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Okay but what I wanna know is:

Why haven’t I seen anyone on tumblr talking about this? This happened in June, so why is everyone still arguing about ages?????

If Lance is 19, then Keith and Hunk are also 19 because they were in the same class. If anything maybe one of them is 18. 

Please stop???

By the way: I have some very fucking special words for people who claim the podcast isn’t official and “we don’t know who runs it”. Go home.

(disclaimer: I am not taking credit for this screenshot, it is not mine. It is however legitimate.)

Batboys With a Tall S/O

Request from anon: Wow could I have headcanons of the boys with a tall so…..I’m like taller then all of them (6'1 ish, or so)
I’m 5/11 so could you please do headcanons for the bat boys with a tall S/O as well

AN: I don’t know the struggles of being tall so if this is inaccurate me please correct me.  Also thanks to anons and @bon-travail98 for helping


  • We can all agree that Jaybird is mostly the tallest batboy
  • He doesn’t really think its a problem that you’re tall.  He kinda thinks it’s cute
  • Even if you’re tall Jason still feels the need to protect you
  • Kisses are cute between you two
  • He lifts you up even though you’re basically the same height
  • Sometimes you get looks for already being so tall and it makes you self conscious
  • If Jason hears that someone is making comments about you height they better be ready to catch those hands
  • One time someone said “Wow you’re tall for a girl.”
  • You bet Jason did something
  • His name is, Jason Catch These Hands Todd
  • He’s just always makes sure that people don’t talk about you cause he thinks you’re the living embodiment of a goddess and everyone should see it too
  • This boy will worship you and your height
  • Like you feeling insecure, oh there goes Dick worshipping you and explaining why he loves it
  • Someone asks about you being tall, there’s Dick defending you and making you feel better
  • You don’t wear heels so you’re not taller than him
  • He doesn’t understand why it matters that you’re taller
  • So then he goes out and buys you heels even if he knows you wouldn’t wear them
  • He just wants you to be confident
  • Plus it wouldn’t bother him if you were taller
  • But like the cuddling is real
  • Sometimes you two flip the roles of big/small spoon
  • It really just matters on who’s feeling what
  • You’re either taller than him or about the same height
  • It’s not just you who’s insecure in the relationship
  • Tim’s one of the “shortest” out of the batboys.  And his S/O is taller
  • So when he feels insecure you always cuddle and wrap yourself around him
  • Mostly that makes him feel better
  • You’re the person who’s always getting stuff out of the top shelf
  • Poor Timmers is an armrest.  Not that he minds
  • Cuddling involves you being the big spoon most of the time
  • Sometimes you pick him up to mock him.  He’s fine with it
  • Did I mention that you’re the big spoon?
  • Oh man Damian.  My smol child
  • People really got on you for dating him
  • Even your friends said that he was too short
  • To you, the difference is something that REALLY makes you insecure
  • Damian being Damian, he never really noticed how tall you were until someone pointed it out
  • And then it made you feel bad
  • Which made Damian fight them
  • He kinda thought you were his height?
  • He insists on being the big spoon and you let him
  • But man oh man does he get taller
  • When you’re older you don’t feel as bad about your height
  • Then you’re like the same height
  • He’s still the big spoon though

When I correct husbandry, I am not attacking you. I know we all make mistakes—we’re human after all—but when someone points out that your husbandry is dangerously incorrect, please listen to them. Start doing more research. Get more educated opinions.

It’s not a personal attack and I never mean to come off that way. I am trying to help you, so please, please listen.

The big flaw with Compatibility!!

I decided since I came back from my break, I would work on my content for my website and stop posting here. I am going to stop with the expectation of this because I feel like it’s specific to Tumblr. The reason I needed to take a break is that I have a lot going on in my personal life and at the same time I need a break. I love astrology passionately and intensely but sometimes its frustrating when you see people being misled. I don’t mean to sound like I’m attacking and I don’t want to explain in great detail through text as to why I think it’s so important for me to correct this stuff. 

First of all please remember that if you’re going to someone for synastry or advice on who’s “best for you”, be very very particular on who you go to if you’re going to take it seriously. And if you’re giving advice as a blogger, be accurate. It doesn’t matter how common a pairing is based off information or people on tumblr because leaving people who believe in astrology, there’s over 7 billion people in the world. It doesn’t make sense to go from a small amount of less than 20,000. In statistics thats called a small sampling size, and in my opinion it is small because we’re generalizing a point. It’s also densely biased when we talk about pairings, find someone who isn’t biased. You can’t take what you’ve experienced and make that set in stone for people who share a sign with you. 

For instance sextile pairings are not the best pairings. They aren’t dynamic or erotic in an emotional or physical sense. A lot of people ask about zodiac sign pairings leaving the whole charts alone and just focusing on the Sun. They aren’t the worst but they aren’t the best, in fact the sextile in general isn’t a major aspect on its own. They’re just extremely glamorized. Soo…. Taurus x Cancer, Capricorn x Scorpio, Leo x Libra, Aries x Gemini isn’t the best or the most breathtaking. It’s heavily glamorized, even between the signs but it isn’t true. If planets could rule relationships between aspects, I’d make Neptune rule this. I have nothing against sextile pairings but I hate seeing people misinformed. You can’t take a couple relationships or your own and label the whole thing, don’t be biased. 

You can’t tell someone who makes a great pair for them just because of an experience(s) you have. For instance if we theoretically could equally divide the world population by all 12 zodiac sign, you can’t be the spokesperson for all of them. Every chart is so specific and individualized, even your Sun, Moon, and Venus don’t tell you all you need in a relationship or who you should be with.I can’t go up to another Taurus and start praising that all Cancers are such and such for us (good or bad). If I met 5 Cancers, they’d all be different. All the relationships would be different. 

I decided to make this as a little guide that if you’re refining your understanding of astrology or learning you can use this. This isn’t everything but its major components I want to focus on. 

The Most Compatible while being Blissful, Sweet, and Fulfilling

Trine relationships (same element pairings). You can see capability of Dyanamic and erotic emotional/physical/mental dynamic growth when looking at the individual charts. Not just placements******

The Most Compatible while being Dynamic, Binding, and  Erotic 

The sister/opposite signs. You can see the rest of the “story” with the two individual charts. Keep in mind sister signs are a lot more similar than you think, they have small differences in them which BETWEEN THEM seem significant because its something they lack.

The Least Compatible but Attracting and Dynamic. 

Square relationships. Remember to look at the individual charts to get the whole picture. Doesn’t mean it’s the least it cant work. 

**********       Remember each pair has potential to grow       ***********

Please always make sure that the people you go to for advice, or if you’re a blogger, that what your learning from is credible. It doesn’t mean that it’s on the internet it’s right. If you’re serious about astrology, go to the right people and even do your own research. I love people who take astrology seriously and passionately so you can always connect with me. The reason why I find so much importance in making it accurate is that we’re the next generation to hold astrology, and we don’t want to teach it wrong to the next generations. 

I know that it’s not the same for everyone, but from the few people I’ve spoken to with systems, and from what I’ve seen of systems, I’m glad that those peeps have something like that ;v;

Like of course it comes with other issues and whatever, but like, it’s kinda cool? Having another person looking out for you inside yourself. Idk I’m probs saying something wrong. If I am please feel free to correct me!! 

I just love learning about people. Not in a “i find this interesting in a de-humanizing” way. I just genuinely love learning about peeps and understanding them.

Hey y’all! I need the help of Native American witchblr, specifically those of you who have Alaskan Indian roots. (Please correct me if this is not the correct term!) I need help and information, not for myself but someone in my life who is of Alaskan Indian descent. That’s all I feel comfortable sharing here, but if you do end up reaching out to me I’m more than happy to share the details.

Please please please contact me if you can! 

Please someone correct me if I'm wrong but..

They literally opened up Hell. And Katherine Pierce was its Queen. This girl was hunted for 500 years by Klaus. So wouldn’t she have wanted revenge? Like sending a load of his enemies (Esther, Mikael, Dahlia. Etc.) after his daughter? Someone please tell me I’ve got something twisted but wouldn’t the fact that Hell was opened, even just a fraction, effect an area other that Mystic Falls?


“You don’t need to get upset when I mess up, a polite correction would be fine” 😐

“Its embarrassing to be corrected so don’t say anything” 😒

“You don’t understand why it’s so hard for me to switch pronouns” 🙄

“If you can’t handle it, then you shouldn’t come around because I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to get it right” 😑😑😑

PLEASE, for the love of God, please go into a deep hibernation and do not wake up until you have some friggin sense. Your ignorance is like being forced to listen to someone claw their nails on a chalkboard. I cannot handle.

Her womb smelled like it was burnt.

(Translation of the message with Ayato, Touka, and Yomo. Please feel free to send me a message for any corrections!)

The children who were meant to be born, died. The vision of the future convulses.

Someone declared that they’ll crush only half of the broad bean.
The gene is in a severe bipolar state.
The nucleic acid sequence having no recollection of its own actions.

All of the fingers that were supposed to be connected from start to end, are scattered around; it’s annoying.

If you look closely at the knot, you can see that it can be surprisingly easy to untie.

I was always asked to keep the switch.
Go forward.
Go back.

I can hear my voice from the mouth.
That voice gave me a feeling of discomfort and it had become extremely disgusting but, no one noticed that and everyone was under the impression that it was indeed, my voice.

Sin is irresponsible. I’m getting tired of being forgiven.
My shoulders have even forgotten about my legs.

I open the door with the side of my arm.

The path that I should’ve advanced in is gone and darkness pulled onto the horizon that lay right beneath it.

“Come on, come on! Come on, come on!”

Go forward.
Go back.

I can hear my voice from the bones.

“Did you know that our voice is the mixed voices from dad and mom? No wonder it’s so disgusting.”

I pinched my nose and jumped down without a pause. Just like how a child would when jumping into a pool.

Even the never-stopping rain,
even the never-breaking night,
even the never-ending agony.

It’s surely there, it’s just that it wasn’t there until now.

Falling down, falling down.
It’s as if right has become left.

And on the brink of collision, I recall Björk’s song,

mrinsanity25  asked:

Hello, sorry to bother you but I feel like if anyone would know, you might. Also, I'm assuming you beat ToB, so spoilers if you didn't. Do you know if Eleanor could still fight daemons after the end of Berseria? From what I could tell, she could still see daemons and malakhim afterward, but I don't know if she could fight daemons since she would need a pact with a malak and I assume her pact with Laphicet broke after he became Maotelus. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

honestly someone please correct me if im wrong because as much as i love berseria its lore is still tied to zestiria’s and zestiria’s lore is inherently a mess

also berseria spoilers warning

i absolutely believe that eleanor would continue to fight after the game. she has the resonance that so few people have anymore now that the four elementals are awake, and she would want to make use of it to help people in every way she could. actually, my own personal headcanon is that eventually, she becomes known as the second shepherd after artorius. (note how eleanor’s glove is its own unique style, which is THE EXACT SAME STYLE OF SOREY’S SHEPHERD GLOVE 1000 YEARS LATER. she totally passes her gloves down and they become symbolic of the title in the future dont @ me.)

point taken about how laphicet becoming maotelus probably means eleanor’s an empty vessel immediately postgame, but honestly, she could probably just find new malakhim. im sure there are some who would be willing to help her, especially since she knows better than to treat them as objects now, and she very clearly has a goal and the determination to see it through. having once been vessel to the new fifth empyrean probably helps her rap sheet too.

hell, if nothing else, bienfu and magilou could introduce her to a normin pal or two.

anonymous asked:

I caught a stream of yours finally yesterday, but Indi, please, why are your canvas sizes, especially for a ych, why do you draw at 72 dpi? I'm dying Indi that's so tiny!!

DDDHDHHDHD nawww!! thanks so much for dropping by! C:

AND OK, actually about this DPI stuff! (because i’ve been pointed out about this before) someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but DPI is just the image quality you’ll get once you print it, right? 

72 DPI is just the default on Clip, i don’t change it because I don’t print my works. I just look at pixel dimensions. usually i work on about 2200px wide, which is about 7.3 inches wide at 300DPI!

but even that aside, yeah I do draw on relatively small canvases XD it’s a bad habit, I’ve been slowly getting out of it as I’ve worked more on my comic (my pics used to be like 1200 px wide on average…………)

anonymous asked:

Eh I'm Muslim, and Michael is not a Muslim name, not even close

mikael is a hebrew name, a muslim name, a swedish name and a christian name. i believe the @evenbechnet had this conversation with @imansmeskinis confirming it (who’s muslim as well, but faiza, please correct me if i’m wrong!) and someone told @stardefiant the actor’s of egyptian decent! i can’t confirm the last part ofc but everything else points to yes

I just realized something

And someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

I don’t remember the Harry Potter books or movies mentioning that the students were wearing any kind of protective gear when in their potions class.

They’re doing the magical equivalent of chemistry, but they aren’t wearing any gloves, goggles, protective robe, those with long hair dont have it tied back…

And its down in the dungeons, so I can’t help but question the ventilation of that room.

These students are touching raw magical ingredients with no gloves, staring directly into bubbling questionable mixtures with no goggles, breathing in unknown fumes.

The hell, man…

na11stuff  asked:

Can lesbians be cis? I'm a cis lesbian and I'm often called transphobic. Why am I transphobic because of that? I actually support trans people and it's very hurtful. (Sorry if this isn't the right blog but I am upset)

(i was gonna answer this privately but then i realized i may have said things that aren’t right so if any of my trans followers want to correct me, please feel free to, and i’m sorry. (also sorry if theres a grammar issue bc english isnt my first language and i learned it from songs and tv shows))

i’m probably cis (not sure tho, but for now i id as a girl) and a lesbian, so yeah its a thing. not every cis person is transphobic, but we’re still cis so sometimes we say shitty things and if someone calls us out on it, we need to learn from our mistake. our society is extremely transphobic and that gets inside everyone and we will probably never get fully rid of that.

its just like straight people; they will always act straight. even the best ally wont understand how we feel, bc they’re straight. its the same thing with cis people. no one’s completely not-transphobic, just like no one’s completely not-homophobic. the difference is that some cis people know that transphobia is wrong and want equality. and when you’re one of them, if you say/do something transphobic and a trans person corrects you, you just learn from it and dont fucking do it again.

for example: my mom openly talks about gay rights and defends it a lot. she knows that homophobic people are shitty, and that lgbt people deserve the same things as straight people. however, as a lesbian, i told my mom one day that something she said was homophobic, and instead of saying “i’m sorry, i’ll stop saying that” she wanted to discuss with me about it. like, “why would it be homophobic? of course it isnt!!” and i explained it to her, but she kept saying that it wasnt and that i was wrong. the thing is shes straight. she cant fucking think that she knows more about homophobia than me. she doesnt. she shouldnt try to speak over me on that subject. i dont consider her homophobic, but sometimes she says homophobic things, and her problem is that instead of trying to change, she cant admit she made a mistake (shes getting better tho)

basically, what i’m trying to say is: being transphobic =/= saying something transphobic. if someone tells you that something you said was transphobic, understand why they’re saying that, and learn from it. stop saying it. bc you dont have the right to tell them “hey i think youre wrong and what i said wasnt transphobic”. and also, you cant let other cis people say or do the wrong things that you used to say or do. you should use your cis privilege to help trans people, thats really important.

i’m not saying you’re not transphobic tho, bc some people (like my mom) are really transphobic but actually think that they arent. and if you are, you have to start changing.

anonymous asked:

if you don't mind i'd love to ask a question of you, because you have nuanced opinions about cultural appropriation. i was in a study about the effects of kundalini yoga on anxiety. i took 6 months of controlled-research yoga classes for it. my teachers talked about chakras. now that the study is over, i visualize chakras sometimes as part of my continued practice, bc it's how i learned. i am white. i don't talk about chakras out loud but do you think i need to change my internal practice also?

Hey! I like this question and this level of introspection. So my gut reaction is “no you don’t”, but I’m also white and its not my place to give you a definitive answer. I can definitely be overruled, and if someone better situated to do so wants to correct me, please do.

That said, since you did six months of actual study, it would seem to me that you put the effort in to learn what they are, and to use them appropriately and in context. If it was something that an actual practitioner taught to you, an honest student, my gut says that you’re still good. 

My biggest concern, honestly, would be who you learned from. Did they have the authority and knowledge to teach you? Or was it just a thing they were saying as part of perpetuation of appropriative practice?

Either way, I don’t think you’ve done anything wrong, and I don’t think you should cause yourself more anxiety over it. If they had the authority, then green light, yeah, do your thing. If they just said it to sound good then there’s a degree of squick to the situation, but not on your part. Your actions were 1) getting help for yourself, and 2) realizing that some of that help may harm someone else, and engaging in introspection and research to better understand the situation. I think you’re ok. And if its something that you visualize to keep yourself healthy, I’m disinclined to tell you to stop. If you have questions about the validity of your teacher, then maybe work on finding a better teacher to learn more. 

Please be healthy. If its something you chose to phase out or change, please do so on your own terms and without compromising your own mental health.



Host: What’s the title of this painting?

DH: It’s here! Please write the name of this painting. Thinking time, start!

Nao: When the question is about a painting’s title, there’s always someone who comes up with a legendary answer (Remember when Ryota called The Last Supper “A Rich Meal?” Haha!).

Voiceover: The correct answer is “The Birth of Venus.” Will there be another legendary answer?

DH: Taka-san.

Taka: Me?

DH: Yes.

Taka: I actually don’t know the answer. But, if I were to give a title to this painting, it will be this: “Hippie’s Play.” 

Nao: I see.

DH: What’s this? Somehow, it fits.

Taka: It’s nice, right? It’s not so bad.

Nao: I think it’s great,

DH: How about Toru-chan?

Toru: For me, it’s “Elizabeth from the Shell.” (Hahaha! This one’s my favorite answer.)

DH: Ah, you mean this part? (points at the shell)

Taka: This is a good answer, too.

DH: So, Tomoya?

Tomoya: Yes. I don’t know the answer, too. But, here’s mine: “Everyone Loves This Lady Very Much.”

Nao & DH: Everyone likes her, huh? They’re all looking at her.

Tomoya: They’re all looking at her, so I thought, “They must really love her a lot.” So I went with something simple like this.

DH & Nao: “Everyone Loves This Lady Very Much.” I see. It’s easy to understand.


Ryota: For that “The Last Supper” thing, when I heard the right answer, I realized, “Oh, it’s actually pretty simple.” So, when I saw this one, too, I thought, “This might also be simple.” So, my answer is a lot simpler than the others’.

Voiceover: And so Ryota’s answer is…

Ryota: “Shell and Nudity” (HAHAHAHAHA!)

Nao: As expected, right?

DH: You’re great.

For the second stage, Taka won. ^^ After all, it’s not about who gets the right answer, but whoever makes the audience’s hearts jump. Haha!

Next week’s episode looks a lot more fun based on the preview. I think they’re going to act out some romantic situations. That’s why the tweet from Space Shower TV said they’re going to have a skit. Plus, on the preview, Taka said something like, “Always stay by my side.” <3 Hahaha!

Just a public service announcement

If someone misgenders you, there is an 80% chance that it was a genuine mistake. Let’s be honest, majority of the naruto fandom on tumblr identifies as female, so when someone calls you a ‘she,’ there’s a higher chance of that person being right. Jumping to the “transphobic” conclusion immediately after someone misgenders you without finding out if its a mistake is the quickest way for me to dislike you. Accidents happen.

Please understand that for a lot of us, whether it be where we grew up or our lack of gender studies in our education system, gender fluidity is still incredibly new to some people, myself included. So if someone misgenders you, kindly correct us, not label us (and the rest of my fandom) as transphobic and a bunch of assholes because of an accident.

Thanks. This has been a PSA from the fandom that’s now being labeled transphobic by people who don’t have a clue.