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“What is Right?”

And so we have found ourselves a common enemy!

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I’m absolutely knackered so I’ll post my comment on the chapter tomorrow, promise! I’ll get it done and catch up already with my KiraKira comments. I’ll leave a cut in the post for the link.

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Mark your calendars: On September 12th, I’ll be launching my second kickstarter! It will be for my new book, The Sketchbook of Loish. It’ll be a similar size, format and page count as my current artbook, but containing mostly sketches and rough work :) There will be a limited number of signed copies and prints available. These went really fast last time, so I figured I’d give everyone a heads up! Check back on this page in a month for the link! <3

31 days of Mental Health Month have come and just about gone. Tumblr, thank you for sharing your stories. Thank you for reading the stories of your peers. Without you—all of you—Post it Forward would not be the beautiful, caring community it is today.

Though we reblogged a lot of the art that was created this month, we wanted to end on a particular high note and highlight just a few more pieces in a special post.

There was no shortage of inspo:

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Some of it was simple, but just as helpful and nice to look at:

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We’re proud to showcase some valid as heck pets:

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One person, Fatin (@nfzsketchbook), even made a zine about what it’s like to focus on self-care while battling a mental illness:

Originally posted by nfzsketchbook

You can check out her full post—and more pages from her zine—here.

Mental Health Month may have been limited to, well, May, but it doesn’t mean our efforts stop in June. Post it Forward is always here as your hub for sharing stories and finding a support system with others who might be going through the same things you are.  So keep sharing if you can, keep reading, and keep up all of the amazing work we’ve seen so far.  And please always remember, there are resources out there if things ever get too hard. <3

Take care of yourself, Tumblr. You deserve it.

how to stay productive

i rly srsly have a problem with this especially after school ))): like im always on tumblr or something so i never get anything done rip

so im gonna try to practice what i preach from now on!!! lets get into it!

preparing for productivity

  • when you get home from school or work, give yourself a 20-50 minute break. lets be honest we all have those days when we try to jump right into doing whatever the heck you need to do right when you get home but after like 20 minutes you’re distracted and a mess and not getting any work done. the easy way to prevent this is to give yourself time to do all of that before you start your work so you’re not distracted later (give urself an hour if its been an especially long day). eat a snack, wash ur face tbh, whip your hair, idk what you crazy kids do but do it. srsly. just get it out of the way.
  • get everything ya need in one place. this is kinda a no-brainer especially since it’s all over tumblr. but srsly why get up every 5 minutes to get a pencil or something? just have it all in the first place. ez.
  • turn off your phone or put it in airplane mode. personally i like to pretend like im so determined and focused but every time i see the little t at the top of my phone im just gone. don’t let it distract you. if you need the internet, use your laptop/computer for less distractions.
  • set the mood. idk what you do, whether thats playing the moana soundtrack hanging up fairy lights, putting on your diffuser or playing rap music; idk man! do it.

actually doing the thing

  • alright so now u got ur fairy lights, ur mildliners, ur face washed, and ur apple juice (??? apple juice is lit???). now throw yourself into it. literally just force yourself to do it. don’t know how??? welll!!! not sure how to help you! (no im kidding don’t leave yet pls)
  • use the touch it once rule. this is a favorite of the studyblr community. it means that everything on your to-do list, everything you know you need to accomplish– start it. just tell yourself “i’ll only do 3 math problems” or “i’ll only work on this resume for 5 minutes”. they say the hardest part is always starting. chances are, that unfinished worksheet is going to really bother you and you’ll end up finishing it. if not, then just come back to later and touch it again and again until you finish it. tedious, but it works.
  • use the “two minute rule”. i got this one from @emmastudies! this rule means that if anything on your list takes 2 minutes or less to do (checking your emails, checking your tumblr inbox or something), do it. just get it done.
  • keep it balanced. do like one easy task and then one hard task so you’re getting everything done but not overwhelming yourself either.
  • break down your tasks. don’t just look at a giant task like “write a 3-page paper”. break it down into smaller subtasks like “plan paper. draft paper. edit paper. type and print paper.” its much less scary to look at.
  • visualize procrastination as a monster. i do NOT take credit for this one; i saw it in a masterpost somewhere so this isnt mine!!! but basically i read that you should look at procrastination as a scary opponent ready to eat you alive (and honestly it is). tackle it. don’t let it attack. be so scared of it that you don’t let it get anywhere near you.
  • honestly just do it and keep at it. stop letting procrastination kick your ass so that you can be productive and stay productive. the work is it’s own reward (:

If somebody asks me what executive dysfunction is, I’m gonna point them to a web article or suchlike that explains it better than I can. 

If somebody asks me what executive dysfunctions feels like, though, I’d say that it’s like waiting for a video stream to buffer or for a web page to load. You could do so many other things, except you’ve only got a few minutes at most to wait, so most of them aren’t worth starting. So instead you read a few lines of an article or check out your tumblr dash or go get a glass of water. You fill time, because most people don’t like to stare at a loading bar for several minutes if they have other options. Sure, you’re doing things, but if anyone asked what you were up to you’d probably just say “waiting,” because you’re really just doing whatever you can to make the time go faster. 

Now just imagine that instead of doing this for a couple minutes, you’re stuck in this state for hours on end. You’re waiting for the thing to finish, but every time you check it’s still not done so you just keep waiting, breaking your day down into chunks too small to do anything with. You think about playing a game, but you don’t actually start it up. You get a drink, but you don’t make lunch. You open your word processor, but you don’t actually start writing. You’re stuck in a holding pattern, killing time minute by minute, and by the time you realize you don’t actually know what you’re waiting for, the day is already gone. 

It isn’t a matter of being lazy or undisciplined, or a case of making bad decisions. Executive dysfunction is a problem with the organ responsible for making decisions in the first place. When it stops working properly, stops being able to decide between doing this or doing that or doing nothing at all, you end up just going with what comes naturally. You fidget. You kill time. You wait, in expectation of a decision to wait no longer. It may be a long time coming. 

anonymous asked:

Hi there! Could you please spread words on your Tumblr about how people from other countries than the US can call Netflix too? I see people claiming they can only phone them from the USA but that's not true. At least from Germany you can call them as well. Check for a phone number on the bottom on their help page.

Here are all the numbers I was able to gather for everyone around the world to be able to call netflix and express their concern about the cancellation of sense8:

United States: 1 (866) 579-7172

Canada: 866-579-7115

Colombia: 01-800-755-0114

México: 01800-265-0161

España: 900866616

Argentina:  0800-444-2169

Panamá: +1 (408) 600-1721

Brazil: 0-800-086-4041

United Kingdom: 0800-096-6379

Germany: 0800-724-0963

France: +1-800-585-7265

Italy: 800-784-308

The Netherlands: 0800-022-5173

Australia: 1800-071-578

These numbers are really hard to get because netflix doesn’t let you on the website unless you reside in that country. This was all I was able to get. If I can. I’ll keep updating it or if anyone lives elsewhere and can reblog and provide the number for the customer service care in their country that’d also be amazing. I’ll be on a hunt to make a mass post.

things i do when taking a study break:
  • Practice hand lettering/watercolor painting/handwriting in different styles - there are a ton of resources and inspiration references online (for hand lettering, there’s a few instagram accounts that I love; with my watercolors, I do a lot of hand lettering and color mixing and doodles; as for handwriting, studyblr is a great reference for that, there’s so much variety and so many new styles to try out!) - I like this one because it has the same vibe as taking notes, but without all the mental energy
  • Read a book for fun - my go-to will always be re-reading harry potter (my very heart and soul), but anything that’s chill/familiar/interesting/easy to read/relaxing works great for this!
  • Go for a walk! - give yourself a set time to get back to work, but go outside and clear your head, get some fresh air, take some pictures out in nature, watch the sunset
  • Grab a snack - ideally something away from your desk to give yourself a break that feels like a break. Grab something healthy or something not-so-healthy. Treat yo’ self.
  • Listen to new music - find a new artist or an old artist, pay attention to the lyrics and instruments and backing vocals, really get into the song
  • Make a studyblr post - show off what you’re studying or any tips you’re working with/realizing as you’re working on your homework (I don’t know about y’all, but I always feel most inspired for things like this when I’m trying to work on something else - take a break and use that inspiration)
  • Clean ur room!! - having a clean room helps you think clearly and it gives you less to worry with later on. Similarly,
  • Start a load of laundry - that way, you have a guaranteed break when you have to put the wet laundry into the drier in about an hour, and another break when you have to get it out of the drier and put it away. Plus, you’re being double-productive.
  • Decorate/plan out a bujo spread - still in that same productive realm as homework, but it’s much more fun and creative!
  • Check tumblr - a dangerous suggestion, perhaps, but just make sure to give yourself a limit and stick to it: like you can only check the first 10 pages of your dash before getting back to work.

These are just a few things I like to do! What are some of your go-to study break activities?

Montréal, Male. It’s hard to find quality black porn over tumblr.

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Last Update: 04/01/2017
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Guest Art: Lissa Treiman

This week’s guest art is from Lissa!

I’m gonna be real this page gave me a Feel… I love small moments like these and it’s especially nice when it’s other people drawing your characters!! I love the feeling of this page!!!

you might recognise Lissa’s art from issues 1-6 of Giant Days, but if you’d like, you can check out more of her art on her tumblr or her twitter

Welcome to the Voltron Magazine!

This is a Voltron themed zine designed to look like a magazine. Featuring mainly the Galra world with a sprinkling of the paladins, it’ll contain everything from ads, news stories, interviews, articles, and full page fashion drawings to whatever else your heart desires. Applications will be open August 21st - Sept. 15th for both artists and writers. Until then, check out the links below and help us spread the word! 

                     ~  About   ~  Schedule  ~  Tumblr  ~

🎶 Practicing Tips 🎶

This is mostly for university students who practice several hours a day, but it could def be helpful for any musician 😋

1) Have water!!! If you play an instrument with repetitive movements (trombone, Piano, strings, percussion, etc) drinking water can help stave off muscle cramps

2) HAVE AND USE YOUR METRONOME if anything is difficult, start it slowly with a metronome and gradually speed it up until past where you need it to be. Ex. final tempo 100, start 70-75-80…100-105-110. Then playing it at 100 should be easy! You can also do this with entire pieces (do the same thing a few days in a row for the optimum outcome)

3) Rhythmatize! Instead of playing something as straight 16ths, play it in groups of 2 or as triplets or doted eight 16ths etc with a metronome, then playing it straight is super easy. (planning to make a post about this with pics)

4) Use your pencil! I know there’s some kind of judgemental standard where having like no marking on your music except fingerlings is “mature” but that’s such BS. If you make a mistake more then 2-3 times, MARK IT. I photocopy all my music so I can scribble all over it and not feel guilty for destroying original music. That way too you can label it “2016 Prof John” and then when you revisit that piece or teach or if a friend learns it, you can see exactly what you were thinking when you did it.

5) If you make a mistake, don’t automatically go back a few notes and keep going or just fumble over it and keep going. STOP AND DECONSTRUCT THE PROBLEM! (Unless you’re practicing performing and you’re purposely not stoping obvi)

6) Have your phone or iPad + charger so if you’re practicing for several hours, you can take a break to listen to the pieces you’re playing, compare bowlings, articulations, dynamics of diff performers, compare to the score or piano part etc. Then you don’t have an excuse to leave your practice bubble.

7) STRETCH!!! Regardless of weather you’re playing Rachmaninoff on piano or Revel on flute, stop and stretch your arms, neck, wrists, back and maybe even hips. This way you can practice longer without soreness or cramping and you have less chance of injury. Do this before and after practice as well. (will make another post with pics for this)

8) Take breaks! Depending on what you’re playing, how long you’ve been practicing, etc. take breaks every 15-40 mins. You can check your tumblr/twitter OR you can listen to your pieces, do score study, stretch, take a walk outside your practice room. Also, maybe split your practice? 2h before class and 2h after class?

9) Don’t play through! Chunk things, deconstruct things and have a specific goal for each time you play a section. Then when you’ve played all the chunks of a page for example, play though it all together slowly then speed it up with metronome.

10) If you’re getting frustrated or stuck on something STOP! Take a break or work on something else and come back to it.

11) Start with scales or tonalizations or a comfortable study or warmup every day. I know it’s annoying, but if you have like a 10min routine that you start your practice with every day, your intonation will improve AND your mind & body will get used to focusing in and starting your practice every day. DONT ZONE OUT OR PLAY MINDLESSLY! Have a goal to improve a specific skill or aspect of your warm ups every day. (If you’re having multiple practices in the same day, you can probably just do 2mins of the same warm ups to get in the zone for 2nd or 3rd practice sessions)

12) Touch on everything at least a little everyday. Even if you don’t have time to deconstruct and practice everything in chunks, at least go through each piece/study/excerpt, etc every day with special attention to what you focused on in your last practice.

13) Once you’ve “finished” with a piece (performed it, played for a jury, etc) DONT STOP PLAYING IT! Revisit it a MINIMUM of 2x week, then if when you need a piece for a masterclass/unplanned performance, you can just spend a little extra time practicing and you’ll be all set.

14) Don’t wait till the week before your performance to practice with your accompanist! If you practice with your accompanist every week or 2 after you’ve mastered a piece, then when you have a performance, you and your accompanist will be super comfortable playing together. (This can be expensive with a professional collaborative pianist, so maybe try to use a 4th year piano performance major? Still worship them tho obvi, they are heros)

15) Try playing with recordings, esp diff recordings, or with a midi on a music program so you can be adaptive, if you can play your piece well at diff speeds with diff rubato, diff dynamics, then playing it the way you like it is easier.

16) Play for your friends once in a while. If you’re like me, you have a lot of rep and you don’t get to play it all in your lesson, maybe you only touch everything every 3 weeks with your prof? And maybe you’re not ready to play everything in masterclass all the time (bc that’s insane lol) so just playing through for your friends once in a while could get you some super helpful constructive criticism once in a while.

Hope this helped some of you 🎻😎🎵

Fresh from the oven! A preview of a piece I did for zenfanzine. Please check our tictail to book your orders! For more details about the artists list and previews, you can check it through zenfanzine tumblr page😊

Note: The Heart of Gold Special bundle is already out of stock😂😂 So better grab it fast before the Enchanted Rose Bundle is gone too guys;; Thank you for the enthusiasm✨ *rolls onto next project*


Heyo! This is lem0uro, and I’m opening up commissions again! Yay! All my earnings from commissions helps me pay for food, rent, bus fare, school supplies; just basically keeps me off the streets! ;u;

The Do’s/Dont’s, Order Form, Process, and additional info are below the cut, or feel free to check out my Commission Page!

5 SLOTS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE (I will update this post and my Commission Page as Slots are filled)

And any and all signal boosts of this post are greatly appreciated as well!

Thank you! ^o^)/

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xxmylovelylife  asked:

I'm so glad I found your tumblr page! I'm from The Netherlands and I'm going to study international business and languages, also with Spanish. Can you recommend me some Spanish series or tv shows? Beginner level 😅


I found a series on Youtube, it’s old but it’s funny and it’s specially for beginners, and It has Spanish transcript.

On Netflix you can watch some Spanish series and you can put Spanish subtitles in most of them.

You can check this article about learning Spanish with telenovelas, I think it’s useful and you can still watch other series and learn from them even if you’re a beginner.

Some popular series on Netflix:


  • Velvet
  • El tiempo entre costuras
  • Gran Hotel
  • Las chicas del cable
  • El Internado
  • Bajo sospecha
  • Mar de plástico
  • El barco
  • Merlí


  • Juana Inés
  • La Doña
  • Club de Cuervos
  • Rosario Tijeras (Mexican version)
  • Ingobernable
  • Capo “El amo del túnel”
  • El Dandy
  • El Vato
  • La Reina del Sur


  • La esclava blanca
  • La niña
  • Palabra de Ladrón
  • Pablo Escobar
  • Las muñecas de la mafia
  • El Cartel
  • Cumbia Ninja
  • Rosario Tijeras (Colombian version)


  • Cuatro estaciones en la Habana


  • Estocolmo

You can also check these websites:

The Brave Project

Hello Everyone!

So, with Playlist Live and Vidcon having passed, I’ve been seeing a lot of people posting how they’re bummed out they didn’t get into the Dan and Phil m&g, or how they’ll never get to meet them or say anything to them, and I just wanted to say; I feel ya.

And then I had an idea.

What if there was a way for us all to come together, as one big phamily and share some of our stories with these two guys called Dan and Phil who met each other on the internet and have created this entire world?

And so was born The Brave Project!!!!

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the sun has risen and fallen
the moon has taken her many shapes
you haven’t crossed my mind once
i unfollowed you, i muted you, and didn’t check your page afterwards
i stopped checking to see if you were watching my snapchat stories
i stopped texting you, stopped messaging you
i stopped wondering if you were even thinking about me anymore.
—  but that doesn’t mean i didn’t want to
(cc, 2017)

crvdence  asked:

i am very bad with riddles and i can only make the easy ones, so every time i am scrolling down and find this page i seriously consider that pottermore has made a mistake and i am not in ravenclaw lmao

Oh dear, you’re not a Ravenclaw because you can solve riddles. But a lot of Ravens love to solve them because they want to get to the bottom of something. Maybe you have that character trail as well but it shows in your love for developing theories about TV shows or reading crimis or your constant urge to check the wikipedia page of a topic of conversation.

Or you don’t. But you can still be in Ravenclaw. The ability to solve riddles does not define a Ravenclaw. You are a Ravenclaw when you feel like one, when you decide to be one.

If you’re not sure if you fit into this house, I love this graphic to explain the Hogwarts houses to friends. And the tumblr blog @hogwartshousehabits has a lot of information about all the houses, just scrolling through their blog can help you to find you house =)