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hey i think i might have anxiety of some sort. i wanna bring up a psychiatrist or something with my parents but confrontation is...horrible for me. any tips? 8')

Just say that one of your friends was recently diagnosed, or has been discussing diagnosing themselves with their parents, and then tell your family that you relate a lot to their symptoms and that you think talking to someone outside of the family could help you/give you a new point of view on the situation.

People oftentimes hear the word ‘psychiatrist’ and immediately shut down or object and claim nothing is ‘wrong’ with you. It becomes a game of out-logicing them and also being more polite but insistent lol.


Take a wild guess who these dorks are


to be continued, stay tooned to see what “poseidons kiss” is (or you could like google it, but where’s the fun in that??)…. part 1\2

this took forever, and i’m not even done yet

Edit: Here is part 2, the boat pun was not intended

30 Day Writing Challenge Day 17: Forgive

It was his fault. If Otabek had been a second faster, none of this would have happened. Neither of them would have gotten hurt and they could be on the ice, having fun for the week he was in Russia.

If only he had noticed the car that ran the red light.

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Quantum computers ready to leap out of the lab in 2017
Google, Microsoft and a host of labs and start-ups are racing to turn scientific curiosities into working machines.

Quantum computing has long seemed like one of those technologies that are 20 years away, and always will be. But 2017 could be the year that the field sheds its research-only image.

Computing giants Google and Microsoft recently hired a host of leading lights, and have set challenging goals for this year. Their ambition reflects a broader transition taking place at start-ups and academic research labs alike: to move from pure science towards engineering.

“People are really building things,” says Christopher Monroe, a physicist at the University of Maryland in College Park who co-founded the start-up IonQ in 2015. “I’ve never seen anything like that. It’s no longer just research.”

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The Gang Turns Black Soundtrack

hey guys i picked out all the songs from last night’s episode and ripped them into mp3s!! everything is named and sorted for itunes (there were no official titles so i kinda guessed), so all it needs now is album art!

To the conspiracy theorists that think Stephen Hawking is some kind of body double or has been replaced over and over...shut up.

It’s all the same guy. A disabled person’s body is going to age differently than someone who is able-bodied. Especially if it’s something that affects the nerves and result in muscles becoming useless as time progresses. His lack of facial wrinkles is because of the muscles atrophying from disuse. People get botox to paralyze facial muscles, which removes wrinkles.

Stephen also went through a period of being very thin because he had a lot of trouble swallowing for awhile. He coughed up more food than he consumed. I think that was remedied with a laryngectomy some time after his tracheostomy, and it helped him swallow food safely again. After that, his thinness is more or less due to muscle atrophy as he lost more and more ability to move.

The later pictures probably aren’t in exact chronological order, but I tried to consolidate them within specific decades the best that I could. Some hints are the appearance of the speech device and later the sensor mounted on his glasses.

The tilt of his head and his overall body position has been pretty consistent throughout the years. His eyes, nose and lips are all the same shape if you look closely.

Stephen Hawking is still very much alive. He wasn’t “replaced” and he’s not some poor old man from a nursing home. He’s an actual human being living with disabilities and doing the best that he can with what he’s got.

Conspiracy theorists just can’t stand seeing a disabled person who is smarter than them.  You theorists cry “fake” at anything that doesn’t fit your narrow-minded view…and you have the gall to tell reasonable people that they’re wrong? Plz get off this planet kthxbye.

High Wycombe, Harvester ... and a possible Sherlolly spoiler

I saw a post earlier asking for an explanation why High Wycombe, of all the possible towns in the UK, was mentioned repeatedly in TLD and what exactly is a Harvester — and again why this choice.

According the Wikipedia, High Wycombe has been inhabited since 970 AD. It received market borough status(which means the area market could be held here) in 1222 AD. While it has always been associated with industry, I believe the key reason High Wycombe was suggested as an out-of-town meeting place for Sherlock and The Woman is its location.

High Wycombe is located 29 miles from Charring Cross(London) and 27 miles from Oxford on the A40 (one of the original trunk roads). The Sherlock Holmes Museum (the physical location of the fictional 221b) on Baker Street is less than 5 minutes’ drive from the A40.  According to Google Maps it would take 30 minutes to get from Barker Street to High Wycombe.

The original ACD Sherlock Holmes could easily have taken a stagecoach between London and Oxford with the High Wycombe stop being the half-way point.

These days High Wycombe is a fine place but not too exciting. It has some good shopping and one of the best girls schools in the country (Wycombe Abby).

And now Harvester …

Someone on a another post likened Harvester to Applebees the US food chain. This is not quite accurate. The slogan for Harvester is “Home of Great Value Food.” You can get a lot of okay food for not very much money. There is a family focus — it would be the sort of place Molly would take her Gran for her birthday.

Harvester was likely chosen because of the irony of Sherlock and The Woman eating in this sort of restaurant. There are a number of Michelin starred establishments run by some of the top chefs in the world very near High Wycombe.

And which discrete Harvester?  Why this one of course: The Blacksmith Arms.

*******stop reading now if you don’t want to see a possible Sherlolly Spoiler *****

This is the High Wycombe branch of Harvester. I accidentally clicked on the Trip Adviser link for this and discovered this …

In the column on the left, second item “West Wycombe Park” is listed. 

I thought this rang a bell. For some reason I remembered that a member of the Sherlock cast had recently posted somewhere on social media something about West Wycombe Park … after a frantic search of Twitter that showed up nothing I was talking to @obotligtnyfiken when i remembered where I saw it … Instagram!

This picture was posted in early December. Could mean nothing … or it very much could mean something! 

@obotligtnyfiken @onegirlandherpen @thinkture 

Classic Rock Fan Problem #1

When someone asks who your crush is and once you answer they reply with “who?” So you tell them to google them and once they do they’re like “ewwwww he’s a raisin”……ya kinda just sigh, take their phone, and type in ‘young’ after their name.


The purpose of this blog is to highlight, share and elevate the awesome blogs I have found that are writing, talking, creating and make space for Black, POC, Fat and Queer Kpop Fans. If you don’t fall into those categories and still want to follow these blogs, cool. HOWEVER, they are not your dictionary, your thesaurus, your history book, Google or your doctor. They are not required to answer any of your questions or appease you If you do not fit into the above there is space for you–it’s called literally everywhere else. 

If you want to suggest a blog/writing please do. PLEASE SEND THEM VIA MY ASK OR PRIVATE MESSAGE ME. I’ll check them out and then add them 👌🏾 If they’re a fanfic account make sure they fit in the rules I set out.  I read a lot but what I share has to meet that at the very minimum. 

Specifically For Black Fans:

@kpoppantydrop @kpoppocmoodboards @pocinamedia @black-kpop-fans @blackkpopfannetwork @blackkvarietyfans @black-kpop-fans @black-kpop-confessions @chocolate-queens-of-kpop @brownsugaredfics @themelaninkmusicfan @blackarmys @yoitskpoppin @blackgirltextingbangtan @kpopbrowniefics @pockfanspace


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For Queer Fans: NEED MORE!

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I will continue updating this as I learn of and follow more!

Wednesday 30.11.16 at 6.43pm

Translation by myself (and Google Translate)
Isak & Even


Pick it pack it fire it up come along and take a hit from the bong. Put the blunt down just for a second. Don’t get me wrong its not a new method. Inhale exhale* *cigarette emoji*
I don’t like my own bed

What’s wrong with it?

I just got used to yours now. When are you done studying for your test?

I have it on friday and I’m fucked. I’m so behind

Should I help you study?


You have to remember that I’m a 3rd grader. I know a lot more than you

Hahaha you don’t know anything about physics, do you?

How difficult can it be?
I took physics in Elvebakken

Physics and media?
*video of Even’s interview from Elvebakken*

Hahaha. Do you stalk me?

Who is Mikael

The previous man of my life


No. You’re the only one.


Ok I don’t have more time to talk with you. Going to shower.


Uh? What?

Fuck it. Come back to me.


*lyrics from the song “Hits from the bong” by Cypress Hill


Sooo… sry @the-humerus-skeleton @siviosanei I just couldn’t wait till Friday;;;
Uhm well, yea take these few drawings, I’ll try to draw more till Friday~

And if I’m not mistaken, your birthday is on Pocky Day right?? Well that’s what Google says. So, even if its a bit early have fun and some Pocky’s with Vani yes?

and sry if Vani’s a bit tall in the first pics?
…or you just too smol hehe.

Castiel is an actual puppy.

The puppy eyes

His puppy lips

Curious puppy head tilt

The ‘forgive me’ face puppys make after they did something wrong
I can almost hear the puppy whimpers

The ‘I found food’ thing puppies do( but its really not food and must take away)

The face they make when they get real food, excitement 

Puppies scared or timid

Confused puppy

All an all, Castiel is a freaking puppy. (not my gifs, found off google)

| The College Kid’s Apartment | Yoosung x MC (Reader)

i’ve patched this together during spare moments on the Google Keep app and its surprisingly long oops. i hope you like it though!!

Rating: NSFW, but not too terribly descriptive during shenanigans. Some spoilers ??

Est. Reading Time: 35 minutes (7,268 words)

Pairing: Yoosung x Female MC

Summary: A few months after the events in Yoosung’s Route (but before After Ending), Yoosung takes MC to his place for some much needed alone time. MC stays way later that originally planned and accidentally ends up staying the night. Neither know that the other is still a virgin. There is so much fluff, you could fall into it.

There’s a lot of cute build up. I have added a cut where the nsfw begins so you can ignore that bit if you want to or skip right to it

It was quite warm outside. As you and Yoosung walked away from the college campus, you fanned yourself to combat the temperature. Noticing this, he began energetically fanning you as well, trying to cool down your reddening complexion. You laughed.

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Originally posted by thelazyslytherin

Me:  Should I update now? Are they ready for the climax chapters? My readers might still be shaken from the Season 2 trailer.

Also me:  Post it. We will all burn together.  

Weekly update, Chapter 33

Warning: Implied illegal acts

behind the fordblogs

the reason ford takes blurry pictures on @fordblogs is to hide my photoshop work lol

this was just a picture of a tabletop. i took that baby picture of alex and ariel, added the white border to make it look like a polaroid, put it on the table and skewed it so the perspective was okay. then it was just some color fixing and a lens blur and slight motion blur to make it look believable

this was a picture of the ocean that i cropped, rotated and lens blurred, then i googled “thumb on lens”, cut out the thumb so i would have the right colors, stuck it in the corner and blurred it to hell with a gaussian blur

this was the first picture i photoshopped for the blog specifically, and i just took a pic of dolphins i took in hawaii, then took a picture of a snake, edited out the white background, turned it black and put it on multiply, lowered the opacity, blurred it and added a drop shadow

and then some of them i just tilt and blur to give a reason for cropping out the heads so i can pretend any picture of an old man is stanley

then his old photos from the 70s are clearer because i think he’d be better at using a bulky film camera than a tiny digital camera

i dont remember what i did for this i just followed a retro photo tutorial on a pic of a mug

@jasminewarrior I WAS UR OVERWATCH SECRET SANTA!!! i was super excited to draw symmeitra for u and its such a cute ship. i imagine mei might take symmetra to some chinese new year celebrations but im not too familiar with that so i just drew them being winter gays. its transparent ! also thanks to @aftermathes for organizing this!!!


Okay, about my Holby episodes.

Now I don’t want to get shitty (but I really will if I have too) but if I get another anon insulting me because I haven’t uploaded the latest episodes immediately then I will seriously consider deleting my google drive account. 

a) I do actually work god knows how many hours a week so I don’t always have the time to upload the episodes immediately, and I get enough stick in retail without coming home to it thanks

b) I have to pay 15 quid a month for the pleasure of sharing that many episodes on google drive so i will just cancel it if i get really fucking pissed off, at the end of the day its my bank account that takes a knock for this 

c) the reason i put them up in the first place was for the fans, because going back a couple of years you would have got fuck all past your week of iPlayer (if you weren’t subscribed to my YT account, thanks YT for blocking every episode i uploaded btw) so please don’t make me public enemy number one because you haven’t got what you want immediately.

and d) google drive is actually really shit for uploading. It takes like 3 hours for every episode, so please just have a little patience.

I don’t want to sound like a whining hag but it’s starting to piss me off now, just be nice and patient and if you are going to insult me, don’t do it on anon! :P

(ps. i am currently uploading the latest episode so yeah :P)

  • Me: *searches for sims 2 content via interwebs*
  • Website: Sims? Here! Have some sims 4 things!
  • Me: No. I clearly said sims 2. *Searches again*
  • Website: I do not understand your request. Have some more sims 4 things!
  • Me: *Bolds SIMS 2. Puts stars around sims 2. Puts "", '' around sims 2. Takes every word other than sims 2 away*
  • Website: But did you mean sims 4?
  • Me: -_-
  • Me: *Throws computer out window*
Baby, Will You Marry Me?

Summary: Growing up is hard, especially when you love your big brother’s best friend.  Dean Winchester is that best friend. He’s watched you grow up, let you tag along with him and Cas. Through the years, you develop a crush on Dean and that turns into love. Will Dean ever see you as more than Cas’s little sister?
Characters:  Dean Winchester x Reader
Word Count: 1987
Warnings: language
A/N:This is part eight of my new series Don’t Take the Girl.  I’m in the middle of a Dean Crisis! And this idea just popped into my head, it will be a nine part series. The whole thing has already been outlined and titled. Okay the medical stuff is something that I googled, it isn’t mentioned in great deal yet, but it will be, so all mistakes will be mine.
Tagging: @ellen-reincarnated1967 @demondean-for-kingofhell @winchesterprincessbride@jotink78 @iamdeanfknwinchester @sparklesuperwholock88 @waywardjoy@wingedchildperfection @its-not-show-its-a-lifestyle @green-love-red-fantasyhearts @carry-on-my-wayward-girl @sdavid09@lullabyjensen @arbitranox @pizzarollpatrol @teamfreewilllovesyou@writingthingsisdifficult@trinity33 @panic-angel3314 @riversong-sam @angelus320 @parisianfall @sandlee44 @random-fandom-imagines-215 @ally-miller16 @growingupgeek@hola-misha-minions @enigmalynne@letsgetyourdeanon @usedandreplaced @teddylupin24@life-is-a-plot-twist @almondjoy338 @@jpadjackles @carry-on-my-fangirl @mrswhozeewhatsis @skybinx-blog @dauntlessdiva @trinity33@theydontknowaboutus5 @trustnobodyshootfirst @rockingmotherhood @deanfuckingwinchesterrr @14readwritedraw96 @1dsprkls @anokhi07

Don’t Take the Girl Masterlist


“Are you as excited as me?” you asked Dean.

“Sweetheart you have no idea,” Dean chuckled. He wrapped his arm around you, kissing the side of your head.

“Mr. and Mrs. Winchester, the doctor will see you now.”

Two Years Ago

You and Dean had been together for over three years now. There had been plenty of ups and downs in the relationship right from the beginning. The decision to move to Stanford and attend school had been the hardest. Dean wanted you to go, he didn’t want you to miss out on such a great opportunity. You wanted to stay with him not wanting to waste another minute without him.

The two of you finally came to a compromise, that included him coming to visit every other month, video calls at least once a week, and split holidays. You, Sam and Charlie had found a small house to rent so none of you had to live in the dorms. Dean would never admit it but he actually felt better knowing that Sammy was down the hall if you ever needed anything.

Finally after four long years of studying you were graduating from college. Your parents and Cas would be flying out the following week for the ceremony and then you would drive back to Kansas. Dean was arriving later tonight to help you start to pack and to give you and him some much needed alone time. You had to work the evening shift at the school library so Sam and Charlie were picking Dean up. You left a sweet note on your pillow and hurried out the door.

“C’mon Sammy take me to the library, I’ve missed my girl!” Dean begged.

Sam chuckled, “You are so whipped, dude. I never thought I’d see the day that my big brother would want to go to a library.”

“Give the guy a break, Sammy. It probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to take him there. Might just be what Seth needs to see,” Charlie said from the backseat.

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