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It’s @celesoran‘s bday!!! Please accept this small Speed Demons ficlet! :D

On a scale of one to ten, one being the least worst, and ten being the absolute most terrible, a rowdy bar in the rougher part of town on a Saturday night is probably on the higher end of Asahi’s discomfort spectrum.

He knows Daichi and Suga love this place, though, because it reminds them a little bit of the old days, the scent of smoke and danger always lingering in the air, the possibility of fight or flight always right around the corner. Asahi doesn’t miss those days nearly as much, and he knows the two of them are more or less happy in the relative stability they have now, but he does understand the notion of rose-tinted glasses born from nostalgia.

Asahi likes the quiet, though. That’s why he watches from a booth in the corner of the room, nursing a soda and snacking on admittedly delicious chicken wings, while Daichi and Suga jostle for elbow room at the crowded bar. They’re both already tipsy, and are making a game out of swatting each other’s asses and then acting like one of the other rowdy bar patrons around them is the overly friendly culprit.

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It was eleven o'clock in the morning on a cool, cloudy day in Minasato. The weather called for rain, but not for another few hours. Wherever the day found Alex, his watch suddenly piped up with Kounosuke Kuri's excited voice. "Hey Alex! I just got the developed film back! Want to meet up and give them a look? We can meet at the candy shop! I'll see you there!"

“Oh crap!” He was startled by the sudden message from his watch. He dropped a butter knife in the process of making a sandwich. “Alright see Ya there.” Alex put on some shorts, a blue sweater and shoes and walked out of his ship eating his sandwich. “I wonder how they came out.” *munch*

Avatar AU part 2

“W-Well, we travel to random places. But, I-it’s probably gonna be away from those guys. Maybe to a nearby village, s-somewhere.” Jeremy explained. Jordan nodded in understanding, and he himself fell asleep too.
[this part is in Angel’s mind]
~in Angel’s sleep~
Angel woke up in darkness. She walked around confused, until she saw a puddle. Gazing into the puddle, she it was a flashback. From the time when Mike got burnt on his back, and she could only stand in shock and anger, as her body was burst into flames of red and lavender. She tried to turn away from the puddle but something is keeping her from looking away.
“……lp………e…………elp…….e…….help……me……..Help……..Me……HELP ME!!!” The voice grew louder, until she woke from her dream.
~in reality~
“HELP ME!!” She jumped from her sleep, startling everyone on Peppercorn.

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Ooga: *thinks to self: ok I'm going to kiss him on the cheek and then I'll run for it* *kisses Magolor on the cheek*

Magolor: *he blushes, startled and blinks a few times* W-WhaattT!???? *he buries his face in his hands*