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Hey Disney: this year (and let’s be real, a lot of last year) has been an absolute shitshow, and I’m feeling down, so if you wanna be the true heroes I need right now – nay, that HUMANITY needs right now – you’ll give me that Obi-Wan movie.

a ticket to anywhere 8/15 (14784 words)

“Trixie, you should go with her,” Violet says. 

“What,” Trixie and Katya both say at the same time. 

“You should! She’s so good, the ticket shouldn’t go to waste,” Violet says. She avoids looking at Katya, and Katya knows exactly why.

“Oh, um. Maybe?” Trixie says. She sounds uncertain, glances over at Katya.

There’s a voice in the back of Katya’s mind yelling at her to run, to get out of this before she can bury herself any deeper in the mess of her feelings for Trixie. But she lets herself look into Trixie’s pretty blue eyes and see the flicker of hopefulness in them, swallows hard, forces her hands to unclench where they’ve formed fists at her sides. 

“It’ll be fun,” she says, watches one side of Trixie’s lips twitch up into a smile and feels herself mirror it. “Do you want to?”

i can’t believe
punisher series hasn’t even come out yet and kastle is already canon???????? TRULY iconic

You know like… There’s a part of me that thinks that the murderer/werewolf in the Halloween special is Becca.

okay, before I burrow back into my blankets with my art equipment, I know we all crave for the CotIG fandom to be bigger, with movies, a tv show, and more fan fics, more fan art, more merch, and generally more people to understand what we’re actually talking about.

but I gotta admit a little, selfish part of me, is glad it’s not a huge fandom, and a little, selfish part of me, doesn’t mind it staying that way. don’t get me wrong, i’d absolutely eat up, be blown away by, and die in the first 5 seconds of seeing a Here There Be Dragons trailer, let alone film or t.v. series. yet there’s something so utterly magical of being in this fandom while it’s so small. we all know each other, or know of each other in any case and it’s kinda like a little family. and the people who I don’t talk to regularly are like those cool cousins you only get to see at family gatherings, but you’re kinda too shy to go say hello to. 

I dunno. Whatever the case, I love us as we are. No matter what we get, or how big the fandom grows, I want you guys to know I’m not gonna forget you main six, absolute nerds or the fun times we geeked out and yelled ‘BANGARANG’ at each other in the caps lock

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Hewwo shiro had one of gigantic ultra floofy russian bear hunting doggos she was pitch black​ and her name was michelle

shiro also had a second dog named barrack and he was a tiny little pomeranian who liked to sit on michelle, and when shiro instead was laying on michelle (she makes a great pillow) barrack would get very upset and lay directly on shiro’s face

he accepts this wholeheartedly because he loves his two very important dogs

I’m so behind with everything here - that’s how busy I was. Honestly, if anyone still dares to want a starter from me you can like this post here; if not just know that I’ll work on things as soon as I can. Also if you’re liking this, perhaps, know that I’ll get to you as soon as possible. I have holidays very soon, which means no work for quite a few days. (I’ll follow people back once I’ve time to check your blogs!)

Next week is ultimate release, but someone of my static will be on vacation then. We’ll raid for two days only, for approximately 6 hours in total, because this is all we can do then. I cannot say yet how much we’ll raid afterwards; I just don’t have any time for anything else ( like Tumblr )  if I have to raid on a work day. We’ll see how difficult that fight really is; I mean Yoshi-P said something similar about Second Coil Savage when it was released and in the end it was actually…not as difficult (not even T7S) than what they did with Gordias and Midas much later in Heavensward. I mean A3S and AS4S wasn’t…that bad, actually. I had A4S clear before Thordan Ex release too, with IL200, but I still have some ‘nightmares’ from A8S. We have spent good 90 hours in that damn fight to beat it. I kind of hope Ultimate won’t take as long. Maybe I’ve gotten a bit lazy here.

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