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The Amazing Maleeni

Morning, January 10

She’s on her third pass with the broom in her bedroom when the phone rings. Leaning the broom against the wall, she grimaces at the sound of yet another missed piece of glass crunching underfoot on her way to pick up the receiver.


“Hey, Scully, it’s me. Pack a bag. We’ve got a flight out of Dulles in two hours.”

“Whoa, whoa, what? Mulder… you said you were just running by the office to check on a few things.”

“I did. And we’ve got a case. A really interesting one.”

She closes her eyes, sighing through her nose. “Mulder, I was really hoping to make some progress on my apartment today.”

“Did I mention it’s a really interesting case?”

Ordinarily, she might welcome the opportunity to be distracted by work, but the longer it takes to clean up the mess left behind by Donnie Pfaster’s attack, the longer it will be before she can start leaving the psychological mess behind as well.

“I don’t suppose you’d be willing to handle this one on your own.”

“Well… I already got two plane tickets. But I guess, if you really don’t wanna come along…” She knows the hurt in his voice is mostly just an act.


She sighs again. “Fine. I’ll go. But you have to promise to help me clean here when we get back. For real, this time.”

He’d driven her over this morning and helped for about ten minutes before deciding he should go check in at the office “real fast.” That was three hours ago.

“Hey, I was gonna come back. But then this case–”

“I know, I know. It’s fine, Mulder, just… when the case is over–”

“We’ll get it done. I promise.”

She nods, even though he obviously can’t see her through the phone, then glances over toward her closet, wondering how much she’s going to have to pack for a trip in January. “And where, may I ask, is this case taking us?”

“The City of Angels.” She can hear the smirk in his voice, and she shakes her head, grinning just the tiniest bit.

Great. At least she can leave the heavy coat at home.


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