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I succumbed to the edit mania going on in this fandom :3 I probably wouldn’t have if my new software wasn’t so good! Looks like my pen pressure is corrected with it, which is weird but whatever!! I’m happy! :D

So I present to you a collection of galra Keith and some altean Lance. In both brown and blue haired (I prefer brown to be honest but I was curious about blue haired altean Lance :3)

It made me rethink my design of galra Keith for a few parts and I like it better^^

More edits to come!


Thank you! <3

Well, their age gap isn’t that big tbh. Rebecca is 12 y/o so she and Yugi would be 5 years apart only. And I read that the age of consent in Japan is 13 y/o, so Rebecca would  just have to wait for one year to date Yugi I guess,:’D

Don’t be afraid to love

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Can you write an imagine with Theo. (Your Scott’s younger sister) We’re you like him and you know he likes you but he won’t admit it. And one day he gets into a fight and he shows up to your house and you clean his face cause there’s blood and he’s being really distant and mean. And you grab his face asking what wrong. And why he’s being like this and he finally tells you how he feels about you and how he’s scared he might hurt you one day or something like that. Thanks

Pairing: Theo x Reader

Word count: 827

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“You shouldn’t spend so much time with him.”

“I’m old enough to make my own choices!” I replied, crossing my arms.

“He’s dangerous… ”

“Scott! I know how to take care of myself. Besides, I never bother you with your girlfriends’ choices! You’ve dated a hunter…”

“Allison was …”

I interrupted him.

“And a thunder kitsune, which, I remind you, went to these desert weird women!”

“The skinwalkers,” my brother corrected me.


Scott put his hand through my hair to ruffle them friendly.

“Be careful, little sister.”

“Always,” I said smiling as he left the house for a pack meeting, leaving me alone for the evening. Once I was certain his super powerful werewolf ears were too far away to hear me, I lowered my head murmured for myself:

“Anyway, it’s not like Theo is going to confess his feelings to me tonight.”

Theo Raeken, the boy I felt in love with. Scott had made a whole scene when I had confessed to him that I had deep feelings for the chimera. He had spent hours explaining his past, and why I shouldn’t love him. Everything he said was approved by all the pack members. I already knew all that, but that didn’t matter to me.

And I was very stubborn.

Especially since I knew that my feelings were the same for Theo. It’s obvious when I’m with him. His body is stiffening and he does everything to avoid my sight. But as soon as I have my back turned, I can feel his supernatural pupils burning my neck. I already tried to confront him, but I never managed to get him any real answers.

I was about to get myself comfortable in front of the television, sitting with a bowl full of delicious popcorn when I heard a knock at the door. The sound was strong, pressing, and constant and I thought for a moment that it had to be very important to disturb my peaceful evening like that. I got up abruptly, knocking over my bowl of popcorn and went to open the door.

I didn’t expect to find Theo, face covered in blood and wounds, an inappropriate smile stuck on the face, in front of me.

“Can I come in?”

A sigh escaped my lips as I slowly understood what had happened. He had fought again. I let him in and shut the door behind us before quickly going to get a first aid kit in the bathroom. When I returned, Theo was sitting on the couch and was staring at the floor. I sat beside him and began to clean the dried blood of his wounds which were already healing.

Ah, werewolves power.

“Are you going to tell me what happened?”

I heard him mutter, and when I looked up from the wound I was cleaning on his forehead to cross his gaze, he turned his head away, groaning.

“Theo, look at me,” I said, my hand still in the air waiting to clean the rest of the blood.

“Leave me alone,” he snapped at me. Just a few seconds ago he smiled arrogantly at the entrance of my house, and now he was acting all coldly?

“Theo, what’s your problem?!” I said, raising my voice. I was tired of being ignored.

Still no answer.

I broke for good, dropped the blood-soaked tissue to take his face in my hands to force him to look at me. He didn’t seem to like it, resisted a little, but ended up letting himself be carried away.

“You’re gonna tell me why you’re acting like this? Why are you distant and mean? Why do you spend your time ignoring me?” I exclaimed.

His face seemed to be twisted with a dull pain as he was thinking for an answer. Then, Theo grabbed my hands that were still on his cheeks before looking up at me.

“Because I love you, Y / N! I love you so much, but at the same time I am terrified, horribly terrified of hurting you … you are the last person I want to hurt, and that’s why I decided to repress my feelings. ”

I wanted to facepalm so bad. How could he think that? But the gravity of the situation replaced my thoughts in order.

“Theo …”

His eyes were soaked with water as he closed them again, looking away. I understood his fears, but I didn’t share his opinion. And I showed him by approaching my face and putting my lips against his, surprising him more than I expected. When our mouths parted, I hastened to speak before he could say anything.

“My brother is a werewolf, an alpha, even. One of my friends is a banshee and the other a werecoyote. I think I can deal a chimera,” I said, a smile stretching my lips.

“But I… ”

I put a finger on his lips to silence him.

“Shut up and kiss me, dumbass.”

A/N: Thanks again for requesting me, hope you like it! Requests are still opeeeeeen!

i don’t understand a thing about this so if someone knows better than me, please correct, interject, whatever.

my question is: is it possible the website says SONY MUSIC UK cause he’s staying with a sony label but the label is not announced so they leave it at that and they wait for his first single to come out or new material as a solo artist, idk, just like when columbia suddenly confirmed his involvement with harry only once the website and SOTT were launched and not a day before? (to the point that people here were complaining because columbia didn’t even include harry in that 2017 plan but suddenly he was everywhere linked to them) and also is it possible that the ‘syco newsletter’ thing is there for them only to grab some audience because ‘technically’ he’s still with syco until he’ll be confirmed to have moved to another label? (hopefully with a publishing deal)? 

Peut-être je suis trop pensive parce que je suis fatiguée, mais je ne peux pas arrêter mes pensées. Ne t'inquiète pas… c'est à propos du russe. Je ne sais pas si je devrais continuer d'étudier cette langue. Je veux l'apprendre car le russe est beau et l'histoire de la Russie, la langue et la culture sont vivants et importantes. Je ne sais pas pourquoi mais une partie de mon cœur me dit aussi qu'il faut que je l'apprenne.

Honnêtement je ne sais pas si j'ai la capacité à réussir. Je n'ai jamais quitté mes buts, surtout quand je les voulais depuis longtemps, mais le russe est très difficile. C'est un mauvais excuse mais bah j'sais pas quoi faire !

Désolée d'être trop dramatique. Je pense que ma vie me stresse et ça m'émeut. Peut-être j'essayerai d'apprendre le russe jusqu'au juillet et ensuite je réévaluerai mes pensées. Oui, ça marche.

slowwshoww replied to your post: Hi! I have a Check Please-related question, too….

my grandpa’s from texas and the first time i said PEE-can he like screeched to a stop with a record scratch and said ‘elizabeth, it’s peh-kahn’ and i never said it different ever again

yeah lmao even though there is of course no pronunciation at all that is the “correct” one you can’t tell people that without causing a fuckin’ riot

So @nzprincesskenny and I were talking about a medieval au for musicboi


ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ—  You and I, we understand marriage very differently. I’m a Shadowhunter. This is about family, and tradition, honor… 

ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ— Honor? Where’s the honor in living a lie?

Hermione headcanon

I’m sure thatwe’ve all seen at least one post about Hermione being black, or fanart of her as a PoC, and there are many possible ways you reacted to this.

But imagine

Black Hermiojne who makes sure to know as much as she can, so she won’t be part of either stereotype about black people or Muggles

Black Hermione who follows rules to a T because back in the Muggle world racist teachers/classmates would blame her for any misbehavior

Black Hermione who starts SPEW because the treatment of house elves riminds her of how her ancestors were treated, and how her people are still treated so badly

Black Hermione just makes so much more sense to me

Interview: Fereby

Today we’re joined by Fereby. Fereby is a phenomenal artist who does a bit of everything. She’s mostly a singer who has a wide vocal range. When she’s not singing, Fereby does a bunch of different kinds of crafts like knitting and sewing. If that weren’t impressive enough, Fereby also does a bit of visual art as well. It’s clear she’s a very dedicated artist, as you’ll soon read. My thanks to her for taking the time to participate in this interview.


Please, tell us about your art.

First and foremost, I am a vocalist. I have been singing in my high school choirs for four years, three of which I’ve been in the advanced choir. I recently participated in the ACDA honor choir at the regional and state levels. I love choir because I love to harmonize; singing without harmony gets boring quickly. In choir I usually sing soprano, but I’ve gotten so tired of singing the melody that I take any chance I get to sing lower parts. I have a satisfyingly wide vocal range that allows me to sing most tenor (higher male) parts up through the highest soprano (high female) notes, which is nothing but fun for me since I like variety.

I also love to make things with my hands. I cook, sew, knit, crochet, draw, paint, craft. I make tiny animals out of chewy candies and kneaded erasers. I daydream about building things, and would build them had I the time and means to do so. I just love to make stuff, but on a day-to-day basis when I have to go to school, I tend to stick to drawing and singing, with an occasional poem or short story if I feel like it. I may or may not be mildly obsessed with being able to do everything.

Visually, I mostly focus on pencil and paper and other readily accessible traditional media. I do use a free mobile application, Adobe Ideas, which lets me do some simple digital drawings in a very nice vector format. I generally don’t have the time or patience to work with the digital medium for most of my ideas, but it’s great fun for playing with color.

What inspires you?

The way I see it, there are two kinds of inspiration. The “idea” kind and the “inspirational speech/quote” kind. I get ideas from everywhere, anything, from random thoughts that pop into my head at all times of day and night. Sometimes I take them and run with them, sometimes they don’t get very far before I give up or move on to a better one, but ideas are abundant and everywhere and totally random. The other kind, the motivational kind, tends to come from people I admire. Professional choral conductors are highly skilled at being inspiring. (I suspect it’s a trained skill, because without it they would not be able to so easily win the enthusiastic cooperation of a hundred plus people in a short enough amount of time to begin making good music.) However, I also find inspiration and motivation watching some of my favorite YouTubers like Josh Sundquist and the Green brothers, John and Hank.

What got you interested in your field?  Have you always wanted to be an artist?

Both of my parents sing, so from almost the day I was born my life has been influenced by music. My parents wanted to get me piano lessons when I was little, but they were told my hands were too small and so they focused on teaching me to sing instead. I have never had private formal vocal training, but years in choir have taught me a lot about technique and improved my technical skills tremendously.

My interest in drawing came from I-don’t-know-where. Little kids are encouraged to draw and color and otherwise be creative, and I guess I just never really lost interest in that. There have been periods of time where I didn’t bother to do any drawing, but I keep coming back to it.

I have always considered myself somewhat artistic, and there were times in my childhood when I aspired to become a singer professionally, but because of my skills in math and language I am continually overwhelmed by all the things I could be and have trouble thinking of myself as any one thing. I currently consider myself an artist, but in a very general sense of the word. I participate in too many forms of creativity to call myself anything more specific.

Do you have any kind of special or unique signature, symbol, or feature you include in your work that you’d be willing to reveal?

Not an established one, no. I keep changing my signature on my visual art as I mature and get new ideas, but it’s usually some version of my first and last name in swoopy artistic lettering. Music-wise, I don’t do enough original work to warrant a signature, but my usual vocal style tends to include smooth, clear tones that blend well in harmonies or with soft guitar accompaniment. The songs I write tend to sound like lullabies, as I usually prefer to sing in a relaxed style and focus on melody. I have no experience writing high-energy songs.

What advice would you give young aspiring artists?

You do you. Skill and experience are important to do anything well, but at the end of the day, art is about making things, and it’s up to you what you add to this world. Do what you enjoy. Make something you can be proud of. Especially with performing arts, your audience will enjoy your art much more if you enjoy making it. If you’re bored and tired of what you’re making, your audience may notice and be bored along with you. So do things you like to do.


Where on the spectrum do you identify?

I identify as aromantic asexual. I still haven’t figured out what gender is.

Have you encountered any kind of ace prejudice or ignorance in your field?  If so, how do you handle it?

I’m not really out among musicians, and I don’t really have a community when it comes to visual art, but there are always people in my life who don’t understand. I tend to just put up with whatever comes my way, though not without doing my best to correct misconceptions first. People don’t tend to give up their preconceived notions so easily though.

What’s the most common misconception about asexuality that you’ve encountered?

For some reason, I keep encountering people who think they know what I’m feeling better than I do. When I honestly disclose my experiences, they express disbelief that it’s possible for me to feel that way, and then tell me what they think I must be feeling based on what I’ve told them. They can’t imagine how anyone could possibly not have a sex drive or sexual attraction, and they are incapable of understanding that wanting to experience kissing or other romantically-coded activities does not equate to romantic attraction.

What advice would you give to any asexual individuals out there who might be struggling with their orientation?

Listen to yourself. No one can decide how you feel about something but you. Learning about the experiences of other people who came to identify on the ace spectrum can be a tremendous help in giving you a frame of reference as to what your orientation might be, and there are plenty of blogs on Tumblr dedicated to patiently answering the questions of people just like you. Just remember that the words you attach to yourself should be there because you feel they are right and not because someone told you that’s what you probably are.

Finally, where can people find out more about your work?

I don’t currently have an internet presence as an artist, but that may change at some nebulous point in the future. Any information about my art will most likely be posted to my Tumblr at ferebypie.

Thank you, Fereby, for participating in this interview and this project. It’s very much appreciated.


 it’s me, your favorite human disaster 🐀 🔪


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Genre: It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die

Pairing: Reader x Mark

Length: 2.5k

Summary: Stuck in the memories of the past, you had always held a grudge against Mark for his never-ending teasing throughout high school. Now a few years older, a few years wiser, you find Mark locked outside of his college dorm in a snowstorm and lend him a helping hand by inviting him into your own dorm. Despite knowing just how much you secretly gushed over your high school rival, you were clueless as to how suave Mark Tuan could be. 

A/N: This is dedicated to my amazing friend, Sarah! Happy Birthday and thanks for always being there for me babe. <3 :’) @smolssi

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I know it isn't in your spectre of interest (or is it??) but would you mind doing honest scoring (that's my official nickname for your scoring rants/reviews/corrections/judge shaming/whatever you consider this being?) of Michael Christian Martinez? Or better yet, him and the second-to-last group for sp? *curious anon is curious*

Honest or messy? ;)

Anyway, you are my scoring for Michael.

Short Program:

He started with a good 3A, hitting bullets 1, 6 and 8 for a well earned +1.

Combo had a good transition into it and was well matched with music, but the weak Landing took away all the positive GOE for a final -1

3Lo got bullet 1 but nothing more.

One thing that Always surprises me is how… bad? Michael’s spins in competition are. He is very flexible, he can do great variations (his biellmann is one if not the best among men), BUT competition spins always struggle to get levels (mainly on number of rotations, he keeps not doing the full rotations needed) and he holds his position in a very clumsy way. The error on entry in his Flying Sit  brought the minus there, but even on the other I would expect for him to easily hit at least 4 bullets for +2, but most time than not (and it will be even worse in FP) he just hits 1 if not 0.

Step Sequence bullets only for 1 and 8.

PCS Scores for SS and TR got a hit mainly for lack of variety, complexity and good edges. One think you can notice with him is also the very low amount of multidirectional skating and how little he skate through the rink. That aside I find his SP interesting and well put together, he managed to project well and to interpret fine too.

Free Program

All the minus on jumps are for the weak landings / step-out. Sadly for Michael, he usually just hits 1 or 2 bullets for positive GOE (1 for some jumps and 8), so when a step-out or a turn or a scratch on Landing happens, GOEs get quite a hilt.

I think his solo 3A should earn a full +1, tho. For hitting 1, 2 and 8 as positive bullets and being a fine axel.

For Spins and Steps what I wrote for SP can be repeated. What MCM lack right now is a bit of quality and control more that can help him to hit the positive criteria.

PCS are lower than in SP for me. Mainly because the program is less rich and he performed in worse way, being more focused on delivery than on what he was skating to.

About doing the same fake protocols (:P) for other guys, it takes really a lot of time (when I do, I like to watch them all together so to apply as much as possible the same parameters to all), so I will just give you my general impression (let me know if I missed any skaters you are interested about):

Kevin REYNOLDS: very quirky skating, struggling a lot on all rotations for jumps, edges can be improved a lot, TR 404 not found, very good projections.

Alexei BYCHENKO: he seems a very nice guy, but the less I say about his skating, the better (Daniel, damnit).

Maxim KOVTUN: my absolute HERO. His programs are totally void, he wouldn’t get an edge to save his life, but he can be so bad to be too good. And his SP was a MASTERPIECE.

Denis TEN: having seen him pop everything and more in all the practice, I was totally SHOCKED he managed to land his 4T in SP. Program is very void, but Denis can skate, even if TR and variety on steps were not up to what I’m expecting from a former silver world medalist and a bronze olympic medalist He was very tame on projection and interpretation both.

Jason BROWN: very good interpretation skills, I think projection wise he has still a lot of room to grow. His edge work is good, if he can add a bit of speed it would be even better.

Mikhail KOLYADA: just a step behind Jason on skating skills, but very nice and good flow. The program could be a bit more packed on TR, and Mika is not yet the best of interpreter, but his projection skills are already quite good.

Norwegian vocab: Health

By request, here’s a list of some word dealing with health, sickness and everything in between (almost). Enjoy! 


helse (m) - health
helsevesen (n) - national health service
helsetjeneste (m) - health service
sykehus (n) - hospital
legevakt (m) - casualty clinic/emergency room
sykebil (m) / ambulanse (m) - ambulance
pasient (m) - patient’
sykepleier (m) - nurse
lege (m) / doktor (m) - doctor
fastlege (m) - regular general practitioner
legetime (m) - doctor’s appointment
legekontor (n) - doctor’s office
(lege)undersøkelse (m) - medical examination
innleggelse (m) - hospitalisation
diagnose (m) - diagnosis
behandling (m) - treatment
operasjon (m) - operation, surgery
medisin (m) / legemiddel (m) - medicine
resept (m) - prescription
sprøyte (m/f) - injection
vaksine (m) - vaccine
sykemelding (m) - sick note
sykefravær (n) - absence due to sickness
helseforsikring (m) - health insurance
blodgiver (m) - blood donor


sykdom (m) - sickness/illness/disease
lidelse (m) - disease, disorder
symptom (n) - symptom
skade (m) - injury
smerte (m) - pain
forkjølelse (m) - cold
immunforsvar (n) - immune system
smittefare (m) - danger of infection
nys (n) - sneeze
host (n) - cough
hodepine (m) - headache
mageknip (n) - stomachache
ryggsmerter (m. fl.) - backache
oppkast (n) - vomit
kvalme (m) - nausea
utslett (n) - rash
sår (n) - injure/wound
infeksjon (m) / betennelse (m)- infection
feber (m) - fever
handikap (n)  - disability/handicap
mental/psykisk sykdom (m) - mental illness
depresjon (m) - depression
angst (m) - anxiety
spiseforstyrrelse (m) - eating disorder
seksuelt overførbar sykdom / kjønnssykdom (m) - sexually transmitted infection

Some expressions

å være syk - to be ill
å være frisk - to be well/of good health
å kaste opp - to throw up
å spy (informal) - to puke
å gjøre vondt - to hurt (ex. ryggen min gjør vondt = my back hurts)
å ha vondt (i) - to hurt/have pain (in) (ex. Jeg har vondt i skuldrene = my shoulders hurt/I have pain in my shoulders)

If you have any questions, corrections, tips, whatever, don’t hesitate to send me a message/ask! c: