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So, the title of the musical is "The Song in Your Heart". Apart from an obvious ripoff (they will sing about - whatever's in their hearts?) what's your first associative knee-jerk reaction? :)

Just this:

Do you think there will ever be a Black Doctor on Doctor Who?

If not as the Doctor, then a Time Lord or a major character that is not a sidekick or a villain? Representation would be nice.

Edit: disclaimer was hidden in tags. Only watched the Eleventh Doctor.

Replies to answers about Martha:

  • Companion: She was only a companion. Yes, she may have had more screen time than other characters, aside from the Doctor, but her character wasn’t necessarily in the position of power. The first line about Martha on Wiki about the development of her character is “Throughout Doctor Who series three, Martha pined for the Doctor’s affection.” I may have not watched the series and witnessed her character though based on wiki’s length article on her, it seems like she only held a minor position of power in the Doctor Who world.
  • Screen time: Yes she was on for ‘several seasons’ (imdb doesn’t say exactly how many seasons though it looks to be roughly 1.5) for a total of 19 episodes. Yet there are 7 seasons with more to come. In the Eleventh docotor’s world, I haven’t seen a character of power (who isn’t evil) that was a person of colour.