if only i could afford a bottle

queer witch in need of a binder

hey y’all! i have really been struggling over the last month or so with needing a chest binder, because i’m super not a girl and my chest is super not flat. the binder i want is not expensive (only about $43, including shipping), but i seriously don’t have any money at all.

so i’m willing to do tarot readings for $1 a card (my new deck should get here soon), or i do have a few extra crystals lying around ($3-$10 range) if anyone’s interested in those. i could also manage clay commissions (i do tiny plants in tiny bottles, and i make tons of dragons), but those will cost slightly more so that i can afford to ship them to you ($10 for plants, $17-$25 for dragons). i can also do custom tarot cards, one to five at a time ($5 for one, $20 for 5), if you have any that have a particular significance to you that you’d like to see in a new style or with certain symbolism.

if anyone’s interested in any of those things, please let me know!

Cont’d from [X]

It worked! The woman got back from the counter, and handing him a bottle of booze. Sweet lord, this one is his favorite. With one of his eye widely opened, he checked the label once more time. Now the feeling of guilt washed over himself. It’s not a cheap label, how if she spent most of her money on this? I’m not a fridgin’ swindler!

The side of his lip just drooling. How he craves for the booze all this time, but sadly, he’s totally broke. And could only afford a cheap alcohols. What the hell, let’s just say I owe Lily once. The swordsman finally surrender to his need for good drink. He opened the cork and drink on them in one go. “That’s the stuff!” Zoro’s grinning ear to ear, wiping the rest of the liquid around his lips with his tongue. 

But still, I can’t washed away this guilt. Look at her face, Zoro thoughts. Anyway, what I gotta ask from her again, yea? Still, he didn’t think the spell would worked in the first place. Now he’s feeling nervous on what to do next. “You want something?” He finally asked the redhead. He’s curious whether the woman would want something even under the trance.