if no one cries we all win

Really though, I finally get it. The racism in this country is based solely on those who were never educated about it. I had an awful sophomore honors English teacher. But one day we had this incredible substitute. We were reading “Night” by Elie Wiesel as an assignment. I’ll never forget this: We were all being dumb 16 year olds, laughing and talking without any real idea of what reality looked like. This is a book about Nazi Germany. Our sub actually cried out to us to “please, god, pay attention” - that “this could easily happen again.”

I had no idea.

We have perpetuated a country in terms of chance instead of smarts. I am an English Major. I love the English language. I grew up in a big, yet poor-ish suburban town, but I had amazing teachers. All I can say about today is that if Trump wins, I’m going to become a teacher. And not one in our happy, dandy west coast. I’ll go where we need it most. We need help.

Start over

I watched life pass me by
Slowly, like the trickle of melting ice
You tore me apart, then watched me cry
There came tumbling down my paradise

For a while, I let the darkness win
Believing things happen for a reason
This is the story I’ll never tell
But if I do, I’ll do it with a grin.

I forgave you for things you weren’t sorry for
We do that for people we love and adore
But lies get deep and love often dies
You try, you fight then you stifle your cries

One day when it’s all too much
You stop and break down on the bathroom floor
Knowing you have to start over
Because nothing will ever be as before

Everyday I’m shuffling

Rules: put your music on shuffle, list the first 9 songs and your favourite lyrics from each. then tag 9 other people to participate!

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1. Heathens .  TØP

Please don’t make any sudden moves
You don’t know the half of the abuse

2. Alone Again . Betty Who

Waiting for you to come around
Is like waiting for rain in a year long drought
But when it rains it pours

3. Letters in the Sand. Sunrise Avenue

There was no anger, no cries out loud
Like the tide we just ran out
Hell of a lesson that I had to learn
All I can do is just let it burn, baby

4. Don’t Stop Believin’ . Journey

Working hard to get my fill
Everybody wants a thrill
Payin’ anything to roll the dice
Just one more time
Some will win, some will lose
Some were born to sing the blues

5. Gone Forever . Three Days Grace

And now, it’s coming clear
That I don’t need you here
And in this world around me
I’m glad you disappeared
I feel so much better

6. Sober . Loreen

On our way, I can’t believe that I’m kissing you.
You touching me and I can’t imagine to be somewhere else.
I’m all in with no regrets.

7. Power . Bastille

Aim, throw your best shot right at me
Cause pain, I can take it easily

8. Rockabye . Clean Bandit

She tells him “your life ain’t gonna be nothing like my life
You’re gonna grow and have a good life
I’m gonna do what I’ve got to do”

9. I Feel Like Dancin’ . All Time Low

It doesn’t matter where
I don’t care if people stare

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The CMOH challenge (clean my own house)

So being a SHINKy till 40 afforded me many luxuries (impulse international travel, random money dumps on frivolous things, $200jeans, $2000 bags and $7 coffee. Many Of these luxuries I gave up (or scaled down) when moved on in life and became a Burbie. But one luxury has followed me my entire adult life and has actually transitioned from luxury to mandatory in my Burbie book - a home cleaner!

As a kid, my West Indian mom was all about making me and sis clean the entire house when we were old enough, which lead to my sis and I hiding from her, slacking off and ignoring her demands…. which led to her Oscar winning dramatic performance of being fed up with her lazy ass kids. She’d fall down on the floor with heavy cries and the words went something like “LAWD LAWD!!! I can’t do this by me-self LAWD!!! FADAHH GAWD PLEASE PRAY FOR DEEEZ LAZY CHIL'REN AHH MIIINNNEEE!! I PRAYYYi live to see tomorrow cuz ah gon’ fall down DEAD wit’ doom all dis housework by meh-self!!! FADAHH GAAAAWWD I PRAY!!! ” it worked when we were little kids cuz we were just in shock by her dramatic fall (she’s no small woman). But as we got older we would just sit and time what part of the drama was coming next and silently giggle together. Yes we’re ungrateful kids I know……. and clearly my issues with housecleaning started young.

Now I’ve changed cleaning ladies and services over the years but always made I sure kept at least one in my contact list that I could call anytime and within 48hours they come and make me feel whole again - bring me back to my center….. like I said MANDATORY!!

I used to have a personal cleaner, then I switched to a service - there is a difference - here’s the breakdown:

Cleaning lady:
PRO: spends 5-8 hours in your space climbing up ladders, going under beds dusting, washing, and vacuuming every crack and crevice until all your fluid bottles are empty and you have to wear a mask from the product fumes - when she leaves your house is sparkly shiny and giving you life!
CON: they prefer that you leave your house while they clean so you have to find something to do for 8 hours and you have to build trust. They also get in your business sometimes and you just want to tell them off - but you can’t! Well you shouldn’t!

Cleaning Service:
PROs: they always have someone available and the owner is ready to haggle a price. The service I use is Russian and they show up in front of my house in a minivan with a Big Russian dude driving - he drops of someone and comes back 4 hours later to pick her up. You can stay home and tell her everything you need her to do step by step. If you don’t like the person they assigned to you, just call and they’ll give you a new person

CONs: Anna is our assigned cleaner and she comes of that van every other Saturday at 6am waking us out of our sleep! There’s no time choice. Also, most of them speak no English - or at least she acts like she doesn’t….. so you have to call the owner and have them negotiate on anything they don’t want to do.

The great thing is that home cleaners are relatively inexpensive out in the Burbs. I pay the same for a 5ksqft house that I paid from my 1 bedroom NYC apartment so there has been no reason to give this up!!! Until now!

New Home, New space to learn about and I want to get to know every corner before I pass the torch to Anna. So i assigned my self the CMOH challenge. For 1 month I decided to pull out my big yellow rubber gloves and CleanMyOwnHouse!

Well that month went slow…. actually it took 2 and ½ weeks before I was calling for Anna again. Not because i didn’t want to do it, I really just didn’t have the time

What I learned from the CMOH challenge:

1) household electrics have gotten much simpler!
When I first brought up the Dyson vacuum from the basement, my lil Pops says to me “Mommy what are you doing with that?”
Me: I’m about to vacuum the house.
Pops: YOU????
Me: Yes!
Pops: Why?
Me: because the house needs cleaning.
Pops: Where’s the Peach lady that doesn’t speak English? Did she die?
My face was filled with shock and disbelief! What have I been teaching this kid???!!!
It took me another 15 minutes to start because I had to have a sit down with Pops to explain to him that he said something inappropriate and also explain to him it was my fault. Once I turned on the vacuum, I found it quite easy to use. I was going around the baseboards, the curtains and under the beds like a champ. And when I put on my headset it was like I was in a zone (kinda like a workout but with less instruction and less sweating). It was cathartic!

2) It’s ok to get help if you need to and can afford it.
Clearly in my childhood home I was taught hard physical work was a badge of honor. In fact I’ve observed that most black people traditionally do not believe in having someone else clean their home, coming into their space. They think it’s for rich people. I realize now that even though I CAN CleanMyOwnHouse, i don’t NEED to. If it’s a choice between spending that extra time doing constructive with Pops and Hubs.

Now the CMOH challenge is done. I have redeemed myself with my childhood and I’m calling Anna tomorrow so I can get a manicure.

The injury had come to him at the worst possible time, and so Hajime had to watch Tooru and their team win Olympia in front of his tv instead of by his side. 

None of them had cried when they’d kissed each other goodbye on the airport. His teammates had all hugged Hajime before, wishing him well, pity in their eyes about the injury that had messed up his foot. But oh, Tooru had pulled him so close that Hajime lost all the air in his lungs. 

“I’ll count all the kisses you’re gonna owe me.” Tooru’s breath had been soft against his ear, voice heavy and silver with hidden tears. “One in the morning, one at night. One each time I cry, ten when I win, ten when we meet again.” 

“You’ll get all of them when you win,” Hajime had said. 
When. Not ‘if’. Some things are as certain as the sun rising in the morning. 

The airplane’s half an hour late. Hajime stares at the hallway where people pour out into the airport, and there they are. There he is. 

Tooru storms forward, eyes wide, the golden medal swinging around his neck over his open team jacket. He falls into Hajime’s arms, lips soft, salt-wet, begging and praying and whispering hello, it’s me, oh I missed you

But Hajime gently pushes him away, reaches into his pocket. “You counted?” He asks. Tooru nods, opens his mouth. 

“Don’t tell me the number”. 

“What?” Something bright vanishes in Tooru’s eyes. He frowns, shifts. “Haji - “

A last deep breath. Hajime’s whole body trembles when he pulls the black velvet box out of his pocket and opens it. “You don’t have to count. I give you all my kisses for the rest of my life. If - if you will.” 

And then, Tooru is crying. He sobs out loud, stumbles to his knees together with Hajime and whimpers like a child when the silver ring fits onto his finger, and Hajime’s lips touch his own in a soft reverence that says: welcome home. 

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yaassss 93 liners for the win!!! cries mari we're going to be 24 this year how did this happen. LOL i ended up getting both bc i have zero self control when it comes to bangtan it's so bad. i dooo i love vmin so much. i actually didnt know you were on ao3 until recently so when i found out that you were pjmin i was like :OOOO. waiting all night is one of my fave vmins and im super excited for call it magic, call it true. you should def try coffee ice cream!! its so goood mmmm

AHHHH NOPE WE DON’T TALK ABOUT OUR BIRTHDAY THIS YEAR (I sound like a 29 year old woman not wanting to turn 30 lmao)

gosh I managed to resist this time and I’m glad I did for once, but I can’t tell what I’ll do with their next comeback, since it will be all new ;_; OMG REALLY I didn’t know you read my vmin fics alksjdsa thank you!! I have so much on my plate lately so I kinda pushed ao3 away for a while, but I want to return really badly. I might just finish the series / sequels I’ve got pending on here and then post something new over there ^^

ALSO I hope you loved the comeback and freaked out as much as I did :D I’m still crying blood over not today I LOVE IT SO MUCH

Chapter 84

Like, I’m not shitting on Isayama for this because after all, this story is not a fan service and I expected it would eventually end up like this.

But something I am mad about is how, in my opinion, it looks now - forget upcoming fandom wars, forget how much we cried about Armin. Just for now it’s about one question - why?
And while I am wiping away the tears because of Erwin, I think, beside the fact that last chapters were forced, that maybe it’s not about good choices anymore. Maybe this is their bad decision.
We should already know that this story won’t end well, whoever wins, whoever survives, will have blood of their beloved ones on their hands and is it still the battle worth fighting? Were all the choices made properly?

But what I do agree with (maybe the whole chapter will eventually give us some proper scene) is how Erwin doesn’t deserve this, how Bert doesn’t, how Hanji doesn’t too. Who will Armin become with the taste of guilt in his mouth, acknowledging that if he didn’t sacrifice, this whole situation might end up differently. How will he behave when he realises that this time, those eyes of worried soliders are on him?

And the most important thing - how will Levi take this? I want him to go crazy, I want him to open this bottle of emotions, I feel like he deserves it. He deserves his grief, this is a turning point for him because how much tragedy must he still go through to have enough? How much more rage can he have if there is, there he lays on this rooftop, another lifeless proof that it is not worth it.

I guess we will see, but for now, I’m just sad. Sad, because I know this might be it for Erwin and I want him to have a proper goodbye.
If he is supposed to die, please, don’t let him die with the thought that his refuse to the serum was the only good thing he had done.

This is no longer a story about black and white, it’s just about the scale of greys.
Whoever wins, has already lost too much.


I cried. This is amazing. 

This victory is a cause for celebration. We still have a long way to go, but this is one of the largest victories in human rights and we’ll use this day as motivation to continue fighting for the rights of everybody in the LGBTQ+ community.

I’m so happy for everyone and congratulations to all of the newly married couples out there!

tony award blogging disclaimer

I, a theatre fan that cries a lot, might disagree with who you want/predict will win, however, I respect that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and you rooting for a person or show that I am not doesn’t make either of us “right” or “a better theatre fan” over the other because theatre is so complex and we all interpret things differently and like different things for different reasons and I think that’s one of the best parts about it!!! So all/any opinions posted are simply my own / and when I congratulate winners tonight and seem excited (even if I disagree with who/what won) is purely because I love theatre and all I want to do is celebrate it tonight

  • one direction: it's not a competition with justin bieber everything's cool we're not worried about it it's not about winning

I wanted to take a moment and let anyone in Orlando, FL or anyone who is LGBT+… I stand with you and my heart breaks and goes out to all the victims and family and friends of those who were killed in yet another senseless shooting.

As many of you know… my brother Adam is gay. I spoke with him earlier this morning and we cried together. He lives and goes to school at Cambridge. He told me how he and people all over England are praying and their thoughts are with evenyone here in the US and Orlando.

If there is one thing I know about the LGBT+ Community… you are STRONG. I’ve seen how strong my brother has been in his life… how strong his friends alike are. So… please stay strong and know I and many others are standing strong with you!

Think back to a year ago… 26 June 2015 and never forget…

Love will ALWAYS win over hate… ALWAYS! 

XxOo ~Piper