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“Seventeen”  Dean Winchester x Reader


Word Count: 2,155

Dean Winchester x Reader

Request: Could you please do a dean x reader song fic (song: seventeen from the heathers musical) and it’s really angsty and stuff while it’s taking place when they are both seventeen?

Warnings: Language, like pure angst to be honest

a/n: I’ve never done a song fic before, hope you like this!!

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Fine, we’re damaged
Really damaged
But that does not make us wise
We’re not special, we’re not different
We don’t choose who lives or dies

Dean Winchester. The man of your dreams.

You two have known each other your entire lives. You’re Bobby’s daughter, which meant being forced to spend a shit ton of time together. Whenever your parents would be out on hunts, you would be stuck with Sam and Dean. The troublesome trio, they called you guys.

You and Dean got together when you were both fifteen, only two years ago. He was hesitant at first, but hell, so were you. You both had reputations to uphold. Dean was the player, a guy who fucked guys just to not call them back the next day. You were the innocent “little” girl, you’d never even kissed a boy before Dean.

But on the inside, you were the same. You’re both inexplicitly damaged from your childhoods, the way you grew up. You grew up a hunter’s life. You got to see people saved, but you also got to see so many people die. The ones you couldn’t save. Between that, constantly moving high schools, and both of your mom’s dying, you were damaged. The both of you. And that bonded you guys more than anything. More than the forced hangouts, or your dads being best friends. You’re both the same on the inside.

Let’s be normal, see bad movies
Sneak a beer and watch tv
We’ll bake brownies or go bowling
Don’t you want a life with me?
Can we be seventeen?
That’s all I want to do
If you could let me in
I could be good with you

“Dean, I’m absolutely tired of this life. I want to do something, something normal. Just this once.” You frowned. You were sitting next to Dean on the couch, watching some utterly boring film on the TV.

“Babe, you know we can’t. We’re not normal.” Dean looked at you sympathetically. He knew that you had wanted out of this life. Personality wise, you were a lot like Sam.

You didn’t mind hunting, but you just wished you could be normal for once. For one day, you just wanted to be able to go into high school and not feel the odd one out. You wanted to be able to go hang out with friends, go get drunk underneath the bleachers, go on dates with Dean like a normal couple… But you couldn’t.

“Well, fuck that. Just one day, Dean. I’m not asking for an entire life.” You voice had started to raise.

This was an argument you’d had with Dean numerous times. He didn’t want out, not even for one day. He was too damn focused on pleasing his dad and doing exactly what he says. You? You couldn’t have care less what your dad told you to do. You’re your own person. Dean just didn’t understand that.

“One day is going to turn into you wanting that forever. I’m not fucking around with that. I don’t want either of us to have a glimpse into the normal life. Neither of us will want to come back to this if we do.” Dean raised his voice back, almost at a yelling level.

“Maybe not wanting to come back to this is a good thing, Dean.” You whispered, and his face dropped.

“I cannot believe you just said that.” Dean shook his head.

“I’m just so goddamn tired of this, Dean! It doesn’t have to be this way! I want to be able to go out with friends and see movies or go to the mall. I’ve never even gone to a movie theater, or a mall, Dean. It’s not fucking fair.”

“We have this same fight over and over again. I’m done.” Dean got up off the couch, walking away from you.

“Are you breaking up with me?” Tears had started to form in your eyes. You loved him, there was no question about it. People say that you can’t be in love at seventeen, but you knew it was possible. Dean was the living, breathing proof.

“No, babe. I love you. But I’m done with this same fucking argument all the time. We’re never going to be normal. It’s never going to happen. And if you don’t start realizing that…” He trails off.

Dean doesn’t finish his sentence. He just shakes his head and walks out the door, leaving you alone in your house. You don’t dare let the tears fall- you’re stronger than that. Or you want to be.

People hurt us
Or they vanish
And you’re right that really blows
But we let go, take a deep breath
Then go buy some summer clothes

“He fucking left. He didn’t even tell us this time, Y/N. Just woke up in the middle of the damn night and he was gone. No note, no nothing.” Dean had showed up on your front doorstep, Sam standing to his right. They were both holding backpacks (presumably filled with clothing) and his car parked in the driveway.

“Oh my god. Come inside.” You opened the door for them both. It was late at night, and your dad was out at a bar probably getting drunk like he did most nights. His reputation of being the town drunk rung true to name.

Sam immediately went upstairs, setting his stuff down in your room. Dean had just put his stuff down the by door, pissed off. On the outside he looked calm, but you knew him. You could tell he was upset.

“He normally leaves notes, or wakes me up whenever he has to leave. Hell, he normally takes us with him, or drops us off here. But he just fucking left. Nothing.” Dean rubs his forehead. “I had absolutely no explanation for Sammy.”

Dean was right to be mad, and you didn’t protest it. You didn’t agree with what John did.

“Just take a deep breath, okay?” You had walked over to him, putting your arm on his shoulder. You’ve found in the past that you touching him, not even in the sexual sense, was the best way to calm him down. Almost immediately, his body relaxed and he pulled you into a hug. “Obviously you’re welcome to stay here. I’ll find an explanation to tell my dad.”

“Thanks.” Dean kissed your forehead. “I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

You watched him as he went upstairs, going to find Sam.

You wished that it didn’t have to be like that. You wanted more than anything for Sam and Dean to not have to experience this, especially Dean. Whenever his dad pulled shit like that, Dean not only had to deal with the feeling of his dad leaving them, but he was forced into the role of a father figure for Sam.

Your own daddy issues were no small aspect of your life, either. If your dad wasn’t out hunting, he was at a bar drinking his feelings away. Being numb to the world, including his own daughter. You were completely and entirely alone, except for Dean.

The one reoccurring and prominent question you asked yourself everyday- “Why can’t we just be normal?”

We’ll go camping, play some poker
And we’ll eat some chilli fries
Maybe prom night
Maybe dancing
Don’t stop looking in my eyes (your eyes)

This was it. Prom night. The night you’d been looking forward to for the longest time- the one night Dean had agreed to do something normal and fun, even if it wasn’t to his liking. You had told him that you were going to go with or without him. You were determined to have at least one good high school experience before you were fully thrusted into the world of hunting. Dean’s mind wandered, and his jealously overcame him, and he agreed to go to the prom with you.

You had a dress picked out and everything- which, much to your dismay, your dad wouldn’t give you money to buy. You had to get a job to pay for it, and after a month, you had accumulated the money for a dress. You quit shortly afterwards.

You had on your dress and your heels, your makeup and hair all done. For once in your life, you felt beautiful. You had no doubt that this was going to be the best night of your life, and it only made it better that your Dean was going to be there with you. In a suit no less. You had always thought he’d look good in a suit.

It was nearing seven, almost time for Dean to pick you up. Your nerves were growing, and you just wished you had your mom with you at that moment.

Seven came and passed, Dean still hadn’t showed up. You were worried, thinking something had happened, so you had picked up the phone to call him.

“Dean?” You said when the other line picked up, making sure it wasn’t John or Sam answering.

“Oh my god, babe, I forgot to call.” Dean groaned. “A hunt came up last minute. I’m so so fucking sorry.”

You hung up immediately, tears forming in your eyes. This time, you let them fall. How could you have been so stupid to think that you could have one normal night with Dean?

You ran up to your room, tearing your dress off of you. Dean was right. You never were going to have a normal relationship. You were a Singer. He was a Winchester. It wasn’t in your blood.

Yeah we’re damaged,
Badly damaged
But your love’s too good to lose
Hold me tighter
Even closer
I’ll stay if I’m what you choose
Can we be seventeen?
If I am what you choose
If we still have the right
Because you’re the one I choose

You had ignored Dean for weeks. At first, it was just not picking up his phone calls. Then, when Dean realized you weren’t going to answer, he showed up at your house. You didn’t let him in.

Finally, you had decided he enough of the silent treatment. You took your dad’s car and drove to his house. He wasn’t home yet, so you waited for him on his front porch. The look on his face when he saw you was one of pure love. You wish you had gotten a picture of it.

“God, Y/N, I’m so sorry.” Dean hugged you tighter than ever. “Are we okay?”

“We need to talk.” Is simply what you had told him. He nodded, and you two walked into his house.

“Are you breaking up with me?” His voice hitched a little bit, worry seeping into his voice.

“I just…” You started. “I need reassurance. I can’t keep doing this. All the fights, all the nights I have spent crying. You not showing up to what I considered to be the most important night of my life.” You sent him a glare on that last one.

“That was out of my control.”

“No, Dean, it wasn’t. You know very damn well you didn’t have to go.” You yell, and the look on his face proves that you were right.

“I’m sorry…”

“I just wanted to be a normal seventeen year old for one night, Dean. One fucking night. And you found the first excuse to dip out. I’m over it. If you want me to stay, you’re going to have to choose. It’s either me or it’s your big fucking desire to please your dad. Because I’m tired of this. I know you, I know you don’t want this life either. No matter how hard you try and deny it, I can see right through you. You just for some reason have this dire need to make your dad happy.”

“Are you really asking me to choose?” His voice comes out hurt. “Baby, don’t do this to me… I can’t do that.”

“Dean, I chose you. I choose you every single time, over everything. Even before we were together. I love you so much, but I can’t do this. Not if you’re going to be like this. I can’t. We want different things.” Your eyes start to water. For once, you realized that this might be it. You might actually lose Dean. The thought of that scares you to death.

And when Dean just stared at you in silence, you got your answer. You let a tear fall down your cheek. Dean himself was crying, too, at this point. You’d never seen Dean cry before.

“Bye, Dean.”

Indie Film

The town I grew up in had a total of three attractions: the bar, church, and the movie theater.

When you’re twelve years old, you’re too young to drink and the last place you want to be is church on those wooden pews that make your butt ache. So every dime I found inbetween the couch cushions, every dollar I got for allowance, they went into the ‘movie theater fund’. The ‘fund’ was just a giant glass jar on my desk, but it was the best I had.

Unfortunately I had something my friends didn’t.

Strict parents.

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Anon asked: if you like, can you maybe write a deatiel au where dean and cas met and got together after had a sad break up cas had and when his ex bathazar comes back Dean assumes cas and balth will get together again, without talking to cas and he starts packing his things to let cas be happy but cas finds him and sets the record straight that he doesnt want to be with anybody but dean.

“Do we really have to go out tonight?” Castiel asked as Dean pulled his shirt over his head. Dean smiled at his boyfriend’s reflection in the mirror.

“It’ll be fun, Cas. And if we don’t go Charlie will kill us both.” Dean walked over to where Castiel was stilling on the bed and kissed him. “Just for an hour. Then we’ll come home and stay in bed for the rest of the weekend.”

“Okay,” Castiel said, leaning in to kiss him again. Dean pulled him to his feet and Castiel allowed him to drag him out of the apartment without argument.

The bar was already packed when Dean and Castiel arrived. They spotted their friends at a table in the back and decided to stop by the bar before making their way back to them. Castiel was waiting for Dean at the edge of the crowd when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked up into familiar blue eyes.

“I thought that was you,” Balthazar said, smiling a little. Castiel couldn’t help but smile back and hugged him quickly.

“I didn’t know you were back,” He said, stepping back. “How are you? How’s your dad?”

“He’s better now. They think all the cancer’s gone.”

“That’s great,” Castiel said.

Balthazar started to respond just as Dean joined them with two beers in his hands. Castiel reached for his and used his free hand to indicate to Balthazar.

“Dean this is Balthazar. Balth this is my boyfriend, Dean.”

“Crowley told me you seeing someone,” Balthazar said, offering his hand. “Balthazar Milton.”

“Dean Winchester.” They shook hands and Dean put his arm around Castiel’s waist. “Everyone’s waiting for us, babe.”

Castiel nodded and looked back at Balthazar.

“It was really good to see you. I’m glad your dad is okay.”

Dean pulled him away before Balthazar could say anything else. They spent a few hours in the bar with the rest of their friends before going home. Castiel was changing into his pajamas when Dean spoke.

“So, running into your ex. That must have been awkward.”

“Not really,” Castiel shrugged. “I mean we ended things well. There’s no hard feelings.”

“You never told me what happened between you two,” Dean said, getting into bed. Castiel pulled away from his own pillow and climbed into bed.

“We were together for a few years, then his father was diagnosed with cancer. He went back to Paris to be with his parents and we ended things,” Castiel said, laying down, facing Dean. “It was hard, but I found you.”

Dean gave him a small smile and Castiel pressed up against his chest.

“I love you,” Castiel whispered. Dean put his arm around Castiel’s waist and squeezed him tightly.

“I love you, too.”


Over the next few weeks, they seemed to bump into Balthazar everywhere they went. He was in restaurants and movie theaters, like he was waiting for them. It drove Dean crazy, but Castiel didn’t even seem to care. He’d smile and hug and chat, then carry on with the evening.

Every interaction made Dean more and more uncomfortable. Castiel had dated this guy for years, he had had to let him go so the guy could be with his possibly dying father. What if they still wanted each other? What if Castiel decided he wanted to be with him again? He never brought it up since he knew that Castiel would only deny it and try to reassure him.

One day, Dean was elbow deep in a car when his phone rang. He stood up and wiped his hands clean before answering.

“Yeah, Cas?” He asked, closing the hood.

“Dean, would you mind if I went to dinner with Balthazar?”

Dean’s heart stopped, then started racing. He struggled to speak for a moment and cleared his throat.

“Not at all,” He lied.

“Okay. I just wanted to check. I know you don’t care for him.”

“Have fun,” Dean said, the words burning his tongue like acid. “I love you.”

“I love you, too. I’ll see you tonight.”

Dean hung up and resisted the urge to throw his phone across the room. For the rest of the day all that he could think about was the two of them alone together. They’d probably go to the restaurant that Castiel loved that Dean could only afford to take him to a few times a year if they were lucky. He imagined them drinking and laughing at a candle lit table, remembering how good it was to be together, wondering why the ever let each other go. By the time Dean got home from work, he was imagining how Castiel would end things. He would try to be kind about, he would probably cry, but he’d be leaving all the same.

Dean couldn’t take that, even in his imagination. The thought of losing Castiel hurt enough, but imagining him saying the words, his voice shaking with tears, was even worse. Dean went into their bedroom and pulled his duffle bag down to start packing. He could stay with Charlie while Castiel packed his things, he knew he wouldn’t be able to watch him go. He was almost finished when he heard the door open.

“Dean, I’m home,” Castiel called. Dean heard the familiar clang of keys on the table, the thump of Castiel’s bag hitting the floor, footsteps coming towards their room. “I had the longest day. I just want to shower and–What’s going on?”

Castiel looked at the bag on the bed, then at Dean, his eyes showing anxiety and fear. Dean didn’t know how to answer and it only made the look on Castiel’s face worse.

“Dean, what’s going on? Are your parents okay? Is Sam?”

“Everyone’s fine,” Dean finally managed. Castiel immediately relaxed, falling back against the wall in relief. Then he saw the bag again.

“If everyone’s fine, what’s going on?” He asked, going into panic mode again.

“I, um…I’m going to stay with Charlie for a few days.”


“To give you time to pack.”

Dean may as well have shot him in the heart. Castiel looked absolutely devastated. Dean watched the tears fill his eyes and tried to keep his own tamped down.

“You want me to leave?” Castiel whispered.

“Balthazar’s back now. You two can be together again. I’m getting out of your way.”

“You think–” Castiel shook his head. “Dean, tell me what’s happening here.”

“It’s easier this way. I see the way he looks at you. You went to dinner with him tonight and I’m sure you two talked about all the good times you had. He can give you more than I can. I’m just making it easier for you.”

“Dean, Balthazar and I are over,” Castiel said.

“I know, but now you don’t have to be.”

“We’re not in love with each other anymore, Dean!” Castiel yelled. He stormed across the room and took Dean’s face into his hands. “I’m in love with you. I want you. You’re the only thing that I can think about from the moment I wake up until I go to sleep. You’re what I dream about. Balth and I broke up because we weren’t in love anymore, not just because he was leaving the country.”

Dean searched Castiel’s eyes for a moment, then pulled him into a long, deep kiss.

“I’m sorry,” He whispered. “Just got so scared because I thought that I was losing you.”

“I’m not going anywhere,” Castiel promised. “I’m your’s, Dean. You never have to worry about that.”

They kissed again and Dean looked at his bag, still sitting on the bed.

“I guess I should put this stuff away, huh?”

“It can wait until tomorrow,” Castiel said, lifting the bag and dropping it to the floor. “Right now you need to make up for scaring me like that.

Dean smiled and pushed him back onto the bed, prepared to do just that.

Magcon Imagine- Jack G / Cameron- part 1

Part 1

A/N: so this is my first imagine, I hope you like it. Please message me what you thought. Please no hate. Thank you, ily💕 (part 2 coming soon.)


Y/N’s P.O.V.

Just another boring day in Omaha, nothing to do, nothing at all. Jack (J), my twin brother, is out with my parents buying… I don’t even know what. Sam, one of my best friends, is probably still sleeping, even though it’s about 3 in the afternoon. Claire (best friend that is a girl.) is probably shopping or at Starbucks, and in all honesty I don’t want to spend the rest of the day at the mall, and sometimes she can be kind of a bitch. Then there is Jack (G), my other best friend (and Jack’s J best friend too) I don’t have any idea where he is. Other than Sam, Jack (G) is the person I always go to when ever I need something, anything from advice to help with school work to a person to go see new movies with at the theater to the person who I can take clothes from without bring murdered (Jack (J) would kill me if I even breathed on his precious clothes). Right now I am just home alone watching Paranormal Activity 4, I have watched this movie so many times, the majority of them with Jack (G). We always watch scary movies together normally around midnight to 4 in the morning, it’s just something we always do.

Now I am really wondering where Jack (G) is, so I pause the movie. I try calling him once, twice, three times, four times, five, six, seven, eight. Eight times, where the hell is he? Honesty I have no idea. I guess he’s probably just sleeping or watching tv or something. He’ll eventually see that I called. With that I just turned off my ringer, set down my phone, grabbed a bag of sour patch kids (my obsession) from the pantry, turned off all the lights, sit back down, and resumed my movie.

After watching for about an half hour, I got really bored again, and went back to the pile of dvd’s and grabbed a movie of the very top, that is still wrapped in plastic, The Conjuring (A/N: I don’t know if this is on DVD yet so…yeah). I have only seen this movie once, in theaters with Jack (G), so I decided to put it in.

About a hour in, I was wrapped up in three different blankets and shaking in the dark room. This movie was scarier than I remembered it to be. Good thing I was home alone because if Jack (J) or my parents were home, they would probably think I was insane, but they actually already do.

I was just sitting there watching the movie, when I held a really loud noise in the kitchen. What the hell was that? I got up still wrapped in my blankets and went into the kitchen. It was really dark, but I could still make my way around. There was nothing in here, nobody except for me.

I walked back into the living room, and sat back down, but something was different. Wait… WHERE ARE MY SOUR PATCH KIDS?!?! As I was looking around on the ground and the sofa, a person screamed really loud in the movie and that scared me so freaking badly that I fell over the back of the sofa and landed on the hard wood floor. Ow, that hurt.

I got off the ground and sat back down on the sofa. Then out of nowhere I hear a person yell really loudly right behind me. I then screamed as loud as I could and feel forward onto the ground still screaming.

The next thing I hear is someone cracking up in fits of laughter. Hold on… I’d know that laugh anywhere.

“JACK YOU SCARED ME SHITLESS!” I yelled at Jack Gilinsky, who was still laughing hysterically.

“Oh my god Y/N! You should have seen your face” he said “SAM DID YOU GET IT ALL?!” He yelled

“Yep, all of it” Sam said as he walked down the stairs, jumping over the last three steps.

“What?” I said utterly confused

“I got that entire scene that you just through on tape.” Sam said casually while he was still watching it on repeat. “Oh my god Y/N this is going on vine right now” he said as he posted it onto Jack’s vine account. “Well” Sam said as he through Jack’s phone to him “I have to get home, so see you both at school tomorrow” and with that he walked out the front door.

I then hit Jack as hard as I could on his chest. “OWW!!! What was that for?” He said.

“That was for making me almost pee my pants” I said while laughing at the scene that just unfolded.


Jack G’s P.O.V.

Why is she so beautiful? Why can’t I just call her mine? I wish more than anything that I could have Y/N. I wish we could be more than just best friends. I wish she could she me as more than just her twin brother’s best friend. I wish I meant more to her. I wish I meant as much to her as she does to me.

Her smile is probably the most beautiful thing in this entire world. Her laugh is more perfect than anything that I have ever heard in my entire life. And overall she is completely flawless in my eyes, what she calls imperfections or flaws, I call amazing little details that make Y/N herself.

I don’t have the guts to tell her how I fell, but I am scared that if I don’t tell her soon, I will never get the chance to at all. But I am more scared that she won’t feel the same and that I’ll ruin our friendship.


Y/N’s P.O.V.

*the next morning*

I woke up the next morning at 6:30 so I could shower before I had to leave for school. I grabbed the outfit that I was going to wear and placed it on my bed. It consisted of a daisy floral skirt, tall white over-the-knee socks, dark brown combat boots, one of Jack’s (G) black sweatshirts that I stole from him, and a simple white tank top to go under the hoodie.

After I shower, dried my hair, and changed into the clothes I laid out, I went over to my vanity desk and applied my everyday makeup. Just some eyeliner, mascara, lip stick, and a little bit of cover up over some places.

I then went downstairs and grabbed a bowl from the shelf and filled it with milk. Then grabbed my favorite cereal Y/F/C (your favorite cereal) and dumped it in the bowl. After eating my breakfast I went back upstairs and grabbed my school bag and all of my homework that I had over the weekend.

When I came back down stairs it was already 7:45. Jack (J) was sitting at the counter on his computer scrolling throughs twitter and eating his breakfast.

“Jack we have to get going like right now. It’s already 7:45.” I said to him. School starts at 8:10 but the drive from our house to school is about twenty minutes or more.

“Yeah okay.” He said while closing his laptop. “Hey Y/N, can you go upstairs and grab my phone off my side table?” He said

“Why can’t you? Your legs obviously work. Just do it yourself” I said to him

“Y/N” he said whining “pleeeeaaasseeee” he keep saying

“Fine, but I don’t see why you can’t do it” I said turning around and going back upstairs. While I was in his room I heard the front door slam shut. “Wait what… Hold on” I thought to myself. I looked over at jack nightstand and his phone wasn’t there, but instead there was a pink sticky note in its place. “Very manly Jack” I thought. I went over and grabbed it. It said : “Y/N I’m not your chauffeur. You are 18, it’s time you get your drivers license.” Yes I am an 18 year old girl, who is a junior in high school, who doesn’t have her drivers license, sue me. But I can’t believe Jack would leave me home without a ride to school. My parents were already at work so I can’t get a ride from either of them.

But one person might be able to so I picked up my phone and dialed his number.

“Hey, have you left yet for school?” I asked

“No not yet, why?” He asked

“Jack left me, again. Can I ride with you? Please” I said

“Yeah sure, come over to my house. I’m almost ready to leave. ” he said

“Thank you so much. You are amazing!”

“Yeah, I already knew that” he said chuckling

“Thanks. I’m leaving now” I said, then I hung up.

He only lived 5 doors down from my house, so I was over there in less than a minute. He was leaned against his car waiting for me.

“Hey thank you so much for giving me a ride”

“No problem” he said “anything for a damsel in distress. And by the way you really need to get your license.” He said to me as he laughed.


A/N: so that was part 1. Please send me feedback or message me. So, who do you think the guy is? The first person that guesses correctly will get to be a character in the imagine (btw, I think it’s going to be pretty long and have a lot of parts.) Thank you💕

You cheat on Sam with Jack (requested)

Requested: Yes

Word Count: 1177

Story Line: After having a fight with Sam, you turned to your best friend Jack and you realize you have feelings for him, as he does to you too, and you cheat on Sam with Jack. 

A/N: I wrote this after taking my History final Wednesday so I hope the anon that requested this likes it :) It’s a little longer than last time! yayyy! You can REQUEST imagines, anything here :) Also I didn’t know which Jack you meant, I took as Gilinsky but anyone who reads this can imagine Johnson or Gilinsky :) 

Being in a relationship with Sam meant being really good friends with his best friends. After being with Sam for over 10 months things started getting rocky between the two of you. The first fight you guys ever had, you turned to Jack. Ever since then he has been your best friend that you could always count on. After fighting with Sam for the third time this week, you decided to finally text Jack. You needed something or someone to relieve your stress. “Hey you busy?”

Now we wait. A few seconds later you heard your phone buzz. “When it comes down to hanging out with my favorite girl, no. Doors unlocked feel free to come in when you arrive. :)” Jack knew the routine between the two of you too well by now. He gave you this feeling Sam used to give you when you first started going out with him. Was it weird to think this of my best friend? Sam’s best friend ? You instantly got dressed and headed out the door leaving a note for your parents saying you were headed to a friends house for awhile. Jack didn’t live to far from you either. Maybe a couple blocks. It was nice sometimes walking to his house. You always got to see the beauty of nature at night. Or morning. Or even midday.

You reached his house and quietly walked in. “Jack?”, you said while looking for him. “In the kitchen!”. He yelled back. You walked in the kitchen and saw Jack with a box of pizza waiting for the two of you to enjoy. “I hate how well you know me.” You said while getting closer to the pizza box and grabbing a slice and sitting down next to Jack. “Yeah, well pizza never fails to make you happy and plus I’m really hungry.” He said while smiling. That killer smile of his. God, can he get any perfect ? After what felt like forever and telling awful jokes to one another and just randomly catching up and eating, you guys decided to watch some movies in the basement. (A/N: I feel like Jack has a basement that has like a movie theater feel to it with like a pool table or something, from what i’ve seen)

He found a random movie on Netflix and decided to watch it. “So what’s up with you and Sam? Why are you two fighting again?” You sighed at the sound of his name. “I don’t even know anymore. He gets mad at me when I hang out with other guys, when he clearly knows that I don’t have anything for them, but when he hangs out with girls I have to act like it doesn’t bother me. And it doesn’t but when he keeps posting shit on Twitter and Instagram and anywhere else it makes me think. Then when I ask him about it he gets all defensive and what not and I don’t know we get mad at each other for the littlest things. I guess after being with each other for a long time you lose that spark you both once had.” It was true. You felt like Sam was drifting away from you. As much as you didn’t want to believe it, you had to. The only problem that kept you from leaving the relationship was the love you had for him. You want to think that you can fix this bump in the road you two had. But it takes two people to fix a relationship. You loved him, or at least you thought you did.

Jack just looked at you before replying. “Y/n, he doesn’t deserve you and the love you have for him. You deserve someone who can treat you right and make you feel like everyday isn’t the last. You’re the most amazing girl I’ve ever met. You have such a big heart, you see the good in everyone. Even when you know damn well they’re not as good as they present themselves to be.” Hearing those words coming out of Jack’s mouth made your stomach develop a zoo in there. You didn’t know what to think anymore. Is this Jack’s way of saying he has feelings for you? Or is he just actually just trying to be a friend right now and cheer you up. Your thoughts were something you couldn’t control at the moment. Over the period of time of you being with Jack a lot, you probably have developed a tiny crush on him. It was so wrong but it just felt so right at the same time. Like you said before, Jack gave you feeling like no other. When you two got to hang out you never wanted it to be over. Maybe you and Sam were drifting away. Maybe it was time for the two of you to just go yours and his separate ways.

Jack… you always seem to know what to say.” You say with a sly smile. “I’m serious Y/N. You deserve someone who knows how to treat you right.” Before you could even think of what to say next you just spat back with “Like who?” Playing with your fingers while your criss crossed apple sauce style on the couch (A/N: I didn’t know how to describe this position so I just used what my teachers would say lol)  and having him be on the couch on the other side of you. “Like me.” You shot your head up looking at him while he already had his eyes fixed on you. He got up and made his way over to you and sat down right next to you. Your eyes followed his every move. He just kept looking at you for any kind of reaction toward his response. You looked at him with confusion. After thinking this whole time, was this really want you wanted? Before you knew it he put his forehead against yours. Hovering your lips with his. “Let me show you how well you should be treated.” He went from looking to your eyes to looking at your lips. You repeated his same actions and went right into looking at his eyes again. “Then show me.” Once again you replied without even thinking. He instantly kissed you right then and there and grabbed the back of your neck, pulling you in closer to the kiss. It felt so right to have his lips against yours. But so wrong because they’re Jack’s and not Sam’s. You knew this was a mistake but you didn’t even care anymore. You kissed him back and felt this spark. Like it was meant to be. While still kissing you, he made you lay down while hovering your body. “Jack. We shouldn’t. Be doing this. Not to. Sam.” You said in-between kisses. “Who cares. About Sam right now.” He made his way to your neck. Leaving kisses everywhere. This is where you wanted to be. This is where it felt so right. This is what you had wanted for so long.