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a/n: asdfghjkl ok so I actually had a request for vampire bap but didn’t realize until I was done writing that I somehow wrote a werewolf au instead so .. sorry for that, anon, but vamp!bap & big bang will be coming soon ;;


  • One of the best werewolf leaders of all time. Other clans praise and admire him for his leadership, his ability to lead his pack through every conflict and issue and come out stronger on the other end.
  • He’s admired for other things too, apart from his leadership, such as his looks. While he puts his pack first, he sees no issue with fooling around when he has time. There are many wolves who would give their lives for a night with him.
  • And despite all these handsome and beautiful wolves, the one person who’s truly captured his attention is .. you. A human.
  • After being injured in a fight, Yongguk passed out in wolf form and when you found him, you feared for his life and tended to the wolves wounds .. Only to watch in shock as the wolf shifts into a human.
  • When he’s conscious, he’s shocked to have been looked after by you. And would have killed you for finding out his secret if you hadn’t shown him such kindness and saved his life.
  • But he can’t just let you walk free.
  • Instead, he takes you to his pack and you become a healer, and their inside person for the humans. You can walk freely through the town and grocery shop for them when the hunters kill off too much game.
  • He begins to spend his free time not in the sheets with other wolves, but talking to you, walking through the woods with you. He tells you his story, opens up about his thoughts and is flattered when you call him poetic.
  • “There’s nothing beautiful about my life. I have to either kill or get killed .. It’s the only way there is.”
  • Because of this, he’s afraid to bring you into his inner circle. If an enemy discovers his soft spot for you, it could lead to endangering your life.
  • So he settles instead for loving you from afar. Although he longs to claim you as his, this is the best way to keep you safe …

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  • As the motherly figure and voice of reason to the pack, he’s sometimes known to nag. Although he does this out of concern and love, he can sometimes rub the new pack members the wrong way. They think he’s trying to challenge Yongguk’s position as Alpha when that’s the last thing he wants.
  • Rumour spreads within the lower ranks and they come up with an ingenious plan, to earn themselves in Yongguk’s good books; They’re going to get rid of Himchan once and for all.
  • You happen to stumble upon the group of “puppies” surrounding Himchan and leap to his defense. While he is already strong alone, he does appreciate that you would help … that you understand he’s only trying to look out for everyone when he nags.
  • He begins to spend more time with you after this.
  • You both read books and hunt together. He takes you to his favourite meadow, where he goes to think and relax.
  • The love blossoms naturally, over a few months. It’s a mutual love that is supported by everyone. When he finally asks you out, he almost doesn’t need to. The feelings you had were so clear, that words were not needed. But he still wants to confess, to voice his feelings.
  • “I never thought I would place anyone above my own pack but then .. I met you. And I would follow you to Hell and back, if you let me.”

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  • This ray of sunshine spreads so much positivity and warmth wherever he goes.
  • You both grew up together, in the same pack. When Yongguk came and offered you two a place in his, you both were sad to leave but knew you wouldn’t regret taking up his offer. He saw potential in you both. And it’s like a two for one offer; you get one, you get the other.
  • You’re still allowed to visit your own pack and family members, as Yongguk has faith you won’t reveal secret information he’ll kill you if you do.
  • And somehow, during your years together, you fell in love. You can’t pinpoint when or how. But you know you don’t regret it.
  • “Dae, I really love you.”
  • “I know, you’ve been telling me that since we were kids.”
  • “No, I mean, I love you.
  • He smiles. “Didn’t I just say that I already knew? Even a blind man can see how you look at me. But don’t be so embarrassed .. I look the same way at you too.”

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  • You have been “enemies” since you two were small pups. He’s been in all your training classes, trying to compete and outsmart you. You’re often paired up for tasks too, since your abilities complement each other. Too bad your personalities don’t or so you think.
  • Every second you spend together is spent bickering and disagreeing and fighting. It’s never been serious, really, no injuries or fist fights. His bark is worse than his bite, as they say. But it’s still frustrating to listen to him all the time.
  • Whoever he dates, he tries to flaunt to you.
  • So you do likewise.
  • It’s a constant game of cat and mouse.
  • Until one day, out of nowhere, he kisses you.
  • “W - what was .. !?”
  • “Don’t act so confused. We all knew this moment would come .. So dump your ugly mutt of a wolf and date me instead. You know you’ve always wanted to.”

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  • He’s a master deceiver. Despite his innocent nature and cute looks, he can be cunning when he wants to be.
  • You first meet when he joins your pack. He spends weeks getting to know everyone, fitting in, and growing comfortable. You sense a soft nature from him that you long to protect. So you, most of all, make an effort to make him feel welcomed.
  • …..
  • Until he betrays you.
  • Your pack wakes up one morning, under attack by Yongguk’s pack. They’re vicious and ruthless and standing among them .. is Jongup.
  • He saves your life, telling Yongguk that you would be useful to them, and become the sole survivor of the pack you grew up with.
  • Hurt and disgusted, you avoid him with a passion. And if he corners you, you do all you can to hurt him. To save your own life, you don’t dare run away or try to fight the other members. But you know that Jongup will defend you from Yongguk’s wrath, arguing that he deserves your insults and hits.
  • Because he does.
  • “I know that infiltrating your pack was bad. And I only did so on orders. While that was a lie, the rest of me wasn’t. All that time we spent together, all those things I told you, that time we kissed .. I meant all of it. I don’t expect you to forgive me. But can you at least give me a chance?”

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  • You’d always thought he was cute, since you were both kids. He had cute cheeks and was so smol and soft and you just wanted to protect him. Your parents took you on a task with them, that lasted a few weeks and when you returned, the smol pup you once called Junhong was gone.
  • In his place was a giant.
  • “What did .. What did you eat when I was gone!?”
  • While the innocent boy you once knew was gone, you found that you didn’t much mind. He had matured while you were gone only a little, he’s still bratty at times and you found it charming.
  • You were hunting for rabbits together one day when he blurts out; “So, when are you going to finally say it?”
  • “Say what?”
  • “That you think I’m hot and always have.”

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Creepypasta #1214: The Fairest Of Them All

Length: Short

When I was a boy, perhaps around four or five, I would make faces in the bathroom mirror as I brushed my teeth. What else are you supposed to do with all that time? Two minutes twice a day is an eternity of boredom when you’re a child. 

So I would brush, my Santa beard of toothpaste occasionally beading into the sink, and I would make faces. I would raise my eyebrows, and crinkle my nose, perhaps smile a sinister smile. I would see how fast I could go - alternating between my fun masks.

I remember when my mother caught me. Her eyes were wide but her voice was gentle. She reminded me not to make faces. 

“Sometimes,” she said, “sometimes people’s faces get stuck like that forever. Best not to risk it.” And with a pat on the bottom she sent me off to bed.

It was only years later that I figured out the real reason why you shouldn’t make faces in the mirror. Sometimes, you see… sometimes it can’t quite keep up.

Credits to: PattyMcWagon (story)

reasons to not kiss him:

i. he’s been called a monster too many times to count; gavin could if he wanted to but it would take longer than he has time for and he’s not sure he can even count that high. (he remembers the first time they met and the look in ryan’s eyes, and how even then, the word ‘monster’ wasn’t one he’d used to describe him. dangerous, maybe. killer, maybe. but never monster.)

ii. he does not know how to love something without holding on so tight he breaks it. ryan is tough, sure, but gavin was never taught how to not ruin everything he touches. (he has a habit of digging his claws in and not knowing how to let go without losing it. like, his parents. like, girls he has loved before. like, boys he has loved before. like, maybe ryan.)

iii. this life never lets you go happy. you find a crew and a family but they’ll always leave. people find better things and they always leave. gavin doesn’t want to call it abandonment but turning your back on someone you love and leaving them is quite possibly the worst thing you could do. (ray did, what makes him think ryan won’t?)

reasons to kiss him:

i. ryan has only ever been called a monster when he’s wearing his mask. sometimes, gavin imagines getting close enough to take it off and close enough to run his fingers through ryan’s hair, and close enough to kiss him. kiss him like he’s wanted to for longer than he has time to figure out. (every time he has died in the past, it has been with a scream or a choke. he figures he could die happy if he got to kiss ryan even once.)

ii. ryan is made of something stronger than porcelain or glass. he will not shatter or crack if gavin holds too tight or not tight enough; he doesn’t need to be held to be whole. (maybe ryan doesn’t hold on tight like gavin does, but he’s always been worried that if his crew left him, he might just fall apart. gavin wraps himself tight around ryan and is never asked to let go.)

iii. ryan was never the same after ray left. he was quieter behind his mask and always seemed so distant, so far away. when you spend years dying beside your friend, dying alone is just that– dying alone. (ryan says one day he could do this for the rest of his life and gavin wants to pretend he means with them. it’s not hard to imagine them, together for the rest of their lives. gavin has never wanted anything more.)

iv. gavin loves him. (that’s a good enough reason.)

– the boy doesn’t need to know he loves him, he just has to want it.

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what do you think the chances are of klance becoming canon. I kinda feel like they might leave it up to interpretation of the fans but idk.

Big shrug?

I mean IIRC Shada did suggest part of Lance’s character arc was finding one person in particular he was romantically interested in but we have no reason to believe that’s specifically Keith. Could be Plaxum, could be anybody.

My feeling is, whatever they do romance-wise, it’s probably going to be very slow-build, much like they did in A:TLA. Of course I’m tempted to talk up my own ships because, well, they’re my ships but I do not have a notarized letter from the writers saying that means anything.

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Supervised Visitation - escape series

Characters: Jon Kent, Damian Wayne
Pairing: jondami
Summary: If anyone asked him what his favorite part of his weekly visit with Jon was, Damian would probably say it was threatening his brother’s soldiers.
A/N: Jon and Conner get an hour a day to physically visit with each other. They basically get no other special treatment other than their own cells and where they are, and maybe allowed to actually keep the gifts Damian brings them. The prison staff all like Damian, Jon and Conner pretty well, so they get a lot of leeway on those rules (beyond this fic of course.) All the metas in all the prisons have the cuff-collar combo. When the collars are turned on, they’re on for everyone in the prison, though individualized for when they actually shock people. (ie, Conner was not shocked at any point during Damian’s visit.) Jon puts on a brave/’it’s all fine in here’ face for Damian, but really - he’s a miserable little puppy.

Stuff for the Escape series


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fluorescent lights dancing on pale skin

desc; businessman!dan frequents the masquerade strip club downtown and the new blue-masked boy happens to be just what he needs to relax (circa 1924)

beta; thank you to hazy( @muserdan​ ) for the amazing english teacher type betaing and like literally saving me because I really wasn’t going to upload this because i could not proofread for like a million reasons ^-^

a/n; idea of the club from panic!at the disco’s video

sorry if this isnt what you wanted anons!! i figured since u only asked for more bottom phil it would be alright to write something new instead.

Dan walked out of the bathroom, grabbing his coat from the rack and checking his hair in the mirror. His maid, Lucille, was bustling around the two room apartment, picking up clothes and washing dishes, sparing Dan a glance every so often.

“You’re going to get caught sometime, you know,” she quips, straightening Dan’s tie and smoothing his petticoat.

Dan just rolls his eyes and smiles. “That’s the fun part,“

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Oh, ooooh!!! I'm on the same boat as you with pidge and shiros relationship being important, its actually my special interest! Could you share any headcanons you have??

That’s awesome! I’d love to share with you!

(I’m only on episode 4 atm so forgive me I’m still figuring things out) but headcanons so far:

- I feel like sometimes when Shiro or Pidge can’t sleep for one reason or another (night terrors, general staying up too late, voltron-related stress, etc.) they call each other up and sit outside and look up at the stars and talk or listen to music together? 

think Pidge is the “goes outside and listens to music under the stars for clarity” and then Shiro comes up and joins them. I think chillwave or chiptunes cause it’s really late and Pidge strikes me as a “listens to chiptunes while they work” kind of person.

- If they sit next to each other on a couch or a bench during down time, Shiro unconsciously drapes his arm across the back of the bench around Pidge and gets more comfortable.

- Pidge doesn’t like people sneaking up on them, and Shiro knows this and tends to tap on Pidge’s shoulder first or announce he’s coming in the room.

bonus fun: If they had smart phones, Shiro’s home screen is a picture of him and Pidge. He doesn’t even really do selfies or a lot extra with his phone, but when he and Pidge got closer they took a selfie together and Shiro is kind of proud of it. (bonus: Pidge sends Shiro space memes. Shiro sends Pidge inspirational quotes)

sorry for the wall of text but thank you for the question!! Please feel free to tell me your headcanons too sometime, I’d love to hear them!


“Dean, can I talk to you?”

“Sure, Cas, what’s up?” Dean asked warily, detaching himself from the football team. It was the cliché situation. Dean and Cas grew up together and once they were in high school, Dean became the quarterback and therefore really popular and Cas was just normal; not a nerd, not overly popular. He had enough friends and too low grades to be called a nerd and not enough friends or talent in sports to be called popular.

Cas and Dean never gave up their friendship even though they were at different levels of the food chain. They still hung out together and Cas and his family still came over during Christmas.

What Cas was about to do now, may ruin everything. But leaving it as it is, may ruin everything too.

You see, this wasn’t your typical love story. There was a small dent in the cliché, something that made it less of a cliché and more of a tragedy.

Cas was in love with Dean and Cas was sure Dean was in love with him, but there was Dean’s denial.

Dean thought that liking boys meant that his masculinity suddenly vanished in thin air and Cas had enough.

“I need to tell you something,” Cas said, his voice wavering as they walked further away from their school.

“Dude, you can tell me anything, you know that.” Dean’s smile was bright and Castiel couldn’t help but smile back, despite his nerves.

Castiel sighed once, trying to slow down his racing heart and said, “I’m in love with you.”

Dean’s eyes widened and Cas would’ve laughed if he wasn’t about to cry, mortified by Dean’s reaction.

“Say something?” Castiel practically begged, but Dean still didn’t answer. “You need to stop running from this, I know you feel it too.

“I don’t,” Dean said, shaking his head rapidly. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“You’re lying.”


“Find me when you figured it out.”

It probably wasn’t reasonable to say this but Cas was tired of Dean hiding his feelings for him. Cas would never force Dean to come out, but he could be honest with Cas. It was killing him to see Dean with all of these girls when he knew that sometimes those eyes were pointed at him.

Castiel went home and started doing his homework, only to give up a few minutes later. He couldn’t concentrate so Netflix it was.

The doorbell rang after 3 episodes of Stranger Things and Cas already suspected who it might be.

Heavy boots were coming up the stairs while Cas tried his best to look casual and unaffected.

His bedroom door opened, they knew no shame around each other, Cas still didn’t look up. The boots came closer and closer until a figure leaned over Cas and kissed him.

Castiel gasped which made Dean smile and deepen the kiss, burying his hands in Cas’ unruly hair.

“You were right,” Dean said, out of breath, after they broke apart. “I feel it too.”

Patient: Gideon Grey Session 1

Alright so I’m going to be working on a 13 part one shot for Gideon Grey, about how he went from being a bully to being an understanding guy whose learning to live and let live. I will put them under the cut so if you want to read them you can, but if you don’t want a wall a text on your dash. If you like it lemme know.

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Dream: World’s Worst Video Game

I usually transcribe the weird dreams I have on Twitter, but tumblr’s better suited to that kinda thing in terms of format, so here I am.

I took a nap today and dreamed there was a hot new indie game that everyone was playing, but everyone hated. It was called You Didn't Help Them.

The gameplay was kinda Life is Strange or Gone Home-ish. You would live 24 hours of someone’s life. You would wake up, go to work, talk to friends and family, hang out with people after work, go home, and go to bed. But when that 24-hour period was up, something unspeakably terrible would happen to someone you’d met that day, in a domestic violence context. It was your job to figure out who that was, what was likely to happen, and somehow try to stop it. (The victim and circumstances changed every game, so you couldn’t just memorize the dialog trees or whatever.)

At the end of the game, you would wake up the day after the 24-hour period, and you would know you’d been unsuccessful in preventing the disaster if the first thing you heard, whispered in one ear by a disembodied voice that was only just barely audible, was “You didn't help them.” 

(Part of the reason I remember this dream so well is that I lost the game, started crying in my sleep, and my husband shook me and partially woke me up.)

The victim of the violence would disappear from the game. Sometimes you could piece together an explanation, sometimes not. Sometimes it was front page on the local newspaper, sometimes nobody could figure out what happened. Changed every time you played. 

You could keep playing the game after this revelation, but the voice would come back every single time you saw, said, or heard something that reminded you of your friend/family member/acquaintance. An article in the newspaper, a photo on the wall, their name in conversation.

You didn’t help them. You didn’t help them. You didn’t help them.

TITLE: My Dork
AUTHOR: Bucky-Take-The-Wheel
ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Edward Nygma having a crush on you, but being to shy to tell you
NOTES/WARNINGS: First time writing for ‘gotham’ Edward, so hopefully not to horrible (andmyfirsttimewritinggothamperiod) ^^“

"I just don’t see how you do it, kid.” Harvey Bullock, one of the detectives at Gotham PD stated to you bluntly.

“How I do what, Harvey?” You replied from your desk with a smirk, looking up at the gruff detective with a smug stare.

“Put up with Nygma, he’s…he’s-” he began to explain.

“Smart?” You asked, cutting him off, not quite appreciating how everyone treated him around here.

“I was gonna go for obnoxious.” He complained, taking a seat at his desk across from you.

You only rolled your eyes at the statement, you could never quite comprehend why everyone here was always so hard on Ed. He had been your best friend for years and not once have you ever found him obnoxious.

A dork no doubt, but never obnoxious.

“Uhm. Excuse me [F/N]?” You heard a voice ask behind you.

“Speak of the devil.” Harvey grumbled as he resumed his work, trying his hardest to block out the conversation.

“Oh, hey Eddie!” You exclaimed with a smile, turning your chair to greet your best friend.

“I found something that will help on the case!” He stated excitedly, a grin taking over his face as he set some papers on your desk.

“Aweso-” you attempted to compliment, before said papers were snatched off your desk by Harvey.

“Yeah, I’m the one who needs the papers, smartass.” He stated, rolling his eyes as he began flipping through the pages, seemingly not caring.

“Well, I intended [F/N] to look through them first, actually…” Edward muttered under his breath, much preferring you look over them first.

Unlike most of the PD, you would always compliment his work and thank him, while most everyone else there only seemed to only want him to shut up and go away.

“Good job Ed.” You replied with a small smile, as you looked up at him, not wanting Harvey’s bluntness to bring down his mood at all.

He only gave his dorkish smile in return, before awkwardly turning away.

“Hey Ed before you do your whole, me complimenting you and you running off to do your smart person things, you wanna grab lunch or something?” You ask with a smile.

Your unsure why but Ed had been acting very off lately, normally he would get excited about explaining everything he figured out to you, which of course, you happily listened to.

But instead he seemed to run off at random points, especially when you complimented him.

“Oh, sure.” He replied erratically, quickly turning around to face you, his dorkish grin still spread eagerly across his face.

“Weirdos.” You heard Harvey scoffed under his breath.

“Come on then, it’s on me.” You reply with a smile

“So Ed….” you asked slowly, as you awkwardly twirled your fork around in your food.

“Yes?” He asked eagerly, his head shooting up to face you.

“What’s been up with you?” You asked nervously, worried that perhaps you had said something wrong to him, in the past that had changed how he was acting around you.

“Oh, you know, solving things, reading things, oh, and I just found this amazing rid-” he began explaining, your question going straight over his head.

“No, i mean…how you’ve been acting…” you mumbled shyly, looking down at your barley eaten food.

“What are you talking about, [F/N]?” Edward asked with a confused head tilt, which you found quite frankly adorable.

“Ughh. Nothing just forget it…” you mutter as you set your head on the table with a whine.

“No! Come on, I mean you know I’ll figure it out anyway!” He replied jokingly, trying to lighten the mood.

You let out a small giggle. “Have you been avoiding me for a reason?” You ask bluntly, moving your head to stare up at Ed.

“I mean…I feel like when ever I see you, you keep randomly leaving! Sometimes even mid-sentence!” You exclaimed dramatically.

He in return, only stared back blankly, seemingly not knowing how to reply to your question.

“Please tell me..if..if I’m annoying you or something….” you mumbled.

“No! You could never annoy me!” He replied quickly, not wanting you to get the wrong idea.

“Then tell me Ed.”

“I-I have to go…” he stuttered, attempting to leave the booth.

“Not so fast Ed, tell me” you stated bluntly, as you grabbed his tie, efficiently pulling him back to his seat.

He paused, contemplating how to proceed with the difficult situation. That is, before a wonderful idea struck him.

“It caused the destruction of Troy, The worst of tragedies And numerous maladies Yet it is chased, desired and fought for What is it?” He asked, giving you some intense puppy dog eyes.

A riddle? What are you thinking of course hes gonna explain with a riddle, this was Ed you were talking about here.

“Ok…let me think…” you muttered. “Destruction of troy…chased, desired, and fought for…”

As you thought allowed, ed stared nervously at you, hoping that the riddle would explain everything.

“Ah ha!” You exclaimed, it finally hitting you.

Ed’s eyes widened, nervously awaiting your answer.

“The answer is obviously love! But that doesn’t explain anything.” You reply blankly, the meaning going over your head.

Or so Ed thought.

You were pretty sure you knew full well what he was going on about but you first had to confirm your suspicious, before jumping to conclusions.

“Do you have a secret girlfriend or something? ” you asked, faking your response.

“What? No!” He responded quickly. “I…I uhm…” he mumbled nervously, before slamming his head on the table.

A giggle escape d your lips, looks like you had to take matters into your own hands. “I’m joking Eddie. I got the riddle you silly dork.” You state with a smile, as you moved ed’s head to face yours.

“Y-you do?” He asks, a blush running across his face. “I mean…of course you do.” He states nervously, as he adjusts his glasses.

“Eddie, you could have just told me.” You reply with a giggle as you stand up to move to the other side of the booth, taking a seat next to Edward.

“What?” He asked blankly.

“Me, surprising you? That’s a new one.” You state with a grin, as you lean closer to Edward, giving him a small peck on the lips.

He only stared back in shock, his face heating up immensely.

“Eddie? You there? Earth to Eddie.” You ask, waving a hand in front of the shocked dork in front of you.

“Ah…yes. I am” he replied as he nervously grabbed your hand.

“For a genius, you sure are a dork sometimes.” You laughed lightly as you leaned onto his shoulder. “But your my dork.”


alternate scene; unreleased cut

This was supposed to be a scene in one of my fanfics but I took it out… (it’s a favorite and I’m sure you guys would easily guess what fanfic it is. haha!) But since I’m editing it, thought I’d show you guys this scene. :)


I stiffened at the sound of the familiar voice, turning slightly only to find a familiar face. Jungkook stood there with a red scarf wrapped around his neck, his nose slightly red from the cold and his hands tucked deep in his long coat’s pockets. 

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For people who like to hug

I’m a hugger, and I regularly come across people who don’t like hugging, or don’t like hugging someone they just met, or any of a multitude of reasons that mean ‘they don’t want to hug me right now’. 

What I do is instead of just hugging people (including people I know) I just sort of hold my arms up and ask “Hug?” (I need to figure out how to ask in a way that 'no’ is an option…) 

Sometimes people hug me, sometimes they don’t. One time my friend had hurt her upper arm and could only hug specific ways.

If someone doesn’t want to hug, I don’t want them to feel left out, so I offer a high-five. 
If they don’t want a high-five, I offer a fist bump. 
One of my friends is really uncomfortable with touching people, so instead we just touch pointer finger fingertips. 
If someone just plain doesn’t want to touch, then I wave at them. 

This has seemed to work for me so far. 

- Stephani-d 

Give me control (…or something.) Part 3

So this is it, part 3 of the story  … or something.
(Part 1) (Part 2)(Part 4)(Part 5)

Give me control (…or something.)
Chapter 3
. Holly threw the strap-on harness and dildo on the bed and gauged Gail’s reaction. When she looked up at her she just smiled, shrugged and said: “Or something.” She took a few steps closer to the bed. “Will that do?” Gail couldn’t find the words so she just frantically nodded her head, relieved that this wasn’t going down the drain as she had expected. “Okay, good. I’ll be right back.” Holly then suddenly walked out the room, Gail could hear how she made her way down the hallway and was now rustling through the bathroom drawers, clearly looking for something. She looked at the contraption lying beside her on the bed. She lifted the leather harness which for some reason was a tangled mess. She traced her fingers over the black soft leather and the metallic buckles.

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Old Mates - Part 2

I wasn’t planning on writing a second part, but people asked, so I thought I might as well! It’s a bit fluffy, but I think thats always fun.

Part 1 [x] - Continuation of “I’m pretending to be your BFF because you looked VERY uncomfortable with that person at the bar hitting on you” AU - Rae/Finn


After deciding the guy she was talking to was proper dull, Chloe went off to another pub with some of her friends from dance team (seriously, how many extracurriculars was that woman in?). Rae decided to stay at the Screaming Archer pub a bit longer. As much as she had hated it at first, it wasn’t so bad with Finn.

“How much money have we spent on this jukebox?” Rae asked, reveling in the fact that she met someone who had almost as good taste in music as her. Almost.

“Enough to run everyone out of the bar, apparently,” Finn said. The two of them looked around and realized they were, in fact, the last two in the pub (except for a couple snogging in the corner, but it didn’t seem like they were coming up for air anytime soon).

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We all have different feelings about different LP’s we do at the end.   Usually the ones I’m completely angry during the whole thing are the ones I hate the most (Mario Party 3 and Luigi U are the only ones I can think of at the moment from those).  MP3 I was angry for a reason (I had broken up with my girlfriend of 5 years that I was living with just a couple days before leaving to go record), but Luigi U I wasn’t.  The best I could figure out for that was it’s just frustrating to play a game that you can cruise through in single player, and completely botch in multiplayer because you have to deal with other players throwing you off (Sometimes literally).

I suppose Rayman Origins we also felt the same way because it had some Luigi U syndrome to it, Emile wouldn’t stop just running ahead and Tim’s sleep apnea was at its worst and he was falling asleep for short amounts of time during recordings.

On the other side of the coin though, we also have recordings where we absolutely love them.  Chugga LOVES when we play Wheel of Fortune (Despite how much it embarrasses him), we were all happy with Little Big Planet 2 (I was having fun making dumb sidekicks the whole time, just wish we had gotten to use them all, there’s I think 3 I never got to use), and the latest LP we recorded on this trip we were all happy with, even if a got angry at the very end of it.