if its worth the risk


I had mentioned before how my school is just plain disgusting and here is the proof students shared online recently and this is only one day. Imagine a whole year in this school. Its an okay school but this is just wrong.

Everyone came back from winter break and when we go have breakfast/lunch the juice/milk has mold and/or roaches and they just replaced the drinks didn’t even clean anything. I ended up still getting lunch and nothing to drink but even then the food had also gone bad.

This school always has problems with this kinda stuff but no one ever complains too much because it’s just the way it always has been and they know that even if they do say anything  no one will do anything about it because they never do.

The janitors don’t clean. there is only one janitor who does their job and does it well but one guy cant clean an entire school which has thousands of students and 2 large buildings.

In our school library we have signs saying don’t touch the books and don’t take them off the shelves so why do we even have a library when the books are not to be touched??

The water is always bad and ranges from green, grey and yellow its never clear and when it is it has a strange taste almost like chlorine.

When inspections are to be done they only clean certain places and take the inspectors there and only there.

The students who posted this on twitter are being forced to write apology letters and are being threatened with suspension and/or expulsion for violating school rules and tagging news stations and district people in their twitter post drawing direct attention to it. When we have a little something called freedom of speech and when it affects our health and learning environment then its worth the risk of defying school rules and their post weren’t rude in any way only sarcasm was slightly used but no cursing or inappropriate language was used whatsoever.  So this is just wrong.  Some of you wanted to know why I said my school was gross well here it is.


I just want to turn to God for the answer

Seeing other VC blogs and...

Telling the new kid to vulture culture that that bird they articulated is protected by the MBTA and is illegal to own. And then they say they know and don’t really care.

Nygmobblepot what if

Okay, I’m hoping for some big battle against the Court of Owls at the end of the season that everyone gets involved in

And it’ll mean Eddie and Ozzie calling a temporary truce to their personal antagonism in order to survive the onslaught of Court assassins being sent after them (or whatever)

Then, during an ‘eye of the storm’ moment when they are hiding and unsure of their survival, they should take the time for a bit of emotional honesty. Which will be all serious and stuff - Eddie confessing he is glad Oswald survived and he is sorry he tried to kill him and Ozzie was right about them needing each other and stuff. And Ozzie would confess he still loves Ed and all that jazz

But MOST IMPORTANTLY it would include something like -

OSWALD [soft, genuine]: I’m sorry I killed Isabella.

EDWARD [instinctive, exasperated]: ISABELL-! Oh. Yes. That’s. Right, um, thank you…

the fireworks around here are louder than im used to

i hate it. like. the entire concept is so stupid. and all it does is create trash in the environment and terrify animals and people

all for a few second of bright lights?? to celebrate some absolute Garbage excuse for a holiday? ?

Kissing is never easy, not when your boyfriend has razor sharp fangs. Still, we try. Our lips meet slowly and we adjust our positions, heads tilting just the right way so that our mouths can open and his long tongue can snake its way in, towards mine.

He tastes incredible. The risk is always worth it when I hear him moan softly, his hands gripping my hips and that hot mouth slipping over mine. I can feel the arousal shooting down in my belly, a swoop of sensation as he licks behind my teeth and works his jaw, sucking slightly as if this isn’t enough, he needs more.

I am lost. I push back with my tongue, wanting more of that taste, and just when I feel the softness of his lower lip I also feel that familiar sting.


I pull back reflexively and feel the blood drip down my chin.

He looks sad for a moment. Apologetic. He cups my face in his large hand and sighs, but then his gaze sharpens and he’s leaning in towards me.

That clever tongue laps up the blood and I can actually see him shudder, he’s just that worked up from it.

It might not be easy to kiss him, but turning him on seems to be a different story entirely.



Dorian hated sharing a bed. Well, that is to say, he hated it back in Tevinter. He’d found it was usually preferable to slip away in the night, if only to avoid the awkwardness that usually came with the morning. It suited him fine. After all, he didn’t exactly wish to have the opportunity to contemplate his partner asleep beside him, and any foolish ideas or emotions that might dredge up. But with Elden, it was different. Everything was different. There were no expectations, no demands made of Dorian. It was simply trust and support and comfort and Dorian had no idea what to do with any of that.

Lying together like this, with Elden’s arm wrapped loosely around his waist, it was as if Elden was taking everything all of the nasty rumors floating around about Dorian, about the both of them together, all of the rules Dorian had had to play by in the past, all of the games, everything and casting it into the fire. They would make their own rules now, defying everything Dorian had ever known, and it was terrifying. And it was amazing.

Dorian had never really thought about the amount of trust required to sleep beside someone. And it was just sleeping, of course. Elden had made it clear he wanted to take things slow, but sharing a tent just seemed natural when forced to camp in the middle of a freezing countryside. And after the awkwardness of the first morning when Elden had somehow found his way over to cuddle against Dorian in their sleep, they just sort of let it happen. It was much warmer, after all, and Dorian couldn’t deny that he had found it… pleasant.

But when it came to trust, Elden had made his feelings clear. He had jumped into this without reservation from the very beginning, lowering his guard completely so Dorian didn’t have to. Elden drifted off to sleep beside him as if when they were together he hadn’t a care in the world. And Dorian wanted to trust him the same way in return, this kind man, soft no matter the hardships he suffered. And Dorian wanted to believe more than anything that this truly was more, that he really could have this despite what his past had taught him.

As Dorian lay there listening to Elden’s calm even breathing, he took a deep breath of his own and opened his eyes. He was still trying to get used to this, just being close to someone he cared for, sharing space with no other expectation. He knew it was dangerous to admit he enjoyed it, that he longed for it every time he glimpsed Elden’s hands or his lips or, Maker, those eyes, pale green and so beautiful and full of affection. And Dorian had done more dangerous things in his life, broken more rules he had put up for himself for worse reasons. In this case, though, perhaps he could stand to break a few more.

He stared at the ceiling of the tent for a moment before allowing himself to look down at Elden where he rested against his chest. He couldn’t help but study him for a long moment, feeling how perfectly Elden fitted against him, and knowing that Elden had chosen to be here like this, with him. It was terrifying, but he never wanted this to stop. He feared that any sudden movements would break the spell and all of this would come crashing down around them both. But he wanted to trust this man, if only because Elden deserved it.

If nothing else Dorian was good at indulging in the moment, leaving the rest to be dealt with when everything went wrong. If. After a moment he reached out and gently brushed Elden’s hair out of his face, his fingers ghosting over his cheek so as not to wake him. Despite everything he found he had a ridiculous grin on his face and was glad no one was around (or awake) to witness it.

If you find yourself with a surge of passion this year to go run, or join a team, or work on an art piece, or learn an instrument, or film a video, or start a business please please please list the reasons why it could work instead of why it might not. Doubt can keep us in check sometimes but more often we learn through experience so why not train your brain to tackle things rather than flee from them. You are capable of so much and its worth the effort to take that risk.

enigmog  asked:

Slightly angsty i guess but what about rival crews starting to notice how integrated in to the fakes the vagabond has become. How this loner merc seems to have settled down and tolerates things that he wouldve slit throats over when he worked alone. So a crew seizes an opportunity and grabs him. Reckoning they either get information or ransom for him. Except ryan wont give them anything, knows he cares about the fakes and they care about him but its not worth them risking themselves for him (1)

So he resigns himself to his fate and stays silent, but of course the other crew miscalculated. Of course the fakes are coming for him. And you dont mess with their ryan. They’ve fought tooth and nail just to convince him they care, now they’ll fight tooth and nail to get him back for the same reason. And the relief that wells up in ryan when he realises just how MUCH the fakes truly care for him is overwhelming. (2)


The carnage is unbelievable when they finally find where Ryan’s being held. Even Ryan, as the Vagabond, the slaughterer, the one who (legends say) would burn a building to the ground just to kill one man, is a bit surprised by how much blood the Fakes could create if they were fully synchronized in their rage. There’s no true divide in their missions like there is in a heist - instead of everyone having a slightly different job, they’re all focused on one. To get Ryan free.

They spare no one. Every member of the other crew - old, young, male, female, it doesn’t matter. They all die where they stand, gunshots blasting their brains against the wall. The Fakes are unanimous in their decision to return their Vagabond to them - no one will keep him away. No one will torture him for information on them. They had promised him that running with them would be a good thing. They weren’t about to let that promise go sour.

When they find Ryan, bloodstained and grinning, holding knives and shotguns and semi-automatics like morbid children cradling toys, Ryan is momentarily speechless. The others don’t notice - he rarely talks to begin with - just greets him and starts to cut him loose of his bonds. Ryan stares at them, bloodied but warm, until a part of him just cracks.

It’s like a dam is loosened in his emotions, the part that made him the stoic Vagabond just vanishing. The bottled up emotions and sensations that he was holding while working alone all these years just explodes and - in the blood and gore of those the Fakes just saved him from - he collapses forward and starts to sob out gasps of relief. Of confusion and gratitude.

They came for him. No one else ever had before. 

The Fakes are startled, of course - this isn’t part of their game, they don’t understand why Ryan’s crying because it looks like he’s not even that seriously injured. Tortured, yeah, and it probably hurts, but he’s the Vagabond - he doesn’t cry from pain. And he’s not just crying, he’s sobbing, as if he can’t breathe.

And suddenly Jeremy’s bending down and pulling him into a hug and Gavin’s there too, handsy as usual. The others - Michael, Jack, and Geoff, crouch down and rub his back, pat his shoulders, until he’s done. 

“…I didn’t think you guys would come,” Ryan manages to choke out through the mask. The Fakes look a bit confused. “Of course we would come. You’re one of us now,” Geoff said firmly.

One of Us now. Ryan can only let out a watery laugh and shake his head. “Okay. Okay, yeah. I’m a Fake. Thank you, guys.”

They all exchange a look and smile. As this team, they were nigh unstoppable.

inside bucky’s notebook (my take on it):
  • july 4 - important date. independence day?? no, why?? fireworks cause heart palpitations and high blood pressure. this is dangerous, why?
  • becca, two missing teeth, wakes up too early on christmas. paper airplane for my birthday, learned to spell her name and mine before any others
  • buck - nickname, shortened version of bucky?
  • asthma cigarettes, hacking cough, a nurse named sarah (steve’s ma? she looks like him)
  • piles of newspapers that the neighbors were finished with, they gave them to me, holes in his shoes
  • apartment key - seems important
  • brooklyn??
  • first job: age 13
  • first? kiss: age 12, steve didn’t like her
  • something about new jersey, lying??
  • winifred - mother, I have the same nose as her, bucky - she gave me that nickname
  •  sketches on scrap paper on walls, they resemble me but some are of women (famous?) and people I don’t recognize (neighbors?)
  • bloody knuckles, teach him how to wrap his hands before hitting the punching bag
  • rocks in his backpack while running, he was so small. why would he do this? why would I encourage him to??
  • hydra weapons, explosion, man with a red face - he wants to hurt steve
  • red dress in a bar, steve likes her. I don’t - why??
  • a car that can hover in mid air, popcorn, trying not to cry - he’s leaving with barely a goodbye (war? I’m wearing a uniform, he’s not)
  • arguing over enlisting (drafted, didn’t tell him)
  • first dog tags, basic, sketched them for him, took weeks to reach him
  • returned letters for months after the last time I shipped out (europe??)
  • snow, ice, arm is frostbit - is this how I lost it?
  • a green room, smells like piss and antiseptic, he’s taller - how did he get there?? I asked for him, did they find him for me?
  • europe is cold in november
  • trapped behind enemy lines, it’s cold and wet but I’m not alone
  • howard stark - who is this??
  • steve’s uniform and the bar - I helped him redesign it (did I??)
  • train at some sort of event (fair? expo?)
  • “had ‘em on the ropes” why did he say that? why did I repeat it?
  • broke arm in ‘34, defending him, summer
  • fried eggs, I can cook (I cooked for him)
  • dancing - the inkblots (?)
  • he steps on toes when he dances (how do I know this? did I teach him? he holds onto my hand too tightly, yes. I taught him, felt nice)
  • sarah rogers - couch cushions, staying up too late listening to his breathing (he looks sick, is he sick?)
  • coney island, puking, he’s shivering - give him my jacket (he refuses it twice, I make him wear it)
  • skinny kid with a black eye, arm around his shoulders (steve?)
  • becca wrote letters, messy handwriting
  • a funeral, he left alone (I found him? I found him)
  • modest service, handful of people wearing black, cheap flowers (steve’s ma?)
  • my first black eye: age 8??
  • steve snores, breathing issues
  • sharing a tent with him, he’s bigger, sleeps silently (is he okay? alive?) - feels wrong, I didn’t sleep much
  • scuffed shoes for a funeral, shine them? steve? ‘til the end of the line
  • a river, he’s heavier than he should be, is he breathing? I made sure of it
  • he broke his nose when we were kids, did I rebreak it? you’re my friend
  • I loved him, did he know it? did I tell him? don’t win the war ‘til I get back. yes he knew
  • my ma - pancakes for dinner on tuesdays, no sugar (ration?)
  • art class - steve, war, arguing with him, spilled paint
  • bone saw, choking a man, cold (do they know I’m cold? do they care? they saved me didn’t they? I’m alive so they must have. I should hate them, do I?)
  • a shield, bucky?
  • project winter soldier, no name - I have no name, why did he give me a name?
  • new york, I looked for him for a month, let them find me (did I?)
  • redhead, a bullet, she’s not my mission
  • he’s my mission, “we need you to do it one last time,” he doesn’t die. why doesn’t he die? why isn’t he fighting? I’m nobodies friend but he says I’m his, am I? don’t let him drown, arm is dislocated; feels heavy
  • museum, blue jacket, I’m not him (shouldn’t I feel like I am? he has my face and loves steve rogers. do I? I saved him so yes. he should hate me, why doesn’t he? love??)
  • becca - I taught her how to read using comics in the newspaper
  • shipping out for basic, barely got a goodbye from steve (but he hugged really hard. he didn’t write but sent me sketches, steve rogers is stubborn)
  • 107th, barnes
  • he smells like popcorn, blood on his lip (I cleaned it up, lingered too long, I wanted him, kiss?? we didn’t), aching knuckles, he has sad eyes (make him feel better, no I can’t do that. find someone who can), he has something to prove (he doesn’t have to prove himself to me, I’m following him)
  • “he cares about you, you know. I’m not blind, sargent barnes and I’m not your competition. the way I see it we both love him, we both want to see that he’s safe. you do your part & I’ll do mine. I won’t step on your toes if you don’t step on mine. I plan on taking him dancing when this is all over but until then he’s all yours. maybe even then. I know when I’m beaten and you were there before me. what he needs right now is a friend, you should know that I’m filling that spot but nothing more. there’s a space that I cannot fill. I think I’ve always known but I didn’t want to believe it and then he went off and nearly got himself killed for you. that’s no small feat. do you understand, sargent barnes?” (the woman in the red dress, she knows, fumble to explain, she loves him, she understands. she’s jealous, I’m jealous but we’re willing to give him up for the other. she won’t let me.  he’s mine, I’m his??)
  • “when this godforsaken war is over we’re going to see the grand canyon, I’ve always wanted to go. we’ll buy becca one of those snowglobes.”
  • who?? am?? I?? (james buchanan barnes, bucky, buck, zola’s experiment, frankenstein’s monster (I don’t understand?), project winter soldier, the subject, unknown assassin, sargent james buchanan barnes of the 107th, soldier, best friend, brother, son, sargent, POW, assassin, experiment, american? russian?)
  • important people: steve rogers, winifred barnes, rebecca barnes, woman in red dress, sarah rogers (add onto as I remember)
  • steve rogers is a punk

and that’s just one notebook

bluepatient  asked:

Hey! I love your headcanons 😄. Can you make a headcanon with the boys and a sick! Guardien? Thanks! (and sorry if you don't understand something, English isn't my first language)

Thank you for your lovely words and don’t worry, I understood your request perfectly! Sorry this took me me so long, I’ve been struggling with another request that I just can’t seem to get right. 

I hope you like the headcanons!


  • Knowing that you’re sick pains Ezarel to no end.
  • The idea of you being unhappy for any reason makes him want to embrace you and melt all your cares away.
  • But there’s no way in hell he’s going nurse you back to health.
  • As leader of the Absynthe guard, Ezarel does certain jobs that few others can do. Important jobs that he’s realllly not comfortable relegating to anybody else.
  • He can’t afford to catch your illness. Even if he does want to molly-coddle you all day.
  • So, instead of nursing you back to health himself, he bugs the other members of the guard to do it for him.
  • Years of accumulating blackmail against Nevra means he’s the one you see the most often.
  • But Ez also sends Eweleïn to check your symptoms and prescribe medicine (all hand made by him, especially for you), Kero with herbal tea to smooth your throat, Chrome and Karenn to keep you company and Valkyon with hot soups and fresh bread.(Both obtained from Karuto through Nevra).
  • He also checks up on you during the day.
  • He never stays for long, but he always gives you something to let you know he’s thinking of you.
  • When you’re completely better, he’ll shower you with affection to make up for lost time.
  • But only for awhile, then its back to sassy smurf.


  • Super mom mode activate!
  • How are you feeling? Do you need anything? Should I get Eweleïn?
  • Seriously though, this man goes all-out in an effort to get you healthy again.
  • He’ll bring you tons of different blankets (all in various shades of your favourite colour), medicine (some of which you’re sure you don’t actually need), food (I can only stomach light foods, Nevra. Put the the lobster back.), anything and everything you want.
  • He’ll do everything for you so you don’t have to worry about a thing.
  • It honestly gets a little overwhelming.
  • But he’s so sweet and sincere in trying to help you and he honestly doesn’t realise he’s going over the top.
  • He just wants to help you.
  •  But depending on how you feel about it, you may have to tell him to tone it down a little.
  • He’ll be a little disappointed that he wasn’t helping as much as he thought he was, but he will calm down.
  • Nevra doesn’t have the same reservations as Ez, and will happily kiss or hug you if it makes you feel better.
  • If/Whenever you protest, saying he’ll get sick too, he’ll just smile, pressing a kiss your temple, and say its worth the risk. And then ruin the moment by making a lewd comment about you in a nurse costume.
  • When you’re fully recovered, he’ll be so happy and lavish even more attention on you. Will it ever end?


  • Is a pleasant mix between the two other boys.
  • He’s concerned, don’t get me wrong, but he has no interest in catching your illness.
  • At the same time, he really wants you to get better quickly.
  • So he goes to Eweleïn and asks her for information about your illness and a prescription to speed up your recovery.
  • He learnt how to cook a little from you and can make basic, but very good, soups.
  • He serves you these and feeds you if you lack the strength to do so yourself.
  • He makes sure you have plenty of water and rest, and personally takes care of your duties for the day.
  • He’s so practical and efficient about the whole thing it’s almost scary.
  • When he’s sure you’re comfortable and well-fed, he’ll leave to take care his duties.
  • But don’t worry, he’ll be back soon, bringing with him a plethora of old story books.
  • He’ll sit at the edge of your bed and quietly read to you, or with you if you don’t like being read to.
  • At some point, you’ll both end up lying in bed, sleeping peacefully in each others arms.
  • When you’re fully recovered, Valkyon will insist you take it easy for a couple days, to make sure you don’t relapse. And so he can make up for the time he couldn’t spend kissing you.

Listen, as much as I support systems believing whatever the fuck they want (if It’s not harming them), if someone says they or their alters can travel into your headspace, FUCKING RUN. I used to be ok with people believing in system travel, but I’ve seen it used as a control tactic too many times, yes, even if it’s consensual, it can, and most often is, a control tactic. I don’t care what type of system you are (traumagenic or not) or how you define yourself (spiritual, psychological, etc.), if someone says they can travel to your headspace, run. Its honestly not worth the risk of having it used as a manipulation tactic. What I said goes doubly hard for traumagenic systems. If someone, anyone, claims to be able to travel into your headspace, fucking run.

Acquainted - Jim Kirk

Title: Acquainted 

Pairing: Jim Kirk x reader

Prompt: acquainted by the weeknd

Word count: 1,724 (im not sure what it is without the lyrics, sorry)

Warnings: language

Author’s note: first song in the bbtm series i’m gonna do! it’s not the first in the album track listing but since i’m only doing my favorite songs, i figured the order didn’t matter. this turned out a lot more sweet than i wanted but the song is kind of sweet (or at least. sweet for the weeknd) so i guess it’s justified. i also REALLY didn’t want to use the word acquaintance in the story BUT I COULDN’T THINK OF ANOTHER WORD. whatevs, ENJOY N TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK! i actually really like this one.

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anonymous asked:

speaking of snake mishandling, dont know if you heard this or not, but a kid here in aus got bitten by his pet inland taipan (the snake that currently holds the record for most toxic venom) while freehandling and everything i read about him shows that he cared about his animals but had poor handling practises and now it might kill him. inland taipans are a pretty timid species but that didnt keep him from being bitten. please, for gods sake, be mindful of these things. its not worth the risk.

Oh man, that poor kid. I looked up the news story; 19 years old and as of yesterday it sounds like he is still in critical condition. Makes me wonder why a 19 year old was able to get the highest level of venomous snake license in Australia. I’m sorry, but to expect a 19 year old to have the knowledge, experience, and maturity to safely manage the most venomous snake in the world is unfair to everyone involved.

I think a lot of hot keepers (particularly young people) think “It will never happen to me”. The thing is, it does happen. Even responsible keepers that take precautions do die or lose limbs to bites sometimes. It happens.

My heart goes out to that kid and his family. I really really hope he pulls through.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Another angsty request incoming, if you will! How about a situation where the s/o has been turned against the hero boys, having lost all memories of them? (Like, the villains messing with their memory to make them believe they are enemies? Ready to f i g h t the heroes!!) For sweet bean Midoriya and Bakugo? Thank you!!

*rubs hands together* thank you anon i’m in an angsty mood tonight~~

Midoriya Izuku

  • He’s so conflicted, on one hand, this is lover he can’t so easily steel his nerves and fight them, but on the other, they don’t know who he is at all and think he’s their enemy! He tries to move, either away or towards them but his body is frozen rigid. 
  • The look on his s/o’s face, one of hatred and pure unbridled rage, is quite scary to Izuku. He’s desperately looking for a way to avoid this fight but he knows that he can’t. He shakes his body free of nerves, tightening his fists as he prepares to launch towards his s/o. He mouths “I’m so sorry for this” to them as he kicks off, launching towards them at full speed. 

Bakugou Katsuki

  • Usually Bakugou would fight any of his friends out of mind control but this feels different to him, it’s his partner; the one he put his utmost trust into, the only person who he’d ever be emotionally vulnerable around. But now? They’re facing him on the opposite side, their body shaking with anger. 
  • A wave of anxiety washes over him, its a foreign feeling and it makes him feel sick. His body is telling him to run away and not look back, its not worth the risk! Yet he finds himself lifting his hand, palm outstretched and ready. He uses the last of his nerves to yell out “Come and get me!” before charging at them, his vision blurring because of the tears starting to well in his eyes. 

anonymous asked:

So I lost patience with saving money for a proper binder, and so I bound with ace bandages. I did break two ribs that way so I'd just like to give your followers a reminder. No matter how much not binding sucks, and I know how horrible it is, binding unsafely isn't worth it. Bind safely, don't use ace bandages, or tape, or bind too long. It's 100% not worth the risk. Please don't make the same unreasonable decision I did.

I’m so sorry that happened. I hope that your ribs will heal (or have healed) well.