if not friends what

like, okay, I see your “Donut likes Locus and flusters him regularly” and raise you…

A Donut who sees Locus’s crush on/obsession with Wash a mile away, and sees that it makes Wash uncomfortable, and immediately makes it his mission in life to make sure that Locus never gets Wash alone. 

Locus will just be creeping on Wash while Wash works out and then BAM. Donut drops from the ceiling. 

Cryptic convos? Instant Donut physically slamming himself between the two of them talking to Wash in a loud voice about how Sarge needs him now.  

“Wash, okay, here’s the doll. now I want you to point to where the creepy merc touched you.”

“… what, like when we were fighting?”

“Okay I think we’re safe, put down the shotgun Sarge”

i don’t understand why people think deh doesn’t handle mental illness well like the people who say this shit are majorly the people who’ve contrived a plot using the first sentence of the goddamn wikipedia page like. listen to/watch a show before you come after it without knowing jack shit

Why is there a small bit of me that ships bellarke?…….

When someone says that shipping abuser(s)/survivor(s) makes you a abusive, bad person.


i finally graduated today. 🎉


Shirofuku: It didn’t work out with Nichan this time, but good luck to Geru-tan and Nozaki-san!!

Nokkuso: I’m really sorry for Ani, but good luck to Gerurin and Nozaki-san!

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You signed yourself up for this when you added that comment. Do you have any recommendations on hurt/comfort aus pertaining Snape and Dumbles? With that specific "I've been found out" scenario? Even just one? Because I suddenly have a mighty need.

Oh yes absolutely! I have way more than one lol. I thought I had a lot more saved than I do, but I guess I forgot to bookmark some. The one I have bookmarked is The Price We Pay by Ilmare2, who has another one like that called To Consort With the Devil. The Half Mad Muggle (also known as SS19) has one series that I remember about him being found out and captured called the To Break series, (To Break, Breaking, Broken) though they have about 4 or 5 other fics that are similar to that. SS19 writes many interpretations of Snape and Dumbledore’s relationship, so they’re a good place to go for both caring Dumbledore and Snape fics and manipulative Dumbledore and Snape fics.

I’ll add more if i find them. And jsyk, the fics can be pretty explicit with torture and violence, I think they have adequate warnings beforehand, but in case they don’t I’m warning you here. 


look at the way nunu looks at me in the last gif! true love!!!! (this is the first time my face has been on this blog please be nice :////)

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secret affair with your boss? that's so unethical

HAH okay, I supposed this was gonna come up at one point or another.

So, Walter and I didn’t start dating until after the store closed down. The first time we kissed was about three days after we found out we were losing our jobs.

I mean, fuck, I know I’d been in love with him for at least two months by that point, and I happen to know for a FACT that he’d been into me for about five months before that moment. But neither of us did anything about it until what seemingly felt like The Last Minute™, because neither of us knew what was going to happen to the other after we lost our jobs.

So there was this sort of sudden desperate “oh fuck, if I want this I have to do something about it now sort of feeling.

So, I mean, it’s kind of fun for me to be like “lol yeah he was my boss” but in reality, there wasn’t anything “unethical” going on.

Also, 1. even if we had been carrying on a relationship while we worked together, I was not in his department, he wasn’t directly in charge of me, so there wouldn’t have been a conflict of interest anyway and 2. our place of employment had a lot of workplace romances, so ours wouldn’t have been anything too wildly out of the ordinary.