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What Were You Thinking? Supernatural Oneshot

I got my first son onset request!!! If you want a oneshot, feel free to send me a message with ideas!

Anonymous: I love your imagines! could you do a story where Sam and Dean find out their little sister lost her virginity to another hunter


Dean strolled to the top of the bar like it was nothing, a cocky smile played on your brother’s lips. You were disgusted at the idea of what your brother as trying to do to that poor bartender. 

“Just look away,” Sam chuckled at you.

“I would, but I just don’t understand why he has to pick up a chick at every bar we go to,” I replied leaning back into the booth. 

“I think it’s his way of feeling normal,” Sam spoke, shoveling a thing of fried into his mouth.

You rolled you eyes at the thought. “Normal” we’d never be normal, normal wasn’t in the cards for the winchesters. At one point it was for you, but after your mom was found mysteriously dead in the woods and the government passed you off to John Winchester, the only thing normal in your life was the cloths you were.

Dean slide back into the booth, his best attempt at a puppy dog face.

“Guessing the old blue steel didn’t work, huh” Sam asked in amusement watching Dean pick up his burger in defeat.

“She’s engaged, of course it wasn’t going to work,” Dean pouted.

“I think you’ll be okay.”

“You know Sam, when are you ever gonna have fun?” Dean snapped, clearly getting annoyed with the situations.

“I have fun Dean, safe fun. Not rolling round with a bunch of random women I meet at bars.”

“Sammy, you got to live a little.”

“God you guys are so freaking weird,” I giggled watching my two brother’s little augment untangle in front of my eyes.

“Well sex is a great thing Y/N” Dean jumps into defend himself. Sam instantly shot Dean a death glare as though Dean has just suggested opening Lucifers cage.

“Not that you’ll ever know,” Dean jumped in after realizing his mistake.

“What if I already know,” you reply back making the same mistake Dean had just done moments before you, speaking before thinking about it.

Sam and Dean dropped their food and stared at you for s split second before Dean’s face turned into pure rage.

“Excuse me,” he coughed.

Now would be a great time ti say it was a joke, but lying to your brothers never worked out. “Oh come on you two, I’m 20 years old, what do you expect.”

“So you have,” Sam paused, “You’ve…:

“Yes Sam, I’m a winchester, not a saint.”

“And I’m gonna kill him,” dean barked at your reply. “I need a name, how long ago was this, did you even think about what dangerous situation you put yourself through. Damn it Y/N”

“Like the dangerous situations you put yourself into every night with those bartenders, really dean,” You roll your eyes.

“That’s diffrent!” Dean defended.

“How, at least I knew the guy!”

“Wait, you knew the guy. How do you know a guy? The only guy even close to your age that you would know of is..,” Sam opened up and then realization hit. 

I mean it wasn’t a bad idea, a hunter with a hunter. Someone who knew the life. Besides, your brothers always liked Max. Maybe they got a little defensive when he got anywhere near you, but they liked him. 

“I’m gonna kill him,” Dean snapped again.

“Will you two cool your jets this is stupid!” I snapped back getting angry with the entire augment. I’m 20, I should be able to fuck whoever I wanted to.

“What the hell were you thinking Y/N!.”

“I was thinking for myself Dean!”

“I can not believe you are that stupid. It’s one thing to find out that my baby sister is having…. that. But to find out it’s with a haunter. Y/N, hunters are dangerous, teenage boys are dangerous.”

“You two should know,” you rolled your eyes. 

“Okay both of you stopped,” Sam finally chimed it. “I get it, Y/N is 20, she is old enough to know Dean so get off her case. Y/N you should’ve come to us though, not let it be a mistake that just slept out, because Dean is right you could’ve gotten seriously hurt.”

“Fine, I guess I can do that,” you surrender, realizing the truth behind your brothers rules.

“Dean?” sam questioned.

Dean looked at Sam with pure daggers in his eyes, “fine.” Then he looks at you, same daggers piecing through your soul, “and you… no more of this… boy stuff.”

A Good Day to Die

I sat on the couch, knowing my odds of getting out of this wasn’t looking great. I sat in anticipation, because I knew it was just a matter of time before someone came for me. 

I heard the faint sound of motorcycles coming towards the house, I was pulled from the couch, a gun shoved in my back. “You better hope it’s your brother!” The man dressed in black hissed at me.

As the bikes got closer, I knew it wouldn’t be. Jax would be busy with the lockdown. He’d send someone else after me, to bring me in. “It won’t be.”

“Then I guess it’s a good day for you to die then Princess!”

I heard the bikes pull into my drive, I was shoved towards the door. There was a loud knock, I pulled the door open a crack, with the gun shoved in my spine, I forced a smile on my face.

“Filip, Harry, what can I do for you?”

“We’re here to take you to the club house sweetheart. You know that we’re on lockdown.” Chibs said.

I let out an exhale. “Let Jackson know that I’m perfectly capably of  taking care of myself!”

Opie stares at me, we’ve been friends long enough he can read me like a book. He reaches out to touch my hand, I pull back like I’d been burned. “Is everything all right?”

I let out a laugh. “Everything is just perfect! I’m just tired of the MC bullshit, the danger and everything else. I’m done. You two get back on your scooters and leave, tell Jackson to take his lockdown and piss off!”

 I started to slam the door, Chibs foot was in the door. “What about Happy?”

“What about Enrique? We’ve been together for two years and he’s yet to ink me! Our relationship is anything but perfect, I know he cheats. I’m done with him too!” 

Chibs moved his foot and I slammed the door. The gunman glared at me. “Jax will be here in about twenty minutes.”

“How can you be sure?”

“Because when those two go back without me, he’ll come get me.”


Happy walked in the clubhouse scanning the room looking for (Y/N), he planned on inking her making her official his old lady. He had two sketches he wanted her to choose from.

Not seeing her in the room, he found Jax, walking over he stood beside the President waiting for him to get off the phone.

“Are you sure? Three, and armed? We’re on our way!” He closed his phone, looking at Happy. “It’s (Y/N), she’s being held hostage by three gunman at her house.”

Happy took off for his bike, ready to kill the bastards that had his woman. God help them if they hurt her, their deaths would be painful.


Before we return to Fauno and who abducted him, let us peek in on Camp Meroze:

The Acid Green Flyer was fed up with the constant conflict between Tsorgrez and Cyn1st3r.

No amount of Group Consciousness sessions around the hookah, no matter how boring, seemed to be resolving the hostilities.

And so, one day, Tsorgrez found himself unable to enter the Acid Green Flyer.

The door would not open for him.

If it opened for someone else, a force would propel Tsorgrez away from the entrance before he could get in.

“Looks like you ain’t wanted no more.” observed one of the ghosts drifting around Camp Meroze.

Sister Rainbow Skull came out with Savaalka to talk to Tsorgrez.

“You are no longer tolerated here.” the residence counselor told Tsorgrez.

“So..what happens to my brother now?” Savaalka asked.

“We have a special place for him.”

“Why don’t you just send me HOME?” Tsorgrez asked. “I don’t want to be here anyway. Stupid camp, stupid money tree cultivating, stupid poor people we’re giving away all this money to. Stupid, boring Group Consciousness meetings around the stupid hookah all the time.”

“You are not reformed yet. “ Sister Rainbow Skull said. “You are still the undesirable sort of very rich kid. You require further re-education.” 

16 things

Rules: Write 16 things about yourself:

1. I love wearing loose shirts with a pair of black leggings most of the time. usualy heeled-boots and in winter my signature red coat. Very rarely do I ever wear form-fitting clothing as I simply see no reason to show off my shapes to people in public apart from my significant other.

2. Video games have been a big part in my life ever since I was 7 years old, escalating from silly Disney-themed games to RPGs over time and MMOs. All thanks to my older brother who would send me video games every now and then despite my mom’s protests.

3. Rodents are my favourite pets, and I used to own at least 8 guinea pigs during my life. However, I love dogs just as much and cats are a close second.

4. Born in Montreal, Canada to a Polish mom and Spanish dad. I lived there most of my childhood and then I returned there for college.

5. I am Aquarius!! (February)

6. Used to do cheerleading in high school and college as well as chorus (which does not mean I dance or sing well)

7. Finished nursing in college but currently working as a computer engineer… cause who cares about the education system anyway…? Stuff just happened and I jumped in head first when the chance arrived.

8. My music taste is very vast and I listen to a bit of everything really, but usually I prefer old songs ranging even from 30’s up to 90’s.

9. I have an older brother named Emil and sister, Kamila. Forty-five and forty respectively. Even though we have different fathers, I love them dearly, and also despite the huge age difference.

10. I am native in four languages: Polish, English, French and Spanish. I learned Italian on the side and am fluent in it. Currently looking into Portuguese and German.

11. Very fast paced individual. I hate walking slow and I’ll push people out of my way if they cannot walk any faster or at least kindly tell them to scoot aside. If that doesn’t work, I will literally shove them aside and get heated.

12. Totally worked at McDonalds during my studies because it’s sooo glamorous. Despite that, I truly enjoyed my time there and it will always be part of my fondest memories.

13. I love seeing others smile because it makes me smile! So I put the happiness of others before my own because, in the end, I benefit too! However, I am a realist even if I may pose as an optimist.

14. Tennis is a huge thing for me and I have been playing it since I was five with my dad, even participating in some competitions in Spain while I lived there. I play it until today however it is an expensive sport in Poland so not as much anymore which is a shame.

15. Got into RP a good 6-7 years ago in SWTOR and in forums, and haven’t come out ever since. I genuinely adore being able to put my creativity to paper, in this case over a keyboard. I’ve been writting stories and fanfictions for years and RP was just another way to get my ideas out.

16. Currently seeing someone from Germany and I am over the Moon happy. I had failed relationships via online gaming and none of them ever worked out due to many different reasons. And yet, I find myself for once so happy that all reason flew out the window. February cannot come soon enough! >_<

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Your brother won't talk to you about this but he found a pair of akk dog puppies behind the base. We're keeping them but we can't raise two adult akk dogs in our small apartment. Would you adopt one? If not then no worries, we'll make it work.

You can send me an akk dog, yes. If it doesn’t get along with my own pets, I suppose it can just stay in the office and be trained as a therapy animal.

Actually that’s not a half-bad idea.

I can also take Thexan if you prefer to keep both dogs instead. I know you’re too polite to suggest it yourself, but I can read between the lines.

For @thedarcydichotomy who sent this in but since I fail in all things I hit delete instead of post…

Send a 🙌 and I’ll introduce you to an NPC related to my Muse.

Ladies, gentlemen, and non-binary folks. Allow me to introduce you to another Foggy Nelson Ex of Distinction. 

Miss Liz Allan. Liz met Hannah Nelson at a mommy and me group at the New York Library. She had just divorced Harry Osborn and was having a hard time adjusting to life as a single mother. She was also in need of legal representation so, when her new friend told her about her big brother who would be MORE than happy to work with her on her legal work she took the opportunity with both hands. And, as a favor to his sister, Foggy did indeed take Liz’s case. And, when he officially ended representation he asked her out. Liz has an infectious laugh, is passionate and intelligent and, even though she was 6 years younger than Foggy and WAY out of his league… she gave him a shot. They dated for a year before an unfortunate mix up with a super villain broke Liz’s trust in Foggy… And in his shame Foggy let her go. He still thinks the world of Liz and probably would ask for another chance with her if he could ever manage her forgiveness and regain her trust. 

once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, and send it to 10 of your favorite followers (non-negotiable). SPREAD POSITIVITY!

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1) my initials are DVD
2) my hair is literally like 3 colors. Naturally.
3) my height. (Thanks dad)
4) I got rhythm (S/O to my mom, my brother got no rhythm)
5) obvi my skin. My melanin shine bright like a 💎

I don’t really talk to a lot, plus I just started. So I would love to get to know you. You guys also show me love❤

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Random facts about me ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

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Oke here we go

  • I have 3 sisters (no brothers :p)

  • There is a farmer somewhere in Ohio, (whom I’ve never met before,) who owns a pet goat named after myself, (like, it’s not just a random goat with my name, the goat is legit named after me)

  • when I was a baby, I would bang my head against the tile floor in our house, for no reason. (This is probably why I need glasses )

  • I’ve met David Tennant

  • I’ve met James and Oliver Phelps (the Weasley twins)

  • when I was five years old, I believed that I was the tooth fairy, and I would get upset when people said that she didn’t exist

  • when I was born, my sister wanted to name me Elmo

  • I took ballet for about five years (I don’t anymore lol)

  • I used to play the piano, I don’t really know why I stopped, bc I was actually pretty good :/

  • at church,((when I was like, 5 or 6)) this “mean girl” in my Wednesday night class had a crush on this one boy, so because I didn’t like her, I went up and kissed him 6 different times (in the time span of one hour) without the teachers seeing xD

  • that boy moved out of the state one week later :lc

  • Other than that, I’ve never kissed anyone (and I really don’t want to tbh)

Thank you Danica for tagging me! This was a lot of fun !!

I tag:

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unpopular opinion: namjoon would make the best boyfriend ever like wow

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

this is my personal opinion but,,, i feel like he’s more like a brother than a boyfriend? i can’t imagine him as a boyfriend BUT i think he’d be nice and extra careful around his girlfriend (whoever’s gonna date him is so lucky same goes to the one who marries him)

send me unpopular opinions!

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i really don't like sabo. or at least his place in the series. it's like ace's death was so in vain because whoop whoop, sudden-brother #2 pitches in to claim the exact same plot spot and powers. i think it degrades both his and ace's position and makes him just, replaceable.

send me some unpopular opinions and i’ll respond with my opinion

[ While I absolutely love and adore Sabo and even predicted he would inherit Ace’s fruit long before the Dressrosa Arc and his appearance, a lot of the things mentioned here do really hit home for me and I simply have to agree.

Ace and Sabo are very different in character I think, yet as soon as Sabo did appear, it felt as if Ace was forgotten, a lot of the fandom too jumped on the Sabo bandwagon and Ace being my favorite character, it just didn’t sit too well with me personally. I loved Sabo but seeing him wield the mera mera no mi had a bittersweet feeling to it. I liked that it was his brother that got the fruit but I also didn’t like seeing someone else use the fruit. It’s odd because they’re all just fictional characters after all.

I also hoped with Sabo’s appearance, there will be more mention of Ace, his death, his brothers’ talking about him and all of that, I really just am always looking for and hoping for the smallest mentions and reminders of him, like his death which greatly impacted Luffy and caused such a storm, wouldn’t be easily forgotten, like his life will be remembered and while they did mention of it and show of Sabo’s remembering and all, I did really wish it was emphasized more. ]

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♂ Do you think stanley would make a good husband for someone?

“That’s actually a q u e s t i o n?” 

“I’ve k n o w n since he was a little boy that he would make a fantastic husband! He tried not to s h o w it, but he’s got a big heart, and you should just see how p r o t e c t i v e he was of that brother of his (he always was about family). Course, he tells me of all the places he’s been, so s e t t l i n’ down might be a problem for ‘im, but you won’t find a sweeter, k i n d e r soul than my Stanley.” 

Send me a ♂ and a question and my muse’s father will answer it.

We All Try.

What’s more embarrassing than being ridiculously drunk? Having to call your ex to bail you out of a terrible situation. It wasn’t like I wanted Thiago to be the one rescuing me as if I was some damsel in distress but when my phone calls to my best friend went unanswered because she was somewhere lost on the dancefloor and the other few friends I had were probably tucked into bed with their children, he was the only name I could think of who could possibly head here and save me.

And so he was as he assured in a groggy voice over the phone that he would be here soon and I sent him a message with the address of the random bar. It felt…different to hear his voice over the phone now. Our conversations were rare and there were definitely no times I called. They were mainly messages to check up on him and his family with Rafinha’s insisting I send them as he raided my inbox every few weeks to remind me of my once close relationship with his brother.

He just loved telling old stories of how we used to be and how he missed seeing his brother as happy as he once was with me but I always tried to dodge the trap of getting too wrapped up in Rafinha’s words, especially considering Thiago was now in another relationship. He couldn’t have missed me that much if he was already preoccupying himself with someone else while I was still alone, forced to fill my nights with watching on-screen romances instead.

A figure plopped into the seat next to me and my eyes rose excitedly, thinking it was Thiago but I was met instead by a stranger who looked at me as if he wanted to plant a kiss to my lips right now. “Hello, pretty lady.”

If I wasn’t drunk off my ass, I would have groaned in disgust but I instead just gave a simple nod and as much of a smile as I could muster.

“Would you like me to buy you a drink? Aye bartender!” With an ungraceful wave of his arms, he tried to get the attention of the bartender but another voice interjected in the conversation from behind.

“She’s fine. She’s leaving.” The familiar voice caused me to nearly spin around and I was now looking at Thiago, his features showing he was sleepy as well as disgusted with the stranger, a stern look on his face.

“Are you her boyfriend or something?” The drunken man poked with a chuckle.

“Yes and she’s leaving.” Without another word, he reached out and grabbed my arm to gently pull me off of my seat and next to his side. He didn’t bother to even acknowledge me with words or continue engaging the drunken man with more conversation as he instead just turned around and began leading me back to his car.

I felt like a child who was being scolded by their parent for being caught on prom night engaging in underage drinking and sex. He definitely didn’t seem happy with me. Thiago opened the passenger side door of his car and helped me to slide into the low vehicle before he shut the door and went over to the driver’s side. He slid in silently and began starting up the vehicle, beginning the journey out of the small parking lot.

The ride went on silent for quite some time as he didn’t bother to even turn the music of his playlist up any louder than the low murmur it was at. I could recognize the familiar hymn of Ed Sheeran’s ‘I’m A Mess’ and whew, if that wasn’t me currently.

A literal mess.

“Thank you,” I muttered.

He tightened his grip on the steering wheel as he drove, his fingers releasing for a moment to drum against the leather. “No problem.” There was no hint of happiness in his voice. It was all so…void of emotion. I couldn’t tell if he was pissed at me or still half asleep from the slumber I had interrupted him from.

I looked out the window, realizing he wouldn’t continue conversation and realized we weren’t heading in the direction of my home but I remained silent. It didn’t take long before we were driving familiar streets I knew led the way to his home and as I watched the scenery fly past my eyes, I began to drift to sleep.

“We’re here.”

The sound of a voice caused my eyes to flutter open and my head to raise, beginning to realize I was still in Thiago’s car and we were at a standstill. He removed the keys from the ignition and stepped outside, shutting the door behind him and walking over to my side to open my door. I wiped at my eyes and set one foot outside of the door, Thiago helping to lift me from the seat until I was standing out of the way and shutting my door.

My eyes fell upon the familiar view of his home as he led the way to the front door. I tried to muster up enough soberness to follow closely behind him, fighting sleep and fighting to sobriety as we made our way inside. “I have clothes in the laundry you can change into. You can take a shower if you’d like.”

It was the most he had spoken to me since the brief interaction in the car and I could only smile. I missed that tender, soothing voice.

“I’ll just take the clothes.”

He just nodded and led the way to the laundry area and once arrived, I watched as he shuffled through a few items and pulled out one of his t-shirts. He handed it to me and reached back through the clothes to try and find bottoms while I couldn’t help but notice the women’s clothing that was also entangled amongst his.

A lump filled my throat. “Your girlfriend lives here?”

My mind flashed back to the countless arguments I had gotten into with Thiago over my wanting to move in with him and his persistence that I remain in my own apartment. Now, maybe he was right as if we had broken up and I had lived with him I would have been left with finding another place but maybe if we had lived together things wouldn’t have gone sour the way they did.

“Nah, she doesn’t. She…she comes by sometimes. She’s upstairs.” I could tell he was uncomfortable with the conversation and admission that he was currently housing his ex and current girlfriend under the same roof.

I wanted to hate him for it. I wanted to hate him for being able to move on so seamlessly but I was too exhausted to. I was an emotional drunk, not an angry one. “Oh.”

I watched on for a moment as he finally found a suitable pair of bottoms that belonged to him and he handed them over to me but before he could send us out of the secluded room, I stopped him with a question. “Do you hate me?”

I could tell he was caught off guard by my questioning, his eyes narrowing in confusion and his plump lips parting for a moment before he closed his mouth. “Why are you asking that?”

I gave off a slight shrug. “I don’t know. Sometimes I just feel as if you hate me.” My voice was low as if I feared getting caught down here by his girlfriend and her interrupting me getting answers to the questions I hadn’t been drunk enough to ask previously.

He gave an adamant shake of his head. “I would never hate you.”

“So why don’t you call?”

He was perplexed on finding an answer, pausing until he could verbalize his thoughts perfectly. Something he was so good at doing while I was not. “It’s not always good to be in contact with someone you have strong feelings for when you’re trying to…move on.”

I wanted to scream then that I didn’t want him to move on, that he should see that his new relationship was a fluke compared to ours and how his parents sent me more messages over the past few months than he had, asking how I was doing and when I would make an appearance at the Alcântara household again as my presence was sorely missed.

I longed to get that same feeling from Thiago and though my mind pushed for him to admit that to me now, it didn’t quite happen that way. “Oh.”

That was all I spoke as I looked down ashamed at the clothing in my hands. There was an awkward silence that loomed over us for a moment before he shifted and motioned out of the door. “Let’s get you changed.”

I followed his lead out of the room as he turned off the light and we went up the steps. I couldn’t help but imagine the image of his new muse, tossed between his comfortable sheets in the place I used to lay on his left as Thiago loved waking up and facing me in the mornings, the light from the window shining down on me as I slept and made me look like an ‘angel’ as he had voiced so many mornings as he gave grins and ran his fingers through my hair.

I missed that.

We arrived to one of the guest rooms and he pushed the door open, letting me step inside of the familiar room first. I didn’t bother to take any time to retreat to the bathroom but instead began pulling off my jewelry and then my heels to rid myself of my nightwear. My hands fell to my back, awkwardly trying to tug the zipper of my dress down to no avail.

“Help me?” I called out lowly over my shoulder, looking at Thiago who still stood in the closed doorway. Who was usually a poised man, unbothered and unaffected now looked around nervously before inching closer to me.

“Sure.” He took his finger to the zipper and began to slowly slide it down, something he had done so many nights for me with the intention of revealing the beauty of my curves for him to enjoy only this time, he stepped away and let his gaze fall to the floor to avoid looking at me undressing. I didn’t want to put him in an awkward position. I knew Thiago wasn’t the type of man who would cheat, let alone cheat while his girlfriend was in the next bedroom over but was I wrong for thinking of him pushing me to the bed and having his way with me one last time to show he still had an ounce of feeling for me?

I winced to myself as I rushed to put on the top and shorts, tossing my dirty clothes mindlessly to a heap on the floor.

“Do you need anything?” He questioned from behind me. I turned around and met his gaze with a small smile.

“No, I’m fine. Thank you again.” I fell onto the edge of the bed and began to crawl towards the pillows, quickly sliding under the warm covers. “Do you mind…” I let my question trail off as I knew he knew what I was beginning to ask. Like a man who knew his partner well, he simply nodded and walked over to my side.

Instead of inching under the covers as he once used to do, he sat on top of the blankets next to me. There were so many conversation pieces floating around in my head that I swallowed away.

No, no. Don’t do this to yourself, my subconscious told me. You’ll end up in a fit of tears and embarrassing yourself.

“How are things?” I settled on questioning, the rational side of my brain applauding while the daring side sighed with dissatisfaction.

Thiago looked down at me while he sat at my side as it was the first time a smile had graced his lips and pushed his adorable dimples into prominence since I had seen him tonight. “Things are…going. I know that’s not the question you want to ask.”

He knew me too well.

“I think you and I both know I shouldn’t ask the questions I want to.”

He nodded in understanding, sinking comfortably against the headboard and releasing the little bit of tension he had been holding since he arrived at my side. “I miss you, if that’s what you want to hear.”

“I don’t want you to say things just because you think I want to hear them.”

His eyes focused on me, sincerity oozing from his gaze. “I’m not just saying it.”

I gave a half-smile. “Well I miss you too. Things are different without you. Now I’m stuck with Rafinha’s bothering all alone.”

He chuckled, careful not to be too loud or else this night could spiral into something we both didn’t want it to become. “He tells me all of the time of your conversations.”

I wanted to question what exactly the brothers talked about when my name came up. Did Thiago use his brother for information? Did he ask about me more than I may have thought? Had the feeling of sleepiness not wash over me the way it had and my rational side once again stepping in, I may have asked.

“Don’t listen to anything Rafa says about me,” I said with a smile and a yawn. “I just want to say thank you again for picking me up. You didn’t have to do that. You could have just sent me in a cab or something.”

He laughed some, that smile I had fallen for so many times lighting up the dimly lit room. “You know I’ll always do anything for you. Always.”

There was that silence again filling the room until Thiago interrupted it with a pat to my blanket covered thigh, realizing I was soon to be heading to sleep. “Get some rest,” he urged.

I just gave a silent nod. Thiago gave that dashing smile once more before he sent one leg off of the bed and kept the other on, leaning over to place a kiss to my forehead as he had done every night before we fell asleep together. “Goodnight, amor.”

Those were the last words I heard and the last sight I saw before I drifted off into a comfortable sleep, my dreams filled with visions of who we used to be painted into a beautiful and fictional manner. It was a dream I never wanted to wake up from.

When I was younger my brothers and sisters convinced me that I was adopted and that my real father and mother was Barbie and action man. So when ever they would try and send me to bed I would scream “your not my real mammy and daddy Barbie and action men are” Just remember this next time you feel like your adopted.

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“Clint is a good person. He might not always make the best choices, but he tries. I think he deserves more credit than he gets for that alone. Without him, I wouldn’t have had the courage to join the Avengers. I wouldn’t have fought for Sokovia. When Pietro was… gone, he was the one that checked in on me the most often. I’m glad that he’s my friend.”

send me  💛 for my honest opinion of you

“I would do anything for Pietro. He’s all that I’ve ever had, all that I’ll ever need, and nothing will change that. Without him, I’m not myself. If I could have taken those bullets for him, I would have, and I never would have regretted it. He’s my brother, I’d follow him anywhere. He’s not just a hero, he’s my hero.”


My sis and I were talking about how horrible it would be if Ford came back from the other dimension earlier and saw the paper with his brother’s death, and I just had to draw this ( ๑ ‾̀◡‾́๑)

I know, I’m awful.

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(And 20 or so years later Ford encounters a very alive Stan and punches him in the face
Then hugs him
Then cries
Then punches him again
Then hugs him and cries some more)

War changes people. Everyone like to write this as an excuse for Athos’ strange behavior in s3.
War changes people. It changes the whole countries.
As someone who lives 300 kilometers from the front line and whose friends are there, I can safely say that. The war is showing what is hidden inside. If inside was rot, it comes out. If there was a light inside - you become a hero. And I didn’t speak about the feats. I speak about loyalty, honor, courage, simple but very important things for me. None of my friends, real life soldiers, those who was “changed” by war, even in their worst nightmare could not imagine that they would dump their brothers-in-arms in difficult times (war, the country is in a period of change, destroyed garrison) and go off into the sunset with an unfamiliar woman, they had just knocked up. None of them will leave friends, duty, they will not send to hell the country and will not just go away. Not for the sake of his mistress, nor for the sake of his wife, nor for the sake of the family. And especially not to lead his pregnant new “wife” in the dark, without money, home or support.
But Athos did.
A good friend, a great soldier, a brave captain, responsible parent … isn’t he?
And I supposed to like it and to cry my eyes out, because it’s so romantic and everything…
I can’t accept such Athos. Selfish, lovesick, constantly on the verge of tears, and in need of protection.
After all, who has not saved him in s3?! From a lover to a cousin of D'Artagnan! Glorious warrior! The best in the regiment! And this is only a small part of my claims to s3.
War changes people, yes.
But if you truly believe that Athos was supposed to become that kind of person, we have a huge contradiction in the views on Athos, and on life in general. You can take offense at me after that, you can get angry. I’m sorry. But this is my opinion and I can not change that. My Athos could not do that, and I love him for it.
Your Athos sends everything to hell and walks into the sunset. I’m ok with that. The farther away from me, the better.