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Guys My Age (1)

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Words: 2554

Warnings: Lap dancing. ANGST.

Summary: You’re playing truth or dare with the Avengers when Nat asks you when the last time you got laid was  and Sam dares you to pick a song that perfectly grasps why you haven’t had sex in so long.

A/N: Thanks for the anon who recommended this song. I thank the heavens I found it because it’s so fucking relevant. I can’t seem to write smut without just a tinsy bit of a plot. But here you go.

Permanent tag list: @meganlane84

Part 2 Part 3

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seven signs

Summary: Bucky feels like he’s falling in love.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: none - pure fluff!

Word Count: 2.1k [yikes, sorry]

A/N: Here’s my submission for the ever lovely Gen’s @bucky-plums-barnes 8k celebration - congrats again, sweetheart! My prompt was: “You know I only have eyes for you.” - hope you all enjoy :) || masterlist

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Nothing More [ III ]

Genre [Rating] : Angst

Length: 8.7k

Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader

Summary: Watching the man you love love someone else was the most painful feeling in the world.

Nothing More Masterlist

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Having a secret for so long that suddenly becomes public was uncomfortable and dread inducing. A part of you you’d kept locked away from prying eyes for years had not only been thrown into the spotlight, but shown to the one person you hadn’t wanted to see it. You felt naked, you hadn’t been ready to let the world know you were completely in love with Byun Baekhyun, but at the same time, you couldn’t help but feel a little relieved. The weight of keeping it hidden was gone off your shoulders but they still remained sagged from the pain in your chest.

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mistakes aren’t always mistakes || t.h

Relationship: Tom Holland x reader

Summary: Your journey from FWB with Tom to something a little more real.

Warnings: smut {18+}, angst, fluff

Word Count: 1.6k

A/N: this turned out longer than i thought but i hope you enjoy because i relate to this fic a lot sigh 

I’m coming over in 20

You read the text as soon as it came in, your heart picking up its pace as your stomach twisted in knots as an almost nauseating feeling swept over you. You took a deep breath as you typed out your reply. 


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Game of Thrones Preference: They're attracted to you

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Joffrey liked keeping you in his company all the time, if it was possible. But a fact he loves you – it was something he never allowed himself to admit. Moreover a fear of rejection was too big. What if you laughed at him? He was a king and such shame would be hard to handle. It would hurt his pride. But when Cersei started to arrange marriage with Margaery he knew he must tell what he felt for you. Or he’ll lose you forever.



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Sansa was your very close friend. So it took some time for her to realize what she felt for you was actually something more than friendship. She decided to keep it as a secret because she was unsure how would you react. If you didn’t take a first step and confess, your love would probably stay only platonic.



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Jaime was surprised he could be so attached to someone else than his sister. True, you had blue eyes and blonde hair but it was all new for him. You started spending more and more time together and it meant getting closer. One day Jaime found you crying in the garden. You refused to tell him what happened and he let it be. But he promised to himself he’ll never make you suffer like this.



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Ramsay eliminated every man who just looked at you. What if one of them confessed before him? And steal you away? You belonged to him. You were his, you’ve always been. You just didn’t know yet. But it was a small detail. Something he didn’t have to worry about. He already had a plan in his wicked mind how to make you officially his. How to make you his lady.



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Daenerys always stared at you. She could stare for a couple of minutes which was very uncomfortable. But she had a reason. She was wondering why did she feel affection towards a woman. On top of that towards someone like you. She was aware there was nothing special to be so amazed by you but she simply was. Once she was sure what she felt was really love, she went straight to a point and confessed to you.



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Tyrion showed he cared for you more than for anybody else in a very specific way. Whenever Joffrey tried to raise a hand to you, Tyrion showed up and saved you. Even when Joffrey was insulting you, he slapped him without any regret. He didn’t mind he’ll be punished later. All what mattered was he defended you successfully.



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Oberyn had many sexual interests. And he didn’t try to hide it. You were also one of them. But unlike others, he never had you. You knew who prince Oberyn was and you weren’t interested in one night stand. Everytime he got close to you, you avoided eye contact and walked away. And exactly your ‘‘playing hard to get‘‘ (how Oberyn liked to call it) moved his heart and for the first time in his life he felt something.



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Tommen didn’t know how to tell you. Everytime he tried to confess, he got nervous and lost his words. Like this, he failed countless times. It was enough for him. So instead of telling you he loves you, he was surrounding you with presents. Usually with beautiful dresses or expensive jewels only a king could afford. He just needed to wait for a right time which didn’t come yet.



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Yara didn’t hesitate to show she was highly interested in you. Not even in a middle of a crowd of people. Whenever you appeared in her sight, she whistled, checking you from head to toes. She also tried to get you with pick up lines but you just blushed and looked at the ground. Yara knew you were shy but it was what made teasing you even more fun.

Drunk [S.B.]

Character: Sirius Black
Word Count: 1092
Requested?: Yes/No
Summary: Sirius finds himself looking after a drunk Y/n, who is determined to make it as difficult as possible for him to do so.
Disclaimer: Gif isn’t mine, credit to whoever made it

+ + + + +

The party in the Gryffindor common room was in full swing, people dancing, laughing and drinking the firewhisky that lined the tables. The room was nearly too full for anyone to move around, however all anyone seemed to care about was Gryffindor winning the Quidditch match against Slytherin.

Sirius Black leant casually against a wall on the outskirts of the room, holding a half empty cup of firewhiskey in his hand as he observed the room.

Usually, he’d be right in the centre of everything, dancing with some girl he happened to find. However, tonight it was different. His eyes were locked on the Ravenclaw boy who dared to talk to you, hating him from a distance.

He told himself it was just the natural instinct of a best friend to want to protect you, but knew deep down it was so much more than that.

He didn’t want that boy touching you, because he wanted to be the only one to be able to do that.

He took a sip of his drink before allowing his eyes to wander, just for a few seconds, landing on his best friend James, who seemed to be acting like the giddy dork he was around none other than Lily Evans. Catch him around any other girl, he’d be his usual proud self, yet put him in front of the pretty redhead and he turned into a crushing schoolgirl.

Sirius couldn’t help but shake his head in amusement, before he then began looking around for Remus or Peter - whichever one he found first.

Remus, for once, actually seemed to be having fun. Though usually not the party type, James and Sirius had encouraged him to turn up, just for one night, and reluctantly, the werewolf had agreed.

Look where that got him - having much more fun than his usually overdramatic friend Sirius.

Sirius then, avoiding looking at you and the Ravenclaw, found Peter, who surprisingly, after having one too many shots, seemed to almost be the life of the party, though it was more likely he was just overly excited that James had scored the winning shot of the match.

Sirius often questioned whether his little rat friend was in love with James and his talent.

“Sirius dance with me!” He suddenly heard someone slur from his left. Turning, he couldn’t help the smile that graced his face when he saw it was you. Clearly intoxicated, you nearly fell into your best friend in your attempt to get to him faster. “Y/n! A-Are you drunk?” Sirius asked in shock, holding onto your body and pulling you close to him.

“What? Nooo..” you giggled, then began to slide a hand slowly down his chest, heading towards his pants. “Whatcha doing there?” Sirius said as he grabbed you hand to prevent it from moving lower.

You pouted, and leaned up to his ear, “Don’t you want to have some fun tonight?”

If it were in any other circumstances, Sirius would have jumped at the chance for a night with you, especially after being in love with you for so long now. But you were drunk - these thoughts weren’t your own, and he could only feel a little down about that.

“Trust me doll, any other time I would, but right now we need to get you to bed,” Sirius said as he once again steadied you on your feet.

“Do I have to?” You whined. Sirius didn’t bother replying, and instead started to lead you up the stairs to your dorm room.

It was one of the only times the stairs hadn’t knocked him back down.

He opened the door to your dorm and helped you inside as you muttered incoherent things to yourself, clinging onto Sirius’ neck.

You collapsed onto the bed as Sirius sat down and rested your feet on his lap, so he could take your shoes off for you. He placed them under your bed, before leaning over your body to try and take of your necklace, in case if caused you problems whilst you were asleep.

He ignored the closeness of your bodies, trying to distract himself from behind pressed against you, when you said, “I really like his position.” You giggled and wrapped your arms around his neck, a leg gently looping around his as you tried to lift your hips to meet his.

“And you are a very sexual drunk, baby girl, but I can’t do this to you. I won’t,” he said in a low tone, stroking your cheek with his finger as he pulled away from you with the necklace, trying not to hurt your leg as he untangled it from around his. “Then just stay with me,” you muttered sleepily, holding onto his arm so he couldn’t stand up.

Sirius’ heartbeat sped up. Did you just ask him to stay longer?

Without a word, Sirius placed the necklace on your beside table, slipping out of his trousers and climbing into the bed with you, instantly wrapping his arms around you. You looked up into his dark brown eyes, mesmerised by the way they were gazing back at you with such adoration. Your stare flickered down to his soft lips, and in your drunk state, you convinced yourself it was the perfect idea to lean over and-

Sirius thought his head was going to explode from feeling so many emotions at once when your lips brushed his. He could taste the alcohol on you, and knew, deep down, that you were just doing this because you were intoxicated. However, he pushed that out of his mind, if only for a few moments, to savour something that he would cherish forever.

You pulled away, seemingly content with kissing him, and snuggled into his chest, listening to his rising heartbeat as it lulled you to sleep.

Sirius couldn’t believe what you had just done. He couldn’t believe that you had actually kissed him. Him, your best friend, of all people. Sure, you’d been making sexual advances all night, but he never thought you’d actually do something about it without passing out first.

He couldn’t believe he had you in his arms, holding onto him so tight. He pushed a loose strand of hair out of your face, and just watched how beautiful you looked, lying beside him with your dress clothes still on, and makeup half smudged across the pillow.

Sirius smiled to himself in a bittersweet kind of way.

You may not remember the kiss by the morning, but he was sure that he would never forget it.

💙 Birthday Special. 💙

Birthdays were always a strange thing to Lance. Not that he didn’t understand them, he totally did. But more so, the feelings a simple day could provoke.

Lance came from a large family, that was for sure. And with that, came parties.

His racial culture brought those anyway.

And, as the baby of the family, he had always had some pretty fantastic birthdays as a kid.

Though when he got older, that changed.
Little kids expect birthdays, so parents throw them together and make the kid feel special.

When you grow up, you have to learn that you’re not that special. At least that was how Lance saw it.

Having so many brothers and sisters, birthdays were close together and it got to the point where they weren’t as extravagant because it couldn’t be afforded.

By the time July rolled around, many things were happening that often led to Lances birthday being overlooked as a teenager.

College funds, school shopping, all of the things that would be happening days after Lance had his special day.

In time it just stopped being special.

Would he get a present?
Sure, he didn’t really need anything but come on, everyone is going to think about receiving a gift on their big day.

Would he get a Happy Birthday?
Would anyone remember?

Did anyone care enough to listen if he mentioned what day it was?

Most birthdays, Lance wanted to just stay quiet and see how many people would acknowledge the day. Or how many wouldn’t, would be most likely.

Birthdays soon just became regular days for him throughout the years. Sure, maybe he would get a book and a happy birthday from online friends, but nothing big or fun.

Sometimes he’d get to choose dinner.
But like was mentioned, it became just another day for him.

Sometimes he was hopeful, maybe this birthday would be different. He’d have a party again or maybe Hunk would bake him something.

Hell, even just family bonding.
But it was just a wish.

Lances birthday just wasn’t that important.

Not anymore.

So when his birthday rolled around during their first year up in space, he didn’t say a word.

He didn’t even go on Keith about how now he was older, and rub it in his rivals face.

No, that morning Lance woke up as if it were any other day. Pulled on his clothes, his favorite jacket, brushed his teeth, put on some makeup, and within the next hour was out of his room headed for breakfast.

The blue paladin didn’t notice little mice scurrying into vents, rolls of confetti in their jaws.

“Good morning.” Lance chimed as he entered the dining area, making sure he wasn’t looking around at his friends as he casually went to grab a plate of goo.

In the back of his head, he wondered if anyone knew. It couldn’t be helped.

At the front of his skull, desperately clinging the rest, he knew today was just another day.

It sent a vague pain through his chest but he chose to ignore it. Just another day.

“Good morning, buddy! How is the main man?” Hunk piped up in a cheerful tone.

Lance shrugged, walking to the counter for a fork, not looking up. “Oh, you know, feeling as perfect and charming as ever.”

The dry chuckle that passed the boys lips was unnerving, and the Paladins exchanged glances.


“Hm?” He rose a brow, not looking up as he dug for the utensil.




Finally the boy looked up, “I hear you, what do— you…” His breath flowed out of him in a harsh exhale.

Oh my gosh.

At the table his friends stood, holding a ‘cake’ and smiling fondly, if not a little worriedly.

In front of them, were a few haphazardly wrapped presents, which were in all honesty wrapped in toilet paper.

The cake was blue, shaped like an ‘L’ for Lance which they assumed was only fitting for someone obsessed with himself.

Lance didn’t let it get to his head, even though the situation was obvious and his face was bright ass red.

Keep it cool. It’s just another day.

Lance looked up at Hunk, taking his surprise and making it something fake. “Oh shit, whose birthday is it?”

The synchronization of furrowed eyebrows was something uncanny; Lance would have laughed.

Shiro spoke up, softly. “It’s your birthday.”

Pidge tilted her head, “July 28th, right?”

Hunk looked nervous for a moment, leaning to Keith and undoubtedly whispering, “We didn’t get the day wrong, did we?”

They hadn’t.
Of course they hadn’t.

Lance took a good look around.
The room was decorated completely, streamers and confetti and even a banner.

Blue lights glittered for Lance.

They had remembered.
They cared and they were having a party.

Lance blinked, then tried to stay cool and shrugged, suddenly way too emotions rushing at once. “Oh, I know. I just didn't…think anyone would care, no one usually does.”

Way to keep it cool.

Suddenly he was rushed with hugs, a swarm of love and caring bodies pressed to his and strong arms around him.

Lance teared up, something he’d been holding back. He chuckled, “Uh, guys?”

“It’s your birthday! Of course we would care!” Pidge exclaimed, squeezing Lances waist tighter in a hug.

“You’re my best friend, how could I forget?” Hunk said next, ruffling Lances hair.

It was happy tears and sniffles after that, and of course celebration and loud.

Birthdays were always a strange thing to Lance, and forever would be. And ironic.


They were just as unexpected as the day each person decides to be born. Sure, you always know it’s gonna happen, but you are still surprised.

Lance was surprised today.

His space family had not only remembered his birthday, no. That wasn’t initially had Lance so riled up.

It was that they had remembered and acknowledged and embraced it. That was more than he’d gotten in years.

He felt special today.
He felt loved.

If only he knew, what was waiting for him behind the fourth wall, and how much love he was worth.

Happy birthday, Lance.


Summary: All he wants to do is prove how much he loves you.

Pairing: Eggsy Unwin x reader

Warnings: Language, graphic gif [?] with blood; mentions of blood, self-hate

Word Count: 1511

A/N: This is for @avengersandlovers Sarah’s follower appreciation challenge! Congrats again, lovely :) || This is a reader insert, but reader is an agent under codename ‘Lamia’. Other than that, this is my first Kingsman/Eggsy fic, so hopefully I did them all justice. Let me know what you think! || main masterlist

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M and S family with their child telling them they love them for the first time ?


Shu: “You love me? What other sweet words can you tell me?”

Shu is pleased by his child’s declaration of love for him, and he would affectionately pat the top of his child’s head with a warm hand. Never in a million years did he think he would have an adorable offspring that would be willing to tell him how much they love him. It’s music to his ears, so he hopes his child will never stop saying that to him.

Reiji: “You were created by me, so it’s only natural that you say that.”

Reiji chuckles when his child tells him that they love him for the first time, and it makes his heart beat at a slower rhythm. The love and attention that Beatrix did not give to him as a child made Reiji very bitter when he grew up, and he never wanted his child to feel in that way. He’s strict with his child, but that won’t stop him from expressing his love too.

Ayato: “Hehe, of course you love me! I’m the best dad out there!”

Ayato takes pride in his child adoring and respecting him greatly. He’d ruffle their hair playfully and continue to boast about himself, boosting the love his child already had for him. His child see him as their idol, and Ayato is more than happy to take that role from everyone in the world. He’s not afraid to let his kid know that he loves them too. After all, they are Ore-sama’s one and only child!

Kanato: “Don’t ever say you don’t love me because I will love you forever.”

A small and genuine smile is plastered on Kanato’s childlike face and he offers his child a piece of candy in return for their affection. Now that they were older, Kanato interacts more with his child than when they were a mere baby, after the exchange, Kanato makes his child leave him and play somewhere else. He doesn’t want his child to further delve themselves in his happiness.

Laito: “Is that true, my little dove? If so, then Papa loves you more.”

Laito gets into a little “I love you more” fight with his child all the time, and it usually ends with him admitting defeat just to make his child satisfied with the debate. When his little vampire runs off to go and play, Laito notes that he will always love his child no matter what they decide to do. He’ vows to be the father that Karlheinz couldn’t be to him as a kid.

Subaru: “W-What did you just say? I d-didn’t hear it properly…”

Subaru is slightly flustered by his child’s sudden words filled with extreme love and adoration. When his child repeats the words again in an excited way, Subaru would just pull them into a tight hug and refuse to let them go. They were being too cute for him to handle, and he doesn’t know how else to express his love for them except through physical actions. He’ll always love them as well.

Kino: “Hm? Love me? Since when did you learn about that?”

Kino pretends that he isn’t phased by his child words and it almost looks like he brushed them off. When he sees the slight frown forming on their face, Kino would drop the cool act and kneel down to his child’s level, brushing the hair out of their face. He tells them that he will always be by their side in the future, and that’s all his child will ever get from him as an “I love you too.”


Ruki: “If you say that again, I’ll have to increase your studies since you love me.”

Ruki teases his small child with the empty threat of giving them more lectures, and when his child is nearly traumatized by it, Ruki would lightly hit their head with his book and say, “Just kidding.” He likes seeing his child react to things in an interesting way, so it is not rare for him to tease them. He’d walk away with a smirk, knowing his child is staring at his back in shock and awe.

Kou: “Aww! Daddy loves you so much too! You’re so cute, you know?”

Kou is gushing over his child’s little confession, and he can’t help but pinch their cheeks with his fingers. He’s one of those parents that will never want their child to grow up. If he had it his way, Kou would want his kid to remain a sweet little kitten forever. The world is too cruel out there anyway, and Kou will always give them whatever they wanted or needed.

Yuma: “Aww shucks, yer gonna distract me from my garden now!”

Yuma lets out a warm and hefty laugh and he lifts his kid up to have them perch on his arm. He’s so overjoyed to have such a swell and loving kid, and he is grateful that they entered his life. He may not believe in God, but he won’t deny that his kid was a definite blessing to him. Nothing will ever make him change that belief.

Azusa: “Oh…I love you too…my precious…darling…”

Azusa can’t get enough of his child’s candy-coated words. He never wants to forget this moment, and a gentle smiles takes over his face as he sighs in content. He would pat his child’s head and ask them to never leave his side, to which they would reply that they would never even imagine doing such a horrible thing to their dear father. Azusa has his child wrapped around his pinky.

-Admin Yuuzuki


♡ — au where yoongi is a rapper and a producer while jungkook is a music student trying to become a singer 



Jungkook wanted to kill Taehyung.

It was his stupid idea. He was the one that convinced Jungkook to finally answer to Yoongi’s pleading messages. The texts he kept reading over and over again in his head, like a mantra. Words that kept making him both mad and sad.

“Please, we need to talk”

“Jungkook, answer me”

“Can’t you hear me out?”


2 weeks had gone since the last time Jungkook saw the Yoongi. 14 days since he stormed out of the older’s apartment - the food heating up in the oven, Half Moon softly playing in the background. 20.160 minutes since Yoongi broke his heart like it was nothing. 

“You’re not my fucking boyfriend”

Jungkook exhaled, he didn’t realize he was holding his breath for so long. His track of thoughts making his heart ache, the memory bringing the feeling he’s starting to get used to. Like something was stuck in his throat, a cold feeling in his stomach. He stood up from the couch, too nervous to keep sitting still. He paced in Tae’s living room, to the tv (that he keeps turning on and off), to the window (that he opens when he feels like he needs to breathe and closes when he gets too cold). He was deciding if he should crack the window open just a bit, to feel the night breeze when he heard a noise coming from the lift followed by steps. A minute or two passed until Jungkook heard an unsure knocking. 

He was definitely not ready to deal with this.

Taehyung had talked with Jungkook about this and had convinced the boy that he should just talk to Yoongi already and sort things out. He needed to stop whining about what had happened, Tae had said. Jin was worried about him and with the fact that Jungkook hadn’t come back home yet. After all that happened, Jungkook still didn’t want his cousin to hate Yoongi for it. They were friends for a long time and the young boy didn’t want to come between them because of his relationship issues. But he couldn’t run from his problems forever, as Tae had told him non stop for the last few days. 

He walked to the door and took a deep breath, before turning the knob and finally facing Yoongi.


He hasn’t changed a bit, but Jungkook guessed that even if it had felt like a lifetime, they were apart for only 2 weeks, not enough time to change so much. His hair was messy, like he couldn’t - and probably didn’t - mind about the way he looked too much to put an actual effort and wearing his well known oversized back coat that Jungkook had borrowed once or twice when he had spent the night in the studio, laying on the couch, softly humming the song that Yoongi kept playing over and over while editing it. The boy’s heart hurt.

“Hi, hyung…. Hm…” Now that Yoongi was finally there, Jungkook wasn’t so sure about what he should say or do, so he just tried to be polite. “Come on in”

Yoongi stepped in the apartment slowly, like he didn’t know the place and hadn’t been there so many times. He stopped and stared at Jungkook, his eyes too intimidating for the young boy, that turns to quickly close the door.

Keep breathing, he reminds himself.

“Ah… Do you want something… To drink?” Jungkook’s low voice dragged Yoongi out of his thoughts, and he looked around the living room, noticing how nervous he felt in the moment, they were alone and could finally talk.

“Oh, no, I’m good…”, Yoongi mumble, taking a seat on the couch. He wasn’t used to feeling so nervous around Jungkook, their relationship was always so carefree and comfortable. Yoongi felt like he didn’t need to worry about anything when he was with the boy, but that clearly had changed after he had messed everything up with those damn texts and his stupid problems. 

When both of them were finally sitting side by side (with a huge space between them) on the couch, no one said anything for what felt like years. Jungkook kept looking at the window, thinking that maybe he should’ve opened the damn thing, the air hot and stifling in the room.

“How…Are you?” Yoongi regretted his words as soon as it left his mouth. It wasn’t the right time for small talk, he knew it, but he couldn’t figure out how to begin. Before he could say another thing, Jungkook spoke in a rushed, pleading voice.

“Please, hyung… Please, just talk. You wanted to talk, you asked me to do it… Then do.” His voice sounded broken, Yoongi sensed a cold feeling washing over this body “Let’s get this over with already. I know that neither of us wants to be here and…”

“You’re wrong”


“I said… You’re wrong,” Yoongi paused, licking his lips, his eyes on the floor. The clock tickled a few times before he continued, Jungkook eyes locked at the older. “I want to be here. I’m so fucking happy I’m seeing you,” his eyes left the floor to look right into big doe ones, that stared back at him “I’m so glad you asked me to come. I know you probably didn’t want to see or hear me, and I can only imagine Taehyung convincing you to talk to me and I’m glad he did because… Jungkook… I need to talk, to explain myself… I need to apologize." 

"Hyung,” the words were barely a whisper, making Yoongi doubt if  Jungkook had really called him or was it just his imagination playing tricks with him yet again. He kept listening to Jungkook’s voice in his head for the past two weeks, he couldn’t make it out what was real any longer. 

“I’m so fucking sorry. I’m so… I’m so ashamed of the way I treated you, the things I said to you, Jungkookie…” the nickname naturally came out of his lips like it did so many times, Jungkook rubbed his hands together, no longer able to look at Yoongi and breathe at the same time. “I was out of my mind”

“Please… Don’t. Don’t play this card on me. You knew what you said, you…”

“That’s not what I’m trying to say. Fuck.” Yoongi’s hands covered his face, his breath loud through his fingers. He messed his hair even more before continuing. “I know what I said. I knew what I was saying when I sent you that but I regret it, Jungkook. I said that for the wrong reasons and I know I don’t have the right to make excuses for myself but this is all I can do. All I can ask is for you to, please, listen to me… I can go way, if you want to, I’ll go and I won’t bother you anymore but please let me talk first…”  

Jungkook couldn’t just sit there. He felt like his body couldn’t cope with it all and remain still, Yoongi’s voice doing things to his head, to his stomach. To his heart. He walked to the window, opening it as much as it possible, the cool breeze matching his cold fingers, his gaze into the night. He couldn’t listen and watch the older, not in that moment, not at the same time - it was just too much. 

“I never felt like that… Like this. With anyone. My head is a mess and my heart… I never paid too much attention to it. I know I act like I’m tough but, I guess you know me enough to know that it’s just an act. I’m afraid and I’m insecure and when you came into my life… Jungkook, you wrecked me.”

Yoongi looked up at the ceiling, in a combination of exasperation and nervousness, his voice sounding almost strangled, lacking air and strength. Writing songs was way easier than pouring his heart out in the open.

“I didn’t know how to deal with it. With my feelings, with you… With my fear of losing and hurting you”

“It was exactly what you did.” the young boy laughed, humorless, his voice cracking. “Funny enough, you did hurt me. Lost me”

Jungkook was having trouble staying still, looking at the dark night, listening to it all. He felt hot from the gaze that he knew was on his back. His heart seemed like it was beating in his throat.

“I know. I’m a fucking joke, right? I don’t know what’s wrong with me… I just… It felt too much. One day I was alone, I could spend countless hours working, not thinking about anything but music. That was my life, as pathetic as it may sound but… I could control it, deal with it. But then you showed up and before I knew…”

“You could have told me. You could have asked me to… Step back,” his voice was barely a mumble, but the sound was clear in the silence of the room “If I was too much, if I was a problem I-”

“Don’t. Please, don’t say it. Don’t think like this… I’m the one that’s wrong. I was the one that was too much of a coward to deal with his feelings and…” the thought of getting up from the couch and walking to the boy crossed Yoongi’s mind for a second before he decided against it, he needed to give him some - any - space. “I was working too much… That girl you saw at my house that day, her name is Suran. I’m producing her album. She’s a friend and… I was worried, stressed and I hadn’t taken the time to think about us. Really think, after all that happened that day in the studio… After our date…”

“Then you could have, at least, warned me. Asked me for some space or… Talked to me. All I wanted was to be by your side, what’s wrong with that? I thought you wanted it too…”

“I wanted, I…”

“Why didn’t you tell me then? Why did you keep ditching me? Why did you have to treat me like I was no one? Like you didn’t care? I… Hyung… That - That hurt.” Jungkook snapped. He turned his body and looked at Yoongi, at his eyes, managing to hold the stare “That fucking hurt so much and you say you had feelings for me but you couldn’t even talk to me when all I did was listen to you. You made me believe we were… Something… And then you…”

“We were - we are something. You are something for me… You’re… Fuck this.” getting up from the couch like his body was electrified, Yoongi ran his hand through his hair, pulling it a little before he lets an exasperated sign. “You’re so much more than something… You’re everything for me now and I know I messed up, I know I said I would go if you ask me to but… Please, don’t. I really like you, I…”


“I love you, Jungkook. I really fucking love you and I can’t tell you how sorry I am for the way I treated you, for the things I said. I didn’t’ mean it like that and I know I hurt you. I was so afraid I wasn’t enough and… I’m not.” he blinked at the floor and, then, at the ceiling, fighting away the tears he didn’t want to let it fall. Tears lead to pity and it was the last thing he wanted from Jungkook. We wanted forgiveness. He wanted the boy back.

“You were enough… You are…” Jungkook didn’t know how to react, his thoughts all messed up in his mind when all he could think was that Yoongi loved him too. Before he could say or do something, the older kept talking.

“I’m not and it’s ok… I don’t know how to deal with my feelings, with other’s feelings. I don’t know how to date… But, Jungkook, if you feel like you could forgive me… If you give me a chance to learn…”


“What? What do you mean by yes?”

“I mean I forgive you, hyung.”

“Jungkook…” he took some steps until he was close to the boy, his hand touched his arm.

“I think I overreacted and - No, stop, let me talk this time. Please” touching the hand that was on his arm with his cold fingers, Jungkook bites his lips before he continued “You did hurt me, you did but you were somehow right in a way… We weren’t dating, I wasn’t your boyfriend and I think I wanted it so much, i… I thought I was.”

“And I want you to be. I want you as my boyfriend. But I wanna make it right. Let me make it right this time” the words were whispered, Yoongi’s eyes moving from the boy’s doe eyes to his soft lips. 

“Promise me you won’t hurt me again. Promise you’ll talk to me…” hands soft caressed Jungkook’s face, his eyes shutting as to make the feeling stronger.

“I promise, Jungkook, I promise. I… I missed you. I know I don’t have the right to tell you this now but, God, I missed you so fucking much. I miss your voice calling me, telling me that I’m taking too long to finish my work. I miss your touch, I miss feeling your fingers in mine even when you touched me just for a second, even when your fingers just ghosts into mine. I miss it. I miss hearing you laugh and seeing your smile. I miss talking to you on the phone when you can’t sleep. I miss the way you annoyed me, or you tried to… I miss the way you can’t annoy me at all because when you’re with me that’s all that matters. I miss being with you, next to you, seeing you or just hearing you. Fuck. Jungkook. I… I can’t. I can’t deal with being away from you because ever since I met you, you didn’t leave my side and I don’t want you to. I can’t have you away from me and these few weeks have been hell for me because I can’t. Oh, fuck it. I can. I know I can but I don’t fucking want to. I want you with me. So, please… Please forgive me. Forgive me and be with me. Be the one that teaches me… Teach me how to cherish you. How to be a better person for you. That’s all I want.”

“Taehyung will kill you if you hurt me again, hyung. You better know that this is your last chance” the boy leaned in, his hands gripping Yoongi’s coat, to keep him close. They looked each other in the eye, hot breath mixed before Jungkook’s lips ghosted on Yoongi’s, mouths molding into each other. A sound of relief. “Keep your promise”

“I love you too…”

Hello Officer

Steve Rogers x Reader 

Summary : It’s your 21st birthday and your best friend throws you a party. Unfortunately, a neighbor calls the cops for a noise complaint. Steve shift ended but since he was nearby, he decided to go over and check it out. When he knocks on the door, you immediately thought he was a stripper. Didn’t help that you were drunk. (Inspo from Jane the Virgin)

Warning : Cursing and fluff, with a little angst

A/N : I hope you enjoy this little one shot. xoxo

Your mind was hazed from all the alcohol you drank. This wasn’t something you were used too. Usually you, you would have a couple drinks here and there but never to the point where you would get drunk. 

But you promised Jane, your best friend that you would let loose. It is your twenty-first after all. It’d be frowned upon if you didn’t go a little crazy. 

The music was blaring, and you were having the time of your life. Dancing with your friends, making memories. 

“I have a surprise for you!” Jane exclaimed, grabbing your wrist. 

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anonymous asked:

idk if this has already done but like?? richie and eddie comforting eachother hc’s pls

  • as soon as richie knew there something wrong with eddie he dropped all jokes and he suddenly became a different person
  • eddie was not weak so whenever he showed up at richie’s door with tears streaming down his face richie knew there was trouble
  • richie knew there was only so much he could do for eddie and vice a versa. richie couldn’t remove eddie’s forever plaguing thoughts of disease and eddie couldn’t help richie escape from his abusive parents
    all they could do was be there when they need a shoulder to cry on
  • richie always needed to be reassured that he’s there is a point in living
  • eddie will never get tired of telling richie how important he is and how he deserves the world, he would tell him every single day until they die if he had to
  • forehead kisses!!!
  • nose kisses!!
  • hair kisses!!
  • usually when eddies upset he likes to curl into richie’s chest, richie will most likely fall asleep in the most uncomfortable position but if eddies comfortable hes happy
  • and when richie’s upset he likes his hair to be played with so this usually ends up with eddie sitting back against the wall and richie’s arm laced around eddies middle section, his head rested in eddies lap.
  • or richie would lay with his head over eddie’s heart and just listen to the steady beating of the organ, it always helped calming him down
  • he just liked to know that eddie was real and if that meant being as close to him as possible eddie could handle it
  • if richie is upset in public he likes playing with eddie’s wrist because he likes being able to feel Eddie’s pulse, this usually gives eddie the heads up that he isn’t as okay as he is letting on
  • aggressive hand holding!!!
  • always making sure that they know that they aren’t alone
  • eddie always makes richie food bc the boi needa eat more
  • richie reads to eddie
  • richie always promises eddie that they’ll both make it out of this town no matter what

A/N this is bad af, sry anon

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Hey, Jealousy (John Wick x Reader)

For the anon who asked:

A fic about john wick getting jealous and ends up slightly being some smut. 😏👌🏼👌🏼

Authors Note: Sorry anon, it’s not full smut but i think it’s good enough :D that’s for this prompt. i had such fun writing it! hope you enjoy!

Rating: M

Song: I Don’t Wanna Live Forever - Taylor Swift feat, Zyan

John Wick x Reader (smut)

Hey Jealously

Originally posted by whiteguykarate

I was furious, fuming, positively leaking smoke from my ears. How dare he, how dare he, take a job like that and put a hit on both of us. To make sure no one came after me he abandoned me in the Continental where Winston was currently babysitting me. Babysitting me!

I was more than capable taking care of myself, being just as capable as John in the field but according to him “, I need to take precautions.” My fucking foot! Then he proceeded to deposit me unconscious in one of the Continental hotel rooms. I had tried to leave but Winston and his band of merry men prevented me from doing so, saying he was keeping me safe as a favour to John.

Now here I was beyond irate, holding his note in my hand with his scratchy handwriting saying he’ll be back later tonight after he takes care of things. I crushed it in my fist and tossed it into the fireplace. I could be there backing him up!

I looked to the clock, two o’clock in the morning. I spied the unopened luggage I packed earlier the day sitting across from me when John tricked me into thinking we were spending some alone time. That was until I found out his plans. I stalked to the case and opened it, looking for the perfect dress to wear to the Continental’s private bar lounge. Since he was going to have fun without me, I’ll just have fun without him. I smirked to myself as I pulled out the perfect dress and proceeded to get ready.

All eyes turned to me as I entered the lounge. I grinned to myself. Oh, John how you were missing out. I spied an empty two seater table and sat. A song I didn’t know was playing. The waiter arrived not too long after to take my order “, gin.”

My drink arrived with a tall dark gentleman.

“May I help you?” I asked.

“Your drink,” he offered with a southern accent and placed my glass on the table along with his “, may I?”

I gestured to the empty chair and crossed my legs. I flicked my hair over my shoulder and leaned towards the table. The man’s eyes flicked from my face to my cleavage.

“Like what you see?” I questioned, while stirring my drink.

He smiled like a viper “, never seen anything like it.”

I chuckled low and seductive. Oh, yes, this was going to be fun. I took a sip from my drink, feeling the burning sensation slide down my throat and into my stomach.

Someone cleared their throat by our table. I looked up into a pair of lined, glass blue eyes. I felt the temper I had just calmed flare back to life.

“Winston,” I gritted, through clenched teeth.

“Y/n… Reese,” greeted Winston.

My companion raised his glass to the hotel owner in response and took a swing of the drink.

Winston turned his attention to me “, is this wise?”

I could feel my body beginning to heat back up, I ignored Winston and turned my attention to the new song. Intense and rich the music began followed by the male vocalist.

Been sittin’ eyes wide open behind these four walls, hopin’ you’ll call
It’s just a cruel existence like it’s no point hopin’ at all

I looked back to him, a sweet smile plastered on my face “, I’ve no idea what you’re talking about?”

Baby, baby, I feel crazy
Up all night, all night and every day
Give me somethin’, oh, but you say nothin’
What is happenin’ to me?

He gave me a tight-lipped smile “, I just wanted to let you know he’s back and looking for you.”

I glanced at my companion whose eyes were scanning the room and politely not listening to our conversation. I doubted he’d be the kind to have me under house arrest.

“Thank you,” I said dismissively and turned my attention back to my male companion.

Winston moved off. I shimmied my chair closer to Reese, his hazel eyes looked surprised.

I smiled dazzlingly at him “, I wasn’t hearing you properly before.”

I don’t wanna live forever
‘Cause I know I’ll be livin’ in vain

John was in for a rude awakening when he saw me with this stranger. I chuckled to myself. There was only a foot between our chairs. I dropped my hand from the table onto his knee and leaned into him. His cologne scratched my nose and I had to try very hard not to recoil.  

Reese was handsome with gold flecked hazel eyes, chestnut hair to match and a square jaw line coated with the slightest five o’clock shadow. I spotted a fresh blackening bruise being hidden by the collar of his crisp white shirt. I took my free hand and brushed it open and slid a finger caressingly over the bruise.

“Rough night?”

And I don’t wanna fit wherever
I just wanna keep callin’ your name

He chuckled, a lovely bass tone “, aren’t you a seductress,” and leaned towards me.

“Is there another reason you’re sitting at my table then?”

Until you come back home
I just wanna keep callin’ your name


Suddenly my heart fell. John flashed through my mind, that was how we first met. He’d seen me, just I was now, sitting at a table by myself and he’d ask me to dance.

Until you come back home
I just wanna keep callin’ your name

“Um –,” I choked.

Until you come back home

I was cut off by a deep husky voice, threatening death and destruction “, there you are, thank you for keeping her company.”

Reese looked taken aback and sank back a fraction in his seat. I could feel the menace and fury pouring out of the person behind me.

“Your welcome,” Reese replied and took a gulp from his drink.

John’s hand wrapped around my arm, a silent command to leave. Suddenly my eyes stung.

I smiled at Reese, while standing “, thank you for your company.”

He nodded without looking in my direction. I let John lead me from the room, everything was a blur. I entered the hotel’s elevator with John behind me. I couldn’t face him so I kept my back turned to him.

“I took care of things,” he announced.

I nodded and silence followed.

“Don’t you have anything to say to me?” I croaked.

He didn’t respond. Slowly I turned to look at him, letting my emotions spill down my face in black rivulets. He was so blurry, all I could make out was his form.

“I’m not the one who was about to crawl into some stranger’s lap,” he hissed.

“Jealous?!” I bellowed at him “, that’s exactly what would’ve happened if you died you jackass!”

I gasped as I was slammed into the wall, I inhaled deeply, my throat tight.

“Yes!” he roared “, is that what you wanted to hear? That I was jealous that the woman I love and wanted to protect was looking like she was about to run off with some strange man.”

I opened my mouth to counter but he continued.

“And I walked in to see you wearing this dress and him and every other man in the room eye fucking you!”

The tears continued to run, dripping off my chin and onto my exposed cleavage.

“I was so worried about you,” I sobbed “, I needed you to feel the same pain I felt when you left me. I love you so, so much John.”

My heart clenched in my chest. I would give my life for him and him for me but, locking me up in this place had hurt me. I felt like he didn’t trust me or think I was capable enough.

His thumb brushed away my spilt tears “, I am sorry for leaving you but I don’t regret it.”

He kissed my forehead tenderly, then each eye. I looked up at him he was still a little blurry but getting clearer, I cupped his cheek and traced his worried and pained face with my other hand.

“I’m sorry too,” I murmured.

He kissed my nose and I giggled. He smiled, a little light pouring back into his face chasing away the pain. Gently he brought his lips to mine in a tender kiss. His arms wrapped around my waist, lifting me a few inches from the floor. I draped my arms over his neck, one of my hands fisting into his midnight hair.

The kiss deepened, his tongue in my mouth tracing my lower lip, probing and thrusting. He broke from my mouth and traced my jaw line. His lips sucked a path down my neck leaving a line of possessive bruises in its wake. I threw my head back and it banged into the gold elevator wall.

“Ouch,” I moaned.

I banded my legs around his waist and ground on his growing erection. He groaned into my ear at the friction and pushed me into the wall, hiking my dress up and grinding into my core eliciting a hiss of pleasure from me.

My hands freely roamed his back, running over his arms, chest and grasping his ass. Tight and firm. Delicious. My hands went back to his hair, the strands sliding silkily through my fingers. Roughly he grasped the strap of my dress to push it from my shoulder. I felt it snap but I didn’t care. John freed my right breast and sucked a nipple into his mouth. I moaned at the wet velvety contact of his tongue and rolled my hips against his hardened cock. He paused and shuddered against my body.

“Like that big boy?” I whispered into his ear as I sucked my own mark of ownership into his pale neck.

I rutted my hips against him and pulled at his shirt but gave up and attacked his belt, needing him in me.

The elevator bell dinged, I hopped off John and did my best to straighten my clothes. The doors opened to reveal Winston.

Winston entered the elevator with a cocked eyebrow and a knowing smile “, John… y/n, I hope I’m not interrupting something”

“No, not at all,” we replied in unison.

Winston smiled and turned his back to us.

I caught sight of our reflection in the mirrored wall. I did my best to stifle a laugh. John’s hair was sticking out at all angles, ruby lipstick streaked across his lips and rained down his chest along with purple bruises. His tie was about to fall off his neck, his shirt also bore my lips mark, three of the first buttons were on the floor and his shirt tails were hanging out his pants. John’s belt was undone and his large tattooed hands were clasped over the tent in his pants.

I was worse, looking like a truck had run over me – twice. My hair was netted and frizzy. I had raccoon eyes, black tracks ran down my face, my lipstick was smudged half across my face and down my neck. So much for the label saying it was none transferable. The left strap for the low cut, black, spaghetti strapped body con dress was broken. Red and blue marks decorated my neck like an elaborate necklace.

John caught my eyes in the mirror and smiled. I ducked my head feeling a bit of heat creep into my cheeks. His hand found mines and squeezed.

The elevator dinged, opened and Winston stepped out.

He turned, a smirk on his lined features “, it makes no sense wishing you a good night but, I must ask that you please keep the noise level at minimum for the other guests.”

“Of course, Winston, good night,” replied John, still holding my hand.

“I’m not the one who’s going to have a good night,” Winston said with a wink.

The elevator bell sounded and the doors closed. I looked up at John who was already looking at me, lust coating his features.

Oh yes, this was going to be a very good night.

Strung Out (Woozi/Jihoon and Hoshi/Soonyoung Threesome Smut)

Summary: When someone can’t touch you, they can’t have any effect on you. Right? Jihoon is sitting in a desk chair an ocean away; but somehow he has you melted, right in the palm of his hand. Probably because he has your boyfriend Soonyoung catering to his ever beckoned whim. Smut.

(A/N: i really, really need to fill more requests. and do it in a more timely manner. so this is the result of me kicking my own ass about that. and i really like how this turned out. i’m quite proud of it. soonhoon is a pairing i don’t often explore - but it’s a pairing i’m really growing to love. i’m a bit upset i couldn’t find a good picture of them with their recent hair to use here. but that’s the one i’m using. so anyway, warnings for this are: mild dom/sub roles, threesome, masturbation, oral, swearing, voyeurism, exhibitionism - all the good stuff. i had a lot of fun writing this, so i hope you have a lot of fun reading. -Tanisha<3) 

When you turned off the shower, you heard voices. Not just the cheerful tone of your boyfriend, Soonyoung, but another. As you wrung out your hair and wrapped yourself in a towel, you tried your best to decipher who it could be.

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Bloom — Part IV — Spring

REQUEST: Can u write a fan fic about the girl owning a flower shop and Harry coming in to get flowers for someone else but then they fall in love because love is beautiful like a flower

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is the final part of this story! I may add an epilogue afterwards, but this will be the last weekly update. Thank you all so much for the feedback and the support that this story has received—this one holds a special place in my heart. I hope that you enjoy! x

Bloom: Part I // Bloom: Part II //Bloom: Part III //

The day had arrived.

Harry had been talking about it for weeks and weeks—he’d had such a good time writing his first album in isolation, that he decided to do the same thing for his second album. He was heading off to a remote island off of the coast of South America, and he had booked out studio time for two whole months.

The two of them spent hours together talking about his travel plans and getting him a head start on the writing process. He would spent days sitting at the counter of her little store—he would even occasionally ring in the customers, teasing her about how he deserves to be on the payroll. For the most part he sat and played the guitar, or brought her fun things that he’d purchased to take with him.

She did her best to distract herself from the fact that her best friend in the world was leaving.

It had been almost a year since Harry walked into her flower store that first night, and now she couldn’t imagine her life without him. She understood why she wouldn’t be able to have any contact with him during his writing process—he needed to focus on his music, and she respected that entirely. But it would be the hardest two months of her life, because Harry was her favorite person in the world.

And because she was in love with him.

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anonymous asked:

Drarry steamy make out session after an argument (for the drunk promos please???)

Potter was kissing him.

And something was ringing in his ears, a high-pitched sound drowning out all else around him, his focus only on Harry’s hands in his hair, Harry’s hips grinding against him, Harry’s breath mingling with his.

He had never kissed someone before, but he was pretty sure no one else could kiss like this.

Like they needed it to survive,

needed it to keep going,

needed to kiss and kiss again and again and again because the second they’d let go, the other would disappear forever.

The kiss was hot and feverish, Harry biting in Draco’s lips like he couldn’t quite control himself, his lips hot and pliant and wet against his.

This, Draco thought, hands holding Harry closer and closer and closer, was something he could do forever.

So he kissed him.

And he kissed him.

Again and again and again -

End-Game - Jughead Jones x Reader


Hope this is okay and is funny enough for you ☺️ I really enjoyed this one!

Warnings - a teeny-tiny hints at smut - mainly fluff (some swearing)


You had kept your birthday on the down low this year, of course people knew but you weren’t doing anything.
You wanted to spend it with your boyfriend, that’s all. Jughead wasn’t one for parties and neither were you when you were with him - you quite liked having him all to your self.
Jughead was waiting outside your class as you left that day, leaning against the wall with a small smile on his face. Said smile grew considerably in size as he saw you, you bag slung over your shoulder and your hair thrown up in a makeshift messy ponytail.
“Hey, you” his smile was a little lazy as he threw his arm around your shoulders, “It’s just us tonight, right?” you laughed lowly as he asked you quietly. As far as the others were concerned you were having a meal with family only, and Jughead, but they didn’t know that bit.  
“After the meal, yes.” You didn’t always like sneaking around your friends but it had to be done.

Your meal had gone quickly - thank goodness, not that you didn’t enjoy your families company but you hadn’t been alone with Jughead in forever and the way he kept smiling and being so damn cute all dinner was adorable and made you melt a little, especially as he placed his arm around you securely, making you smile and lean into him as you sat and laughed with all of your family, including Jughead in that term, out on your back porch under the stars.
You shivered a little and Jughead had noticed. “You want to go in, baby?” you turned to him and smiled softly,
“If you wouldn’t mind,” you asked quietly. With a light kiss to your head he stood, leading you up too, bidding a good night to your family and making your way upstairs still holding each others hand. Pulling off your jumper, leaving you in just your cami top, you stood and looked in the mirror as Jughead came up behind you. You admired everything about him. From how soft hair was to how you would fit perfectly in his arms.
You smiled, closing your eyes and leaned back into him as he wrapped his arms around your waist, leaned his head down, resting his chin on your shoulder for a moment before you felt his lips on your neck making you sigh happily as his lips traveled lower, gently, as he pulled your strap off of your shoulder. A smile brightened your face as yet his lips traveled lower until eventually, you turned in his arms, placing your hands in his hair as he kissed your slightly exposed chest. You pulled on his locks gently, connecting your lips to his as he brought his hands from your waist and down, murmuring jump against your lips and picking you up allowing you to wrap your legs around him as he carried you to your bed, laying you down and landing above you, your legs still wrapped around him.
He pried your legs away from him and, looking up at you through his eyelashes, carefully made short work of your jeans leaving you in just your tank top (of which the straps had long since fallen down) and your underwear.
“You have far too many clothes on Jones.” you smirked as he, still hovering above you, pulled his top off quickly with a similar grin to yours. “Getting there” you murmured, running your hands down his torso as he lowered himself back to your lips and his hips grinding down a little as he did.
“HAPPY BIRTHDayy… oh shit.” you heard Veronicas voice and instantly squealed a little, covering your face as Jughead just looked up in shock, using his body to cover yours hastily,
“What are you guys doing here?” He almost demanded, finally getting up as Ronnie, Archie and Betty all looked away (Kevin’s eyes however, lingered a little on Jughead and you would be having words with him afterwards) and threw you his top as he knew it would cover most of you quickly, not particularly caring about his own appearance at that moment in time except the fact he reached for his beanie.
“We didn’t know!” Archie exclaimed accusingly as you sat awkwardly on your bed your legs crossed and Jughead behind you,
“I said, I wasn’t doing anything for my birthday, that was a literal ‘stay away’ sign.”
“But as friends we had to do something!” Betty exclaimed throwing her hands up a little in an exasperated manner.
“Yes, by staying away.” Jughead was obviously annoyed so you placed your hand on his discreetly,
“Look sorry we stopped you ‘getting busy’ but you could have literally just said you were with jughead.”

“We weren’t ‘getting busy’ ” you blushed furiously in a fake denial. You and Jughead would hold hands and occasionally exchange a chaste kiss between classes around the others but they didn’t see much else. You liked to keep yourselves to your selves,
“You can say whatever you want about what we just saw, (y/n), but it happened.” Ronnie said with a sigh before starting to laugh.
“This isn’t funny!” you exclaimed leaning into Jughead who didn’t find it too funny either.
“(y/n). We literally just saw you in your pants with Jughead on top of you. It HAPPENED. At freaking last!!” Kevin interjected also starting to laugh looking around the group until at last you were all giggling a little. “Endgame, guys!”
“Hey, what do you mean at last?” Juggie enquired, he still wasn’t laughing but could see the humour in the situation,
“Come on guys, I don’t think any of us has even really seen you two cuddle, let alone that!”
“So what, we keep to ourselves” you laughed still leaning into Jughead covering his still exposed torso with yours, “and ‘end-game’,” you said in air quotes, “happened long ago I can assure you that.” You could feel Jughead’s furious blush make his entire body heat up and could hear Archies laugh above them all. The boy was nearly wetting himself at the image of his best friend being so vulnerable. Betty seemed to flush furiously like Juggie, yet Veronica just clapped, laughing harder at Kevin’s wide open mouth.
“Could we just be left alone please!” Jughead almost shouted, still blushing as the others continued to laugh, filing out of the room but not until, as if the whole situation was not bad enough, Veronica had dug around in her purse and thrown a condom at Jughead, he caught it and tried to lob it back at Veronicas head as she ducked,
“Use protection guys.” she laughed, closing the door behind her but it didn’t stop you hearing the continued laughter that just seemed to get worse.
You turned to Jughead, his face still a furious red, “Aww, is my baby embarrassed.” you teased, kissing him on the cheek,
“No.” he said sternly, “your ‘baby’ is furious.” You cooed at his antics as he laid back on your bed his hands covering his face. Grinning, you straddled him placing your hands on his chest once again,
“aww baby, let me make you feel better.” you cooed as you leant down to kiss him, him eagerly kissing back sliding his hands down to your arse and pulling you into him when you heard your door click open again,
“Sorry I left my jacke…”
“Oh for fucks sake!”

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Milkshakes and Hidden Love

     "Jughead!“ you made your way to your best friends usual booth at the Diner. He looked behind him and gave you a small smile, and then turned his head back towards his screen. You slid into the opposite booth and watched as Jughead stared down at his laptop, his green-blue eyes darting around across the screen. You admired Jughead in this moment, so concentrated and in his zone. You loved watching him write, it was one of your favourite things to do, although it didn’t last long.

    "I know I’m ugly but there’s no need to stare.” Jughead said, looking up at you. You rolled your eyes and laughed.

    “I’m just trying to figure out what the hell went so wrong that caused you to look like that.” you teased, and Jughead smirked.

    “Ouch.” he faked offense, putting his hand on his chest. Closing his laptop, he slid to the edge of his seat and stood up. “I guess I should spare your poor eyes and leave.” You shot up from your seat and stood in front of him.

    “Oh no you don’t.” you laughed, pushing Jughead back down. Jughead fell into the seat and looked up at you. His face had shock written all over it, but quickly turned into a mischievous smirk.

    “I always like it when a woman takes charge every once in a while.” Your face turned crimson and you rolled your eyes. Jughead winked up at you, and you sat back into your seat and winked back. You both stared at each-other for a second or two, and the both of you burst out laughing.

    “You’re so weird.” you said, and Jughead shrugged his shoulders. “Anyways, like you would even know what it’s like for a woman to ‘take charge’ of you, unless it was your mother.” Jugheads face twisted.

    “Gross, definitely not an image I wanted.” Again you rolled your eyes.

    “That’s not what I mean, smartass.” He laughed.

    “You don’t know what I do on my free time Y/N. I could have the many ladies chasing after me over every night.”

    “Oh whatever, all you do on your free time is get dragged around by me and write your novel.” Before he had a chance to answer, a waiter came over and brought you your normal order. Every waiter already knew your order, a chocolate milkshake with whipped topping and 2 cherries. One for you, and one that Jughead always stole. Like clockwork, Jughead reached over and picked a cherry off the top of your shake, gave you a small smile and ate it. He threw the stem on the table.

    “You’re right,” he said chewing. “I only have time for one lady, and her name is Y/N.”  

    Damn, you thought. You felt your cheeks burn and you looked over to the raven haired boy who sat in front of you. You knew you had liked him for what felt like forever. Hell it practically had been forever, it had been your whole life. But nerves always made it so you never tried to go beyond best friend. Maybe this smooth ass motherfucker actually loved you back!

    “Well lucky for you, I only have time for one boy, and his name is Jughead.” You smiled sweetly up at him and then took a sip of your milkshake.

    It was Jugheads turn to blush, and boy did he. Jughead smiled down at the table in attempt to hide the blush rising up. Not a lot of people, or even things for that matter could make him happy, but Y/N never failed to. He glanced up to find her looking at him, her same beautiful smile plastered on her face. He got a warm feeling in his chest that he only got when he was around her, a feeling of pride that he put that smile on her, a warm sensation that he could only describe as love. He loved Y/N, he loved her a lot, but he was scared that she didn’t feel the same way, that if he were to tell her she would push him away, and he’d lose his main source of happiness in his mess of a life. He couldn’t bare the thought of-

    “Jughead? Earth to Jones.” Jughead snapped out of his thoughts and looked up. “Are you alright there?” you asked.

    “I’m fine, I’d be great if you let me take a drink of your milkshake.” he said, reaching for the glass. You pulled it towards you, narrowing your eyes and staring him down.

    “But its mine.” you said stubbornly, but Jughead caught onto the sarcastic tone in your voice. He stood up from his booth and sat on your side. He scooted over until you were pressed in between him and the wall. He put his feet up on the booth seat and leaned his back into you.

    “Ouch.” he said, squirming and pushing back against you. “These booths are not very comfortable. Dare I say they move and yell?” You pounded on his back, not hard enough to hurt him too badly, just enough for him to move.

    “Jughead, get off me!” you laughed, punching him in the shoulder.

    “They’re abusive too.” Jughead said, squirming against you. After another minute of teasing you, he moved over just enough so he wasn’t pushing you against a wall, and you straightened your hair. You looked up at the boy beside you, as he sipped on your milkshake and you laughed.

    “How the hell did you end up getting milkshake on your nose?” you laughed, picking up a napkin and reaching up to wipe his nose. “You’re using a straw, this shouldn’t even be possible.”

    “I don’t know, magic maybe?” he teased. You chuckled and leaned your head against his shoulder and looked out the window. Somehow you hadn’t noticed it started raining, and you watched as the rain drops rolled down the window. Jughead leaned his head on yours, and looked down at you, and then the window.

    “Are you sure they aren’t dating?” Veronica asked, putting her newspaper down on the table. Betty picked the newspaper up and shoved it back in Veronica’s face.

    “Yes I’m sure, and keep that up or else they’ll notice us.” Betty said, peeking through the eye holes cut out from her newspaper.

    “These newspapers were printed before I even got here.” Veronica said, looking through the paper. “Oh no, we cut the head off a puppy she when you made these!” She exclaimed and Betty shushed her. Veronica looked back up, and her and Betty watched as the two left the Diner.

    “In the words of a dear friend, they are definitely end game.” Betty whispered as she tried to look out the window.

Loathing (B.Barnes)


Bucky Barnes 

Warnings: swearing

You had always been a likable person, you didn’t have to try either. People just immediately grew found of you as soon as you met them, you were kind and genuine but most importantly you were calming. Something about you calmed people down whether it be through a hug or a simple talk, anxiety washed away from people all because of you. 

While your skill set was focused on combat, espionage and marksmanship, you were quite the opposite of violent. In normal day to day life you were the mediator between the avengers and their small disagreements. Whenever Tony was being an ass to Steve and Steve was being too hardheaded to back down, you ended up stepping in to calm the two down until they could talk out their issues. 

Tony had taken you under his wing as a daughter figure when you were first recruited while Steve and Sam approached you as more of older brothers. Natasha, Clint and Bruce all cherished you and though you weren’t that much younger than them, they viewed you as their little sister. Wanda seemed to be the only member who viewed you as a friend, but more of a best friend who she would care for forever. To say the Avengers were protective of you was a huge understatement. 

They all liked you, you made friends easily and you were good as hell at your job and maybe that’s why you couldn’t quite understand why a certain shaggy haired man seemed to hate you with every ounce of strength in his body.

Bucky had always been reserved ever since Steve recruited him into the Avengers but, he at least talked occasionally with the other members. He had never once spoken a word to you or even looked in your general direction as far as you knew. It seemed as though every time he saw you he walked in the opposite way, avoiding you like his life depended on it. 

You didn’t know what made Bucky hate you so much - you had always been nice to him. At first you tried talking to him, earning no answers every time. Then, you tried inviting him out with the gang or asking if he wanted to train with you which always ended in him turning on his heel and walking away from you. 

But, lately he’s been doing so much more than ignoring you - he’s been being rude to you as well. Whenever you’d speak his eyes would close tightly as if your voice was hurting his head before he stormed out of the room. Or, you’d walk into the gym and he’d let out a big sigh before grabbing his stuff and going out the opposite exit. 

You weren’t sure what you had done to make him hate you so much, nobody had ever hated you before except your enemies. When you had talked to Sam about it he had offered to go beat Bucky’s ass, but even through all the sadness Bucky put you through you couldn’t let him get hurt just because you managed to piss him off.

“Have you seen Bucky? I was supposed to train with him but he’s not in the gym.” Steve says, walking into the common room with a towel strewn over his sweaty shoulders. You peer up over your book, giving him a look as if to say ‘do you truly think i’d know?’

Shifting your book, you turn the page down and shut the cover. “Steve, I thought you would have noticed this by now. If I’m in a room, Bucky is guaranteed to not be in it.” You end your words with a small smile, pushing a hair form your face that had fallen from your messy bun.

Steve sighs, looking at your small form on the couch. “Don’t take it personally, bud. He’s just…more reserved with you. I don’t know why, maybe he finds you intimidating.” He jokes, watching as your dimple pokes out through your cheek.

“I highly doubt that. I think he just hates me for a reason I don’t know. Maybe someday I’ll figure it out, but until that day you can assume Bucky will be on the other side of the tower from wherever I am.” You smile, stretching your back before returning to your book.

Steve shuffles by you, placing a hand on your shoulder as he walks by. his touch is soft, almost comforting for a man who’s bicep was larger than your head. “Oh and Steve, check the kitchen. I just baked some cookies and he usually eats some after I leave.” 

A small smile perks on Steves lips when he walks out of the room, leaving silence to loom over you as you read. The pages rub against your fingertips, the paper crinkling with ever turn. You tuck your feet under the blanket in front of you, toes wiggling in the fluffy fabric.

“I don’t hate you.” A voice scrapes through the clear air, forcing your head to pop up. You’re unable to connect the voice to a face but the familiarity of it makes you curious. You look behind you seeing Bucky’s large form take up most of the doorway.

Closing your book on your finger, you raise an eyebrow slightly at him. “Well, you had me fooled.” You manage to say while shifting to face him. He licks his lips before shuffling in the doorway, kicking his feet along the hardwoods.

Theres a short silence between you two. You fear he will run off and not finish the conversation but instead leave you hanging. 

“You make me nervous.” He mumbles, blinking at you with an anxious expression. “I know it’s usually the opposite with people around you, Steve tells me all the time how he thinks it’ll help me to talk to you after one of my nightmares. I don’t know why you make me nervous exactly, but every time I’m near you I get all jittery and my heart starts beating fast.”

You nod slowly, trying to figure out what he was trying to say. “And it’s not like in the scared kind of way because I’m not afraid of you, it’s more of the way where my stomach does flips whenever I see you tucked in the corner of the room with your book in your face and your lip between your teeth. Steve says that’s love, I’ve never been in love so I wouldn’t know.”

Tilting your head to the side, your jaw opens slightly. “And, I know I’ve been an ass to you and I’m sorry. I just don’t know how to talk to you and it’s been 70 years since I last had a crush so I’m not sure how to do this anymore. God, I’m rambling and I’m just throwing all of this at you, I’ll go.”

As he turns to leave, you pout your bottom lip. “Bucky, come back.” Your soft voice flows through him in the best way, soothing his nerves immediately. He turns and looks at you, stuffing his hands in his pockets. “I like you too. Now, please just keep talking to me.”

Nodding, Bucky walks over to the couch with a small smile on his face. He sits at the edge of the maroon couch, observing your face. “I’ve never seen you up close before, it’s nice.” He laughs lightly, chewing the skin of his bottom lip.

You smile, scooting over closer until your knees touch his thigh. “Do you remember when you first came to the tower and I tried to talk to you in the kitchen? I was making hot chocolate for us and I guess I just wouldn’t stop talking or something because the next second I looked up and you were gone.” You chuckle, his fingers brushing some strands of hair from your cheek.

“I remember. You were wearing that striped dress that I like, I think it’s one of your favorites or at least thats what Steve said when i mentioned it. You weren’t talking too much, you were just so beautiful, the first truly stunning thing I had seen since I got out of HYDRA. You still are the only beautiful thing I’ve seen. I left because I got nervous that you’d think i was crazy or something, or that you’d be afraid of me.” He admits, a small blush creeping along his cheeks.

You shake your head, smiling. “I’m not afraid of you Bucky, I never have been and I never will be.” His lips turn up at your words. “And that dress is my favorite but you kinda made this really disgusted look last time I wore it so it’s currently residing in the back of my closet.”

“That face wasn’t for you,” Bucky laughs, his eyes shining as he looks at you. “Steve lied to me that you were going out on a date so I got kinda jealous. When Wanda told me you were going out with your mom for dinner I got so mad at Steve I thought I was going to lose my mind.”

“Steve can be quite the pain in the ass, huh? Just loves to meddle with other peoples issues.” You giggle, showing off your teeth as you smile. Bucky smiles at you, wider than you thought was possible.

Nodding, he turns more to look at you. “He’s a troublemaker I’ll give him that. But, if he hadn’t meddled earlier I wouldn’t be in here right now so I guess i owe him for giving me the confidence to talk to you.”

“I’m glad you came to talk to me, I don’t like when people seem like they hate me. It’s good to know you don’t.” You reassure him, pressing your hand on his wrist before squeezing and retracting your hold.

Bucky shifts, placing a knee on the couch so he is fully facing you.”I could never hate you, even if I wanted to. I really like you, Y/N, a lot more than i thought was possible for someone as messed up as me. I’m not stable, I’m a piece of shit sometimes and I’m a horrible person to sleep with because I steal the covers but if you’re wiling to look past all my flaws then I’d really love to take you on a date.” His eyes sparkle with hope when he looks up at you, reaching for your hands with his own.

You nod, feeling the cold metal against your skin. “I’d love it if you took me on a date Bucky.” His smile widens as you speak, his human hand snaking up to press against your cheek and pull you gently towards him.

Your eyes flutter close as your lips brush together, your hands twirling in his long hair as your lips open to make way for your tongues. He holds your cheek with one hand, his metal one moving down to hold your waist flush against him.

“I said talk to her not make out with her!” Steve yells from the doorway, forcing you and Bucky to pull away. You giggle when you see Steve’s dumbfounded face with Nat behind him, a huge grin on her face.