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18 Women Filmmakers On Gender and Representation In Hollywood
“It feels really good that the conversations are going on but now the question is: Will that actually translate to opportunity?”
By Jarett Wieselman

“BuzzFeed News asked women filmmakers at SXSW to share their feelings about the ongoing conversations around Hollywood’s need to hire more women directors.”

Read all the responses here, featuring S.J. Chiro, Noel Wells, Ana Asensio, Magdalena Zyzak, Dena Hysell, Janicza Bravo, Jennifer Reeder, Jessica Curtright, Katherine Fairfax Wright, Julia Halperin, Laura Terruso, Natalia Eite, Lysa Heslov, Valerie Weiss, Joi McMillon, Lauren Wolkstein, Renée Felice Smith, and Jessica M. Thompson.