if my coworkers don't like the real me then i didn't want to be their friend anyway!!!!!!!!!!!

anonymous asked:

I had someone unfriend me on Facebook (and as that was our main method of communication, I think by extension declare she didn't want to be friends with me anymore) because I argued that we shouldn't be punching Nazis. I find it *very* concerning that there seem to be a lot of people on the left who are willing to go "You disagree with me on Nazi punching, therefore you are as bad as the Nazis." (You, thankfully, don't seem to be one of them! But I feel like you're the minority...)

Okay, I’m starting to get sick of this whole discourse, because let’s be real here for a second:

1. I’m about 5′2″, have no coordination, and never get in physical fights.  Of course I’m not going to actually punch a Nazi myself.  I’d probably break my wrist or faint or something.  I suspect that this (maybe with different heights) is the case of most people participating in this discourse.

2. Also like most people, I don’t actually see Nazis in my daily life.  I guess I’ve run into them once or twice, mostly in settings where I couldn’t physically get to them anyway, but it’s a rarity.  In regular life I mostly see my coworkers, my boyfriend, and the lady who runs the office downstairs.  I don’t think she’s a Nazi.  I think she’s Episcopalian.

So this is all really theoretical, if we’re honest. For most of us, most of the time, this is an armchair question on the level of “would you shoot Darth Vader if you got a chance?”

I think it’s an interesting discussion and sadly not entirely unreal, but it’s also not the most pressing question of our times.  So.

…On that note, I’m done talking about this for a while, both because it’s getting me hate-messages and because it’s just running itself into a corner.  Let’s move on to something else to armchair about, like “so in Zootopia, if bunnies are breeding like bunnies and there’s no predation, do they just have massive famines every few years?“