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Yesterday I was remaking my blog and I decided to « organize » my cc. I made a page where I grouped all my custom content. Indeed, my cc was available on different sites and it was kind of complicated when you’re looking for something, so I decided to put it all together on a single page !

Some content has a dedicated post, others just links but everything is here ! You can access that page, by clicking Downloads and of course, I agree on my TOU. Have fun !

icecreammilktea  asked:

Hi!! I hope this doesn't come across as too demanding - if yes, I apologize in advance, and feel free to ignore this - but will you be uploading the season 6 DVD extras? My country doesn't have the DVD yet and I... can't wait ^^" I mean I probably can, but yeah. It's okay if you aren't uploading it though, just checking! Thank you again for all the hard work :D

To those who want the goodies:

::obligatory “Buy the DVDs if you can” statement here::

(I’ve been told that if you use Firefox to dl stuff on the site I’m uploading these to you have to install an app or some such…but if you use Chrome you don’t? Idk, but for simplicity’s sake you might want to use Chrome. I’m not using mf bc they always take down this type of thing for me. So…sorry.)

White Collar Season 6 gag reel: HERE

White Collar Season 6 Deleted Scenes 1: HERE

White Collar Season 6 Deleted Scenes 2: HERE

White Collar: Case Closed Retrospective: HERE