if only i could color


An afternoon date~

and a bonus


make me choose: cute or sexy zelo for anon!

        *✧・゚ the boy with starlight in his eyes  *✧・゚

instead of oswald pining after cute boys i want cute boys to pine after oswald

I need to draw Nino more often (pls excuse the shitty design, i just picture peacock! nino as someone who takes superheroing as serious business/ a chance for people to take him seriously)

what i wanted focus on that was the eyes, specifically the sclera.

ive notices how most peacock designs dont incorporate the black sclera that duusuu has.

i mean come on i cant be the only one …

he and chat could be the colored/ odd sclera bros

she was made up of shades of gray. a rainbow all in itself. as for when i looked at her, that was only color i could see. it was not a sad color, but it was not a happy one. a perfect mixture of white and black. a broken, hurt little soul healed by the little things life offered. a soul fixed by the love that revived her. but a love that broke her time and time again. i never did have the pleasure of calling that girl mine, but damn i wish i did.
—  immersful 

funkstercosplay:  Next time on The Walking Dead….

dan is staring at phil’s pastel ass


Another Dave Malloy as Pierre.  This one I made for Dave himself, all in blue monochrome because he’s colorblind and can only see the color blue, and I wanted to make something he could appreciate.  :)  Gave this one to him at the stage door the other night.

Saw Josh Groban as Pierre for the last time last night, and I’m still all bittersweet.  He’s gotten so beautiful in this part that I’ll be so sorry to see him go…