed to be easier to hit, but have more hit points or resistances to compensate. Boosting the AC means a hit is less likely. With an average of +8 to a weapon attack (~3 proficiency, ~3 ability bonus, ~2 from magic weapons or spell buffs) factoring in Advantage giving about +2.5, smart players will hit an AC 20 creature about 50% of the time, and AC 20 is supposed to be pretty dang difficult. Maxed out stats at 20 it becomes more like hitting an AC of 20 80% of the time. So just add a few ticks of AC and suddenly it becomes not only riskier but more difficult to land hits.