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[TRANS] 알라딘 Fansign Post-It 170223

Q: Jungkook-ah! How old are hyungs mentally?
SJ: 20
YG: 35
NJ: 26
HS: 25
JM: 21
TH: 20
JK: 21

hey @ dreamworks i want lance to realise his bisexuality and also i want him to kiss a cute boy because he deserves it

kind regards

  • Me: Omg I can't wait for the new riverdale ep tonight!!!
  • Straight friend: Ikr! What was happening in that promo? And Cheryl's scream omg, will any other character become a suspect tonight? can't wait!!
  • Me: *tiny bi laughter hiding the fact that I just want some new beronica content* Ahah yes so exciting!

im a serious sora blog guys i swear

Please reblog if you’re interested in writing with an indie Sora! Crossover friendly, multiverse, with a delightful balance of angst, fluff, crack and comedy.

Mighty need for DISNEY && FINAL FANTASY characters to interact with!

What I Hide By My Language, My Body Utters

Description: Based on a prompt from Tumblr user thetwogaydetectives - “fake relationship that ends up being so real, they finally realize they are in love.”
Probably not EXACTLY what she was looking for… but, eh, my muse has its own kinks to fulfill.

Review: Fake relationship trope at a gay bar. You know where this leads.

Rating: Mature


What is distance?
  • Distance is a number.
  • It’s what makes me wish I lived somewhere else,
  • just to be close to you all.
  • If I could,
  • I would be with you in a heart beat.
  • I'd hug you tightly
  • And spend hours talking with you.
  • Watch movies
  • And laugh under blankets
  • Like we already do.
  • But in person.
  • Because while distance is just a number
  • The ache I have when I want to be there -
  • When I want to hug you
  • And shower you with my love
  • And remind you how much you mean to me -
  • Isn't dulled easily.
  • Because you're so far away.
  • And distance is a number.
  • A big number.
  • It doesn't stop me from loving you.
  • From sending you every bit of my affection
  • And good thoughts
  • And happiness.
  • It doesn't stop me
  • From wanting to talk to you for hours
  • And tell jokes
  • And be silly
  • And sit in silence.
  • It just stops me,
  • Momentarily,
  • From giving you physical affection.
  • But, really,
  • That won't stop me for long.
  • It's just delaying me for a little.
  • Don't worry.
  • One day,
  • I can't say when and I can't say soon,
  • But one day,
  • I'll see you.
  • Remember,
  • Distance is just a number.
  • And numbers, we can work with.
  • And though I'm not great at math,
  • And crunching the numbers will take some time,
  • It'll be worth it.

So I went onto this fancy wine site for Pietanza and there was a damn popup chat with “specialists” and they wouldn’t leave me alone so-

Stephen: Hello, may I help you find a great wine?

Me: I’m just looking for a story I’m writing I’m not actually shopping, sorry.

Stephen: Well I’m sorry to hear that. But even then, is there any kind in particular you’re looking for?

Me: Okay, yeah actually, what would be the most pretentious Italian white wine?

Stephen: Pretentious?

Me: You know. What would make my character seem super snooty but knowledgeable if he walked up to people and started offering pairings? I have a couple throwing a snobby dinner party, like the cliche wine and cheese soiree, and they’re questioning his authority on the matter and I need him to show them up. Like not $1000 bottles, but over you know, the $4 ones I buy.

Stephen (after some time): How about a Bucci Verdicchio Classico dei Castelli di Jesi Riserva? [site link]. Always over $30, pairs wonderfully with medium cheeses, and your character will sound like he knows what he’s talking about saying that mouthful :)

Me: Stephen, you’re fabulous; thank you so much. If I’m ever not poor I’ll come back and buy some rich people fruit juice.

Stephen: The rich people fruit juice will be waiting for you!

Starbruary Drawing of the Day - February 23rd

A picture I drew nearly a month ago when I saw the ‘Just Friends’ description.

anonymous asked:

I don't get it. You're not that nice but people constantly like you. You are obnoxiously annoying when it comes to jongup too. we get it, you and him have something. don't have to rub it in everyone's faces. But it wouldn't be anything without your so-called friends you probably pay to give jongup your gift just like how you paid for post its. if they were really your friend you wouldn't have to pay for it. but you keep saying they're your friends.

ok but…

2am thoughts

Does anyone wake up around this time feeling hungry? I really don’t want to eat especially cause its 2am. But i’ll probably be up all night if I don’t. (Wohoo! All nighter) Hays. I’m sure water will help. Or shall I watch a movie? Ugh. All my friends are asleep so I can’t message them. Hay nako! What to do. 😒🙈