if my otp become best friends

Compass points in the direction of your soulmate au.

Everyone is born with a compass on their arm that points in the genral direction of their ‘soulmate’.

-So I’ve worked out that my soulmate is in this city, and they work in a strip club????

-Realising you just mugged your soulmate.

-A casually walks in on B and C doing the do.

-I’m being arrested, and my compass is pointing at you officer.

-Doing CPR on a patient that just came in while the compass spins on their arm.

-Person A knowing their soulmate lives in this big old mansion in the woods and works up the courage to knock on the door.  

-I’ve been living alone for years and you have just knocked on my door. 

-Also I have a lot of cats and your allergic. 

-So my soulmates a vampire- 

-”Turns out my soulmate is really fucking rich holy hell.” 

-A finding their soulmate and becoming best friends, B being completly oblivious to this and marrying someone else.

- Private detective.

-You always deliver pizza on a sunday why the obsession???

-Walking in on a bunch of criminals.

-Does this dog belong to you?

-Being at a concert and your compass pointing directly at the singer.

-That politician you dislike? Yep they are your soulmate. 

-Rivals in a big sports event like the olympics.  

-Oh shit your tol.               


My crack OTP from Fire Emblem Fates. The Prince and his Butler!

I like their contrast. Both live in the shadow of their fathers. They both want to be better, but in opposite ways. Siegbert strives to become like his father even if said father tells him he need not be. While Dwyer doesn’t want to end up like his father, much to his father’s chagrin.

It just really sort of happened. All the other kids had their best friends or siblings partnered with them in battle. Siegbert does well on his own without his younger brother, Kana, but needs a healer. And so I played the rest of this game with these two teamed up despite the lack of support. Either way, the two are among my best units and can handle one side of the battle field just the two of them.♥

I will go down with my rare ship! *panickly dumping water out the ship*

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Opening sentence: "Why is there a rose in Marinette's mouth?"

“Why is there a rose in Marinette’s mouth?” Alya demanded, scaring her two friends who appeared to be mid-tango in the center of the school gymnasium. “And why are you two here after hours?”

Marinette paled and Adrien stiffened, almost dropping Marinette from the dip they were previously frozen in, shocked that their friend had stumbled upon their…practice.

“Mppph!” Marinette exclaimed, teeth tightly clenched around the stem of the crimson flower. The two teens awkwardly let go of each other’s hands and moved apart, avoiding Ayla’s penetrating glare. Adrien shoved his hands in his pockets and nervously played with the small balls of lint in the corners. Marinette slowly reached up and removed the rose from her lips, proceeding to twirl it behind her back with her nimble fingers. They both knew they were caught.

Adrien dared to steal a glance at Marinette, looking for assurance that she knew what to do. All she could do was send back an equally panicked expression.

“Hey there, Alya…” Adrien finally said, voice strained with discomfort. “I…uh…didn’t see you come in.”

“Me neither!” Marnette chimed in, stretching her cheeks in an attempted replica of Adrien’s “model smile.” She smiled so hard she felt her cheeks cramping, an inevitable consequence of her insincerity. “We were just..uh…”

“Dancing?” Alya offered, deadpan.

“Well, yes,” Adrien admitted, blush tickling his cheeks. “I was just helping Marinette learn to dance-”

“Because we’re friends!” Marinette cut in. “And helping friends by platonically dancing with them for the sake of education is very…uh…friend…ly.”

“I see,” Alya said. She looked utterly unconvinced. Marinette jerked her head back over to look at Adrien, eyes screaming “Abort Mission! Abort Mission!” The rhythmic and lively strums of dueling guitars filled the silence. The tinny music pouring out of the little speakers on Marinette’s phone killed all hope that the topic would be abandoned in favor of a less incriminating one.

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Alright LET ME SHOUT YOU A THING. Buckle up.

EdWin is my OTP above all OTPs. I hate saying this, but I would break up Royai before breaking up EdWin. I just can’t they’re too pure, and–okay. *cracks knuckles*

First off, their friendship is a byproduct of 2 generations of friendship before it. If Pinako and Hohenheim hadn’t become friends, he wouldn’t have met Trisha, and then Pinako helped deliver both of those boys?! I mean come on. How cute is that?

I digress.

Okay so these two kids become friends by means of proximity, when they’re hella young. They see the best and the worst in one another. They aren’t afraid to speak their minds to one another (but let’s be honest neither of the two are shy).

At first I couldn’t understand what Winry saw in Ed. He was kind of a jerk. And immature. And rude. And dismissive. But then you see what Edward is like with his guard down. His gentle heart and sacrificial spirit and dare I say shyness? Mm, maybe uncertainty. He’s unsure of his worthiness because he doesn’t believe in himself or his capabilities. His Great Failure means that he himself is a Great Failure, and he’s just broken with guilt and regret, and thus overcompensates with a “look at me I’m the best” attitude and gets into shenanigans (because if he is The Greatest at alchemy then he is not the Great Failure).

Winry sees this cocky attitude and rolls her eyes at him. She is his opposite, a quieter sort of diligence. Her mind is calculating, methodical, despite her outward displays of emotion (which I LOVE. Let girls be passionate about their hobbies 2k17). You can see in her interactions with the boys that she is processing, integrating, tearing apart and rebuilding to form stronger, more cohesive (and yet fluid, bending and twisting but nevernever breaking) bonds. She, too, doubts her worth, having doctors for parents and the “Leopardess of Resembool” for a grandma. So intimidating! But she persists and learns and becomes a good mechanic.

She leaves the boys to pursue her OWN dreams of becoming a Great Mechanic/Engineer/Surgeon and SHE DOES IT. ALL BY HERSELF SHE DOES IT.

Which is my major point for EdWin being such an amazing couple: they have their own dreams! Their own goals. Their friendship and love blooms out of how much they admire and love seeing each other grow and become who they were meant to be!

Their relationship is so healthy! They laugh together, they shout at one another, they build each other up. Have you ever counted how many times Ed raves to people about his mechanic, how incredible she is? And Winry noticing Ed’s shoulders getting broader, as he takes on more responsibility, grows up, matures in front of her eyes. The best.

I adore EdWin. There’s no mooning or pining or angst, just straight up “why did I fall in love with such a dork?”. And that’s the long and short of it. They love each other with REAL love: choosing that person every day not with feelings but with a commitment and stubbornness and dedication to making the other the best they can be.

Okay I’ve said too much but you get the picture.

I don’t know which I like better

Shiro and Keith meet at Galaxy Garrison and become unlikely friends

Shiro and Keith have been best friends since childhood

The former seems more likely to be canon given what we know about them, but the latter leads to Childhood Friend Romance which is my greatest weakness.

Kiss The Girl

Reposting this, because my former imagine blog, worldwrestlingimagination, got deleted.

Fandom: Wrestling - New Japan Pro Wrestling

Characters:Kenny Omega, Matt and Nick Jackson, other Bullet Club members

Reader Gender: female


Request: @sonjasbuterbugjohnson asked “Y/N is friends with the Young Bucks, they know Kenny has a crush on her, but does not want to ruin the friendship. Matchmaking and fluff happen.“

Insults flying through the air with the hectic sound of tapping in the background, I threw my hands up in the air with a victorious gesture, dancing around while sitting on the couch, the man next to me covering his face in faked shame. 

“Did you won?“, a voice called out from the kitchen, witch was next to the living room, Matts head peeking around the corner of the doorframe, nodding a yes towards him with a big grin on my face. 

“Mark this day in the calender, Nick. [Y/N] finally won over Kenny.“, Matt mocked with a matching smile on his face to mine, his brother appearing next to him, a towel and a wet plate in his hands. 

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anyway a Legally Blonde-esque AU where Bitty’s ex leaves him to go play hockey in another city and for ~plot reasons~ the only way that Bitty (thinks he) can get him back is to also join that hockey team

only problem: Bitty is a figure skater, not a hockey player

  • cue to Bitty practicing hockey for a couple of months and sending in his audition tape
    • don’t tell me this frame is not literally the same as the scene where elle woods is accepted into harvard
  • anyway when he gets to the team his ex is Not Impressed and also seems to be dating someone else? rude
    • (the ex’s name is chad and used to be a lax bro so really…what did u expect bits…)
    • (whiskey is the new BF probably)
  • ft jack zimmermann who seems to Hate Bits with a Capital H bc bitty doesnt seem to be taking this seriously at all- like tbh all bitty does is show up at games with pies??? and he has literally been playing hockey for three months, what is he even doing in this team
    • “what do you mean you’re playing hockey to impress a boy“
  • and then for some godforsaken reason bitty actually gets picked to play first line and everything’s awesome
    • except not really because he’s super nervous and like messes everything up
    • and he’s almost thrown out of the team
    • but then in the end he figures out how to use his field of expertise aka his figure skating background to make some awesome moves and score some goals & all is good
      • there’s one thing that he does that he nicknames the “bend and snap”
      • ransom and holster probably: “….we can make a play out of this“
  • in the meantime jack realizes that bitty is in fact a good player and an even better person and they Fall in Love
  • (also whiskey totally realizes chad is a Jerk and dumps his ass and bitty and him become friends)

ft. probably a side plot where bitty tries to help shitty to get lardo to fall in love with him (spoiler alert: lardo was already in love with him the whole time)

chad: “you got into the hockey team?“

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I admire how confident you are in your judgment of endgame Klance and it gives me hope but I reeeeeally don't wanna get my hopes up still since I never really had the best experience with otps. But Klance has so much potential if they do take the romantic route for those two it could play out so well. However speaking from an objective lens, their rival to friends to family dynamic is just as strong even if romance doesn't become a part of it. So romantic or not Klance is beautiful either way.

yeah! platonic klance would be the shit tbh??? i just want them to be close, they’re such a power couple (even platonic-wise)

and yeah, i know it’s dangerous for me to have my hopes up as high as they are and all, and i’m fully willing to accept that if i end up disappointed, i let myself get in too deep

but if it actually does become canon you can bet your ass i’ll be screaming “i called it” non stop for weeks on end :’D

(Keith and Shiro holding hands)

Random garrison student 1:Aww you two are such good friends.


(Shiro giving flowers to Keith)

Random garrison student 2:Giving flowers to your best friend.

Shiro and Keith:No

(Shiro kneeling down on one knee and holding Keith hands)

Shiro:Will you become my-

Random garrison student 3:Best friends forever.

Shiro and Keith:NO

105 Days of BroTPs, day 26: Alya and Nino

Wifi is lifi

  • (I think they’re dating as of Animan? But if they weren’t or before that happened etc, basically just imagine them as a brotp instead)
  • Alright but they’re both really awesomely tech-savvy, with Alya running her own website and Nino making music and movies?? And also has those wireless waterproof headphones?? Just imagine them working together on some cool techy project like making a music video or movie about Ladybug and Chat Noir, that would be amazing!!
  • Please consider: Nino helping Alya babysit Ella and Etta
  • “Agent Smith and Inspector Jones is my otp” “um excuse you, it’s actually a brotp??” “no it’s an otp” “no it’S A BROTP–”
  • They would be amazing at setting up Mari and Adrien together, let’s be real
  • Nino becomes the panther’s best friend and every time he goes to visit Alya he just bypasses her and goes straight to hang out with the panther…
  • What if one is short-sighted and the other is long-sighted and they try swapping glasses for a day and it fails miserably

I can’t understand why so many nalu shipper won’t nalu to become Canon like “ what ?!” They are the most developed ship and they had so much moment of growing in their relationship that I can’t understand what they should remain only best friends . My reasion isn’t simply:“ I want them Canon because I ship them ” . They are always lonely people that want make a family together, they want die if the other die and the they are the most important person for each other ,they are the only semicanon couple ( besides gruvia a little from the omake chapter “ go back home ,frosh) that mashima show how good parents they could be . Happy know that natsu loves lucy and they are more mature with their feelings despite before the second post time skip so what’s the problem of them are happily married with kids ? I only sincerely want them happy together . And yes I always respect mashima decision because he is the writer but I would felt absolutely disappointed and sad if nalu won’t become Canon in the next chapter. After all of this moment and their desire why if there is a post time skip they had to be the only ” couple “ still only friends ? So if you didn’t want ” in primis" nalu canon you could simply say “ nalu is my favorite BROTP ,not my OTP ” In that case Nobody would have missed you for this . I didn’t accuse anybody and I respect anti nalu that don’t want nalu canon if don’t like it and the this nalu shipper I only want understand why they think like that . Si please feel free to discuss and reply on this post obviously with respect . Thank you people did your attention. P.s. I am already so scared and anxious that nalu end up with a open ending so I suffer so much to see so many statement like that :(((

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YESS I saw the similarities in Urie and Touka's characters when I frustrating started to read :re. You know touken will always have a special place in my heart and theyre always otp but had it not become canon and maybe kaneki would've ended up with someone else (Amon preferably lol) I would definitely ship urie and Touka, they need to be best friends at least lol.

Mod K: Amoneki will always have a special place in my heart. It always confused me that it wasn’t more popular in the fandom since their dynamic always struck me as very important and poignant.

Now, pre-aogiri touka and Urie seems like they would have an interesting dynamic. Urie is surprised that he finds her dry humor to be so amusing, and maybe he comes to anteiku from time to time to see the quiet waitress with the cutting wit He’s even overtaken by the urge to use her a model for his new painting.

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hc thing: morality?


1: sexuality headcanon

!!!!!!! my panromantic ace boy!!! or just pansexual!

2: otp

hhhhh um……. probably? logicality? i love polyam sanders but also after this video and some A+ stories, im starting to become very fond of royality

3: brotp

ROYALITY they are best friends and do each others make up/ dress up together and gossip and I love it

4: notp

dont have one? *shrugs*

5: first headcanon that pops into my head


6: one way in which I relate to this character

literally every way. like, im overenthusiastic and overexcitable and i love logan so??? i pretty much am patton.

7: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character

i can’t think of anything?

8: cinnamon roll or problematic fave?

cinnamon roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

tagged by @it-may-be-shay! tyyyy <3<3<3

1. What’s your favorite emotion? inspired! 

2. Spicy or Mild? used to HATE spice, (or was convinced i hated it and never tried it,)  then moved to asia. it’s actually slowly becoming a preference

3. Do you enjoy reading? absolutely i do

4. Do you have an OTP? (If yes, who is it? If no, why not?)  the tired whale ship is my fave, shortly followed by a dozen other pairings

5. Which cartoon character do you resemble the most? hmmMMMM tricky. im gonna say nishinoya from hq, cause one time i was watching the first season with a friend who’d never seen it before and when he was introduced she was like “oh my god cora it’s you” and i feel like that’s pretty accurate lmao

6. Best compliment you have received? oh geez another hard one. recently, @cerberosthehellguard told me that my “biting wit” is inspiring, and that shook me up reaaaaal good. also a certain someone including my posts in a list of things that make them happy…. that sure got me… :’>

7. Pineapple on pizza, yes or no? never

8. If you could be any age for a week, what age would that be? hmm if i choose an age younger than my age rn, do i still have the memories of being older? bec if so id love to be ten years old with the math and drawing abilities of 19 year old me

9. How do you start a conversation? i don’t, usually. friendly, sure, but i rarely initiate. when i do tho, it’s usually with a compliment

10. What cheers you up? walking and drawing. i loooooooove walks

11. Are you wearing socks right now? to be completely honest i havent worn a single sock in eight months

Let’s get one thing straight: when two characters are best friends and one becomes a villain and the other has to be the hero but they still don’t really hate each other and there’s a “come with me” or a “join me” or a “we can rule together,” it’s love. It is true love don’t even fight me on this

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001 | Send me a fandom and I will tell you my:

(I’m just sticking to Next Class for this ask……..let me know if you want me to go into degrassi tng because my answers change radically)

  • Favorite character: Tristan Milligan
  • Least Favorite character: Hunter Hollingsworth
  • 5 Favorite ships (canon or non-canon):
    • Gracevas
    • Triles
    • Zaya
    • Shiny
    • Zasha
  • Character I find most attractive: Zoe Rivas
  • Character I would marry: Tristan’s mom
  • Character I would be best friends with: Tristan Milligan
  • A random thought: Look my problem with Grace dating dudes is she becomes completely out of character and I don’t even recognize her anymore
  • An unpopular opinion: Miles is overrated 
  • My canon OTP: Triles
  • Non-canon OTP: Gracevas (all the tears)
  • Most badass character: Maya
  • Pairing I am not a fan of: Gronah
  • Character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another): Tristan. Season 4 (or 3 because like why did you need to be in a coma for most of the season?) should have been your time to shine. I wanted a real focus on Tristan’s recovery from the hell crash. Oh Zig is a close second. 
  • Favourite friendship: MILLIVAS

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