if not just yell in my askbox



I’m flying out to glorious Queensland for a few days for Brisbane Supanova. :)

A small sample of some delicious wares at Table A067 and sharing with the lovely Sam and Tegan. :) Come and say hi if you are in the area! There will be dragon age. >_> FRAMED, even. And some copies of Colour Fantastica! I AM EXCITE.

*ALSO IF you say hi and let me know how you found me, I’ll be so happy and doodle a tiny gift for you!

Thank youu for the messages in my askbox - I will get to replying to them when I am back from interstate!

anonymous asked:

The fact that you saw that stuff in the "People Who Bought This Item Also Bought" section would imply that you were shopping for something similar...

come on then, bud. if you’re gonna come into my askbox and Slam me, you might as well go all the way. no “imply” about it. just say it. fucking say it, anon. say im a fucking furry. ill drop down to my knees and yiff for redemption.