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I really wish Aaron Ehasz had more interviews & had as much camera time as Bryke & the voice actors, I know that's not how it works usually only the creators & actors get that privilege, that's how the entertainment business goes, writers don't get that much attention, but it would've been nice if Ehasz got that, he would've shared more of his ideas & talked more about the show, then more people will understand more about the true direction the story was supposed to go instead of what Bryke says

I agree. I would die to see a completely open and honest interview with him. He was the head writer and it is annoying that Bryke always get all the credit for how good ATLA’s story was. After reading the comics, that credit is completely undeserved. The only real interview I could find with Ehasz was about the live-action movie. He sounded kind of irritated:

While Ehasz was responsible for crafting the characters millions watched, he was left out of the creative process of the film. “I made up the middle of this movie and the ending of this movie, and I have zero credit on this movie,” he said.

Regardless of his involvement in the film, Ehasz said he hopes “the characters I built come through in this movie, regardless of casting.”

“I hope this is a huge artistic success. I hope that fans who watched the show get something out of it. I hope that this is a way that the show lives on and comes stronger,” he said.



LISTEN recently i’ve been having a lot of feels about the wonder girls and i’m just so proud of them and i honestly think they’re the ultimate girl group and i don’t really think that girl group stans these days pay them as much attention as they should BECAUSE THEY DESERVE THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!!!!!!! 

1.) at one point they were THE girl group, but while they were trying to make it in america their spot got taken by snsd. despite this, they’ve never shown any bitterness about it, only gratitude for their fans and determination to release good music. yenny said that she’s never regretted moving to new york even though they lost so much because the it shaped her so much and gave her important life experiences

2.) wonder girls has gone through many line-up changes, but unlike other groups i could mention, they’ve always been understanding toward their former members situation and speak openly about them in interviews. they’re even still close with hyuna, who was only in the group for their first year. when sunmi had to go on hiatus for her mental health and to get an education, not only did they welcome their new member hyerim with open arms but the members always made it clear that sunmi’s own health was the most important thing and that she was welcome back whenever she was ready. when she came back in 2015 after a 5 year hiatus, it became clear that they were still as close as ever AND she’s now best friends with hyerim despite their time in wonder girls never overlapping until now. sohee gets the same treatment as sunmi. even though she’s not even in jyp anymore, the members have stated multiple times that she’s welcome back whenever she wants. DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON SUNYE. she became the first girl group member to get married and have a baby, and while other bands might take issues with one of their members (especially considering she was the leader!!!!) suddenly moving on like that, the wonder girls ARE SO FREAKING HAPPY FOR HER!!! 

here’s a picture of all 6 of them at sunye’s wedding 

and here’s one of her baby watching the wonder girls perform on tv 

both she and sohee even came to their comeback performance on music core to show their support!!!! WHY ARE THEY SO PERFECT???!!! 

3.) they’re all super supportive of each other’s solo ventures!! sunmi wasn’t even a member of the wonder girls when she released her first solo album, but ha:tfelt (aka yenny) and yubin each still wrote/composed a song for it!! yubin was even supposed to feature on her monster hit “full moon” but jyp decided it wasn’t right for the track. whenever they talk about it you can hear how disappointed they still are and sunmi still insists to this day that yubin was the most suited for the part. for ha:tfelt’s first album, hyerim featured on her track “iron girl” (which btw is basically a fuck you to anyone who thinks the wonder girls are has-beens). when yubin was on unpretty rapstar pretty much everyone’s social media was flooded with support for her. 

4.) they’re pretty much the only girl group that writes/composes EVERY SONG ON THEIR ALBUM. last year’s ‘reboot’ was the first album they had total creative control over AND IT KILLED. both billboard and fuse recognized it as one of the greatest albums of 2015. they’re doing the same thing for their next album (which is coming out in april!!!!) not only that, but when they decided on the band concept for ‘reboot’ THEY FUCKING COMMITTED. most groups would just hold instruments for one round of promotions and then move on, but the wonder girls actually spent their time learning the instruments so they can play them live for ‘i feel you’ promotions!! they didn’t learn in time to play on the actual album, but they definitely will be playing all the instruments on their upcoming album!!! THEY’RE SO FUCKING TALENTED AND DEDICATED TO MUSIC I CAN’T EVEN HANDLE IT 

ANYWAY pls give these angels all the love they deserve for their comeback in april!!!! we’re not expecting them to become top girl group again or anything, but it would be really great if they could get some wins and acknowledgement this year<3333


“I thought…I thought we had a connection.
Maybe we did but we never had a chance.
I trusted Josh. I know he trusted me too.
I don’t understand why he didn’t tell me.
He’d usually come to me for comfort.
If I only knew earlier…

I could’ve saved him.”

{I was hoping there was more to Sam’s dialogue regarding Josh during the police interview but there was only a few so I tried to make one two months ago}

A New Court, Part 8

I told you it would be up by the end of Labor Day! Yay! Also, to make up for this being so late (sorry, apartment moving and bills and job interviews and school starts tomorrow and holy cow adulting?) I’m writing a new one shot!

I couldn’t move. I stood there, staring wide-eyed at Lucien as his mouth moved, my ears ceasing to work. He was gesturing wildly, but the only thing I could even possibly understand was the fact that the King of Hybern may or may not have figured out that Rhys and I tricked him.

And though I was prepared to deal with Tamlin, I wasn’t quite prepared yet to deal with the King of Hybern, the Cauldron, and an entire army.

Rhysand and I hadn’t gotten that far.

“Come on, Feyre! I can’t have two High Lords on my ass!”

Lucien grabbed my arm and half dragged me toward the door, my mind slowly catching up to my physical being.

I blinked. “Wait…”

Lucien didn’t seem to hear me.

I yanked on my arm, halting him. “Wait, Lucien. I’ll just winnow to the Night Court.”

Lucien looked at me like I was crazy. “No way. No way in hell am I letting you winnow anywhere.”

“Why not? I can—“

“Because the King of Hybern has the Cauldron, not to mention whatever kind of magic and power he’s personally capable of. He could track you down in a split second and then the entire Night Court could be compromised.”

I blinked.

Lucien clenched his jaw. “Rhysand—the Night Court…You are our best chance of defeating Hybern. I’ll always be loyal to Tamlin. I swore an oath, and he’s my friend, and I’m not going back on that. But even I know that his decisions was…blind.”

I put a hand on my stomach. “Well, then. Let’s go greet the King of Hybern and introduce him to Tamlin’s future heir.”

 Lucien was right.

The King watched me far more suspiciously than he had when I last saw him.

And why would he have been suspicious? His magic caused Rhys and I real pain—real, true, agonizing pain. And he had shattered a bond. He simply hadn’t shattered the bond that really, truly, in the end, counted.

The question was, what had given him a clue as to the fact that Rhys and I were still mates? That we tricked him?

I gave him a vapid smile and bowed my head in a small curtsy. “Your Highness. I was never given the chance to thank you for what you did for me those months ago.”

His eyes were clever and sharp. But he didn’t seem to recognize the game for what it was. “Ah, yes,” he said slowly. “How have you been?”

“Well.” I forced my smile to grow and I put a hand on my stomach, where the tiny bump that no one could see had begun to show. “Your generosity gave Tamlin and I a second chance I thought we’d never have. We’re fortunate enough to be with child.”

I nearly cringed at my own words.

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Tarjei's last post on insta before he deleted it says it all. He seems very smart and I think it's great that he's so career oriented. He's apparently going to film a pilot for another show. I think he'll go far. I also saw news that Cezinando may mention Skam. Great lol. Thanks Henrik lol.

He seems like an old soul. If he knows it makes him unhappy he should feel no pressure to have instagram or other social media. He only wishes people to appreciate him for his acting. I’m thinking of all the people going to his play who can’t understand Norwegian. It would be better if those tickets went to people who could really appreciate what he’s saying, but that can’t be helped at this point. We’ll have to see what happens with this pilot. If it’s true it may not happen for a while.

If Cez mentions Skam in an interview I wouldn’t be surprised. Mutual promo for him and Henrik, especially if Even is the main. I’ve seen people are upset about it being called promo. There’s nothing wrong with pointing it out and it’s nothing against Henrik at all.

It’s three years since the GQ interview was published.  And while I know people hate it - for good reason.  I want to take a moment to celebrate how fucking on fire Harry was that day. I love nothing more than the idea that Harry straight up told the truth to that interviewer and the interviewer didn’t even notice as he was distracted with his ridiculous dick-measuring masculinity and the idea that he was the only person who could possibly understand One Direction.  

So here’s to Harry answering questions about his sexuality with a beautiful deadpan the interviewer doesn’t even notice:

GQ: What do you make of the rumours about you and Nick Grimshaw?

Harry: What rumours would they be?

GQ: That you’re an item.

Harry: Oh, really? I didn’t even know. We’re not dating, no. We’re just friends.

GQ: So you’re not bisexual?

Harry: Bisexual? Me? I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure I’m not.


GQ: Do you know how many people you’ve slept with?

Harry: I know the number of people I’ve slept with, yes.

GQ: What is that number?Harry: I’m definitely not telling you!

GQ: Can you give me a rough, ballpark figure?

Harry: No!

GQ: Say “yes” or “no”. Less than 100?

Harry: No!

GQ: So higher than 100?

Harry: No, it’s definitely less than 100…

GQ: Lower than 50?

Harry: Yes, lower than 50.

GQ: Lower than 30?

Harry: I’m not doing this! You’re cornering me!

GQ: Come on you’re a rock star. OK, less than ten.

Harry: Yes. Two people. I’ve only ever had sex with two people.

GQ: I don’t believe you.Harry: Well, that’s my answer. Read from it what you will!

Here’s to Harry getting the better of misogynist dumb ass reporters who don’t even notice what he’s doing.

Don't doubt I love you (Micheal Clifford)

You sat on the couch in the tour bus watching another interview the boys were on. Your boyfriend, Micheal Clifford, was the lead guitarist in the band 5 Seconds of Summer.

“So Micheal I understand you have a girlfriend, is that correct?” The interviewer asked. You hated when Mikey got asked this question, not only did you hate your private relationship being talked about but his fans (who I loved for the fact that they made my boyfriends dreams come true) could be cruel. Most of them are convinced that our relationship is just a publicity stunt.

“Uhm yea-yea I do.” Micheal blushed as he began to answer the interviewed question. “She is so gorgeous and I just- I love her a lot.” Micheal finished not wanting to flaunt your relationship to much especially since he knew how upset you get when the fans say your realationship is fake.

You opened Twitter deciding to scroll through the multitudes of conspiracy theories.

@Y/T/N You don’t even love Micheal you’re just a fake girlfriend.”

“@Y/T/N Micheal doesn’t love you he is just doing this to get more fans.”

“@Y/T/N is so stupid obviously they’re relationship if fake. Who could love her?”

You just wished they would believe you that you loved him truly and completely. It hurt so damn much having people think you didn’t love him. You would do anything to prove them wrong.

“Y/N.” The familiar voice called to you. “Back here.” You shouted attempting to push away your sadness.

“I missed you.” Micheal said flopping down next to you and pulling you on top of him so you were straddling him. He grabbed your face in his hands and kissed you. You smiled into the kiss knowing that he loved you. And that’s all that matters.

“I missed you too.” You spoke in a soft whisper your faces only inches apart.

“Everything alright?” He asked sensing something was off. He twirled your hair in his fingers waiting for your answer.

“Yea fine. It’s just I wish they believed us. The fans. I mean I wished they knew how much I loved you.” You said looking up so you could look in his eyes searching for any comfort you could find in them.

“I” he kissed you cheek. “Love” he kissed your nose. “You” he kissed your lips lightly.

“That’s all that matters but if you are really bothered by it I can always say something.” Micheal offered making you smile because you knew he would do anything for you.

“No that’s okay. I don’t want the fans to get mad at you.” You said brushing off the whole subject with a laugh. “Now let’s go sleep. I don’t want to be tired for your concert tomorrow.” You kissed him and stood up grabbing his hand to pull him up off the couch.

Both of you climbed into his bunk. Your back pressed against him, he wound his arm around your waist and snuggled his face into your neck. You felt the feeling his deep breaths against your neck and the beat of his heart against your back. “Goodnight.” He whispered kissing your neck as you drifted off to sleep.

The next morning you woke up tangled into Mikey. You lightly shoved him just enough so you could get out and get ready. Once showered and dressed you decided you should wake up Mikey who was still asleep.

“Babe.” You whispered shaking him lightly. You knew this would not be enough but you hated waking him up.

“Micheal.” You said a bit louder and this time he stirred opening his eyes to see you all ready to go.

“What time is it?” He groaned turning away from you to face the wall.

“Tell him to get his ass up. We have to go.” Claim screamed from the front of the bus.

“I’m trying!” You screamed back.

“Here, I’ll get him up.” Like said walking towards you with a grin plastered on his face. You ran to front of the bus not wanting to be there when Luke woke Mikey up. You knew he would not be as nice about it as you were.

You heard a bang, a thump, and then a scream. You laughed along with Calum while Ashton come running in who had obviously videoed the whole thing.

After about 15 minutes Mikey came up to you now awake and ready. You all headed out of the bus, you were going with the boys to keep them company during the whole rehearsal. As soon as you opened the door the sound of screaming girls hit your ears. The boys went up to them having time before they truly needed to be at rehearsal to make a few fans dreams come true by meeting them.

You stayed further back but still close enough that you could see Micheal. A few fans noticed you but most were focused on the boys which you were thankful for. Then one fan shouted out to you others quickly following along.

“Eww why is she here?”

“God this is just another publicity stunt.”

“They are just trying to get us to believe this stupid act.”

You looked down at ground trying to block them out but tears quickly pooled in your threatening to spill over. Micheal who had began to register what some of the girls were shouting looked over at you. He ran towards you immediately wanting to comfort you. He pulled your head up so he could see your face. Once he saw the tears in your eyes he looked at the boys and fans and then back to you. “Follow me.” He said grabbing your hand and dragging you back to the tour bus.

“What are you doing?” You asked confused as to why you were headed back to the bus.

“I’m gonna do something about it.” You both walked into the bus. You stood in the front of the bus while he ran to the back to grab something. He came back with a megaphone.

“They let me keep one after the Good Girls music video.” He said quickly reading your face of confusion. “Come one.”

He grabbed a chair, stepped in and opened a patch on the ceiling of the bus. He pulled himself through the opening and then helped you get up.

“Mikey what the hell are we doing on top of the bus?” You asked him. From here you could see the huge crowd of fans as well as the boys who were still taking pictures.

“You’ll see.” He said right before sounding an alarm on the mega phone that quickly got everyone’s attention.

“Hi everyone! It’s Micheal. I came up here with my lovely girlfriend and this megaphone because I needed to say something to all of you.” He paused for a moment looking at you and then went back to talking. “I love this girl so so so much. You can’t even comprehend how much I love her. I love her smile, her eyes, her nose, her lips, her laugh I just love her. This isn’t a fake relationship. I’m sorry but it’s not. I love her and I know she loves me too and if you knew her you would love her too because she is impossible not to love.” He brought the megaphone to his side and then let it drop onto the ceiling of the bus and then he turned to you and kissed you.

He brought you closer to him by wrapping his arms around your waist. He kissed you so passionately. More passionate than he bet had and just by the way his lips moved against yours you never every word he said was true and you would never doubt his love for you.

You pulled away breathless your forehead pressed against his. “Thank you.” You whispered. “I love you too.”

You hear Ashton shout and then Luke and the Calum and suddenly to your surprise the rest of the fans started to Cleo and yell too.

“Come on let’s get you to rehearsal.” You said blushing but before you could turn around he kissed you again this time lighter but still full of love.

“Never doubt how much I love you. Okay?”

“I won’t.”

Naruto Gaiden FLOPS as predicted

I read today’s Naruto Gaiden chapter and tbqh it was BORING. And nonsensical. And OBVIOUS to anyone who understand the kind of demographic it was made for (NH/SS shippers and braindead teens who just want to read something that will anger SS shippers).

It seriously put me off the series entirely. Bolt had to run after Naruto to give him the bento Hinata prepared ONLY so that he could look even more bratty for no reason and to set the mood for the OBVIOUS AND ALREADY ANNOUNCED BY THE AUTHOR IN ALL HIS INTERVIEWS Borusara pairing that will happen in the movie, Salad was OBVIOUSLY targeted by the “mysterious” enemy so Shikamaru just let her waltz out of Konoha with a huge-ass Uchiha fan on her back to make sure the enemy could find her, Naruto noticed she was out of the village but didn’t give half a fuck about it before he realized she was running after him for the OBVIOUS reason he HAS to “save” them.

Even Chouchou OBVIOUSLY had to be portrayed as a conceited little bitch to whom a boy can’t even talk to before she assumes he’s in love with her, as it is traditional Konoha female behavior.

Oh and by the way, Naruto Gaiden is flopping SO HARD it’s not even in the top 50 manga rating (source), as I predicted. Because Japanese Naruto fans aren’t crack addicts.

“Her tumor was the size of a grapefruit. I don’t even know how it fit in her body. There’s no protocol for neuroblastoma. Everything is experimental. Different doctors have different opinions, so I have to make choices that you couldn’t imagine. Horrible choices. She’s had several rounds of chemo, antibody therapy, a stem cell transplant, and a twelve-hour surgery. The surgery was risky. One doctor tried to talk me out of it. I don’t understand this stuff but I still have to make these decisions. I think I’ve made all the right choices so far but the next one could be the wrong one. It’s so stressful. You know that feeling you have when you’re waiting for a call back from a job interview? That’s all the time for me. Except it’s not a job. It’s my kid’s life. I push all the emotional stuff to the back burner. I feel like the only way to keep moving is to stay numb. My only therapy is talking to the other moms here. We’re all going through the same thing. So that helps. But then again we lose a lot of our friends here. Her best friend’s cancer just spread to the brain. So that’s scary as shit.”

Just a few days left in our fundraiser to help Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center fight pediatric cancer. Nearly 28,000 people have donated so far and we’ve raised over $1,000,000. This money will be used to help develop innovative treatments for the rare childhood cancers that MSK helps fight. If you’ve been inspired by the stories of these patients, doctors, and nurses, please consider being counted in our effort to support them: http://bit.ly/1TpFcdy

I feel a little better about thinking I had a chance with Garden Girl all summer. She’s really… not very consistent in what she says. Today she asked me if I had taken any pictures of her she could use for an interview, and I said no, not really - I only took a handful because she told me months ago that she didn’t like portraits. Today she told me she wishes people would take more portraits of her, and asked me to take some this week. Just… stuff like that. 

As the NWSL season slowly winds down and we head into the playoffs…shoutout to non-national team players who don’t make as much as they deserve and still play. The ones who still work hard and sell tickets while NT players have their duties - whether it’s the WC, Olympics and the qualifying stages. FYI they’re just as important - if not more important to selling the league to the general public. They sacrifice a lot push women’s football in the United States. Especially financially. They don’t bring home as much and many could make more using the degree they earned while in college. Or they’re forced to retire in their twenties to make ends meet. Just listen to Ella Masar’s 2 Drunk Fans interview to understand what I’m saying.

I see a lot of people on social media who only praise and glorify NT players. That’s totally fine! But just remember who sacrifices the most so that young girls in 2015 might have something to play for if they’re good enough to go pro one day. If the NWSL succeeds 10-15 years from now and you ask me who helped shape it I’ll name players like Ella Masar first.

It’s really sad that interviewers have to always bring boys up when it comes to female artists, you know what, who cares? Perrie is only 22 and it’s okay if she mess around, if she looks like she’s flirting with boys, she’s young and it’s okay if she wants to do experiences, but what I don’t understand is why media seems to only care about her when it comes to her personal life or more specify to which boy she’s seen with. I think it’s really sad because this girl is so talented and could say and do more interesting things than talk about who is her new boyfriend or who is the boy she talked for two seconds. It’s ridiculous. She’s and independent, strong, kind and lovely woman that doesn’t need a guy in her life to be interesting. She already is on her own. There is no boy in the world that could make her more important. So stop ask her about boys, let’s focus on what’s are her passions, what she does in her free time, what’s the most amazing experience she had, about LM4, or I don’t know lets ask about ALL of the girls, let’s talk about all of them, and don’t revolve and entire interview only on Perrie and boys. Even because she was the first one to be annoyed so let’s focus on more important things.

INFJ Confession #2126

I just got rejected from medical school today. My essays rocked, my gpa was decent, but I CHOKED in the interview. So many insightful and intelligent thoughts ran through my head after they asked each question, but I failed to connect them in time to form eloquent sentences. I know I’d be a passionate and caring doctor that made a real difference… If only they could’ve spent a few minutes inside my head. Maybe they’d understand. Honestly don’t know who I am anymore, this process is brutal.

HEY HEY HEY! SP - Sandaime J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE (150406)

OK, here are some funny quotes that i could understand from them. i don’t understand Japanese so, i translate only a few of them…

Omi talked about Naoto

Omi : our leader Naoto-san has new hobby recently. he loves to drink red wine, interests in golf and arts.

Naoto : i just want try to be an adult man. i’m 32 years old now. 

Ryuuji talked about Naoki

Ryuuji : we always see Naoki in his stoic mode. i mean, he rarely smile, kinda scary for me. but you know? recently, i’ve seen him wearing some Goofy stuff (Goofy from Disney). his t-shirts, hand gloves, and many more. 

Naoki : well, that’s because i love Goofy. or, my face resembles to Goofy. 

Omi talked about Gunchan

Omi : when we traveled to America, Gunchan got his passport checked for several times. 

Gunchan : because my picture on my passport is different with my appearance. i changed my hair style and color. some of them said that i didn’t look like a Japanese. 

People are so hell bent on defending the houseguests that have said terrible things in the past. First off, yes they “could have changed” but the thing is, they also could have not changed. We literally don’t know these people beyond these 2 minute interviews. We literally have no evidence whatsoever to support the idea that they have changed. Our only impression of them is from their interviews and the shit they have said in the past. Secondly, even if they have changed, that doesn’t excuse their comments in the past. So for now, please calm down and let people be upset if they read ugly comments from a houseguest.