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If Bucky had to be honest, looking back, the 1970s were probably his favorite time in American history. Not that he remembered all that many details outside of his missions. But somethin’ about the wide legged pants, sharply pointed collars, and all those Donna Summers songs, made him as close to happy as he’d been since The Fall, even if he only had a few days of it before HYDRA put him back into deep freeze. Not many people got to see the contents of the backpack SHIELD took off him in Romania, but if they had, they’d probably have been surprised by the BeeGee’s greatest hits compilation tucked deep down at the bottom. He figured he was allowed a coupla private jokes, and Stayin’ Alive was one of ‘em.

Although… he’d be the first to admit, polyester was a fuckin’ crime against humanity and he would know, right?

 It was on those nights I’d say to myself “If I could be anywhere in the world tonight, with anyone I wanted, it would be right here with you”. It’s what I’ll miss the most. So, thank you. I truly cannot wait to see what’s next for Panic, whatever it is, it’s going to be great.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you for giving me the life I only dreamed of 10 short years ago. - Spencer

“Well, I dunno, depends. Do you put out?”

Harvey just stares at him for the briefest second, not humored by the light-hearted joke in the slightest. He gave a short nod and shrug of his shoulder, right before the elevator doors began to close, said, “Bottom or top?”

In the end, he’d meant it to return the joke. They were friends. It was all so… easy.

But the doors slid open again and Mike’s hand was dropping to his side. When had that happened? Oh, right. He was too busy imagining being the bottom or top to Mike’s top or bottom. “Top,” Mike said confidently, tilting his chin in a show of defiance toward his boss.

Harvey’s smirk spoke volumes. What a silly kid. “Bottom.” Harvey’s voice said softly through the cabin, both rough and smooth - all kind of smooth - as he tilted his chin toward the associate in the same way he had only seconds ago. Quickly, he added, “And maybe if you’re good I’ll let you finish.”

That seemed to do the kid in. His shoulders slouched, and his expression couldn’t be described by any word other than “ugh”. Clearly, he thought this was some dirt-humored joke. Classic, between them. But not when he had been asking a serious question and Harvey had been toying with him.

As the doors began to close again, Harvey called out, “Hey, rookie?”

Mike’s hand came up to stop the doors again, although with much less enthusiasm this time.

“Get in.”

MIke’s eyes went wide, and his skin flushed ever so slightly, but he stepped into the steel box anyway and watched the reflective doors close behind him. His pulse had reached a record speed, and he wasn’t exactly sure if he was still breathing. He sneaked a glance over to the man next to him, analyzing his demeanor. Harvey stood proud as ever, biting his cheek to (although not very well) hide his amusement.


They stood in the hallway of Pearson the next day; Mike’s eyes trailing after the sight of Harvey’s tongue grazing deliciously across his lower lip, a mischievous glint in his eye  making the younger heat up from the inside. No, things were definitely  not going to be awkward between them.

okay so this is how I imagine Harry’s kisses would feel like:

Harry hardly ever has dry, caked lips and he’s always wetting them. he doesn’t nip at the skin or bite down harshly. basically, Harry’s lips are most likely extremely soft.

pressing his full, pink lips softly to yours, he takes your bottom lip first, taking his time as he moves his lips with yours at a slow pace. slowly, he pulls away, only to have them attached to yours again.

the next kisses are more urgent. he pecks your lips repeatedly with force, tasting you. he starts off fast, giving you no time to kiss back as he continues to kiss your lips for a second only. this happens until finally he presses them to yours for a longer period of time.

you don’t ever feel it but one of Harry’s hands is tangled in your hair, the other one right under your chin as he tilts your face to the side to give him better access. he turns his own face to an angle so your noses don’t come in the way.

taking the hand away from your hair, he tugged you swiftly closer to him. he hates it when you’re too far. his hand stays curled on your hip while his other non dominant hand is now holding your jaw. (from what I’ve seen, Harry does that a lot.)

by now, Harry is completely out of breath so he takes a moment to fill his lungs with oxygen, swiping his tongue across his bottom lip, pressing his forehead to yours, shakily whispering, “I love you.”