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How To Make Your Lips Look Fuller & Bigger

One of the coolest ways to make your lips more plump is to exfoliate them - you can either use a regular tooth brush or a lip scrub. It makes them really smooth and instantly bigger.

Here I will show you few of my favourite tricks and products that I use to make my lips look more plump and fuller.

I personally don’t use all of these techniques all at once, because that would be a bit too much for me! and then I really would look like I’ve had some work done to my lips! But I always use a lip liner which makes a huge difference.

Step 1: Exfoliate your lips with a lip scrub or tooth brush. I love using Lush lip scrubs. Also apply some lip balm. My favourite one is the Burt’s Bees lip balm.

Step 2: Outline your lips with a lip pencil that matches your natural lip colour. For me this step is the most important. It really makes a huge difference to your lips, it defines them and it makes them much bigger. If your lips are smaller you can always exaggerate them and outline slightly over your lip line. I’m using my go to lip liner from Rimmel in Addiction 018.

Step 3: Dab a bit of concealer on the middle of your lips, this will make them pop even more.

Step 4: Apply your favourite lipstick. I’m using Soap and Glory lipstick in Super Nude.

Step 5: If you want even bigger lips use lip plumper. I’m using Too Faced Lip injection colour bomb in Bee Sting. This product actually works! - it’s amazing! It can be a bit painful though, so I don’t really use it everyday, but it’s great for that extra fullness.

Step 6: To top everything off, use your favourite lip gloss. Lip glosses are amazing in making your lips nice and plump. I love Mac lip lustre in Love Nectar. It’s a perfect nude with some beautiful shimmer.

Step 7: To finish things off, apply some highlighter on your cupid’s bow. This will give your lips even better results.

My biggest concern with all this

And it isn’t directly related to Caryl…

Is that IF Daryl and Carol don’t interact in the MSP, it is a symptom of a much bigger problem (actually, several problems but I’ll focus on this one) and fear I have with the way Carol’s storyline is heading.

I wanted Daryl to be there to care about Carol, ask what’s going on and be made aware of what Carol is going through with Morgan. Without Daryl being involved in this, I worry none of this will happen with anyone. Daryl has been shown to be the one person Carol is closest too, and thus most likely to open up to, turn to when things are bad, or to simply be the one person who will take enough time and interest to MAKE Carol tell him what’s going on. If not Daryl, then who?

My worry is it won’t be anyone and it simply won’t happen; that Carol will go on shouldering this situation alone whilst everyone else is concerned with their own traumas and those of everyone else around them except her.

It disturbs me that this is the story they want to tell about Carol, and seeing recent quotes by Norman and Greg make me worry about HOW they see her. The quotes from Norman on the cruise about Carol being like a Terminator (in terms of strength and resilience. I understand) and not needing Daryl’s protection, and Greg backing it up, it gives the impression that because Carol can take out Terminus and the Wolves she has no need for close friendships. When the Carol we are being shown is in ever more need of friends to lean on as these actions take their toll.

I am especially concerned about this, when looking back at the comment Greg made at the end of season 5 about Daryl and Carol’s friendship:

But the truth of the matter is that Carol is definitely in a different place now than she was when they were friends. You don’t really get the sense that they’re as close as they used to be. That kind of banter that Carol had with Daryl had in previous seasons, seems to be diminished a bit because of everything that she’s gone through. I just think it’s all really changed Carol. She’s much more hardened than she was in previous seasons.”

This quotes puts the distance between Daryl and Carol (created by the writers) fully on Carol’s shoulders. She’s hardened, she has no ability to banter. She’s changed, so they’re not as close as they were. 

When you take this quote with the latest ones from Norman and Greg it makes a disturbing picture that TPTB are trying to sell us this idea that a strong woman capable of pulling off the kills she has cannot do this and be a friend. She can’t do it and be fun. She can’t do it and be warm. Daryl has moved away because she doesn’t need protecting - as though the only basis of their friendship was Daryl looking after her. This is an idea that is contrary to everything we’ve heard from Norman, Melissa and others about the equality of their relationship. Both actors have said how both characters lean on each other and suddenly to make out as though a tough Carol has no need of Daryl so she’s closed off to him, and he has distanced himself betrays EVERYTHING their relationship has been.

And worse than that it sends such a horrible message about women and their strength.

Perhaps the biggest fear I have about the MSP is that with Denise busy with the Wolf and presumably Carl, NO ONE will know what actually happened between Carol and Morgan (as Tara and the others only came in once both were unconscious). Thus, what is a highly emotive scene involving a man body-slamming a woman then becomes a “secret” that both keep from the rest of their family. And that has way too many connotations that make me incredibly uncomfortable and make me worry how exactly these writers see women.


A lunar eclipse that occurs when the Moon passes through the Earth’s partial shadow, or penumbra. During this type of eclipse the Moon will darken slightly but not completely.

~Part 1 ~

…Saskachewan Plains Cree:   mayipipon  - ᒪᔨᐱᐳᐣ  : (noun):  A bad winter.


First Winter


“I will fucking kill you if you touch me.”

The blade was sticking out of the crumbling wall at eye level, inches from his head, the hilt still vibrating.  Something told him with no uncertainty the miss had been intentional.

“Okay, I believe you.”  

The two boys stood the length of a room apart, one a trespasser, the other an intruder.  The bigger of the two eyed the other boy carefully, noting how skinny he was - tall, built strong, but thin from hunger, wheezing from sickness, weak from sleeping in the cold for too long.  He could take him, but it would be messy. 

“How about I just back away and we forget each other exists?”  

He could only see one eye under that messy black hair, falling over one side of the skinny boy’s face…he was peering at him with a cold mixture of hatred and something softer, something hurting, something that looked like it just wanted to be smiled at with sincerity.  Something that said he hadn’t been in a very, very long time.  Blue like the ocean, even in the dim light.  Something somewhere inside him wanted to reach for him, to push back that shiny black mess and see if the other eye was any less haunted, to see if he would respond to a sincere smile if it was offered.  To see if he would even recognize one when it came.

“Are you hungry?”

He didn’t know why he asked, he didn’t have any food on him.  But the boy had that starved, too thin for too long look to him, the look that said he’d slit your throat for the pack of skittles in your pocket.  There was no answer, but he’d expected that…there was only the tightly coiled posture of readiness, a feral reaction waiting to spring to life from the still statue of the boy’s body.

“Okay, well I’m gonna go…you can come if you want.”

Again, no response, only the unblinking stare, the perfect stillness, and the sound of labored breathing.  He sounds bad.  "Come on, it’s fucking freezing in here.  You’re gonna be dead by morning.“

The boy coughed, a violent, rasping spasm that echoed through what sounded like a hollow chest.

"Yep, dead by morning.  I’d come back tomorrow and rob your skinny corpse but you look like you’ve got about fifty diseases, I’m not sure I’d want to touch you.”

“Fuck you.”

The older boy laughed, shaking his head.  A long moment passed as the two continued staring each other down…and then the younger boy spoke again, his voice less threatening now, tinged heavily with an accent that didn’t sit quite right with the surroundings and the situation as he sat down on the makeshift bed, that blue gaze steeling into a hard silver glare.

“If you want me to suck your cock, you’re going to have to feed me first.  I’m so hungry I’m about to throw up.”

A hard blink, the ugly words registering slowly.  The reply, when it came, was somewhat bemused.

“I don’t want you to suck my cock.”

Something twitched in the half hidden face as the boy finally broke his stare, casting his gaze toward the floor.  The defiant straightness went out of his shoulders and he slumped, just for a moment, before standing to unbuckle his dirty jeans. The older boy put a hand out without thinking, a gesture of hurried refusal, taking a step back, shaking his head.  "Hey no, wait - I don’t want that either.“  

The black haired boy froze, confusion first, then relief coming to the half of his face that was visible.  His big, bony hands brought his belt back together, buckling it tight as he sat down again.  The bigger boy forced a smile, something to tell him he hadn’t lost his favor.

"I’m not into that.”

There was a long, tense moment before the younger boy spoke.

“I’m not either.”

He couldn’t leave him.  This was his cue to exit, but he couldn’t bring himself to walk away.  "Just show me that trick you did with the knife again, that was cool.“

The boy on the bed didn’t smile, but something brightened in his face.

"Come on, I know you’ve got another blade on you.”  He didn’t move toward him, barely moved at all, just a small nod of his head to urge him.  "Show me.“

Reaching slowly behind his back, the boy brought out a knife no larger than a letter opener.  Just big enough to carve someone’s eye out.  There was no doubt in either’s mind he could do it.  He tossed it into the air carelessly, catching it by the tip with ease before he drew back, taking aim at the wall next to the other boy’s head.

"Don’t move.”

“Oh I won’t.”  A smile spread across the older boy’s face as he tapped himself on the chest.  “Chris - you know, in case you need a name for when you brag about who you killed tonight.”

A slow nod as the skinny boy pushed his hair back out of his face, tucking it behind his ears, unhindering his view of his target and the other boy’s view of his eyes.  The blue exposed and unhidden now, as shockingly bright as he’d imagined.  Not blue, no…turquoise, like the big blue-green stones you could buy at the roadside markets in the desert.

In that moment when he pulled his arm back, in the few short seconds before he let the blade fly, he noticed the bigger boy didn’t flinch.  Didn’t close his eyes, didn’t move, didn’t avert his stare, didn’t lose his grin.  In that moment he knew, though he didn’t understand why…this boy trusted him.

The hand without the knife came up and he touched himself on the chest in imitation of the other’s gesture, just barely, almost like it hurt.


To be continued…

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India's Got 99 Problems But Beyoncé Ain't One

“Yes! Great analysis about why there are bigger problems to address in "Hymn for the Weekend” than whether Beyonce should’ve worn a sari or not.“ - Samiha Rahman

"It’s a national geographic narrative, it’s a colonial narrative – but it’s also a narrative that’s used to sell India to investors and these gaudy, fuzzy images really don’t depict the reality that India is one of the biggest human rights offending states in the world and it’s now one of the largest Hindu fundamentalist countries in the world.”

“I don’t give a damn about appropriation in a music video; that is the least of the problems facing our people over there. None of the people who are raising a stink about this whole Coldplay and Beyonce video have once pointed out what is actually going on in India – where people are being threatened and murdered for speaking out against Hindu fundamentalists, where Dalit kids continue to commit suicide and drop out of school because being a part of an extremely casteist schools system makes life unbearable. Dalit women’s and men’s bodies are dehumanized and violated on a daily basis, sadhus and yoga gurus are sexually exploiting women in unspeakable ways. Why are they not angry about that?”

Now, I haven’t read this article & I don’t agree that CA isn’t a "real” issue but it’s definitely true that CA rallies desi anger like no other and it’s fucked up.

Liverpool supporters' groups are planning a walkout protest during Saturday's match at Anfield against Sunderland

The Spion Kop 1906 group - backed by the Spirit Of Shankly - have suggested fans leave their seats in the seventy-seventh minute in protest at the £77 top-priced ticket in the new main stand.

The club have announced the increased price, up from £59, for next season.

An SoS statement expressed its anger at “no explanation” from the owners “The outcome is extremely disappointing and a missed opportunity for Liverpool to lead in a fairer approach to ticket prices. We believe it is right and fair to lower ticket prices in order to sustain our support and subsequently the atmosphere inside Anfield.”

I’m going this weekend and I will be taking part in this. Personally though I think a bigger game (no offence Sunderland, I mean bigger as in the occasion) and one on TV, say the Merseyside Derby, would have a much bigger impact.

It’s not helping Hillary for the media to do shit like this, because it makes Bernie supporters dig in our heels even more and puts a sour taste in the mouth of anyone on the fence smart enough to see the attempt being made to manipulate them.

The whole thesis of the article is, “The most recent poll shows Bernie two points behind Hillary, but you should be skeptical of that because I am skeptical of it, and if you average out this poll with the ones that came before it, where the gap was bigger, suddenly the gap doesn’t look so small. Really makes you think, huh?” Which is quite stupid for obvious reasons.

But every “why going from a 68-7 lead to a virtual tie is good for you and bad for the person who gained on you” and “polls only matter if they say my candidate is winning” article, even though they’re not coming from the Hillary camp, makes her campaign look simultaneously overconfident and desperate, which is a terrible combination of things.

The Prince in the Tower

Like I said, once we get through all the growing pains with this new segment, things should actually line up better and have a more regular schedule. Thanks to @thehellfireattheendofthetunnel for her awesome patience! 

On to the scenario! 

(P.S. – I DON’T THINK YOU REALIZE HOW EXCITED I WAS TO START IN ON THIS ONE WHEN I GOT YOUR PROMPT. I have this insatiable love of medieval everything, and getting to put our boys there?? No joke, I want to continue this one into a bigger story at some point, if the opportunity arises!) 

“You just had to go and say something, didn’t you, my prince?” 

Jongdae sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Is it really my fault that my father is a fool, Tao? I’ve been raised to lead this country someday. Why would I sit back and watch as he potentially sends us to war with the northern country?” He dropped his hand, staring back out the window of the high tower, watching as the castle guard sparred and trained in the parade grounds. As far above the grounds as they were, it was nearly impossible to make out the sharp clashing of swords and the small thuds from arrows hitting their marks. “And if we weren’t locked up here, you could be severely reprimanded for speaking to me so informally.”

Tao rolled his eyes, lounging back on the thin mattress thrown haphazardly against the wall. It wasn’t much, but the fact that Jongdae was a prince merited some luxuries, even in his imprisonment. “I’ve known you far too long to speak formally with you all the time. Besides, there’s no one in here to reprimand me, save you, and we’ve been close for more years than I care to count.”

Jongdae grinned, turning back from the window and leaning against the wall, arms crossed over his chest. “You’re right. You’ve always been there to protect me from anything – except for bugs,” he said, snickering teasingly when Tao’s face reddened. “My father chose well when he picked you to guard me. It was admittedly one of the few good things he’s ever done for me.”

Both young men looked up when they heard the guard outside the door speak, the words indistinct through the heavy wood and iron. Only a few moments later, they heard the crossbar on the outside of the door being pulled away and the loud squeak as the door was pushed open.

Jongdae stood up straighter, expression shifting to the princely one he’d learned so long ago as a serving girl entered, carrying two trays of food. Tao gave her a cursory glace, grinning when he saw the trays in her hands.

She bowed politely as the door was shut after her. “M’lords, I’ve brought dinner for you.”

Jongdae smiled, pushing away from the wall. “Thank you,” he said, coming forward to take the trays, handing Tao’s off to the guard on the ground. “Tell Baekhyun I appreciate how much food he always sends. I’m sure he’s risking a lot.”

She smiled, shaking her head. “Baekhyun only wants to make sure you are both well-fed. He’s very grateful to you for everything you’ve done for him, after all – I don’t think the risk even registers for him.”

Jongdae went over to the mattress, nudging Tao over with the toe of his boot, sitting down and starting to eat. He grinned as she knelt down close by. “He’s a good friend. I’m glad I was able to get him a position on staff.”

She nodded, tucking her legs beneath her. “He and Chanyeol both are grateful you’ve done so much for them. Not many princes would even acknowledge servants – let alone speak with us.” She smiled brightly. Jongdae smiled back, taking another bite out of his bread.

Jongdae was one of the only noble people he knew of that made a point to know as many members of his castle’s staff that he could. Even down to the servants in the kitchens, Jongdae made a conscious effort to make sure they were happy and well cared for – it was his belief that he would never make a good ruler if he knew nothing of the ordinary people he reigned over.

As he and Tao continued to eat, she began telling them both all the news from the castle. This had become a daily routine since the beginning of their imprisonment nearly two months prior; she would bring their dinner and sit with them as they ate, making sure to keep them both up to date on any developments she heard about. Jongdae was always fascinated by how much the servants really overheard.

It wasn’t long before the men had finished their meal, and she had finished with her update. Tao stretched lazily, looking more like a cat than anything, a content smile on his face as she stood and collected the empty plates. “Thank you again – really, you’ve been one of the only ways we’ve stayed sane through this imprisonment,” he said, smiling at her.

She smiled back, standing with a polite bow. “It’s my privilege, m’lord. I’m glad I’m able to help in any way I can – I pray you will both be released soon, though, as do the rest of the staff,” she said.

Jongdae stood, going back to bang on the heavy door for her, stepping back as the guard outside began to unlock and open it again. “We’ll see you tomorrow, then?” he asked, smiling gently at her. She almost blushed, ducking her head with a small nod.

“Yes, m’lord!” she said, stepping out the doorway again. “See you tomorrow!”

Once the door had closed again with a bang, Tao started to snicker. Jongdae turned, an eyebrow raised. “And just what are you laughing at, Tao?”

Tao fought to control himself, grinning mischievously. “You’ve grown particularly fond of her, my prince,” he said, going straight to the point. Jongdae rolled his eyes, walking back over toward the window to continue watching the castle guards, half-heartedly kicking at Tao’s leg on his way.

“Don’t make me actually reprimand you, Tao.”

- Admin A 

the thing i really love abt neko atsume is that it doesnt have system that punishes player for not playing it every single day.

like the cats dont hate you, die or starve if you dont play for a while. like even the daily password thing that rewards player for returning is not overly pushy about it. the rewards are kinda small and you are not punished if you forget to input the daily password one day or if you just dont play the game one day (it doesnt have the “more consecutive days played = bigger reward, if you dont play for one day, you fall back to minimum reward” shit).

anonymous asked:

Sleeping Sam is pretty Sam. Can you make it even bigger Sherri? Can you imagine that image being made into one of those body pillows they show on tv that people snuggle/sleep with? I bet HSN would sell out in 20 minutes!LOL!!!! Heyyy!!! Maybe that's a million dollar idea! ;-)))) I could cut Sam in to the plan for 35%.

PAHLEEEEEZE!  I called body pillow Sam ages ago!  

By bigger do you mean a screencap where it is full body or do you mean so it can be projected onto the side of a building?

anonymous asked:

You call yourself a Seth Rollins fan and you only make gifs about him when it's confident for you girl. Those blogs that make gifs of him every day are his real fans. You're not a fan of him if you're not like those people who support him daily instead of when it's convenient for you. Nice try though girl.

Since when did editing and giffing make one a bigger fan than the other? I’m an adult with a full time job and kids to take care of. Nice try though being a rude little shit while hiding behind an anonymous barrier at least you’ve that going for you, “girl” 👌🏻

i really wanted a take 5 bar but the vending machine doesnt take anything bigger than one dollar bills

i couldnt have a take 5 because the vending machine doesnt take fives

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you should totally do this: I’m in art class and I just opened a cupboard to find a tiny person (you) squished inside and you just looked at and said “shh i’m hiding”

Art class, the one class Holly dreaded. For most people it was math or science, maybe gym or history, even English got strung out groans. But Holly was good at those ones, she excelled in most of them. It was the one glass that was supposed to be fun, relaxing, that got to her. Art wasn’t her thing, last time she drew the cat she’d drawn looked more like a weird abstract elephant, but the credit was needed to graduate and she sure as hell wasn’t going to take music.

“Hol my hands are a mess and I don’t want to make an even bigger one by walking across the room, because I have a date after class and I obviously don’t have time to be cleaning everything up at the end.” Her best friend, Chloe, rambled, flinging her hands around in wide gestures. All of which Holly stopped with a pointed stare. “Right. Um, could you please make me some slip? I forgot to make some before I started.”

“Sure but what the hell is ‘slip’?”

“Are you serious.” Chloe stared at her dumbfounded. Holly nodded. “Slip is the muddy clay stuff that you use to connect the pieces together… You have been using it right?”

Holly looked down at the clay sculpture she’d been working on all week. All week not using any slip. “No.” She breathed.

“It’s okay. Did you at least cross it?”

“I don’t even know what that means.” Holly groaned and banged her head on the table. She was going to fail the class for sure.

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NBC Universal Japan Sets New 'Saiyuki' Anime DVD Box Set Release
External image

NBC Universal Japan Sets New ‘Saiyuki’ Anime DVD Box Set Release

One of the bigger series of its day, NBC Universal Japan has announced a new home video release for Saiyuki. While there’s always that hope that they’ll do a Blu-ray of some sort, even just to provide a cleaner look at the standard definition materials and smaller space count, …

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The Visual Networking Index, a survey of global Internet traffic trends, predicts that the total amount of Internet traffic will break the zettabyte barrier this year, and will double again in 2019.

What’s a zettabyte? It’s one billion terabytes. A terabyte is the amount of storage space you get in an Apple iCloud account for about $10 a month, or for those who still think in gigabytes, it’s one trillion gigs. Zettabytes are bigger than exabytes, which are bigger than petabytes, which are bigger than terabytes. It’s one sextillion bytes, which is a one followed by 21 zeros.