if only i could see her on stage

Shorthand Google Reference Guide

I’m gonna type this up while it’s fresh on my mind because some of y’all don’t know how to use Google

A woman sitting in the grass.

IF YOU SEARCH: female sitting

Very vogue. Very male gaze. Good for fashion or model pictures, not very good if you’re wanting to draw a natural looking pose on a woman who isn’t a model and whose camera certainly didn’t fucking turn on by itself.

IF YOU SEARCH: female sitting pose

Arguably worse, depending on the use. My experience with “female + pose” searches is that you get a lot of IMVU and The Sims pose sets, and artists making sketch compiliations that… don’t always have great anatomy and are frequently just more stiff model poses. I do use similar searches for pinup sketches, ie, “female sassy pinup pose,” though “posing for pinup photography” and “how to pose for” will give different results if you aren’t finding what you need.

IF YOU SEARCH: woman student relaxing sitting on grass crossed legs

Closer. Still kind of staged looking. Maybe we don’t want her studying. Maybe we just want her relaxing. Still, you start to see how specific keyword searches will really get you results.

IF YOU SEARCH: woman sitting under tree grass relaxing nature summer

Nice. This is only a small handful of the results, but most of them more or less fit my mental image. Mostly stock images, but good for gesture sketches or figuring out a pose. Still… we could go further, and I think I will.

IF YOU SEARCH: woman sitting under tree grass relaxing nature summer senior photography

Jackpot. Senior pictures aren’t always awkward kids in braces. Look at how much more natural a few of these look? Compare that to the “Female sitting” search. Google Search tip #1 is basically “use more and specific keywords.”
But just… one more thing I just… can’t get off my mind… what if I… just…

IF YOU SEARCH: black  woman sitting under tree grass relaxing nature summer senior photography

Uh oh. So let me level with you, if you just google “dreadlocks,” expect a lot of white people. I spent over 30 minutes adding keywords to this search, and every page was still white people. Breaking it back down to “black woman sitting on grass” helped but gave me all the boring pose issues of the female sitting search. So basically, Google Search tip #2 is: Google image search is as White as the rest of the damn world. How do we find what we’re looking for now, then?

IF YOU SEARCH: black woman sitting in grass nature tumblr blackout

Beautiful, natural poses. Adding “photography” whitewashed it. Adding “summer” gave me bikini pinups. Searching for POC models using Google image search is infinitely more frustrating than finding a million thin white women, and you’re usually going to be better off supporting POC modeling blogs themselves than fighting with Google all day. Using “tumblr” and “instagram” as keywords may also get you a lot more natural, less Vogue Was Here hits. Pinterest too, on occasion. 

But keep in mind that these are real people–especially using tags like “tumblr” or “blackout.” There’s a difference between referencing a pose or drawing different face shapes, and outright copying someone’s exact likeness without their permission. Maybe also consider liking/reblogging/following them if they’re a model or photographer. Use some common sense. You don’t own images found on google yadda yadda don’t be a dick.

Have fun being better at search engines and learning how to draw stuff!

chill666trash  asked:

Pls draw a lizard with double Ds working ward for the money she earns. Fishnets for bonus points

her job is being a lizard and standing on two D batteries and business is good 

she tried on the fishnets but there were none in her size and they kept getting stuck on her spines, despite her lack of flashy clothing (or any clothing at all) she remains the best paid performer at her club

You see these boys?

These boys used to be no one. No one but kids leaving their homes to go to the Big city in hope of achieving their dreams.


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This boy was studying to get his acting degree when he was found. This boy rejected the offer of being considered for EXO, believing he was getting scammed.

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This boy suffered from social phobia, depression and alleged suicidal thoughts. These boy’s parents were against his love for rap, leading him to leave home.

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This boy’s dad was against his dreams. This boy felt like he was a disappointment to his other his whole life. This boy hid his sad self.

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This boy never thought he’d be an idol. This boy was in the 1% of students i  Korea at one point and has an IQ of 148. This boy left all that to be a rapper.

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This boy left his parents and younger brother to go to Seoul. This boy changed his life and at first was alone in a big city. This boy was one of  the poorest members. This boy had body issues.

This boy was raised by his grandma in a village for 14 years, knowing very little of what else exists.

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And this boy found himself ;leaving his comfort zone at 14, only to be give to 6 other boys, whom he did not know.

These boys had nothing to eat.

These boys were happy with just 500 views.

these boys were happy with just 150 fans.

These boys did not expects 300 fans at their members birthday party.

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In fact tho boy wrote all 300 fans a little sticky note and gave them a little food, despite barely having for themselves.

But now it is 2016.

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This man is now a great singer. This boy is now being more beautiful than ever. (But this boy needs more lines)

This man is now the caretaker of the group, making sure everyone is ok, healthy.

This man may be under appreciated but he is the one who makes the members feel comfortable with him, despite him being older.

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This man is the one of the first ones to produce, to write, to create. This boy is the one to fix and mend. 

This man is the one to pretend 

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to be annoyed with th younger ones,

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only to truly love them.

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This man now dedicates his life to giving 1097% of energy and happiness to others. Even if that means that there will be none left for him. This boy found happiness in the happiness of others.

This man dedicated his solo on his album to his mum.

This man now feels proud for once.

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This man is now the leader of the group. This boy produces, writes and slays.

This man takes care of every member, whether older or younger.

This man appreciates every fan, speaking english when he can.

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This man now feels better about his body. This boy loves his members the most.  

This man will always make everyone happy.

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This man got upset at his friends for not accepting Jimin. 

This man bought 1100 dollar sweater for Jimin.

This man’s grandma died before he could dedicate his win to her. He won the day she died and all he could think about most probably was ‘I love you grandma’.

But this man is ok. Because he had others with him.

He is now also an actor.

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This man now acts like he is the hottest thing on stage. But then comes the backstage videos and he is just 

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so precious.

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This man admitted to crying only when he sees his members cry. Because he can take pain. But he can’t stand it when others are in pain. He’d rather hurt than his beloved hyungs.

Here is some proof of their bond:

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(Some people told me their bonds look gay.

1. They are very close, after all they spent years only together.

2. So what if they are? Good for them to be comfortable and not shout NO HOMO every time they touch each other.)

And now, after 3 years they got their daesang awards. Not 1 but 2: Best album and Artist of the Year. Those boys deserve it.

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The performance was so elegant and beautiful

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So graceful

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The dances captivating

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This cutie was so surprised he just lay on the couch.

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Min Yoongi once said that the only time they will cry is if they receive the artist of the year award, their goal. Ladies and gentlemen, may i present you Min Yoongi breaking into sobs, as he achieves his dream.

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Once again, so graceful

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The music choice also amazing

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I would suggest to all to chest out their performances on MAMA 2016

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The group hug

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The thrill

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Last years, the boys  were not even nominated for best dance but here they are.

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jungkook did not even realise their name was called.

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NO BTS. Thank you. 

Thank you for taking us on this crazy ride.

Thank you for letting us cry. laugh and celebrate with you.

Thank you for being an inspiration.

Thank you for proving that one can start from the bottom and succeed.

Thank you for giving us hope.

For motivating us.

We love you boys! You guys really deserve all the awards you get and more!

So congratulations boys!

I love you!

We love you!

Teamwork makes dreamwork!- Kim Namjoon/Rap Monster

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Thank you for reading!

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(Special thank you to the best producer and CEO Bang PDnim!)

PS. I don’t know if this is appropriate but i would also like to say congrats to my beloved boys from Seventeen 

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and Taemin

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And congrats to everyone else!!

Were you thinking about going to the Ghost In The Shell movie? I have an answer for you:


Why? Because it’s not just as bad as I thought: it’s worse. You thought that trying to make Scarlet Johansen Japanese using cgi was bad? That’s FUCKING PEANUTS compared to how they “fixed” that problem. They explained away her whiteness by LITERALLY CHANGING HER INTO A WHITE WOMAN.


She was Japanese before she was turned into a robot, and they turned her into a white woman. There is a scene where her mother doesn’t recognize her because she’s white and not Japanese.

Oh and how could I forget the part where they not only did this with ANOTHER CHARACTER (Hideo), but both characters are described as “perfect” and “the next stage of evolution”. Fucking hell.

Don’t go see this movie.


The musical is legitimately perfect, each actor put so much effort into capturing their characters. There’s so much emotion in every song it’s everything a PJO adaptation should be, finally.

I’m too spent to write up a full report tonight, but I promise there will be one! For now here are some pictures of the stage before and after the show, and the Playbill! And @percyyoulittleshit already shared because I spastically sent her a message during intermission ANNABETH NOT ONLY HAS BLONDE HAIR, BUT BLONDE CURLY HAIR. I didn’t think that would matter so much to me, but it literally took it from watching an actor on stage to seeing Annabeth.


Anyways, we all know Michelle well enough to know that she wouldn’t put 20+ Hours into a piece with no symbolism in it (To note, rough estimate for time allotment but given how detailed this painting is I wouldn’t be surprised if it took longer even considering it was a collaboration piece) 
First off: 

The clock. The important parts here would be the young boy, who we can safely tie together with Odin since the painting already strikes a feeling of nobility to the viewer. The boy is looking up to a portrait of a man wearing a crown, who we can assume was a past ruler. This could also be Odin’s own father whose not in the picture of a ruler who predated the boys birth. The boy is looking up the Man, he is grasping the bottom of the portrait while the womanly monarch figure is holding the top end of it. This could show that while the boy is in the line for power, he is still not at the stage where the female monarch is (Since she is holding her hands above the Mans image) 

The Family Crest is worn proudly over his chest.You see the same square motif require in a lot of Odin’s art but I feel like that’s more design tracing back to the “Stoicness” than anything new for this painting. 

More Jewels, pendants, and crown to continue to show the nobility aspect. It’s interesting to note that the only Jewelry that Odin had been shown with prior to this update was his Mothers red ring. 

This may be a reach but that could symbolize that it was his Mother that married into the Arrow bloodline. 

It’s Winter! Odin’s symbolic season is indeed Winter, yet compared to the last one this is still a happier scene. Similar to the I don’t know if its vastly important is the ferns. Could just be the familys plant? 

Now, talking about reaches, I don’t know if this was intentional or not but: 

Odin and his dam left hip. While the pose in the painting is by no means uncommon, the similar attention to the torso area has been an recurring theme for Odin. probably the only thing holding back the theory that his death was caused by drowning is the mystery hip. #MysteryLowerTorsoGate2017 
Back to seriousness- 

The Face. I can’t stop thinking about how the painting in this world looks like it’s a painting and not another panel of the comic. With the almost porcelain like skin you could just imagine this as an oil painting straight from the Louve.

Yet, that’s not the important part. Odin age here has to be of an at least 10+-year-old boy. While he is currently 18 in the comic and we all know Wrathia died 15 in the past. If Pedri had died the same time as her and bound himself with Odin, Odin would have only been three at the time. As we can see the pupils are still black that is not the case. Personally, I am a fan of the “Pedri was captured by Titan before he could kill himself” theory. I don’t think Pedri would be one to go against Wrathias wishes as he was deeply in love with her. I think the most likely answer to how Pedri died was sadly tortured/captured by Titan. 

The painting honesty just opens up more questions. We still don’t know how either Pedri and Odin died. We also don’t know why Olai is so fixated on Odin death. But that’s another Meta for the morning. 


“It’s the oldest story in the universe, this one or any other. Girl and girl fall in love, get separated by events. War, politics, accidents in time. She’s thrown out of the hex, or she’s thrown into it. Since then, they’ve been yearning for each other across time and space, across dimensions.

This isn’t a ghost story, it’s a love story!

The fundamental misunderstanding of the state in which Heather exists in after she becomes ‘the pilot’ is what drives the conflict in this episode, but it’s made abundantly clear that she is not dead.

When they meet in the park outside the Doctor’s study, Bill, seeing her in this new form, mutters “you’re dead!”, which is repeated back to her by Heather’s mimicry - the clear intention here (supported by Lawrence Gough’s brilliant directing style) being to establish the misunderstanding of her being ‘the monster’ while playing it off as a ‘horror’ moment. But, in classic Moffat fashion, the entire point of this episode is to subvert that idea.

I really have to praise Stephanie Hyam’s performance here because it’s key to understanding that Heather’s pursuit of Bill across time and space was something that she was directing. Notice how much emotion appears on Heather’s face whenever she catches up to Bill - she looks extremely sad when she appears in the Doctor’s study (see the fourth image above) and Bill gets in the TARDIS because that’s exactly why she’s here… to fulfill her promise to Bill that she won’t leave without her.

She appears positively elated to see Bill when they travel several million years into the future and cross to the other side of the universe, as her face emerges out of the water. There’s multiple occasions where Bill has a flashback to their time together earlier in the episode and we’re meant to think that it’s her remembering the girl that was before she became this creature, playing to a rather typical trope in how horror films are directed. But it’s actually establishing the opposite, as Bill slowly pieces together the reason why this is happening and realises that this has been Heather all along.

Perhaps the most obvious clue is given to us in how Heather assumes the form of a Dalek that’s trying to kill the Doctor. A Dalek! The Doctor wonders why she didn’t fire on them. She had a gun, after all - “the deadliest fire in the universe”, a Dalek’s weapon.

But she doesn’t use it…

Face-to-face, at last, she affirms her feelings towards Bill when she’s told “I really liked you”. Hyam’s performance here is just brilliant because she’s obviously having to mimic what Bill says, but you can distinctly hear the tone of sadness in her voice as she says the line back to her because this is where they part ways.

And she extends another offer to Bill, showing her what she’s become - how she sees the universe differently now, and all of time and space. And Bill is enraptured with it, but releases Heather from her promise because she’s (naturally) scared. Things still aren’t totally clear: she doesn’t know or understand what she’ll become if she accepts this offer because Heather isn’t totally human any more, but, as we’ve seen time and time again throughout the episode, right up to this moment, she’s still Heather.

The end of The Pilot has two rather important moments regarding the episode’s narrative arc with Heather. Back in the Doctor’s study, Bill asks if she’ll ever see Heather again, to which the Doctor rather cynically responds “I don’t see how”.

But, after Bill calls him out on the mind wipe situation and he’s reminded of Clara - who he’s very clearly still yearning to find - he shows up outside the university in the TARDIS and tells Bill:

“It’s a big universe. Perhaps, one day, we’ll find her…”

I can’t for the life of me find the quote, but, some months ago, Moffat said that there’s a very particular story they have in-mind to tell with Bill. I definitely don’t want Pearl to leave after one series, but it seems like a distinct possibility with the handover to Chibnall ushering in the next era of the show…

As such, I can sort of see how Bill’s story could potentially end if she’s only going to be in Series 10 and won’t carry over into the Chibnall era.

Similar to how Clara and Ashildr ended up with their own TARDIS and went off together to travel in time and space, Heather has her own time travel capabilities and Bill is clearly hoping that, in travelling with the Doctor, they will find each other again.

Naturally, that sets the stage nicely for Bill to continue travelling after her time as the companion is done with her new cosmic girlfriend.

War - Winchester Sister

Warnings: Suicide, mention of self harm, depression, Sam and Dean being asshole of brothers

Word Count:  1767 (damn)

Part 2

Life was hard. Of course, because that’s what life was about. Challenges, fights, and war.

“What the hell was that?!” Dean was shouting, again. We were out on a hunt that Sam found about a week ago, a simple hunt? No. Werewolves. Here we were to think it was just one or two, not a whole pack of seven. “I’m sorry! It’s not my fault!” “Don’t give me that bullshit.” He growled as I gently placed Sam on the bed earning a groan from him. “M’ sorry Sammy.” I said, kissing his forehead and quickly running out of the room to get the first aid kit that we kept in the closet down the hall before rushing back and getting out the needle and bandages.

“This is your damn fault.” Dean growled, running a hand down his face and starting to pace the room. “Dean! Stop it, you’re not helping Sam at all by just pacing the room.” “Well I wouldn’t have to help him if you didn’t mess up in the first place!” “That doesn’t matter right now!” Glaring at each other, before a sigh fell from my lips as I went back to working on Sam.

“You’re such a disappointment.” He sneered, voice dripping with venom as he left the room slamming the door. Probably going to take baby for a drive to clear his mind. Tears blurred my vision, but no matter what my goal was to stitch Sam up, my big brother and then get some rest for myself. “You shouldn’t have taken the hit for me Sammy..” I mumbled, brushing the hair out of his face as I started finishing up. Leaving the first aid kit on the table, in case he needed it in the morning while I walked to the door, taking a glance back at him before shutting it behind me and going back to my own room. Dean’s words ringing in my head ‘your damn fault’ ‘disappointment’ And he was right.

I knew my place with Sam and Dean, they would die for each other, of course. And I was just their useless baby sister, I knew I didn’t matter. Not to them.

Entering my room, I shut the door behind myself. Laying on the bed and letting the voices consume my head as always. Everyday was a battle to pass by, and the scars on my body was proof of that. But they didn’t know, no. How could I ever tell my brother’s who don’t even care? So, I don’t.

“Dean look! I drew a picture for you!” Five year old Y/n said, holding it up to her older brother that was cooking dinner so he could see. “Look’s great Y/n.” She frowned, “But you aren’t even looking!” A whine fell from her lips, “Y/n I’m busy right now.” “Pwease Dean?” “Not now.” “Dean?” “I said not now Y/n!” Tears filled the little girl’s eyes as she ran away and out of the room, not eating dinner that night.

“Sammy can you read me a story tonight?” “I can’t Y/n.” “Well, why not?” Seven year old Y/n asked, tilting her head to the side and walking over to him. “Because I’m.. Busy.” He said as she furrowed her eyebrows and tilted her head. “But you’re not doing anything.” He sighed and rolled his eyes. “I said no Y/n, okay?” She frowned and turned around walking away clutching her stuffed moose close to her chest. “Okay Sammy..”

Twelve year old Y/n ran with the soccer ball between her feet, being one of the most fastest and skilled on the team, she was always on the field. “Go Y/n!” Her friends cheered as she got closer to the net, taking a shot as the ball went into the net just before the timer went off, making her team win the game as they all cheered and ran over to hug and give her high fives. A grin was on her face, looking over at at the benches, hoping to see her big brothers. Instead, only seeing parents of the other kids as she sighed and frowned. They promised her they would come, and they didn’t.

“Hey um, guys?” Sixteen year old Y/n asked, walking up to her brothers that were sitting around the room on the couches. “Hey Y/n, what’s up?” “Um.. I’m in the Talent show this Friday.. I was wondering if you guys could come..? It’d mean a lot to me.” “Of course we’ll come!” “really?” “Yeah, sure.” Dean chuckled, before returning back to the Tv as she grinned. “Thanks!”

That following Friday, Y/n was backstage, looking out to try and find her brothers, only to frown when she didn’t see them when walking on stage. But she sang anyway, and she sang so loud, and so amazing that the whole audience boomed with cheers. But it didn’t matter to her, because her brothers weren’t there to cheer her on as well.

“Dean I’m twenty year’s old I can do what I want!” “I said no Y/n! You’re staying here and that’s final!” “You’re not my father!” Dean’s eyes widened for a split second, before he glared and grabbed her wrist tightly. “No! but I sure as hell raised you, and you’ll only slow us down! So stay here and don’t get in our damn way!” He yelled, shoving you back as you landed on the cold floor with tears stinging your eyes, looking up at Sam who gave you a nod as they both walked away.

“Fuck!” Y/n yelled, being pinned down by a werewolf as she struggled and kicked him off, running to get her gun as it ran and pounced to claw at her chest, only for Sam to jump in the way taking the blow. “Sam!” She cried, shooting the werewolf as she rushed to his side taking off her flannel and pressing it to his wound. “I’m sorry Sammy, I’m sorry..” She repeated, as Dean finished off the last werewolf and rushed over to her. “What the hell happened?!” Tears were flowing down Y/n’s face as she choked on her sobs “H-He took my hit..” A growl fell from Dean’s lips as he threw ran his hands through his hair. “Fuck! What the hell’s wrong with you!?” “I-I’m sorry, just please Dean he needs help..” “You better be sorry, I told you, you only slow us down and get in our way.” He growled before walking away.

Clutching onto your pillow tightly as tears flowed down your face, you finally realized, you weren’t welcome here. Rushing to the bathroom, You grabbed a bottle of pain killers along with your phone and wallet. Putting on your hoodie, you quietly opening your door, you glanced down the hallway. You hadn’t heard Dean come home yet, and you were positive Sam was still asleep. Silently walking down the hallway, you walked up the stairs and opened the door, turning around and taking a quick glance around the bunker. Tears blurring your vision as you hung your head and walked out shutting the door behind you for the last time. You started running, as you running came to a jog, and your jog came to a walk. Not even sure how long you were outside for, maybe half an hour by now as you soon came to the town, stepping into the small motel, walking to the front and paying for a room. Taking the key, you walked outside to your room. Opening the door before shutting it behind you and walking into the bathroom.

Stepping into the bathtub, you sat inside of it, resting your head back against the wall as you closed your eyes. Listening to the voice screaming at you in your mind.

All you felt was numb, not even knowing if you felt anything at all anymore.

Taking out your phone, you dialled Sam’s cell, tears running down your face as you wiped them with the hem of your sleeve. A small smile creeped up onto your lips hearing his voice from the voicemail one last time, until it beeped. “Hey Sammy..” You sniffed and looked up running a hand through your hair. “I’m sorry for everything.. You getting hurt because of me, it’s all my fault. I’m not worth it, I don’t know why you did it. Thank you for being my big brother, even when you weren’t there for me when I needed you, you were still my big brother. And I could never hate you. I’m sorry. I love you.” A sigh fell from your lips as you hung up, Dean was next, and you were begging he’d leave you to voicemail, but at the same time. You knew he would, he’d still be too mad at you to talk. Hearing his voicemail made you smile, even though he was an ass to you no longer than two hours ago, you still loved your older brother. “Hey Dean, it’s your least favourite sister.” Weakly smiling, with tears endlessly continuing to run down your face, no matter how many times you wiped them away. “I’m sorry.. It’s my fault, I know I’m a disappointment. I get that you hate me, and it’s okay, don’t worry. I hate me too. But you won’t have to worry about me anymore, okay? Take care of Sammy for me, just like you always do. Because he’s more important than anyone else, right?” Pulling out the bottle of painkillers, you glanced down at them with a sniff. “I love you Dean. No matter what. I’m sorry for everything.” Smiling sadly, you hung up your phone. Staring down at the bottle of pills in your hands as sobs racked your body. This was your only chance, and you were gonna take it. Glancing at your phone one last time, it started vibrating. Blowing up with phone calls, text messages. Everything. Quickly grabbing it, you turned it off. If you were going out, you were going out in silence.

Taking off the lid, you instantly put the bottle to your mouth, downing every last pill and swallowing all of them until they were gone. Gripping the bottle tightly in your hand. You rested your head back. Looking up at the ceiling with a smile on your face as tears continued flowing, you actually did something right for once in your life.

As everything was going blurry, and darkness faded over one last time.

We’ve all been to war, whether it’s real life, or in your own mind surrounded by demons.

UM, first of all I just wanna say thank you to Savannah for getting me to write again because she’s been writing so much for our blog lately, thank you Sav.

And second of all, suicide is never the answer, we’ve all been to war please think about everything and if you need help please call a hotline because you are all lovely and we love it when you guys are around, you make a difference, thank you.

Canadian Hotline - 1-800-668-6868      

American Hotline - 800-273-8255

Life Without You // Calum Hood


Request here

Requested: Yes

A/N: Worked my butt off. I hope the anon who requested this likes this. And yeah, drop by my ask to request or just talk, about anything. I’ll go do my chemistry homework now. xD Have a great day/night!

You were exhausted. Absolutely fucking exhausted. Every inch of your body ached and how you would kill to get a good massage.

The day had been long and had worn you down to the core. You wanted nothing more than to drink a warm and relaxing cup of tea and collapse into the bed for the day. You wanted to get out of the tight jeans and the crisp white shirt whose collars made your neck feel itchy. You wanted to slip into the pair of lose grey joggers that awaited to provide your legs some comfort. You wanted tear off the white shirt and put on Calum’s rather worn out tee that you had claimed as your own before he went off on tour.

God how fucking tired you were.

And although you wanted to do so many things to just end the night and get some well deserved sleep, you were here at your best friend’s house, watching after her baby while she was out on a date night with her boyfriend.

You would have turned down your friend’s request but you knew how she and her boyfriend had been so busy after the unexpected arrival of a baby that they’d barely gotten some time to themselves. And as Calum was off on tour, you didn’t have anyone to go home to.

Babysitting this little angel wouldn’t really have been a problem if you weren’t about to fall asleep on it. But you had no idea that your boss would make you work off your butt today and ask you to travel around the city from meeting to meeting so much.

So here you were, yawning with your mouth wide open with a half asleep cranky baby in your arms, partially wishing you had said no to your friend in the morning.

Somewhere in between trying to rock the baby to sleep and fetching yourself some water, you found yourself with your phone wedged between your shoulder and your ear, the voice of your boyfriend ringing through your ears.

“Hey babe,” Calum greeted, sounding an awful lot more cheerful than you currently felt.

“Hey,” you greeted back, already feeling your shoulders relax only by his voice. A small smile tugged at your lips for the first time that day.

“You sound tired Y/N, you alright?” He asked. Apart from his voice, you could hear the other boys bickering in the background.

“Yeah,” you nodded even though he couldn’t see you. “It’s just been a long day. Can’t wait to hit the bed.”

You heard footsteps shuffle on the other side of the line. The voice of the other boys faded in the background and you understood that Calum had probably switched rooms. “Sorry, they were being too noisy.” He said. “You’re still with Kate?”

“Yep, but Y/F/N is going to be back in like ten and then I can go sleep for the rest of my life.”

Calum chuckled in response. “To be honest, you sound as if you actually really need that.”

“It because I’m tired,” you whined, as you sat down on the couch, little Kate right beside you. “Anyway, excited for the show? Speaking of which, aren’t you supposed to be on stage right about now?”

“Just wanted to hear your voice before I did,” he said and you could only imagine him with that satisfied smirk of his.

You chuckled at his cheesiness,”Shut up, Calum. Now go rock the stage! I can’t wait to see the concert pictures.”

“Alright, alright. You get some sleep. I love you, okay?”

“I love you, too.”

As soon as your friend returned you handed over the baby to her, collected your things, pecked your friend on her cheek, bid the little family goodbye and got the hell out of there.

As you opened the door of your car, a loud, long yawn escaped your lips. All you could think of was the cold touch of the bed’s duvet when you would finally climb into your bed changed out of your work clothes.

“Fuck this shit,” you muttered as the car behind you honked yet again. You were stuck in traffic for nearly half an hour now and you couldn’t be closer to losing it. When the car behind you honked again, you turned around, poked your head out of the window and scowled at the driver.

Popping your head back inside, you closed your eyes and took a deep breath trying to calm yourself down. When you opened your eyes again, the red lights were turning green and you heaved a sigh of relief.

You restarted your car as the ones in front of you surged forward. As your feet pressed down on the accelerator your heart was rejoicing. A step closer to home sweet home.

As soon as you’d moved forward, another car sped in from the left side. It hit the car beside you, crashed straight into its side. The loud thunk of metal clanging against metal rang in your ears and your eyes widened as the car that was hit spun into yours. The glass of the window shattered, the shards piercing through your skin. But the pain felt like a haze as the entire car shook, quaking everything inside of you as you hit the curb.

Your heart wasn’t as joyous anymore. It felt heavy, as if everything was collapsing on it. And as chaos broke around you, your breaths became shorter and the world turned darker- bit by bit until the black engulfed your vision.

Calum ran backstage, the screams of the fans still echoing through the stadium. His hands still shook from the adrenaline. He kept his bass by the boxes with Luke and Michael’s guitars and headed off towards the dressing room where the other three had already gone. Calum was pretty satisfied with today’s show. He felt like it had been great. The fans seemed to have the time of their lives too.

When Calum walked into the room, he saw that everyone had a grim face. Luke was frantically running his fingers through hi hair while Michael and Ashton tried to figure what information their tour manager was getting over the phone.

“What’s wrong guys? Why do you all look so worried?” He questioned, grabbing the bottle of water by the dresser.

Nobody had seen the MaorI boy walk in, and when they turned to see him, they all turned a shade paler.

“Guys,” Calum repeated, voice turning cautious he saw the looks on everyone’s face. “What’s wrong?”

“Calum…” Ashton began. “Calum, Y/N…”

Hearing your name already had Calum panicking. His heart raced and his eyes widened, body turning warm with panic in the worst way.

“Y/N what, Ashton?”

Nobody could bring themselves to say anything. Silence reigned over the room, and the commotion from the stadium buzzed through the room like a low hum.

Y/N what, Ashton?” Calum roared this time.

Their tour manager, Jeff, was finally off the phone, stepping in front of him. “Y/N is in the hospital. She got into an accident and is still unconscious.”

It was like the entire world collapsed on his shoulders. The room around him spun and tears blurred his vision. His breaths grew sharper as he waited for someone around him to deny what had just been said. But no one said a word.

Michael cautiously approached Calum, hands reaching out to steady him. “Dude, you alright?”

Calum nodded, roughly pushing off his friend’s hand. He turned to the manager. “When did you find out?”

“About ten minu-”

Ten fucking minutes and you tell me now?” He yelled, the vein on his neck popping into prominence.

“You were on stage, and you were about to come off so I just waited,” Jeff explained.

“You waited? Why the hell would you wait? My girlfriend is in the hospital! Do you even understand?” Calum was screaming at the top of his lungs. Anger, anxiety, paranoia and sadness gushing through his veins all at the same time.

“I need tickets back to the city,” he said, turning away from the manager to look around for his phone.

“But Calum-”

“Jeff, get us all tickets now. The fans will understand.” Luke said, cutting off further arguments.

Calum was on the way to the hospital as soon as they had reached the airport. He didn’t wait for his luggage, couldn’t give two shits about it as he pushed through the crowds to get into the cab he’d booked.

As Calum stepped into the hospital, the glass doors parting automatically for him, the smell of iodoform and antiseptic filled his senses. His heart felt like it was in his throat and he was sure he was about to puke, He felt terrified. He feared the absolute worst. But he couldn’t even begin to fathom what it would be like to lose the love of his life. No, no. He couldn’t think about this.

He stopped right in front of the reception desk. “Y/N Y/L/N, please.” He infromed the lady.

“I’m sorry, sir, but only family is allowed.”

Calum scowled. “Cut the shit, please. I’m her fucking boyfriend.”

“Sir, this is a strict policy-”

“I don’t give a fuck about your policy. I just need to see my girlfriend! Why is that so hard for you to understand?” He said through gritted teeth.

He felt a hand on his shoulder. Luke pulled him away from the reception desk while Ashton did the talking.

“I just… I need to see her, Luke.” Calum confessed, his voice quivering with emotion.

His tall blonde friend, pulled him into a tight hug. He let Calum cry silently into his neck, tears flowing down his pale skin.

“Calum, I called Y/F/N. She’s in the room with Y/N. She’s coming down right now.” Michael said, giving the Maori boy a soft, encouraging smile.

Through the constant buzz of the crowd in the hospital, Y/F/N came running down. When her eyes fell on Calum, she hurried towards him, engulfing him in a hug. “Thank god, you’re here. She’s upstairs. She’s stable.”

Without paying any heed to whatever the receptionist was saying, the boys followed Y/F/N.

The first thing you heard as you slipped in and out of consciousness was the steady beep of the heart rate monitor. When you were slightly more anchored, you heard Michael’s voice. “No, no. No she’s alright. Yeah, Mrs. Y/LN, we’ll keep you updated. Calum’s right here. He fell asleep. He’s pretty shaken. Yes. Got it. 5 am.”

You slowly opened your eyes, your pupils taking time to adjust to the bright light. Your throat felt drier than the desert and you ached for a sip of water. As you turned your head to the left to check for a glass of water, you could see a head with black hair resting by your pillow.

You smiled, emotions tugging at your heart as you lifted your hand to see if he was really there. Your palm met his soft, black curls- a delusional hum of content left the asleep boy’s lips.

“Looks like you’re up,” Ashton’s face popped into view.

“You guys are actually here,” you croaked out.

Luke and Michael leaned over the other side with Y/F/N. “Alive and in flesh,” Luke said.

You managed to cough out a laugh. Beneath your touch, Calum stirred, slowly rising. A yawn left his lips and his eyes widened when he saw you were up

You smiled. “Hi, there love. You’re back early.”

Tears pooled in Calum’s eyes. “Baby,” he whimpered. In a second his arms were around you, face buried in the crook of your neck.

‘Woah, easy tiger.” You winced at the sudden pressure.

Calum immediately unwrapped himself from you. “Shit, fuck, sorry.”

The others cleared the room, Ashton muttering something about “giving them some time to themselves” as he led the others outside. You shifted, patting the side of the bed, inviting him to join you.

When Calum shook his head no you pouted. “Why not? I just want some cuddles.”

“Don’t want to hurt you,” he said, shaking his had again.

You rolled your eyes. “You’re hurting me by refusing a cuddle, get your hot ass on the bed.”

Calum laughed as he got up, lifting your blanket up to settle in beside you. “Only you, Y/N. Only you.”

He lay on his side, an arm underneath your head as his eyes decided to run all over your face. His other hand was in your hair, often slipping down to your face to caress your cheek. You leaned into the familiar touch of his calloused fingers, humming in contentment.

He didn’t rush you when you told him what had happened and choked on your words. He wiped the tears off your face with his thumbs and held his own back. Kisses were shared, reassurances exchanged. Throughout the night he held onto you, afraid you were going to slip away. You held right on back, not even beginning to grasp what it would currently feel like if the roles were switched.

“I was so afraid I would lose you,” he mumbled into your hair. “I never want to feel like that again. I was losing my fucking mind, Y/N.”

“I’m still here, aren’t I? I won’t ever leave you, even when you want me to.” You mumbled into his chest, your fingers tracing the tattoo on his bicep.

“I wouldn’t want you to leave me,” he said immediately.

“I’m just saying. I love you too much.”

“I love you way too much too,” he said. He pressed a kiss to your forehead and then made his way to your nose, cheeks, every inch of your face before finally pecking your lips, his soft pink ones brushing against yours.

He smiled into the kiss when he heard you let out a soft giggle.

He couldn’t even begin to imagine life without that sweet sound. He couldn’t imagine a life without you.


And the second part of the timeline pics! 

High School/Senior Year: Talked about this already but to recap, Arnold comes back, both decide to stay friends b/c Helga isn’t ready to deal with more yet for multiple reasons and Arnold respects/is fine with that. Doesn’t mean there isn’t gonna be awkward blushy moments every now and then b/c there’s still some feelings and attraction going on tho >:3c. Idk why she got spooked here, but this is the aftermath. 

idk why but I just rly like the thought of Helga getting a leather jacket? She lucks out big time when she and curly go to a thrift shop out of pure boredom and finds it. I also like the thought of her dress changing patterns since I’ve got Olga making them for her,( which Helga only allows if she’s the one picking out the fabric. it’s an agreement they come by in an effort to make the relationship better) b/c that could lead to some hilarious things considering you can have custom patterns printed out. I can see her fucking with pple basically, and I’ve got an idea for a comic of her getting back at the principle for an unfair dress code violation but idk when I’d get to drawing it.

Adults/~College: They start going out again and lots of smooches are had. I tend to draw them at this stage the most so their outfits change all the time. I’m sure I’d change up the HS ones if I drew them more often too.

Married!!!: I just really wanted to draw them at their wedding and it seemed like a nice place to end it. She’s reciting a newer version of the poem she wrote in “Little Pink Book” b/c I’m a sap. Alternatively it can be pretty much any kind of poem she writes for the day, but I wanted an easier way to show that and the H E L G A is pretty recognizable I think.

Bonus married: Because how could I not?

You Have Me

Fandom: The Hunger Games

Word count: 2170

Characters: Finnick x reader

Warnings: Flashbacks to the reader murdering someone, general Hunger Games issues, references to depression

Summary: You fall in love with Finnick after you win the Hunger Games.

You walked into the Victor’s Village alone, twisting your hands together unconsciously.  You had sent the camera crews away as soon as you could, because having a swarm of cameras pointing at you still felt strange.

Huh. You’d killed people, and it was the cameras that bothered you. That probably just showed the type of person you’d become.

Victor’s Village was quieter than you’d though it would be. At least it meant that you wouldn’t have to talk to anyone, though. It had been so long since you had a moment to yourself.

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Imagine: you surprise Bill on the set of Ellen because you haven’t seen each other in months.

What a great life it is to be a famous actor or actress. Never any money troubles, great nightlife, amazing clothes, amazing people and the opportunity to meet celebrity crushes. This was both the case for Bill and you. You met each other when you worked with Bills dad on Thor and The Avengers. You fell for each other within just a few days and had been together ever since.

Many years later, he was out promoting IT and you were out filming another superhero movie. However, due to both of your busy schedules you didn’t get to spend much time together. The last time you saw each other was the IT premier. That was only for one  night before you were off again. That would mean the last time you spent more than two nights together was 5 months ago.

You had been complaining on Twitter recently that you missed Bill and wished that you could spend a few days together. Hell, just one night would do at this point. Luckily for you, the researchers on Ellen had seen your rantings when they were finding out information on Bill for his guest appearance. They had got hold of you and invited you to surprise him on the show. You were filming just a few cities over for three days so you could pop over for a night and do it. You were so excited to finally see him again.

Bill was waiting just off stage, when he heard Ellen introduce himself, followed by a cheering crowd. Bill walked on stage and gave Ellen a quick hug. What he didn’t know, was that you were also back stage watching the show.

The interview started off with the usual. Asking how he was and about his experiences filming IT. The topic then changed over to the topic both you and Ellen were excited about.

‘So Bill, can we just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful you and Y/N look at the premier of IT’. Ellen smiled as a picture of the two of you appeared on screen.

'Well thank you. Y/N, always looks beautiful but that dress…i couldn’t keep my eyes off of her’. Bill smirked.

'You two have been together for a while now. You are so cute together’. Ellen replied.

’ Yeah, we met in 2010 so we have been together for 7 years now. I like to think we are a good couple. She’s incredible. I couldn’t imagine my life without her’. Bill brushed.

'I wish my wife said stuff like that. When was the last time you saw her?’ Ellen enquired.

'Early September was the last time I saw her face to face. I saw her on FaceTime though last week. That was only for 25 minutes, while she was between takes’. Bill stated.

Little to his knowledge, you had walked on stage and was stood behind him. The audience stayed quiet, like they were instructed to before REC.

'When’s the next time you get to see her?’ Ellen smiled.

Before he could answer, you landed on the edge of the sofa and inturrpted the interview.

'Right now’. You shouted.

Bill physically jumped in the air because he wasn’t expecting it. Both Ellen, You and the audience laughed.

Bill stood up and lifted you up in the air. He squeezed you and gave you a quick yet firm kiss on the lips. He pulled away and you both looked at each other with the biggest smiles on your faces.

'Hi babe’ You winked.

'Hey Y/N’ he flirted back.

'Y/N, how are You?’ Ellen asked.

'Very happy now. Thank you for helping me set this up. I owe you one’. You laughed.

'Your welcome’.

As the show broke for adverts, you gave Bill another kiss on the lips and went back stage so Bill could continue with the show.

Bill finished the show and went back to find you. He was guided to a dressing room by one of the runners. You were sat on your phone,scrolling through Tumblr.

'Thank you for the surprise beautiful’. He whispered.

You looked up at him and smiled. You didn’t reply. Instead you got up and pulled his neck in for a passionate and needy kiss. You know that of you didn’t pull away soon, he would end up on top of you so you stopped and stood back. He frowned at you so you grabbed his hand.

'Come on Bill, let’s continue this at the hotel. I only have one night with you and I plan on making every second count’. You bit your lip.

'God I’ve missed You’.


Requested:  can you do imagine where y/n is on tour with shawn and James is sick and he can’t be opening act so y/n have recored some songs with shawn for fun (let’s say madison beer’s songs are y/n songs) so shawn convicted her to replace james until he feels better and when she sings for the fist time he records snapchats and posting on instagram saying that’s my girl etc

So, i hope you don’t mind but i don’t really listen to madison beer so i’m going to change y/n’s song to one of taylor swifts old songs that i really like and think is fitting for this imagine

And also i changed James to Charlie if you don’t mind

lmao this is h i g h l y unedited sorry fam 

You sat on the small tour bus couch with your guitar resting on your lap and the small tv playing a rerun of “friends” which you weren’t paying attention to. This summer you were fortunate enough to take some time off university and your job to tour the world with your pop star boyfriend. You weren’t able to join him in his Europe leg so you made sure you could come for the North American leg of the tour. You were currently in Miami, Florida and Shawn along with the rest of the crew were already in the arena getting ready for tonight’s show. You didn’t have to be there until later so you decided you were going to take this time to work on your own music. You didn’t really like to write while people were around so every time you had the bus to yourself, you made sure to get some songwriting in.

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Summary: It’s your daughter’s first dance recital and she is a little bummed that he won’t be able to make it. He arrives just before the show starts and it makes her day. Fluffy fluff fluff!

TAGGING: @monsteramongmen-tamer @wildandfreepinkv0dka @hardcorewwetrash @imagineall-the-fandoms @alexispoo @ambrosegirlforever

This is just a cute little fic I thought of after attending my niece’s dance recital tonight. I have a couple longer fics in the works I’m working on. Another Finn fic, an AJ Styles, and a Miz fic are the next few to be posted!

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Jason Todd X (female) Reader: Spanked

Summary: Jason brings his girlfriend to meet his family for the first time, and she’s super nervous and breaks out in sass. Spanking and angst ensues.

Warnings: Swearing

Key: Y/N=Your Name, Y/N/N=Your Nick Name, Y/L/N=Your Last Name Y/Na=Your Nationality


“Babe?” Jason asked you, disrupting you from your thoughts as you stared out the window of the limousine.


“We’re here.” He held his hand for you to hold as you stepped out, taking in the ginormous mansion before you. You’d never been here before, and it took you a moment to realize that your run-down, mangy mutt for a boyfriend lived here. Suddenly, you felt terribly out of place in your ripped jeans and free tee from someplace you didn’t remember. But looking at Jason, you noticed that his jeans and ragged tee resembled your own. Yeah, you’d be fine.

“Are you okay, Y/N/N?”

“Peachy.” You pasted a smile on your face and slipped your arm through his, making your way into the Wayne Manor.

An older man with neatly groomed hair and a grim expression greeted them. “Master Jason. Welcome back. And I trust this is Miss Y/N?”

“Yeah, my Y/N.” He beamed at you as you shook Alfred’s gloved hand.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Miss. Please, follow me to the den. The others will join you shortly.”

“Thanks, Alfred, but I can show her around.”

The butler nodded, bowed, and exited Stage Right. Jason gripped your hand and practically dragged you to the den.

“A little excited, are we?” You gave a light laugh as you sat on the couch, side by side. You curled up against him.

He gave you a strange look.


“You’re only sarcastic when you’re nervous, hon.” His arm moved up and down in a relaxing massage on your arm.

“I’m fine, Jay. Honest.” You looked up at him, gazed into his eyes so he could see that you were telling the truth.

He leaned down and gave you a peck on the lips. “You better be.”

“TT, who is this, Todd?” Damian walked in, arms crossed, scowling at you.

“I’m Y/N.” You stuck your hand out, probably too quickly, and Damian reacted with lightning-fast reflexes and was going to strike your arm, but jason grabbed Damian’s hand with equally quick motions.

“You hurt her and I’ll put you back in that coffin,” Jason growled so low, it gave you chills up your spine and bare arms.

“TT, you couldn’t even if you tried. Besides, she attacked me.”

“A handshake is a universal gesture of friendship!” You raised your voice, shocked at this kid. He didn’t look more than twelve.

“Please don’t yell. My senses are already buzzing with this much lack of sleep.”

“Drake.” Damian mumbled.

“Tim, this is Y/N L/N.” You stood and shook his outstretched hand. Jason joined you, staying close.

Tim offered you a genuine, albeit half-crazed, smile. “It’s a pleasure, Y/N.”

“L/N? Y/Na?” A man who looked to be in his late thirties entered, with a small smile teasing at his lips. You’d know this man anywhere; he was a public figure in Gotham and the States.

“Bruce Wayne! Jason, you know Bruce Wayne?”

“Well, we are at the Wayne Manor. It makes sense, since I live in his house.”

“It would have helped if you’d told me I was meeting a national celebrity. I would’ve dressed up a bit nicer.”

“You’ll dress up for my dad, but not me?” He fake-pouted.

“He’s rich. You’re a broke-ass punk that broke into my apartment drunk and dazzled me into not calling the police because you claimed you could fix my sink.”

“And I did!”

“It still drips, babe.”

“Someone call?” Dick entered, eyes immediately falling on you. He winked.

His supportive arms wrapped around you, and suddenly you regained your spunk.

“Back off, Dickhead. This goddess is mine.”

“What, you kidnapped her?” Damian remarked. You felt your inner sassmaster come out to defend yourself and your punk-ass boyfriend.

“For your information, Damian, it was more like a live-in repairman and master chef. With benefits.” You winked up at Jason as the entire group, with the exception of Damian, erupted in laughter that warmed your core. Dick had to lean his forehead on Bruce’s shoulder to prevent from falling over. You heard your own hearty giggle mixing with the baritones of the group.

You felt a sharp sting on your ass. Looking around, Jason was the only one in close enough proximity to do it. You glared up at him, but he was looking at his brothers and father, laughing. Your glare must’ve caught his attention, because he sobered up immediately and looked quite remorseful. You interpreted his “I’m sorry” look and proceeded to have a good time with his family, but you both knew that once it was over, you two would have a less-than-fun conversation.


You entered your shared apartment first, followed closely by Jason, who shut the door behind himself.

“I like your family. A lot,” you said, hoping to start casual conversation.

“Yeah, they’re pretty great.” He opened his mouth to say more, but no words came out.

Silence settled between you like a concrete wall.

“So, about earlier…Y/N, I’m so sorry. I–”

“Why, Jason? You knew I was uncomfortable. What the hell made you think that smacking my ass would help?!”

“I…I don’t know. I’m sorry. I fucked up, I get it. It won’t happen again.”


“You know I love you, Y/N/N. I love you so much.”

You rolled your eyes. He had no idea how much that nickname fucked with your reasoning.

Before he knew how to react, you crashed into him and pressed your lips to his. In an instant, his hands were in your hair and at the small of your back.

“Does this mean we’re good now?” he asked breathlessly.

You laughed. “Yeah, Jay. We’re good.” He pressed a tender kiss to your jaw, which drove you over the edge of logic and reason. “Ah, fuck it. Spank me anytime you like, Jaybird.”

a-broke-in-heart  asked:

Hi! I have been binge reading all your imagines. Lol(ol) they are just so good! You're an amazing writer! Will you please do an imagine where the RFA characters (plus V and Saeran) finally propose to MC, please?

Thank you so much, you’re so sweet! ^^ I hope you like it! Here it is…

RFA + Saeran and V proposing to MC


  • He was getting established as one of the most promising actors of the country and was in good terms with his family. So yes, it was time.
  • He wanted something grand as that RFA party when he introduced you to the world as his girlfriend
  • So he planned to propose you on stage during his musical, right after the first act, as he told the director and the whole staff. The director said it would be better if he could do it during intermission, so it wouldn’t delay the whole exchange of scenarios. Zen wasn’t pleased, but he could understand
  • He was only hoping that not too many people would get off their seats and stay to watch what he’s planned for you.
  • The night finally came, he was feeling more nervous than usual, nothing could go wrong! So when the first act ended, he quickly came back to the stage: “Excuse me, everybody. Before you get up, I just have to say something to a very special, lady who’s here today.”
  • “You see, I introduced her to all of you a couple of years ago, and after all this time, there wasn’t a single day she didn’t make me feel the happiest man of the world. Even when press criticized us for living together without being married, she didn’t mind and stood by my side, loving me and supporting me. So, I just want to make it clear I’m not doing this to make media shut up, I’m just making it official something I know it’s right for the first time I looked at her.  So, MC, would you mind coming up here?”
  • He looked at your usually reserved seat, but… you weren’t there? Where were you? He started panicking and looking to everybody, oh… that was so embarrassing.
  • You got back from the bathroom, you couldn’t hold until intermission, so you left a few minutes before the end of first act. When you got back, you saw Zen on stage… what was he doing there? “Oh… there she is!” and the whole crowd looked at you.
  • Oh my… can’t a girl pee right now? You looked around very puzzled, what was happening? “Miss, you should go up that stage…” said one person in the audience. What? Why?
  • “MC, come here, babe.” He was trying to stay calm, but you always knew when he was about to freak out, he was a good actor, but you knew him better. So you went up that freaking stage before things could get even weirder for you. “What’s happening?”
  • “MC, where were you? I was so worried…” he hugged you ”I… was… outside…” you wouldn’t tell all those people you were in the bathroom, for god’s sake! “Oh my God, for a second I thought you didn’t like the musical and went home. Can you imagine? Proposing to her on a musical she didn’t like it?” he asked the audience.
  • “Wait, you proposed to me?” “What?” “What what now?” “You… proposed to me… now?” “Oh… oh, you didn’t hear it, right? Oh, I’m so stupid! Crap, let me start it again… just…” “No! No… just… say it.”
  • “Are you sure? (you nodded positively, smiling) Okay… so… (he went down on one knee and showed the ring) MC, will you… marry me?” “YES! OF COURSE!” you hugged him as he got up and gave him a quick and sweet kiss. The audience stood up and applauded.
  • You had the chance to watch his speech on the news later, but what made you two laugh was the fact that the media was thinking this was an act prepared by both of you. Everybody was enchanted by the couple that managed to turn a marriage proposal into a little comedy sketch and entertain everybody during intermission.


  • He is a big geek, we all know that. But he didn’t know you were a bigger geek than him.
  • You have big collections of mangas and action figures from animes and video games and all that stuff. He loves it so much! You are, indeed, a truly match!
  • And Comic Con was finally coming to Seoul, so proposing to you there felt like the obvious move. You made him a very cool LOLOL cosplay and you had your own too.
  • He wasn’t happy about all those guys looking to your very revealing cosplay, but you kept holding his hand, showing everybody you were taken by this cool and sweet dude right there.
  • But then, somebody approached him: “Here! I found the guy! Let’s go, you’re late! “Late for what?” he tried to escape “For the cosplay contest!” “Wait, I’m not… I didn’t… sign up for it…” The staff member didn’t even hear it, he was just so busy and needed everything done, plus, it was crowded there and Yoosung barely whispered in panic. Oh no… the proposal…
  • You lost him in the crowd, so there were you looking for the cosplay contest. Why didn’t you sign up for it? Nevermind, you needed to save your very shy and stage frightened boyfriend that was about to face an even huge crowd now.
  • You found the cosplay contest and he was next in line to perform. He surprisingly spotted you, actually, it was no surprise, you were so special and unique to his eyes he would find you in bigger crowds than this.
  • And as he looked at you like that, he knew he should take the best out of this situation, so when it was his turn, he actually performed it! He knew by heart all those character moves and it was so good to watch it! People were living for it, and you were… mesmerized.
  • He got a full ovation from the crowd, and he could only look at you smiling widely and cheering him. So when the host came to talk to him, he knew this was the moment. “So, contestant number 5, we can all agree this was freaking amazing, dude!” “Yeah, thanks, I’m just… doing everything I can to impress my fiancée over there!” he pointed at you, you were so happy and he looked so cool and… what? What did he say? “I mean, she’s not my fiancée yet, but I hope she’ll be after I do this…” and he went down on one of his knees, the host and everybody were freaking out: “JESUS CHRIST, GIRL! COME ON TO THAT STAGE RIGHT NOW! THIS IS GEEK LOVE, EVERYBODY!”
  • You felt your heart overflowing in love for him, you could not believe you were seeing this new and bold side of him in such a special moment, so you went to that stage and the host handled the mic to Yoosung. “MC, will you marry me?” “Yes… I will…” your voice was breaking because you were crying. He put the ring in your finger and you kissed.
  • The crowd was going crazy! Most of people thought this was adorable, but you swear you could hear some of those fanatic LOLOL fans shrugging: “Pffff! This isn’t even cannon.”


  • Truth be told, she didn’t mind too much about getting married officially, you two loved each other, lived together, wasn’t that enough?
  • But you told her how much you considered same gender marriage a huge political statement, and she caught herself thinking about this a few times
  • So she knew she had to do this! Not only for you two, but for every girl who doesn’t think she’ll ever find true love and happiness just because she’s not straight
  • She wanted something big, she was always so discreet about everything, her love for you couldn’t be discreet!
  • She had a few ideas, but none of them seemed grand enough, so she asked for advice to the person who was all about grandness: Zen.
  • Zen told her to bring you to some of his musicals. After the show was over, she could propose in front of the whole audience. Grand, romantic, and for everybody to see… Yep, that would do!
  • But he told her not to buy the rings yet… she didn’t understand, but he said she should trust him. Would he buy the rings for you? “Hmmm… will I?” that’s all he said
  • So the day came, and she could barely pay attention to the musical, which you found… odd.
  • When it was over, Zen gathered everybody’s attention before they could go and said that a good friend of him had something really important to say to another good friend of him.
  • You two came up on stage, you were a little puzzled. “MC, I can’t even express in words how much you changed my life in such a little time. I was so lost in life, stressed and relying on money… but life is so much more than that, right? It’s also about finding happiness, and you are this God’s gift who managed to bring me happiness in both professional and personal fields, it’s also about being able to love whoever you desire, and you’re the one I love, MC. So… will you marry me?” sh
  • You did a very exaggerated offended face: “Oh no, Zen! Can you believe she stole my line?” she looked at you two and you both were smiling in a playful way, now she was the one who looked puzzled. “MC? Zen? What’s happening?”
  • “Well, apparently MC here loves a plot twist!” Zen said cheerfully. “What do you mean? MC, what’s going on? I don’t…” so you went down on one of your knees and took the rings out of your pocket “I mean, I’m not trying to copy you,but… will you marry me?” you never saw her smile so widely, it was absolutely hypnotizing! “Well, I asked first, you know…”
  • So you were both on your knees standing in a front of a whole audience who was waiting to see which one of you would say “yes” first.
  • And you did, because yes, she asked first, but you reminded her: “But I thought about it first! Zen here is my witness when we went to buy the rings.”  
  • “Oh, who cares about that? Just kiss it already!” Zen yelled and the audience applauded. So you two did it. Amazing, she wanted to show everybody her feelings for you, but now, in front of this crowd, but all she could see was you.


  • With him is quite the opposite. He was used to do grand things for you all the time. Renting a movie theatre for your movie night, for example?
  • But something important like this should be shared only between the most important people, so he asked you to invite your family to dinner in his penthouse, he would invite his father and this would be a lovely family confraternization., that’s what he told you.
  • You could tell he was nervous, he was clearing his throat a lot and loosening up his tie, but what was really suspicious is that Elisabeth the 3rd was nowhere to be found.
  • As much as you loved your parents and liked Mr Chairman, you were feeling a little uncomfortable, why was everything so formal? Even Jumin looked stiff, well, stiffer than usual. This didn’t look natural to you…
  • At some point in dinner, Jumin proposed a toast to “the amazing woman who came without a warning to change my life forever, and to how grateful I am for that.” You blushed, a little flustered since your parents were there.
  • “Now, to the main event of the night, I’ll need Elisabeth the 3rd’s help with something. Elisabeth?” he called in a sweet tone. Nothing…
  • “Elisabeth? the 3rd?” now it sounded a little concerned. “Oh my… just wait a little, MC!” he patted your arm and let you in the dining room. Awkward…
  • Why was he taking so long? You were tired of waiting, so you went to look for her too. “MC, let me take care of this, please.” “Let me help, I’m worried too” and it’s freaking awkward in the dining room, please…
  • “It’s not about worrying, MC, it’s just… oh no, Elisabeth!” and there she was, sleeping next to the window, her collar was destroyed. “Oh, poor thing, Jumin! She hates those collars, why you insist on…?” and then you saw something shining against the moonlight. “MC, I didn’t planned to be like this, let’s just go back…” “Jumin, is this…?”
  • “Yes, it is! But I would much rather do in front of our families and…” “Do it, Elisabeth is here, she’s family.” “Are you sure?” you smiled and whispered a yes.
  • “Ok, I… prepared a speech, but it was a different scenario on my mind, so I guess I should improv? MC, I… everyday with you feels like a new journey to me, I never was the adventurous type, but you give me such a need to explore! Explore the world with you, explore new feelings, new sensations,new ways to make you happy, anyway… I want to explore a married life with you, MC.Will you join me in this journey? Will you marry me?” he got on his knee and went to put the ring on your finger. “Oh… we should sanitize it first, who knows how long it is on the floor?” “Nah, I don’t mind it, just put it” seeing how you were so sure and happy, he obliged and smiled softly, you went down to kiss him sweetly.
  • You went back to the dining room and shared the big news. Jumin was more relaxed, Elisabeth was with you two… okay, now this feels natural.


  • Marrying at the space station? Pretty much impossible! Proposing at a space station simulator developed by NASA still in test phase? Not that impossible…
  • All he needed to do was create a force task of very skilled hackers and a powerful man with a lot of influence to protect you if you get caught. That is, Saeran, himself, Vanderwood and Jumin.
  • So he blindfolded you saying he had a surprise, you just knew you got into a plane and then on a car, and Saeyoung kept giving and receiving instructions during all the trip.
  • When he said you could take off the blindfold, he just gave you this special suit. Put it on fast. We don’t have much time left” he was so serious… what was happening?
  • You obliged, yet very confused. And looked at him as if he was suspicious as he took your hand and leaded you to this big construction.
  • You just felt your feet get out off the floor and when you noticed, you and him were floating. Like… there was no gravity… oh, you got it now…
  • “MC, I wish I could make this last longer, but we don’t have much time, I just need you to know that I love you! The universe is so big, yet we two managed to find each other right here on Earth and…” “I can’t believe you are saying something so tacky, you fool!” it was Saeran through the wireless earpiece Saeyong was using. “Yes, dude.You planned this whole operation and couldn’t even come up with a good speech?” Vanderwood agreed.
  • “Shut up! you got scared, thinking he was talking to you. “No,MC! I’m talking to the guys with this, see?” “Saeyoung, what’s happening?”you asked, very confused
  • “Oh… is that, hum… I… I just…” “Can you believe this? He won’t shut up at home, and now he can’t even form a whole sentence?” it was Saeran again. “Dude, wrap it up! We don’t know how long we can hold this for you!” “Will you two back off? I mean, not from the operation, but… can you two give us some privacy? “I can’t believe I’m hearing this from you!” Vanderwood cussed.
  • The three kept arguing, watching a guy apparently discussing with himself in a place with no gravity? Yep, definitely your definition of fun! But then you saw something shiny slipping away from Saeyoung’s suit and floating, it was round and silver, it was…
  • “Saeyoung… is this…?” he looked at you flustered when you caught the floating ring. “MC! It wasn’t supposed to be like that! I had a great definitely not tacky speech to you and…” you sloppily moved your arms like you were swimming to go to him: “Just ask anything you want, and I’ll say ‘yes’” and you went to kiss him… but Saeran interrupted again “Just watch it, he’s going to ask her ‘Does Jumin Han is gay?’” “Okay, that’s it! I’m shutting you two out!” Saeyoung threw away his earpiece and said almost tripping in his words: “MC, will you marry me?” “Yes! Yes, Saeyoung, I will!”
  • “Good, now let’s get out of here, before we get caught!” he grabbed the earpiece and put it on “We’re ready to get out, guys! And how did you know I was going to ask her if does Jumin Han is gay, Saeran?” “You’re talking to Jumin now…” Oh shit!


  • You two were hanging at a park, lying down on the grass, looking at the clouds and talking about everything.
  • “Look! That cloud looks like a ring!” you told him. “You know? Like those rings with a big diamond on it you only see in cartoons?” “I don’t watch cartoons.” and it wasn’t necessary asking why he haven’t  watched it as a kid, right?
  • “ Why? You think is a kid’s thing?” “Yep.” “Hmmm… that’s too bad, I was thinking about inviting you to a sleepover at my place on friday, and who knows? We could watch some cartoons on saturday morning, but… oh well…”
  • “It’s not a sleepover if I’m basically sleeping there every night, you dork!” “Yeah, that’s right… what was the last time you got back to your brother’s place?” neither of you remembered.
  • You giggled. “It’s like if we’re married” “Yep.”  Silence… and then you heard a whisper “So marry me…” you sat and stared at him, surprised. His eyes were closed, he opened one when he noticed you were staring.
  • “What?” “What?” he asked back. “What did you just say?” “I-I didn’t say anything!” “Yes, you did! You did that cute weird thing when you whisper something sweet to me thinking I’m not listening it!” “I don’t do that and I didn’t do it right now! Stop saying crazy stuff!”
  • You squinched your eyes to mess with him and leaned to him, reaching his ear. “Yes…” “Y-Yes what?” he looked nervous “Just… yes.” “A-Are you serious?” then you whispered again: “Yes.”
  • You kissed his forehead and got up, he was looking at you as trying to notice if you were joking, you weren’t. Poor boy is blushing hard, not only because you said yes to this awkward proposal, but also told him you listened to all the compliments he whispered along those months, oh man… now he’s wondering which cartoon he has to watch to see what kind of ring you would like it.


  • It was time for him to take his responsibility about your relationship and stop punishing himself.
  • So it would be two birds with one stone. He would finally do the eye surgery and propose you right after. He wanted your surprised and thrilled face to be the first thing he would see in a long time.
  • The only one to know about the surgery was Jumin. V asked him to keep his usual discretion and don’t tell you anything until the surgery was finished.
  • But what V forgot is that it was almost impossible to stop you to find something out. He could never hide something from you himself. He wasn’t able to see, but your sweet tone when you pouted and your lower voice when you gave him a deadly glare were enough to make him talk.
  • These were even more effective on people who could see, and not even Jumin was immune to your persuasive abilities, but he was brave enough to don’t tell you the whole thing. “V is in the hospital, MC.”
  • “T-The hospital? Why? What happened?” oh, maybe V should have told his secret to a more sensitive person… “It’s just a small procedure, don’t be so alarmed.” “P-Procedure? You mean surgery, right? Oh my God…” you were panicking, was there something wrong about his health you haven’t noticed? Of course there was, he would never tell you for you not to be scared. And you were such a selfish little brat you couldn’t even notice by yourself, right?
  • “Jumin, take me to the hospital right now! I wanna see him!” “MC, I told you not to be so concerned, he will be fin-” THE DEADLY GLARE! SOMEBODY SAVE HIM. “Yes, let’s go.” he wouldn’t be there having to watch this just because his friend needed to do something that grand and ambitious.
  • The doctor greeted you two “Oh, mr Han, right on time! The surgery went well, we were about to call you, as you requested.” “I knew it was a surgery! What happened? Can I see him?” the doctor also knew what was about to happen. “And you must be MC, right? Yes, he’s waiting for you…”
  • Your heart felt heavy inside your chest and the tears rolled down from your face. Apparently, he was fine, but why didn’t he tell you he was ill in the first place? You went to the room he was only to find balloons, flowers and a V on one of his knees, looking directly at you.
  • “I knew it, you’re the most breathtaking woman in the world. But why the tears, my love? This wasn’t a part of my fantasy for this moment” “How do you know I’m crying, I didn’t say anything… wait, can you see me?” “Is your shirt blue?” “V! You’re… you’re seeing? This is amazing, honey! This is…” you rushed to hug him. You were so used to his blindness now, if he felt comfortable like that, you wouldn’t insist on convincing him to do the surgery, and apparently you didn’t need to.
  • “But wait… what are you doing on your knees? Can you be like that?” “Yes, don’t worry about me, my love. I just needed to do this conforming tradition… MC, I pictured this moment in my imagination a million times, but I need to hear it from you for real now. Will you marry me?” “Oh my God, V! Yes! Yes! Of course!” you hugged him and made him get up to kiss him. “I’m sorry to scare you, love, I wanted to be a surprise…” “You bet I was scared! Don’t ever do that to me again!” you stared at him. “Oh God, the glare… is even more terrifying than I thought…”
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First Day of My Life Pt 4

We have arrived at the final full chapter of Rowan and Aelin’s wedding day journey. I have an epilogue coming for you to wrap up any lingering questions you may have. ;)

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3

 As always, special thanks to my darling friend @paperbacktrash for supporting me. Literally couldn’t get through the days without you. (Also had to add more since you last read it - go down to the part where the Thirteen are dancing and you’ll be able to read the new stuff)

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**There are most definitely spoilers at the end of this if you have not read Tower of Dawn.**

Later, Reception

Aelin examined her ring, which was simple but beautiful. The band was plain silver and the stone set in was the same colour as Rowan’s eyes. Rowan wore a similar band, but the stone in his matched her eyes instead.

Rowan sidled up next to her, “Hello wife.”

Aelin wriggled as he pulled her into his arms. “I’ve been your wife for a while now, in case you had forgotten.”

“I could never, but I still like the sound of it.” He nipped her ear affectionately. She melted in his arms.

Madam Florine approached and bowed at the waist before she spoke, “Majesties, the dancers and the orchestra are ready if you’d like to begin your first dance.”

Aelin beamed at Florine, “Thank you for arranging this, it’s breathtaking.”

Florine bowed her head in gratitude. “Thank you, Majesty, for not forgetting that the arts are a staple in every kingdom.” She took her leave.

Rowan kissed the top of Aelin’s head as Aelin curled into him. “Everything is perfect. I was worried… It felt as though everything could be taken from me again only just this morning but now? I’ve never felt so sure of my place here.”

He grinned broadly and without restraint at her confession. He kissed the top of her head. “There is another surprise yet, Fireheart.”

Aelin pulled back in surprise. “What is it?” She demanded but Rowan was already shaking his head. “Wait and see.”

Aelin glared, “Buzzard.”

He chuckled before backing away, “Meet me for a dance.”

Aelin hugged herself, trying and failing to hide the unburdened glee at her mate’s obvious delight as she watched him disappear behind the curtain of the stage and Lysandra and Aedion settled in line beside her.

“I hope you’ve been practicing. Wouldn’t want Rowan’s toes to feel the brunt of your lousy footwork.” Aedion dropped a hulking arm across Aelin’s shoulders.

Aelin stomped on his toes. “How’s my footwork now?” She hissed, halfheartedly.

Aedion laughed with only a slight wince, “On second thought, his toes might be fine considering your tiny ineffectual feet.”

Aelin shoved him before pulling him back and tucking herself back under his arm. Lysandra leaned into Aelin’s other side.

“You two are worse than children.” She was laughing, a sparkle in her eyes.

Madam Florine called the room to attention, “If I could ask our Queen to join our King centre stage.”

Aelin couldn’t see Rowan anywhere but she walked to where Florine directed her and waited. Elegantly dressed dancers filed in along the back of the stage and stood at the ready.

The orchestra started again, the dancers started moving along with the starting notes… she was surprised to hear that it was the Stygian Suite. She dragged her eyes from the beautifully twirling dancers and saw as the pianoforte was wheeled on stage and Rowan, gods Rowan, was sitting at the rolling piano bench, being pushed by two stage hands, plunking away at the ivory and black keys.

A hand flew to her throat in awe, and tears began to roll down her cheeks. He made eye contact with her over the beautiful instrument and the emotion she found there… It was like they were back in the abandoned theatre in Rifthold and she was showing him this same piece for the very first time. The first time she’d ever played anything for him.

He had told her to teach him and she had taught him the basics, but they had not played together since. Gods, he had done this without her knowledge.

Aelin stood there, softly crying in the middle of the stage watching her mate as he watched her. For a moment, it was only them. Nothing and no one could reach them.

Florine came and tapped Rowan lightly on the shoulder and they switched places, hardly missing a note, and Rowan prowled over to Aelin.

He gathered her in his arms and wiped away her tears. Did you like the surprise?

Aelin sucked in a breath of air at his silent question, trying to soothe herself. It was beautiful. I can’t believe you learnt how to play for me.

They started moving and Rowan led Aelin in a waltz across the floor. Surprise bloomed across her face again and Rowan chuckled. I seem to remember certain comments about us pretty males only being good for one thing. I sought to prove you wrong.

Aelin choked back her newly flowing tears as she held tight to Rowan. He pressed closer to her and started singing softly for only her to hear. She began humming along, and lost herself in the music of her mate. The music of her husband, her King.

Across the room, Lysandra, failing to hold back tears, turned to Aedion and gripped his arm.

“Dance with me.” She pulled him on towards the dance floor before waiting for an answer. Aedion hardly had time to gather himself before Lysandra was leading him around the theatre floor, elegantly bypassing the dancers Madam Florine had instructed to start weaving through the other couples.

They passed by Manon and Dorian just to see Dorian get punched for asking Manon to dance. Aedion roared with laughter before burying his head in Lysandra’s hair, holding tight.

He eventually took the lead from Lysandra and ever so slowly led them off the stage. When they left the stage, Lysandra’s expression turned inquisitive but Aedion shook his head, a secretive smile gracing his ruggedly handsome face. He led her quietly through backstage, through a hidden door and down a little hallway before he opened another door and revealed the small, tucked away balcony outside of the theatre.

Lysandra gasped at the beauty of Orynth at night, taking in the starry night sky, the flowers bedecking the wrought iron railing and the scents of the city before sweeping through the doors and pulling Aedion along with her.

“Why did we leave?” She asked, slightly breathless and turning to face him, cheeks flushed and eyes sparkling.

Aedion took a deep breath before gathering her hands in his. “Lysandra… do you remember when I told you I would marry you one day when we were in Skull’s Bay?”

Lysandra’s eyes went wide but she nodded.

“I meant it. I love you Lys, I love Evangeline as though she were my own. I claim her and I claim you too. I have always been better with weapons than words but I would lay down my life for you and your child… Our child… If you both would have me. Lysandra, would you please do me the greatest honour of marrying me?”

Lysandra threw her arms around Aedion in response, he caught her and held her close as she sobbed.

She sobbed for the Prince who cared for the Courtesan, the Prince who cared for the scarred but beautiful child who never let the hardships of the world stain her, for considering this beautiful little girl at all.

She cried for the news she had yet to reveal.

She pulled back and kissed him softly before whispering, “Yes, Aedion. I will marry you. I’ve known for a while now that this is where we were meant to be… with each other. After this long and difficult road, this is our next turn. Our beginning. It took you long enough to ask!” She exclaimed, trying to bring her tears to heel.

Aedion kissed her back and brushed the tears from her face. “You look beautiful.”

“I remember you saying something about Princess Lysandra Ashryver… I could get used to that.” Her smile was soft, shy.

Aedion tilted her chin up with his fingers and kissed away her tears in response. “You deserve everything and more. I promise to give it to you.”

Lysandra sniffled again. “Who wasn’t good with words again?”

Aedion chuckled before withdrawing, “I didn’t get you a ring but we can go pick one together.”

Lysandra shook her head. “Let’s ask Rowan to tattoo bands on our fingers.”

Aedion beamed, the tips of his ears flushing, “My fiancé is brilliant. I knew I wanted to marry for you some reason,” he teased.

Lysandra giggled, a blush creeping across her cheeks. “We can’t tell them tonight, though. In a couple of days… Let them enjoy this.”

Evangeline chose just then to burst through the doorway, all dimpled smiles interrupting Aedion’s response. “Mother, Aedion! Come on! You’re missing all the fun!”

They had no choice but to follow the bouncing, joyful girl back inside.

Aelin did have one bouquet commissioned for the traditional bridal tossing. She was laughing as the women all clambered to get to the front as she clutched it, waving it mockingly in front of the women assembled.

“Ready?” She called over her shoulders, a wicked grin gracing her face at the thought of the chaos about the unfold.

There were more scuffles and some squeals that sounded decidedly like toes being stomped on. Aelin tossed the bouquet overhead and whirled to watch the madness. Turns out, Lysandra’s ghost leopard claws must have made an appearance as she was the one who came out clutching the flowers, the undisputed victor.

Aelin roared with laughter, clutching at her stomach before righting herself and rushing to her best friend and pulling her into an embrace.

Aedion smirked from the sidelines and Rowan turned to him, his eyebrows cocked as though saying it was about time. Aedion nudged Rowan with brotherly affection. “I know, I know.” Aedion’s eyes twinkled mischievously but he kept his lips clamped shut, lest he break the wonderful news.

They clinked their glasses of brandy together and the girls approached them. Lysandra waved the flowers in Aedion’s face and Aedion caught them before snatching her and stealing a kiss. Aelin and Rowan watched happily as Lys all but melted in his arms.

They excused themselves to make the rounds of guests, leaving them to their bliss. She was hugged by her other cousin, Galan, and congratulated again. Ilias and Ansel were talking together while the Mute Master was seated at a table nearby, watching and no doubt listening. “Probably best not to interrupt them… They’re still figuring out where they all stand with each other after… well, after Ansel.”

Rowan murmured his assent.

Rolfe raised his glass in a salute from across the room and Aelin grinned in response. She watched him pull the woman he’d been in conversation with in for a kiss. “I’m glad someone can endure his insufferable mannerisms,” Aelin whispered to Rowan.

Rowan winked. “To make a deal with you, he must be a little crazy.”

Aelin pinched Rowan in response before they reached Dorian and Manon and thanked Dorian once more for officiating. Manon looked a bit pink in the cheeks and Aelin wondered if she’d ever been to a party like this before.

The rest of the Thirteen were dancing together on the dance floor and they opted not to interrupt, given the reckless abandon in which they were dancing. Iron teeth and iron nails? They were interested in keeping all body parts firmly attached to their persons, thank you very much. Elide was chatting with Emrys, Malakai and Luca, with Nox accompanying them and Aelin spotted Lorcan observing both Luca and Nox suspiciously as the three of them exchanged pleasantries. Aelin scoffed and Rowan smirked as he had also noticed the possession Lorcan was undoubtedly attempting to leash, and as usual failing to do so.

Hasar was dancing quite proactively with Renia and Aelin couldn’t help but admire the feline grace of her movements, especially given the fact she appeared to be surrounded by several empty glasses, possibly a couple of empty bottles of some very expensive looking liquor. Aelin laughed as Renia made eye contact and waved at them helplessly, unable to hold Hasar’s roving hands at bay.

Rowan shook his head, slightly exasperated but straightened as Sartaq and Nesryn approached. Aelin smiled easily, having been quite taken with Sartaq’s ruk, Kadara, that she wasn’t fazed by the fact that an empress and emperor now approached. Not even a bat of an eyelash that they hosted them here. His Queen… she would indeed be the woman to greet a formal court in barefoot.

Sartaq nodded at Rowan, friend to a friend. “I may be an emperor but we know who the true warrior of legend is among us. No need to be so formal with me, Rowan.” Rowan relaxed and Nesryn grinned, some unnamed test having been passed.

“We just wanted to say thank you before we headed out. Sartaq wants to see more of home – I mean Adarlan. I promised I would take him on a tour of all our old haunts.” Nesryn poked at Aelin.

Aelin chuckled, “Don’t bring him into the sewers. I was down there before Valg had ever infested them and they weren’t any better then, trust me.”

Sartaq laughed, a deep booming laugh. Rowan smirked at his wife, finding it hard to keep his hands off of her in front of the other man.

Aelin levelled a gaze at Rowan. Territorial fae bastard. Her tone was mocking and he stuck his tongue out at her.

Nesryn cleared her throat. “I will never get used to that.”

Sartaq tucked Nesryn under his arm. “Well, we must be off. Thank you for inviting us. We’ll have to host you back in Antica sometime.” He offered, extending his hand. Rowan reached to clasp it firmly.

Aelin and Nesryn bid each other farewell and they were alone once again. Aelin spotted two more familiar faces and grabbed at Rowan’s hand to lead them over.

Rowan saw that Chaol and Yrene were preparing to leave as well. Aelin rushed over, towing him behind her. “Yrene! You’re not dragging Chaol away already, are you?”

Yrene beamed at Aelin, “Unfortunately, Chaol is all partied out. I really must get him home. Being on his feet this long can bother him still.” She flashed him a knowing grin, which led Aelin to believe that wasn’t the only reason for the early departure.

Chaol smiled indulgently at his wife before pulling Aelin into an embrace. “I wish we could stay longer, but we have to head back to Adarlan early. Duty calls, you know.”

Aelin laughed and hugged Chaol back, “Thank you both for coming anyways.”

Chaol clasped hands with Rowan while Yrene and Aelin hugged.

“I’m happy for you both, truly. I’m happy we were all here to celebrate it.” Chaol said, bowing his head at Aelin and Rowan.

Aelin laughed. “So formal, Captain.”

Chaol’s face spread into a wide grin, reminiscent of those days in the glass castle when he was indeed Captain. “Habit, you know. Good luck with everything. Stay in touch.”

“Always.” Rowan agreed.

As Yrene and Chaol left, Aelin sighed happily. “This is a dream come true, Rowan. Thank you for today. Thank you for every day.”

Rowan pulled her close and gripped her chin gently in his hand. “Anything for you, Fireheart,” before swooping in with a gentle kiss. A kiss that spoke of their promised future, their love, and all the time they would have for more kisses and different kisses.

“Now come on, let’s go dance the night away! We wouldn’t want our friends to be left hanging.” Aelin grabbed Rowan and dragged him back to the dance floor.

They spent the night dancing and indulging in food and drink with their loved ones, not a care in the world except for the here, the now and the knowledge that tomorrow was certain.

Surprise! S.M.

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Summary: Y/N and Aaliyah decide to surprise Shawn on tour and things get a little steamy.

Trigger Warning: smut 

Word Count: 3.7k

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The scent of the pasta I was currently cooking filled the air in the kitchen. The deep and beautiful voice of Beyoncé was playing on my record player, her being the only sound in my house. I hummed to the song while preparing the ingredients to the meal I was about to eat.

As I was going to hit a high note in the chorus of Love on Top my phone started buzzing. I cleaned my hands before picking it up, looking the contact name.

“Aaliyah, hi love.”

“Y/N, I need someone. I need you.” I was greeted with a sad voice coming from the other side of the line.

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I can sort of see how Bill’s story could potentially end if she’s only going to be in Series 10 and won’t carry over into the Chibnall era.

Similar to how Clara and Ashildr ended up with their own TARDIS and went off together, Heather has her own time travel capabilities and Bill is clearly hoping that, in travelling with the Doctor, they will find each other again. Naturally, that sets the stage nicely for Bill to continue travelling after her time as the companion is done with her new cosmic girlfriend.

I’d be totally cool with that.