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Jungkook: Driving Practice

Jungkook x Reader

Words: 600

Request: Jungkook smut where you teach him how to drive but distract him while touching him and he has to pull over and finish you off

Here you are, anon! Use it in good health ;) Anyone, feel free to send me a one-shot smut request! But please read the rules first! :)

“I said left!” You yelled at your boyfriend, laughing. Jungkook looked at you and laughed too.

“Oh…well I guess we’re going right.”

“How do you expect to get your license if you can’t listen to your instructor?” You said, shaking a finger at him.

“Well how do you expect me to get it if you keep yelling at me?” He teased, clutching his chest in fake heartbreak and feigning a crying face.

You playfully smacked his arm as he cringed away, laughing.

“Hey, don’t distract the driver!” he said.

You observed Jungkook lovingly, and rested your hand on his leg. The two of you drove for a while, with you guiding him as you went along.

When you were about 10 minutes away from your apartment, you decided to have a little fun with him. Once he reached a stoplight, you moved your hand up his thigh, causing him to glance at you suspiciously. Your eyes met, but you continued to move your hand.

“What are you doing?” Jungkook asked, eyebrow cocked.

“Mmm, nothing…” You said innocently.

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"anonymously send me something you've always wanted to tell me" idk I think you are really intimidating and I'm kind of afraid of you and when I interact with you you rarely respond which makes me feel really sad. It's not your fault though.

What? Oh my god no I am sorry if you feel that way!

I am definitely not intimidating and please don’t be afraid or sad. I myself am very nervous of making a fool of myself or saying something really dumb and embarassing so I have a hard time talking to other people whether irl or in person. 

Please don’t ever be afraid to try to talk to me! If I haven’t responded to every interaction you’ve tried to make, that’s certainly my fault and not yours. I don’t have that many friends so I try to keep as many connections as I can so please shout in my face “hey butthead” or something because if you do want to interact with me that makes me happy. :) I don’t want to scare anyone off :(

So I am sorry, please feel free to get my attention and tell me not to be an isolated shy baby because no one should be afraid of me when I am someone who is too anxious to even make phone calls.

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Same anon as before, I'm 14! But yeah you're just a really big inspiration to me, ahh

Aw thank tho!!
Yeah hmmmm I also have a deviantart the same UN as this I know more younger crowds feel comfortable/can access there easier.

But in general feel free to just keep sending anon asks here! Esp if you have any questions or want some tips. 8)
I’ll do my best to point you in a good direction.

You’re like around the age I started drawing as a hobby! ( I didn’t consider it for career until high school I’ll b real)

About fic requests and prompts

I get so few asks that I thought I didn’t even need to address this, but since one kind anon actually sent me a fic request last night I feel I have to write a little note about this.

It’s always such a delight to know that someone enjoys my writing enough to want to ask me to write something specific. It is very flattering to receive fic requests and I’m glad for each one. But.

Unless I have specifically announced I’m open for reader requests and prompts (such as in this post last month), please assume I’m not accepting any.

I’m going to keep my ask box open and it is a free country so I can’t forbid you from sending requests my way. Just understand that unless I’ve stated I’m open for prompts, I’m not under any obligation to accept them.

I’m sorry that I have to be so particular, but if any of you follow my work, you might already know that I have two chapter fics I am currently working on, which are my primary focus. On top of those, I have a drabble story over at Dokuga that I updated weekly, and every week I write a short one shot at drabblers

So even though I do appreciate requests from you guys, my plate is already quite full. Because I took a break for the holidays I’m already a bit behind with my chapter stories, so I feel for now I should really concentrate on them; there are readers who are waiting for the update.

I hope you understand.

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So, growing tired of Oberon's favorite yet? Or are you simply waiting to see how long he lasts in your court?

Send me Anons about my muses relationships  @puckish-fae

   I have lived longer than before Christ was born being queen of so many monstrous things.
You think I would so easily tire of one jaded fae who simply needs to vent?
   Have you no concept of what I did once I was victim of my son’s betrayal?
If not you’ve missed a significant part of Irish history then.
  And while I will not suffer any of my subjects to act as I had now,
so long as he follows the rules I set, and keeps his misdeeds to either a minimum, or to a level which will not endanger other’s of my kingdom,
   he is free to work out his anger as he wishes.
For I can not fault him for how he feels over having to have dealt with my son for so long.”

For the Dancing and the Dreaming keeps coming up on my playlist and it keeps giving me very intense Yuan/Martel feelings.

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