if nothing goes right

hey! since i’m not really good at writing up starters without plotting beforehand, suck at messaging people out of the blue, and many other reasons i won’t go into, i’ve decided to make this permanent plotting call! so, basically, give this a like if you’re up for some good ol’ plotting with my boy jun over here. liking this post will give me the green light to jump into your ims (maybe also skype? line?) to discuss and create some sick ass plots. 

jun has multiple verses, the ones i have up for him now being: main verse, past verse, human verse, demigod verse, sensate verse, and hogwarts verse. i can always create more so don’t hesitate to approach with au plots! 

just to reiterate, by plots i really mean any plots! i want jun to have a variety of interactions/connections with other muses so anything goes — close friends, enemies, frenemies, complicated relationships, mentors, proteges, pure angst, pre-established, horror, etc. the only thing i ask is to please only like if you’re going to be invested in the plotting and subsequent interaction. i don’t mean you have to reply to me quickly or anything, i just don’t want to get excited over plotting and never get a response. 

but if you’re up for it, please click that like ♡ 

Inventory’s done, but the urge to hibernate lingers on.

You know when you picture that huge crush you have and everything between you two going right? Don’t stop right there. Go a little further. You get married, you have (or you don’t, which is ok too) kids, you get the house, you get the job, you grow old together… And then what? Do you see? Do you realize that then it’s over? Life is over. That part when everything goes right and nothing else could happen? That’s the end.
What I’m saying is that life is not making your series of wishes come true, life is the path you take to get there.
Don’t rush. People are born, people are raised, people grow, people live their lives, and people die. You’re no exception. No one is an exception. Time WILL pass, and things WILL happen. So you might as well enjoy every single one of them. That’s all we’ve got, you know?

Something I just realised about Televoid

So I’m re-watching all the Televoid episodes to see if Ian’s downfall is more clear by watching all of them, but I realised, in Episode 1 - Bicycle Safety Camp, Ian is reading cards and he tells us that the cards say to go ‘right to the TV’ but he wants to do an intro first, then the void completely blocks out what he says next. But in the most recent one HE GOES RIGHT TO THE TV, no intro, no nothing, right to the TV, like the cards told him too in the first place.

Just realised, thought it was interesting

I have a theory about WINGS era.

Right here goes nothing:

So in this era it has been made pretty clear that Tae and Jin are parralels or opposites (Tae being the “tempter” and Jin being “purity” in BST, Tae’s top being an inverted version of Jin’s in the YNWA photoshoots, Tae and Jin taking off their jackets in sync and doing the framing with their fingers motion in Spring Day etc…). And the 2 latest videos seem to centre around JK. 

Originally posted by changkyuh

Originally posted by changkyuh

If you noticed in Not Today Jin and Tae were flanking JK in the running scenes with a great distance between them and the other members. Tae was on JK’s left side while Jin was on JK’s right side. This may just be coincidence or it could be referencing the left and right hands of God.

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The left hand of God is the place that Lucifer (Satan) once sat while the right hand is seen as being occupied by Jesus or Gabriel (depends who you ask). So it seems fitting that Tae, the fallen angel, is on the left side; with Jin, the person Tae tempted (which is almost like how the Devil tried to tempt Jesus while he was in the dessert), on the right. But what does this make JK?

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I beleive that JK is Abraxas. Mainly due to these quotes:

“That which is spoken by God[-the-Sun] is life; that which is spoken by the Devil is death; Abraxas speaketh that hallowed and accursed word, which is life and death at the same time. Abraxas begetteth truth and lying, good and evil, light and darkness in the same word and in the same act. Wherefore is Abraxas terrible (- Carl Jung, Seven Sermons of the Dead, Sermon 3)” In Carl Jung’s book Abraxas represents the driving force of individuation (synthesis, maturity, oneness); while God and the Devil represent the driving forces of differentiation (emergence of consciousness and opposites).
In Spring Day, JK sees himself on the train. The him on the train appears to be maturer than the one that the train passed, coinciding with Carl’s idea of Abraxas. Also you’ll notice that once again Jin is one JK’s right side and Tae on the left but this time behind the other members.

Another quote is from Herman Hesse’s Demian:
“The bird fights its way out of the egg. The egg is the world. Who would be born must first destroy a world. The bird flies to God. That God’s name is Abraxas.” If you combine these two quotes with the reflection in JK’s eye after the other members got shot, he is standing in the centre with what looks to be a gun. 

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A person born must first destroy the world. The members are JK’s world as shown by the worry on his face in Spring Day when he couldn’t find them. 

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And the reflection JK appears to be staring right at him because the bird flies to Abraxas. Reflection JK is JK’s shadow from the Begin short film, the shadow shown to have wings at the end. Two halves of one whole. As stated before Abraxas represents indivisualatity and JK is now alone.

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Also from the short film is the painting. Blood splatters onto it while JK is crying. May or may not be foreshadowing, I don’t know.

One final thing I have to add is that if you watch Not Today before Spring Day its almost like JK is reminiscing the times he had with his friends before they died. There is a scene on the train where JK is alone on the cart then opens his eyes and everyone is there, almost like he’s wishing they’re there. (Sorry about gif quality)

Not only that but in the behind the scenes RapMon said that they’re filming his birthday scene. But why was JK infront of the cake? Why did he look so sad? Then there was a similar scene where JK is alone in the room with a match, it goes out then time appears to reverse and everyone is there. He misses them. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a scene that took place not long after he shot them. 

Sorry if this makes no sense, its 3am roughly.