if not then thats just a wasted oppertunity

The main thing I want from the new doctor is an eccentric doctor outfit. lets have a return to iconic doctor outfits.

Peter Capaldis doctor started as just another variation of a suit, and then became just a mix of plain clothes hoodies and sunglasses. Please give us somethign new. Please don’t waste the oppertunity for something glorious and mad and truley worthy of the doctor. Not that boring black hoodie and coat. I really hope thats just her/them in 12′s old clothes. 

down with dark!doctor aesthetic, in with the wild and brilliant alien aesthetic. put 13 in neon green jeans and a pirate shirt, or highheeled cowboy boots and a checker jumpsuit, or glitter encrusted trousers and a hawaiian shirt and velcro sandles.

just give us something mad, and wonderful, and alien again