if its worth the risk then take the fall

The more the intra-community fight drags on, the more convinced I am that “are cis heteroromantic aces or cis heterosexual aros queer?” is irrelevant.

The more important question is “How many queer people are you willing to hurt or exclude to keep out a single one of these dreaded ‘cishets’?”

This is not rhetorical. It is a very real question of risk and harm. And nobody seems willing to answer it.

Risk assessment and security are all about tradeoffs - the more secure you make something, the harder you make it for legitimate users to access it. So you can never just make things perfectly secure - that also renders them perfectly unusable.

At some point, you have to decide how significant a risk is, vs the harm done by securing against it.

The best data we have at this point indicates that “cishets” comprise about 13% of the a-spec population, and a-spec people in turn comprise about 1% of the general population. 0.13%. One in a thousand.

To me, that risk is insignificant, especially since it’s not like the community can never change its mind about somebody. Even if “cishet” a-spec people were Straight in every sense of the word, it would not be worth taking major security measures - security measures that disproportionately fall on questioning kids, “LGBT” aces, bi people and trans people - to guard against one in a thousand. My answer to the key question is zero.

So. How many “LGBT” people is one “cishet” ace worth? Show your work.

iamtrashlordfearme  asked:

You replied to a comment on YouTube saying Dream and Nightmare weren't going to be in the game but I remember you making an announcement saying they were? Or am I misinterpreting something badly because I do that a lot oops-

Originally, we had been given permission after we asked about their use. Unfortunately, due to resource reasons we simply didn’t have enough funding to include them AT THE TIME (because believe it or not, this game costs real, actual money) and then we were told shortly after that we were NOT ALLOWED to use them and our permission had been revoked by the creator.

With that said, we’d rather not take a risk with including them again even if we were given permission once more. We simply don’t have the money to waste if they were again revoked for use in the game because of outside drama. A single character sheet is expensive on its own, and the voice acting and music associated with it can run us an additional $400 over time for a major story-line character. This also does NOT include the time our team spends with the creator to get it right… and if it falls out for whatever reason - it’s simply not worth it.

We’re not rich, we can’t afford taking risks like that.


kallura month day 10 (forgiveness…..or the need for it lol)

with their worlds at war, a galran rebel is not the best company for an altean princess to entertain. now if only keith could get allura to understand that

more altean royalty/galra rebel au!! my first try at kinda doing something that tells a story…i’ve got a lot of work to do on composition tho, it’s something i’ve always struggled with lol.

more notes on au/prompt explanation under cut

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“To all the Sneaky Petes of the world who thought that maybe settling for mediocrity was a good idea because it was safe…don’t do it. Take a chance. Take a risk. Find that passion. Rekindle it. Fall in love all over again. It’s really worth it.”

Happy 59th Birthday, Bryan Lee Cranston (March 7, 1956)

Forget the risk,and take the fall.                                                                       If it’s meant to be,then its worth it all.

Thoughts from the Dark

summary;; hannah thinks about how much she loves ingrid as she curls up to her at night

ship;; hangrid (im trash)

genre;; fluff: sfw, sff

word count;; 800+

warnings;; none

a/n;; thanks to the members of the hangrid group chat who said the first few paragraphs were gr8. yall are cool. you know who you are.

– syd

part 2

She thinks about how easily it flowed; from one day to the next, she let the liquid courage pull her forward. She forgot her morals. One day, she kissed the girl. Goddammit, she kissed her.

She thinks about the girl’s response, how she grabbed hips tight and kissed right back. The way she made her intentions clear on the porch that early summer evening. The girl’s  apartment high up on the brink of the city let only crisp air in. New York City tasted sweet against the outside of their tender lips.

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