if not can it be baby joe cobra

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billy trying and failing to seduce someone he has a crush on

“Spencer, baby boy, honey-pie, sweet cheeks, the bro in my eye, the Bromeo to my Juliet, the-”

“What the heck are you going on about?”

Spencer gave Billy a dry look from his computer as he was trying to edit his latest video. Billy awkwardly smiled and cleared his throat. There was nothing to hide. He was Billy Goddamn Joe Cobra!

“Listen, bromigo. I was thinking later, you and I can maybe-”

Billy cut himself off by accidentally phasing through the wall as he was leaning on it. Spencer rolled his eyes and turned back to his computer screen. Billy popped back into the room, nervously laughing.

“Whatever it is, Billy, can it wait? I want to finish this video before I go to bed tonight.” Spencer said.

Billy sighed. “Yeah, sure. Sorry for bothering you…”