if nutella had a voice

Nutella Art

Jimin Scenario/Imagine

Genre: Picnic Fluff

Blurb: You and your boyfriend Jimin are hanging out at the park on a picnic where you guys begin to mess around with nutella.

Word Count: 1,002

Reader x Jimin


“Nooo, stop ittt!” you whine playfully. Your boyfriend Jimin just laughs out loud evilly.

“But you look so tasty~!” he says, licking the nutella he had on his finger off. You guys were currently on a blanket in a park, you sitting up while Jimin lying down. Jimin, trying to be romantic for once, took you here for a picnic to watch the sunset. Obviously, you two kids were working on dessert now, but Jimin decided to smear nutella on your face instead. Oh how romantic!

You turn your head away from Jimin and begin to grumble under your breath about how he’s such a nuisance sometimes.

“What?” Jimin questions leaning up closer to you. “What was that? I couldn’t quite catch that but I know I heard Jimin is so hoooot!’ somewhere in there!”

You rolls your eyes.

“Yeah, that’s what I said,” you tell him, sarcasm dripping from your tone. Jimin frowns and then nips your cheek where he had smeared nutella on you. You suddenly lose your voice as you just stare at him with wide eyes.

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