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When it Rains || Chapter One

Genre: Angst, Fluff, (eventual) smut

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader, Jimin x Reader

Word count: 1479 words

A/N: This is my actual first fanfic I am posting on tumblr! Please enjoy it and message me your thoughts! There’s more parts in the works! Thank you for reading!

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The sound of your alarm clock fills your ears as you pull the blanket over your face and keep your eyes tightly shut.

“Babe turn that shit off.” Jungkook loudly groans from beside you as he turns away from you and tries to go back to sleep. Sighing heavily, you rip the blanket away from your body and slam your hand down onto your phone, turning off the sound.

It was 6:00 AM. You had thirty minutes to get ready and get to work. “Dammit!” You harshly whisper to yourself and quickly pad to the bathroom. Flicking on the light, you frown, noticing the dark circles under your eyes.

You were up all night helping Jungkook with his homework. Well you were trying to at least since you didn’t really remember anything you learned from your junior year in college. Lucky for him, he didn’t have to be at school till nine. He didn’t have a job, says he only wants to focus on school for now. You had already graduated the previous year so you were currently the only one making income to pay for all the bills.

The two of you had met your senior year of college at a party actually. He was only a sophomore at the time. You had gotten drunk and slept with Jungkook, the biggest fuck boy on campus. You thought it would have ended there but you ended up falling in love with him. Sometimes you think he only stays with you for the place to live… And the sex. But sometimes you actually think he loves you too.

“Bye Jungkookie! I’ll see you this afternoon.” You say with a warm smile, putting your hand on the doorknob. That smile quickly fades when you don’t hear a reply back from him. It hurt you a bit every morning when he didn’t say bye. But you knew he was tired too. Opening the door, you exit the apartment and quietly close the door, careful not to wake him up.

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1 for Gajevy please!!!

1. I have you shoved against the wall but now I can’t stop looking at your mouth.

Just a lil steamy Gajevy while I try to shake off the rust. I haven’t written fanfiction in a few days. 


Levy jumped at the sound of hands hitting the wall beside her head. Gajeel leaned in to fix her with a cool stare, his eyes swallowing her up in their intensity. They hadn’t been this close since…

‘You ain’t leaving ‘til you say it,’ he said, his voice ghosting through the empty library. ‘I can stay here all day if that’s what it takes.’

Levy glanced at the space beneath his arm. Being small had its perks; she could slip out of his grasp and flee without any trouble. In fact, all she had to do was scream and everyone in the guild would come charging in to rescue her. But she didn’t want that. She didn’t want the attention. This wasn’t about the guild.

This was a game for two.

Levy chewed her bottom lip as she considered a way to respond. His eyes flickered down to her mouth before shifting back up to her gaze. She noticed. 

So that’s how he was going to play it, huh? 

‘I won’t say it,’ she whispered, deliberately biting her bottom lip. ‘I’ve made it this far. I’m so close to the finish.’

‘Damn it!’ Gajeel snarled. ‘This is killin’ me, Levy.’

A smile tugged at the corner of her lips. ‘What is?’ she asked, sliding her tongue along the crease of her mouth. ‘Is this too hard for you?’

Gajeel’s lips quivered. ‘Don’t you dare.’

‘Did I stroke a nerve? I didn’t come this far to lose,’ she teased. 

Gajeel silenced her with a kiss. Levy stifled a groan as he slipped his hands down to her hips and lifted her against the wall to meet him half way. Throwing her legs around his waist, Levy slid her hands into his hair and indulged in her near-win. She could taste victory on his lips. 

‘I can’t take it anymore,’ he gasped. ‘Damn you and your way with words!’

‘Can’t take what, Gajeel?’ Levy urged, her thighs hot where his fingers grazed her flesh. ‘What is it you want, exactly?’

Levy stopped his hand before it could slide into her skirt. Gajeel’s fingers trembled on her legs. She heard his resolve crack in the shape of a laboured breath.

Gajeel kissed her again. ‘I want you,’ he breathed against her lips. ‘Bet be damned, I want you.’

Levy’s cheeks flushed. ‘I…I won!’ 

Gajeel rolled his eyes. ‘It was a stupid bet anyway.’

Levy draped her hands across his shoulders. ‘It was fun though, wasn’t it?’

‘No,’ Gajeel huffed. ‘The apron was the last straw.’

Levy grinned to herself. That morning, before leaving for the guild, she’d made breakfast in nothing but an apron. She’d expected him to cave right there and then, but Gajeel had managed to hold out until they’d reached the guild hall.

Until now, that is.

‘Cana was right,’ Levy acquiesced. We really can’t keep our hands off each other, can we?’

Gajeel stifled a laugh. ‘Ain’t nothing wrong with wanting to touch my woman.’

‘Should we head back to the house?’ Levy asked, suddenly aware of their surroundings. The guild library had never been so stifling.

'I have a better idea,’ he said, sliding a hand under her skirt to squeeze her backside. 

‘You want to do it right here?’ she gasped. ‘But the others can hear…’ Levy trailed off to the sensation of his lips grazing her neck. 

‘Compensation,’ he whispered, his lips brushing against her ear, ‘for all the problems you’ve caused me this week.’

Levy bit back a moan. ‘Was it rough for you?’

A touch of mischief misted Gajeel’s eyes. ‘No,’ he whispered. ‘But it’s about to be.’

Just a Smile - A Zelink Short Fic

SUMMARY: In Hyrule palace, there was one rule left over from the time of her great-grandfather, one that most certainly could not be broken: the guards on duty were not allowed to laugh.

Part One, Part Two, Part Three coming soon!

But that never stopped Princess Zelda from trying.

Zelink AU where Zelda is a princess and Link is a guard who she’s trying to make laugh but can’t seem to crack. Part one of a larger fic of similar short bursts. Not attached to any particular game. Fluff af. Have fun, kids!

Writing after the cut! Enjoy!

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Like I said, I don’t feel comfortable with a female doctor.

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Hey, if it's not too much trouble I was wondering if you had any information about merrows (Irish mermaids). I need to write one and want to know about their personality traits and physical characteristics, but I haven't been able to find much other than the fact that they usually have green hair and a magical red cap. Thanks, and I love your blog. :)

Of course! Thank you so much for stopping by. Here is a short description:

Merrows themselves are extremely beautiful and are promiscuous in their relations with mortals.

The Irish merrow differs physically from humans in that her feet are flatter than those of a mortal and her hands have a thin webbing between the fingers. It should not be assumed that merrows are kindly and well-disposed towards mortals. As members of the sidhe, or Irish fairy world, the inhabitants of Tir fo Thoinn (the Land beneath the Waves) have a natural antipathy towards humans. In some parts of Ireland, they are regarded as messengers of doom and death.

And there is more information here (x), here (x), here (x), and here (x). I hope that helps!

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Um, so sorry to bother you but I rlly wanted to ask about something and you seem RLLY understanding so I hope it's ok! I was just wondering if you have any advice as to how I can be a better ally to the LGBTQ+ community? I'm nervous bc since I'm not rlly a member of the community I'm still confused about some things and I'm afraid to make a mistake and offend people so I'm v v sorry but I wanna be better so I'd love any advice (if it's not any trouble ofc ) Thank you and keep being amazing! ❤️

uhm, gosh,, thank you, and what a question!! i can’t speak for The Entire Community so another cool thing would be to ask other people, as well !! but as a bit of a run down?

  • please don’t speak over us ! in general, as an ally, you’re s’pposed to boost our voices
  • when you see something going on–please speak up!! please!!! it’s better to know we have someone on our side than not!
  • yes, “reblog if you support…” is nice but if it’s not being applied in real life then it’s no use, is it?
    • in the same way, shipping your favorite same sex characters together is not being a good ally.
      • (especially if you only write nsfw with them, i’m not going to get too into this, but yeah.)
  • i shouldn’t have to say this but i’m going to anyway : do not out anyone without their permission. if you are not told, “i am okay with everyone else knowing i’m gay / trans / etc” then do not do it.
    • also, always check yourself !! you can be a good ally even in small ways–using certain language is always nice! go gender neutral whenever possible
    • don’t ask for someone’s sexual history for them to “prove” that they are whatever sexuality they tell you they are,, it’s not cool and you wouldn’t do that to a straight person (if you tell me you would it’s not funny and i’m not laughin’)
  • there are going to be people in the community who won’t like you because you’re cis + het, and it’s mostly due to being mistreated by said people,, just be understanding of this, okay? you’re not obligated to interact with them–in the same way they’re not obligated to interact with you. just leave each other be and avoid discourse over that
  • listen my friend if you’ve got a gay (i’m using it here as a blanket term) friend please don’t expect that they’ll have a crush on you or anything It’s Not Cool
  • my personal pet peeve is when people erase the fact that intersex people exist so as a bit of a personal thing for you to remember : please remember intersex people are real and, “there’s lots of genders but only two sexes” is FALSE
  • and be open to criticism!! if you’re being told that you’re wrong / you said something bad, please don’t fight with the people who you’re supposed to be a good ally to !!

if any of my followers have something to add on in the replies + another ask OR if i said something wrong, please let me know !! (but be kind, please)


this applies x2 if you’re white / white-passing because often if people of color (not to say if you’re white-passing you aren’t, but y’know) speak up for themselves, they’ll be seen as “aggressive”, etc

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Hey Star, I think I found the perfect place to put Toffee so that he can't cause any trouble ever. It's a magical island prison called "The Isle of the Lost." All the Disney villains are sent there: Maleficent, Jafar, Ursula, Yzma, and Gaston to name a few. (Please don't ask how some of them are even alive let alone coexisting with each other on an island prison, we don't know ourselves.)

Star:……*looking up a brochure of the Isle of the lost* @artgirllullaby

screechfoxes  asked:

i was googling and i found a set of 9 month old tips on drawing sylvari from you, but they mostly focused on face shape. if it's not a trouble, do you have any tips on sylvari hair? because it confuses me big time. love your art! <3

Sure thing!! I advise you however that this isn’t the gospel truth and to take all of this with a grain of salt, bc it’s just how I draw sylvari hair.

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swordplay // cullen x lavellan (nsfw)

anonymous requested accidental stimulation for the kink meme. i had some trouble getting this one out, but i finally finished it, so any nice comments would be so appreciated. <3 includes slightly dominant cullen~ very nsfw! reblog if you enjoyed, please!

Ellaina lifted her arm to her forehead, wiping the beads of sweat that had formed there off into the green sleeve of her coat. She’d spent the afternoon in the courtyards of Skyhold practicing sparring with some of the Inquisition’s soldiers. Being a mage, she’d never really seen the need to pick up a sword before, but now that she was the Inquisitor, she found herself eager to learn and be trained in all kinds of battle.

Picking up her sword once more, she swung the blade forward to meet the sword the soldier was holding, a loud clang ringing through her ears as the blades clashed.  She spun on her heel, lunging forward again, swords clanging against each other, against shields. Ellaina had to admit that wielding a sword was exhilarating. It made her feel powerful.

Up in Cullen’s tower, the Commander sat as his desk, shuffling through some reports, when he heard the sound of swords, his soldiers voice, and another very familiar voice.

Ellaina? he wondered. He had jokingly teased her before, saying that she needed to pick up a sword sometime. She had just scoffed and chuckled in response, so he didn’t think she would ever take him up on it.

Curiosity got the best of him, and he stood up from his chair and walked over to the door, squinting as the sun rays shone brightly in his eyes when he opened the door. He walked out onto the battlements, peering down to the courtyards below. And there she was. Ellaina Lavellan, a sword in hand, sparring with his soldiers. This was a sight he didn’t expect to see.

He was impressed, she wielded the sword quite well, her movements fast and effortless, but surprisingly skilled for someone who had never properly used a sword before. Her slender hand had a strong grip on the hilt, and her golden eyes were bright with determination and focus.

As he watched her train, Cullen suddenly felt a growing heat swirling in his belly, a familiar stirring below his waist.

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Hello! What kind of printer and paper is best suited for making buttons? I've been hearing things like thick paper ruins your button machine/cutter, laser print is better than inkjet, etc. I have little knowledge when it comes to printing, so I'm not sure if these factors will affect the end result greatly.

Nattosoup:  I use presentation paper and my toner printer when I print buttons at home, and have been thrilled with the results.  Any paper with a presentation finish- slight gloss, designed to hold loads of color, should work well with a toner printer, provided it mentions those printers on the package. 

Kiriska: Thick paper will indeed jam your machine and possibly your cutter. 

I recommend sticking to 24-36 lb “regular” printer paper, though properties like gloss/photo/etc should be fine. The properties of the paper are your preference, but the weight should be light enough that the cutter doesn’t get paper bits stuck on its blade and the machine won’t have any trouble crushing it into a button.

Other than that, I think laser VS inkjet is also a personal preference. I’d do some test prints if you can and see which you like better.


Oh, all of these minutes passing, sick of feeling used
If you wanna break these walls down, you’re gonna get bruised

Yona requested by @kimimarro

I Might Like You

i like it when you smile
and your eyes turn into lines
and when its like youve run for a mile
and you smile again as to say you are fine

i like it when you try to be funny
and im laughing because i havent lately
the way you throw your head back laughing
with the exchange of words we’re having

i like it when youre uncomparable
when you became irressistably memorable
you make me forget about my past
you make me think this one will last

i like it when you are so humble
its as if you dont want to give any trouble
i like it when you look at me as if i have a chance
i like the thought of you and me like a dance

i like it,i like you
actually i Might like you
i m not sure really
but i feel like i do

-Yna C.

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Hi! if its not too much trouble i was wondering if you have any book recs? I've read the queen's thief and I'm working on the magicians right now and I just thought we had similar book taste!

You know not what you have unleashed.  Giving book recs is my only joy in life.

I was going to joke that this is just a list of Every Book I Have Ever Liked but that is a lie as I am a voracious reader and that list would probably be in the several hundreds, if not thousands.  (I just did some sloppy math and at the rate that I read, it is totally possible for a list of books I have liked to be well over a thousand books.)

Books with a * are books I would die on a hill for.  Books with more than one * are books I would die on a mountain, or possibly a mountain range, for.

Books I just generally love:

*The Telling by Ursula K. LeGuin.  SciFi.  Anthropology and Linguistics and more gay than you originally expected.

***The Imperial Radch series by Ann Leckie.  SciFi.  What does it mean to be a person?  (I hate picking favorites but this is.  The favorite.)

**Ninefox Gambit by Yoon Ha Lee.  SciFi.  A level of space military tactics Ender’s Game only wished it could achieve.  (Fuck you, Orson Scott Card.)  (I love this book so fucking much, I just re-read it.)

*The Flora Segunda series by Ysabeau S. Wilce.  Fantasy.  A young girl and her dog keep fucking shit up in a place with great worldbuilding.  (So good that my friend I loaned the first book to turned to me after reading it and said, “Wow, I can really tell these books influenced you a lot.”  I picked up some mannerisms from the protag.  Also I picture the red dogs as Vizslas.)

*Sorcerer to the Crown by Zen Cho.  Fantasy.  Regency-era magicians where the main characters are people of color and one of them is a Slytherin force for good.  (Really fucking good.)

Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell.  Fantasy.  Not quite as good as Sorcerer to the Crown (similar eras, somewhat similar themes) but there’s more of it so you can enjoy it for longer.

**Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones.  Fantasy.  Cranky assholes work at cross-purposes and everything is way more complicated than you thought.  Not very much like the movie.

*Fire and Hemlock by Diana Wynne Jones.  Fantasy.  Have you ever wished you could forget your embarrassing teenage mistakes?  Yeah, be careful what you wish for.  Somewhat uncomfortable age gap.  (Weird and complicated and great.)

*The Mortal Engines series by Philip Reeve.  SciFi/Speculative Fiction.  Social Darwinism taken to its logical, horrible conclusion.  Also: feelings about robots and family!  (Also: the typewriter scene.  Also also I cosplayed as one of the main characters for a pre-Halloween party.)

The Graceling Realm Series by Kristin Cashore.  Fantasy.  Angry women fuck shit up in a cool fantasy world.  I like the third book best, but the other two are very good.

The Summer Prince by Alaya Dawn Johnson.  SciFi.  I don’t remember this super well because I haven’t read it in ages, but I fucking loved it and cried my eyes out at the end.  Not that it’s hard to get me to cry my eyes out.

The Flavia de Luce books by Alan Bradley.  Mystery.  Normally I hate mystery novels, but these are really good–probably because the protag is a young, deeply nerdy girl instead of a grizzled middle-aged man or something.  She bikes around the countryside and terrifies adults.

The Pit Dragon Chronicles by Jane Yolen.  SciFi.  Yes, it’s SciFi with dragons.  I don’t remember them super well but the worldbuilding is really cool.

*The Wind on Fire series by William Nicholson.  Fantasy.  These are… very odd?  Kind of about faith and standing against conformity?  They’re so hard to explain but they’re VERY VERY good.

**Deep Secret by Diana Wynne Jones.  Fantasy.  Local Man Does Everything Wrong, Also Ends Up At A SciFi/Fantasy Convention, Then Does Some Things Right.  I really really love this book.  I actually read the sequel, The Merlin Conspiracy, first.  I felt like it had to be the sequel to something, but there was nothing about a previous book anywhere in that book.  Finally I found out the first book is Deep Secret, but they’re not sold together because Deep Secret is for adults and The Merlin Conspiracy is middle-grade.  The Merlin Conspiracy is also very good, even if I would be way better at the plant magic than Roddy, so there!  (The series is The Magids.)

The Claidi Journals by Tanith Lee.  Science Fantasy.  No listen that’s a genre and this series is in that genre.  Deeply confused girl gets an involuntary tour of her weird world.  Super bizarre but very cool worldbuilding.

The Elemental Logic series by Laurie J. Marks.  Fantasy.  You know that post that goes around about a gentle giant, but a lady?  With a tiny girlfriend?  This is that post, in book form.  This is supposed to be a quartet but no one seems to know if the fourth book will ever happen.  So if you don’t want to deal with getting invested in something that may always have some loose threads, stay away.  Really gay, although some of the gay does have an unpleasantly large age gap.

Books to read if you liked the Queen’s Thief series:

The Bartimaeus trilogy by Jonathan Stroud.  Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: snarky narrator similar to Gen in The Thief.  Alternate history where djinn are the source of all magicians’ magic.

Behind the Throne by K.B. Wagers.  SciFi.  Reason for recommending: complicated politics.  SciFi imperialism done interestingly.  Also, funny hair color mishaps.  Haven’t read the second book yet, can’t vouch for it.

The Inheritance Trilogy by N.K. Jemisin.  Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: complicated politics.  Young woman suddenly finds she’s in the running to be the next ruler of the land she lives in, but she knows something’s fishy.  Then stuff happens with gods.  And polyamory.

*The Wicked Lovely series by Melissa Marr.  Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: complicated politics.  (Can you tell I have a type?  I have a type.)  Faerie court politics done pretty damn well.  The first book seems like a godawful, poorly written YA fantasy with faeries instead of vampires–push through it, it gets so fucking good.  (These were some of the books, besides the Queen’s Thief series, that got me into SciFi/Fantasy books with a lot of politics.)

The Lynburn Legacy series by Sarah Rees Brennan.  Fantasy/Southern Gothic except it’s in England?  English Countryside Gothic?  Reason for recommending: more dysfunctional straight people.  This is a fun lark, with mind meld shit, which I like in fiction.

The Realm of the Elderlings books by Robin Hobb.  Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: Fitz and Gen would get along a little too well.  There are a bajillion of these books divided into smaller series.  Lots of fun politics, lots of fun characters, and cool magic.  (I want to live in the world of these books, except I don’t because I would probably die for having the Wit.  Because I would have the Wit if I lived in this world.)

Nimona by Noelle Stevenson.  Graphic novel, Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: similarly plucky protags with dark pasts.  A young shapeshifter informs a supervillain she’s his sidekick now.

The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by E. Lockhart.  Realistic Fiction.  Reason for recommending: have you ever wondered what Gen would be like as a modern-day teen girl at a private school?  Now you know.  Local Girl Gets Pissed About All-Male Secret Club, Does Something.  Don’t read it if you don’t have a high tolerance for privileged private school kids being ridiculous.

The Modern Faerie Tales by Holly Black.  Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: complicated politics.  The original (or close to original) gritty urban faeries.  Definitely better than the shitty copies people made later.

The In The Shadow of the Bear series by David John Randall.  Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: main character would get along with Gen a little too well.  Adorable blonde girls wants to fight everything, dark magic is a hell of a drug.  Endgame romance has a moderate age gap, though.

The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black.  Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: similarly mindfuck-y, also some complicated politics.  Faeries are real and people keep making bad decisions involving them.  Also there’s a hot dude in a glass coffin.

The Martian by Andy Weir.  SciFi.  Reason for recommending: snarky narrator similar to Gen in The Thief.  It’s pretty similar to the movie, but essentially: a crew of people go to Mars and the botanist gets left behind.  Now he has to survive.  On Mars.  No biggie.  I love this book because both my parents are botanists, and I’ve studied botany a bit.  (Although the movie Arrival wins re: People Studying What I Study Are The Heroes.  Also this one book called Cognate but the writing was only so-so.)

**Code Name Verity by Elizabeth E. Wein.  Historical Fiction.  Reason for recommending: [REDACTED DUE TO SPOILERS, JUST READ IT].  Two young women in World War II are a pilot/spy duo, and the spy has been captured–how did we get here?

Books to read if you liked The Magicians series:

The Kingkiller Chronicle series by Patrick Rothfuss.  Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: similarly cool magic system.  Dude is a Mary Sue but in a compelling way, for once.  Warning: this is supposed to be a trilogy but the third book has been years in the works.  Don’t start this series if you don’t like waiting.

*The Abhorsen trilogy by Garth Nix.  Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: similarly cool magic system.  A young girl becomes the Necromancer-in-Chief in a failing kingdom.  Ignore Clariel and Goldenhand, neither is very good.  Just keep pretending it’s a trilogy.  Read Clariel if you desperately want more, but Goldenhand sucks.

The Engelsfors series by Mats Strandberg and Sara Bergmark Elfgren.  Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: similarly cool magic system.  Kind of like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but a hell of a lot gayer, and frequently cooler too.  Actually now that I think of it, it’s like Buffy if everyone was Willow.  Except for the character who’s basically Cordelia.  (The ending of the series fucking ruined me but in a good way.)

**The Wicked + The Divine by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie.  Comic book, Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: similarly dark.  Maybe not quite as dark?  Every ninety years, twelve gods are incarnated into the bodies of teens/young adults.  This time, they’re pop/rock stars.  This is still ongoing.  (I cosplayed a background character from this (kinda) for actual Halloween.)

The Keys to the Kingdom series by Garth Nix.  Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: I feel like there are some similar themes/tones, but these books are nowhere near as dark.  A boy almost dies of asthma, but is saved by the gift of a strange clock hand.  Suddenly, his world looks very different.  (Literally, haha.)

*The Dalemark Quartet by Diana Wynne Jones.  Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: I feel like there are some similar themes/tones, but these books are nowhere near as dark.  A series of interconnected books (what order you read them in REALLY changes how you see things) about the history of a world kind of like ours but with magic.  And weaving.

***The Young Wizards series by Diane Duane.  Science Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: similarly cool magic system.  Kids learn how to do magic, yell at Secular Satan.  I’m an atheist but the belief system of these books is the closest I get to a faith of some kind, even if I am really bad at remembering I’m trying to slow entropy.  I would recommend reading the reworked editions–I haven’t, because they’re only available as eBooks right now and I don’t super like reading eBooks.  She fixed the timeline in the new versions, plus some issues with how she portrayed an autistic character.  The first few books were written ages ago, so the series gets more diverse as it goes on, culminating in some Good Shit in the most recent book.  (There’s an asexual character!!!)

Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman.  Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: main character is a lot like Quentin.  Normal Dude Finds Dying Girl, Decides to Help her, Realizes he Fucked Up and is in Too Deep.

Watership Down by Richard Adams.  Realistic Fiction but about rabbits???  Reason for recommending: about as dark as the Magicians series.  Yes, it’s about rabbits.  Yes, it’s that dark.

*The Earthsea Quartet by Ursula K. LeGuin.  Fantasy.  Reason for recommending: similarly cool magic system, also some similar themes/tones, has a Magic School, main character is somewhat like Quentin.  This random goat-herding kid turns out to be a powerful mage and gets sent off to school to learn how to handle that.  Then he makes a lot of mistakes.  Like, a lot.

exorcistsakuri  asked:

If it's not any trouble, could you do a headcanon of RFA reacting to MC not being able to speak fluently in their lanuage and messing up alot/always switching to their mother tongue by accident? (P.S I love your headcanons have a great day)

i wrote most of the dialogue in english but just…pretend they speakin Korean OK :3

~requests are closed as of the time i am posting this, nov 30, 2016~


  • since MC had only recently learned Korean they did this thing where they would forget the word that describes one specific thing
  • like they’ll be out grocery shopping with Yoosung for the week
  • “oh, Yoosung! we should get…”
  • they look down, thinking hard for a moment
  • “…w…whats the word….?”
  • Yoosung honestly thought it was the most adorable thing ever
  • he looked at them, their eyebrows scrunched together
  • Yoosung decides to offer some help
  • “well, we’re out of-”
  • “shhhh! i love you but i got this!”
  • MC, without looking up, pushed their finger against Yoosungs lips
  • he giggled and kisses the finger
  • “c’mon, MC! think! think!”
  • they places a finger on each of their temples, as if trying to summon the information out of their brain
  • they sigh, looking defeated
  • “follow me”
  • MC pushes their cart to the produce section, Yoosung walking by their side
  • the pick up an apple from a fruit display
  • “this! we need these”
  • Yoosung takes the apple from MC, holding it up with a bright smile
  • “sagwa”
  • MC takes another apple, holding it up to Yoosungs
  • “sagwa. sagwa sagwa sagwa”
  • they were staring hard at the apples, determined to remember the name
  • Yoosung giggles again
  • gosh, they are just the cutest thing!
  • his little apple


  • although MC was pretty good at speaking Korean, they often had trouble reading it
  • which sometimes caused problems whenever Zen asked them to read lines with him
  • they wanted to help so bad but!!!
  • sometimes their reading is a little slow
  • “i never th….thought you w…would be able to l..lie to…”
  • MC smacks the papers into their forehead
  • “i’m sorry i’m so stupid, Zen…i wish i could be more helpful…”
  • Zen moves the papers aside so he can look at their face
  • their cheeks were red with embarrassment
  •  “sweetheart, you arent stupid at all. hey, i cant only speak one language”
  • MC avoids his eyes, trying to stay upset
  • Zen grabs their hands and leans in close so they cant ignore him
  • “i’ll make you a deal, baby”
  • “a deal…?”
  • “yes. i’ll teach you how to read Korean if you teach me how to speak english”
  • MC looks at him, a grin forming on their face
  • they let go of his hand and hold it out for a handshake
  • “deal”
  • Zen has english tutoring monday wednesday friday after his rehearsal and MC has Korean reading lessons tuesday thursday after breakfast
  • Zen will never stop making jokes about how he has a crush on his english teacher
  • sometimes if he’s having a hard time with the lesson he’ll try to be all flirty and get out of it and MC’s just like yea OK Zen
  • “we can stop the lesson if you can flirt with me in english”
  • …..
  • “thats what i thought”


  • Jaehee decided to bring some snacks to MC’s house since they were recently complaining about being low on food 
  • she packed a care package with ramen, rice, and little cakes!
  • MC was sure to love it :)
  • she knocks on the door
  • when MC opens the door their face lights up
  • “Jaehee! what a pleasant surprise!”
  • “good afternoon, MC. i hope you’ll accept this gift. i thought you might be hungry”
  • MC grabs the basket from Jaehee
  • Merci!”
  • MC laughs, covering their mouth
  • “oops! kamsamnida”
  • Jaehee looks at MC, confused
  • “Merci…? what does that mean…?”
  • MC rubs the back of their neck as they let Jaehee inside
  • “it’s french. sorry, i grew up speaking french and it just slips out sometimes”
  • Jaehee blushes
  • Merci…that sounded kind of cute…
  • “what else can you say in french?”
  • MC laughs
  • “anything, silly! it is my first language, after all”
  • when Jaehee looks down, MC realized that Jaehee asked because she wanted to hear more french
  • while unpacking the food, they start to speak
  • “Jaehee est mon amour”
  • “hmm? you said something about me! what did you say?”
  • MC smiles smugly to themselves
  • “dont worry about it, youll find out soon enough”
  • Jaehee is so innocent


  • it was pretty common for MC to slip into english when they were really sleepy
  • when Jumin says MC’s cute when they’re tired, he doesnt just mean how they look
  • he adores the way they switch from Korean and english, sometimes multiple times in one sentence
  • he’ll just run his hand through their hair softly as he gives up on trying to understand them
  • he’ll just hear “Jumin oppa….” and then a ton of mumbled nonsense
  • but it was adorable mumbled nonsense
  • thanks to that, though, he now knows how to say “good morning” and “good night” in english
  • he also knows “i love you”
  • one morning MC’s eyes flutter open to see Jumin laying next to them
  • he was looking at them with a warm smile
  • “g'morning, Jumin” they say in english with a groggy voice
  • “good morning, i love you”
  • he cant help but smile even bigger as he says good morning to MC in their own language
  • they were too sleepy to realize that Jumin just spoke english
  • they scoot closer to him, burying their face into his neck
  • “s….saranghae…”
  • Jumin wraps his arms around them tightly as they drift off again
  • what a little cutie, he thinks
  • he’ll just show off his english skills later when theyre more awake


  • when Seven ignored MC there was only one real way they could make themselves feel better
  • the english language
  • “MC, i told you to leave me alone. i’m trying to work”
  • MC would walk away, mumbling in english
  • “yea, this is fine. sure. i just love it when you push me away, Seven! i’m begging you, please never stop. it’s not like i’m in love with you or anything”
  • or even
  • “Seven, i’m going to eat soon, do you want me to make you something?”
  • “no. im not hungry. just eat alone”
  • MC mumbles in english again
  • “fantastic! i love eating alone. isnt it great to be inches away from the man you love and not even be able to make him a simple meal? yup! love it”
  • one day MC was sitting back to back with Seven and decided to call him
  • he answers the phone
  • “what?”
  • “Seven..! i was just going to ask if..um..you needed anything?”
  • “no. why do you keep calling me?”
  • MC answered him in english, knowing he wouldnt understand
  • “oh, i dont know. because i’m thinking about you every second of everyday and hoping you’re okay and when all you do is sit in this corner and work i get worried and i’m in love with you?”
  • Seven lets out a long, heavy sigh
  • “stop saying you love me”
  • MC stops breathing
  • he….he just spoke english…?
  • oh god, all those times they said all that stupid shit
  • he…he knew…
  • he heard it all. he understood it all
  • they hang up the phone and bury their head between their knees
  • how could they have been so stupid??
  • MC’s body starts to shake, their back still against Seven
  • then Seven decides to do something he knows is probably a bad idea
  • he turns around and wraps his arms around MC, pulling them into his lap
  • he doesnt want them to cry, please dont cry
  • Seven speaks to MC in english
  • “i dont hate you, MC. i do this to protect you….i know sometimes it hurts but just know that you’re very important to me”
  • he tries to cheer them up
  • “hey, MC! remember this? honey, i love you~”
  • MC giggles and sniffles a little bit
  • “yea…just like the teddy bears, right? thats the first time you called me cute..”
  • Seven feels his face heat up
  • “i should…get back to work”
  • MC’s still upset, so he lets them lay their head in his lap while he works on his laptop
  • this was probably a mistake but he really liked it