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haikyuusetters  asked:

I wish I had something more than incoherent screaming to give you about your last two chapters but that's it. just take this as a bunch of FEELINGS okay bc there are lots. Yes. Good. Much good. *crying over Blue and Lance* thank you

Aw, thank you so much, my dear! Yelling is good, too, yes. Tells me how much it affects you. :D

(I am affected too, though, holy crap. I had “Here Comes a Thought” stuck in my head all day long and I just keep seeing Blue whisper-singing that to a crying Lance while she’s curled up around him trying to make him feel better and ugh. ::throws hands in the air:: I hurt myself so bad with this fic.)

xpumpkindumplingx  asked:

Grey, white & purple

Grey: 2 facts about my favorite things

1. Writing is a pain in the ass 
2. I like my coffee with a little bit of milk in it

White: 3 facts about my personality

1. I’m extremely stubborn
2. People tend to think I’m flirting with them (I’m not, I’m just very friendly) 
3. When I stop yelling that is when you have to worry

Purple: 10 facts about my room

(I did entire apartment because I’m lame) 

1. There is still Christmas garland hanging above my tv because I’m lazy af
2. There is a framed picture of me, Russell Howard, and my aunt on my tv stand
3. There are probably 5 pumpkin spice candles scattered throughout my apartment
4. I have 2 pillows on my bed - one for me and one for my cat, Jasper
5. There is a cat tree in my living room none of my 3 kids use
6. Every blind has cat hole in them
7. My second bedroom looks like a Christmas village threw up in it
8. The coffee machine is my most used appliance (even above the microwave) 
9. I use the dishwasher as a large drying rack because I live alone
10. My middle cat’s favorite place to sleep is on top of my fridge

Invade my privacy!

anonymous asked:

just saying that your blog is so great! Sorry I reblog so much stuff from it haha btw, out of curiosity, do you have a favorite paladin? (Asking this cause I reblog SO MUCH lance stuff cause he is my fav =0))

Hahaha, oh sweet nonny, I am SHOCKED that it is not OBVIOUS that my favorite is Lance. I mean. :D How did you not know. Did I not yell about it enough. Do I not write enough tags about how cute he is and how deep his character is and how much he needs to be loved. Perhaps I shall do it more.

No really, I do love all of them and I probably reblog them equally. But Lance. He is my sweet babu, my poor blue son, my darling bean pole, my obnoxious sweetiepie kitten cookie who just wants to go home and so very much deserves to see his family again. I don’t want him to cry, but when he does I want everyone to hug him. I want him to be real so I can pet his hair and tell him everything will be okay.

(Also I write him in a LOT of pain. Constantly. That’s how you know it’s love.)