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If Bucky had to be honest, looking back, the 1970s were probably his favorite time in American history. Not that he remembered all that many details outside of his missions. But somethin’ about the wide legged pants, sharply pointed collars, and all those Donna Summers songs, made him as close to happy as he’d been since The Fall, even if he only had a few days of it before HYDRA put him back into deep freeze. Not many people got to see the contents of the backpack SHIELD took off him in Romania, but if they had, they’d probably have been surprised by the BeeGee’s greatest hits compilation tucked deep down at the bottom. He figured he was allowed a coupla private jokes, and Stayin’ Alive was one of ‘em.

Although… he’d be the first to admit, polyester was a fuckin’ crime against humanity and he would know, right?

[SUMMARY: Edward Blake has sex with a virgin who happens to be the young niece of one of the men he works with.]

Consensual sex.

*Some blog names didn’t tag.

Note: In these imagines I portray Edward Blake as someone who did not sexually assault anyone.

Eddie and Liz.

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New Rules

Word count: 3,452

Warning: smut

Request: Based on ‘New Rules by Dua Lipa’

Another night at the club. Kai has been visiting the same club over and over again, sometimes alone, sometimes with Damon and the rest of the crew, but every night was the same. Coming to the club, drinking until he couldn’t think and then going back home, torturing himself with his own thoughts until he finally managed to fall asleep. Of all the girls that Damon offered Kai to meet them, he rejected almost every single one of them. The ones he agreed to meet, he left alone eventually. He didn’t care about anyone else  because you were the only person he cared about and he let you go, which makes it the biggest mistake in his entire life. He thought he wasn’t worth it and as much as you tried to convince him that he was, he didn’t listen. 

He twirled his fingers around the glass filled with bourbon placed in front of him and his gaze focused on the brown transparent liquid, the light above his head shining down onto his drink.

‘Dude, come and join us! Unless you’re too wasted to do anything right now.’ Damon yelled, trying to overcome the loud music blasting in the club. Kai shook his head and pointed at his glass, smiling for a split second before his face expression went serious again. He was left alone again and for some reason, he looked up and there he saw you, standing with your friends, wearing the dress that he liked the most on you, the one that made you look like his queen and kissed every part of your body perfectly. His face lit up instantly, a big smile illuminating on his face. After two years, his heart still skipped a beat just as the first time he met you. Seeing you had only reminded him what a fool he has been for breaking up with you. To him, you were the most beautiful girl in the world and when you and him were together, he made sure that you knew that. He couldn’t take his eyes off you and has been gathering the courage to approach you, tell you how sorry he was, but when he stood up off the stool, ready to approach you, a guy appeared right beside you, his arm wrapping around your waist and not even a second later, his lips locked with yours. Smile disappeared from Kai’s face, his heart aching from the sight of another man being able to do what he wanted. He ran his fingers furiously through his hair and threw the money on a black bar before he stormed out of the club and back home.

He was sitting in the dark room, curtains closed. The only light in the room was a small lamp, its lightbulb flickering. A glass was resting casually in his hand while his other hand rested under his chin, his thumb brushing his bottom lip. A scene of a different guy having you in his arms felt like torture to him and he couldn’t stop thinking about that or how beautiful you looked everytime you laughed, your dimples becoming more visible or the way you flipped or tucked your hair behind your ear. He drank everything he had in his glass and tapped his fingers on the mahagony table, thinking if it’s the right thing to do, but it didn’t take him too reach out his hand, pick up his laptop as he opened an email and started writing.

3 am

Black heels laying on the bedroom floor, scattered, while the dress was placed neatly on the chair next to your closet. Dimmed light in the bathroom was enough for you, not causing you any headaches, a couple of drinks you had at the club haven’t helped at all either. You wiped your mouth with a towel when you heard a beeping sound on your computer. You peeked from the bathroom, rushing to your laptop as you opened it, new email waiting for you right there. Your eyes went wide as you gasped when you saw who was it from. Malachai Parker. Hesitation took over your body, but somehow, you couldn’t stop yourself from opening it. You swallowed hard and started reading it.

‘Why do you have to be so fucking perfect? I- I saw you tonight. With that guy. I can’t tell you how fucking mad I am. That was supposed to be me, there next to you. I love you and I will always love you. Maybe it’s the alcohol talking, but I love you. It was nice seeing how you became such an independent woman and how after two years, I still have feelings for you. I can’t stop myself from thinking about you and I’ll do anything to get you back.
          - Kai’

Fuck. That was the first thing that popped into your head. You had been thinking about Kai a lot as well. He was your first true love and he was your first in everything. Years you have spent with him were completely magical and it showed you what being in love meant and how can you love someone so much it makes your heart ache. He was your whole world, but for some reason he decided to end it all. You wiped away a single tear that rolled down your cheek, pulling yourself together.

One, don’t pick up the phone
You know he’s only calling 'cause he’s drunk and alone

You jumped at the sound of your phone ringing. The number was familiar and it only made your body shake, but at the same time, you wanted to answer it. You swallowed hard when you figured out who it was and just when you wanted to pick up, your phone stopped ringing but after a few moments, you heard a knock on your front doors. You slowly walked towards the front doors and opened them, only to be faced with your ex lover, looking wasted and with a bottle in his hand.

'Kai? What are you doing here?’ You whispered and hid your body behind the doors, your head the only thing visible to Kai.

'Well, you weren’t answering my calls or my email so I decided to visit you. Can I come in?’ He asked, leaning on the door frame, his breath reeking of alcohol.

Two, don’t let him in
You’ll have to kick him out again

'I don’t think that’s a good idea. I-’

'Please. I- I really need to talk to you. Please, I won’t do anything stupid.’

You hesitated at first, but you had to let him in. It’s not like anything would have happened besides a decent conversation. He plopped himself on the couch, his gaze following your every movement. You sat down next to him and cleared your throat, unsure as to how to start a conversation with him after so long.

'You can’t even look at me, can you?’ His voice cracked as you could hear pain in his voice. He brought the bottle close to his lips, ready to empty it right there. You stopped him and took the bottle from his hands, placing it on the coffee table in front of you. You lifted your head up and locked your eyes with his, earning a small smile from him.

'Of course I can. Why wouldn’t I? No matter how our relationship ended, you are still the only man I have ever loved in my life, but-’

'But not anymore. Got it. Look-’ he cupped your face and came closer, your nose almost touching. You furrowed your brows at his actions, but refused to push him away. Having him so close to your body after a long time felt so calming and so familiar, his hands as warm as you remembered. 'I will never forgive myself for hurting you. I- I was a jerk who couldn’t see farther from his own nose and I hate myself because of it, but you- I need you. You’re mine and I can’t- I can’t just let you go.’ He pressed his forehead on yours and after a few moments, he kissed you deeply, your lips in sync with his just as before. It felt so good to kiss him, his tongue massaging yours so beautifully. It made your heart skip a beat and shivers run down your spine. You were returning the kiss, but not for long as it hit you.

Three, don’t be his friend
You know you’re gonna wake up in his bed in the morning
And if you’re under him, you ain’t getting over him

'Kai.’ You pushed him away, his eyes staring deeply into yours. 'I have a boyfriend. I- I can’t do this, I shouldn’t be doing this!’ You stated and got up as you ran your fingers through your hair, paving around the living room. 'You need to go.’

'Why?’ He asked so innocently, looking like a small child.

'Because- isn’t it obvious? I can’t control myself when I’m around you.’

I keep pushin’ forwards, but he keeps pullin’ me backwards
Now I’m standing back from it, I finally see the pattern
But my love, he doesn’t love me, so I tell myself, I tell myself

'That’s what I wanted to hear.’ He muttered and swiftly got up, alcohol that was running through his body making him trip over his own feet but it didn’t stop him from reaching your body, pushing you against the front door as he placed his knee between your legs, his warm breath washing over your face. You moaned out when you felt his hips pushing forward, locking your body firmly with his, unable to move. Your knees felt like jello and you were dying to kiss him, to feel him again, to memorize every part of his body one more time. He cupped your face with his both hands and smashed his lips with yours, kissing you like his life depended on it. From the moment he kissed you, you knew you wouldn’t be able to resist him but small amount of particles in your body kept pushing you away from him. You pulled away and locked your eyes with his blue ones, showing him a sympathetic look. He sighed deeply and looked down at his feet as he stepped back and shoved his hands into his pockets.

'I understand. Don’t worry, I- I won’t bother you anymore.’ He reached behind you, ready to grab the door knob and let himself out when you grabbed his arm, not wanting him to leave.

'Kai. Please stay with me tonight.’ You whispered, your voice barely audible as if you were scared that he would reject you.

'You don’t have to ask twice.’ A smile flashed on his face, somehow the tension in his shoulders leaving. You intertwined your fingers with his and led him straight to your bedroom and not too far away, you both stepped into the dark room, only moonlight shining through the window and illuminating the dark room. You looked at him and smiled before you laid down under the covers, Kai following you, but before he did, he took his shirt off and his jeans. You swallowed at the sight of seeing him shirtless again, his toned torso completely exposed to your eyes. He climbed onto your bed and covered himself up, his strong arms wrapping around your body and after a long time, you finally felt as if you were home.

'Thanks for staying with me.’ You whispered.

'I’ll always be here if you need me.’ He muttered and kissed your forehead gently as you both drifted off to sleep just like you used to.

One, don’t pick up the phone
You know he’s only calling 'cause he’s drunk and alone
Two, don’t let him in
You’ll have to kick him out again
Three, don’t be his friend
You know you’re gonna wake up in his bed in the morning
And if you’re under him, you ain’t getting over him

6:24 am

Your eyes fluttered open, sun shining through the window as you looked around the room and finally your eyes landed on the one person you have been longing for. You turned around to your side and propped yourself up to get a better look. Kai was facing you, his eyes still closed. He looked so peaceful when he was asleep. He looked so vulnerable and beautiful at the same. You couldn’t stop staring at him and the way a single ray of sunshine shone down on his face. You ran your fingers through his hair softly, remembering how soft his hair felt under your fingertips. You smiled and at that time, your eyes fell down to his lips, admiring how full and pink they looked and you couldn’t stop yourself as you pressed your lips on his. You suddenly felt him returning the kiss as his hands cupped your face and started kissing you deeply and passionately. He pulled away and tucked a lock of hair behind your ear, admiring you.

'You’re just as beautiful as I remember.’ He traced his thumb over your bottom lip, making you close your eyes. His hands found their way to your thighs, lifting you up and placing your right on his crotch, your knees on each side of his body. He caressed your thighs with his hands and stopping on your ass, pushing your hips down even more, earning a quiet moan from you when you felt his lenght underneath you even more. 'I would do anything to make you mine just one more time.’ He trailed off, desperation in his voice. Your started grinding your hips in slow figure eights, Kai’s hands squeezing your waist tightly and pressing you down, following your movements. You didn’t say anything or nod, you only leaned in and kissed his lips passionately, your hips grinding at the same pace, a moan leaving Kai’s body. He reached behind you and tugged at your shirt as he pushed his hands under it, his hands caressing your back before he lifted it up and took your shirt off, throwing it down on the floor.

'I love it when you’re not wearing anything under your shirt.’ He brought his lips closer to your chest and planted dozens of kisses around your breasts before he pinched your nipples, feeling them getting harder under his touch. You threw your head back, your hips grinding on Kai’s crotch faster. 'I can’t wait to be inside you.’ He grabbed your panties and ripped them in two pieces as he traced his fingers through your folds. You moaned out quietly and jolted your hips forward, pushing them against Kai’s hand. You grabbed his hand and roughly pressed his fingers on your clit, circling them around in figure eights. He pushed your hands away, holding them behind your back with his one hand while he kept making circle motions on your clit, picking up his pace gradually. You threw your head back and moaned out loudly, Kai’s lips pressing on your nipple as he started twisting it with his tongue, grazing his teeth against it.

Malachai.’ You moaned out his name as you felt his mouth pulling away from your body and his fingers stopped moving. You swiftly opened your eyes and looked at him, his eyes wide and his breathing turned shallow and fast.

'What?’ You asked befuddledly.

'You know what that does to me.’ He whispered and picked you up with ease and threw you down on the bed. You did know it, but when his full name slipped out, you haven’t thought about it much. Kai always loved when you said his full name during sex. It was a big turn on for him for some reason. He grinded his clothed crotch on your exposed heat, his hard lenght brushing against your clit perfectly.

'Kai, please.’ You begged him, feeling weak and too frustrated. You needed him more than anything, craving for him as your mind went blank, the only thing inside your mind and in front of you was him. He pushed his boxers down his legs, kicking them off on the floor. He pushed your legs further apart, his gaze falling down to your clit. You propped yourself up on your elbows, looking directly at his manhood. You bit your lip at the sight of his hard lenght, just as you remembered. He grabbed his thick shaft with his hand and pumped a couple of times, his pre-cum visible on his tip. He came closer and lifted your hips up, your back now off the bed. He placed his tip between your folds and started circling it around before pressing it on your clit.

'So wet. And all mine.’ He pushed in quickly, filling you up to the hilt. You almost screamed out, his thick shaft streching you out so perfectly. You arched your back and grabbed onto his shoulders, diging your nails into his skin.

'I’ve missed you so much!’ Kai moaned out and placed his head in the crook of your neck, placing a gentle kiss on your collar bone. He slowly withdrew himself and then went back in at the same pace when he first entered you. You could feel his every inch slowly leaving your body and then filling you up again, your walls wrapped tightly around him. His every thrust felt so good but at the same time it felt like torture. His thrusts were rough ad fast, hitting your spot every time as you felt yourself getting closer to your orgasm and Kai knew it when you started clenching around him more frequently as seconds passed.

'Oh fuck!’ You screamed out and felt your body shaking, your orgasm tearing through your body as you grabbed onto the bed sheets tightly, your knuckles turning white. You got down from your high but Kai had no intentions of stopping. He grabbed onto the headboard behind you with both of his hands, thrusting so fast into you that your breath hitched everytime he hit your spot. Suddenly, he pulled out and flipped you over, pressing you harshly down on his hips. You wanted to move but he kept your hips in place with his hands as he started thrusting from underneath you, his length going as deep as possible, your arousal dripping down his shaft and on the bed, his thick shaft sliding easily in and out of you. You bit your lip so hard that it almost started bleeding, trying to suppress your screams but with Kai’s sudden rough thrust, a loud scream escaped your mouth.

'That’s right. Don’t hold back your screams. I love it when you scream my name.’ He groaned out, his hips meeting yours perfectly, an orgasm slowly but so sweetly approaching. You placed your hands on his chest for support and reached down to your clit, rubbing rough circles on your clit as the familiar feeling in the pit of your stomach took over your body one more time. Your limbs went numb and you felt tired, but you knew Kai was far from being done with you. He flipped you over again and climbed on top of you, entering you again swiftly.

'I forgot how good you feel wrapped so nicely around me.’ He whispered in your ear and hooked your leg onto his hip and grabbed the headboard again. 'Fuck.’ Your walls unintentionally clenched around him, triggering his release as he came inside you in a few hot spurts, his grip on the heaboard had gotten so strong that the wood snapped under his grip. He rode out his orgasm and quickly pulled out, his hands lifting you up and placing you on his face, his tongue flickering on your clit, getting your closer and closer to your third orgasm. A small tear rolled down your cheek when you felt yourself coming, your body uncontrollably shaking. You collapsed on the bed, unable to move. Panting was the only sound echoing through the room at that moment, sweat beads visible on your foreheads. Kai looked at you and saw another tear rolling down your cheek.

'Hey.’ He placed a finger on your chin, turning your head to face him. 'Did I hurt you?’ You shook your head and wiped away your tears with the back of your hand.

'You regret this?’ He asked but you shook your head again. You pulled yourself up and locked your lips with his shortly before you wrapped your arms around his body, your head resting on his chest, listening to his heartbeat.

'Just stay with me. Don’t go.’ You whispered and closed your eyes, Kai’s fingers gently drawing invisible patterns on your bare back.

I’m here.

                                Burden Of Love: Part Two

Part One


In the time of 1974, you find yourself alone and on the streets of Los Angeles. Without a home or a penny to your name you happen to stumble on the club known as “Goldie’s.” it wasnt until you meet the eyes of Clay Appuzzo, the charming and struggling comedian - that you thought you could get more in life. Full of heartbreak, passion, and loss - Falling in love with Clay Appuzzo was the greatest adventure you had been waiting for.


Clay Appuzzo (I’m Dying Up Here) x Reader

Cursing, angst, Mention of Drugs and Alcohol, Multiple Smut Scenes.

if you’d like to be tagged, send me an ask! :)

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Summary: Getting the same order every day following the afternoon classes you took at the University, your life had been your education. That is until Kylo, a Barista at Java the Hutt’s cafe, walked into it. Suddenly, your world was stained by love and Kylo’s past, causing everything to change.

A/N: Hello! I’m so glad to be cowriting a fic with my bud @cryxlowrites based on an au we made a few weeks back. I so happened to realize that I had a request quite similar to it so I’ll consider this being the fic for it. Anyway, this’ll be a mini series of a good lengthy five parts. Enjoy and feedback is welcomed.

Warning: None

Word Count: 8.8K+

Kylo stared out the window, only glancing momentarily at the clock which was located above the door. His eyes searching for you and his fingers tapping against the wooden countertop. He knew that you were on your way, judging by the usual time you got to the cafe. It was four o’clock exactly.

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Aaaay, get it Bucky boy! So, ahem, anyway… Here’s Part 2 of this absolute piece of trash. Things are going to hot a bit in this one - in more ways than one. Thanks to @buckybabybaby and @emolordisme for enjoying the last chapter. Enjoy!

This is a really great start! Looking forward to more ❤

Love it. So. Cute!!

‘The Price of Lies’ (Part 2)

Part 1

Bucky settled into the tower quite quickly. He learned fast to stay out of Tony’s way; even thought the latter had promised good behaviour, he wasn’t always able to conceal the fact that he didn’t like his company. Aside from that, Bucky’s confidence grew. He befriended Natasha and Bruce with ease, and the two of you even grew close.

It probably had something to do with the fact that you were the first person in the tower he’d properly spoken to, and that you were also single-handedly responsible him for securing him a roof over his head, but Bucky really really did like you.

He’d had several attempts at asking you out thwarted – like the time he left a note telling you that “someone special” was waiting for you at the bottom of the tower, only for Thor to coincidentally visit.

However, eventually, he’d got you alone and decided to go back to basics.
“Hey, (y/n), we get on, right?” He said, completely out of the blue. You looked over the top of your book.
“Yes… Where are you going with this?”

Caught red-handed, Bucky felt his face going a similar colour. He pulled at the collar of his shirt; God, it’d been so long since he’d asked a girl out. What had Steve said? He used to be good at this?
“I just… wanted to know if you wanted to get pizza with me.”
“Sure, I’ll get my coat,” you said, closing the cover of your e-reader and leaving for your room. Bucky blinked. That was easy.

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Our thing

Word count: 2,393

Request: You always have your bedroom window open for Kai, but when you get into a fight one day, you close it and Kai realizes how badly he messed up

*gif by me

You have always lived close to Kai Parker. You were neighbours from the beginning, but you were ignoring him because of what your parents told you about him. In their eyes he was a terrible human being, a murderer and a complete sociopath, someone who didn’t deserve a good life or a person who would love him no matter what. Sometimes, you spent almost every day watching him through your bedroom’s window, sitting alone on the grass, his back leaned on the biggest tree in his garden, a big treetop hiding him from the bright and hot sun from shining down at him, but somehow a few sunshine rays have always managed to shine through the branches and lit up his face in such a beautiful way, making your heart skip a beat from how beautiful he looked. At that moment, you forgot about everything you were doing and focused on him, the way his eyes focused on one spot in the distance before turning back to the book in his lap, his fingers following the line he was reading.

‘Hello, neighbour!’ A familiar voice traveled towards you, your eyes following it as you lifted your head up and made eye contact with your neighbour and your boyfriend, Malachai Parker. Your heart started beating faster, his eyes still making your heart skip a beat, even though you have been dating him for a while. You have learned to understand why he did all those things in the past and you loved him for who he was, no matter what people said about him. You were sitting on the floor of your room, a notebook laying casually on your lap, your fingers playing with a pen, tapping it against your thigh.

'Hi.’ You muttered and smiled, Kai’s legs quietly coming through the opened window, his feet planting on the carpet in your room, the rest of his body following. He let out a deep sigh and looked down at you, your eyes still glued to his blue ones. He chuckled and crouched down to grab your hand as he lifted you up, making you stand on your feet, before he pulled you into his arms, wrapping his one arm around your body while the other one snaked behind you, placing it gently on the back of your head as he finally locked his lips with yours. The kiss was filled with lust, love and passion, feeling as if you haven’t seen each other in a while. His lips moved perfectly with yours, shivers rolling down your spine and nervousness finding its way into your body. Every kiss you and Kai shared still felt just as special as the first one, sending shivers down your spine and bringing up a smile every time he looked at you in the eyes. He pulled away, but refused to let you go, his forehead pressing on yours as his eyes remained closed.

'I missed you.’ He whispered making you chuckle quietly, his thb caressing your cheek softly.

'We saw each other just a few hours ago.’ He finally opened his eyes and locked them with yours, his lips curling up into a big smile.

'You know I can’t spend my days without you. I have to be close to you, especially when you’re writing something in that notebook of yours that you never let me see. I always find it so mesmerizing, but why can’t I read it?’ He asked gently, his hands drawing small circles on your back, your muscles relaxing at the feeling of his hands caressing you softly. You chuckled and brushed the tip of your nose on his bottom lip, making them part slightly.

'It’s personal, something I like to keep to myself.’

'Have you ever-’

'Written something about you? Yes, I did. A lot of times. Writing about you is my favourite thing to do, describing you, the way your lips curve when you smile or that little small dimple of yours next to your lips.’ You whispered and traced your fingers over every part on his face you just mentioned, admiring his beautiful featires and taking in every single detail.

'Then why won’t you let me read it?’ He asked, slowly pushing your hair with his hand, letting it fall casually down your back, exposing your neck.

'Because it’s like my diary. I have never let anyone read my diary, ever. It’s something I love doing when I’m alone in my room, watching the stars through the window and listening to that light breeze that sometimes echoes through my window.’ you trailed off as his lips slowly pressed on your neck, kissing it slowly, making you throw your head back a little bit, allowing him to get better access to your sensitive skin. 

 'If you feel lonely, you can always invite me over, I would be happy to keep you company.’ He breathed out, his hot breath tickling the skin on your neck. You chuckled and looked him deeply into his eyes before your gaze dropped down to his lips, watching how they parted and how beautiful they looked. You leaned in and pecked his bottom lip only, your thumb brushing it slightly right after you pulled away.

 'You know I would love to… but we can’t. Not here.’ You muttered and somehow got out of his grip, your back turned to his side. After only a few seconds, you felt his hands touching your waist, his fingers slightly digging into your skin.

 'You know that’s not what I meant. I would be fine with just watching you sleep. You in my arms, my fingers caressing your back, just like we used to do it, remember?’ He whispered in your ear, his lips brushing against your earlobe. You turned around, your noses brushing against one another because of close you were to each other.

 'We still do that, Kai. Almost every single day, whenever we have a chance.' 

 'Or whenever you’re free to leave this house.' 

 'I can leave whenever I want. I can even move in with you. Today.’ You said, catching Kai by surprise. He looked lost and a bit scared, clearly unsure of what to do or say, he was just quiet, his lips parting every few seconds, looking for words to come out of his mouth, but unsuccesfully. Your lips curved up into a smile, a quiet giggle escaping your lips. 'I’m joking. You don’t have to worry about that, we talked about it before.' 

 'You sure know how to scare the sh-’ you placed your finger on his lips and made a 'shh’ sound, his brows furrowing in confussion. You caught his hand gently and led him towards your bed as you got under the covers. Kai followed you and laid beside you, his arms wrapped around your body while your head rested against his chest, listening to his calm heartbeat. You let out a deep sigh, Kai’s body heat that was radiating out of his body suddenly making you feel very sleepy and tired. 

 'How long can I stay here?’ Kai asked quietly, but had to wait a few minutes for you to answer him.

 'Please don’t talk.’ A quiet chuckle escaped Kai’s body, his lips softly pressing on the top of your head, giving you a kiss that brought up one of his favourite things about you. Your smile. 'Just stay here, with me. Ok?' 

 'Ok.’ His arms pulled you a bit closer to him as you felt safe again in his strong arms. 

 As months passed and your love for Kai only grew stronger, you came to notice how you found it very hard to stay away from each other. There were days when you came home and not even a half an hour later, Kai was already in your room, keeping you company as his arms were so perfectly wrapped around your body once again. The thing that has become your thing through all these months was Kai coming to your house through your bedroom window. You couldn’t remember when was the last time you closed it. Probably months have already passed since your bedroom window was closed. There was simply no need to do it or to be afraid of something because Kai has always been there for you and was ready to jump in and help you whenever he thought it was needed. 

 Your gaze traveled around the room as if you were looking for something, but had no idea what. Instead of finding what you have been seeking for, your eyes landed on Malachai Parker, coming through your window once again, his arms wrapping around your body as every time he visited you. His scent invaded your nostrils, affecting you and making your knees weaker than before. It was a mix of his own scent and a shower gel, that mix a little bit intoxicating. He cupped your face and kissed you deeply, looking a bit worried about something. 

 'Is everything ok?’ You asked him softly, your fingers gently brushing through his already messy hair.

 'Yeah, it’s- I’m fine.’ He smiled shortly at you and took a few steps away from you, looking through the window at all the tars that adorned the sky that night.

 'I’ll be right back.' 

 You walked out of the room and ran fast into the kitchen, picking up as many chocolate bars as possible, along with some water from the fridge, barely stopping everything from falling down on the floor as your hands were completely full. You opened your bedroom door with your foot, a few chocolate bars dropping down on the floor, making you chuckle.

 'I got as many of these as I could and- What the hell do you think you’re doing?’ You said loudly, dropping everything else you had in your hands down on the floor, not caring if it will stain the carpet somehow or not. You took a few large steps towards Kai and yanked your notebook out of his hands, throwing it on your bed, far from his curious eyes.

 'I was just-’

 'You just what? Decided to invade my privacy? Just like that, huh? You just decided it was a good idea to go through my stuff while I’m not here, when I’m doing what I think it might cheer you up since I know how much you like chocolate?’ You blurted out angrily, your brows furrowing in confussion and anger, your heart beating a lot fast than it has before.

 'Clearly you haven’t told me everything. All the stuff you think about dating me.’ He trailed off and walked towards your bed, picking up your notebook and opening it on the page he had perfectly memorized. 'How about this one: I wonder if Kai has ever wondered what would have happened if he didn’t kill his own family. It sometimes scare me, sometimes I’m afraid, but I guess he would never hurt me.' He stopped talking, closing the note book and throwing it onto the bed again. 

 'You had no right to read that. You had no-’

 'I’m glad I did because at least now I know how you feel about me.’

 You have no right to judge me!’ You yelled, your voice cracking at the end, tears fighting to escape your eyes as a lump appeared in your throat, stopping your from talking without wanting to cry. 'That was at the beginning. I know you would never hurt me, I’m not stupid!’

 'I would rather hurt myself than hurt you.’ He muttered, your heart aching at his words. You hated the thought of him huring himself in who knows what way. It was breaking your heart and you didn’t know what to do, how to fix all of this.

 'Did you read any of the good stuff in there too? Or about my problems in the past. That was something I wanted to tell you in person, not give you a random notebook for you to read it from, just like you wanted to tell me your story, you told me not to listen what other people have to say and that I should hear it from you!’ He couldn’t even look at you in the eyes. He looked like a lost child, a child that needed a hug and someone to tell him that everything would be alright. He kept playing with his fingers, obviously fighting his tears and from snapping completely.

 'I’m sorry, I should- I shouldn’t have done that, I’m-’

 'Yes, you shouldn’t have.’ He stepped a bit closer, obviously wanting to wrap his arms around you, but you lifted up your finger, motioning him to stay in place and to not touch you in any way possible. You stood next to the window and Kai immediately knew what that meant. You wanted him to leaved and that was just an icing on the cake for the whole situation. He blinked away his tears and nodded, understanding what he had to do. He climbed on the window and jumped from it, taking some time before he looked at you, his heart breaking when you closed the window that has been opened for so many months, opened for him only as Kai realized how badly he messed up this time. You dropped down on the floor underneath that window and let your tears fall down, burrying your head in your hands, thinking how maybe you overreacted and how maybe you were to harsh on him, but your thought about how he had no right to do such a thing replaced that weak thought, making another tear roll down your cheeks and fall down on Kai’s shirt you loved to wear so much that the colour was starting to fade, but you didn’t care. It was as if you had Kai by your side at that moment, the shirt still having his scent on, calming you down a little bit, but nothing could calm you down like Kai’s strong arms around you, not letting you go until you stopped crying and started smiling. 

 You looked up and through the window as you made a wish upon a star. A wish for Kai to come through that window like he always did and kiss you like you always liked, with his arms around your waist and a soft I love you whispered in your ear.

(gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns <3)

A/N: Another Gibbs prompt, I enjoyed this one, it was fun to write this homely side of Gibbs that we see glimpses of throughout the show. Feedback is welcomed and very much appreciated. Hope you all enjoy it, as always, thank you for reading <3

Title: May I Have This Dance?

Requested by: @shadycollectioncoffeeuniverse - “Prompts 37 and 33 (in that order please) with Gibbs and only if your comfortable with it could it be smutty, if not then fluff please?”

Word Count: 829

Pairing: Gibbs x Reader

33. “You’re really soft.”
37. “May I have this dance?”

“Jethro?” You called when you opened the front door to the home you share with the Senior Special Agent, “You home?” Pushing the front door shut you clicked the lock before dropping your bag and toed off your shoes, wiggling your toes onto the rug. You eased out a long sigh, it had been a trying day at the office but now you were home and ready to cook dinner with your man.

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Imagine Eric looking at you after your first………..

Your body shuddered as your first ever orgasm took total control of your body. Eric’s fingers and tongue slowed down from their rhythmic thrust and licks to let you ride out your orgasm. As your wave slowly receded Eric lifted his inviting lips off you, lifted up and searched your eyes before he asked his question.  Eric knew the answer as soon as you walked into the Dauntless chambers as an initiate and he just received confirmation as his fingers and tongue sent you into another stratosphere after only a few minutes of pleasuring you. Always a Dauntless leader Eric wanted to see if you still identified with your old faction Candor.

“You a virgin?” he asked his voice deep demanding an answer.  You sat up to gather your underwear and pants feeling embarrassed your innocence was so easily detected.

You nodded your head yes not looking up at him as you dressed your bottom half of your clothes Eric so easily tore off you with little effort only moments earlier.

“I don’t fuck virgins.” He told you in a dead panned voice. You almost lost your balance as you put on one of your sneakers looking up to a matter of a fact expression on his face. Was he serious right now?

“What?” you barely heard your voice as you watched Eric slowly get up from the couch you no doubt left a wet spot on.

“I don’t fuck virgins.” He repeated just as nonchalantly as before as he walked up to you as you held one sneaker in your hand.

“But you just went down on me?” you were so confused as you looked in his piercing blue eyes. His eyes seem to change in front of you in a matter of seconds from the man that sweet talked you to his bedroom to the cold hard Dauntless leader you were so use to seeing every day.

“Sweetheart did you think that was sex?” he asked in a condescending tone as his massive figure approached and towered over you. You didn’t answer as you put on your other sneaker. You weren’t an Erudite but you weren’t stupid.  Why did he even bother with you? He could have so easily got any girl as you seen how he was admired by other females. You quickly headed toward the door when you felt Eric’s hand grab your arm to stop you. Your Dauntless training kicked in as you balled your fist and punched him in the nose.

“Asshole!” you shouted and smiled as the last image of Eric was him grabbing his nose as droplets of blood dripped through his fingers just before his door closed.

Title: Right Dress, Wrong Date

(gif belongs to of-badges-of-guns <3)

A/N: Feedback is welcomed and very much appreciated. Hope you all enjoy it, as always, thank you for reading <3

Requested by: @holding-on-to-francis - “34 and 48 with Gibbs”

Word Count: 567
Pairing: Jethro Gibbs x Reader

34. “How do I look?”
48. “You’re a terrible liar.”

You huffed and puffed, pulling your dress down a little, making sure it wasn’t tucked into your underwear - now that would be embarrassing. It was date night, your first date since your marriage ended with your ex. It had only been three years. With work and the constant urge to push Gibbs onto his desk and attack him with your lips it was hard to find the time or the desire to go out dating.

But - tonight was that night. You had to get changed into your little black dress that hugged your curves perfectly, revealing a little cleavage but left plenty to the imagination, at work - a case and come to light that morning, luckily you had time to pick your dress up from the dry cleaners and swung by home to get your heels while out on a lead with McGee. The group of delicate butterfly tattoos on the ball of your shoulder were on show too. Your heels hurt a little but you hadn’t worn them since the Christmas party a good six months ago. Rounding the corner to go into the bullpen you noticed all three pairs of eyes from Gibbs, McGee and DiNozzo turned to you.

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                          KYLO X READER || Soul Mate 15

“The voice you hear your thoughts in is your soulmate’s but you don’t know who they are until you hear them speak for the first time.”

A/N: Fuck it, I couldn’t wait till monday to post this. SOME GOOD SHIT COMIN UP, I PROMISE YOU, LEAVE ALL THE ANGST AT HOME BC WHATS UP AHEAD IS !!!!! [GIF NOT MINE]

Word Count: 3K+

Warning: None…finally!



The burning and stinging sensation in your hip was suddenly absent, the bright red flare that instantly disappeared from Viktor’s abdomen allowed his body to come crashing down onto the ground beneath you; an abrupt jolt was sent through your body as the collision echoed throughout the hall. You weren’t sure as to when you had finally gotten the necessary rest you needed, because this had to have been some sort of dream–nightmare. Looking up from the fallen body, your eyes slowly shifted up to meet those of your savior, breath getting caught in your throat from the sight of the  face you were now looking at. This had to be a dream.

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“I Can Give You Heaven”

Taehyung smut

insp by

pairing: Taehyung x reader

Warning: strong sexual language, fluff/ soft smut, Fingering, daddy kink teasing,v

A/N: I wrote this first before, I got requests, I wanted to post this first, so you could see what kind of writer I am, so you wouldn’t get disappointed in what you thought I was like. Plus I’m new to writing my smut on tumblr so please support me (~‾▿‾)~


You were having your date night with Taehyung, dating him was fun, nothing like you ever had, he was a bit more confident in his actions. He was mainly the one to make the moves on you, made sure you were comfortable around him. He admired every part of you, your body, your skin, even if you were dark or pale. You were the sexiest, most beautiful girl he’s ever laid eyes on.

This date night, was very special to you, though you were seeing each other for years, as friends, you fell for each other easily, by strong connections and vibes. You were always attracted to him and he was always attracted to you. He waved at you with a sweet small smile, as you grinned at him. You made your way over to him, and just as you were about to wrap your arms around his, he took your wrist into his hands himself, wrapping them around his neck, pulling you into a tender kiss,

“you are showing too much Y/N” Is the first thing he says, before breaking the passionate kiss

You frown, pushing him away.

“Why are you like this?, I haven’t seen you in 3 weeks, and you tell me this? What about I miss you?” You cross your arms, pouting up at him, he just smiles slowly turning into a cute grin.

“Ah..sorry, you are right,” He kisses your forehead, and continues. Holding you close, he whispers in your ear, nibbling on it slowly he whispers “You should only show this much skin to me only”

Taken back by his choice of word, blushing was your only reaction. You looked away as he gave you that sweet rectangular smile.

“Y/N I’ve missed you,” He finally says, earning a smile from you.

“I’ve missed you more,” You kiss his jawline, earning a playful moan from him.

“Do you want to go watch a movie?, I just put on spider man 3,” You said, holding on to his stomach, hugging his small waist.

“Ya! Why did you play the movie without me?“ he playfully shouts, as you both walk back to your apartment.

He watched you, you were wearing small shorts, that didn’t cover most of your legs, a big sweater that covered your hands and, had a small word in the middle that said “yours”, and your hair was put up into a lazy-like bun. You thought to yourself, “wow, I look horrid, I shouldn’t let taehyung see me this way after 3 weeks” but to him, he thought you were so god damn fine, because he liked when you were comfortable and didn’t try hard. Though he always thought you were beautiful even if you did.

He stared at you, all the time, ever since he met you 4 years ago, Even though he was the famous taehyung from the group BTS, he never let that popularity get in between the time you spent together. However, it was difficult to get in touch because he was on tour, or practicing the same dance, that he’s done a million times. You understood that, and you were lucky to have someone so precious in your life gave up his freetime to spend with you.

You’d always think about that, whenever you felt sad or lonely of his presence.

You hadn’t even opened the door yet, and there he was, placing wet kisses apon your 3 weeks abandoned neck. It felt soothing, that feeling you missed, when your man teased you, a hand coming from beside you and wrapping around your waist.

He says to you once again. “Y/N I missed you” with more tremble in his voice, with more meaning of what he meant by those words.

“T-tae, we haven’t even-” Your breathe hitched, when you felt his hand grasp your waist. You didn’t know why it felt so good. Was it that his hands were your biggest weakness? Or you just haven’t had a man touch you the way he did in 3 weeks?

“Y/N, why do you do these things to me?” He continues, planting kissing on your neck, leaving wet marks, of his tongue.

“You’re so sexy, Y/N”

His voice tired from work, Sexiest thing you could hear all day other than his moans, and groans. You both find your way into the apartment, and he just never let go of you, still kissing on you. Making you absolutely wet for him and you haven’t even started your indoor date yet.

“Baby, please” You moan, feeling his hands glide down to your most private area, and his middle finger tapping at your quivering slit purposely leaving you wanting him to touch you there more.

He suddenly smirked at your pleads, nibbling at your ear, for him to do more.

“Do you want me to stop?” He says darkly, his voice filled with lust.

“N-noo” you whinned desperately, crying out for those hands to roam your body after 3 long weeks without sex, Sex with taehyung was unpredictable, messy and loud.

“Tell your daddy, what you want” he says, playing with the rim of your shorts, Your hips not ignoring this tease, as you sway them to make them loose on your hips.

“I want- You try to speak but he gropes your breasts,through your sweater, already he could feel your hardened buds, And surprised that went braless today. He just smirked, biting the lobe of your ear.

“If you knew I was going to make it here, you shouldn’t have worn panties either” he licks behind your ear, sending shockwaves down your spine, as your grinded on his now erect crotch.

“Baby, I need your fingers,” With your head thrown back, against his shoulder, he twirled his fingers around your nipples and squeezed at your breasts whenever you smile up at him, with closed eyes, enjoying his plessure. He pinches at the sensitive skin, palming your breasts lightly, only making you want him to do it roughly.

“How do you want my fingers, princess?” He playfully asked,knowing exactly how you wanted him. But he simply ignored, suddenly sitting himself on the couch and sitting you on top of him.“ You felt his member poke into your ass almost.

He smudges his nose and lips into your neck again, licking and kissing at your sweet spot, only making you anxious and wet for his fingers.

“fuck” A moan slipped from your mouth, when, you felt his hips thrust up into you dangerously, grinding onto your plump bottom. He sinks his teeth into your already bruised flesh of a neck, and began sucking at it. Making the spot darker than your skin. “Y/N,” He moans breathing hard into your ear, “does your pussy still get soaked for me?” He asked,only making you shiver under his touch. You only groan at his dirty questions. A leaves your neck with a small pop sound, seconds before traveling both hands into different directions that needed attention. His right hand, went low, non-hesitantly reaching into shorts, and palming you through your panties. You gasped feeling those long fingers, play with your slit, moving slow, up and down they went. Making you a shaking mess, “Babyy… touch me like that” Groaning..You let it slip from your mouth. Usually you’d get embarrassed and blush at your words, but you were absolutely horny and needed release. “I haven’t even touched your clit yet, and you’re already so wet, Y/N” He teased, licking his lips , smirking up at your reaction. His middle finger, began to move in small deep circles over your clit, you couldn’t help but grip his wrist at this, Already bringing you to the edge. He hated when you stopped him of his actions. As he was just about to play with your breasts, He sensed disobedience, and quickly grabbed both wrist into his left hand, “What did I tell you about that?” He said gritting his teeth, His hips now digging into your deeper, making you twirl into him. “Aghhh stop teasing me” you cried out. Trying to release from his hold. His pants was getting tight, loving how you suffered each time, he was dominant. “Y/N” Your name rolling off his tongue so seductive, so gargly from his deep voice, “I can give you heaven, just tell daddy what you want him to do with his hands” He lightly kissed at your sweet spot on your neck, spreading your legs with his

“Fuck me with your fingers daddy” you whimpered, desperately grounding yourself on to his bulge now.

He dug his hand into your lace blue underwear now, giving you what you needed, His middle finger, teasingly running down your slit and quickly moving back up to flicker at your clit. “O-hh shit!” You shouted, making him even anxious for your reactions. “God, you’re so fucking wet for me y/n" he grunted, speeding his fingers up when he heard you gasp. He played with your pussy, palming at your lips then covering his long middle finger over your slit and shaking it side to side, making that wet sound, that made him want to fuck you into the wall every time he heard it. “Ahh..fuckkk,” He hissed, feeling his dick pulsating, after it being ignored for some time. Only thrusting into her, through tight clothed jeans. His middle was soaked from your juices,as it spilled out everytime you felt his touch. He hadn’t even entered you yet, and you were already about to cum, that easily. He bit his lip, hearing that wet sound again, as he circling his middle finger on your clit. “Daddy, that feels soo good-” You gasped once again, blushing heavily, when you moaned his name so loudly. His finger slipped into your hole, and he decided to slouch you into his body on the couch, holding you tightly.

He plugged you up, with his digit. Biting down on to his pink lips dangerously, as he moved in and out of your wet hole at such a speed.

“Taehyu-! Fuck!!” You grunted at him rolling your head back on his shoulder.

“You like it, princess?” He whispered into your ear, keeping you from spazzing out of his lap.

“Ohh Yes! Oppa I like it” You moaned, “Make me c-cum” You repeated, whispering low to him.

“You want me to baby?” He teased, hitting up at your walls continuously, making you go over the edge.

“I’m so close!” You cried out, He slowed down at this, your hips continued to roll down on his dick, he threw his head back. Groaning your name.

His hands moved slowly inside you, but deep as you pulsated around his middle finger,

“Shitt baby” he hissed, “Y/n I’m cumming” he pumped his middle finger inside you 3 more times , making wetter sounds from your pussy, he cums violently into his pants.

He cursed, losing grip on your wrist and you came, when you felt his hot breathe repeat your name as he rode his orgasm out. 

"Ahh! Baby yesss-”your eyes rolled into the back of your head.

He took your lips, biting down on your bottom lip and slipping his tongue into your mouth.

He wrapped his arms around your waist.

"I told you not to wear things like this” he playfully says, as you slipped off his lap. You hit his shoulder.

"You could have waited!” you say buckling your shorts back up.

"I didn’t hear you complaining while you were screaming my name” he giggled playfully.

You blushed, pushing him off the couch, he just laughed,coming back up to tackle you with kisses all over your face.

"Y/n” he exaggerated your name cutely,lifting up your shirt. “I wanna make you miss me more tonight when I leave again” he pauses, when you cup his cheeks. Lust still in his eyes.

“Can daddy give you heaven again?

You nod, at this , making out with the lewd lover as you take things to the bedroom.

Request Scenario: Namjoonie finds you pleasuring yourself. Tsk tsk tsk. 

Genre: seriously? 

Word Count: 1671 

A/N: Namjoon feels are on a new record high currently. I seriously don’t understand how anybody doesn’t find his boy super attractive and not mention his ability to be the cutest thing on planet earth. *slams fists* DAMN YOU HYUNG LINE.


Chewing roughly on your bottom lips, you were sure if you weren’t lightly wounded on the couch would be pulling your hair, screaming, and chucking things at the television. 

Kim Namjoon. 

Not only is he four hours away at a comeback stage, he has left you on a libido high this morning that has only been building and building and building. It was almost excruciating to move a single muscle of your body without your core being shocked with instant pleasure that made your eyes screw shut and lips pale from being bitten. 

His hair was styled up, enabling his eyes to stare right into the camera with all the sexual intensity you received on your own times. Not only were you angry that he was sharing that to the thousands of girls that will rewatch this performance, you were stuck at home, not even able to see him live. 

Tapping his fingers on the lips that sends so much desire throughout your body every time you touch it, he pointed towards the camera and gestured cheekily. Throwing your entire weight onto the couch, you dunked your face into a nearby pillow and screamed into it. Almost afraid to look up, your eyes made contact to his slick tongue gliding across his bottom lips while he rapped his part in Dope. 

“That’s not even a suggestive song, you dick!” You screamed, ruffling your hair with frustration–deep, ingrained sexual frustration. 

You were exhausted by this continuing internal turmoil of desperate needs. Squeezing the bridge of your nose lightly, you stood up stiffly, trying to cool off from the thin sheen of sweat that surfaced from your exasperation. Your hands tightly balled up into a fist, your nails digging into your palms, trying to find any way to distract your mind from your heating lower region. But all your mind could transport to was reliving the every clinch of your warmth against his firm length. How his hair would be messily tangled in your fingers as his moans and territorial growls overwhelmed your ears. Your stomach tightened, a fresh breath of air filled your lungs as you made your decision. 

“I can handle myself you teasing son of a bitch.” You smashed the power button of the remote control, eliminating the source of your frustration into a simple pitch black screen. 

It was hidden underneath your mattress, it was your dirty little secret. Any other day, you’ve wouldn’t even take a second look at the region surrounding the pouch encasing it, but tonight was not like every other night. 

You couldn’t even feel the texture rubbing against your walls because of your slick wetness, only the guttural pressure that filled your body. It was not the same without his natural movements and weight pressing against your body, but it was enough for now. Slowly sinking the soft buzzing instrument into you, it’s a calm pleasure. Not pushing you to the edge, but enough to release the last few hours of craze. Using the pad of your thumb, you grazed your swollen clit, causing you to gasp at how sensitive the small bud already was. You didn’t crave for a rush to the peak, but you were alone and a slow burn will not satisfy you if it was by your own hands. Quickening your actions with the increasing vibrations of the toy, your eyes snapped shut, ready to explode. 


He knew exactly what he was doing when he starred at the camera so seductively. He wanted to see you all shaking with sensitivity and lust when he came home and what he got was so much better than what he had imagined on the way home. 

Pants already retraining against his member, Namjoon was greeted with purrs ringing from your room. He didn’t know how he didn’t come right there within his jeans when he saw you sprawled out on the bed with your nimble fingers pleasuring yourself and moaning his name. He didn’t know whether or not to interrupt this erotically beautiful scene, but he also wanted to see you fluster and embarrassed about being caught red-handed…in this case, wet-handed.


“How rude.” You pulled away the instrument and bolted up, breathing ragged, and hair tossed around your head like a wind had just blew right through it. 

“Namjoon.” You breathed out, shamefully trying to hide what you were trying to replace him for the night. 

“Tsk tsk tsk…” Namjoon wiggle his long index finger at your direction, “Now, I understand my girlfriend has needs, but my question is why she would go behind my back to take care of it when her perfectly adequate boyfriend will never turn down an opportunity to make his beautiful babygirl moan under his doings.” There he goes with he poetic words. 

“How…” Your head was spinning between the high you were so close to reaching and the smug boyfriend who was now sauntering towards the foot of your bed. 

“I was wondering if my small expressions would get to you and I guess this answers my question.” His thumb ran across your bitten lips, reminding you the looks he gave to the camera earlier that evening. 

“You did that–" 

"On purpose? Why, of course. I knew you were watching and only you would know those are looks I give to you and only you.” Namjoon’s face was dangerously close to yours, tempting you like sweet honey. 

“Now now… If you want to continue on, I’m sorry I ever interrupted and I shall leave you to your own undoing.” You didn’t know how to respond other than with a pathetic whimper, showing just how miserable you were without his touch. 

“What was that now?” Namjoon and his cocky self…You would have played along and change your mind about not needing him, but right now, all dignity have been thrown out the window. 

“Please touch me.” Your fingers pinched the fabric beneath you, tugging at small sections like a bored child, except you weren’t bored, you were just trying to not shove him onto the bed. You wanted him to touch you in all the right ways because he knew exactly where they were. 

Sensually removing each piece of clothing, he was soon bared in all his naked glory, making you drown at the sight of the man you call your own. He couldn’t have gone any slower or you would have wrapped your body around him while he was standing and tore apart everything at its thread because they were hiding what you have been anticipating for far too long. 

"You sure you don’t want me to just leave you alone. You were looking pretty satisfied.” Namjoon mocked, hovering right above you, teasing you with light wash of his cologne radiating from his chest. 

“I hate you.” You hissed as your hands gripped his neck and pulled him into you, feeling his smirk on your lips. “You won’t be saying that in a while." 

"Hmm…” You moaned in uncertainty, his large hands pushed you into the bed and away from his lips. 

“Is that a challenge?” Before you could even say a word, Namjoon slipped his fingers into your heated core, catching you off guard. 

“Oh my god.” You could feel his digits curling for your utmost pleasure, hitting your sweet spot, your whimpered, raveling your fingers into his pale locks. Making you wonder why you even settled for the toy, when his fingers alone were able to bring you to the brink of ecstasy. You were so entrapped with the waves of bliss crashing through you, you couldn’t help but to silence your loud moans with your lips harshly pulled by your teeth. 

“I want to hear you cry out my name so you will know that I am the one bringing you all this.” Namjoon panted, releasing your lips, freeing the screams within you. 

Your insides were churning, so close to releasing what have been trapped within you the entire day, but suddenly you felt him abruptly stop.

“What the fuck?!” You shouted, cupping his face and glaring at him. “You sure you want me to finish the job?” Namjoon eyes glistening with mischief that you wanted to slap out of him. 

“Fuck you Namjoon. Please let me come, oh my god, just let me. I need you to let me come. You’re the only one who can. Please please just fuck me with your amazing fingers…” You have never sounded so needy your entire life, but you were too desperate to care anymore. 

“That’s all daddy wanted to hear.” Namjoon grunted dominantly increasing the speed of his arms with a new dizzying force. Your ears were ringing, as you cried out his name and you became undone by his hands. Your lungs seemed to have closed off as your breathing became shallow and erratic. Shutting your eyes to calm your breathing, he was still moving his fingers within you, slowing you down from your high. Your body tingled with every touch, goosebumps surrounded the point of contact. Namjoon began planting sweet kisses along your chest and neck, filling you with pure bliss. 

“Y/N, you look so beautiful when your cheeks tint a crimson color and your lips apart when you come… One day I will capture that moment and show you jut how stunning you look.” Namjoon complimented you as his warm tongue cleaned you up, sending shivers from your upper thighs. Hovering above you once again, he made sure you saw him drink up the very last tangy droplet of you from his dripping fingers. You starred in silence, he has his ways with words that made warmth spread throughout your body–whether it’s lust or love, his words alone were able to bring you sensations that you could never put into words. 

“I’m glad you are mine and no one else’s.” You whispered, caressing his cheeks. The smile on his face could have shone through the darkest of nights because a shy giggle left his lips as he dug his face next to yours. 

“How are you so cute?” You looked at the boy blushing from your claim. 

“Because I have a cute girlfriend." 


Hope you liked it anon and I apologize for taking so long to post this. :( xx 

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