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I just rewatched this. 

It’s a scene were “we” get to see that look but Jack is looking somewhere else. 

For me, personally, watching this the first time, it was one of the goosebumps moments of “Oh gosh, he’s really hopping over to the dark side”, after the whole conversations with Bedelia, the sacrificing of Frederick and then the whirlwind of an episode that finally led to this:

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Will is decided by that point, there with Jack. Because he tells the Dragon how they’re gonna do it in that Motel room. Yes, he is forced to make a decision in that Motel room, but once he has made it… he sticks with it. 

Yes, Will wouldn’t be Will without the pull to light, as Hugh has so nicely put it at RDC3, but it feels a lot like Will has finally decided to accept his pull to darkness as well. And even the fact that he can now go and tease Hannibal about it.

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I think Will is finally allowing himself the “other means of influence” after TWOTL. And… surviving… that would change the whole game. He acknowledged this would be his becoming and the last few parts of the chrysalis were ripped away in bloody ecstasy.

Show us your vision of how it would change him, how Will’s becoming would manifest.

We can’t wait to see :)

Bonus (because this scene is so beautiful and really says a lot about Will’s state of mind after they have both healed!)

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He’s at peace. Whether he is physically there with Hannibal or “just” in the mind palace. He is at peace, there, with Hannibal.

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You said you want fluff so imma give you fluff. Can I have the band spending quality dad time with phase 1 Noodle? Like bringing her to the beach, getting ice cream on the boardwalk, etc? It doesn't matter to me if it's headcanons or an imagine. Thank you!! ❤

Yay!! Fluffy platonic sibling bonding headcanons! I’ll do some for each of the guys~

All headcanons set in Phase One. Most of these are fluffy, but there’s a few serious bonding moments, too. So this turned out kind of long.


  • Murdoc would rarely be seen out in public with Noodle without the rest of the band, and even though he definitely wasn’t the best with children, he always had a soft spot for her deep down in his cold, black heart.
  • Unlike Russel, he always let her watch R rated films. Plus some banned ones like Cannibal Holocaust. Even Murdoc himself was surprised by how much she could stomach some of these films.
  • Whenever Murdoc got sick from drinking too much or had an overdose of god knows what, Noodle would be the one there to comfort him while he was throwing up. She even put him to bed a few times. he wouldn’t admit it, but he was always grateful.
  • When she was ten and the band were living at Kong Studios, he let her get away with murder. Literally. One night he took her out zombie hunting in the rotten, dead-infested landfill they lived next to. He taught her how to shoot a gun (Even though she already knew) and took out a whole horde in the dead of the night, Murdoc armed with a shotgun and Noodle with a Katana.
  • At two in the morning after arriving back to the studio covered in blood and the stench of the landfill, they were greeted in the lobby by a scowling Russel. “And where have you two been?“ Russel looked at Murdoc disapprovingly. “Pfft. None o’ your business, Fatboy.“ Murdoc scoffed and stormed off, but not before shooting Noodle a proud smile that read, “Ya did good, kid“. In what little English Noodle knew at the time, she said to Russ, “I’m fine. I go take shower.“
  • Murdoc and Noodle never told the other two they went zombie killing that night.


  • Noodle and 2D would have zombie movie marathons every fortnight. Even when they’d watch Evil Dead or The Living Dead films for the umpteenth time, Noodle never grew tired of them.
  • Being the closest to her age, Noodle found it easier to connect to 2D like he was an older brother, whereas Russel and Murdoc where more like paternal figures.
  • Similarly, they regularly played Resident Evil and Silent Hills games together. They were both Horror nuts.
  • Noodle taught 2D how to meditate properly to battle anxiety and stress. It helped them out when she was worn out from performing or doing interviews and when 2D was getting shit from Murdoc. This is where their ‘Zen bond‘ came from.
  • They’d constantly blame each other for a mess that was caused, be it on a tour bus or in the studio. When Russel asked why a room was trashed, 2D would shrug and say, “Dunno. Noodle must of did it.” She would angrily yell back at him. “I’m a tidier person than you are and you know it!!“ In Japanese. If he was feeling prickish, he’d tease her about it. “Oh, I’m sorry love. I don’t understand what you’re trying to tell me“, He’d say with a shit eating grin. When they started bickering, Russel would walk away saying, “I don’t care which one of your did it. Just get this shit cleaned up.“
  • While they were on tour, if Noodle was up at night and couldn’t sleep for whatever reason, 2D would be the one to comfort her. They’d try to talk to the best of their abilities, what with the language barrier, but they’d always share with each other their anxieties and fears. And they’d always understand.


  • Russel would be the one out of the three guys to do the “dad“ stuff with Noodle. When recording the first album in Jamaica, they’d hang out on the beach a lot and listen to native tunes.
  • Russel tried to teach her some basic English, but at the same time made an effort to learn some basic Japanese. For this, Noodle found it the easiest to communicate language wise with Russel.
  • Considering Russel was the most normal looking of the three guys (As long as you ignored the glowing white eyes) and the one with the best social etiquette (Murdoc and 2D were not well socialized to say the least) Russel would be the one to take Noodle out. It helped that they managed to be rather anonymous.
  • One time they were recognized; by a couple of rather attractive female fans at a cafe. They told Russel how much they loved him and Noodle, saying how adorable she was. One of them said to him, “You are such a gentleman! Why don’t we get to hear you as much in interviews? You’re so good with Noodle too.“ Russel admitted to himself that for once he was liking the attention. In corner of his eye, when Noodle was getting some water from the cafe counter, she gave him a cheesy grin and a thumbs up.
  • Later she said to him, “They like you“. Russel grinned, but denied it. “Those girls? No, no, no, no. Baby girl, they just like the band.“ Noodle grinned and pulled out a sheet of paper she found on the table. Russel looked at it. It was a number from one of the girls, with her name on it. Russel looked at her, shocked. She nodded at him. In her best English and a cheesy grin she said, “Thank me later.“
  • One time when Russel was out with her, after they’d seen a movie and went to get some pizza, they came across a confrontational arsehole. This guy had probably been drinking, and he clearly had no idea who they were. While Noodle went to the restroom, this guy came up to Russel and sneered. “So. It’s pretty obvious that girl’s not your daughter.“ He paused. “So what the fuck you doin with her then, huh?“ Russel fumed, but didn’t want to make a scene. He simply replied, “I’ll have you know that I’m her legal guardian.“ It wasn’t technically true, but it was his best bet at shutting this idiot up. “GUARDIAN?!“ He bellowed, making a scene in front of the whole restaurant. “Is no one else here SEEING THIS?! Is this what this bloody country’s coming to? A black man raising an Asian girl, really?” This guy was not only drunk, but an idiotic bigot. Russel stood up. “Listen man, I’m gonna have to ask you to get the hell out of my face.“ The guy wasn’t deterred by Russel’s size and strength. “Or what? Or what, huh? Whatcha gonna do, ya big- UGH!!“ Before this guy knew it, he was clocked in front of everyone, by none other than Noodle. In very clear English, she proudly said, “I don’t need a real dad. Russel is my dad.“ With that, the two of them grabbed their takeaways and left the pizzeria.
  • They didn’t talk on their drive back to Kong. When they got back, they remained quiet for a little bit longer while eating. Eventually, Russel broke the silence. “Did you mean that?“ Noodle looked up. “Nani?“ Russel sighed. “Did you mean it when… when you said I was your dad?“ Noodle said didn’t say a thing. She smiled warmly at Russel and nodded. Russel smiled back. “I’m proud of you, Baby girl.“ “For what?” She asked him. “For everything. You’re amazing. You do know you’re the only damn thing that matters in this band, right? You keep us all together.“ She grinned brightly. “Thank you, Russel. I’m proud of you too.“

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Holy shit thanks for the warning. I was gonna check those out, but never mind!! That sounds absolutely horrible

Holy shit do NOT. Trust me nothing is salvageable. One is yer olde generic “kids must do fucked up shit or else die in fucked up ways” and the other is “shitty kids are locked up and abused”

For some suggestions for this season go watch: Kino no Tabi (??? slice of life/sci-fi I guess??), Kekkai Sensen (action/fantasy/sci-fi/comedy), Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Uta (fantasy),  Hoozuki no Reitetsu 2nd Season (comedy). Garo (action), and maybe Houzeki no Kuni (perfect plot for CGI usage, action/fantasy)*

*there might be more but I dont have time for more

Why Ruruka Andou is probably the most complex character out of this whole new cast. PROBABLY.

So hi. If you’re new, then that means you have no idea how much I love my precious sugar princess. Let me just break it down.

People are always so quick to jump on ‘shitty’ characters who do ‘shitty’ things. But let’s just- take a flashback trip for a second okay?
When Izayoi was pronounced as dead, when Ruruka looked and sounded the way she did. EVERYONE was on her ass about how horrible she was because she killed him for her own gain.



Self preservation ladies and gents. She was scared of being betrayed because I FIRMLY BELIEVE GROWING UP SHE’S ALWAYS HAD TRUST ISSUES. HENCE THE CREATION OF THE CANDIES, HENCE HER ATTITUDE TOWARDS EVERYONE AND THAT. IS. OK. And honestly? I’m sure she’d rather be the one to end him than have anyone else do it to him or he die of starvation. I mean FUCKING HONESTLY. PUT YOURSELF IN THEIR SHOES. PLEASE.

SO, that WHOLE scene/room was a JOINT effort- so kindly fuck off on that like she’s some spawn of Satan. 

We learn that after Ruruka witnesses Juzo’s ‘death’ that she’s doing whatever she can to live on, because she DIDNT want Yoi to die in vain. He admitted he’d do anything to keep her alive and she’d do her best to follow through with that- BUT IT’S WHAT SHE SAYS AS THE 4TH TIME PERIOD ENDS THAT GETS ME. Something along the lines of- “I’ll survive. Even on my own. I’ll survive.” She’s gathered whatever strength she had left to convince herself that it’ll be ok because she’s now a tougher person from all of this. It’s just a FUCKING SHAME THAT SHE WOULDN’T GET TO LIVE ON WITH THIS NEWFOUND INNER STRENGTH. 


And from what I gathered from the translated transcripts, Ruruka didn’t start producing her addictive candies till attending Hope’s Peak and hadn’t been misusing them from what was observed. SO- TO YOU FUCKING HATERS

Ruruka Andou is a beautifully written girl, a REALISTIC SCARED GIRL WHO’S GROWN UP FEELING BACKSTABBED AND LIED TO AND SHE WAS JUST TIRED OF IT. She was so… so tired and instead of letting people step all over her? SHE TOOK ACTION AND DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT.


im sick and tired of people picking on every single fucking thing red velvet does just to find the smallest reason to hate them.

they get a comeback before exo/f(x)/snsd etc??? that’s on the company, not red velvet

they get a fandom name before f(x)??? WOW GUESS WHO’S FAULT THAT IS??? NOT RED VELVET’S !!!!!! fucking blame sm bc they’re a piece of shit

the mv is “too similar” to solo day?? they fucking filmed it in the exact same location whatt  the fuck did you expect holy shit man of course some scenes are gonna look the same

stop trying to dig up shit on red velvet and hating them for things they have absolutely NO CONTROL over. and if you’re mad about your “oppas” not getting a comeback/you really want them to have one go take your business to their mv and stop fucking commenting on red velvet’s if all you’re gonna do is talk about someone else!