if it's not real...prove it

dragon age inquisition sentence starter

“ Bad things should happen to bad people. " 
” Rich tits always try for more than they deserve “
" Whatever the truth is, that belief gives you power. ”
“ Can’t you see why I want nothing to do with that life? ”
“ I have seen the throne of the gods, and it was empty. ”
“ I will not suffer even an unknowing rival. You must die! ”
“ Tell me… where is your Maker now? Call him, call down his wrath upon me! You cannot. For he does not exist! ”
“ Common ground is the start of all negotiations. ”
“ Though darkness closes, I am shielded by flame. ”
“ It spoke of judgement instead of acceptance. It should encourage the good in everyone, rather than rebuke us for our sins. No one should be turned away from our doors. No one is without worth. Whoever you are, whatever your mistakes, you are loved. Unconditionally. ”
“ If we’re going to change it, why not change the whole thing? ”
“ I’ve known mages. Some of them were better people than me. And yet I’m free and they’re not. It’s not right. ”
“ Sometimes you have to figure out for yourself what the pledge to protect others really means. ”
“ You are who you choose to follow. ”
“ Took me years to understand what he meant. ”
“ But wars are won by men. ”
“ You inspire them. ”
“ Build on that foundation, and you will have an army that makes nations tremble. ”
“ We all need to believe there are such men in the world. ”
“ I needed to believe I could be one of them. ”
“ We could make the world better. ”
“ It’s just easier to shut our eyes. ”
“ It’s not right… to want to do good, to be good, and have that turned against you. ”
“ At this moment, you are the only threat I see. ”
“ How seldom does reality match the ideal. ”
“ We must do so with open hearts and open hands. ”
“ I see what must be done, and I do it! I see no point in running around in circles like a dog chasing its tail. ”
“ At some point, power becomes its own master. ”
“ They will stand in the fire and complain that it is hot. " 
" I want to help. ”
“ I used to be like you. I’m not anymore. You shouldn’t be either. ”
“ They forgot about him. ”
“ I came through to help… and I couldn’t. ”
“ Isn’t it wonderful? ”
“ Living a lie… it festers inside you, like poison. You have to fight for what’s in your heart. ”
“ It’s my duty to stand with you. ”
“ I’m here to set things right. Also? To look dashing. That part’s less difficult. ”
“ We’re a lot more fragile than we’d like to believe. ”
“ Life isn’t about personal freedom. ”
“ People don’t always tell the truth when you’re polite. ”
“ We pick the ones willing to make the hard decisions… and live with the consequences. ”
“ Every great war has its heroes. I’m just curious what kind you’ll be. ”
“ No real god need prove himself. Anyone who tries is mad or lying. ”
“ I would not trade it for anything. ”
“ I hope there’s a damn good punchline coming. ”
“ The truly great ones can keep their distance. They don’t get attached to their people. ”
“ I always wind up babysitting my informants and worrying about their families. ”
“  Heroes are everywhere. I’ve seen that.”
“ That’s beyond heroes. We’re going to need a miracle. ”
“ For those who value survival, sentimentality is not an option. ”
“ I’m never truly out of my element. ”


(Part 2 of 2)  The Complicity of Geek Masculinity on the Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory delights in poking fun at its male characters for their geeky obsessions, but there’s something even more pernicious going on just under the surface. Beyond the mocking of geekdom, the show is relentless in making fun of its male leads for not being ‘real men.“ In their quest to prove their manhood the four geeks then end up being complicit in many of the most harmful aspects of hypermasculinity. 

(Part 1 of 2) The Adorkable Misogyny of The Big Bang Theory

The 1st focuses on a popular media trope I like to call the Adorkable Misogynist.

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Hi, your bughead writing is really good and it always makes me smile! I was wondering if you could write one about 5 times people doubt their relationship, and each time they prove it's real? Thank you for your hard work!

Hey anon thank you so much aaahhhh!! Alright, since I wanted to do this prompt justice, it turned out quite a bit longer than my usual drabbles… ANYWAYS here is some bughead with disbelieving friends. As always, cute & fluffy 

1259 words / G / (AO3)


“So Betty,” Reggie’s form leans over hers as she gathers books from her locker.

He has one arm supporting him on the lockers and the other runs through his hair, “You free tonight? You still haven’t had a cup of what Reggie’s serving.” The smug grin on his face falls when Betty laughs and an arm falls across her shoulders.

“Hey Reginald,” Jughead gives a small wave with his free arm, “is what your serving any good? I’m feeling kind of peckish,” Jughead finishes his point by giving Betty a peck on the cheek.

“Oh please, you two?” Reggie gestures between them with a disgruntled look in his face.

“Yes Reg,” Betty smiles, “so if you want to join us and the rest of the gang, we will be at Pops later tonight,” she shuts her locker, pulling lightly on Jughead’s sweater to get him to follow her to class as he was still giving Reggie the stink-eye.

“What has you in a mood?” Betty asks, changing their position to hold hands. Jughead looks down at their hands together then back up to Betty, thinking on it a moment. “I know we told Archie, but I think he thinks it was a joke,” Jughead says and Betty laughs, then gets more serious.

“Now that you say it, Veronica didn’t believe me either,”

“We should break it to them,”

“What do you want to do to get them to believe us?” Betty looks up at him as the stop outside the classroom.

“Well, we have science now,” Jughead holds back a smile, “let’s show them some chemistry,” he deadpans.


Almost immediately after they enter the classroom-

“Hey Betty over here!” Veronica calls Betty over to her lab station. Betty exchanges a look with Jughead as they walk towards an open station.

“Betty is with me,” Jughead says with a grin, sitting down beside her and hooking an arm around her waist. Betty blushes at the possessive gesture and nods towards Veronica.

“Alright then, I’ll be with Mr. Late I guess. You guys coming to Pops tonight?” Veronica responds, clearly missing what they are trying to say. Jughead’s thumb starts to brush up and down on Betty’s side.

“Yeah, I’m going with Juggie,” Betty awkwardly touches his face, but it turns into a light caress and now Jughead is blushing slightly.

Veronica looks over now, “Ohhh,” she smiles, “so you were being serious,” she looks happy about this, “you two are the epitome of cuteness, jeez.”

Betty and Jughead laugh as they relax in their seats for class.


Archie bursts into class a good ten minutes late, and takes the seat beside Veronica.

After he is settled in for class, Jughead leans over towards him and whispers, “You know I’m with Betty right?”

“I have eyes,” Archie says, and Jughead breathes out, relieved, “you guys are lab partners today, we will be tomorrow, it’s alright pal,” Archie continues and and Jughead groans, frustrated.

Betty leans over, “Ronnie, make it clear for him please,” and Veronica nods.

Veronica grabs Archie’s face from where it is looking at the other pair and brings it to face hers, “Archiekins, they are together,” she says, “as in dating.”

Archie turns his head as much as he can in Veronica’s grasp and looks at Betty and Jughead who are smiling sheepishly, “Cool.”


Although they are in the same class and sit in the same area, Kevin had missed this entire exchange as he was caught up in the supply closet… with Moose.

Because of this, Jughead and Betty were surprised when he approached them after class.

“Betty,” Kevin starts, Betty and Jughead share an amused glance, “I heard that you and,” he gestures to Jughead, “are an item.” He finishes before crossing his arms.

“Well you just missed us running through a field of flowers towards each other,” Jughead deadpans, and Betty nudges him.

Both Betty and Kevin are giving him looks now. Kevin’s being disbelief and Betty’s being ‘cut it out but yes that was funny’.

Betty can Jugheads annoyance and pulls him into a side hug, “Seriously Kev,” she kisses Jughead’s cheek to illustrate her point, “we are together.”

She feels Jughead soften against her as Kevin says, “okay,” then takes of down the hall without another word.

Betty calls out after him, “you’re coming to Pops right?”

Without turning around Kevin replies, “yep!”

Jughead relaxes his embrace from where he was holding Betty so instead he has his arm around her as they make their way down the hall towards the hall where their lockers are.

Betty feels Jughead get tense again, “what is it?”

Jughead is silent for a moment before he responds, “why is no one believing us today?”

Betty pokes him with a small smile, “maybe we are just too good to be true,” then kisses him on the cheek once again, feeling him relax once more. Jughead gives her a halfhearted grin before she continues, “meet me out front so you can walk me to Pops.”


The gang is all at Pops, sprawled between two booths. Some of the teens are standing, some leaning over the barrier between the booths, and a few are sitting. Of the few sitting, Betty and Jughead share the bench of one of the booths, Betty leans into Jughead who has his arm around her.

The bell of the front entrance rings out, signalling the arrival of one Cheryl Blossom.

Her eyes go directly to the pair on the side of the booth as she stalks towards the group.

“Am I to believe that Cooper finally found a guy to take her?” She quips, making Jughead tense up, “what are you paying him,” she looks down to his plate, “hamburgers?”

Betty freezes, and Jughead has had enough of this.

“Nope,” he says loudly, “not paying me,” he stares Cheryl down, waiting for her to ask what he thinks she is going to.

“Prove it,” she says.

That’s all the permission he needs.

He rests a hand on Betty’s face, turning it towards his own, the other snaking around her back. He lowers his face, pressing his lips against hers. Betty, no longer frozen, grips the front of his sweater in an effort to bring him closer, and changes the angle of the kiss. The world fades away for a moment, nothing but the glide of their lips against one another, and the slightest brush of tongue. Then they hear a cough and break apart abruptly, both of them blushing furiously. PDA was never either of their things.

“Well, I guess I believe you for sure now,” Kevin says, avoiding eye contact. Cheryl rolls her eyes and leaves to get her order, a few of the gang nodding along to Kevin’s comment and Veronica giving them a thumbs up. Betty slides off of where she had moved nearly completely into Jughead’s lap and curls her hair behind her ears. Jughead grabs her hand and intertwined their fingers. Betty looks to him to see him looking at her, and they smile.

+1. POP

“Here’s your malts,” Pop drops the tray off on the table without missing a beat, about to leave when Jughead starts talking to him.

“By the way Pop, me and Betty are together,” Jughead says, grinning up at the man that makes his favourite hamburger.

“I know, it’s been a while hasn’t it?’ Pop replies, and Jughead squawks. Pop taps his nose with a knowing smile, “I know everything,” before he walks away.


I had a dream that I was driving through a snowy, semi-wooded area and I SAW A TROODON.  A literal real-life Troodon, no mistaking it.  It was antagonizing a large deer.  Pretty obviously not hunting it (it was way too small and the deer was very big) just nipping at its rear end for the lulz (I’m amazed it managed to not get kicked.)

And then it ran off and I jumped out of the car like “HOLY CRAP I KNOW WHAT COLOR TROODON IS I HAVE TO GET PHOTOS SO I CAN SHOW PEOPLE.”

Because that was the priority.  I had to prove to people that I knew its real colors, and not that it was ACTUALLY ALIVE or anything.

It was almost all white, aside from some chestnut patches along the face, back, wings, and tail fan. So kiiiinda like sinosauropteryx, just with way more white.

I found myself on this high cliff-like overhang looking down the forest below and saw it running back and forth at the bottom, kind of like it was amusing itself kicking up snow.  IT WAS TOO FAST.  I could not get any decent photos that were not blurry as all hell.

I only had one choice: I had to get closer.

As I approached it I found myself actually considering more serious implications of A REAL-LIFE TROODON, such as how amazing it was that it looked almost unchanged after all this time.  (But then, plenty of theropod lineages kept the same body shape for dozens of millions of years, I reminded myself, so it wasn’t that surprising.)

And I had a moment of doubt, like “maybe I’m wrong and it’s not a Troodon” but then I saw the long tail and the sickle claw and I KNEW.  Also it was waaay too leggy and slender-faced to be a dromaeosaur.  YES.  IT WAS A TROODON.  It was very playful and curious and not nearly as shy as I was expecting (how has no one found you until now wtf.)

Its eyes were SO HUGE and amber-colored and the way the light shined through the cornea and reflected off the iris was incredible (my dreams almost never render things that hi-res, one reason I was certain it was not a dream.) Also as I got closer I was able to see that it actually had a lot of neat darker markings within the chestnut patch around the eyes.  It sort of had a facial disk, although not nearly as exaggerated as owls.

In fact, the detail about it that surprised me the most was that it had no feathers on its feet (there’s snow everywhere!  how are your feets warm??) but rather pebbly white scales with darker slate-grey scutes.  Not that this is impossible–I mean, scutes are derived from feathers, and the switch between them seems pretty variable in anything past the point of Stage IV feathers (i.e. all pennaraptors.)  It just surprised me because I like to draw troodontids with feathered feet and dromaeosaurs without, to distinguish them.  But then again, it’s been 66 million years, modern troodon had to be pretty derived, even if they still had the same general shape.

Also living Troodon means that the crown group for birds suddenly == Eumaniraptors!  Hahahaha dromaeosaurs are birds now, suck it dudebros.

But THE WORST PART was that the dream had a fake-out ending!  I woke up like “oh no, oh no, do I still have the photos” I and I frantically checked my phone and YES I STILL HAD THE PHOTOS ok everything was good, so I went back to sleep feeling confident.

…I didn’t really have the photos. >:(


First Jax imagine! Reader is pregnant an nervous to tell Jax but things turn out okay for anon! Couldn’t choose between these two gifs, sorry 😂


The little pictures of the ultrasound you’d just had sit in your numb fingers, your heart thumping a firm rhythm under your rib cage in your chest. You had to know for sure you’re pregnant before telling Jax anything.

It’s not that the two of you haven’t been together long enough for a baby, you’ve been married for two years now, it’s just there’s already Abel to handle, now you’re bringing in a second baby. How would Jax handle all of this? You have no idea.

So much shit has been happening with the club, plenty of lockdowns happening here and there, but you and Jax always made time for each other when it was necessary. And apparently, that time spent together created the growing baby in your belly. Eight weeks along. You can’t really believe it yourself but the little dot on the ultrasound proves its all real.

When you hear Jax’s bike pulling up to the house, you shut off your car and push the ultrasound picture into your purse quickly. Abel fusses in the backseat where he’s buckled into his car seat, Jax getting to him before you do. “Looks like I decided to come home at the right time.” He chuckles and flashes you a sweet smile, the notion making your heart skip a beat. You can never get over how amazing this man is.

“Looks like you have great timing, Teller.” You tease, grabbing the few grocery bags you’d picked up and follow Jax inside, Abel clinging to his father tightly. “Mommy went to the hospital today.” Abel says and you mentally groan. This is why you’d prayed somebody would keep Abel today and though Gemma would have, you know your mother in law loves to snoop and ask way too many questions for your liking. “She did?” Jax asks softly, raising a brow at you as you place the bags down in the kitchen.

You nod, clearing your throat. “Just a bit of a check up.” You state, too afraid to come right out and tell Jax that you’re expecting a baby in the next few months. You’ll tell him at dinner if things go as planned and the club doesn’t get in the way. But knowing your luck, it will.

Jax leaves the subject alone, taking your little lie and heading to leave Abel with some toys in the living room floor, keeping the boy preoccupied as you clean up around the kitchen and put groceries away.


A few hours later when you’re getting ready to begin cooking dinner for the three of you, Jax pipes in that a few of the guys will be joining for dinner. Whether it’ll be about club business or not, you only know you’ve now got several hungry, large, hardworking men to feed. You begin digging out more food to cook, humming as you start everything.

It’s like a switch, like each of the guys know right when dinner is done, because they all start filing in as you’re placing the food on the tale. Chibs, Tig, Happy, and then Bobby all file in one by one. Each of the men stop by you, kisses to your cheeks being given along with hugs and soft ‘thank you’s for dinner.

Once you’re all sat and making your plates, Tig pipes up from his end of the table, nodding to you. “None of us will ever admit this in front of Gemma, but I swear you’ve got the best cooking I’ve ever tasted.” He states and you laugh at his words, shaking your head as Happy nods in agreement.

“I’m glad you think my cooking is so good.” You smile and Tig nods with a grin. You’ve got Abel sat by you, making sure he’s eating, Happy sat on the other side of him, joking with the boy. He’s keeping a close eye on Abel, letting you know that you don’t have to worry about him for now, focusing on eating your own food.

They all chat little bits of club business, none of it getting too tense until almost everyone is done. You start gathering plates, carrying them to the sink as they all continue talking. When you come back to gather up more dishes, you see that there are scowls or frowns on most of their faces, the table a bit tense by now.

You clear your throat, taking the dishes to the sink before grabbing the ultrasound pictures and carrying them back to the table. “I’m pregnant.” You state as you lay the pictures in front of Jax, all heads jerking up to look at you, everything quiet.

Jax stares at the ultrasounds for a good few minutes, Chibs nudging him gently with his foot. “Jackie boy?” He murmurs and you feel the anxiety in your chest once more until Jax’s arms are wrapping around your waist and his lips are pressing to yours, stood completely now. “You’re pregnant?” He whispers and you nod with a smile, the guys at the table smiling and watching on.

“When’d you find out?” Jax asks softly and you grin. “Today. When Abel told you I went to the hospital, is gone there for an ultrasound. Wanted to be sure before I told you.” You whisper.

Jax only pulls you closer, kissing you once more. “I love you, darlin’.” He whispers and pulls back as Chibs stands, pulling you into a hug. You get several firm hugs though they all try to be careful with you. “Y'all are making me feel old. An uncle to two now.” Tig huffs and you laugh loudly, shaking your head. “Not exactly old if you’re just an uncle, Tiggy.” You sigh, head resting against Jax’s shoulder.

You definitely had no reason to be nervous.

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Josh may be a case in point that high IQ does not equate to success in life, love or relationships. I think his show pony status proves it. If it's "real" it's embarrassing; if it's faux it is even more embarrassing bc it's gone on past it's expiration date. Get a clue, Josh.

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

Where do I even start?

Josh isn’t stupid. He knows what he’s doing. He knows how his post and new trip to Spain is going to be received, but he does it anyway. 

The bottom line is that Josh seems perfectly fine with being used like a dancing monkey to get attention for Claudia’s and her mother’s projects. And make no mistake, the boy has been in Spain since Sunday but no pics or major sightings occurred until a few hours before Rosa’s book signing.  He was profiled to get attention for her and get people to go to the signing with the hope of seeing Josh. And he was perfectly okay with that. 

So yeah Josh - you’re a hypocrite claiming to want privacy. Your “girlfriend” uses you and you use your fans to help her and her mother make a buck.

Congratulations Josh. You should just go ahead and move to your “second home” and really just “go all in” - go ahead and man-up and post a pic of the two of you and how happy you are together. This whole story about being private is bullshit and everyone knows it.  If you’re going to do this - than fucking do it. Stop half-assing everything in your life. 

No one respects you anyway so you might as well just commit to this bullshit. 

And by the way, tell your “girlfriend” to stop giving dirty looks to the few fans you have left. You’re out there being whored to get the girl attention.  The least she can do is not be a bitch to your fans - again. 


The Complicity of Geek Masculinity on The Big Bang Theory [source]

This is the 2nd of two video essays about gender on The Big Bang Theory.  The 1st focuses on a popular media trope I like to call the Adorkable Misogynist.  You can see that episode here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3-hO…

The Big Bang Theory delights in poking fun at its male characters for their geeky obsessions but there’s something even more pernicious going on just under the surface.  Beyond the mocking of geekdom, the show is relentless in making fun of its male leads for not being ‘real men.“  In their quest to prove their manhood the four geeks then end up being complicit in many of the most harmful aspects of hypermasculinity. 

Includes discussions of hegemonic masculinity (”the socially constructed ideal of manhood, characterized by things like physical strength, aggression, domination, suppression of emotions, and heterosexuality”) and hypermasculinity (”the set of attitudes and behaviors associated with the pursuit of that hegemonic ideal, and includes things like aggressive competition, sexual conquests, and destructive or risk-taking behaviors like fighting, reckless driving, or heavy drinking, and is obsessively anti-feminine“).

(I’m always a slut for dragging The Big Bang Theory!)

Why do yall get so mad when we say that Danny Fenton or other characters are trans???? Like do you seriously have a huge stick up your ass, sorry we feel unrepresented. And yall say that we’re “forcing it down your throats” or like “trying to prove its real” or whatever like??? You literally don’t have to associate yourself with us if you don’t like trans headcanons lmao that’s YOUR fault if you’re so bothered by it.

“The rawness and ugliness of modern European life is the sign of biological inferiority, of an insufficient or false  relation to environment, which produces strain, wasted effort, revolt or failure… Why is a stockbroker less beautiful than a Homeric warrior or and Egyptian priest? Because he is less incorporated with life, he is not inevitable, but accidental, almost parasitic. When a culture has proved its real needs, and organized its vital functions, every office becomes beautiful.”
— Christopher Dawson, Dynamics of World History

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what is your response to larries always saying 'it's not just the little bits of evidence, it's all of it together that proves larry is real!!' i saw a post the other day saying antis never look at evidence 'in context'


The Gish Gallop (also known as proof by verbosity[1]) is the fallacious debate tactic of drowning your opponent in a flood of individually-weak arguments in order to prevent rebuttal of the whole argument collection without great effort. 

It’s like the two things just brought up. That Harry denied outright that TG was about Taylor and that Always You could have been done for Larries. Two things that have been manipulated by Larries to portray a point they would make no matter what, but if you deconstruct them they don’t sit well on their own as Larrie arguments.

What Larries do instead is just pile up manipulated things like that until they feel it’s this big collection of evidence. It’s done to overwhelm outsiders into thinking there’s masses of proof, as well as to reassure themselves in the same way.

It’s also why they do this every single day and try find connections and Larrie proof every single day. Because then they can try and use them to claim that there’s just so much proof anyone who doesn’t believe is clearly in denial, when it’s all just compilations of these little daily manipulations they do put together so that it’s very hard for people who didn’t experience these things to recognize them outright as not being honest.

Answerin’ Asks #1: TogaFuka

@butt—stallion asked:

“ Speaking of personal thoughts,is it possible you may one day give us your thoughts on Togafuka and why it may/may not work? “


So I didn’t think the second thing I’d get to post on this blog would be about something I dislike but I’ll be as fair as possible concerning this.

A big thing to think about when people ship characters together, and what their goal is when pairing two characters together is. The majority just wanna see two characters be together and be in a romantic relationship with each other, usually involving lovey-dovey stuff. So going on dates, living life together, etc.

However recently it’s come to my attention that people can ship characters outside of just wanting to see the two love each other. Some wanna see opposites come to an attraction for one another, some just wanna put two characters together to see one or both of them suffer, while some just wanna see two characters together purely based on visuals.

All of the above are pretty legit reasons, even if I don’t agree with it. Honestly most shipping is done for one’s self, so if you can convince yourself it’ll work, then that’s what matters really.

Anyways, moving past that, in the traditional sense of two people coming to love one another and care for each other and all that lovey-dovey shit, then no. I don’t think TogaFuka could work on a purely romantic aspect.

There’s lots of reasons for this, but the biggest one is that clearly Togami has no interest. In almost every single approach, interaction or mention of the two, Togami shows clear signs of disgust and that he doesn’t want her there. He usually emphasizes this by making her do things that she undoubtedly will do because I feel Togami recognizes just how obsessive she is and takes advantage of that. From making her hold her breath, telling her she smells disgusting, telling her to get as far as away as him as possible and even implications of having her electrocute herself for his sake(although Fukawa was the narrator of this information and she was delusional during it so I might be reaching with this one), it’s clear these are all methods in which he was trying to remove her from most situations he was in, even if the best he could do is silence her.

Going ahead with that, it should honestly also be evident that Togami abuses Fukawa, especially emotionally and mentally. The amount of times he shoots down anything she has to say or insults her for basically just existing is ridiculous considering there’s a whole bunch of other kids there too. The worst part is that the narrative for the most port plays this up as laughs or focus on how far Fukawa herself is reaching. The first exchange you see between the two is Togami telling Fukawa she stinks and to go take a bath in a way that’s clearly meant to make it clear he sincerely thought poorly of her. However Touko quickly flips it in a way where she says “Amazing, he really cares since he told me to go bathe!” and since Makoto goes along with it, the reader is also just kind of lead to assume that Togami was indeed being nice. After all, if the protagonist/main narrator of the story said it was fine, why question it, right?

This leads me to the next bit that bothers me and that is that it makes no sense for Fukawa to be crushing on Togami past Chapter 2. As Fukawa reveals to Makoto in her free time events, it was not uncommon for other students, especially boys, to make fun of her, take advantage of her and play tricks on her. When she had a crush, she put all her feelings into something she wrote when the crush was moving away and when the boy responded by pinning it up for everyone to see and leaving afterwards, it hurt Fukawa enough that Genocider Syo became a thing. And then Genocider Syo went so far as to find where the kid had moved and killed him. So during Chapter 2, when Fukawa confides her feelings with Togami and proves its real by telling her she’s Genocider Syo, Togami essentially does the same thing the boy did: Take something that was meant to be secret and throwing it out in the open for everyone to see.

This leads to Fukawa telling Togami she hates him, and when Genocider shows up, she tells him to shut up and insults him immediately. It’s clear that from that point on, neither Fukawa nor Syo have any romantic feelings towards Togami and honestly just want to kill him then and there. While most would say that’s as far as it goes and it gets dismissed after Chapter 2, it doesn’t.

Well into Chapter 4, there’s still sprinklings that not only is Genocider Syo angry with how Togami treats them, but that she literally holds it in. She actively hates it, but can’t act on it due to the rules of the killing game. These lines are again written in a way where the reader is supposed to just take it as funny throw away lines but these are an important part of trying to understand both Fukawa and Syo characters. Why would she put up with how Togami treats her?

This leads me to my final point, which is that I firmly believe that Fukawa does not truly love Togami. As mentioned above, after Togami betrayed Fukawa’s trust, it makes sense for her to feel like she did all those years ago with the boy who did the same which was with resentment and an urge to kill. Aside from that, if we take a look at how she interacts with Makoto in School Mode, we can see that she reacts just as well, if not even better with him than she ever does with Togami. Syo’s reactions are especially over-the-top, with her praises being especially thoughtful. However since School Mode is written in such a way to pander to any player, this honestly just leads me to believe any guy who treats Fukawa well has a fair shot with her. So that’d be a lot of the DR boys, if they’re willing to be as patient or thoughtful as Makoto is. To pull from a real source of how I know it’s true, I go to AE where, as soon as Haiji Towa is introduced, Fukawa immediately stops giving any sort of a fuck for Togami and looks ready to stay there with Towa instead simply because he’s rich. So this just kind of seals it that Fukawa is deep down either a gold digger or a woman who just really wants to be with someone who has power while deep down being a hopeless romantic that would love to meet anyone who truly does love her for who she is, kind of like Makoto or Komaru.

It isn’t until Towa makes it clear he’s being a weenie who won’t do anything until the time is right that Fukawa snaps out of it. Which makes no sense since Togami did the same thing in DR1(he actively did nothing to contribute until Chapter 5), but by this point the readers have been clogged with flimsy reasons as to why Togami is totally a good guy™ that we don’t even question Fukawa.

Looking beyond personalities though, I feel that they both hold each other back as characters. Let’s think about it, in both Chapters 1 and 2, Togami is a very antagonistic person who actively makes it clear that everyone should be participating in the killing game as to entertain him and do what he wants. However, once chapter 2 ends and Chapter 3 establishes Genocider as a character, Togami’s antagonistic streak just reaches a screeching halt out of nowhere. He’s still actively an asshole who shits on everyone, but he isn’t calling for people to kill each other anymore or willing to go out of his way to mess crime scenes like before. And why is this? Because Syo’s constantly chasing him down, and has literally driven him to the point where he can only hang out in the men’s locker rooms.

This potentially great villain just gets reduced to nothing more than a joke, usually because of Genocider’s and Fukawa’s actions. Usually I’d revel in this, because it’s exactly what he deserves for all the nonsense in Chapters 1 and 2, but it’s impossible to get anything out of it when Genocider’s proclaiming her love of him while doing it.

On top of that it’s hard to swallow that out of everyone else who could’ve survived, we got someone who’s character essentially gets neutered and is now known as nothing more than a smug rich guy who says mean things but then smiles and says ‘but’ followed by a word of praise(unless it concerns Fukawa in which case he doesn’t smile and tells her to go away). Or he’s the butt of a light joke.

Like hell, the guy who’s supposed to be running the Togami conglomerate is getting constantly harassed by some nerd/fujoshi and when he tries to save a city he gets captured by a bunch of kids and held hostage and the other time he tries to save anyone he gets crushed under a bunch of rocks? At this point Togami just comes off as almost as pathetic as Towa, just in a different way and it’s all for the sake of trying to make him a character that isn’t meant to be a complete asshole when it’s clear he’d benefit way better as a character if he just was an asshole as intended.

Then there’s Fukawa and Genocider. I’m conflicted, because on the one hand,  Fukawa is given some weird kind of confidence when it comes to Togami. As is clear as day in AE, she is more than willing to step up to bat and succeed with flying colors if it’s for the sake of him. Fukawa is an incredibly strong, yet humble girl who hides behind a catty attitude and a feeling that she’ll fail. And by the end of AE she realizes that there is more to life besides Togami and that he doesn’t have to be everything in her life. And that’s great! I love that.

However in DR3, that awesome lesson gets entirely thrown away in less than 24 minutes. Which is why I feel she is being held back by Togami. Now I know what most will say, that DR3 is bad and shouldn’t be taken as anything at all, but in a way it’s almost commentary on how people ship the two. Of course, I don’t think DR3′s writers were being anywhere that genius, but literally everything that makes Fukawa a great individual on her own gets tossed aside for the sake of being nothing more than Togami’s arm candy. Which sucks since after AE, Fukawa was completely set up to grow further, by not only accepting friends in her life and letting go of her attachment to her one sided crush to become a strong individual all her own.

Yet no one seems to want that? No one wants Fukawa to actually grow too much as a character, and that’s not just shown by the fanbase but by how the anime’s writers thought people would wanna see Touko. And the worst part is lots of Fukawa’s fans loved it in DR3. They loved that she was willing to throw away everything she’d learned and developed if it meant she got to be with Togami, since clearly that’s the only thing that could make Fukawa happy. It’s not like we just went through a whole game where Fukawa was happy with someone else for a change, nope.

Then there’s the one that I personally hate the most. It’s no secret but I really, really like Genocider Syo as a character. She’s a rough, independent, confident girl who literally says everything that comes to her mind regardless of how offensive, mean or unneeded it is. On top of that she’s more than capable of handling herself and her whole birth was made as a defense mechanism for Fukawa. Someone to remove everyone who would hurt Fukawa from her life so she wouldn’t be hurt again.

She’s clearly rebellious, and plays by her own rules and I’m honestly all about characters like that. She really does remind me of a blend of a Sukeban and a Yandere, and the fact she takes center stage whenever she goes on with her comments easily made her my top 3 easily.

So to see this character who’s supposed to be terrifyingly scary turn into nothing more than a subservient pawn to someone who clearly does not deserve it is beyond irritating. Especially when the first thing she told him was that she hated him. It’s beyond dumb that one of the guys who hurt Fukawa get away from being killed because of some bullshit exception that not even Kodaka himself or really anyone else con properly justify.

The only reason we’re given is that Fukawa’s feelings are shared by Syo, so the reason why Syo loves Togami is because Fukawa does. And sure, I’d buy that, but as evidenced above, Fukawa hates Togami, and shows various times she doesn’t truly love him, so why? It’s just plain dumb and makes no sense and honestly Syo deserves much better than that as a character.

So there we go, why I don’t think TogaFuka works as a romantic couple or honestly as a positive couple for each other. However you also asked how it might work and honestly I could see it from two angles where it could work.

The first being that it’s completely for the sake of making Fukawa’s dream come true. This would just be completely butchering Togami’s character but since the games and anime themselves have no trouble doing that to anyone, who am I to stop someone from making Togami fall in love with Fukawa over her proving herself time and time again.

The second and honestly more realistic of the two is possible a Harley/Joker kind of couple. Toxic, unhealthy and involving the two basically just hurting one another, but mostly with Togami just treating Fukawa poorly and her taking it as her just having to try better next time. I’m definitely not a fan of this kind of stuff, but I could see it working for them, even if inevitably neither are happy in the long run.

I hope that answered everything!

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