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If you had the opportunity to rewrite Erik's storyline in Apocalypse, how would you do it?

Oh, if only… 

There are so many scenarios in my mind unfolding themselves as I’m writing to you now…

 I never hid it; I’m a crazy Erik Lehnsherr fan. I’m afraid I might sound a bit too extreme and dramatic to some, so I’ll keep this short. I’ve already shared a few thoughts on the matter so I will leave a link here, in case you might be interested. –> x

I’m not an experienced writer and I definitely don’t pretend to know better, but I would never have written Erik trying to have a normal human life after all these years of undeserved imprisonment, away from all mutants, and I would certainly never have given him a family only to kill them afterwards to let him go mad from the pain so he could blindly follow the villain for convenience’s sake. He deserved better than that.

Here are a few things that I think would have been interesting to see in the movie:

- Erik has his Brotherhood and is actively involved in protecting and saving mutants;

- Erik assembles the X-Men when Charles cannot (that’s what he did in Age of Apocalypse);

- If you really want Erik to join Apocalypse, then you enslave him (he would not simply follow a stranger and then become hired muscle and nothing else);

- Erik works with Charles for more than two seconds;

- Erik contributes directly to Apocalypse’s demise (he killed him in Age of Apocalypse after he’d been weakened by a telepath, which could’ve been Charles in the movie).

Yesterday at work there were three men that I had to serve and they made some jokes about each other that could be considered crude, but were clearly fun that they did towards each other and they were totally at ease with it. As they did them in front of me the one who initiated actually and honestly apologised to me and said that he is sorry if that was too crude and asked me wether I was okay with it. It wasn’t the fake “Oh, you have to say it was okay or you are uptight.” but a genuine “I’m sorry we didn’t consider that we are not among ourselves and that wasn’t okay.” It wasn’t offensive towards me and they never ever overstepped any boundaries towards me and yet they still asked and apologised. That was nice.

Quick Summary from Helsinki - Day 1 Practice

I’m pretty tired so here’s a quick rundown of what I remember (I’m exhausted so maybe I’ll do a more complete post later).

Arrived during Group 3 of Ladies.
- Saw Mariah Bell got teary eyed during practice talking to Rafael, she seemed to get over it but her earlier FS run-through wasn’t great.
- No Kostner or Russian ladies at first practice.
- Mai Mihara is very impressive, she has great knee bend in her jumps and her overall skating. I would keep an eye on her. She had some trouble during her FS run-through, maybe something was up with her laces as she tugged on them midway during her runt-through and then tripped randomly as well.

- Yuzu had a solid practice overall but was doing jumps that weren’t part of his planned jump content, such as a 4t1Lo3S, 3a out of a layback Ina Bauer, and some other stuff I can’t remember off the top of my head. Overall he looked amazing on ice as always, I love watching his practices, his warm-up and cool down looks so elegant.
- Nathan seemed to be doing quite a few flips and also practiced a few axels. Not a fan of his “spread eagle” exit out of the 3a, he’s basically planting his feet down and doesn’t travel anywhere in a spread eagle before continuing his program. His jumps overall looked good though and I really enjoy the second half of his SP.
- No Canadian men at practice, where did they go?
- No Javier Fernandez at practice, saw him post about some soccer game on Instagram?
- I think Denis Ten had a clean SP run-through but didn’t do all the choreography. Music cuts are weird.
- I’m not a huge fan of Jason Brown’s skating but he clearly has great quality which I can appreciate.
- Boyang Jin’s Spider-Man is so much fun. I only remember seeing one 4lz from him but I also missed part of his practice.

Only stayed for a couple pairs as I got tired and hungry, and am too tired now to go back for dance.

Other tidbits:

- Tracy Wilson was rinkside a few times during practice. Also saw her sitting in the Kiss & Cry with Tarasova.
- You can bring empty water bottles into the arena but there’s no place to fill them. Food stands do not sell Tao water and a (small) bottle of water is 3.50 euros.
- I saw a lot of fans I recognize, such as two ladies that were shown crying after Yuzu’s FS in Skate Canada, the Pooh couple, and probably more.

Fun fact men’s bathrooms are so disgusting, one time we had a tornado drill and our class was supposed to go to the girl’s bathroom, and the guys were all like legitimately surprised at the lack of bugs and piss stains.

Homewrecker - Prologue

Pairing: ReaderxJimin, JiminxJungkook

Word count: 238

Summary: Jimin and Jungkook are in a relationship and finally Jimin is starting to love Jungkook, but then Jimin meets you. The second he lays his eyes on you, he feels a spark - something he almost never gets with Jungkook - leaving him confused and you a homewrecker. 

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Jimin had thought that somehow in a strange twist of fate, he had found the one he was supposed to be with. It was weird for him at first, as he had never been attracted to men – but Jungkook changed that for him.

 It started out with Jungkook having an innocent crush on Jimin but as Jungkook started to blossom and reach adulthood, he started to love Jimin. The way Jungkook looked at Jimin, was as if Jimin was the only person Jungkook saw.

 At some point, Jimin started to feel something for Jungkook as well, but he didn’t know how to go about it. After talking with his other friends, he decided to try it out and this made Jungkook happier than he had ever been. He was so passionately in love with Jimin and Jimin thought that maybe he could love Jungkook too. Although, it was hard for him to love Jungkook… he didn’t feel the spark when he kissed or touched Jungkook - until recently.

Jimin felt feelings developing even more for the younger boy and their friends were ecstatic that the two could make things work and make each other happy, even though it was hard to get used to at first.

Everything was turning out the way the seven boys thought things were supposed to be, but then you came into the picture. Confusing Jimin and unintentionally leaving heart break in your wake.


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what does 'fish swim, even black ones' mean?

“You required me to surrender my castle, not my uncle. Am I to blame if your men let him slip through their siege lines?”
Jaime was not amused. “Where is he?” he said, letting his irritation show. His men had searched Riverrun thrice over, and Brynden Tully was nowhere to be found.
“He never told me where he meant to go.”
“And you never asked. How did he get out?”
“Fish swim. Even black ones.” Edmure smiled.
Jaime was sorely tempted to crack him across the mouth with his golden hand. A few missing teeth would put an end to his smiles. For a man who was going to spend the rest of his life a prisoner, Edmure was entirely too pleased with himself.“

George R. R. Martin, A Feast For Crows, page 659 of this edition

tldr: I’m very pissed that GOT killed the blackfish and had edmure pretty much delivering him to the lannisters when in canon that really didn’t fucking happen so I renamed the blog out of spite

Not sure if its a popular headcanon

But I imagine that the elves in WoW are very familiar with the same-sex relationship concept. 

Like, the night elves after-sundering for example, we know that most of the men became druids and had gone that very long slumber into the Emerald Dream. And most women were part of the Sentinels and Priesthood. So I imagine that it was rather common of having same-sex relationships among the night elves and it is rather accepted aswell.

I feel like the blood elves and high elves they were mostly like, there were same-sex relationships, it was not unheard of but the noble houses would rather that their children married in opposite-sex relationship so they would have more heirs, but it was common that the married couple had lovers mostly in secret however.

These are my thoughts about the concept. If you guys wanna add anything that would be cool for me.

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can I have yandere! Mafia Romano asking for his s/o's hand in marriage?

Romano was never good at these types of things. He sighed softly and looked down at the dialogue he had written for himself so he wouldn’t mess things up. He had spent the last hour scanning it over and acting it out.

He muttered softly to himself as he waited for her to answer the door. He heard the door creak open and hit the paper in his pocket next to the small little black box. “Hello! Um, are you ready to go to dinner?” He asked with a nervous smile on his face.

He knows that they had been dating for about a month now and she would probably say yes, but he couldn’t help but feel like this night was going to go horribly wrong and he was going to screw everything up.

However, if that happened then he would have no choice but to kidnap them and take them away, so he had his men stationed outside of the restaurant. He had been so lost in thought that he wasn’t paying attention to anything to them at all.

He sighed and asked them to repeat their previous statement. After a while of talking he proceeded to go along with his plan. He cleared his throat and his brown eyes looked into his lover’s.

“Listen,” He began softly. “I really feel like there is something here between us and I also feel like you’re the only one for me.” He got off his chair and pulled out the box. “I love you. Will you marry me?” He asked with a shaky voice.

They were silent and he was worried he would have to go with the other plan before they spoke. “Of course I will!” They said excitedly and kissed his cheek lovingly. He stood up and pulled them to his chest tightly. He would never let them go again.

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Oooohhhh What about a Jealous!Alpha Barba or Tony??

This was really fun to write!

·         Rafael Barba never believed in being jealous. There was no point to it.

·         Even when you came into his life, not once did he feel jealous when you talked with other men. But the other men were never alphas.

·         You had gone out for a bachelorette party, which meant no Rafael.

·         He trusted you but he decided to drop you off and pick you up.

o   “Rafi, you know I don’t drink.”

o   “I know cariño, but tonight is different. Its just in case.”

o   “You hate driving in the city.”

o   “It should show just how much I love you then.”

·         If only Rafael knew what dropping you off with half the women already drunk at a club would spark in his instincts.

o   “You sure about this Y/N?”

o   “Rafael, she’s my best friend. I promise nothing will happen and if something does start I will call you.”

o   You kissed his cheek as you got out before he could say anything else.

·         Rafael was right though, it was a different night. You drank like it was your 21st again.

·         It was fun to let loose, as an omega that was a rare thing to happen.

·         Before you had started drinking one of the other girls had covered up your claiming mark and Rafael’s scent.

o   “You don’t need to worry about your alpha tonight sweetie, it’s time for a little fun.”

·         You must have been more drunk than you thought because you allowed a man to shamelessly flirt with you.

·         When Rafael came to get you, he tried to keep his cool. Truly he did. But at seeing your mark covered, that pissed him off.

·         When you caught sight of him, you saw something in those green eyes you spent hours just staring into.

·         You excused yourself and met Rafael halfway before grabbing his arm and walking back to the door.

o   “Mi amor, where is your mark?”

o   You bit your lip before wiping off the make-up.

·         The whole ride home was tension filled and all your instincts seemed to kick in. They also seemed to beat away any drunk haze you had.

·         Once inside the condo it was almost like the flood gates opened.

o   “What the hell were you thinking?”

o   “I apparently wasn’t.”

o   “Not only did you cover up your mark but you covered up my scent. Cariño, do you know what happens when another alpha touches a taken omega?”

o   “I was going to do anything, it just feels nice to be reminded that I am attractive.”

o   “Really? I don’t do that enough?”

·         You looked at him and smiled slightly, finally getting it.

o   “This isn’t about the fact I covered everything that means I’m yours. Your jealous that I was getting attention from someone other than you.”

·         At this he slams you against the wall and kisses you roughly.

o   “You are mine, understand?”

o   “I understand mi alfa.”

You wouldn’t make him jealous often but god was it a beautiful night when he was 😉

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Ficlet: Shadows in the Blood

A creepy horror ficlet exploring an interesting headcanons/what if scenario involving Greg, particularly about abilities he shows in his Challenge Mode fight. Also introducing a new OC! This gave me the chills, so spooky content warning ahead.

Soli Deo Gloria

He felt as if he had been in the swamp for hours. The atmosphere was oppressive and his leather armor and cloak felt as if it were fused to his skin, but it was just what a hunter had to endure within the corrupted Hallowland.

Whenever his resolve dampered, he simply called the memories to mind. The screams in the middle of the night. The abductions. The messily devoured corpses left in the creature’s wake. The countless men who had been lost trying to fight this horror. No one lived long enough to get a look at it for long. It was a gangly humanoid with unnaturally slender limbs.

But the laughter of the monster often gave its location away.

He heard it closer. A rustling in the dead plant life. A brief shadow. He swiftly drew an arrow and took aim.

You will not hide anymore, monster.  He thought to himself as his eyebrows furrowed.

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Sneak Peek- Recovered Melody

Corvo’s heart sank and all hope that this was some random midnight raid disappeared. This operation had taken time and planning. These men had everything in place as soon as they broke down his door. The Duke’s resources and Delilah orders were behind this. But how did they find him?

Corvo snarled and threw his bag on the ground. He needed stun mines and sleep darts. Even though he’d seen first-hand that most members of the Grand Guard were little better than criminal scum nowadays, he wanted to avoid spilling their blood if possible. He didn’t want to be the assassin they claimed he was. But before he could even unzip his supplies, a voice called out to him.

“Psst, Corvo!”

A woman peeked her head out of the shadows of one of the recessed doorways that the lined the alley. Her clothes were wet and tendrils of her hair stuck to the sides of her face. She must have been outside when it rained earlier.

“Corvo,” she whispered again, panicked. She waved him over and Corvo, too shocked to reply, hurried over. “Stay behind me. And stay still.”

“What in the—” His eyes widened as he took in her face. Her damp red hair fell around her shoulders and her face was thinner than it had the last time they’d seen each other at Samuel’s funeral. “Cecelia?”

“This is going to be hard, because they’re actively looking for you. So, let me concentrate.” She shoved him against the brick and plastered her body against his, her back to his front. She spread her hands on either side of her body and Cecelia’s face went stoney and still.  

Corvo heard the sound of boots thundering down the alley and he tensed up as they grew closer.

“Spread out!” the captain bellowed. “He can’t have gone far!”

He needed to ready his weapons. He should be throwing down mines and putting distance between himself and the guards. He shouldn’t be cowering in a filthy alley in his underpants. But when Corvo tried to step forward, Cecelia shoved her weight back against him.

“Stay still, or they’ll see us!” she hissed.

“We’re hiding in a doorway,” he whispered back. “They’ll see us as soon as they turn the corner.”

She turned her head and met his eyes. “Corvo, do you trust me?”

Corvo surprised himself with the immediacy of his answer. “Yes.”

“Then stand perfectly still and don’t make a sound.” She turned back around. “No matter what.”

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Why wouldn't Randyll Tarly join Stannis? Stannis is the sort of man Randyll would respect, tough, cold, ruthless, and a good commander. Stannis is also married to the same family that Randyll's wife comes from and I cant see how Randyll could be all that loyal to someone like Mace Tyrell.

Because Renly had the rest of the Reach and Stannis had 5,000 men. And I am sure that Randyll Tarly believes that the Gods favor the side with the biggest battalions. 

Not just Cape Sounion – Mycenae, Epidaurus, Delphi, Corinth, and every corner of Athens – Alvar’s curiosity extended to all the archaeological sites, and the present state of excavations.

 And though Tobio couldn’t quite guarantee he had seen all those places, for many sounded meaningless to him though he might have visited them, he did not want to disappoint his new friend – in fact, willing to satisfy and impress Alvar, Tobio often responded with fictional memories.

Like dozens of men around them, Alvar and Tobio had searched the outdoors to seat under the sun. By chance they had met on the campus’ central square – and Tobio might start believing the Greek gods instead of a coincidence had conduced him, and the conversation, towards that topic that so moved the Little Lord. But the approaching sound of thunders announced the interval of warmth – and their encounter – to be briefer than desired.

“That’s Zeus coming onto us, isn’t it?” Tobio asked after the deafening sound of a lightning bolt, that seemed to have fallen somewhere right on campus. The blare came as if answering a question Alvar had stated at some point of their interview – whether he believed the gods still graced Greek grounds. “And what is the name for the god of rain?” Tobio had asked, when the first drops hit the earth.

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Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: your with Bucky Barnes and he suffers from bad dreams

Warnings: has the word arse in


The head-dress being put on on his head, inserting everything that held the power to remove everything that he knew, everything that made up the old Bucky Barnes, not the killer they made him. The pain was madening, making him scream in pain. Would the pain ever die? Would he be okay? The memories of his past were leaving him quickly. The blonde man on the bridge; the same one who would always end up in a fight in some ally somewhere, the brown hair girl the blonde liked, one of the men he had killed among other men all dressed in army uniform, everyone in those memories all probably people he killed…

*back to present day*

His screaming woke him up. The scream sounded so full of pain. His eyes were dark and wide, full of fear. The sound of rustling sheets and the man screaming woke you up with a start, making you worried even though you knew that he would recover once he realised where he was…

*a few hours later*

Bucky Barnes and yourself were walking around the busy streets, looking for food. Of course you were worried about the bearded man next to you and you couldn’t help staring at his face, wondering what he if what he had remembered was of Hydra brianwashing him. But like you didn’t know that’s what it was: you knew it was and it killed you to know that that had happened. You were terrified of what could happen if you weren’t careful enough. As you wondered this, you studdied his features carefully:

Dark rings under his eyes, the dark running into his eyes and making him look adorably scared with the way the blue in his eyes juxaposed with the darkness of his pupils and the bags under. Light stubble on his sharp jaw line that had brought you so much pleasure in the past. Dark hair that wasn’t long enough to reach his shoulders, but still long enough to tie back. Buldging muscles that were restricted by the red shirt he wore…

While you were marveling at his hansome features, you had stopped in your tracks and you hadn’t realised that it was because you were at home. Soon you were met with the pale blue eyes you had fallen for.

“Is everything okay, (y/n)?”, his voice was filled with concern.

“Hm? Oh, yeah I’m okay, why?” He smiled shyly. “What?” you said with a smile of your own.

“We’re home, love.” he said with a laugh. You blushed under his gaze and your smile turned sheepish.

Like the gentle man he is, he held the door open for you and as you walked through, you pecked his cheeck. As you finished, he gave your ass a quick squeez. You both ran up towards the flat, giggling…

Additional notes: I’m not sure if I like the ending that much, to be honest. 

One of my internet friends wanted something where Bucky went about his buisness so I said I would do it. And this is how it turned out.