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A/N: Jack really needs a hug. (I volunteer!)

3rd October: Bonfire night. 🔥 | feat. Captain Jack Sparrow

Words: 1337
Warnings: none

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“Again?” You huffed, shaking the shampoo bottle a couple of times before squeezing tightly as an attempt to see if you could get any more out of it. You had only bought this bottle about two weeks ago and you were already out. Maybe you were just subconsciously squeezing too much into your palm whenever you washed your hair. It was odd, really. Your shampoo and conditioner supply had been running suspiciously low for the past month and you didn’t have any other explanation for it! Unless… 

“S’cuse me, mister. I think you can afford to buy your own shampoo and conditioner.” You adjusted the towel wrapped round your body as you stepped into the bedroom, Harry looking up at you from his phone. 

“What are you on about?” He asked, a smirk playing at his lips when you rolled your eyes at him. Harry always loved using your shampoo, you didn’t know why you couldn’t see it before. You had bought him his own bottle for his birthday but somehow, it was your bottle that ended up being finished and he barely touched his own. It wasn’t like you minded that he used your shampoo, you were just bothered by the fact that he would hog a majority of the bottle and leave you with a little squirt left! 

“I’m accusing you of using my shampoo and conditioner.” 

“I don’ know wha’ you’re talking about.” Harry was a terrible liar so you knew from the start you’d be able to squeeze the truth out of him. 

“Are you sure you don’t know what I’m talking about?” You hummed, hitching your knee up onto the bed before crawling towards your boyfriend, Harry suddenly taking note of the playful smile on your features. 

“Y/N…” He sighed, cheeks brightening up significantly when you crawled closer to him and nudged your nose with his. 

“Tell me the truth…” You sang, pressing kisses to his cheek before trailing them down to his neck. 

“Mm…” Harry hummed, thoroughly enjoying the treatment he was receiving from you before sort of snapping back into it. He shifted slightly upon feeling your hand slide underneath his shirt, his mind already bringing him to the many things you two could end up doing in the next minute. “…No, I didn’t use your shampoo.” 

“Alright, well,” You pulled away immediately, hopping off the bed before going over to rummage through the drawers for your clothes. “Since you didn’t use my shampoo, maybe I’ve just run out! I’ll go and pick some up from Target.” You sighed casually, Harry blinking owlishly at how quickly you pulled away from him. 


“Do you need anythi-”

“Fine, I used your bloody shampoo!” Harry snapped, tossing his phone to the side before crawling over quickly and reaching out to tug at your towel. “There’s no way in hell I’m lettin’ you go anywhere after you teased me like tha’.” 

“And you’ll buy a couple new bottles for me after we’re done?” You grinned, Harry already working on loosening up your towel with one hand while the other explored your body. 

What could you say? You loved your shampoo. 


yeet what am i writing 

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Genius - Zach Herron AU

Description: You’re a close friend of Daniel’s, practically a sister to the boy. You’ve met the Why Don’t We boys a couple of times, though very briefly. When you decide to move to L.A. when you’re accepted into UCLA at age 16, they offer to let you stay with them. However, feelings surface - or maybe resurface - for you and a certain Gemini quickly.
Rating: PG


You take a deep breath as you sit on the plane as everyone gets off. You’re young; your mom freaked. How were you supposed to say no? You couldn’t help it that you surpassed your peers by miles back in elementary and middle school when it came to academics. You stand up and grab the backpack at your feet, which contains a few notebooks, normal books, and lots and lots of pens. You have this odd fascination with pens. You step off the plane and into the terminal, soon out to the airport itself.

Once you enter the building through the big, automatic glass doors, you look around for the goofball you call a best friend - Daniel Seavey. You frown as you don’t see him and debate whether or not to call or just wait. You settle on just wait and head over to get your bags at the baggage claim. You find one of them, which contains all your undergarments, socks, shoes, and shorts/pants/skirts, but the other, which contains all your hoodies, sweaters, jackets, and shirts, is no where to be found.

You, being you, analyze the situation before letting the baggage claim go around once more. You sigh; no bag of yours in sight. You head over to the main office, where, luckily, no one is in line. You walk up to the front and take a quick breath. Talking to strangers has never been your forte; you’re quite awkward.

“Hello, how can I help you?” The man asks. Oh, great, just make the torture worse.

“I-I can’t find my other bag,” you tell him, cursing mentally. You sound like a complaining four-year-old. “I’ve found one of them, but the other wasn’t on the baggage claim.”

“Huh.” He turns to his computer and opens something up. He looks at you. “Name?”

“Y/N Y/L/N,” you reply, leaning over the desk a little bit to see what he finds.

He types in your name, and an odd sound comes out of the computer. You frown and stand up straight, causing you to stop leaning over.

“What’s wrong?” You ask worriedly.

He bites his lip. “I’m sorry, miss, but somehow your bag got onto a flight to London. It’ll be back here in about three weeks, and we’ll call you as soon as it comes.”

You bite your lip too. “Thanks, I guess.”

You leave the office, sulking. What are you going to do? You’re definitely not rich; no way. You can’t pay for another closet full of-

“Y/N!!!” You’re almost tackled to the ground by a gangly, brown-haired boy.

You smile instantly and pat his back. “Good to see you too, Danny.”

(Y/N/N = your nickname)

Daniel pulls away. “I missed you, Y/N/N!”

You pay his shoulder. “I missed you too, bud.”

He looks at you oddly. “That’s weird… you haven’t used any big words and I’m not lost yet. What’s wrong?”

You sigh as the other boys come up. “They lost one of my bags; the bag that has all of my shirts, jackets, hoodies, and makeup in it, to be exact.”

They all frown. You sigh and look down at your hands.

“And I have no money whatsoever for new clothes. I have enough for makeup, though, so could we stop by either a Sephora or Ulta on our way back to your house?” You ask Daniel, looking up at him after saying that mouthful.

“We’ll find a way around your clothes problem, but, yeah, we can stop.” He slings his arm around your shoulder. “How long until the bag gets here?”

You sigh again. “Well, it’s on a plane to London at the moment, so they said three weeks, minimum.”

He cringes. “That’s not good.” He takes your bag. “C'mon, lets go get you some paint for your face.”

You shake your head with a small smile and follow him, the other four in tow.


“Jesus, I now see why you could only afford the makeup,” Daniel says in exasperation. “It’s like twenty bucks for this teeny-tiny bottle of that tannish-stuff.”

“Foundation, I think,” Corbyn butts in.

“Yeah, not all of us have a makeup vlogger as a girlfriend, dude,” Jack tells him.

Corbyn rolls his eyes but smiles at the mention of Christina. You smile a bit at that.

“Finally, I get to give you a hug.” You chuckle as Jonah wraps his arms around you. He, in past visits, always made you feel at home and welcome. The others did too, of course.

“Hey, hey, hey, you’re not the only one.” Jack pushes him away and hugs you too, then Corbyn.

When Zach gives you a hug, you get that funny feeling in your stomach. Of course, you decide to ignore it and he lets go. Daniel comes back in with a box of animal crackers.

“And I thought we were expensive,” he scoffs, referring to boys in general.

You giggle. “What is it with you and animal crackers?”

“They’re good, okay?”


After the first week of wearing Daniel’s shirts to bed and buying a few Walmart t-shirts, you miss your own wardrobe. Especially that one cute sweater that you bought a couple weeks before coming. You really miss that.

“I can take you shopping, if you want,” Zach offers one day, making the funny feeling come back. “I mean, if you want. I have a license so…”

“I would love to, but I’m broke.” You sigh.

He shrugs. “So? I’ve got money.”

You look at him. “Oh, no, I couldn’t let you pay for me.”

He shrugs again. “It can’t be that bad. I mean, we’ve gone with Christina shopping once and that was fine.”

For a split second, you consider the offer. This feels like one of those things in that Episode app you used to have where you had to pay for a certain choice, only you had enough gems and you weren’t sure.

“Just go,” Daniel says from where he is playing FIFA. “Let someone treat you to something for once, Y/N.”

“But you’re already letting me stay here until I can-”

“Nope, c'mon.” Daniel grabs your hand and drags you off the couch, giving his remote to Corbyn. “You’re going with Zach. He’s being kind, since that’s all he knows how to do.”

You sigh and walk with Daniel to the door, him letting go of your hand. He looks at you. “Buy whatever you want and do not feel guilty. For sixteen, Zach has more money than he knows what to do with.”

“It’s true,” Zach says as he joins the two of you.

“Now go! I want you back home with mounds of clothes!” Daniel pushes the two of you out the door after subtly winking at Zach, which you don’t catch.

As yo two walk to Zach’s car, Daniel heads back to the living room with a sly smirk.

“I don’t like that look,” Jack says as they take a break from FIFA.

Daniel just smiles. “It’s going to work; I know it. Zach can finally get his mind off of that girl, whoever she was, and Y/N can take a risk once in a while.”

“You’re saying Zach’s a risk?” Jonah asks with a grin.

Daniels scoffs. “No way. That kid’s got chivalry and kindness down. To her, everything’s a risk because she’s underage and going to college.”

“I still don’t get that,” Corbyn says. “I mean, how can someone possibly be that smart?”

Daniel shrugs as he grabs a box of animal crackers.

“Probably because she never ate any animal crackers,” Jack comments.


As the boys talk about you two, the two of you are actually heading into Rue 21. You had told Zach just to go to Target or Walmart or somewhere cheap, but he refused. When you finally gave up and told him the stores you usually shopped at like he asked, he drove to the mall and now here you are.

“Get whatever you want,” he tells you with a small smile. “I don’t care.”

You sigh, having given up, and he follows you to the section of the store with the t-shirts and hoodies and such. You find a cute shirt with a finger gun on it going ‘pew-pew’, and soon you find an adorable pug sweater. As you try everything on and find more, Zach just sticks with you, telling you, honestly, what he thinks. Of course, it’s not blunt honesty but soft honesty, as you like to call it. For example, when you picked out a horrible-looking dress, he tells you that it doesn’t compliment your skin tone like 'x’ dress. You appreciate his input, and, eventually, after about six shops and too many bags, the two of you head to the food court.

“Thanks again, Zach,” you tell him as he also pays for your Panda Express, which you argued about for a small amount of time. You should really learn.

He smiles. “No problem. I even got this sweater, so it’s cool. It’ll help with the upcoming shoot we’re doing.”

You nod and go to grab your plate, but he has it already and heads to a table. You follow suit, thankful for him since your hands are practically full.

As you eat, you can’t help but get that funny feeling in your stomach. Nobody at your school had ever been this nice to you; you were always viewed as the crazy nerd that wanted to graduate early. They treated you as if they’d catch a virus from you. It was awful.

“Something wrong?” Zach asks, and you look up from your plate, surprised.

“No,” you lie. “Why-Why do you ask?”

He shrugs. “You just looked really sad for a second.”

The same thing came up as before where you felt like you were in that stupid Episode game. You debate whether or not to tell Zach. You mean, it seems like you can trust him. He’s sweet, he’s nice, he’s nice looking-

'Woah, Y/N,’ you tell yourself. 'Hold your horses. He doesn’t see you like that.’

“I just…no one’s ever been this nice to me, other than Daniel,” you tell him shyly. “All the kids at my school thought I was a freak.”

He frowns. “Why? Just because you’re smarter than them?”

You shrug.

He scoffs. “Kids do a lot of rude stuff, especially when it comes down to someone being better at something than them. Just because you are smarter than them - which I know because you’re wayyy smarter than me - they wouldn’t accept you. That’s just stupid. Don’t dwell on that, Y/N, they’re not good enough for you.”

You look up. “You really mean that?”

He twirls chow mien around his chopsticks. “I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it.”

That day, the funny feeling grows.


Over the next week or so, you and Zach hang around each other more. Daniel gives you odd looks when Zach sits next to you willingly or offers to get you something when he goes somewhere. As you sit on the edge of the pool one day while Zach’s in it playing around with Jonah and Corbyn, Daniel comes and sits next to you, swinging his legs in the water like you are.

“So…” Daniel says. “How do you like L.A.?”

You shrug. “I like it. A lot. You guys are most of that, though.”

Daniel laughs. “Yeah, we are pretty awesome.”

You roll your eyes and wave back to Zach, who waved at you a few minutes before.

“What’s going on with you and Zach?” Daniel asks.

You blush a little, though you try to hide it. “I don’t really know…we’re just friends, I guess.”

Daniel looks at you. “Do you like him?” He wiggles his eyebrows.

You laugh and push him, but he catches himself. “I don’t know, actually.”

Daniel’s whole face lights up. “I think he likes you, Y/N. You should make a move.”

You look at him like he’s crazy. “No! I can barely hear his name and not blush!”

Of course, you two are whispering. As you continue your short conversation, Jonah and Corbyn get out of the pool while Jack gets up from the chair he was drying off in. You push Daniel in after he wiggles his eyebrows again, laughing as you do so.

“Hey!” He resurfaces. “What’s up with that??”

You giggle. “Stop being an idiot and I would’ve have pushed you in, ya dork.”

You continue laughing, though you don’t notice Zach come up behind you, dripping wet. He counts to three silently and Daniel winks on three.

“What was the wink fo-” you scream as you fall into the water, and Zach plummets next to you.

You push yourself up and gasp for air, brushing your hair off of your face. “What was that for?”

Everyone else has left, leaving the two of you alone as Zach smiles.

“You were so boring, just sitting there,” he says. “So I decided to have some fun and make you un-boring.”

You roll your eyes. “Gee, thanks, Zach. Good to know how boring I am.”

He laughs. “You’re welcome, Y/N.”

The both of you are silent for a moment, and Zach rubs his neck as you two float there.

“Hey, uh, Y/N?” Zach asks.

You look at him. “Yeah?”

“I, uh, can I say something?” He asks.

“Unless you’ve suddenly turned mute, which, according to the laws of science and the human body and brain, is very unlikely, then I would say yes, yes you can,” you ramble, which he just laughs at.

You blush as Zach just calms down before sighing.

“Look, I’ve really enjoyed spending the past week or two with you, and I just…I was wondering, you see-”

“Yes.” You cover your mouth as Zach just bursts into laughter again, causing you to blush crimson.

“Okay, how about at seven tonight?” He asks you.

You just nod, your hands still covering your mouth as he ducks his head under the water and disappears.


The end!! Hope you enjoyed! trying to get my writer’s block gone so I can work on a request for @ashleyswriting!

As readers have probably picked up from the tapir photo, I spent most of yesterday at the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium. Overall it’s a facility I think well of - I think my earliest memory of an aquarium is their central tank, and I’ve visited multiple times over recent years and spent a lot of time chatting with staff and volunteers. However, there was one aspect of the visit that left a sour taste in my mouth that I want to talk about more at length. The way educators in the Wild Wonders presentation handle the concept of “reduce, reuse, recycle” left my companion and I incredibly uncomfortable, due to the presentation’s heavy association of the topic with law enforcement and the utter absence of alternate solutions for audience members not able to spend the money on fancy reusable items. It came across as authoritarian and out of touch with the potential socio-economic demographics of visitors - so much so that those issues overshadowed my ability to enjoy the inclusion of unusual educational animals like aardvarks and bald eagles in the program.

The premise of the show was this: a visitor arrives in a desert town where single-use items are illegal looking for interesting animals to see, but finds herself in trouble with the sheriff’s deputy showing her around because she uses disposable items such as water bottles and plastic bags. In between random animal appearances, the visitor is pursued and repeatedly arrested by the deputy for her single-use items, and then given something better to use instead. At the end of the show, after the visitor appears to have learned the error of her ways, the two sit down to eat their packed lunches together - the visitor is horrified to find she has packed her food in disposable containers, while the sheriff smugly pulls out an identical lunch that has been packed entirely in reusable items. There were a number of reasons that I found this messaging discomfiting.

For one, the main message conveyed regarding reusable items was very authoritarian. During the pre-show, the audience was educated about how much damage since use items can do, and then told to say a pledge along with the presenter in which they swore off all single-use items forever and affirmed a commitment to reusable items. That itself felt a little weird, but then the show took it even further by having the consequences of the use of disposable items be punative actions by authority figures. The visitor was not really educated about the ban on single-use items before going off on her adventures, and was arrested by the deputy for her crime without any dialogue that addressed her potential knowledge (or lack there or) regarding why disposable items were so bad. The deputy would then harangue her and give her an appropriate reusable item instead. This happened three times during the course of the show, in the same pattern: visitor would happily run off in an adventure with an inappropriate item, the dog playing the sheriff would “report” the illegal use to the deputy, the deputy would chase and arrest the visitor. This particular scripting effectively communicated to the kids in the audience that a) using disposable items is always bad, without exception b) it is totally acceptable and normal for authority figures to take punative action towards people using disposable items c) being chased and arrested is within the scope of punishment for repeated use of disposable items and d) ignorance of why single-use items are bad is not acceptable and will not be taken into account. That’s not how you convince kids to want to save the earth - that’s how you scare them into complying. (It also came off as insensitive and unaware of current events, as chase scenes, lassoing of “the culprit”, and arrests were played off for laughs by an entirely white cast).

For two, there was no awareness in the entire script of how income differences might effect the audience’s ability to comply with their conservation solutions. All the item offers as better solutions to single-use items were expensive: the pre-show involved replacing plastic straws with reusable metal ones, and items the deputy showed off were a reusable fabric tote, heavy plastic water bottles, recharable batteries, and a decorative fabric lunch bag and matching sandwich pouch. There was exactly zero mention of alternatives that did not involve spending money on eco-friendly items. I really expected some mention of how plastic grocery sacks or disposable water bottles could be saved and re-used instead of being thrown out, but there was nothing like that in the messaging - framing indicated that purchasing eco-friendly items was really the only acceptable action. I’m sorry, but not everyone can afford that, which means there are now potentially kids in the audience who may think their family is bad (and maybe potentially at risk for being arrested) for not owning reusable items because they can’t afford the up-front cost of purchasing them.

For three, I really don’t think public shaming of people for single-use items is an appropriate message to pass on to kids. The whole show kind of yucked it up, encouraging the audience to sympathize with the beleaguered deputy, placing them in opposition against the visitor who just didn’t get how awful and harmful her choices were. At the end, though, you saw the visitor sit down and pull out her lunch from a sack - just like many kids do every day. It’s been made clear the visitor has learned the value of reusable items from her multiple arrests. Then she pulls out her food, and sees how the packaging has failed yet again… and is not met with sympathy for a choice she didn’t realize was inappropriate when she made it. She’s shamed, yet again, and this time for a past choice she can’t rectify. How many kids do you think will sit down for lunch soon - maybe a packed lunch at a day camp that they have no control over - and see that it’s packed with disposable items and feel bad about that? I know the goal is that kids go home and talk to their parents, but there’s a couple problems - not only was that discussion never explicitly encouraged, not everyone can afford Tupperware or cloth sandwich baggies for their kids to take to school. The presentation set kids up to feel bad about how they engage in a common routine they may have no power to influence, and taught by example that it’s okay to shame and punish other people who use the wrong items.

None of the things listed above are good takeaways from an educational program. Compliance through fear of authority, compulsory spending to achieve moral status, and negative treatment of those who can’t or don’t act similarly are not acceptable messaging for door yo be teaching the kids who are in their audiences. This is especially true when the script of a supposedly animal-based program focuses more heavily on teaching these lessons than on the animals in the presentation.

What I was taught when being trained as as an educator is that motivating an audience to engage in behavioral change that is uncomfortable or inconvenient requires utilizing the power of positive emotion. You don’t go to the hassle of remembering reusable bags on every grocery trip because you’ll get in trouble if you don’t - you do it because you love leatherback sea turtles and want to reduce the number of bags that might be mistaken for delicious jellyfish when they end up in the ocean. While kids might change their behavior temporarily because the rest of their life has conditioned them to automatically obey authority figures, at some point they’re going to realize nobody is going to arrest them for not carrying a reusable water bottle, and they’ll stop caring - at best. At worst, they realize that they’ve been manipulated by the cool educators at the zoo with the animals they liked so much, and they’ll write off any future messaging as a result.

I was truly blown away by how much this program differed from my other experiences at Point Defiance. I’ve seen Wild Wonders shows in previous years and adored them both for their quality animal training and their strong conservation message. I got neither from this current script - overall impression was that the animals made quick appearances to keep the attention of the audience during transitions between scenes. I’m not sure why this year was so different - I don’t know the facility from anything but the public side, nor know staff there to ask, so I won’t hazard a guess. Overall, it felt like the whole production really missed an opportunity to use incredibly cool animals - hello, aardvarks?? - to inspire kids to get involved and to spread awareness of the ways people of all ages and income can modify their usage of disposable items to become more sustainable.

One More Night - Chapter I

Pairing: Daniel Atlas x reader
Summary: They are like the sun and the moon. Chasing each other, but never quite finding each other to finally become one. Daniel and the reader are solo artists with loads of charme and character. What happens when two stubborn minds meet and are forced to work together?
Words: ca. 930

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TITLE:  By The Light Of The Moon


AUTHOR: unfortunatemiss

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine finding out you’re pregnant when you and Loki aren’t speaking to each other, after constant fighting in your relationship caused you two to silently break up. You ponder if you should tell him, because you figure out that he might have moved on with his life. You decide not to tell him, but it all hits the fan when he sees you at you 4 month check up as he tries to get special herbs from Eir.


NOTES/WARNINGS: This is my first fanfiction. I apologize for any typos. I’ve been out of writing for a while. Current chapter is only PG 13, but later chapters may become rated M. Chapter 4 soon to come!

After the visit with Eir, Loki followed Mia back to the place she had been living. Luckily her roommate wasn’t home yet. She set the bottles down on the small table and turned to look at him. He was looking around the small house, scrunching his nose as he did. “You live here? Is it safe?” Okay, so maybe the house wasn’t the nicest but it was all she could afford while working at one of the taverns in the area. “Look, I know it’s not the best but it’s all I can afford right now. So it’ll do.”

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Bull Gets A Shave

Because of this. I also wanted to try writing in past-tense again. And I wanted some giggly, corny OTP. Even Kimani is goofy sometimes xD

Bull just wanted to look nice for the opera. That’s all he wanted.

Generally he kept his beard low, managed to shape up the sides so they matched every once in a while, but other than that he left his face alone. Not much he could do about it anyway, but at the very least he could keep himself from looking like Blackwall; Blackwall’s beard had a personality. If pressed, Blackwall’s beard could probably speak.

He hadn’t done much to himself since coming to Val Royeaux; before whisking Kimani away to the spa Vivienne had mentioned he might visit a barber she knew, passing along his information and suggesting he ask Philippe for a “woody” aftershave, whatever that meant. So he went, and Philippe was nice, even nicer when Bull dropped Ma’am’s name. He set Bull up with a ton of pillows on the floor since Bull couldn’t fit anywhere else. The man got to shaving and Bull wasn’t thinking, just liked the feel of the shaving cream and the blade on his cheeks. He wasn’t thinking about the last time he’d been clean-shaven; shit, it’d been years. Ten, maybe fifteen; he had to have been in his early twenties the last time he had a butt-naked face, and Bull was closer to forty than anything else

When Philippe handed him the mirror, Bull snorted. He definitely didn’t look like Blackwall.

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The Butterfly Effect

Originally posted by ksjknj

Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three, Chapter Four, Chapter Five,Chapter Six, Chapter Seven, Chapter Eight, Chapter Nine, Chapter Ten, Chapter Eleven

Pairing: Kim Namjoon / Park Jimin

Genre: ABO Dynamics - Werewolf!AU, Actor!AU

Rating: Mature

Author: Admin Kaycie

Words: 6K+

Series Summary: Kim Namjoon was no ordinary rising star, he was the star at the very top of the tree of fame. He was a man with a strict schedule, every moment of his life planned out immaculately. Park Jimin was a distant childhood friend in need of his protection - the only problem, he was a rare male omega, and also Namjoon’s mate. Will Namjoon be able to deal with a developing scandal, a career in trouble, and the advances of the mate that he is strictly prohibited from claiming?

Series Status: Completed

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❝Mindless Self Indulgence -You’ll Rebel To Anything[Album]: Lyrics Starter:❞

Below is a generous list of quotes from ALL of the songs featured on  You’ll Rebel To Anything - Mindless Self Indulgence:

Warning(s): NSFW, Swearing, Violence, Depression;

  • “I like my coffee black, just like my metal.”
  • “You stupid motherfucker.”
  • “I’m not that fucking wonderful.”
  • “Hey, someone to punch in the face.”
  • “For what it’s worth, I’d do it again.”
  • “I definitely give myself props.”
  • “I just masturbated, now I’m motivated.”
  • “I can’t wait for you to shut me up.”
  • “You won’t be missed so get the whole fucking thing over with.”
  • “Does everyone understand? Are you all still following me?”
  • “I can’t wait for you to fuck me up.”
  • “In fact, I think that everyone thinks you’re seriously full of shit.”
  • “I’m standing up to all my abuse.”
  • “Don’t put him down as arrogant.”
  • “My act is just getting old.”
  • “I don’t find it funny right now.”
  • “I wanna be the one in control.”
  • “All the problems make me wanna go like a bad girl straight to video.”
  • “I’m on my way to the party right now.”
  • “Is it simple enough for you?”
  • “It’s time you invested in a bottle of poison.”
  • “Fuck me now, rip me off later.”
  • “No, his mind is not for rent.”
  • “You never realised you have to get in line to suck a cock?”
  • “I’m quite depressed – I’m quite a mess.”
  • “And yet miraculously somehow we all seem to deal with it.”
  • “Little darling, welcome to the show.”
  • “I’m struggling to keep my edge.”
  • “Everyone in high school will worship the fucking ground I walk on.”
  • “Two hookers and an eight ball.”
  • “You think you could afford a fucking bottle of aspirin?”
  • “We eat what we like.”
  • “I overcompensate with very bad taste.”
  • “You have got nothing on me, whore.”
  • “I think you’re smart. No, wait, I lied. I think you’re dumb.”
  • “Never noticed your beauty’s fading.”
  • “After this, the rest is all bullshit.”
  • “I am free to download all the porno on the internet.”
  • “Always hopeful, yet discontent.”
  • “Back off you little shits.”
  • “Boo fucking hoo, you’re not the only one whose life’s a piece of shit.”
  • “You need a uniform.”
Late Night Thoughts

Slumped outside of the Shady House, her body soaked, dress muddy, and hair ruined. She drank from a clear bottle of whatever she could afford at the liquor store.

One person. Only one person asked her to dance.

That’s what she gets for attending an event run by Aether. Grunt hit her head back against the walls a few times. That’s what she gets for having social anxiety and even going in the first place.

Stupis, stupid, stupid.

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Hello! I know you do mostly/only amazon lists, but I was wondering if you knew if there was anything at target that could be used, such as pacifiers and bottles, and if you could list them. That would be wonderful but I understand if you don't want to/it's not possible. I can't buy stuff online because my parents are snoopy and I can't ship it somewhere else or afford a P.O. box, so buying things in person works best for me, and Target is the best place to go in person to find them. Thank you.

Target tends to be really overpriced, so I wouldn’t recommend it. Target also has a lot of not-so-good reviews on pacifiers and stuff, so I’m personally not comfortable recommending something I don’t believe is good quality. 

If there’s any other store you can shop at, such as Wal-Mart, I would recommend trying there instead.

Late Thanksgiving fic.

Based on this propmt

The ghost crew adopts a lothali tradition, while Ezra learns that he has a new family. This takes place in season one, some time after “Droids in Distress” probably after “Rise of the Old Masters”.

This plays into the popular headcanon that Hera can’t cook and Kanan’s great at it. It’s basically just fluff with a bit of angst enjoy.

When Ezra was a little boy, when he still had his parents, he would celebrate Harvest Day. It was a popular tradition in Lothal. Every year to celebrate the end of a successful harvest, every family would gather around and eat a big banquet while saying wat they were thankful for. It was Ezra’s favorite holiday, he didn’t really know how it worked at the time, but the Force would surround him in the warmth and love coming from his parents.

After his parents were gone, he didn’t think about it too much. He couldn’t afford to think about some big banquet when he was struggling for food every day. He couldn’t fantasize about his family coming back, he had to focus on surviving. Besides, it hurt too much.

After he joined the Ghost crew, he didn’t worry about food anymore. He always had a warm meal waiting for him and that warmth emanating from the Force was back. And now he had the ability to take it all in.

One day he, Kanan and Sabine went out to the market to do some late night shopping to find it empty.

“That’s weird…” said Sabine, already putting her hands on her blasters.

“Wait Sabine” Kanan exclaimed, he reached out to the Force to see if there was any danger but… “Ezra do you sense that?”

Genuinely confused, Ezra reached out and he felt it again, the warmth, the love and he knew exactly why the market was empty.

“Oh yeah… Sabine put your blasters away it’s just Harvest Day”

“Harvest Day?” she answered.

“Ah yeah… it’s a holiday to celebrate a successful harvest everyone probably took the day off to celebrate it with their families”

“How do you celebrate it?” Kanan asked.

“You sort of gather around to have a feast and say what you’re thankful for.” Ezra said, “We’re supposed to be thanking the harvest goddess for letting us have food for another year.”

“Why didn’t you tell us?”

“Haven’t thought about since my folks were gone… I forgot” He shrugged.

Kanan felt a distinct sadness coming from Ezra, poor kid, he knew exactly how remembering your loved ones hurt, but Ezra had to learn to look back at the memory of his parents not only with sorrow or despair but also with fondness and love. So he thought of something, “Let’s celebrate it.”

“What?” Ezra exclaimed.

“Um yeah… Kanan?” said Sabine, “Like… I’m all for it but there’s barely any food on the Ghost and clearly everything is closed”

“Besides,” Ezra interrupted “We don’t have to. I appreciate it and all but it’s unnecessary”

Kanan just shrugged them off, “Oh, come on! There has to be something open. Besides, since we’re on Lothal we should try to adopt some of its traditions.”

“But Kanan…”

“That’s enough, Ezra. Now you two help me look for a store.”

They wondered around town for like an hour, till they found this place that was really sketchy. Kanan was sure they were a cover up for an illegal spice-smuggling operation but it had food in it. So, for tonight’s purposes, it was great.

“So what do you eat in Harvest Day?”

“Uh… loth-turkey. But that takes like forever to cook we would be eating it for breakfast” Ezra was clearly irritated, Kanan would talk to him about it later.

“Ok… so no turkey. The chicken will do, then”

“Wait tell me Hera isn’t cooking” Sabine said. She sounded terrified and Ezra froze at the thought too.

Kanan burst out laughing “Don’t worry. I’m going to cook”

The kids both sighed and relief was apparent in their bodies. Kanan laughed again, shaking his head.

They bought vegetables, chicken and the only juice bottle that wasn’t past its expiration date (this wasn’t a luxury they could usually afford, but they had gotten a good deal on those droids). They headed home carrying the bags. Sabine looked happy looking forward to Kanan’s cooking, but Ezra was looking at the floor, a frown on his face, clearly upset.

Kanan told Sabine to go ahead and, after a concerned glance at Ezra, she obeyed.

“Ok, kid. What’s wrong?”

“I already told you, you don’t have to do this.” He responded. Cold, still looking at the ground.


“That you don’t have to do this!” Ezra snapped, “I know why you’re doing this. But you don’t have to. You don’t have to waste so much money on me!”

“I don’t care about the money.”

“Still! You people give me enough already. I don’t need this!” Ezra was in the verge of tears now.

Kanan leaned in and place a hand on Ezra’s shoulder, “But we want to give it to you anyway.”

Ezra was perplexed and just stared at Kanan. Then, he burst into tears and Kanan drew him into a hug.

“We’re family now, Ezra.” He said, softly, “That means doing things for each other, even if we don’t have to.” He drew back, both hands on his shoulders so he would look him in the eye. “And that means you are never a burden, understand?”

Ezra wiped the tears off his face but they just kept coming. He couldn’t speak so he just nodded and Kanan drew him into another hug. He let himself cry and be taken over by the emotions he was feeling right now. Because it hadn’t hit him until now: he wasn’t alone anymore. He was cared for and protected. He had people who would have his back, who wanted him to feel welcomed. He had a family again and he had forgotten what that felt like. He hadn’t been cared for in so long he didn’t know how to react to it, he felt overwhelmed. So he just cried.

Eventually, he managed to pull himself back together. Feeling a little embarrassed at the stain in Kanan’s shirt he pulled back and apologized.

“Don’t worry, kid. Now, let’s go, you don’t want to experience a hungry Sabine.”

They resumed their walking in comfortable silence enjoying the cold breeze and the pleasant sight of the extensive grassland Lothal possessed. Ezra couldn’t stop smiling.

Right as they were reaching the Ghost. Ezra said “Uh…Kanan?” he paused, feeling a little embarrassed, scratching his head, not sure how to phrase this, “Thank you.”

“It’s ok, kid.” He smiled and put an arm around his shoulders as they walked on board, where they were greeted by Hera.

“Hey, love.”

“Hey” he leaned in and gave her a peck on the lips.

She smiled and said, “What’s this?” pointing at the bags.

“It’s for Harvest Day”

“Harvest Day?”

“Yeah, it’s too thank the… Harvest goddess, is it?” he looked at Ezra who, suddenly looking a whole lot nervous than before, just nodded. “For a successful harvest and say what we’re thankful for in general”

“It’s not a problem is it?” Ezra asked quickly, insecure, shoulders hunched and looking at the ground.

Hera shot a concerned glance at Kanan and in the concern in his face she saw that this wasn’t just about some holiday. So she responded gently and laid a hand on his shoulder. “Of course not.”

“Yeah, why don’t you go to your room or hang out with Sabine. I’ll call you when supper is ready” Kanan said.

“Ok” he responded and then went up the ladder while Kanan and Hera headed for the galley.

When they got there, the bags Sabine had been carrying were already on the counter. So Kanan set to work taking the ingredients out.

“So,” Hera said, “What’s this about?”

“I wanted the kid to feel welcomed here. He still feels like a burden, we can’t let him feel like that” He said, softly.

Hera looked at him with love and admiration. Her partner was truly an amazing man. She leaned into his side and he turned to face her, putting an arm around her waist.

“Well…” She said. “I’m thankful that you’re so great with the kids” she leaned in to kiss him.

“I’m thankful for you” he smiled and returned the kiss.

“I’m thankful for you too.” They kissed for a few more moments. Loving, sweet kisses as if they had just started dating. Until at last she pulled back. “So… anything I can help you with?”

“Oh no… You’re staying away from the food.” He laughed.

“Really? You don’t even trust me to cut vegetables?”


“On what?”

“Can you pinpoint the knife?” He laughed and she punched his shoulder, but she was smiling too.

Hera did ended up cutting the vegetables while Kanan prepared the chicken. It wasn’t the fanciest banquet just chicken, mashed potatoes and cut veggies, but it was the best thing they had eaten in a while. Kanan was rather proud.

They all gathered around the dejarik table, to admire the view. Sabine was about to grab the entire chicken when Hera stopped her by swatting her hand. “Wait! We’re supposed to say thanks first right Ezra?”

“Uhh… yeah”

“Why don’t you go first, kid?” Kanan said.

“Umm… Sure” he stopped, not being very sure on how to proceed.

“Quickly, kid” Sabine said, very menacingly and it took one look at her face to give Ezra the incentive he needed.

“I’m thankful for all of you. For taking me in and for this” he pointed at the food, “a few months ago I was struggling for food and now…” His voice broke, he felt like he was going to cry. Everyone raised their glasses and toasted to that, for they were all grateful for the family they had found and the hope that the empire would never take away.

Ezra let himself be enveloped in the warmth of love in the Force, for he had a family now and as much as they were willing to protect him, he knew he would give his life to protect the people that he loved.

the end. 

Late Night Call (don’t worry, it’s sfw)

Pairing: Katarina/Riven

It was the middle of the night when Riven woke sharply to a knock on her door. It wasn’t loud, but just enough to alarm her trained senses.

She rolled to the edge of the bed, feeling the bruises and aches from yesterday’s training. She grabbed a short-sword from under the bed and stood up. The rune blade, currently locked and sealed in its cabinet, was her ideal weapon, but she didn’t have a mind to smash down the walls of her home unless it was necessary. While it was unlikely that an intruder would knock first, she wasn’t going to be caught unprepared for a trap, either; such a thing would be a disgrace for any Noxian.

She opened the door, keeping to the side in case of a preemptive strike. None came, and she looked out, searching, senses acutely aware despite only being awake for less than a minute.

All she saw was darkness. But the hairs on her neck rose, and she smelled blood.

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This is also not a Christmas carol.  I know that.  You know that.  But a girl can only write so many stories surrounding songs about one baby’s birth.  And also I really wanted an excuse to write Penny and John.  Mostly Penny, though, mostly Penny.  God I love that woman.  This may or may not be a prequel to O Christmas Tree.  Interpret it however you wish.

Silver and Gold

December 17th, 2015

“John Tracy.”

Her voice shines like silver silk, all of the day’s ribbons finally unwrapping and unwinding, letting her shoulders fall, letting her breaths expand, and letting every minute feature of her carefully calculated expression slip into an easy, effortless smile.  “Dare I point out that you are currently standing beneath mistletoe?”

She’s slung in the doorway, in a way that a Lady should never be, but she holds, in her lacily gloved hands, a bottle of wine that only a Lady could afford.  Everything about her in that moment is contradictory, so when John looks up to find white berries and green leaves tied with a neat, crimson bow, he knows he can laugh.  This is Penelope, after all.  "So this was your plan all along,” he says.  “Thirteen long years of friendship, all leading up to this very night when you lure me beneath the mistletoe and confess your true feelings for me?”

“The only true feeling I have about you, John Tracy, is that you are an arse.”

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queer witch in need of a binder

hey y’all! i have really been struggling over the last month or so with needing a chest binder, because i’m super not a girl and my chest is super not flat. the binder i want is not expensive (only about $43, including shipping), but i seriously don’t have any money at all.

so i’m willing to do tarot readings for $1 a card (my new deck should get here soon), or i do have a few extra crystals lying around ($3-$10 range) if anyone’s interested in those. i could also manage clay commissions (i do tiny plants in tiny bottles, and i make tons of dragons), but those will cost slightly more so that i can afford to ship them to you ($10 for plants, $17-$25 for dragons). i can also do custom tarot cards, one to five at a time ($5 for one, $20 for 5), if you have any that have a particular significance to you that you’d like to see in a new style or with certain symbolism.

if anyone’s interested in any of those things, please let me know!

Testimony: Where I Came From, Where I’m Going

I was seven years old when I got in my first street fight in the only tenements that my parents — struggling poor Koreans they were — could afford. I had fought a much older single mother and lost. To my credit, she started it. At twelve years old, I decided I was an atheist. At fourteen, my parents divorced, as if to confirm that God couldn’t exist. At sixteen, I had my first drop of an ensuing ocean of alcohol. That same year, I went to what they called a “Gentleman’s Club” and stumbled upon a terrible addiction. By nineteen, I had lost my college scholarship and dropped out with a 0.9 GPA. By twenty-two, I had swallowed a bottle of pills over the girl I was living with, who had cheated on me twice. I spent time in what they call a “mental institution,” which was perhaps an improvement over the Gentleman’s Club.

I understand these problems do not compare to those of the world over: but the contrast was that I hardly felt anything. I was following the latest, loudest emotion, just the exit ramps to the bigger neon sign. And soon I was staring into the mouth of a senseless life with little purpose and no meaning — and it was all rather hilarious.

In my apprehension towards all-things-God, I would stay up until three in the morning watching the ceiling fan, knowing there was more to life than the empty vacuum of sweaty drunk faces and the smear of red-and-blue cop car lights. At some point in college I was certain that God was at least a real being, if only because I had looked into the face of nothingness and knew that no one could possibly sustain a life in that direction. But I didn’t want there to be a God, not with a capital G. It was horrifying to think so. It was crazy to think I couldn’t call my own shots and that I was somehow not the main character of my own existence.

I went to church anyway. Quite faithfully, too. I got caught up in the music, the messages, the social fervor, that moment after the sermon in the lobby when no one talks about the sermon. I started bringing my friends by the dozens because I was good at that sort of thing. And somewhere along the line, almost imperceptibly by degrees, I started hearing the messages. I really started listening. I heard about a God who loves us and became one of us and died for us and defeated death and invited us into the best relationship there is. Not a God who gives us everything we want, because that would be no better than Santa Claus with a pager. But a glorious, grand, dynamic, pulsating God, who was writing this incredible drama with His Son at the apex of history and letting us all in. Even letting me in. Almost by accident, to my growing disdain, I was feeling alive for the first time.

A few years in, I went to this huge conference. There were probably 10,000 people. I was both excited and uneasy because it rubbed against my dislike for the institutional manufactured hype of religious emotionalism, but then it was quite a sight to see so many Christians singing and praying and even taking notes during the sermon. The praise leader, Matt, was apparently famous and he shared his testimony. He said when he was just a kid, he had been molested by his uncle, and in that same bed, Matt had written worship songs.

I couldn’t comprehend this sort of resilience. That sort of hurt would’ve turned me off God forever. And I came around to thinking that my hatred against faith was merely a conditioned childish rebellion against Santa Claus and not the real God, because my childhood was all kinds of unfair and screwed up and wrong. I had been shaking a fist at a phantom of my own trauma, wrought by a misconception of “God” who I could blame any time I didn’t get what I wanted . I thought my objections were intellectual and foolproof and full of scientific defense, but really I was just regurgitating the same anger that the human race had displaced from their disappointing parents onto the easy target of a keychain-pager-God.

There was suddenly the invasive uncomfortable idea that perhaps God was real and He had a name and He actually wanted to know me — and He didn’t wave a wand to make everything easier, but He did promise Himself inside the furnace of our broken chaotic mess.

Predictably enough, I began to cry. I couldn’t stop. I was with my friend and he began to cry too. We were both really embarrassed but we prayed for each other, and I think I heard God say, “You have a story to share.”

At the end of 2007, I applied for my seminary. Despite my really weird school record, they graciously accepted. It turns out that ministry is not a picnic, at all. No one told me how hard it would really be. But as I took those first baby steps into loving the unloved, I found that this was the path I never knew I wanted but had always been made for. I began to believe God made me to share a story: namely, His. I went feet first into the places where no one else would go , to wretched doubters and picketing haters and the impoverished and ostracized and fatherless, and there I would tell them about grace and a mission and a final home, and that this earth was not it. I embraced the calling to give away my life so that others may see life. I’m not saying that you need to be a pastor. I’m not saying that you need a wild story to be “useful.” I’m not saying there’s a binary choice between the world and your soul.

I’m not saying I’m better than anyone else. I just know what God can do through people like me, and like you.

I’m still not sure that God uses such pain to make us stronger. But I believe He can make us stronger than the pain.

This is our testimony.
When you call out to Him: He has been calling to you all along.

J.S. Park

Rest now, commander.

@birbwin said: “Levi probably cleaned the room and put flowers in there for him.”  and I felt the need to write something about this.

When they entered Levi could already smell the thick dust on the furniture and the neglect of years and years without a hand to put some order into this place. It was a miracle they managed to find a house that hadn’t been partially or fully torn apart. Something that could accommodate Erwin for a little while until they’d get the chance to return and grant him the proper burial he deserved.

It took just one breath for Levi to stop Hanji and Mikasa and order them to put Erwin down next to the entrance.

“This place reeks,” he said and let a finger wander over the door handle. A thick trail of grey dust stained his finger. There was no way he would leave Erwin in such an environment. Dead or not, he deserved a tidy place.

“Get in there with me and look for some supplies to clean this place. We need some water so if one of you could try and find some?”

Levi didn’t hesitate to check if any of them was moving. There wasn’t anything else on his mind than Erwin sitting there outside all alone. Even though there hadn’t been a titan sighting, Levi feared something would happen and snatch away the last bit he had of him. The last chance for him to look at a relaxed face and memorize the features he wouldn’t get to see again soon.

Finding supplies wasn’t easy in a house as neglected as this one. Many of the rags had been eaten up by moths or simply unusable. At some point Levi decided to go for whatever clothing he could find and rip it into pieces. There wouldn’t be much water but anything had to do. Even if he could just clean a little.
Just the bedroom.

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