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Okay, but I just read the Hanahaki fic with Ouma. And I cant help?? But feel? Feelings???? So for my tear-filled eyes fluff-loving heart, can you do one where you didn't get the surgery and Ouma was able to return his feelings, good ending and all? ;u; Thank you! I love all of you sweet mods' writings!

AAa! Of course! I believe I was going to do one but I soon forgot due to school ahaha- Sorry for the feelz, I just love making angsty Hanahaki disease fics. (I’ll copy-paste the first part of the a n g s t one-) (Also I went overboard WHOOPS-)

  • It just happened
  • You were just in math class, and in the middle, you coughed, and instead of it being ‘normal’, your hand had a single lilac petal covered in blood resting in your palm
  • You first looked at it questionably, but then your eyes widened, ‘Hanahaki…’
  • You raised your hand as quick as you could, asking to go to the bathroom, and your teacher let you free
  • You quickly rushed, passing by Ouma, the person who caused you to have this dreaded disease
  • Once you got there, you locked the door behind you and coughed as much as you could in the trash can
  • Hanahaki was common in young girls, but you didn’t want to be seen with it, the color almost truly gave away who you loved
  • Once you were finished, you stared at the many lilacs in the trash, some vomit around them as coughing so heavily caused you to throw-up
  • You felt your hands start shaking, and you feel to the floor, still realizing what happened
  • ‘I-I have Hanahaki…W-why must I have loved him like this?!’ You whispered to yourself
  • After a few minutes of crying, you freshened up and headed back to your class, where the bell rang signalling the end of the school day
  • ‘S/O! Do you want to hang out with me?’ You heard the boy that caused this, and turned quickly to face his smiling face, a genuine smile
  • ‘A-ah, no I’m sorry, I have a lot of homework to do! Maybe another time?’ You smiled, but once you felt it shake, you could tell me knew you lied
  • ‘S/O, what’s wrong,’ He raised his thumb to your cheek, feeling the wet skin from your tears, ‘Wh-why were you crying? Was it Kaito?! I’ll kick his ass…’
  • You quickly shook your head, ‘N-no, nothing is wrong!’ Why would you lie… how could you even lie to the master of liars…
  • He pouted his lips, ‘Something must be wrong, come on, aren’t we friends?!’
  • You continued to shake your head, but before you knew it, you broke down coughing, the lilacs fluttering to the ground near your feet
  • Ouma then started to back up, ‘Y-you have Hanahaki!?’ He then breathed in, ‘It’s for Kaito isn’t it? I should’ve know…’
  • He then crouched down to you, ‘I’m sure the loser loves you back, he’s told me.’ You could’ve sworn you saw his smile falter for a moment.
  • You then started to cry, ‘No-no, it’s not him! Ouma, it-i…’ You couldn’t find your words, the Hanahaki wasn’t allowing you to say the words.
  • Then you just shouted, ‘Who else do you know who has purple hair that matches these lilacs!’
  • You ran out of the school, going home, you didn’t even see his reaction, he’s probably laughing about it, thinking that he would never love someone like you.
  • Ouma stood there, dumbfounded for a few seconds and then slowly picked up one of the lilac petals.
  • ‘Purple hair…’ He then grabbed part of his hair down to the petal…it matched perfectly.
  • He then quickly got up and sprinted after you, some people staring at him as he looked like a purple blur (gotta b l a s t-)
  • ‘S/O!’ You turned around to see a small purple person running at yo- oh shit it’s Ouma
  • ‘G-go away!’ You then turned around to sprint again, but he was much quicker than you and pretty much tackled you
  • ‘S/O! Calm down!’ He held your hands above your head, and straddled your waist (god damn let’s hope no one sees this looks wrong-)
  • ‘W-what do you want?’ You had tears in your eyes, as you coughed up more petals to your side.
  • He then pouted and leaned down to your face, ‘Well, you just told me you liked me, how do you think I would react?’ He stared in your eyes, as you desperately tried to look away, but he grabbed your chin to look at him
  • ‘I t-thought you would l-laugh…’ He then chuckled a little, which hurt your heart more.
  • He then kissed your cheek, which you jerked a bit, staring at him with wide eyes.
  • ‘That’s quite a lie you believed S/O, I would never do that to you.’ He said with his signature cheeky grin before kissing you on the lips.
  • You squeaked loudly, the pain in your chest going away almost instantly, it was cured…
  • He then pulled away and jumped up, holding his hand out to lift you up.
  • As you took his hand, he quickly lifted you up into a tight hug, ‘Glad I got to you before you got the surgery?’ He said while smiling.
  • You pulled away and then placed his ear in between your breasts, ‘Do you still have the disease?’ You blushed deeply at his doing…that
  • ‘N-no, it seemed to be cured when you kissed me Kokichi.’ He then raised his head and smirked
  • ‘You should say my name more often…’ He then hugged you tight again, before you felt a nip at your neck.
  • He pulled away again and was smirking at the small hickey. ‘Glad I can make you my own S/O~’
  • K-kokichi I swear…’ You placed your had at your neck and grabbed his hand, ‘Come on, I want to go home now.’
  • ‘Nishishi, so forward S/O~’ 
  • ‘…is that a lie?~’
  • ‘…n-no.’
  • ‘I can tell a lie when I hear one S/O~ I am the master liar, but my feelings will never be a lie.’ He said grinning as he kissed you once again.
Sith Society

Society and Culture Headcanons~

I’m sure most of us know the gist of Sith society and culture thanks to Wookieepedia. Brutal, war mongering, xenophobic people with a strict caste system… all that good stuff lol.

But here are just some of my headcanons on the past (pre exiles landing on Korriban) and present day Sith. (and by “present day” I mean SWTOR time).

Putting it under a ‘read more’ cause it got long lol. Read the Bio one here!

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Hi! Loving what you're doing so far with this blog ♡ Can I request platonic headcanons for the main three with their female/or male bff?

I love platonic headcanons! Friendship is just as valuable as any romantic relationship !! I tried to keep these domestic, since I want to develop what the characters are like off of the ice. For the character of my choice, I just did Viktor to save myself a little bit of time. I hope you enjoy~ Thank you for the requests! ((And special thanks to @laikamay for helping me brainstorm!)) <3

[Viktor Nikiforov]

  • This man is the greatest best friend in the wo r l d
  • He remembers every single anniversary, birthday, etc. of you and your family members
  • and of course on these dates he showers you in thoughtful aND expensive gifts
  • plaTONIC CUDDLES ((if you’re comfortable with it of course))
  • You guys usually hold hands in public, and are often mistaken as a couple at stores and in restaurants
  • your S/O is probably jealous i mean i would feel threatened by him js
  • He’s basically the (gay) best friend that gives you fashion advice and knows exactly what colors look best on you
  • He loves taking you shopping and likes to pick out clothes for you, and he’ll pay for them if you don’t like the price
  • ugh need me a freak like that
  • He’s basically the aunt that is always drunk and giving you advice you didn’t ask for
  • You’ve gotten drunk together so many times
  • and you usually need a third sober person accompanying you to make sure you two don’t get into any troublesome shenanigans
  • If you’re sad or upset, he’ll buy you flowers and chocolate and cuddle with you on the couch and marathoning shitty sitcoms from the 2000s
  • He’s the shoulder for you to cry on, and he gives the hugs that completely envelop you into his body
  • Viktor absolutely loves your family
  • He knows your parents as well as you do, if not better
  • Sometimes you come home to visit your family and find Viktor spending time with your parents and/or siblings without you there
  • You guys take so many vacations together, at least once a year
  • Sometimes you get insecure because so many people adore him and he’s so friendly to everyone; you sometimes get it on your head that you’re not worthy of his friendship
  • and he usually comforts you by hugging you tight and telling you he loves you over and over
  • He’s a little in love with you, but your friendship is too solid for him to want to go any further; he loves what you two have already
  • You guys are the best of friends and everyone else should be envious of what you have

[Yuri Katsuki]

  • Omg he’s the most caring and wonderful best friend you could ever ask for
  • He’s the mom friend, basically
  • he’s such a mom bc he cares so much about your health and making sure you’re well fed and everything omfg need me a freak like that
  • He brings you to so many restaurants to try so many different foods
  • And he always pays, since he likes treating you so much
  • you’re never gonna starve with this boy at your side nope he’s got u covered
  • He knows all of the best and cheapest restaurants to bring you to, and it’s almost like a little adventure for him to bring you to new places when he finds one
  • He may be like you mom, but he isn’t the best at doing a mother’s job
  • He is very enabling and gives you too much freedom, which isn’t always very good for keeping you out of trouble
  • if you ask him for advice he’ll probably go full circle and end up talking you into doing whatever stupid decision you were going to make anyway  jfc Yuri put your foot down
  • He gives you the freedom, but will go into protective mode if you aren’t being safe
  • Yuri is a human furnace, so you usually end up huddling up to him for warmth on movie nights and falling asleep on him
  • And he gives the best hugs ever, and they’re perfect for when you’re sad or upset
  • You guys have a pact that states that only one of you can be drunk at once, since the other is sworn to take care of the drunken best friend
  • When you’re the one drinking, he takes such good care of you and makes sure you drink plenty of water
  • and he keeps a bucket next to you at all times just in case shit gets real
  • When he’s drunk, you’re basically animal control and have to find a way to tame the beast; you usually just lure him with photos of Viktor or food
  • you bought a leash but seldom use it because you don’t want strangers to think you’re kinky bastards or anything
  • He gets super embarrassed when you have to take care of him, so he usually takes you out for a meal as an apology and as a hangover cure for himself
  • This boy is super sweet and would probably go to the ends of the earth if you needed him to

[Yuri Plisetsky]

  • He’s the best friend that’s super chill and pretends not to pay much mind to you and your actions, but he cares deeply
  • You guys are bickering and calling each other names constantly
  • “(Y/N), you’re a stupid fucking dumbass.”
  • “Well at least my haircut doesn’t look like shit, unlike you, Yuri!”
  • honestly it’s super fun and cute but some people think you guys hate each other
  • He’s that best friend that takes you shopping at least twice a month, if not twice a week
  • He gets super jealous when you spend time with other people, and he never likes meeting/letting new people into your established squad
  • “(Y/N) no who the fuck is this look at me ignore them pls pay attention t o  m e”
  • He has incredibly high standards for your partner/other friends, and he probably won’t accept them until he’s met them on more than one occasion
  • His expectations are pretty unrealistic, but it’s only because he thinks so highly of you and knows that you deserve the best
  • If you show up at his front door drunk, he’ll scold you for being so careless and for walking around alone in the streets intoxicated
  • he’s not actually mad at you he just cares so much for your safety and wellbeing ;-;
  • He usually takes the ‘tough love’ approach when comforting you, since he doesn’t really like physical contact all that much
  • He’ll probably just buy you junk food and sit with you while you’re sad
  • if you’re sad because of a breakup he’ll just be like “psh I never liked them anyway you deserve better”
  • You’ve hugged probably twice in your lives, and one of them was when he came home after he won gold at the Grand Prix Final
  • Your bond is stronger through conversation and emotion than through physical contact, so you don’t need hugs that much, anyway
  • but he does like it when you play with his hair when you’re sleepy hehe
  • He would never let just anyone be his best friend, so be honored that he chose you over everyone else

[Jean-Jacques Leroy]

  • Let’s be real, he’s going to flirt with you no matter what you are to him
  • even though he’s engaged omg he’s so extra but i love h i m
  • In the car, he’ll serenade you to songs that play on the radio, and you’ll be laughing at him the whole time because he’s so dramatic about it
  • JJ always picks the music; he’s an aux cord hog and a bad one at that
  • Unless it’s your birthday, then you get to pick the music for one day
  • He brings you out on dates with his fiancé, and she can get pretty jealous of your friendship with JJ
  • sometimes she’ll give him the cold shoulder and he’ll have to kick you out but he’ll text you for hours after that
  • You’re close to his family, and they love you like their own child
  • He’s very passionate when he’s drunk, and can get pretty sappy
  • He usually ends up taking a billion drunk selfies and confessing his love to you
  • (Y/N) listen. Just listen. You’re my best fucking friend. Like, best. fucking. friend. I love you so fucking much, (Y/N). Holy shit I think I need to puke
  • When you drink, though, he makes sure to take it easy so he’s sober enough to look after you and make sure you don’t get into any trouble
  • He’s very protective of you, especially when people try to hit on you in a creepy way
  • he’s gotten into bar fights over people flirting with you honestly save this boy
  • He’s surprisingly good at giving gifts ???? he’s very thoughtful and gets things you didn’t even know you needed
  • As he’s super competitive, he’ll initiate random competitions between the two of you
  • He wins nearly every time, but he’ll buy you ice cream or coffee to make it up to you
  • he always feels so guilty when you lose but his competitiveness makes it hard for him not to win
  • When you’re sad or upset, he’ll sing to you and give you hugs and run his hands through your hair
  • He hates it when you cry, so he’ll go to the ends of the earth to make you stop; seeing you that sad makes his heart break a little bit
  • He wants to get matching tattoos with you, but won’t pressure you into it
  • He’s engaged and whatever, but I assure you that you’re the second love of his life and best friend forever

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[climbs thru ur window] hello friend!! i was wondering if u could possibly do a rfa + v and unknown in college hc?? 😄 (or just yoosung if ur not feelin it) hope u have a great day !! [tuck and rolls while dabbing out the door]

& anotha one:  Hi! I love your blog, such great headcanons! If I may request if you haven’t done this already- university au headcanons of RFA + V? Like their majors and how they hang out? Thanks you lovely!

oh hello welcome welcome pls come in and make urself at home. do u want coffee or tea?? we live in the apartment complex of mysme hell. i couldn’t stop thinking about this…….. get fucking READY,,,, i’d respond with a dab too but the last time i dabbed i hit someone in the face so let’s..,,, not… annieways i’m probably basing this college off something like a small college city of thing, i’m touring colleges rn so this is especially fun!!

this is gonna be long, more under the cut!


the type of guy to probably end up in marketing or business for a major, and absolutely lives and dies for that shit. find him at the library quietly studying or spending time on his dad’s yacht on the weekends. probably diligently prepares for every single exam and aces his classes; this isn’t surprising since he acts as if he’s sold his soul to his major. probably the kind of guy that raises his hand to answer every question. not to be a dick or anything but just because he really does know and has already gone over the material thrice. doesn’t bike to his classes, even though almost everybody on campus does and he has a chauffeur. he’s always super fancy looking and has probably been wearing a three piece when he came out the fucking womb. it’s really awkward seeing him at school events because he is so severely overdressed until v finally pulls him aside and is like, “hey… jumin you can’t wear a three piece to every event.“ “why not” “this is literally a trip to the beach jumin.” you’ll onest to god never catch jumin slipping but one day he wears sweatpants to class and everyone also stares at him this is worse but jumin also has never gave a shit so v is just l i v i n g through this and takin so many photos.


oh god, he’s so cute. he’s the cute guy that everyone fawns over when they have a class with him and yoosung is actually fucking oblivious because he’s so caught up in LOLOL. of course he’s studying to be a vet too, and of course women are swooning over his baby cute looks. perfect skin, blonde hair with cute clips, probably rides a bike and owns like 2 messenger bags that look exactly the same, never has he ever heard of a binder and stuffs all his work into a notebook. he drifts club to club a lot and he’s very sweet like he was in high school, just more distracted and it’s hard to get ahold of him outside of his classes because he’s so attached to playing LOLOL. probably sits in the grass quad with seven and buys the fundraising cupcakes the sell there too at the club booths. also frequents the cafe too and always has his laptop by his side, it has a couple of dent marks from dropping it while rushing to class. probably works at the starbucks on campus and gets hit on a lot but he’s so dense about it that he just assumes nobody wants him. sees jaehee a lot and they’re on a first name basis!!! he draws sparkles on her cup when she orders stuff!!! always plays with people’s pets when he sees them, has a pet goldfish. lowkey failing his classes tbh. tried weed like once with seven and now smokes sometimes on the down low because he gets better at LOLOL and it soothes him a little.


don’t play these fucking games with me because you know damn well he’s an arts major, specifically theater arts. sings on his way to classes. every single girl knows who he is, he has his own fan club. photography majors always want him for a muse so he has a waiting list. is in every single fucking production, usually as one of the leads and at the least a side character with a solo. everyone loves him so he could be playing a fucking tree and they’d still give the tree a meaningful background and a solo. once somebody dm’d him saying they’d pay a hundred dollars for a strand of his hair. always hosting parties and always cool with the frats, but doesn’t really join one because sharing a bathroom is a no bueno for the man. passes his classes with not much of a program, he has pretty average grades and skateboards on his way to classes, eventually switches out to a bike because skateboarding is more dangerous and he could fall and hurt that precious face of his. legend has it if you catch him riding his bike at sundown his hair actually glitters and his eyes turn into a beautiful sunset too. everyone kinda gets annoyed at him because he’s so douchey and cocky but he’s never snobby or rude to other people so they’re just mad that he has like a thousand second long snapchat stories of just his face. got really trashed at a party and has a tattoo on his butt now. he hangs around v a lot but hanging with v means jumin is a package deal sometimes and zen honestly wants to throw fucking hands at jumin something just bOTHERS him

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‘The world is black and white, that’s just how it is. Until you meet your soul-mate, and then it’s apparently like a ka-boom and a wa-zow!

Tony’s never had a soul-mate, and he doesn’t really mind that Pepper’s never made him see a whole new world. Well, he doesn’t mind until he meets a certain god who kind of sort of blows his world out of the damn water.’

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