if only he loved me back

💋 💋 💋 Is Not a Kiss the Very Autograph of LOVE? ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

💋 Is Not a Kiss the Very Autograph of Love?  💋

I love the gentle stroke of
Kisses so sublime that
They melt my insides and
Enclose me in blissful

I cannot breathe
I cannot think … I can only feel.
My heart pounds against Sam’s chest
While his heart beats with mine in

Once his lips touch mine
I go to water,
My very being sings out loud and
I tremble with

Sam’s eyes are mesmerizing
I drown in the depths of his gaze
Hopelessly in love, in lust … in hunger
For the man who seduces me with desire and

When our lips unite
And tongues mate
We both succumb to a yearning so
Overwhelming that it’s

He cannot give without taking, but
His kiss is the gift
I cannot take
Without giving back more in

Our lungs want to explode
As the intimacy of our kisses
Steals the very air we need
We gasp trying to inhale and avoid

Once our eyes connect
It’s as if Sam sees to the depths of my soul
And I to … his.
We are one together in complete

I feel the emotion,
The need, the longing,
While the brush against my mouth of
His persuasive tongue is

Sam’s lips evoke a response
I cannot deny … or ignore
I am his completely
One touch and I am lost to him

Wet, warm kisses anoint my own
Until I am overcome with emotion
I long for my love to deepen his caress
Until I am lost in total

Guttural, incoherent sighs echo in my ears
As he anoints my face with kisses
That trail down my chin, my neck and throat.
He makes me swoon in his arms in

Our bodies align together as one
Hearts and minds collide while
Warmth surrounds us …
We move closer and closer in utter

My teeth gently bite his lips
In sensual need
But when he reciprocates
His nips overwhelm me with sexual

The lightest touch of his fingertips
To my mouth
Sends shivers up and down my spine
While my hands hold him tighter in

I melt at the sound of Sam’s voice
And sexy groan against my ear
Answering in a language all our own
We’re completely lost to each other in

My hands clasp his face to mine
Our foreheads touch … noses bump
I brush my fingertips against his cheeks
He holds me tight and smiles in

Our love is real
I feel it in Sam’s kiss
The very autograph of his
And of our

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My poem & pic. 

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You should change your name to Enrique's-recolors-only-simmer. Bcus all you do is kiss Enrique's ass by recoloring all and only their hairs 😒

Honey, your jealousy is showing. You may want to tuck that back in. While it’s true I love Enrique’s hairs, I love a lot of other creators hairs too. I just recolored a hair by grimcookies like day before yesterday. I’ve also been working on creating my own hair. And just so you know, @enriques4 has become like a son to me, and I care a lot about him. He’s a really good kid, and a really good friend. I’m sorry that makes you so upset, but it’s not my job to take care of your feelings. I create and recolor for myself first, and for the community second. Get over it.

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For "It Ain't Me" Sure it can be HC!Ly and thanks!!

Ugh I’m so sorry for the wait! Forgive me. ❤️ I’m gonna do an imagine for this request! Since it’s the inspiration I gained. Hope you like!

Oh! FYI this was inspired by Selena Gomez’s It aint me.

Master list

Imagine: Being best friends (and in love) with Newt, but you can’t handle his behavior anymore.

Love was such a tricky thing for you, because the truth is there was only ever one time you fell hard for someone. And as fate would have it, that someone would be the only person you ever considered a friend. Newt Scamander was a gentle man, and since the beginning of your friendship back at Hogwarts you knew he was destined to do great things. You just wanted so desperately to be apart of that though, and you dedicated your life to him, time and all. You spent years traveling the world, collecting information on various creatures, assisting him with anything he needed.

You were there for him through it all. From the moment he was expelled, to the nights he laid injured in bed from one of the many creatures he researched. And yes…even when Leta Lestrange broke his heart. That was after all your duty. Be the best friend and heal him of everything you could, but you made one mistake. Falling in love with the wizard. So hopelessly might you add, because he was your entire world now. It was a pathetic sight, you thought. You, a witch, endlessly pining for a man who you knew you couldn’t have. Isn’t that the way of the world though? Always chasing, never catching.

Until one night, when you both drank a bit more than necessary and the night ended up at the bottom of a bottle and under the sheets of his bed. It was terrible to say, but you cherished a drunken night with him over nothing at all. You could live with not having him, if it meant you had that one time. But, life wasn’t so kind about such affairs of the heart. Newt would begin to share your bed more often, but no other words were spoken the next mornings. It was like night was the only time he acknowledged the affections, the intimacy of your relationship. During the day, it was as if nothing ever happened. It was heart breaking, and you wanted to be in his arms and with him forever.

“Can’t be that bad can it?”

Newt stared deep into your eyes, his green ones so beautiful against the sun. He stood on the log of a tree, laughing as he debated whether jumping in was a smart idea. There was a creature, or at least a rumored one, that inhabited this lake, and you both had come from continents away to catch it.

“Newt…” You trailed off with concern, not sure it was wise for him to just dive in. “I’m not healing you again! I promise.” But it was a lie, because he knew you’d be there if anything happened.

He waved you off, and all you heard was a splash as he pushed into the lake.

It would be hours, and bandages later, that you and Newt would be back in the case. Needless to say, the creature didn’t sit well with its home being invaded.

“How many times must I tell you, Scamander that-”

“Yes yes…” He grinned up at you, making your heart melt into a puddle of desire. “I’m quite alright though.”

You sighed deeply, knowing no matter what he wouldn’t stop doing dangerous things. A silence built between you two, and you focused heavily on wrapping a bandage around his arm.

“Tina wrote me.”

At the sound of her name you stopped your fussing, eyes trailing up to meet those of your friend and lover. “What?”

Newt shifted in the bed, smiling at you like it was perfectly okay. “She wrote me the other day. Wants me to go visit.”

It took all of you not to tighten the bandage too harshly, or to release the tears you felt threatening the corners of your eyes. How could he? How could he lay there and say this as if you meant nothing? After everything you’ve done for him, after you dealt with Leta, after giving up your own life to help him better his? It would seem, the many nights shared together were simply that…

“Y/N?” His soft voice brought you back to reality, but by this point you were finished trying, finished hurting.

“Write back to her.”

You couldn’t believe you were saying that, but right now it felt like it was time to end this. Newt gazed at you, an unreadable look in his usually gentle eyes.


“Yes…” You finished wrapping the bandage, the legs of your chair scraping the wood floor as you gathered your things and started walking off. It wasn’t known to you if he purposely played this game with your heart, or if he just didn’t think much of your affair. But, whichever the case, you couldn’t stand to hurt anymore. You had given up too much already, your dignity wasn’t something you were keen on parting with.

“Where are you going?”

You stopped at the doorway, holding your bag, and medical supplies. “Back to London.”

Newt panicked at that, and he struggled to get out of his bed and chase after you. “Wait, no…please, Y/N!” He groaned at the pain shooting up his arms and legs. He stumbled and grabbed the edge of his desk to stand still. “Y/N…I need you here, with me. Who else is going to help-”

“Not me, Newt Scamander.” You looked back at him, already knowing what he was going to say. But, sometimes you just know when your hearts had enough.

Hope that was ok!

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Otabek for the character ask!

i legit told myself id do all the asks including yours tomorrow but nope cant resist the temptation to talk about yoi characters :333

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with:  yuri plisetsky, the ice tiger of russia. and ONLY YURIO

general opinions: I rarely talk about how much I like and appreciate Otabek for being Otabek, the shy man with good fashion sense who has a beautiful friendship/more than friendship with Yurio, tbh……it’s all because I’m trash for JJSeung……but anyways, I really like his sense of style! He has a lot of qualities that are similar to mine but I also wish that some parts of him were in me. 

and also, even though I love JJ and I applaud JJ for coming back strong in ep 12 and I will protect JJ to the end of the earth……OTABEK DESERVED THE BRONZE MEDAL.

If it wasn’t midnight in my time zone right now I’d be looking for a post where someone recalculated the scores so that Otabek got his bronze. And that post is actually relevant and accurate too.

because there is absolutely no fucking way JJ could have gotten good PCS. I’m sorry. Compared to Otabek and his fucking CLEAN AF SKATE, Otabek would have gotten the higher score. (I’m so sorry JJ, but it’s the truth, this is coming from a figure skating fan who took the time to study the scoring even though she’s a new fan)

ok i need to stop ranting. I love Otabek Altin for being such a great guy for Yurio. The only reason why I don’t have they are my precious italicised is because there are characters that I do love more than Otabek. But nevertheless, he deserves all the love in my heart and I will gladly be giving that out during otayuriweek and in the weeks coming. That’s the summary.

thanks for asking!!! ily~

send me a character!


“I’m getting the impression I have an unfair advantage over the competition,” he said finally.

Hawke threw back her head and laughed. “What competition?” She raised a hand, closing the fingers until only her index remained. “Like I said, I can count the worthy on one hand, with fingers left over.” She pointed at his chest, and mimed a shot. “Bang. Worthy opponent, right on the bullseye.”

watching these two assholes fall in love gives me life

i’ve borrowed Giselle Hawke here from @whatthefawxblogs

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Fanfic trope : there's only one bed I guess we've got to share

Oooh, I love this trope. Yes, 10/10 would totally write it.

I would likely go Young Avengers with this one. Fallout wouldn’t really work because, well, of course they’d share any available bed. That’s just survival. And in Dragon Age, they have to travel about in camps so often that they already live in each others’ pockets anyway.

But Billy and Teddy? Simmering early attraction, with all the no, he couldn’t possibly like ME back. It’d probably be the first time either shared a bed with anyone–especially someone they were attracted to–and wow the tension would kick up to a high boil. (Culminating in, obviously, waking up all tangled together and turned on.)

ok but guys don’t get me wrong… I loved the mv and I think all the boys looked amazing and did a great job… but… you gotta stan ot7 and you gotta support all of them… Jin is more than a visual and they need to stop fucking around with him 

“We’ve been together for twenty years. I’ve never dated anyone else. But there’s no intimacy. There’s no ring on the finger. He doesn’t even want his family to know we’re together. Maybe it’s my weight. Maybe it’s a status thing. But he keeps me away from his family. I accidentally sat by his sister at a basketball game, and his jaw nearly dropped to the floor. We’ve only made love once. That was twelve years ago. He won’t kiss me or touch me. I’ve just stopped asking. But he insists that we’re in a relationship. He got mad when I tried to change my relationship status to ‘single.’ He got on my computer and changed it back. I didn’t even know that he knew my password. I told myself that I was OK with it. I told myself that I’m OK with not being touched. But I don’t think I am. I recently went to a therapist for the first time. I was so scared he’d find out that I parked my car next door. But maybe it would be good if he found out. Maybe he’d leave me and give me a chance.”

They’re watching baby animals videos

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Who Betrayed Who. .

I pull up to my boyfriends driveway shaking. I couldn’t believe I was about to tell him that I’m pregnant. I know he would be excited to hear the news. The only problem is it might not be his. I been with Raymond for about 3 years, he treats me how every woman is suppose to be treated by their man. This man has never done me wrong, he was always there for me, he loved me for me and he sure knew how to please his lady as well. He’s a wonderful guy. I know, I know, If he’s so wonderful why are you cheating right ? Here’s the thing, he’s slacking in the bedroom and it’s bothering me how he can forever eat my pussy and blow my back out but he would never let me give him head and he would never try new positions, only doggy style and him being on top of me. Those two position gets annoying every time. I wanted something new. I asked him why he wouldn’t let me give him head or at least try something new, he said it’s disturbing to see his woman do something so down grading like that, I didn’t know if to take that as a compliment or not so I left it alone. So what I did, I ended up cheating. A part of me wants to tell him, the other part don’t, but the guilt is eating me up inside. He texted me earlier saying he had something to tell me but it has to be in person. Knowing him he would probably end up getting on one knee asking to marry him. I shook the fears out my body, got out the car and walked up to his house.

*rings doorbell*

The door opens and standing there was this gorgeous hazel eye, brown skin brother with 360 waves staring me up and down licking his pink lips.

RAYMOND: damn baby why you look so good

ME: you know I always be looking good for you babe

I gave him a kiss and walked inside. I’m slowly walking around realizing that he has candles set up around the house and dinner prepared on the table for us. I looked at him and smiled. He always knew how to make me feel special.

RAYMOND: I don’t know about you but I want to skip to dessert

ME: what’s for dessert ?

RAYMOND: your sexy ass

He picks me up and pins me against the wall kissing me with his pinks lips all over my neck. Panties got soaked fast. I couldn’t help but to slightly moan. I wrap my legs around him and kissed this man passionately. Next thing I know he was deep inside of me. I felt every inch of him. I started getting emotional, I looked this man in his eyes and started to cry. I love him so much and he knows that. I came to the conclusion that I’m going to tell him I’m pregnant but not that I cheated. His strokes got deeper, moans got louder. In the middle of our session, it came out.

ME: I’m pregnant.


ME: what the hell you mean how

He stops and his whole mood changed. His eyes showed signs of anger while he was staring down at me.


now I’m pissed off because the man I thought that loved me is saying this fuckery right now, like is he serious?

ME: of course it’s possible Raymond, your the only one I been with for these 3 years we was together.

Now he gets up off me and we both standing up looking at each other with anger. I can’t believe this nigga right now. He turns his back and i hear something that sounds like Velcro. I couldn’t believe this bullshit. The Velcro was connected to a dildo. This nigga just took off a strap on in front of me. Now I’m standing here with so much fucking confusion.

RAYMOND: you can’t be pregnant by me bri.

He hands me a birth certificate and this nigga name isn’t even Raymond it’s Raynell Myers. I was fucking a female this whole time.

Give me all the AUs
  • Give me the cliche highschool au where the angry looking freshman yurio from Russia pisses of some studnts only to be saved by Otabek in his black motorcycle
  • Give me the cute flower shop au where Yurio goes on and asks for a bouquet that says “Fuck You” (for Victuuri) from flowershop owner Otabek
  • Give me the pure au of Otabek and Yurio actually having something back in Russia and Otabek having the courage to go talk to this amazing russian skater
  • Give me the AU of a fairy who ran away from home after his father learned to love another teaming up with a hero, a knight who escaped after he betrays his kingdom by slaying its evil demented king
  • Give me the pining au where Yurio slowly finds himself faling for Otabek but also fretting that it would ruin their friendship
  • Give me the AU where Otabek has always harbored a crush for Yurio but always was too shy to try and approach the man
  • Give me domestic oturi maybe a little cuddling, cooking together, watching things, jogging together and the like
  • Give me an Ice Fairy and a Fire Knight au where they fall for each other but they can never touch
  • Give me Otabek who cleared out his entire place of smokes and beer because Yurio is coming over for movie night and everything must be perfect
  • Give me Yurio introducing Otabek to his grandpa and slightly terrified Otabek despite his poker face
  • Give me barista otabek and angry college student Yurio who ends up studying in a coffee shop because his roommate is banging his teacher
  • Give me World War II AU of evacuee Yurio alone in Kazakhstan looking for his grandfather who ends up staying at a local Kazakh officer’s place as Otabek vows to help him (I WANT THIS ONE)
  • Give me medieval AU where the young king Yurio after the death of his grandfather and his right hand man and knight Otabek
  • Give me the established Oturi AU where they get to know each other more and fall in love with each other more like how Yurio love animal prints or how Otabek has five different hairsprays for his undercut
  • Give me Otabek ruffling through Yurio’s hair as they cuddle in bed and he comments how good his hair smells and Yurio fucking loses his cool and kinda kicks Otabek out of the bed because he’s red af
  • Give me excited Yurio when he comes of age and he drinks the fuck and drags otabek along but Otabek doesn’t drink a sip so he can take Yurio home safely
  • Give me Otabek styling Yurio’s hair or maybe Yurio getting an undercut too so they match
  • Give me Otabek calling Yurio ‘Tiger’ when they are dating and it fucks Yurio up more than he wants to admit
  • Give me older Yurio who got his growth spurt and is a fucking tower so now he is all smug around his boyfriend but Otabek still loves him
  • Give me Yurio putting his hair in a messy ponytail and Otabek trying to calm his heart down
  • Give me Yurio drinking more tea after Otabek invited him that one time
  • Give OTURI

“I just can’t wait to forget how much it hurts,” she said. My little sister, 17 and naive and so in love, had woken me up at 2am, crying because her boyfriend had broken up with her. “I never want to remember what I’m feeling right now.”

I pet her hair back as her head laid in my lap. “But you will remember it,” I told her. “You always will. Even ten years from now, when three other boys have come and gone since him, you will remember it. Because this is the only time you will have believed every word he said. This is the only time your whole heart will get involved. This is the only time you will be blindsided.” I swallowed the lump in my throat. “You’ll remember this pain for the rest of your life. But pain is natural. It’s how we protect ourselves.”

—  excerpt from an unfinished book #133

Yuuri: He certainly might not know it, but Viktor is the most important person in my life. He helps me in so many different ways, but just knowing he has my back and supports me is all I could ever ask for. But I won’t lie, I love him to the moon and back, and I only want the best for him.

[ OOC-Tan: Holy cow, you guys just keep coming! I have a lot of asks to do, but I’m finally able to work on them! Thank you so much for your continued support!! It means the world to me! ]

The thing that fucks me up is that Stiles tells Lydia to remember that he loves her because he loves her so strongly, so reverently, that he thinks that his feelings for her are the only thing that are going to last on this earth when he is gone. 

But Lydia doesn’t listen to him. She doesn’t remember that he loves her. Instead, she remembers that she loves him. That love, that feeling, is the thing that is powerful enough to bring Stiles back to Beacon Hills. 

That is the thing that survives him. Not the fact that he loves Lydia Martin. it’s the way that love made a girl feel like she was the most worthwhile person in their universe. 


#jfc #you can literally see the moment Eugene decides to sacrifice himself for Rapunzel in the last gif #and that’s why this scene hurts so much #Eugene #a thief who has only ever cared about himself #does an act of complete selflessness #and gives his life to save the woman he loves #THIS IS HOW YOU OTP

This boy, with the brown eyes and cheeky grin, can make anyone’s day better. This boys heart is so big and he is so warm, anyone would be lucky to just know what it is like to hold him. I watch him, day after day and wonder if he sees me too. If maybe I could be apart of the countless number of people who love him. He smiles and everyone can’t help but smile back. His laugh is a melody that I wish could be stuck in my head everyday. He is that person that everybody spends their entire life looking for and now that I have found him I can only pray that he watches me too.
—  4am