if one of them is dead

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Unfriended Movie Storyline:
❝ While video chatting one night, six high school friends receive a Skype message from a classmate who killed herself exactly one year ago. A first they think it’s a prank, but when the girl starts revealing the friends’ darkest secrets, they realize they are dealing with something out of this world, something that wants them dead. Told entirely from a young girl’s computer desktop, Unfriended redefines ‘found footage’ for a new generation of teens. ❞

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Movie Details :
▪ Release Date : 2014-07-20
▪ Casts : Mickey River, Courtney Halverson, Renee Olstead, Heather Sossaman, Cal Barnes, Moses Jacob Storm, Christa Hartsock, Shelley Hennig, William Peltz, Jacob Wysocki, Matthew Bohrer
▪ Duration : 82 minutes

Ford comes up with another way to bring Stan back to life

“Okay so changing history didn’t work,” Ford said, “and trying to resurrect you or create a new body from scratch didn’t work but it’s okay, Stan! I’ve come up with a whole new way to bring you back from the dead!”

“Sixer, no,” Stan said in frustration as he floating next to his brother. Why couldn’t Ford just drop this? Stan wasn’t exactly thrilled about being dead but he’d accepted it. He didn’t want Ford to get himself killed in his increasingly desperate attempts to bring him back.

“You’ll like this one.”

“No I won’t.”

“Just hear me out,” Ford pleaded a manic glint in his eyes. Stan knew it would do no good to argue so he sighed and nodded, “Bill can take someone’s soul out of their body when he possesses them.”

“Already, I don’t like where this is going.”

“So if I can find a way to remove my own soul from my body, you can possess it and you’ll be alive again!”

“Oh my God, Ford! NO!”

There’s an entire book devoted to what is essentially a 40 car pileup over Patroclus’s dead body.

Like, I get that claiming a corpse and stripping it gives you honor, and that leaving a comrade without funeral rites dooms their soul and angers the gods but guys


this is not efficient. 

anonymous asked:

Your mother put your dead fish in the freezer???

Yeah and I can’t figure out why??

Like we used to have a bunch of goldfish and whenever one of them died or got sick I’m pretty sure she put them in the freezer in like a bag of water? And I was just a little kid you know I just went with it like “okay mum knows what she’s doing” but now that I think about it I have no idea why our dying fish went to the freezer. What was she doing with the fish??

Okay but still haven’t seen anyone talking about this. If you haven’t noticed on TØP’s VMAs performance between both songs (HeavyDirtySoul and Lane Boy) Tyler rapped this verse from Message Man. Now, from all the songs of the album and that they have already played live, why choose this exact one/part? VMAs was full of shade from beginning to start and Kayne wasn’t the only one to throw some at the music industry, twenty one pilots lowkey did too. Lane boy is a big “screw how the media and music industry wants to portray music” and that verse from Message Man is a complement to that telling how people seem ignorant (dead) to what is happening and some catch pop song written in few minutes is totally meaningless -don’t trust a perfect person and don’t trust a song that’s flawless-. Tyler and Josh are some very genius people the world just wasn’t ready for them again.

story in the fog

Mickey doesn’t want to go home for the holidays. Ian’s family can’t afford an extra mouth to feed unless it’s absolutely necessary. The only solution? Tell them they’re dating.

Fake dating Hogwarts AU.

ch one/prologue: first sight

Ian had almost turned to focus on someone else, prepared to ignore how the boy drew his eye, when he suddenly looked up and locked eyes with Ian. Then something shifted, and he waved, then threw up a middle finger, and Ian furrowed his brow confused until he turned around and noticed that a girl behind him, with the same black hair and the same soft features somehow turned sharp, was sticking out her tongue and making faces at the boy at the table.

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This is your weekly reminder that Beth Greene is not “another dead girl”, that the music box works, that the theme song played at the end of Coda, that there was no burial, that Maggie hesitated before opening the trunk, that one can survive a headshot, that the best way to survive it is to get to a hospital as soon as possible, that here’s a 17 day gap between Coda and Them and that BETH GREENE IS ALIVER THAN ME

And now we find ourselves
at the junctures of all the processes
of happiness which is exciting, yes,
and paralyzing. It’s been a long day
or string of days with an under-
current of marvelous but to speak
directly of things seems to destroy
them, dandelion of happiness
where everything is dead until it exists
and we’re only just learning
the language of existence
in the language that existence permits.

Of my favorite things, I love a city
so huge it’s inevitable to be surrounded
by loved ones. We go outside to see
things that should be real, the beach
is a sandy mess that moves us
like tigers on gasoline. What does that
mean other than abstractness,
I’m sure you’ll ask and I’ll ignore.

its okay if you have a different view on the black character deaths in FWD but don’t be one of those

“stop bringing race into this” people just becasue you don’t wanna think critically or allow others to state their views.

People are bringing it up on their own becasue it strikes them as odd that with all the characters on this show. The diversity it’s suppose to be embracing.  All the black males have been killed off within the first two episodes and given the long history of how black characters are treated in the horror genre people are noticing it and rightfully calling it out.

and lets keep it real here. The reason some don’t care is because they have a hard time empathizing with characters that don’t look like them or characters they are not attracted to.

I can not tell you how many times I have looked in the FWD tag or even the Alycia Debnam carey tag and her love interest has simply been referred to as “black guy” or messages that can be summed up with “I don’t really care about him”. I am not the type to throw the “race card” at any given time but I have been in fandom long enough to know with 100% certainty if her love interest were any generic white guy the tags would be overflowing with gifsets, outrage post about how its not fair, “my ship has sunk post” blah blah blah..

Why don’t you see that?


The very pretty white actress that you envy for her looks and live vicariously through doesn’t elicit those same shipper “feels” when shes hugged up with a black guy becasue it doesn’t fit what you want. since you want to live vicariously through her you want to see her with someone you would go for.

Someone you find attractive, Someone you find attractive with her. Someone a little more eurocentric.

Hell I have seen more people ship her with the brother more than her actual love interest becasue you know girls say he looks like a “young johnny depp”


AU where Matsuda makes the Shinigami deal, not Soichiro. His natural lifespan would still be at least one and a half years long so he would have survived Mello’s squad.
Besides, everything would have been harder for Light considering that Matsuda could expose every owner of a death note. Also, Soichrio would be dead either way.


1. I’m not really sure how I feel about Fear the Walking Dead. Like, how do the people not know the word ‘zombie’ and how are they not prepared for an apocalyptic take over of zombies? Hello? It’s not new. Bash them in the head and move on. They have been making zombie movies since they invented the picture show. Geeze.
2. That kid in it, you know, the one that looks like Jack White and Johnny Depp had a baby? He’s not bad and I actually like that character.
3. I want all the Parks and Rec gifs sets. All. Of. Them.
4. I’ve been sick for the last couple of days. I feel as though I am handling the girls pretty well while also feeling like shit. I mean, it’s not my first time having to do so but I am still pretty proud of myself regardless. I’m kinda of feeling that way in general as I look around this place. There is still a lot of organizing to do but I am getting there. Making a little home. A little landing spot.
5. There are some people here that I would consider special to me. beardfordays​ (that one is kinda duh), andribbonsofeuphoria​, justasmirk​, and somecallmetracy​. I love you all, seriously. I just want to tell you how much you mean to me and how happy I am to have you in my life!
6. Today marks one year from the first time B sang to me. The day that he sang to me for the first time, I walked around smiling like an idiot for the rest of it. He sang James Taylor to me over the phone and even over the phone I melted. Even now, when he sings to me, I melt. There is a line in a Jason Aldean song that goes, ‘You love it when I sing, Say it makes you feel like an angel’ and yes, it and he does. I have never been more grateful that he didn’t let me blow him off the first night he messaged me. Becoming friends with him was the universe putting two puzzle pieces together. Ijs.
7. I want popcorn with truffle oil and salt and a big diet coke to wash it down with. And tacos, always. 
8. I found Brooke a daycare that is actually a preparatory school based on U.K. curriculum and is run by a serious British woman who is no joke. I really, really feel like it is the structure that Brooke needs. She is so three and I feel like I am getting exasperated with her more and more. I worry though that they will kick her out if she doesn’t get her temper and not listening in check. Oh and the throwing things and repeating back what I say to her in a snotty tone and the running around the house like a crazy person. You know, basically being a three year old who totally enjoy pushing her boundaries and my limits. But, if she can handle the structure and learn, she will be so far ahead of the other kids when she enters kindergarten. I really need her to get it in check. Lock it up, kid. Lock it up.
9. G’ah. I hate when I see things that are so one sided and don’t spell out all of the pieces and parts and then people have a misunderstanding of what the situation is as whole. Get all of the pieces and parts. Don’t make a one sided judgement.
10. I just wanted to get to ten.

Have a good night, I’m having ice cream now.

The 100 TV Dramas Everyone Should Watch
Not just the characters (though sometimes them, too), but the shows that are a little off the traditional path, maybe a little too delicate for this harsh world.

Carnivale is spooky and twisty and so beautifully composed. What if every show were this committed to its vision of itself? Ah, the dream.
Chuck is proof that dramas can be charming and fun and substantive and on NBC. Somehow.
Dead Like Me’s internal mythology is so gently but fully realized that you almost don’t notice how high-concept the show is. You do notice, though, that it’s one of very few coming-of-age stories about a girl that isn’t a story about falling in love.
Enlightened is a half-hour show, though drama feels more right than comedy. Honestly, no category seems quite right for this delicate treasure, a beautifully gentle depiction of the human heart’s capacity for pain and capacity for growth.
Fargo is technically a mini-series, but this is a recommendation list, not a deposition.
Hannibal is the new frontier for TV storytelling. RIP, show.
Joan of Arcadia never made much of a splash, which is a real shame: The show is a beautiful, enduring snapshot of how hard it is be good and alive at the same time. Even though the show is about a teen girl who talks to God, it’s somehow not preachy at all. (Bring tissues.)
Picket Fences reminds us all that when David E. Kelley is good, he’s really damn good. A doctor show, a lawyer show, a weirdo-townies show, and a family drama in one!
Pushing Daisies is another gone-too-soon Bryan Fuller show, lovely and daring and destined to be treasured only by a select few.
Wonderfalls. See above.

A lil' Cole ramble

Sometimes, I think fandom takes how Cole acts on the surface and doesn’t really think what goes beneath the hat and the language. Because while he can be cute, Cole is far from oblivious and very far from being always nice.

First off, Cole is a planner. Even before the human path, he is capable of figuring out cause and effect chains and putting them into motion. He doesn’t always get it right (dead bee+wine does not equal honey), but for stuff like the sliced plums, that must have taken time to figure out. Not to mention the one he planned for the cook, where his plan hinged on a lot of things going right the right way.

Second, Cole knows about eating,sleeping,cursing and such. He did all those (minus cursing) before and during Asunder. He didn’t -need- to, but he did them anyway. Cole simply doesn’t mention those things to others, or outright plays dumb if he thinks its needed. You can see in conversations with Dorian, that if outright asked, Cole actually knows how he works (somewhat).

Dorian: Do you need to eat, Cole? Or sleep?
Cole: I thought I had to. But I don’t. The Old Songs can pull me.

But I think often, Cole figures its better for another if he seems oblivious. Or if they don’t ask, he doesn’t have to specify. This does backfire on him with the Inquisitor and his murders. Because Cole only gives the ‘I mercy killed them’ explanation, it is easy to see his murders as -far- less than they actually were. And the Inquisitor can simply think Cole is lost. When in reality he has -every- reason to feel guilty about them. Hence his distress when the Inquisitor doesn’t seem to take him seriously.

And then there is what he does with Blackwall. I’ve written a post about it at length (here) but in short, Cole is not being helpful to Blackwall at all. And he is like this with only Blackwall, no other companion gets as much grief. I think its because Blackwall’s crimes hit too close to home for Cole, and so Cole has hard time separating his own feelings from helping. That, and I think he gets some amusement out of it. Spirit!Cole does give Blackwall decent advise. Human!Cole basically yells at Blackwall about it.

Not that Cole isn’t above messing with other people. He messes with Sera on a lesser level from Blackwall, with mainly playing language games with her. Some dialog with Bull also might be playing jokes. Ironically, Cole does -not- seem to mess with Vivienne at all. He actually takes her very seriously, and is affected by what she says to him.

Another thing that’s often forgotten, is Cole’s habit of doing what he wants rather than listen to others. Only person he seems to listen to fully is the Inquisitor. And even then, that is until the Inquisitor proves to be unworthy. Most likely because he isn’t used to the idea of being remembered, Cole is the type to disappear for days and come back like nothing happened. And so, when people do raise worry about it, he is confused. His plans for himself rarely involve other people and their opinions.

I just want to cap this off by saying that this is solely how -I- see Cole. Your headcanon is your headcanon and I respect that.

Happy Birthday Rich&Rob!

Richard Speight Jr and Rob Benedict’s birthdays are this month!

(Rich’s is the fourth & Rob’s is the twenty-first!)

As a way to say happy birthday I am initiating a card project! Please send in your names and whether or not you want to be included on one or both of the cards! (There is only one card per King of Con)
The dead line for this project is NEXT FRIDAY September 11th, 2015 - I will be at Dallas Con and will have the chance to give the cards to them then.
Please join me in wishing the Kings of Con some very happy Birthdays!
-Reba, MCO Owner

  • me:*opens the door to reveal a metaphysical representation of myself based on my internal thoughts and feelings.* oh, you finally came! it's nice to see you, me. please, if you'd follow yourself in.
  • me:*after leading myself to a room with one singular chair in the middle, i patiently gesture for them to sit down in it. after doing so, i clasp an amiable, yet stern hand on their shoulder, looking them dead in the eye.*
  • me:ok man. real talk, what in the FUCK do you want
The Runaway ( scott mccall bsm imagine)

Did I make the right choice? Leaving them all those years ago. It’s bad enough mom and dad just got divorced but, I had to go and complicate things. How could I leave them, how could I leave them to fight for themselves? I asked myself all these questions knowing the answers.

I HAD to leave Scott and mom. It was the only way that I could protect them. A mother can’t raise a werewolf, and a big brother can’t protect one. The answer was just that easy for me. But, I need them. It’s only the three of us now so I have to go back. After all this time, mom and Scott probably think I’m dead. Boy, this is going to be one hell of a Tuesday.

I walked to the door of my old house with tears already in my eyes. I took a deep breath before knocking on the old wooden door. I just stood there, looking at the ground as I heard the door unlock and open.

“Hi… may I help you?” Stiles said, slightly agitated. I just looked up at him and looked him dead in the eyes.“Oh my god…. Y/N? Is it really you?” He muttered.

“It’s me Stiles.” I whispered with tears rolling down my cheeks. Stiles quickly pulled me into a hug with a sob escaping his lips.

“I can’t believe you’re here.” He cried, pulling away from our hug.“ Neither can I.” I replied with a laugh.

“Why did you leave? And come back after all these years?” Stiles said, dragging me into the house. Everything looked the exact same, even after 5 years.

“I’ll tell you everything but where’s my brother?” I asked Stiles.

“He’s upstairs in his room” He said with a smile. God I missed that goofy grin of his.

“Good. Come on. Let’s go.” I awkwardly said as I ran up the stairs. I walked down the hallway and stopped in front of Scott’s door.

“You go first.” I whispered to Stiles, pushing him towards the door. He just groaned and opened the door. He hasn’t changed one bit.

I leaned against the wall near Scott’s door, hoping that he wouldn’t see me.

“Dude who was at the door?” Was that Scott? Oh my god. His voice… it’s so….diffrent.

“Um..uh I think she should come in the room now.” Stiles said, being louder at the end of his sentence. I just chuckled and walked through the door. “What the hell…..Y/N?”