if not oh well it's still funny

Y’know, I really enjoy the concept of Clark Kent.

Like, minus the whole superman aspect.

because, like, okay I can buy that maybe he can disguise himself well enough to hide the fact that he’s superman, but i doubt any amount of slouching and glasses wearing can truly disguise that he’s a very tall EXTREMELY muscular man with a jawline that can cut glass.

So basically this newspaper office has this guy who looks like a weightlifter/supermodel just hanging around but he wears glasses and acts like a huge nerd and everyone just goes with it???

Like “Oh yeah, that’s Clark. No no he works here. Oh no don’t bother being intimidated by him, talk to him for five minutes and he’ll devolve into a lecture on proper tractor maintenance. We like Clark.”

 I wonder if the ladies in the office ever drag him with them to bars so they don’t have to worry about creeps trying to harass them like “back off creeps our friend here is 6′4″ and grew up chucking hay bales” 
And then it’s funny because (as far as they know) Clark is like, the meekest lil nerd around. (He don’t look it though!!!!)

It’s just incredible to me that Clark Kent can pull off being a quiet harmless dork while still looking like, well, superman. 

  • L: Also, from now on we'll be using codenames. You can address me as "Eagle One".
  • L: Aiber is "Been There, Done That"
  • L: Light is "Currently Doing That" *high fives him*
  • L: Matsuda is "It Happened Once in a Dream"
  • L: Misa is "If I Had to Pick a Girl"
  • L: Chief is... "Eagle Two"
  • Chief: Oh, thank god.
  • [Later]
  • L [about Aizawa]: "I'd Be Lying If I Said I Hadn't Thought About It" is in position.


fic rec for @chuuchuuyaa and i really wanted to add little blurbs and reviews so you could pick ones ur interested in but i love every one of these and theyre all so amazing i rec reading all of them hh 

Speed Demons by Esselle - /Kagehina/ -  street racing au !!!

Follow Rivers by surveycorpsjean - /Bokuakakurotsukki/ - angst for my bby bo 

Rules by ConesOfDunshire - /Bokuaka/ - this is my favorite bokuaka. ever.

Need by ConesOfDunshire - /Kuroo/Terushima/ - pt 2 of rules just as good this fic made me start shipping these two tbh

I’m a Come on Too Strong by Ardett- /Bokuaka/ - ANNGST for bo again im sorry hes so pure and sweet he doesnt deSERVE THIS 

Four Idiots in a House by miyaji_08 - /Bokuakakuroitsukki/ - wonderful!! and v interesting plot (also kenma my cryptid babe)

Scandalize Me by jenjen92 - /Iwaoi/ - dont remember too much of what happened oiks is a popular actor andhim and iwa haven talked in a long time and shit its goood 

Efflorescence by h_lovely - /Matsuhana/ - THIS ONE IS AMAZING MATSUKAWA IS D A D D Y MATERIAL IN THIS AND HOLLYY FUCK THE PLOT IS AMAZING AND THE CHARACTERS ARE SO WELL WRITTEN AND SDJFH also recc checking out the authors other works bc holy shit their writing is amazing 

if you wanna be by orphan_account - /iwaoi/ - this was so pure and funny and just as much matsuhana silliness as it was iwaoi soo good 

i’ll fall with gravity by ebenroot - /iwaoi/ - marvel evengers/x-men au this was like watching a movie i shit you n o t. the writing in this is beyond amazing and you will read the whole thing in one sitting even though its long as shit pt 2 is just as amazing however the author is on hiatus and has been for a while i believe :( but still worth reading! 

love in the time of wifi by dalyeau - /bokuaka/ - short and sweet soo so cute 

better than spy films by dalyeau - /bokuaka/ - i dont,, remember what this was about tbh but this author is amazing im looking through all their works and im gonna go read some lmao

the jacket you never returned by daisuga -/bokuaka?/ - idk if i can even call it that tbh ANGSTi read this years ago but im still tearing up oh my god this ones gonna hurt so so bad holy fuck 

Mannequin Men by surveycorpsjean - /bokuakakurotsukki/ - theyre all models. hot funny and charming models. probably my fav fic for this ship tbh the story is amazing the characters personalities are distinct and its just so well written sdfgh please do read this one

aaand those are some of my favorites! hope you like some of them! also for anyone else feel free to add on i had lots of fun doing this tbh. you can check out some of my writing too @kageyamaotori on ao3 my bokuakakurotsukki gets good after a the first or second chapter i think or at least better and i have a fem iwaoi too and a short bokuaka but only if you want hh

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Thanks for the explanation about Charles Grey's popularity! It's fascinating. I still don't really get it, though. ^^; While some of these traits are some I like myself as well, I still can't help but to feel like he (and Phipps, too, tbh) has little to no character. But that's just my personal opinion of course! No hard feelings for anyone who likes him!

Oh no, I don’t really care that much about Grey either (lol), but I’ll definitely defend Phipps! (`・ω・´) He’s actually super funny and adorable despite his poker face! :D

Phipps is

  • a gentleman and is always kind to women and children

he helped Mey-Rin get up (ch38)

and took care of this small girl on the rescue ship (Campania arc)

  • is also kind to animals

he raised this chick from the Easter chapter

to this beautiful chicken (ch108)

  • as a first-class butler, he’s good at everything (he’s actually as perfect as Sebastian and Agni)

he’s even able to charm snakes with a flute!! xD

  • he likes doing “girl’s” stuff, e.g. knitting, cooking, baking cakes and decorating Easter Eggs
  • he’s proud of his knitting ability

*Phipps’ adorable self-praise scene*

  • has a sexy mole
  • he looks mature but is actually younger than Grey (!!!)

He doesn’t appear in the manga often, so I get that you think he has no character, but if you pay attention to the details and read Yana’s blog posts, you’ll find out that he’s actually a very adorable person!! (≧▽≦)

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false teeth, aliens seeing people put their fingers in their mouths and just pull their teeth out to clean or them laughing and having the teeth fall out... imagine the horror

(Oh my God first suggestion or whatever!)

Oooooh this is a good idea! I think Imma write like a little story for this!

Ziexxuonae was just walking around, just checking up on the crew members. More specifically, the humans. Only because humans are always trying to do stuff they shouldnt do. And they’ll try to do it even after you tell them ‘no’ so you really have to catch them. So really,  Ziexxuonae was just checking up on the humans to make sure they werent doing anything that could potentially destroy the ship.

Ziexxuonae was walking past two of xer really good human friends. And they were already having a conversation, so Ziexxuonae decided to join in. Talking is a very good way to further your bonding with a human, so the human guide says.”Lana! Rosa! Hello!”

Rosa turned their head and looked over and up to  Ziexxuonae, “Yo! Zi!”

Lana looked up to Ziexxuonae and waved happily,”Hello Zi!”

Both of them bared their teeth. Even though the Human Guide said humans bare their teeth as a greeting and that its a good thing, it still sends chills down  Ziexxuonae’s spine.”What were you two talking about?”

“Oh, well, we were talking about a little accident that happened when Lana was little.”

“Yeah, it sucked then. But now its something I can laugh about!”

“Oh? Well… may I ask what the accident was?”

Lana nodded.”Of course, Of course! So, when I was 16, I tripped down then stairs and hit my mouth really hard. Long story short, I had to get most of the top row of my teeth removed.”

“But… you have top row teeth right now?”

At the moment, Lana reached into her mouth and just straight up pulled out her fake teeth. Ziexxuonae was immediately horrified.”Oh no! You need a medic! Human teeth arent suppose to come out like that!” Rosa and Lana immediately started laughing. And they were laughing hard. Ziexxuonae was very confused. Werent humans concerned when another human was hurt? Rosa wasnt concerned with Lana’s wellbeing at all! “Why are you two laughing! This isnt funny!”

“No, No! Zi its Ok!” Rosa was finally able to say. And they were still a giggling mess.”Those are fake teeth or well- dentures. They are suppose to be able to come out. You see, Lana lost her adult teeth so fake ones had to replace them.”

“B-But they arent attached? Like permanently?”

Lana put her dentures back in place.”I hate it when they’re called dentures! It makes me feel so old! But they arent suppose to be attached like that. Its just not how they are suppose to be.”

Ziexxuonae paused and then slowly nodded.”O-Okay…”

Rosa’s giggling was replaced by a concerned face.”Zi, you good?”

Ziexxuonae nodded.”Yes. I just… I just need to go take a little break.” Ziexxuonae waved bye to xer human companions and then went to their room to just think over what xey just learned.

Humans are truly terrifying

NCT127-Reaction to you calling them oppa for the first time

-Main Admin, M.

Taeyong: You and taeyong were walking around the park when you suddendly saw an ice cream car and you really wanted one.

¨Oh, I want i cream, can we get one, oppa?¨

You never called him that so by you doing so he got really flustered and didn´t know what to do. 

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Johnny: You were really having fun with johnny at the Zoo, there were so many beautiful animals, the best one was the elephants, they could draw and even play soccer you and Johnny were amazed by it, by both of you being  from the States, you both have never seen something like that.

¨wow, look at the drawing the elephant did, Oppa¨

Johnny started blussing and started getting nervios.


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Yuta: Yuta always liked to film you, he would say it was for a ¨project¨ but Winwin already told you that whenever they travel he would watch those videos, you really didn´t mind that since you found it cute, and as usual Yuta was filming you as you make dinner for both of you, you look at him.

¨Can you pass me the tomatos, Oppa¨

He put his camera down and looked at you, He then turned around and passed you the tomates, and continued filming you, little did you know that behind the camera he was smiling so much.

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Winwin: Winwin was having an interview with all of nct 127 members, you were listening to them while you did your homework.

¨there is actually a funny story about Winwin¨ Doyoung says, and you were actually curious to see what did your boyfried Winwin do this time.

¨Well Winwin got called Oppa by someone really important to him, and he couldn´t stop talking about it, even now that is been 3 weeks he stills mentione its¨

¨oh!, he is getting all nervios now¨

¨look at his ears they are red¨

You laughed in your room, The moment you called him oppa, was a really fun expierence to you too.

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Taeil: you have never call Taeil oppa before it was never your thing to call him or anyone oppa, but you were curious to see how he would react to you calling him that.


Taeil looked at you while he was cooking dinner, and smiled a little 

¨soo… i´m your oppa, right?¨

Originally posted by taeiloves

Doyoung: Doyoung really wanted you to call him oppa, but that was just not your thing, Today he was being so annoying with it, that you ended up calling him like that by accident.

¨why are you so annoying, oppa¨

He would get so shy that his cheeks would turn red.

Originally posted by doyoungk

Jaehyun: It was a normal day for you and Jaehyun, the two of you would just lay in bed the whole day, doing nothing, like really nothing and out of the blue you just called him.

¨Oppa, I´m hungry¨

He would look at you but then look away laughing shyly, you really made him feel  flustered

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Mark: As you liked to tease Mark a lot, you tried by calling him oppa, in a really cute way, which is nothing like you, because you hate doing cute stuff, but wanted to see his reaction.

¨Mark Oppa, can we go for ice cream¨

you thought his eyes were going to go out of his face because he was really surprise by you doing that.

¨Mark..what?¨ He would ask you even more surprised.

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Haechan: He wasn´t your oppa since you guys were the same age, but Mark told you that haechan sometimes wanted to be call oppa, so you tried out one day and the result was really Haechan like.

¨Oppa.¨ you look at him to see his reaction but he was more like, gif

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Family // FP & Jughead Jones

Request: Can you do a FP Jones x reader x Jughead Jones oneshot where the reader is FP’s gf for awhile & Jug has never liked the reader(you can make up why he don’t like her). When she gets prego w/ FP’s baby, Jug gets distant towards FP&everyone? When the reader is 9 mo, she goes into labor but FP isn’t there to be w/ her bc he’s in jail or something, so she begs for Jug to be there bc she doesn’t want to be alone. he gives in & he’s happy to meet his new baby sibling & calls reader mom? Fluff plz!

Pairing: FP Jones x girlfriend!reader, jughead jones x mom!reader

Words: 2053

Warnings: fluuuufffff, may kill u

A/n: y/b/n, is your baby’s name. Also, I hope y'all like this.

You pace the length of the trailer bathroom nervously, eyeing the piece of plastic on the counter every so often.

This is the most nervous you’ve felt in your whole life. While FP was asleep, you ran to the nearest drug store and picked up a pregnancy test. You had missed your period for two months now, and the first time you dismissed it as an irregularity because of your birth control. However, once the second month rolled around and there was still no blood, you knew something was up.

So here you are. You decided that you would wait until you knew for sure before scaring the shit out of FP. Come to think of it, you had no idea how he would react. The thought just made you more nervous.

Over a minute had passed, and you thought for sure that the pregnancy test must be done. You had placed it upside down on the toilet lid so you wouldn’t have to look at it. You picked it up, flipping it around …

All of the air was taken from you as you saw the two lines on the stick.

You were excited, but the uncertainty of FP’s reaction overshadowed it.

You take a deep breath, grabbing the stick and hiding it behind you. Walk out of the bathroom and toward the kitchen, and you smell freshly brewed coffee.

As you walk into the kitchen, you see FP’s back turned to you.

“Uh, FP,” your voice comes out weak.

He turns around,“Morning, baby. Coffee?” He notices your worried expression instantly,“Are you alright?”

You clear your throat, but then decide that you didn’t really need to talk. You brought the stick that was previously hidden behind your back into view, and FP’s eyes widen.

He doesn’t say anything, and you feel tears come to your eyes,“I’m pregnant, Forsythe.”

He still says nothing, and tears drop down your cheeks. He’s been staring at your stomach this whole time, but finally looks up at you,“Hey, why are you crying, doll? This is a good thing, right?”

“It is? I just didn’t know if you were ready or if you thought-”

His laughter cuts you off, and you send a confused expression. You were sitting here crying and he thinks this is funny?

“Baby, sweetheart. Of course we’re ready. I’ve got a job, you’ve got a job. We love each other. The next thing is, well, is this,” he says with a cheeky smile.

“Oh thank god,” you run up to him, encasing him in hug. You can’t hear the door open over your excitement.

“Hey, dad- whoa, sorry,” Jughead suddenly walks in, and looks away.

“Jug, its fine. We were just hugging,” you separate from FP, both of your mouths still smiling wide.

Jug turns back to you, him being the confused one now,“What’s with all the excitement?” But as soon as he finishes his sentence, he notices the stick you’re holding.

His face drops instantly,“Oh. You’re pregnant.”

“Wow, Jughead. Don’t sound so enthusiastic,” his dad retorts.

“So this is actually a thing. You’re not just replacing mom, but you’re trying to replace Jellybean too,” he says with a hard expression.

You open your mouth to say something, but decide it’s probably better if FP handled it.

“Jug, I’ve been with y/n for over a year. You have to accept this, and you have to accept your mom left me and doesn’t want to come back. I will love this child, but no more than I love you or Jellybean,” FP says with a hopeful look.

Jughead just shakes his head and exits the trailer.


After you had gotten pregnant, Jughead almost completely cut off ties with you and his father. He was even being distant toward his friends, but not on purpose.

You’re about seven months along, and you had just witnessed FP getting arrested for the murder of Jason Blossom. This murder case has put a damper on your mood throughout your pregnancy, with FP trying his hardest to keep your mind off of it. For you and the baby’s sake.

The news about FP being arrested hasn’t spread yet, so you decide it would be best for Jug to hear it from you. Even if he hates you.

After taking longer than what is normal to get your shoes on, you get in your car, making your way to Pop’s, the best place for you to search for Jughead.

When you arrive, you see through the glass hay Jughead is sitting with his three friends, like usual.

You walk into Pops, your eyes still red from crying when they took FP away.

Approaching the booth, Archie clears his throat and gets Jughead’s attention.

He looks up at you, previously smiling, but it drops when he realizes who it is.

“Can I talk to you Jug? It’s important, about your father,” you croak.

“You can tell me in front of them,” he says, sneering slightly.

“Uh, okay, if you insist,” he stays silent when you pause. “Okay, well. FP has just been arrested for the murder of Jason Blossom. I just thought you should be the first one to know.”

All four of the teens eye’s widen, and no one says anything until Betty speaks up,“Uh, thanks for telling us Y/n.”

You nod, exiting the diner. You almost wish you wouldn’t have told Jughead, and would’ve let him find it out for himself. But then he’d only hate you more.

*two months later*

“Well, looks like I’m having a baby,” you glance down at the floor in disgust at the pool of water between your legs.

You sigh, deciding that with contractions, it may not be the best to drive. So you decide the best way to go would be to call Fred Andrews, FP’s best friend.

You dial his number, waiting patiently for him to pick up the phone.

F: hello?

Y: hey, yeah, it’s y/n. My water just kind of broke, and I don’t think I’m in the best position to drive myself to the hospital.

F: oh. Oh! Oh shit! Yeah, I’ll be there in five. Just, uh, hang in there?

Y: yeah, sure. Just hurry, please.

You hang up your phone, grabbing a drawstring bag with some things you want to take to the hospital with you.

You walk out to the porch of the trailer barefoot (because honestly, you weren’t bending over at this point) and wait for Fred to pull up.

Once he does, he puts it in park and rushes up to you, helping you to the passenger side of his truck. There was no way in hell you were getting up there yourself.

Once you were both in the car and on the way to the hospital, a sudden wave of depression hit you. Hormones for one, and the fact that you knew FP wouldn’t be there for you.

You pull out your cellphone, scrolling to the only contact that would make sense to call. Jughead.

He doesn’t answer you, of course, but you leave a voicemail.

“Hey, Jug. I just wanted to let you know that I’m going into labor, and your dad can’t be with me so I was really, really hoping you would come and see your sibling be born. I know it may be a lot to ask. I’m begging you. I cannot do this alone. I know you hate me, but I’ve grown to love you. And I really hope I’ll see you in that hospital room.”

You hang up with a sigh, and you then realize that you’re at the hospital.

“He’s a good kid. I’m sure he’ll show up. You sure you’re alright on your own?” Feed questions.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine. I do need help getting out of this truck though,” you say with a laugh.

“OH LORD HAVE MERCY IS IT COMING YET?” It’s an hour later, and you’re squirming in your hospital room. Contractions are bad, and you just wish this sucker would pop out already.

You reach for your phone, about to leave Jughead the fourth voicemail.

To your surprise, he picks up this time.

“Y/n, you’ve left me three voicemails. What could you possibly want from me that bad?” He questions, slightly agitated.

“Well, I’m currently contracting a lot, my water broke earlier. Soon I’ll be popping this child out of me, and I was really hoping you would be here with me because your father can’t.”

Before he can reply, you drop your phone as you grip the bed rails, another painful contraction coming on.

A nurse comes in,“Alright, Miss L/n, it’s time to go. Is anyone coming?”

“I think my step son might be coming, the baby’s brother, but I don’t know,” you squirm again.

“Alright, we’ll keep an eye out for him,” she replies and begins to push your bed to another room as a contraction comes on.



“Alright, get ready to push!” You look around nervously, not seeing Jughead.

He didn’t come. He hates you that much, that he’d skip out on seeing his little brother or sister born?

“Y/n, push!” You let out a deranged scream as you push again, feeling like you’re getting nowhere.

As the doctor tells you to push again, you feel a hand on yours.

You open your eyes, half expecting to see FP, but instead see Jughead.

You mouth a thank you to him as you’re commanded once again to push, and you scream in pain. You tighten your grip on Jughead’s hand as a reaction, and he grabs back. Maybe he doesn’t hate you so much after all.

You pushed and pushed with all your might, thinking that you were going to break Jughead’s hand.

“Young man, would you like to cut the umbilical cord?” Jughead looks back to you for approval and you nod your head with a smile. You see his eyes crinkle and know that he’s smiling too.

After the cord is cut, a nurse takes the baby momentarily to clean them off.

After a moment, the nurse walks over to you,“Here’s your beautiful baby girl.”

You hold her in your arms, tears rolling down your face from the extreme joy swelling in your chest.

“Hello, little y/b/n,” you say with a smile.

“Y/b/n? Let me guess, dad’s idea?” Jughead asks with a smile.

“Of course.”


After the baby (finally) was delivered, you and Jughead were sent back to your original hospital room.

The nurses said after they cleaned the baby and wrapped her up, they would bring her to you.

“Alright, Miss L/n. Here’s your baby girl. When you want to rest just let one of us or this young man here know, and then we can lay her down,” the nurse says with a smile as she hands you your daughter.

You stroke her little nose, it was definitely FP’s. You couldn’t wait to see her little eyes open. Her hair was dark, like FP’s also. That definitely had given you heart burn.

You look over at Jughead, who decided to stay and take a seat in the corner.

“Jug, you want to hold her?” You look at him with a lazy smile.

He gets up from his chair, swallowing nervously. He walks to you, and you hand him y/b/n,“Make sure her head is resting on your arm.”

“Okay, okay,” Jughead mumbles nervously. “She’s so tiny.” He mutters as he gazes down at her.

“Yeah, most babies are,” you respond.

He rolls his eyes,“Still a smart ass on pain meds, I see.” He looks at the baby, and to your surprise, starts talking to her. “Hi, y/b/n. I’m sorry your dad can’t be here right now, but your big brother is. And I love you very much. So is mom. She loves you the most, probably. And even though I don’t act like it, I’m very grateful for her, and even more for you.”

Your mouth drops open a little bit when the word ‘mom’ comes out of his mouth, but you smile immediately afterwards.

“Jughead Jones, a softie. Who would have thought,” you smile.

He rolls his eyes again, smiling still.

“Babies do that to ya.”

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In honor of my favorite bisexual's birthday (and because I'm sick of being closeted) I'm coming out today



Im sorry but this is too funny and interesting for me to ignore

Mori calling Dazai and he’s avoiding him lmao look at his expression ! basically what’s going on Dazai’s mind:

Dazai:*beep beep* who is this?
Mori: Its me
Dazai: *boutta end the call*

But fully knowing that it is Chuuya:

Chuuya:*calling Dazai*
Dazai: Oh its Chuuya, *picks up anyway* Hello?

Who Said Fate Was Always Right?

Saw a gif ((which I will tag later, I am currently on mobile)) and this is what happened….

CANT YOU SEE IT ! like steve keeps trying to play flirt with tony and he shuts it down or gives negative feedback every time


Steve: Looking good today Tony ;) Tony: I guess so Steve: So Tony, are we ever going to stop beating around the bush and go on a date? Tony: Maybe if you got a job that supplies an actual paycheck i would consider it..

Like actual fuck boy Steve and Tony honestly doesn’t have time for this bullshit


Steve: You never hang out with me anymore. Tony: Yeah i know. Steve: Well why not? Tony: Cause your not on my list of priorities

Tony texts Steve about an Avengers meeting and later they start bickering and Steve’s all ‘well you obviously missed me since you messaged me…’ Tony just looks at him like he’s stupid and then deletes his number so when Steve texts him later he texts back “who’s this?” Steve: “hahah Tony, it’s me.” Tony: still don’t know who 'me’ is… Steve is all “your not that funny.” and Tony sends him a screen shot with “Sorry i don’t memorize every random number that texts my phone.” “ITS STEVE , why dont you have my number saved!?” Tony: oh i was deleting unimportant numbers the other day ..


Tony and Steve are soulmates and neither new until after Steve fucked up too many times and so Tony’s like fuck this guy im not staying with him if he only likes me because of some fate bullshit and Steve is all trying to convince Tony that they are MADE for each other and Tony is like “huh , there must of been a defect or something.”


Steve causally puts his hand on Tony’s shoulder and Tony looks down at it like “why are you touching me?” Steve awkwardly laughs, “Come on Tony, were soulmates.” “……i dont see how thats related to this situation.” He moves away, “Don’t touch me.” “Why do you keep acting like this Tony!” “Cause i Dont like you Rogers. Case and Point.” “What’s it going to take for you to stop this childishness!?” “If i bother you so much, why do you keep coming back?” “BECAUSE WE’RE SOULMATES!” “You’re starting to sound like a broken record.”

Sam and Bucky are talking with Steve and Steve mentions the whole Tony situation. Steve: It’s fine, he’ll come around… Tony enters the room and snorts when he heard their conversation, “Actually, he or should i say that i have a date tonight.”

Steve: where are we going? Tony: im not sure where you are going but im going out with a new outfit on to impress my hot date. Sam: what are you talking about? Tony: well today i ran into an old college classmate and he asked me to dinner, im single so i figured 'why the hell not?’ Steve: like hell your going out with someone who isnt me! Tony: im sorry father did i not ask for your permission, was this before or after you neglected to tell me your old war body murdered you… oh thats right , silly me , you aren’t my dad your just the guy that fate thought would be a good idea to pair me up with …. guess they should have double checked theyre list twice like santa clause caused they missed Bucky Barnes by a few hundred thousand souls…..

Side note: I do NOT hate Steve, like at all. But sometimes when I think about CACW I feel like I wanna be petty.

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OH NOES nineline! is frisk its genocidal incarnation?! i mean, im pretty sure it was frisk holding the knife and Chara learning from them to become driven by blood-lust and revenge... after all you drawn they that way before!!

Well now that’s an idea!
:3 GOOD NEWS EVERYONE. I’m now running this story(Undernine/fALLen) on strawpolls. It’ll be easier for me to continue it and get somewhere.

That said, there are already a number of asks related to the story that will still be answered, and we already have quite a few asks for the ending. :D But if you have a question relevant to the current events, you should ask it! It might do something. XD Or we’ll just respond privately.

-Mod Tem!Frisk

  • Tormund: You're very loud for someone so small.
  • Lyanna: Bite me.
  • Tormund: *smiles* I like you.
  • Lyanna: You smell funny.
  • Tormund: I'm going to adopt you.
  • Lyanna: .......
  • Tormund: Your mother is that beautiful blonde angel over there.
  • Lyanna: .......
  • Tormund: Well, she will be. Eventually. One day soon.
  • Lyanna: Please stop talking to me.

Teenage Brunet Protagonists

Cats // Damien Haas

Warnings: Minor swear words

Pairing: Damien Haas x Reader (gender neutral)

Word Count: 1,293


If there was one thing any of your friends could say about you, it was that you were an avid cat-lover. Growing up, you always had cats around the house, whether it be just one cat or even at one point your family had owned 5 cats, the cat hair around the house was phenomenal. It was one of the only things you looked for in dating: a cat lover like you.

The first conversation you had with Damien was about cats. You had both been taking your cats to the vet, and the conversation started from there. Months later, the two of you were dating. Having moved out of your house to get a start on life, you found yourself not having enough money to be able to keep a cat, which made you sad, but you made sure to visit the cats at the pet store nearby, and it was almost a little sad to admit that most of the employees knew you by name.

Deciding you wanted to check out the pet store to see if there were anymore cats, you threw on one of your sweaters and decided to walk the few blocks of distance from your apartment building to the store. You could just see the doors to the pet store when you heard a noise from an alley you were walking by, and being the naturally stupid and curious person you were, you investigated.

It was nothing you expected though, to be real, you were expecting to be stabbed the moment you walked past the singular dumpster in the alley, but instead you were met by a grey and white cat alone in a damaged cardboard box. When it saw your face, it started meowing even more, compelling you to pick it up.

You couldn’t live with yourself if you just left it to die in the streets, so you quickly continued on to the pet store, cat still in your arms. When you entered the store, one of your good friends who was working the counter noticed not but you, but the cat you held as well.

“Oh my god, did you finally get a cat, Y/N?” They asked you, as the cat grew curious of its surroundings.

You chuckled nervously, “uh, funny story actually. I happened to have just found this cat in an alley. I couldn’t just leave him there!”

“Well, I bet the cat’s starving. We better feed it.” You went to pull out your wallet but they stopped you, “Don’t worry about it, it’s on the house.”

You guys took the cat to the break room where another employee simply stared at you as they sipped their coffee, not bothering to ask questions. Meanwhile, your friend found some extra cat food in one of the cupboards, which was quickly given to the stray cat on a paper plate. You took to getting the cat some water as well, and simply watched as the cat quickly finished it up.

“So are you gonna keep it?” Your friend asked, as both of you looked at the curious cat.

“I mean, I want to. But, I can’t afford to have one right now. The cost of the vet trips alone would be too much for me just working two jobs.” You explained your situation.

“What about your boyfriend? Wouldn’t he be able to help out?” They inquired.

“I’m not going to force him to pay for a cat he probably doesn’t want, it wouldn’t be fair.” You huffed out, not wanting to rely on anybody else.

“Well, I can give you some cat food so you can keep the cat for a bit while you decide what to do with it. If you really want it though, I’d just ask Damien.” You went over your options in your head.

“Just… let me think things over. I’ll take you up on the cat food, though.”

All loaded up with a box to keep both the cat and cat food in, you started your trek home to your apartment, which thankfully allowed pets or else there would’ve been even more problems. After struggling to open the door, you managed to get the box on the coffee table, all its contents inside still intact. You picked the cat up out of the box and stared it in the face.

“Oh, what am I going to do with you?” You sighed, as the cat just blinked at you.

Hearing a knock on your door you rushed quickly to get the cat out of sight, as you knew it was Damien at the door and if he saw the cat he’d start asking questions, which you were too confused to answer at the present time. You quickly put some newspapers in the box in case the cat need to pee, and gently placed it in the broom closet.

“Hey there, boyfriend!” You answered the door out of breath from all your running around and gestured for him to come into your apartment.

“Uh, what’s going on?” He questioned, noticing your weird behaviour right away.

“What do you mean? Everything perfectly normal, Damien. Nothings going on, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You rushed out your answer as he simply stared at you confused.

A meow came from the closet which couldn’t have come at a worse time, as his attention was directed towards it immediately. He started towards where he heard the meow but turned towards you in question.

“Is there a cat in your apartment?”

“What? A cat? Where would you get that idea?” You laughed nervously and he knew the truth instantly.

“Pretty sure I got that idea from the meowing noise I heard coming from your broom closet…”

Another meow.

Damien opened the closet door and saw the box immediately. Taking the top off of the box, he lifted it out and held it in his arms, slightly cooing over it until her turned to you. You prepared yourself for the questions to follow.

“Why the hell was there a cat in your closet?” He asked, the cat in question rubbing up against your boyfriend.

“Hey! Don’t swear in front of the child!” The cat meowed.

“Did you adopt a cat without telling me?” His voice sounded a little sad, as you guys always told each other everything.

“No, no, no!” You assured him, “I found him in an alley when I was walking and I couldn’t just leave him there. Besides, I can’t afford to adopt a cat.” You explained your situation sadly.

“You do know I can afford a cat, right?” Damien said, in a tone the said ‘duh’.

“Well, of course I know you can. It’s just… I don’t want you to pay for a cat you don’t even want.” You huffed.

“Of course I want a cat! I love cats. Ever since Zoe passed away I’ve wanted another, I was just waiting for the right time.” You smiled at him as he continued on, “c'mon, let’s go take this little one to the vet.”

After getting your cat all of its shots, it had finally come down to naming the cat. The pair of you pondered over several different names.

“You’re the reason we’re able to keep her, so I think it’s only fair that you get to name her.” You told him, nodding your in confirmation.

“How about Freyja?” You smiled at the name.

“Freyja sounds wonderful.” You looked at the cat in front of you, “c'mon Freyja, let’s go home.”

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Caption: i put years of hard work into getting my torture degree at torture college & now everyones like “oh tortures bad”, “its ineffective” fuck off

Dr. Anna Ripley is my favorite NPC. I’m still in mourning. I might always be in mourning. (I mean, I only got to episode 68 last week, so, gimme some time.)

a couple of days ago i’ve though of a klangst scenario and i cant take it out of my head so of course im gonna be sharing

imagine pining lance trying to become closer and start a friendship with that extraordinary fighter pilot, just to be rejected after the first time he tries to talk to the guy, because it seems that he’s not interested in making friends and he doesn’t even recognise him from classes. It hurt a little, and later it hurt even more because keith didn’t even remember that encounter so he wouldn’t even spare him a glance at classes they had together. a year later and after not seeing keith for months he finally moved on from that silly crush. it still stung a little that keith wouldn’t remember him while saving shiro, but oh well, its not like lance expected to remember him suddenly. 

imagine pining keith that after a while being in space and with team voltron, he realises that wow, lance is pretty funny and cool to be around with. he still acts like an asshole to him sometimes, but keith can see the joking undertone in it, so he doesnt take it seriously, and sometimes its even fun to roll with it and indulge lance with his so called “rivalry”. its not long before he realises that fuck, maybe he likes lance a liiittle more than just a friend, and being who he is, he accidentally spills it to lance without thinking when they are alone joking together. lance suddenly goes serious, maybe even a little hurt, and replies with something keith never thought could be possible. “are you serious? are you serious right now? after not even wanting to talk with me when i first tried, you couldnt remember my face or name in all the years we spend in the garrison together, and now you realise that im not that bad to be around after some time being forced to be with me? sorry keith, but i already moved on. besides, we’re fighting a war, i don’t think we would have time for this so… just not now”. and keith is maybe a little heartbroken and more than a little shocked because what does lance mean by already moving on.

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oh my god, i just saw your bingiplier art and its so cute and funny! if you're still taking requests, you should hear me out on this. bing and chase! and you should do it with the #2 base from aurerita-rt! they're just so cute!

Sorry for took this so long. Thank you for the request <3
base from:  aurerita-rt thank you! :D

The last request is still work in progress. Well, draw all Mark’s egos is a lot of work but it’s fun! So don’t worry! I will finish it.
One last thing, request is closed, but you still can ask me :)