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FYI when I post stuff like this and don’t include Yurio, it’s not meant to be a slight against Yurio or even that I forgot him. In any other merchandise/official art/etc. posts I always include him. I’m just super not okay with any official art that looks like it might be sexualizing him, so I choose not to include it. Like all the YOI stuff so far has been pretty mild and fine for twenty-something adults like Victor and Yuuri, but it’s another story when the character is… fifteen. 

I realize this is like, sadly the standard for anime. Many, many popular shows featuring teens have art like this (and many other sports anime too), and in A LOT of those cases it’s much worse than anything we’ve seen, but that doesn’t make it more okay with me and as this is just a personal blog that sometimes posts YOI news/info as opposed to an actual news blog, I choose not to include those images. 

  • Me: a simple Director of the Imperial Military, beloved by my head scientist and colleagues, cries with happiness while building the Death Star
  • Y'all: spends the day in the Carrion Plateau, frightens the petty officers, steals my life's work and then says that it's your achievement not mine

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A Conon ship and an un canon Yuna&Tides - from final fantasy 10 Garnet[FF9]&Yuna [FF10]

ship meme // forever accepting.


who is more likely to hurt the other?
        tidus. i think he’s just the clumsier of the two, but that’s okay!
who is emotionally stronger?
        yuna. and i think he really, really admires that about her.
who is physically stronger?
        tidus. but i think she can definitely hold her own these days~
who is more likely to break a bone?
        tidus. and it would likely be from something stupid. i love it.
who knows best what to say to upset the other?
       yuna. i think she’s very well spoken. she knows the power of words.
who is most likely to apologise first after an argument?
       tidus. i don’t think he holds onto anything for very long when it comes to her.
who treats who’s wounds more often?
       her. and she never really minds, does she?
who is in constant need of comfort?
       both. in their own ways, of course. it’s the little things that count, i think.
who gets more jealous?
       him. though she’s definitely capable of jealousy…
who’s most likely to walk out on the other?
       her. it would have to be something extreme, though…
who will propose?
        him. and she will definitely say yes.
who has the most difficult parents?
        him. and i think they both agree, after everything.
who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public?
       him. i like to imagine he likes keeping track of her, keeping her close.
who hogs the blankets?
        her. but, i think she’ll share if you ask nicely.
who gets more sad?
. only because of everything she’s endured. he helps her through it, though.
who is better at cheering the other up?
       him. and he does a good job, of course.
who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly jokes?
       her. he, like braska, probably also deserves it.
who is more streetwise?
, i think. but he’d never rub it in.
who is more wise?
       her. she’s always been older in spirit than body, i think.
who’s the shyest?
     her, though she’s changed over the years. and she’ll keep changing, too.
who boasts about the other more?
     him. i just think he likes talking about her. sounds familiar~
who sits on who’s lap?
      her. i can picture it very well, especially when it’s been one of those days

Yet Another Reason To Hate Colored Pencils

they Do Not go back in the box

this is a callout post @ colored pencils what is ur beef

I Truly Love All Of You My Sweet Kittens. But...

I hope you will all understand… I need to take a step away.

I feel hurt by others and the Anon… well you scuceeded asshole. My mind is a mess. But let me tell you something… you have NO IDEA the pain, the failure, the shame and unbelievable doubt in myself, I have gone through! If this makes you happy… so be it. I learned a long time ago I cannot control the actions of others. However… Karma will at your doorstep one day and you will remember this moment and truly regret it. Of this I have no doubt.

To every single one of you… the likes, the reblogs, the comments to other blogs, those blogs who responded in kindness, the ‘ask’, the personal messages of love, @hiddleshoneybunny your amazing video and above all… tag of #I STAND WITH PIPER. I promise I have seen every one and I love you all so very much.

I’ll try not to be gone long… I simply need to step away from Tumblr and try with my Gregory to figure out why… and for me to stop blaming myself.

I love and care for all of you.

Much Love ~Piper

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✩ — iman meskini gif icons !!

under the cut are 100+ gif icons of an actual queen, iman meskini in her role as sana bakkoush (skam)! i made all these gifs from scratch so please, do not claim as your own/steal. more will be added over time as i go through the episodes/clips one by one. please reblog/like if you found this useful or use them, and even better (but not needed): message me if you use them because i’d love to see them in action. ( @sanadefensesquad )

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