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A Goodbye Announcement.

I’ve been throwing the idea around and honestly, I think it’s time to say goodbye. As I mentioned in previous posts throughout the week, my interest in ffxv has slowly been smothered by other interests and if things follow their familiar pattern it will only be a matter of time before I taper out here entirely anyway. The fact that I’m only able to be here on the weekends and already feel like people have lost interest in roleplaying with me will only accelerate this.

Perhaps this will not be a final goodbye but a well needed break and I will return but I would rather say I’m going and have my return be a pleasant surprise than string you all along with a neverending semi hiatus. This fandom was really good to me and I thank you all. You’ve been wonderful friends and writing partners. I hope the years ahead of you are kind.

Catch me on my personal ( @mythologicalgift​ ) or IM me for my discord if you want to stay in touch. 

tl;dr: goodbye, i guess. it’s been golden. 

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Marmite is Sacred. Nothing can replace Marmite.

I’d say there’s one obvious replacement (it begins with V), but I don’t want to invite trouble…


He’s a super sword warrior that surpasses all others!

↳  “Don’t worry about reality. UK!”

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The Flash | Inside: Mixed Signals | The CW

Of course! 

If I’m trying to marry the love of my life and I need to get our relationship back on track, the person whose advice I’m going to act on would be the woman who tried to end my life – and who traumatized my friends – just eight months prior, right before she pulled a total disappearing act. Even better is the fact that said homicidal bitch knew that said soulmate of mine was trapped in a void of time and space somehow and she could have helped spring him out, but she chose to traipse around town working for a very shady group of people who are probably criminals. 

It’s logic! 



bisexual culture is laying down on a warm summer’s day with ur nemesis/love-of-life looking above the overhead window in a quiet classroom watching the birds outside both of u with shades on and with a faint but undeniable hayley kiyoko song in the bg