if its worth the risk


I just want to turn to God for the answer

Nygmobblepot what if

Okay, I’m hoping for some big battle against the Court of Owls at the end of the season that everyone gets involved in

And it’ll mean Eddie and Ozzie calling a temporary truce to their personal antagonism in order to survive the onslaught of Court assassins being sent after them (or whatever)

Then, during an ‘eye of the storm’ moment when they are hiding and unsure of their survival, they should take the time for a bit of emotional honesty. Which will be all serious and stuff - Eddie confessing he is glad Oswald survived and he is sorry he tried to kill him and Ozzie was right about them needing each other and stuff. And Ozzie would confess he still loves Ed and all that jazz

But MOST IMPORTANTLY it would include something like -

OSWALD [soft, genuine]: I’m sorry I killed Isabella.

EDWARD [instinctive, exasperated]: ISABELL-! Oh. Yes. That’s. Right, um, thank you…

Kissing is never easy, not when your boyfriend has razor sharp fangs. Still, we try. Our lips meet slowly and we adjust our positions, heads tilting just the right way so that our mouths can open and his long tongue can snake its way in, towards mine.

He tastes incredible. The risk is always worth it when I hear him moan softly, his hands gripping my hips and that hot mouth slipping over mine. I can feel the arousal shooting down in my belly, a swoop of sensation as he licks behind my teeth and works his jaw, sucking slightly as if this isn’t enough, he needs more.

I am lost. I push back with my tongue, wanting more of that taste, and just when I feel the softness of his lower lip I also feel that familiar sting.


I pull back reflexively and feel the blood drip down my chin.

He looks sad for a moment. Apologetic. He cups my face in his large hand and sighs, but then his gaze sharpens and he’s leaning in towards me.

That clever tongue laps up the blood and I can actually see him shudder, he’s just that worked up from it.

It might not be easy to kiss him, but turning him on seems to be a different story entirely.



Dorian hated sharing a bed. Well, that is to say, he hated it back in Tevinter. He’d found it was usually preferable to slip away in the night, if only to avoid the awkwardness that usually came with the morning. It suited him fine. After all, he didn’t exactly wish to have the opportunity to contemplate his partner asleep beside him, and any foolish ideas or emotions that might dredge up. But with Elden, it was different. Everything was different. There were no expectations, no demands made of Dorian. It was simply trust and support and comfort and Dorian had no idea what to do with any of that.

Lying together like this, with Elden’s arm wrapped loosely around his waist, it was as if Elden was taking everything all of the nasty rumors floating around about Dorian, about the both of them together, all of the rules Dorian had had to play by in the past, all of the games, everything and casting it into the fire. They would make their own rules now, defying everything Dorian had ever known, and it was terrifying. And it was amazing.

Dorian had never really thought about the amount of trust required to sleep beside someone. And it was just sleeping, of course. Elden had made it clear he wanted to take things slow, but sharing a tent just seemed natural when forced to camp in the middle of a freezing countryside. And after the awkwardness of the first morning when Elden had somehow found his way over to cuddle against Dorian in their sleep, they just sort of let it happen. It was much warmer, after all, and Dorian couldn’t deny that he had found it… pleasant.

But when it came to trust, Elden had made his feelings clear. He had jumped into this without reservation from the very beginning, lowering his guard completely so Dorian didn’t have to. Elden drifted off to sleep beside him as if when they were together he hadn’t a care in the world. And Dorian wanted to trust him the same way in return, this kind man, soft no matter the hardships he suffered. And Dorian wanted to believe more than anything that this truly was more, that he really could have this despite what his past had taught him.

As Dorian lay there listening to Elden’s calm even breathing, he took a deep breath of his own and opened his eyes. He was still trying to get used to this, just being close to someone he cared for, sharing space with no other expectation. He knew it was dangerous to admit he enjoyed it, that he longed for it every time he glimpsed Elden’s hands or his lips or, Maker, those eyes, pale green and so beautiful and full of affection. And Dorian had done more dangerous things in his life, broken more rules he had put up for himself for worse reasons. In this case, though, perhaps he could stand to break a few more.

He stared at the ceiling of the tent for a moment before allowing himself to look down at Elden where he rested against his chest. He couldn’t help but study him for a long moment, feeling how perfectly Elden fitted against him, and knowing that Elden had chosen to be here like this, with him. It was terrifying, but he never wanted this to stop. He feared that any sudden movements would break the spell and all of this would come crashing down around them both. But he wanted to trust this man, if only because Elden deserved it.

If nothing else Dorian was good at indulging in the moment, leaving the rest to be dealt with when everything went wrong. If. After a moment he reached out and gently brushed Elden’s hair out of his face, his fingers ghosting over his cheek so as not to wake him. Despite everything he found he had a ridiculous grin on his face and was glad no one was around (or awake) to witness it.

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Hey! I love your headcanons 😄. Can you make a headcanon with the boys and a sick! Guardien? Thanks! (and sorry if you don't understand something, English isn't my first language)

Thank you for your lovely words and don’t worry, I understood your request perfectly! Sorry this took me me so long, I’ve been struggling with another request that I just can’t seem to get right. 

I hope you like the headcanons!


  • Knowing that you’re sick pains Ezarel to no end.
  • The idea of you being unhappy for any reason makes him want to embrace you and melt all your cares away.
  • But there’s no way in hell he’s going nurse you back to health.
  • As leader of the Absynthe guard, Ezarel does certain jobs that few others can do. Important jobs that he’s realllly not comfortable relegating to anybody else.
  • He can’t afford to catch your illness. Even if he does want to molly-coddle you all day.
  • So, instead of nursing you back to health himself, he bugs the other members of the guard to do it for him.
  • Years of accumulating blackmail against Nevra means he’s the one you see the most often.
  • But Ez also sends Eweleïn to check your symptoms and prescribe medicine (all hand made by him, especially for you), Kero with herbal tea to smooth your throat, Chrome and Karenn to keep you company and Valkyon with hot soups and fresh bread.(Both obtained from Karuto through Nevra).
  • He also checks up on you during the day.
  • He never stays for long, but he always gives you something to let you know he’s thinking of you.
  • When you’re completely better, he’ll shower you with affection to make up for lost time.
  • But only for awhile, then its back to sassy smurf.


  • Super mom mode activate!
  • How are you feeling? Do you need anything? Should I get Eweleïn?
  • Seriously though, this man goes all-out in an effort to get you healthy again.
  • He’ll bring you tons of different blankets (all in various shades of your favourite colour), medicine (some of which you’re sure you don’t actually need), food (I can only stomach light foods, Nevra. Put the the lobster back.), anything and everything you want.
  • He’ll do everything for you so you don’t have to worry about a thing.
  • It honestly gets a little overwhelming.
  • But he’s so sweet and sincere in trying to help you and he honestly doesn’t realise he’s going over the top.
  • He just wants to help you.
  •  But depending on how you feel about it, you may have to tell him to tone it down a little.
  • He’ll be a little disappointed that he wasn’t helping as much as he thought he was, but he will calm down.
  • Nevra doesn’t have the same reservations as Ez, and will happily kiss or hug you if it makes you feel better.
  • If/Whenever you protest, saying he’ll get sick too, he’ll just smile, pressing a kiss your temple, and say its worth the risk. And then ruin the moment by making a lewd comment about you in a nurse costume.
  • When you’re fully recovered, he’ll be so happy and lavish even more attention on you. Will it ever end?


  • Is a pleasant mix between the two other boys.
  • He’s concerned, don’t get me wrong, but he has no interest in catching your illness.
  • At the same time, he really wants you to get better quickly.
  • So he goes to Eweleïn and asks her for information about your illness and a prescription to speed up your recovery.
  • He learnt how to cook a little from you and can make basic, but very good, soups.
  • He serves you these and feeds you if you lack the strength to do so yourself.
  • He makes sure you have plenty of water and rest, and personally takes care of your duties for the day.
  • He’s so practical and efficient about the whole thing it’s almost scary.
  • When he’s sure you’re comfortable and well-fed, he’ll leave to take care his duties.
  • But don’t worry, he’ll be back soon, bringing with him a plethora of old story books.
  • He’ll sit at the edge of your bed and quietly read to you, or with you if you don’t like being read to.
  • At some point, you’ll both end up lying in bed, sleeping peacefully in each others arms.
  • When you’re fully recovered, Valkyon will insist you take it easy for a couple days, to make sure you don’t relapse. And so he can make up for the time he couldn’t spend kissing you.

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So I lost patience with saving money for a proper binder, and so I bound with ace bandages. I did break two ribs that way so I'd just like to give your followers a reminder. No matter how much not binding sucks, and I know how horrible it is, binding unsafely isn't worth it. Bind safely, don't use ace bandages, or tape, or bind too long. It's 100% not worth the risk. Please don't make the same unreasonable decision I did.

I’m so sorry that happened. I hope that your ribs will heal (or have healed) well.

Acquainted - Jim Kirk

Title: Acquainted 

Pairing: Jim Kirk x reader

Prompt: acquainted by the weeknd

Word count: 1,724 (im not sure what it is without the lyrics, sorry)

Warnings: language

Author’s note: first song in the bbtm series i’m gonna do! it’s not the first in the album track listing but since i’m only doing my favorite songs, i figured the order didn’t matter. this turned out a lot more sweet than i wanted but the song is kind of sweet (or at least. sweet for the weeknd) so i guess it’s justified. i also REALLY didn’t want to use the word acquaintance in the story BUT I COULDN’T THINK OF ANOTHER WORD. whatevs, ENJOY N TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK! i actually really like this one.

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Hey there. I wanted to ask for the experience of other trans guys about smoking weed after top surgery? I know I have to quit before and I'm going to, by the after the procedure I'd really like to celebrate. My doctor is trying to tell me I can't for over a month but that's inconsistent with what I've read online and he didn't even give me a reason why I shouldn't when I asked for one

I would say he is correct. Length of time Im not certain though. Its not so much what it is (as it can have therapeutic benefits post op) but the way in which you use it. Its the smoking part thats the problem. Its not a guarantee you would experience any problems but it does increase the risk of it. Its worth not compromising your results. You definately shouldnt before, but after you should still be more careful as well in terms of healing and potential complications

I have a post on this in the drafts I havent queued yet, but from the link in it from topsurgery.net regarding smoking it:

‘No smoking! Vape it or bake it
Like tobacco smoke, there is carbon monoxide in marijuana smoke. Carbon monoxide decreases the oxygen carrying capacity of hemoglobin in the blood, and like vasoconstriction, increases the risk of decreased blood flow and  tissue death, as well as delayed wound healing and more scarring.  In DI, this can present itself as compromised or completely lost nipple grafts. Also, smokers have a more reactive airway (coughing, wheezing, shortness of  breath) which can cause serious breathing problems during and after surgery. For example, marijuana smokers are more likely than non-smokers to be on a ventilator longer and have a higher risk of  developing pneumonia after surgery. Lastly, the act of coughing  itself can lead to internal bleeding after surgery that can cause hematomas and other complications

If you’re consuming weed after surgery, be sure to continue to avoid smoking it for the same reasons as before surgery: risk of decreased blood flow and tissue death, delayed wound healing, and more scarring and coughing potential.’

When in doubt I think its better to be safe than sorry. How it heals in the early days is the most important and can affect its overall outcome. The results are forever, abstaining isnt. You can of course still celebrate it though but try to keep that part for later. Its no guarantee of any problems arising but when risks are increased you should limit them as best you can. It does have pros therapeutically but also the risk of problems as well. This is what Im finding about it anyway, you may have read something different. Some people will ignore the advice and do so anyway hence you will likely find people say they did and it was fine. They did take that risk though and it happened to work for them. It is still a risk. If you wanted to anyway thats entirely up to you but I would suggest waiting at least a little while

If anyone has any experience with this feel free to add it. You can always find mixed results online so hearing others experiences can help

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Headcanon/Actual Canon: All the boys love a good fight. When no one's hurt, when no angst comes out of it, just the bullets flying and the explosions shaking the ground and the adrenaline and excitement clogging their throats until they can't hold it back and shriek their love of it to the sky. They're the Fake AH Crew, after all. It's what they do. And boy, are they fucking good at it.

haha of course. They’re a crew of pure chaos. And they revel in it. They don’t do what they do because it’s boring. They do it because it’s fun. It’s so incredibly exciting, the world rings in their veins, the ground sings under their feet, and its worth every risk they take. When they’re firing at the police, when they’re driving or flying away, well. That’s what they’ve chosen this life for. Not just for the payoff (though that certainly doesn’t hurt) but because they thrive in chaos, made their lives out of wrecking hell and they grin at every second of it.

Ok look check this shit out..

Don’t be getting mad if your dealer won’t front to you, idc if that fool has 10 pounds….those 10 pounds will eventually sale with or without your help bro, jus saying im there is absolutely no reason that I NEED to front you shit, by doing that im taking a bigger risk then its worth sometimes

Fuck you act like im a mother fuckin chemist in my back yard cooking a batch up.I don’t no if this is hard to believe or what but no not ever dealer cuts there shit. Just bc the sack you get may not be BIG ASS SHARDS or it may be wet or “crumbs” don’t EVER automatically assume I did that shit on purpose like im out to get you or some shit. First of all no, your paranoid skitzin ass probably needs to go to bed cause ain’t no one out to get you for the tenth time.
And second if I tell you (which I would) “hey bro this shit ain’t as good as it usually is” but you say you don’t care and you still buy it and then your ass wants to complain….SORRY NOT SORRY, BITCH BYE

Just BC the shit may not be good one time THAT DON’T MEAN THAT ITS BAD EVERYTIME NOW. Fuck. You get some bad shit one time and now everytime you buy some you wanna be like hey I think that had cut in it can I get my money back (after your ass done did the whole sack)….one question….

If I don’t text you back after 199909 text there’s probably a reason I mean do you text your mom or anyone else a million times when they don’t respond….
Like :
2:59pm:hey mom what’s for dinner
3:00pm:Hello you there
3:00pm:Are you ignoring me
3:02pm:What’s up
3:03pm:Really mom what’s your deal
3:05pm:That’s fuck up can’t even text a nigga back
3:06pm:Yoooo can you just let me no what’s up
3:08pm:Hey you ok?
3:08pm:You want me to just swing by?
3:08pm:Mom come on text me back
3:08pm:Wtf hello
3:09pm: Im about to come by
If you pulled that shit on your mom you’d probably get bitch slapped..jus saying. ..

I could write all day long on the stupid shit people do, but imma stop there for now.

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taylor, taylor I'm so excited. I met this absolute cutie on an lgbt dating app and we talked for a month before meeting up for coffee - that was back in Feb and we're still meeting up. They're such a sweetheart, they get so passionate about the things that they enjoy and we have so much in common. And we're both ace/panro, which is so nice bc I know they get me!! I think I'm going to ask them out soon, and I think the feelings are mutual and I'm just so excited. (Also kinda terrified but ; x ;)

AWW CONGRATS!!!! and go for it!!! its always worth the risk!!!!!

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Gonna go on anon because this is a controversial opinion that I've been struggling with for a bit. Perhaps you could impart some nice frog wisdom on me. I really think if should be easier for non offending pedophiles to access therapy and ways to keep their disorder in check. At a certain point I feel like the demonization of pedophiles, while extremely justified, becomes unproductive and just makes these people avoid therapy. What do you think tar man, I'd like a second opinion.

At the very least any attempt at therapy should be done while theres already a certainty of isolation from the public. I dont want pedophiles walking the streets and getting told not to be a pedophile once a month. If it were to be done it should be done as a supplement to being locked up someplace already and even then its not worth the risk of re integration and its most likely not worth the effort or cost. Maybe for research purposes but a pedophile is a pedophile is a pedophile and i dont think its possible to change that. I see your reasoning but no one should care about the pedophiles feelings for any other reason than to gather data to catch more pedophiles more efficiently and to prevent them from hurting anyone. This is absolutely paramount

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I've been hanging out a lot with a girl on my soccer team. Every time we hang there's also a connection between us and flitting but I'm not too sure if she's just being friendly because I'm not out yet. We end up being close but nothing happens, but I can feel the energy between us but I don't want to jump into conclusions just incase I'm wrong about the situation and lose her as a friend. So I don't know if I should make a move on her or tell her that I like her, she's also known a straight.

Just make a move! Its all about the risk but isn’t it worth it? And if in next moment like this you’ll kiss her i don’t think that you’ll loose her as a friend, like you can explain everything and talk. Its always worth to try and know the truth and its better than cry about things you wish you would try doing. You can do it, lets go!

  • Roxas: You're used to this, aren't you? That facial expression you all share. When things get a bit, out of control. Like you enjoy it. Like you get a high from the danger.
  • Axel: You want me to apologize for that?
  • Roxas: Don't you ever wonder how long you can survive before you go mad, or get killed, or lose a loved one?
  • Axel: It's worth the risk, to protect people!
  • Roxas: And who protects us?!
  • [pause]
  • Axel: God, I'm hungry.
  • Roxas: You should've had that cheeseburger.
  • Axel: Not that hungry.