if not im silently judging you

pocket edition got7

your boyfriend (aka got7 members) shrink to lil mini guys for no reason and live in your pocket for a day (like in just right mv)

wow im so original 

jaebum: would be a quiet mini guy, cling on your finger and smile that cute ass smile that melts you when he wants something, lay on top of your head and be cute af, would occasionally poke you through your shirt pocket for fun to tease you and smile/laugh like dis 

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mark: would be a very quiet but mischievous mini guy, would hit and kick at the pocket to make it seem like move and seem like a mini monster’s trying to get out (no ones gonna understand what im trying to say lol), but will generally be super cute and laugh his mark laugh

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jackson: would be a loud mini guy, constantly pop out of pocket to interrupt your conversation or ask you for something, try to be sexy but he’s a tiny lil boy so he fails, sit on your shoulder sometimes

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jinyoung: would be a nice and polite mini guy, stay in your pocket obediently but pop out occasionally to get a breather, silently judge you with that stare when you do weird things, try to beat up yugyeom but forgets he’s currently tiny so he fails

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youngjae: would be a happy and sunshiny ball of positivity, pop out of pocket to greet people cheerfully, hug your finger lovingly if he gets the chance, ride on coco and shout wOW, OH MY GOSH, AMAZINGGG etc, smile like an otter

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bambam:  would be a pervy little piece of shit, and when you tease him about his current size he’ll be like “i might be small now, but you know how big i am when i’m in my regular size (smirk)”, constantly move around in pocket

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yugyeom: will be a cute but evil mini guy, try to push jinyoung but fail because he’s tiny, grind and hump any surface when you pull him out of pocket, hum chris brown quietly and dance everywhere and anywhere, clap his hands and laugh hysterically when he hears/sees something funny (he always does that lol)

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k im out, be smothered by got7 

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  • so this tol ass bean
  • hes almost 30 cm taller than me life is unfair
  • i can see constant cuddling/being clingy
  • like he’d nuzzle his head into your shoulder when ur staring out of the window, standing
  • and when you see him there and you make that :] face with puffed cheeks he’d just hold you even closer and tighten his embrace around you and giggle at how cute you are
  •  im sorry im such a sucker for the soft side of johnny
  •  you kno when he gets all shy and then like covers his mouth and shakes his head like a kid UHEUBYE
  • and when the members see the both of you there are two reactions
  • “eww no why are you staining my eyes with this” -prolly yuta but he actually thinks the both of you are rlly cute on the inside of his heart :“)
  • “WHY ARE YALL SO CUTE HOLY CRAP EBYBSHDJSB JOHNNY AND ________ PROTECTION SQUAD EIBDFBHS” -prolly taeyong, taeil and jug jarhyun (sorry not sorry)
  • and when he gets annoyed and starts silently judging them hed just cover your head with his longgg arms and then drag you to his room to cuddle/wath movies
  • i see him as a vry vry romantic person like hed probably have restaurant dates once every two weeks like at those rlly fancy ones with the candle light and all that
  • also be prepared for a lot of cheesyness
  • and dad jokes
  • okay but who are you kidding if ur dating this tol bean youre telling me that ur willing to sign up for that (of which im willing to do ;) )
  • imagine waking to him next to you stroking your hair and staring oh so lovingly at you with that smile EBUKVEVIYHVWIYF
  • and also if hes on tour hed constantly give you updates on his wellbeing via kakao cuz int fees istg
  • also constant snapchat updates
  • and like a shit ton of souvenirs too :”)
  • also i think hed be that boyfie that wld buy a lot of things secretly for you
  • like oml there wld be no end to this
  • he sees a dress that he thinks wld look nice on you? hes alr at the counter
  • he sees that Two Faced Peach palette that you’ve always wanted? hes alr swiping his card
  • he sees your plans on getting matching rings for each other on ur anni? hed alr gone to customize them ages ago for you instead
  • and i sure as hell dont see fights tbh like hed worry abt you a WHoLe LOT
  • but when you guys do get into your arguments he might be vry vry emotional like hed be crying and blaming himself a lot
  • also expect a lot of cuddly sessions after too
  • also considering hes multi-lingual hed mix ard with the languages he knows
  • “자기 can we go shopping for while i wanna get that 호랑이 plushie for jisungie”
  • i wld have put in some chinese but idek any chinese ;-;
  • my brainjuices are dry now its 12 am rugbehb
  • im sorry if its rly bad rgbru :(
  • anyways i love johnny seo youngho
  • you do too

kill me pls im so soft i had so many raging ideas but hOmeWORKEYFG

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*Slides you a twenty* Give us the general/fluff Dabi hcs


  • The difference between how Dabi acts in front of people he dosnt like and those he dose is like night and day if you know him well enough
  • While he usually seems aloof and the “silently judging you” type im here to tell you that…yes, he is 100% that type and he dosnt give two shit what you think of him
  • UNLESS you are someone he cares about
  • His outward appearance is much the same at a glance but if you look closely you can see there is a big difference in his attitude
  • For one, he is very much in tune with them. He steals glances at them constantly. He watches them with a hint of gentleness in his eyes as they go on about what they are doing at the moment and pays close attention as they speak
  • He’s also affectionate. In his own way. You can catch him stroking his s/o’s arm gently as he sits beside them or casually brush something from their hair as they talk
  • He not big with words but when he dose speak, in those moments him and his s/o are alone, he’ll whisper sweet nothings in their ear
  • Personal HC: His affections are black and white with no in between. He either loves you or he dosnt even know your name. And im a BIG believer that when Dabi loves, he loves with everything his is.

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If you're still open for requests-! May I please ask how the Phantom Thieves (or just Akira, Ryuji and Ann if that's too many-!) would react to an S/O who has a skin condition, and feels awful over it/tries to hide themselves a lot? (I have eczema, and it is one of the most self-confidence killing things ever. My face gets red and my eyes get bad, well, like, everywhere, my skin is itchy a lot and I used to get bullied for it growing up so I cover up as much as I can-) Thanks-! -A

I used to know someone that had it bad too. T_T I hope you’re doing better now, anon! Thank you for the request, I hope you like it!


  • S/O’s body is their business, but…
  • Akira hates seeing them uncomfortable or in pain, so he’ll probably suggest visiting Tae for some remedies.
  • At first, Tae scolds him because she’s a general practitioner, not a dermatologist.
  • But he manages to convince her, and she doesn’t want S/O to suffer or get picked on anymore. she has a good heart
  • So she’ll prescribe some special medicine to S/O along with an ointment, and Akira pays for it all despite S/O’s protests.
  • He calls them beautiful every day and showers them with kisses.
  • If their condition gets so bad that they have to stay home one day, he’ll bring flowers and herbal teas.
  • Akira will probably death glare anyone that tries to mention it, but for the most part, he’s really chill about the condition since he knows S/O can’t control it.


  • If S/O’s wearing short sleeves that expose their skin and they begin to cover themself, Ryuji will put his jacket / flannel on them.
  • He doesn’t see the problem because he thinks they’re wonderful, but he doesn’t want them to be anxious either.
  • If anyone tries to make them feel bad, he has no qualms about calling them in front of everyone.
  • He’ll go online and research all kinds of home remedies or ointments, and he’ll even ask his mom.
  • His mom makes a variety of healthy foods and soups when S/O visits; she says it’s very good for the skin, and Ryuji just apologizes to S/O for telling her. s/o’s really touched tho
  • On S/O’s bad days, he’ll visit them and try to help however he can, whether it’s by applying ice, cooking, or simply being there.
  • He hates how there isn’t much he can do, but he tries to make them feel better by cracking jokes, complimenting them, and just generally making them feel as beautiful as possible.


  • Ann knows a lot about cosmetics and skin care, so she’ll probably recommend a few brands to S/O while they go shopping.
  • Whenever she notices S/O try to cover up, she’ll lace her fingers through theirs and kiss their cheek.
  • S/O’s skin condition doesn’t bother her; what bothers her more is the fact that they’re bothered by it.
  • As a result, she gets really worried about them sometimes, so she eventually asks them if they’d like to see her private dermatologist for some medical recommendations. her parents have connections
  • If S/O agrees, she’ll call them right away and sit by S/O’s side the entire time.
  • They were surprised to discover that the dermatologist’s prescriptions actually worked, and they were pretty affordable too.
  • Similar to Ryuji, if someone tries to pick on S/O she’ll call them out in front of everyone, but she’ll do it in a way that puts the offender on the spot and everyone else will just silently judge them for making an innocent couple upset. 
  • Ann’s just happy that S/O’s confidence is regaining, slowly but surely.

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Okay but what if when azura jumps or whatever corrin follows bc she's like "wait im a dragon, i can just fly myself back up"

Given how Kamui writhes frantically like a drunken duck while Aqua falls with a swan-like grace, I bet they kinda forgot they could do that.

“Why is this dumbass panicking so much? They’re going to hit their head on a rock and die before we even reach Valla.”

okay so when im in a public bathroom i always open a pad slowly in hopes of it being silent. so today i was in a bathroom and i was in my stall, and every other stall has a lady in it, anyway im very very slowly opening the pad, trying not to make a noticeable noise. but of course you can still here it. and the lady next to me was like “girl, trust me, you don’t need to try to cover it up. just tear it open, no one is going to judge you.” and im like welp and just fucking rip it the rest of the way and now i feel chill to just man handle my pad without feeling judged.

Unrelated Personal Junk


I’m coming out as genderfluid

this like literally changes nothing on my blog but i’ve felt like this for years but have been silent cause i dont want to be judge. dont worry about calling me whatever; he or she will do. i just really needed to say something.

sorry for bothering you guys i hope you can understand and continue following my blog without thinking twice about this.

  • One day Reiji comes home with his fkcnkg ‘friend’ on a stormy night. They were hanging when it rained and since they were closer to the mansion they thought it was a good idea
  • One thing tho: the guy/girl ‘s like a full on punk 
  • Lip/ tongue/ ear piercings, ripped jeans, leather jacket, fingerless gloves goddamn
  • Shu did a double take like??? “Reiji this random person just followed you in the house should we kick em out?”
  • (Reiji’s glasses cracked, thunder boomed and you could hear screaming in the distance) He cleared his throat. “Uh, this is- allow me to introduce (name),  they have accompanied me here because it was raining and-”
  • His screaming attracted the rest of the house, wondering who this person is.
  • Reiji tries to talk but his friend does before him: “Im (name), me and Reirei are best buds! You must be his brothers!!!”
  • The household is shook before laito snorts loudly. “…Reirei? lol” 
  • Reiji’s like shit I told you not to call me that 
  • Whoops bruh my bad
  • Time skip~  everyones talking to Reijis friend with one question in the back of their heads: “HOW?”
  • They find the friend is a pretty chill person and even teased reiji when they did, but when it got too far the friend put their foot down with a loud thud.
  • “You guys, that was too far even for me. Brothers or not Im not gonna sit here and watch you ‘tease’ him and do nothing. C’mon, reiji.” they grab his arm and lead him away.
  • The sakamakis are in shock. While talking to them not only did they find out this persons physical appearance didn’t match their personality 100%, but also they shared the same interest with Reiji such as a love for tea or an appreciation for antique furniture. 
  • After the friend left for back home, they attacked reiji with questions and subaru even threatened to drain them if they spoke to them like that again.
  • Reiji was like ‘aHA no you’re not.” He simply responded that this ‘irritating’ person kept pestering him until reiji found out their similar tastes in things and that he may have ‘judged their appearance too quickly’
  • They all pause.
  • Kanato’s like “Wow four eyes, you’ve really changed haven’t you? But if they disrupt me or teddy again theyre dead.”
  • Reiji’s like sure buddy
  • Surprisingly, shu then announced no one is to cause any harm to reiji’s ‘friend’ or else-
  • Reiji’s like ?????that was unexpected but then smiles a little despite himself
  • the rest of em boooooo as they disperse, going back to their regular activites
  • Shu silently sits in the corner and smiles. Whelp, human or not, I’m not gonna let him lose his first friend
The ULTIMATE What-Shit-To-Pack List for a UK Uni Student-to-be

Im compiling a list (and jeez its long so youre in for the long hall on this one) of stuff to take to uni :) so heres what ive compiled to be the essentials for you.

Pointers: this list is based on living in en suite accom with a ¾ bed and is self catered.



A lot of stuff you probably have at home already, bring it rather than buy new.

I will judge you silently if you don’t have an empty alcohol bottle collection by the end of first year.


Essentially the usual stuff youd take on holiday, but more of it. Think about where in the country youre living (THE NORTH IS FUCKING COLD JUST FYI) and what weathers we get during the year.

 Also have a mix of party and practical clothing. The lil black dress for the society formal? Yes! Those heels for that job interview? Yes! The trainers, jeans and hoodie combo? Hell yes!

Hoodies are beautiful, you will live in them.

Lots and lots and lots of underwear.


Duvet + pillows

Duvet case +  pillow cases (2 sets)

Sheets (2 sets)

Mattress protector (to turn the hard squeaky bed into a comfy marshmallow of love)

Cushions and teddies from home because aesthetic



Bedroom Furniture

Desk lamp

Storage baskets/boxes

Washing hamper and/or bin

Plug extensions

Laptop stand


Stuff/mementos to decorate room a little

Speakers for ipod/iphone

Clothes hangers

Door hanger shoe organiser (because you can store scarves/hats/etc in them too!



Diary/Planner. I wholeheartedly recommend one from staples! You can move stuff without tearing pages out, write in your own dates/months etc so pages aren’t wasted and can get plastic sleeves for memory sticks etc and those coloured book marker thingies.

Notebooks for each module (way less disorganised than sheets of paper and folders)

Lined paper (good for scrap or that shitty 5 credit plagiarism module you have to do)

Post-it notes

Paperclips and pushpins

Pens, pencils, rubbers, sharpner, highlighters etc

Washi tape – its special tape that you can use to stick things to the walls instead of blu tak as it doesn’t leave a mark! That’s how all my posters are stuck up. Its about £3 on amazon :)

Laptop, bag, charger, mouse, mousemat


In your “Man Drawer” – yes that is a reference to Michael McIntyre but trust me you’ll have one of these

At least a months worth of any prescription meds youre on so youre covered until you’ve signed up to a doctors

Batteries – AA and AAA are most useful

Plasters – for the times when you drop the knife and slash yourself and need to not bleed all over your dinner haha

Paracetamol and ibuprofen

Passport, ID, Have a folder of important docs: contract, copy of results, important certificates (sadly the pen licence you got in year 4 wont get you into a bar im afraid) CV etc


Lanyard to keep your flatkeys and fob on




hampoo, conditioner, showergel, soap,

Hand soap

Toothbrush, toothpaste

Flannels and towels

A shower hanger – you get them from ikea and they hang off of the door, they then can be used to store things like shampoo and soap

Razors, pads and tampons


A washbag (for when you travel home

Loo paper

Bleach, shower cleaner, sponge and j cloths




16 piece set of cheap as shit cutlery – IT WILL GO WALKIES

Cheap drinking glasses

Cheap crockery – plates, mugs, bowl, - ACCEPT THAT IT MAY BE BROKEN

3 sizes of pot. One for soup/instant noodles (aka food of the gods) one for pasta and a large one for the weekends when youre making 1.5 kilos of spaghetti bolognaise to last 4 meals.

Frying pan

Tuppaware – greatest invention

Spatula and cooking spoon and mixing spoons etc

Pyrex bowl






Biscuit tin and biscuits

Pack of cards and/or cards against humanity

Overnight bag (for the weekend home)

Suitcase (for dragging a load of washing home at xmas)

Ikea bag – the haut couture of students when carrying their laundry down to the laundry room


Things youll get given in freshers:

The opportunity to buy a cactus. -  my cacti are called Edmund and Baldrick. They are my best friends.

Energy drink


Condoms – even if you don’t plan to use them now keep them just in case. You genuinely never know trust me.

greygreenwolf rachelah93 and stark-and-spice I hope this is useful!

Making 1.5kg of spaghetti bolognaise is  great. trust me.

I wanted to put photos on this but tumblr is shitty. so if you need picks ask and ill post them separate

the band's inner monologue: christmas break edition
  • section leaders: tHEY BETTER PRACTICE OVER BREAK
  • french horn: *heated debate about who is the best reindeer*
  • tuba: *debates taking instrument home for 5 days, decides fuck it*
  • euphonium: *sits silently judging the rest of band*
  • flute: im just going to play zelda songs today
  • trumpet: why is there a candy cane in my case
  • trombone: if i dont find where you hid my slide before christmas i swear
  • piccolo: *debates giving the trombone's slide back*
  • saxophone: *jazz solo occasionally interrupted by random band room chaos*
  • clarinet: if i don't practice, it was my reed's fault
  • percussion: let's hide someone's instrument in the bathrooms
  • baritone: if anyone wants to know how to covertly unwrap and rewrap your presents i'm here

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I can overlook the crap storylines and nonsensical main characters but I cannot for the LIFE of me stand what Descendants did to the Disney characters themselves. Like, you mentioned Belle being crap, but they make Adam look like such a horrible awful king with this "he ordered the Isle's creation" BS and then they have the nerve to ruin the FG's character too!


Belle was crap and I’ve obviously discussed her prior- but im still not over how kind-hearted Belle who would fall in love with a beast and not judge a book by its cover would let the VKs be raised on the isle! Let alone have Gaston brought back to life!

*Silently squealing cause there’s more people now referring to Adam as his biological name and not the name he took as the Beast*

Uh, yes…anyway….like you just said- he wouldn’t do that- he wouldn’t bring back his own enemy, he wouldn’t risk his kingdoms safety, he wouldn’t ban magic fully just maybe evil magic and again, HE WOULDNT LEAVE CHILDREN TO BE RAISED BY VILLAINS- HE WOULDNT CARE IF ITS GASTONS SON, HE’D STILL GET THE KID OF THE ISLE! Making him this BAD of a character in this movie series goes against him and makes him dislikeable when he was never like that in the original film.

Oh lord- I still don’t get why they had to de-age FG- like, they could have just made her have a grandchild! Jane could still exist, but as her granddaughter shes looking after while the mom/dad is, I don’t know, somewhere! Like- it came off as a attempt to look hip and cool and therefore, need to deage the older characters cause apparently elderly headteachers wouldn’t make sense and cause it wouldn’t make sense that a old person would have this much wisdom for her grandchild!

Like- lord I could go on and on about how they ruined FG and it still wouldn’t be enough to point out how much mess they made out of some of these characters.

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I am... so sorry. I was silently judging you this entire time for reblogging Bigfoot and werewolf stuff and being like "ew wtf." .... and now I want to fuck a clown. I'm so sorry. Forgive me.

tbfh idk if i SHOULD forgive bc ur judging me….saying ‘ew’ about my reasonable werewolf and bigfoot love……and ur the one who wants to fuck pennywise? anon what comes around goes around smfh :///

Seventeen Reaction To Their S/O Doing The PPAP Dance

anon requested:  seventeen react to their gf doing kkap dance X’D

(im assuming this is meant to be the ppap dance?)


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*starts doing it with you*


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*just watches*


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*makes it a competition*


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*judging silently in his head*


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“I bet I can do it better than you!”


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*happily starts doing it with you*


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*runs for his life bc why are you doing that*


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“You know me so well~” *joins you*


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*isnt sure if he wants to join or judge you from the sides*


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*judges hardcore internally as well as externally*


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*speechless for once*


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“…I don’t know you*


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*Does it with you shyly*

just imagine n being a dad for the first time tho and he’s at the hospital with white and she’s in labour and she’s holding his hand so tight and sCREAMING “I FUCKING HATE YOU U BUSH HAIRED FREAK” and he’s in tears crying “IM SORRY I WONT EVER IMPREGNATE YOU AGAIN I AM SO SORRY PLEASE” and the nurses and doctors are just staring at them silently judging

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2:you turned around and hugged Baekhyun tight and started sobbing by the sudden flow of emotions. He patted your back and caressed your hair. He asked you with his signature rectangular smile”want to relieve your stress? You nodded into him. He took you out for a long drive to some countryside silent place where no one would ever listen to you. He said scream out your worries no one will judge you. You started yelling at void while he was admiring your this side too with a big warm smile on face

😣😣 this is what i need right now wtf

Imagine winding up Dean on the phone...

“Okay, not sure exactly when, but I’ll be home soon, is there anything you want from the store?”

You rolled your eyes, even if he couldn’t see you, it made you feel better. That was when the idea crossed your mind.

“If you’re at the shop, get some condoms.” You said coolly.

Dean went silent for a few moments and you began to wonder if he’d actually heard you.

“Did you say what I thought you did?” He said in a husky voice.

“Mmmm,” you hummed. “After my hunt went bust, I’ve just been so… bored. How long you going to be? I’m feeling a little flustered…” You cringed at your own wording, but judging by his tone of voice, it did the job.

“Y/N, I’ll… I’ll be there as quickly as possible.”

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Tobi is that parent that is secretly a grandparent in disguise in ways that they seem supportive but will silently(openly) judge you but would be on someone's ass if they hurt someone they know