if not i'm totally creating that show

“Don’t go where I can’t follow”

What if Colonel Mustang totally lost control one day and Lieutenant Hawkeye would have to abide by her promise and end his life? This shows a nightmare Riza might have had: The very moment she makes the decision and raises her gun. A nightmare she probably has quite frequently. Or so I imagine.

Did this quick little thing to try out a photoshop sketching technique I learned last week in a podium at Fantasy Basel (Swiss comic con). Click to enlarge.


“luster, redux" 
gouache, acrylic, and ink on wood, 12x12" 

there’s an event in my city where 100 local artists are given a panel and create a piece for a gallery showing. the artists don’t sign their work and at the end of the night there’s a raffle where you can pick one of the anonymous paintings off the wall and take it home! it’s a really fun show, but i hate giving up my paintings…

You know what bothers me most about this whole rainbow thing is that people honestly think a rainbow flag would offend Louis Tomlinson. Those tweets *you know which ones* have created a narrative in which he is offended by the LGBTQ community which he isn’t isn’t based on his interactions with these people and footage from fan shows in which he acknowledges sections of Rainbow Directioners .This isn’t a Larry thing guys this is a LGBTQ fan thing, they should feel safe here and be able to bring flags to events without any backlash. If I really thought that any member of the band was offended by a rainbow flag , I wouldn’t be here.