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Cabin Fever (Summer Camp Ashton smut)

 Okay, so I got a lot of positive feedback on this post and got randomly inspired and decided to turn it into a smut. As always, Mickie helped me with editing and smut and such. I hope it’s okay! This is dedicated to Ashley btw ;-)

Three months of waiting, and it was finally about to happen. My heart felt like it might burst in my chest. This couldn’t be happening. I was the quiet girl, the one no one noticed sitting in the back of the room. But he’d noticed. And he’d spent the entire summer making sure I knew it.

When your parents send you off to summer camp, they expect you to make beaded bracelets and eat marshmallows while someone tells you ghost stories. And believe me, I’d done that, more times over than I would ever admit to my friends back home. But it’d also done more. Jesus, so much more. No, I don’t mean canoeing or learning how to shoot a bow (though I did do both of those things), I mean capturing the attention of the most desired boy around.

Ashton Irwin was a piece of work. He was the kind of boy everyone looked up to. Positive and light-hearted, I don’t think I had ever seen him not surrounded by people. His voice was obnoxiously high, to the point that it was almost laughable, but somehow it suited him. His eyes were somewhere between the colors of caramel and chocolate, and his curly hair reminded me of browning wheat swaying in the breeze. At somewhere around six feet tall, he towered over just about everyone, including me. Broad shoulders moved down to muscular arms and a toned torso. Everyone wanted him; guys and girls alike. And of all people, he seemed to want me.

It had started out as an occasional smile when he passed me on the hiking trails, or a wave from across the cafeteria, making me think he was just friendly. Yet, as the summer went on, he began to sit beside me as I read and compliment the way the sun made my hair look. Little things, like the occasional touch on the leg when we sat together at lunch or a grin I swear I’d never seen him give anyone else drove me wild. All summer I’d been asking myself what was going on. And now I knew.

With a day and a half left on the clock for camp, time was running short when I found the note on my pillow. The handwriting was sloppy and hard to read, but the message was absolutely clear. Tonight, I was to slip away from the final bonfire and meet none other that Ashton himself in the spare cabin meant for the sick. Since no one had fallen ill all summer, it remained empty.

I was almost positive that it was a joke. Some bitchy girl had seen me fawning over him and decided to play a cruel prank, but I couldn’t let the opportunity slide. If the note was legit, there was no telling what Ashton wanted, and no telling what I would give.

My heart pounded as the cabin drew closer. It was more like a portable you would see at an elementary school than anything else, but its separation from the rest of the camp made it seem dark and ominous. A few hundred yards away, the bonfire was burning high in the sky, chatty teens gathered around it preparing to say their goodbyes. Honestly, I’d always hated that type of sappy bullshit. It wasn’t like I’d actually made any friends here anyways. When I was twenty feet away, I’d stopped. What if he isn’t inside? What if this really is a joke?

I ditched the thoughts, walking to the small door and pushing it in gently. It creaked, clearly gone without use for quite some time. Ashton sat on one of the old fashioned nursing beds, the paper that would normally sit there having been crumpled up and cast onto the floor. The usual tank top with the sides cut low hung from his shoulders like silk curtains, drawing attention to all the right places.

“Ashley.” He smiled, his white teeth practically glowed in the dim lighting. My heart pounded while he rose to his feet. “I uh – I didn’t think you would come to be honest.”

“Why would you think that?” My voice sounded foreign, stronger and more desirable than when I’d spoken to him before.

“I don’t know.” He muttered. He was almost uncomfortably close to me by this point, so much so that I could feel the heat radiating off his body. My first instinct was to back away, but Ashton had already closed the door behind me. “You just didn’t seem so interested. At least not the way I am.” His eyes flickered down to my lips then, and I felt a shot of pure adrenaline spike through me as I pictured how his lips would feel on mine. “I just – I wanted to do this before we left…”

Without much warning his lips were on mine, soft and warm and moving in all the right ways. His large hands gripped my waist firmly and nudged me backwards until my body hit the door, pressing me up against the wood. I was too shocked to react for a nanosecond, and then my lips were moving against his with force, just the way I had imagined it only seconds previously. How he could ever have thought I didn’t want this I would probably never know, but I wasn’t about to up and tell him that I’d dreamed of him doing so many dirty things to my body all throughout this camp to prove him wrong.
When his tongue slid across my bottom lip, I readily opened my mouth. Previously when I’d kissed like this before, it felt awkward, the boy’s tongue like a slug slipping into my mouth and just lying there. But Ashton knew what he was doing. His tongue mixed with mine hungrily as if he’d been waiting all week to do this. Which, I guess in a way he had. My whole body was heated, pressed up flush against his, as his fingers slid under the hem of my shirt. I knew what he wanted. What we wanted.

Swiftly, I swiped the fabric over my head, leaving just the thin fabric of my bra to separate us. Ashton’s eyes went wide for a moment. “Jesus,” he muttered, before dipping his head and leaving hot, open-mouthed kisses on my neck down to my collarbone. His teeth against the sensitive skin was enough to make me moan, entwining my fingers in his hair and pulling him closer into me. I could feel every outline of his body against mine through our clothes and I craved to feel how we moved together without anything in our way. Our movements were effortless, no awkward tension or colliding limbs. It was like we had done this a million times before.
His calloused fingers slipped into my jeans, his head still buried in the crook of my neck as he nipped at the exposed skin. His fingertips touch brushed over the cotton fabric of my panties, making me buck my hips into his hand, completely desperate for more friction. “Please do something,” I mumbled, releasing his hair and yanking his shirt swiftly over his head. Fuck, he looked nice without a shirt on. Ashton grinned against my skin and his hand pulled out of my jeans, instead unbuckling them swiftly and pulling them smoothly down my legs, along with my panties. Clothes continued to be removed until we were both bare, his lips back on mine and his hard on pressed tightly against my inner thigh.

There was no time to think of how it had gotten this far so quickly. All I knew was that I wanted him, and his proximity had driven me absolutely fucking wild. My hand caught his shaft, pumping him a few times to encourage his length to grow, though he was already unimaginably large. I nearly let out a moan just at the thought of how he would feel inside me.
“What do you want me to do?” He gasped, his hot breath trailing across my skin, leaving delicate shivers to contrast the heat burning under my skin.

My hands trembled with nerves and need as I led him to the bed, sitting up on it. From the height we were in the perfect position, his length lined up straight with my core. I reached up to lace my fingers in his hair and pull him down to kiss me again. I left a trail of sloppy kisses up to his ear and mumbled, “I want you.”
That was all Ashton needed to hear. He nudged my knees apart, stepping between my legs and using a finger to spread the wetness waiting there. He groaned, the knowledge of how wet I was for him driving him crazy. His entrance was slow, stretching me to the max. I let out small whimpers that he chased away with chaste kisses against my lips, but as he started to rock his hips and fill me completely, I couldn’t contain the moans that replaced the whimpers. My legs found their way around his waist, trying to draw him in deeper. Each thrust was a new pleasure as he drove us both to our highs.

“Fuck, Ashley…” He moaned, biting down on my bottom lip softly. The sexiest groan I’ve ever heard erupted from his lips as my nails wracked down his back. “God, you feel so good.”

I was too far gone to reply. His hands grabbed handfuls of my breasts, palming them roughly. His lips left mine every so often and caught one of my hardened nipples in his mouth, tugging and sucking harshly, sending shocks of pleasure and pain coursing through my body. I hadn’t known how badly I’d wanted this, and I definitely didn’t know how good it would feel.
Ashton’s thrusts grew sloppy, and I knew his high was approaching as quickly as my own. The knot forming in the bottom of my stomach was a constant reminder of the pure bliss to come. When his hand slipped between our bodies and his rough thumb found my clit, rubbing hard figure eights, I felt myself lose everything. With a strangled cry, my walls clenched around him tightly, my fingernails leaving crescent moon shaped indentations on his toned back. This was euphoria.

His name flying past my lips in soft whimpers and moans sent Ashton over the edge. A few sloppy thrusts were thrown to ride us through our highs before he collapsed on top of me. It felt almost hard to breathe; my body was completely exhausted.

“Jesus.” Ashton muttered, carefully peeling himself off of me. The sound of our sticky skin pulling apart was actually disgusting. He tossed me a few items of my clothing, both of us flailing to get dressed and return to the bonfire before anyone notices our mutual absence. “That was… something else.”

His grin was wide enough to split his face and I loved the effect I had on him. “We’ll have to do it again sometime.” My smirk was carefully placed. I didn’t want to sound too eager, but I didn’t want to sound disinterested either.

“Oh we will be. I already saved my number in your phone.”