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For the dare post, I dare you to post something from the last chapter of TMO. I just read something I swear bites off your ideas, and I want to read it from the master <333

Hey, nonnie :) God, I don’t even remember that dare post. Lately I’ve seen people reblog stuff from me that I don’t even remember posting. Must be a random post from my archives? I went searching and found one that said something about posting a paragraph from an unposted work or WIP. I will assume you mean that. And, again, I hate everyone’s fascination with this chapter. If there are errors, I apologize. I started crying just copying and pasting so I wasn’t going to fix anything.

Take Me Over - The End of Swans

“D-do you remember, Uncle Blaine,” Eva said, running a hand through Blaine’s curls, still so soft and springy, even though they were snowy white now instead of glossy black, “when we first moved to L.A.?” Eva laughed. She could picture that afternoon so clearly in her mind, she could swear it all happened yesterday. “I was in a wheelchair with a broken leg, and you were running me around the grass? There were ducks in the pond. A whole family of them …”

“Were there swans in the pond, Daisy?” Blaine asked, straining to finish the sentence.

Eva nodded. “Yes,” she said, sniffling, running a hand beneath his eyes. Charley handed her a tissue. “Yes, there were, Uncle Blaine.”

There weren’t swans at the park that day. Not real ones, of course. Blaine was referring to the four children that he had grown to love as his own. One swan with a wobbly gait and a twisted leg was Barbra. She had actually played a swan in a middle school play. One swan with abnormally large wings was Elphie. She had worn a white robe when she graduated from medical school, one with big sleeves that flared at the cuffs, that Kurt and Dave joked looked like wings. It was a particularly windy day, and they were afraid a swift wind would pick her up and carry her away. They laughed a little too hard at that joke, but that was only to hide the tears in their eyes. One swan was Finn in his football jersey, a quarterback like his father. And one swan was Eva, in that beautiful wedding dress Kurt sewed for her by hand. She’d danced the father daughter dance with Kurt, Dave, and Blaine that night, along with a photo of her father on his own wedding day pinned inside her hem.

By the time the song was over, only Eva and Blaine.

Blaine could see the four of them in his head running and cawing, laughing and playing, spreading out their wings, growing into their own, getting ready to fly their separate ways away.

But in Blaine’s vision, there was a fifth swan, a black swan, bigger than them all, shooing the swans off into the sky even though Blaine could tell by the look in its blue eyes, it was breaking this swan’s heart.

“And … was there a black swan, Daisy?” Blaine asked, breathing hard. “With the … with the baby white ones?”

Eva squeezed her eyes tight. No, she thought. She wasn’t ready. Not yet. It was too soon. “Yes, Uncle Blaine,” she said, even though her voice trembled. “Yes, there was.” She remembered as a child Blaine calling her Uncle Kurt his “black swan”. It was a nickname, she discovered later in life, that had originated in the bedroom, and followed him around fondly. After Kurt died, Blaine never mentioned the black swan again. If he sees one, then that must mean that Kurt had come back to take him home. And Eva, as much as it broke her heart, had to let him go. “Why don’t you follow it, Uncle Blaine,” she suggested, holding tight to his hand, “and see where it goes?”


video game posters : bioshock infinite - booker dewitt

  • Friend : Why are you always so tried?
  • Me : You know, studding and all that stuff...
  • Inner me : looking at my gay OTP, reading the gay smut, crying at the fluff, reblogging the fan art, writing the gay fanfic and disappointing my family with saving the smutty art to my laptop
  • Friend : Well that's dedication.
  • Me : *mumbles* You don't know the half of the dedication I have to those men who will one day see they are as gay as a rainbow and will be in love

BOOKS I READ IN 2016 Off Campus series by Elle Kennedy

All in all, we’re a happy group. Sometimes I worry that we’re too happy, but then a visit to Nana’s house brings things into focus. We’re happy because we want to be, because we’re pouring our energy and emotion into each other in the best possible way.

I Always Knew [Part 2 of Please, Stay]

Part One is here!!

Imagine: Several months have passed since you and Newt have separated. Once reunited in an unexpected situation, neither of you can deny the feelings that were left behind.  

Word Count: 1574

Tagging: @blunish101 @once-upon-a-walking-wolf-demigod @awesomenessfeet @kindafantastic-kindabeasts @kissyjubz @hamilsyd704 @credence-peaches @thesweetestdaydreams @rock-n-magick @nerdypersongladiator @ohokaybyethen @jinxkatkazama @senpaipineapple

Author’s Note: Thank you so much for all the positive feedback for part one, I felt so much pressure with part two, I hope it’s as good as you were all hoping!! Also, thank you guys so so much for reblogging, liking and following me!! 921 followers ???? I’m so overwhelmed, I love each and every one of you!! P.S listen to ‘I Always Knew’ by The Vaccines while reading this, it made me smile and sort of cry. Enjoy x

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Send one for my Muses reaction to yours,

🛌=Sneaking in bed with them.
☢=Falling on top of them.
❤=Telling them they love them.
✘=Hugging them.
Δ=Trying to act seductive.
⭐=Buying them flowers.
✂=Threatening them.
☮=Randomly kissing them.
♣=Discovering them crying.
💓=Listening to their heartbeat
✿=Giving them a Rose.
🖐=Picking them up.
•=Hugginh them from behind.
♛=Caught reading their journal.
👀=Caught staring.
♘=Pinning them against a wall.
📸=Being found shirtless.
▤=Falling asleep on them.
💙=Complimenting them.
🎈=Offering a place to stay overnight.
⇕=Holding their hand.
🍲=Caring for them while il

Please do it! I’m bored and I love rp memes!

hey someone pointed this out so i feel like stating it here:

there needs to be a miso/sound warning for these stim videos.

i know for some of us autistic folk, certain sounds can be grating and downright triggering. as someone with both autism and misophonia some sounds make me shut down or even cry.

if there’s a stim video with sound please let people know so no one has to suffer from hearing an unpleasant sound.

reblog if u can please!

Lemony Snicket Quotes Appreciation Post

“Taking one’s chances is like taking a bath, because sometimes you end up feeling comfortable and warm, and sometimes there is something terrible lurking around that you cannot see until it is too late and you can do nothing else but scream and cling to a plastic duck”

hamilton fans:

we love all of the obc! lin manuel miranda, daveed diggs, jonathan groff, anthony ramos, phillipa soo, and [looks at smudged writing on hand] okay rye then now do one

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Community Post: One Direction Marches Back Into Madness Round 2
Welcome to the Second Round!! You all are THE BEST (even if I'm questioning your taste lol) Let's find One Direction's Best Song!! Keep it positive and let's have fun as a fandom! Highlight Reel: W...
By RifaG


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Blood dropped from your finger and you dropped the knife immediately.

“Oh for crying out loud, I’m so clumsy"you muttered as you rushed to the sink. You were making your boyfriend Stefan and his difficult older brother Damon dinner and you cut yourself by accident.

Damon walked into the kitchen to see what all the noise was about, he was hit immediately with the scent of blood.
No matter how many times you and Damon had argued he could never stop loving you, it was a pain seeing you with Stefan.

His eyes started to harden.
"Y/n you need to leave"Damon said quickly, he was so tempted to bite you.

"What? Why?”

“Please I care about you, go and get that seen to"he nodded facing away from you.

"O-okay"you sighed as you grabbed your jacket and left.

Chasing Promises (6/6)

Title: Chasing Promises
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Rating: General Audiences
Word count: 942
Warnings: None
Spoilers: spoilers for Captain America: Civil War

Here we are. Last chapter. It got a little wordy, but managed to stay under 1000. Thank you so much for staying with me on this, for encouraging and flailing and reblogging and liking and commenting (and crying). A huge thank you to @awaitingjudgementx for inspiring this story with her request, I hope I’ve fulfilled it to your content and that the myth elements are sufficiently prominent. I will go back to my WIPs after this, but I hope you’ll tag along on those, too!

Tag list found under the cut at the end of the chapter.

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Time is a bitch. Time is eternal. Time drags on, every day a pain to get through.

Life without Bucky is… unsatisfying, unnerving. You followed the events in Leipzig and beyond as you slowly worked your way back home. It was hard to find info about what really happened after the fight in Leipzig. Sources talk of an additional scuffle in Siberia, but the credibility is questionable at best. Captain America is missing, Bucky is missing, the Avengers are in shambles. The only thing keeping you going is the fact that if something truly bad had happened to Bucky, the newspapers would be all over it. Imprisonment? First page news. Demise? First page news. They thrive on misfortune, and Bucky is nothing if not a victim of it.

It’s spring when you return, but you hardly notice, like you are not noticed. Sun warms your skin, but never quite manages to feel as warm as the heat radiating from Bucky during the last nights in Romania. You’re back where you started, back in your hometown, and it’s as if you never left. Those who knew you barely even reflect when they realize you’ve been absent, readily accept your explanation of having done some travelling. It grates on your nerves, the flippancy so unfamiliar.

Summer comes, and you stay inside, create a little makeshift kingdom for yourself with bits and pieces of your journey; a mattress on the floor, notebooks that remain unused, pomegranate seeds staining your lips red. Of course you’re afraid. They found you once, what’s stopping them from finding you again? Worry gnaws at you, every sudden sound sending you into a tizzy. You push your mattress up against a wall, sleep with your back pressed up against it, but it does little to make up for the man you miss.

The first chill of fall is in the air when you notice a shadow following you on your way home, a man in a cap and dark tinted glasses. If they want you, if they’ve found you, does that mean they have Bucky, too? You hate the way you feel yourself resigning to the idea of recapture, but if it brings him back to you, maybe it could be worth it?


The man almost seems surprised when you calmly approach him, ready to surrender.

“You’re following me. I think we both know why.”

It’s not quite relief that colours his expression, but something close to it. He’s carrying a small paper bag, handing it to you.

“He said you’d understand.”

Peeking inside, you can feel your stomach flip, your pulse speeding. Four plums and the ripest pomegranate you’ve ever seen. Bucky.

“Where is he?” you demand, clutching the bag to your chest. “What have you done to him.”

“We’re not HYDRA,” he assures you, taking off the sunglasses. He is familiar, but it will take you another hour to realize who he is. “Barnes is safe, he asked us to find you. Like he promised.”

You don’t need to think twice about your decision. It takes you fifteen minutes to pack, another fifteen to make the necessary calls to tie up your life while your new acquaintance drives you off to the monstrosity of a plane that will take you to Bucky. It was never a life you led here, not quite.

When you finally see him again, it’s enough to bring you to your knees. He’s been hidden well, him and his friends, but the sight of him in the cryo unit echoes like a bad dream. For a second you think you’ve been duped, that this is a trap and he’s been tossed back into his worst nightmare. You’re inconsolable, scratching at the glass surface that holds him suspended between life and death, your heart breaking even more when you notice his left arm, reduced to a stump. You have to be pulled away, a cup of strong aromatic tea coaxed into you before you can calm down enough to hear them explain.

He did it of his own free will, until they could figure out a way to disable the programming. They’re close, they promise, and he will be thrilled to see you’ve returned when they can wake him up to start treatments.

It’s another month before it happens, and you haven’t left his side. Maybe it’s not back to back but it’s a mattress close to him, and the knowledge that you will wake up and he will be there. Yours is the first face he sees, eyes brimming with tears and lips smeared with pomegranate juice as you pull your lips into a shaky smile.

“You’re back,” he rasps, his voice hoarse from the frozen sleep.

“So are you,” you whisper, caressing his cheek and shuddering at the lingering chill.

“I told you, I’d be back for you.”

You launch yourself at him, nearly toppling him as you latch onto him, molding your body to his. His right arm comes up to snake around your waist, pressing you to him. It’s been too long. His white shirt stains from the juice on your lips, and you furrow your brow when you look up at him. So pale, lips several shades lighter than the beautiful pink they should be. Without hesitation you bring your lips to his, brushing against him, staining his lips with what remains, marking him as yours as much as he has claimed you for his.

“Please, don’t leave me again,” you murmur against his lips when you break away for air.

“Not if I can help it. I promise.”

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